The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, April 15, 1920, Image 1

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• • nforb ' t Vol. 11, No. 8 $2.00 Per Year. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNT T, MONTANA, THURSDAY, APRI MO FRANCE WILL WITHDRAW I TROOPS SOON AS POSSIBLE Delegation's Demand for Three Month Extension of Time to Disarm Ger. many Creates a New Situation Potrix. April 1:1. -Premier Millerund nnswering the sixth note of the Brit- ish government with regard tit the ion by France of the Rhineland. assured the Earl of Derby. British andeisslitit•r. that evaeuation of the cities recently occupied would take joince sinmititneously and that the con- ditions existing wheu France inter- vened would he restored. Park. April 13. -During a conversa- tion laisilog more then half an hour lie - WOOD'S HOLE WON'T DO Ague Prieto. Stmora. lIttv'.•.. April I ween Premier Millerand and Lord Derby. after the conference of am- .1. NI. Hint, conalar , si dug the hassatiors, the British ambassador, AS WILSON SUMMER HOME first division army of the 1.1.1)111)111. of rifler handing his government's reply ts - ilia headquarters ha this ally. lio the last Ireneli note to 'Premier slated yesterday that lie hail received Secret Service Operatives Inspect Millerand. asked M. Millerand for cer- semi-official ativices front the slate Crane's Estate and Found It Was lain explanations which would give oldiei to the effeet that 13 suites of more precise infornintion On the in- • Not Large Enough for President the Nlexlettn nukon had followed the ientions of the French government. Such in was so simple anti Washington. April 13. - President easy to give, says a semi-official note Wilson will not establish the summer Issued yesterday afternoon. that M. whit e HpillSp. at Wood's Hole. Mass. Miller:mil was able to supply It tit 1111(T. tis Ivag pxper101. 11111 1)111 1 / 1 1hly vlil London, April 13. -Both France and Great Britain are increasingly 'con- vinced of the necessity of keeping in tigreement for the settlement of the inestions regarding Germany anti those offecting other parts of the world. An- F:dwaril Hines. who originated Hie drew Donor Law. the government .tpeetlivtay hospital at Chicitgo as a leader. told the house of ettininons yes. tertlay. laelittirial to his soldier son. The approaching conference of the Nogales, Sonora. April 13. --The new heads of the allied governments will 11.. French preuder's \militarism.\ relfillilie of Sonora, less than 38 hours 110 1101114 serve to confirm and consol- old. has a fitilyrarnied soldiery of t hi :lifted Gerninn iiction lit the Ruhr more thou 20.000 men, preeared to tattle the complete understanding lie- arguments advanced In the German 11%14111 the two governments, said Mr. Invasion of the state by suit's mid a democratic \' 1 st \nY 1.a w. I;ermany was vassibie m a y i f t h e / I roiiiis of President Carranza of Nies!. co, aecording to the statement of SIP. IICIOIVI11111 II IWO l'elltied. nora officials hist night. EDWARD HINES ! The county commissioners at their meeting Wednesday decided BARONESS ROMANO AVEZZANO ' all remaining points in the county division matter in favor of the divisionists, and will set the date for the election at a meeting to be held April 20, MEXICO IS AFLAME WITH REVOLUTION 2111 CENTER OF STRIKE IS SHIFTED Sonora HAS SECEDED AND MANY RETURN TO WORK IN MID. LOWER CALIFORNIA AND SIN. ALOA MAY FOLLOW SUIT CARRANZA TROOPS EXPELLED State Would Return to the Republic on Guarantee From the National Administration of no Infringe. went of State's Rights 1\It is understood.\ the semi-offirial select some other place where 11101%. /11. - note says, \that the French troop, I commodations are available for the when they evacitate Frankfort tool large St tiff iir set -rotates and aft :wiles., It became knooli yesterday thal the Darmstadt will also withdraw from Homburg and Hamm. 'Tint German delegation's demand for all extension of three months for \the disarmament of Gernitany has created it new situation of which the allies. particularly France, must hat. 11111101a. The deninnd would appear necessarily to form the subject of the lives and While House 1111,1 u -lies. first 111S1'118S1011 at San Remo. When ‘1'itite House advance agents 'Ftwthermore, It fp probable that 11 \ 1 \ -P1 \ 1 111P gru111111 ' 11 is \ id ' lilt ' ) the French government, anxinus not - \'\ Pl \ Pd 111111 „ till. P .,_ \ 'He w uus to appenr as wishing to bring pressure not lorge enougit anti war the action - tot its fillies iti connection with this in t altillons in the village were insiiffi- question. will strive to limit the oc- (lent for the force front the exeetitive imitation to the main towns and win ` 1111 \'\•• show Itself disposed to withdraw its t roops flS 50011 118 the Situation becomes normal In the Ituhr district as regortis the German effeetives.\ Berlin, April 13. -Military action in the Ruhr basin is about to come to an end. said Chancelloi . Mueller before Iii.' national assembly yesterdny. All ti•oops not indispensable vvill be with:. drawn. Nepotist - lions tire going 1111 W1111 the nil lea for ti three toonths* . extension of the 1.011yen110.1 of August. 1911). Oc- cupation of the main cities wilt end shortly. Ills declaration was a bitter at tomouneement that the president lind selected the estate of Charles P. Crane. minister to China. for his ' , mu- ffler home_ was premature. Tim dent had accepted Mr. Crane's offer of it lease. but- it lind not been in - tweet Yli hy Sel'IVI S1.1\01.1. 011t`l'Il• Riot In Berlin Stock Exchange, Berlin. April 13. -- Pitiolemonium reigned in the stock exchange yester- day in consequent . .. of the putting into effeet of an order for compulsory transfer of foreign serurities held in Iiermany. as provided by the peace treaty. Quotations slmillted: 110 blisi- 11P 4 S wSl IMS111111. y1.111'11 111- yeelIvell against the gt•vertiment. mem- bers of the exchange eomniittee were bodily attneked. and despite tut appeal from Director Mankiewics_ of the Deinselte bunk_ the tumult rose to such ml nItch that the hoarse was (lose& 000000 • 0000 • 0 Cl o o 0 0 0 0000000000000 000000000000 n o 0000.00000000,000 000 00000000000000000 00 000 00•0•0 0 Your Bank Your bank is your friend. If your proposition is right they are usuallx, ready to \go\ with you. And iiconditions are bad or your proposition is not right, then the real bank says \No.\ The banker's experience makes him an expert in financial decis- ions that require a loan or advice. We are always pleased to go into these matters with you regardless of whether it will mean business for us or not. We are here to help you and when occasion comes that you are in a position to favor us, be. assured that it will be appreciated. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,00 . 0.00 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 state of Sonora in severing relations 'mit It ilie Corranzu government. While Ile report is lacking in detail 11/4 Ill tile names of the seceding states. General Pins declared lie vomited ror its ati- 1111wIty. A proclamation has made ils appear - 11111e III the streets culling the citizens 111111.4 ngalitst the Carranza goierii- ment. The proclamation is \Issued by r•rtier of Iten. P. Ellits Calles, comman- der in chief of till fOrl'es of the re- public of Sonora.\ Nog:Iles. Sonora. April 12.-CUstoins Ionises and all propei•ty of the federul t o •ter •iit of NIttxlco were formtilly .P17.4'11 Iii 1111' tiame ttf liw republic of St 01' yesterday. Somas:. slate officials, headed by .ktiolfo tie la Hiterto. gover- 1101' Of Sonora, who has been proclaim- ed \supreme power of the republie of Sonora\ by the state congi•ess. declared yesterday that while tile state had S1.- 44.81.11. It would return to the republic 'iii guarantees from the 1181 humid ad- ministrilt14111 that there would he MI infringeinent of the xtute's rights ity the federal government. The report said earnings Noldlerg at Ouyamas were expelled from the towit in a short fight. during witicit two ear- ranza soldiers were killed. Sonora troops control the entire slate. tie - cording to official reports. The secession. aecording to the of- ficials. was brought about by Curran - xi m•dering federal troops into Got state. They SR III the next move wits tIlt to Carranza. Unless he acts. political lenders of Sonora sold, the new re. piddle would defy the Mexican fed- eral government and resist With - tettied - forees any attempt of Carraige to take lint* the state by force. Ileneral P. Elias Callse. former gov- ernor of Sonora, and who recently re- signed ft•ton the Carmine cabinet, litis been made supreme military common - der of the state's military forces. ('til- t's has issued a proclionation calling for volunteers and calling on till sol- diers In the state to t•ally against ally thr t e . a s tened invasion by Carranii z fOr Spread of the secession movement to other sections, unless the govern- ment nets quickly, Was forecast here. The Slim loll state congress, according to information received here, has en- dorsed lite oction pf the Sonora et - In - .:Tess lii demanding constitutional rights. tool Lower California. accord- ing to these reports. Is expected to do the same. Sinaloa politics are closely interwoven with Sonora's and both stntes are largely controlled by Gen- erni Alvnro Obregon. Governor de la lInerto's seizure of the Southern Pli- cate de Mexico roliroati. according to reports here. bins won supporters Iti Shelton, where vast quantities of ogri- cultural prod uets are awaiting ship- ment. In an interview yesterday iiw governor said the slate would hold the road within the state until the rail- DL.E. WEST --EAST IS IN MORE SERIOUS SHAPE NEW YORK , TRAINS TIED UP Palmer Declares That the Government Will Not Shirk Responsibility and That Decision as to His Course Will Be Announced Soon .••••••.••••• I'lll'ago. Aprli 13.-1Vhile the minu IhOrIzed strike of 1'011401111 employs' , which ,tisrted I WIP weeks ago nit Ii Ihe mahout of 700 switchmen 'iii the erupt. & St. l'aul railroad yestenho impeared generally III WO11111); ill the middle west tool the bit Wets% the sittintIon 8st if rieveland took Ill a more serious osipeci. The center of development in the walkout of insurgents hail shifted to the enst where additions to the riiiiks of the rebel railroad 114,1 ettused a serInlIS litopialgv or Mill passenger traffic tool the closing of se\ elal industries. The situation iu the Chieago yards showed it marked improvement ai,s1 report.- front other hove t•iiiiroad 14'11 ter , In the middle west indicated that the crisis wits passed and that lite strikers Well' returning to work In eimsiderable numbers. Ofticials tsf ralroad brotherhoods who hate been fighting the strike. wore vonflo 11111I the breaking ilit of the walkout in i'hicago would be followed by is general resumption of work in other areas. Moore freight moved into , the Chien - go yltrtis yesterday than on any da.: since the strike started, railroad aft - viols announced. Nbore than 9,000 etaillio'eS, forced mit of work by the strike. returned. The Illinois Cen11,1 . 0. the rilleago, & St. iii. the Now Yost central and other roads. reported ears again movir te switelting yards and that embargoe• loot heen liftt41. The General NIanagers' association defiled that any negotiations were be ing curried mi with the outlaw yard- titeit's nssociation mid stated no parley it•IiiIii he entered into. N'ew York, April 13. -The strike of railroad workers last night present- ed the intis . t menacing situation the city has faced since the unauthorized wolkotit beano. Freight service vIrlii• itily wits iiiinilyzed and passenger service, itireatly curtailed, was further crippled. Yesterday United Strites troops went into Jersey City to unload stranded mail trains. uinuh department of justice agents extended their investigittions nil over the New York area. The situation last night wtts: Only freight shipmenta received yes. terillIT Were \ special's \ of Solid food truing bronglit front Chicago by lilt. Nest - York Central and n feW 111 ri which crept In over the New Haven and Pennsylvania railroads. Mull train schedules were generally disrupted mid motor trucks were Ina into use. Strike sympathizers committed their first net of violence When an iron luir was burled through tbe window of it Central Ili - dirtied of New Jersey trniti. Injuring ts passenger. crews of four mail trains oil the Erie were iit- melted at I'ort Jervis, N. Y.. and rail- aty officials announce Port Jarvis was controlled hi)' strikers. .1 new photograph ii Romulus A czzitito, ire of ambitssador from Italy to th,s Ii• States. She and low daughter reecii 11111VI.II lii ‘Vitslinoztoo wilt, t i ambassador. To Honor Dircoverer of Ether. II\ it;9't.-iutsare 1,111.11. 1 Cliarll.dt to honor Ow menniri of t oilis of the intmorials itt Massaciiii...its maj of the e.itrifil tt 1,0 was born la that Illts11. I 1111 1'1 11111 is 11111'11111W 10 IpIl. .. t prsp. pssite1111r1\ .11 the birth id WIllittm 1:. MnrInn. Ilie dIseoveree of Miler. .1 suitable um dal will Is. established and noproorinle eet000., yvow orrangv.11 commonfornti. th, 41B:rovvrer of 'mho' of /1111'S• IICS111, Is arvistailed II, ill. I Ile 1:13.11 II. II giN r,„. :!,,• ma4 tery if Iii Iii. timid. Jo pm!, 111(411111 41 / 1 4111 , .11. - - - Beware of P: ts. A series MIS 11111 .11111.1.11 PIM. of the profit:stows of Upsaln university Gott the (longer to the coin tomtit) . through the slissenillitti ion of disensis germs by at'llittil pets is so. risaist. In one II II (molly sv\ts. dfIlleted lulserculosl, through pet cat. .1 Professor P. lit Fraiscs• voices the shower by appealing Ist odyners of pet. special prnelii- ii111. .11111•11. 11141.Iii is 1 1 .111 I •I ill I 11i1111. ii , ;1,11 0111:11. IP) .11P' feline tribe that. :my li.•r ease. 6 Cents -Per Copy COMMISSION SAYS RAISE Of - COAL PRICE IS INEXCUSABLE Out of All Relation With the Increas- ed Cost of Production Caused by 11 igiter Wages, It Claims 1Vashingion. April 12.- -The l'niteti States bituminous cool commissioui. witicli settled oli•pilic between --at inoil hillier, nod operninfq. 1 1Veilleill iii Istfriwil , Iatelnent Sallnliay 111111 pr. -s- ent price.: of bituminous Nati \were inexeusable\ and - mu all relation Iii Om Increased emit of protium bull 11111s1.11 Ily higher wages granted by the conitilision.\ Doctoring that the preistait lists Ili talcs, could 111/I he attributed lo campaign for t•arl• Isnyinz. floe 11511- , m1s•itseisi said I 11111\ WIWI- 511 111/11, vatoses rm. - tile temporary nistrard trend\ including a trisle• sPre1111 reeling that there might Ill' II , rcurcity put coal for tbsittestIc use lbw to foreign sis•mand. - There seettc , tilso to be a tnisap• prelmision mi rsc.:11111 to 1110111111 1011:* I ll' Sill 101111'111 . \1 . 111' 1'01101'1 Iii the c.cological stirvey sham s that fir , 1 spiai•ler of the press•iit year our prod 1114.i11111 WIN decidedly In e‘l . eSS ill' production hist year ntisl slightly in eXel•SS Ibr prIllinei illn tit high presslire Ill 11115. There IS, III141\. lore. 1141 l'I•11,111. 1111,1•11 1111 i111' last fI'W 1111/111 II,. for I III' skyrocketing of priees. \'rim fear or imm..diati. snrredi m fluinI '-iii- shortage seems tilso Ill tIt- III'P' Ill 1111' 11.11HIPIIS for the r VII. Silt firiell CON Mid nu\. t I rP 1011WI.I . Iii 111.101111111 the 111111S11111 .11.l month., on mid energeill• 11151 1111111 11111. 11 11(1 11111IIVIP pon•er are procilvally n11 Mailable Mal wbile there Is definite need for more of both in Order upu stabilize the industry. tilers. is 11111111411111P serious Gwent Ibr II r SlilirtlIge, been list' Of enter- genries, tup divert eiml curs for other 11[1114.5es.\ INTEREST RECORD SET ON UNITED STATES SECURITIES Wiishingtois, April 12.--A high rev- ortf for Interest tales on War or post - an goiernment ••Ities wits 111141'111S - NI last night Secretary Mansion. Rvo new issues of treastiry, , , certificates of Indebtedness tonturIng in Iliree and six months and benrIng interest at five anti five and a (Warier per cent respeetively. Both la the new IsslIels of cerlifleates will be delivered April 15. The coin - blued amount Will be ft» . $250,(0),1)00 tor more, mid the tedium' reserve hanks are authorized to moke allotments \Iii full\ on all subscriptions. The certif- icates do not bear circulidion lieges and trill not be accepted hi pity- metil of luxes. LATEST MARKET REPORTS. Omaha Livestock. Omaha, April 13 -Hogs: Receipts 100. Market embargo effective on livestock 4ltiptnents (or Onothamnrket. Top. 114.26; not enough sales to make bulk. rattle: Receipts not enough to test market conditions. Sheep: Receipts 1.600, direct to pack- ers Maritct nominal. FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS Vol. 2 Stanford, Mont., April 16, 1020 No. 8. A. J. Stough, President R. D. Taylor, Vice President Frank Meredith, Cashier 3. F. Pieper, Asst, Cashier more out of life in goods, refine- ments, recreations,_ knowledge, and service. Yon %vont, for instance, is better house, better furniture, better eonveniences, better transporta- tion, better machinery, better pro- fessional services for health, ed- 'motion, and information. You Want these satisfactions YOUR HOME TOWN largely because of the touch that your home town gives you with the world of thought, action, and achievement. Wanting them, you strive for them. That means progress. Your home town makes it pos- t . sible for you to get them. That nit III' re71(.11P11 today, adding that \the ' Imeans more enjoyment out Of gni pritinen nou it) . ,,po • ligibi :T - ty.., • Id i t shirk its re. Witte t o :i•out than the great cont- . I mercial routes that the world lifP ' Think about these truths the Metitiwitile, Vi'llite !Muse officiiils maps shoW. lost night announced that President , hest -time you drive down the Wilson wouid send to the senate today I II is where commerce from 3. \ , road to your home town. That names of nine members of the rnilway 1 10 the world begins fit1(: . 1 where troad and that town are the im- labor board, created by the transpor• commeree from theworm . to Y °11 1 ' 111(4E10e mediums through which road arbitrated or otherwise settled till loll act. Nominations bad been 110.- ends. .r.. 'the world serves you. The doe - Ii 511 -1k - c, The governor declared layed. It ' 1 Was added, by time taken in 1 11 is your highway to the goods tors, the merchants, the news - neither the Strikers nor the officials ' s deeline representtitives of the pub- i , . . lots the right to tie tip the road ti hull ,..., - . . and serviees-lne satistactions- I p a pe r men, the dentists, the drug - it • on the board to insure getting the len 'me 1.4trklislile crops to rain. Crops r - iglif mem of the 11 - 01 - I (I. • . t . , gist 8, 11111i the other business and transportation act.! Your home town may as yet professional men of the town are now are moving freely over the road. I 1, , romers of (hit' N‘Illell 14 being operated by strikers inclioling Chnirmnii Cummins of tile 'have unpaved at only a half- ¶ 1:gents of this service of the world tel by lite state, the governor said. I senate Inlergifite commerce effillmit - dozen stores, and no big factor-; to you. Without thetn, your home Officials of the Southern Parific tee, were firm In the opinion that Got k's, but it is of far more intpdrt- town woult4 praotically vanish, have appealed to the Mexican federni ,hihm. board would - Prove all tVective mice to you than the distant nu.- your touch with the world would ....overtnnent for afOristitnett. lilli Sonora ii gem,y tip- deal with the railway crisis. leOpnlia With its sky-serapers and be difficult, your service from the sloe officials said any attempt It)' For (lint relation, Ills eonnialttee defer- ., 0 . Cfirrtingn to foree return of tile prop- red action on proposals for It etnigres- Its (. • 111111(11 • wOrlil Would greatly diminish. 1 rtur home town is the point ' A good home town, connected -rts would lie Met ItY 111 °M 1411 \. It 1;111111 inquiry into the - strike. The , A proposiii to send a delegation of government yesterday gent out orders where goods and serviees of the with j•our farm by a good road, ';11110rn CIIIZelIS to Washington ill all through Gle PostoffIce department to world are gathered to serve you. is one of the most vital require- . rrort to bare the flitted states settle Its inspectors and railway • mail an- . It is the means of connecting ments for getting from the world ..o. differetiees will depend on ear- einis tor prompt reports on any ob- you anti your family with satia- 1 the satisfactions that make life . 'PIMP'S answer to Sonora, it was said. . ,struction or delay of the mails, a factions that enable you to get i richer. -The Furrow. 1 I • I The road that you travel to WIIMIIIllgtnn. April 13.- Determinn- Ron of the govermitent's course In the your home toWit inay not be railway strike crisis iii at night iiwnit- ed further II1101111fillon front Justi ee crowded with traffic from morn - department agents. Attorney General l ing until night, nor free from mud Palmer. ater conferences with goy- h o l es at ti'ii seamoos o f th e year. eminent officials, said it decision Plight ate

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 15 April 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.