The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, April 29, 1920, Image 3

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THE STANFORD WORLD 4 PAIN IN BACK Bev River, Minn -\I have used Dr Pierce's medicine with good results in my family for years. --Last winter I was takeo with IA Grippe and it left me rundown, and with pains in my hips and back. I took dif- ferent medicines with- out getting any ben- efit. At last I sent and got some of Dr. Pierce's Anuric and took it and am feeling well and doing a good day's work. When I commenced taking the Anuric Tablets I could hardly get out of the bed, felt as though a knife was sticking in toy back.\ -A. C. Blodgett, Box 2. KIDNEYS AND BLADDER Inland, S. Dak.-\I can recommend Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets and Anuric (anti - uric-acid) Tablets as grand medicines. I was troubled with my stomach, and also had weakness of the bladder and I started taking Dr. Pierce's Anuric Tablets and Pleasant Pellets and I believe they have cured me of my trouble. I think my stomach trouble was dyspepsia. The 'Pleasant Pellets' are the best regulator of the ,stomach and bowels I have ever used and I would rec t Imend them highly. I have used four bot of Anuric Tablets and four vials of Pleasant Pellets.\ -E. A. Eastman. Rheumatism, Feet Swollen Stillwater, Minn. -\I feel that it is my duty to write about the wonderful results received from the use of 'Anuric.' I was suffering from kidney and bladder trouble, scalding, rheumatism, also my feet and ankles swelled so that at tins s I could not walk without assistance. Had taken sev- eral different kinds of kidney remedies and all failed. Finally I sent to Dr. Pierce for a package of his new dis- covery, 'Anuric (anti-uric-acid), which I received by mail in tablet form. I soon got better and am convinced that this popular new medicine is good. I wish to recommend it to my neighbors ana every- body suffering from kidney troubles.\ - Mrs. M. J. Sargent, 2/8 E. Elm St. The Mysterious Fascination. \I don't approve of some of these popular songs,\ remarked the severe person. \You don't have to pay any atten- tion to those ydu disapprove.\ \Oh yes. I do. That's the worst of It. ' They are the very ones that keep.running through my head.\ Why That Backache? Why be miserable with a bad back? You can't be happy if every bad day brings lameness: sharp, shooting pains and a dull, nagging ache. Likely the cause is weak kidneys. You may have headeches and dizzy spells, too, with a weak, tired feeling. Don't delay. 'Try Doon's Kidney Pills. They have done wonders in thousands of such cases. Ask your neighbor! A Wyoming Cass Mrs. L. 13. Bender, N. Fourth St., Lam- W.e7 role, Wyo., says: \I had terrible pains across my kidneys and my kidneys didn't ac right. I had dizay% .,:,, spits and my aight:,;:x, blurred. Doan's Kid -s, ney Pills soon had me in good health. 31y sight Is as good as' ever, the pains have'° all left and my kid- neys are now strong i ,...- and act normally. ifirl Get Dosn's at Any Store, 00e a Box DOAN'S KIDN\ rDSTER•MILBURN CO., BUFFALO, N. Y. Little Friends of the Liver The liver is the regulator of health. IS the liver is active and well,good health and happiness prevail; but once you allow your liver to get torpid and alug• gish, life be- comes a mis- eTY. Dyspep- sia. Indiges- tion, Bilious- ness,Constipation, Ileadae Melancholy assail you. resulting in lac of energy, loss of memory and ill health; but remember Clirieee Little Liver Pills touch the liver and correct CI liver Ws. Small P111 -Small Dose -Small Price DR. CARTER'S IRON PILLS, Nature's great nerve and blood tonic for Anemia, Ftheurnatism, Nervousness, Sleeplessness and Female Weakness. *miss west tear Hai tore ,cee.-eV\ .. oseeG TO LATE Death only a matter of short time. Don't wait until pains and aches become incurable diseases. Avoid painful consequences by taking . GOLD MEDAL et / CAPSULES • ` 4,1 1-4 The world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles -the National Remedy of Holland since 1696. Guaranteed. Three sires, all druggists. Leek fog the name Geld Medal se sews bee and savant wo imitation Comfort Baby's Skin With Cuticura Soap And Fragrant Talcum Soap 26c, Ointment 25 and 50c,Islcuni 25c. - , FREcKLEs W. N. U., BILLINGS, NO. 111--1920. IMPROVED llNIYORM INTERNATIOKAL SIND/AS(11001, LESSON 03y REV. ITZW A t D, D., Teacher of English Bible in the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.1 teopyr,,,tat, Isse. Western Newspaper Onion) LESSON FOR MAY 2 TME BOY SAMUEL LESSON TEXT -I dam. 1:*44-28, 3:I -2I. GOLDEN TEXT -My son. ive me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways,-Prov. 23;26 ADDITIONAL MATERIAL I Sam. 1:1-13; PRIMARY TOPIC -The Child Samuel in Ood's House. JUNIOR TOPIC -A Boy Who Listened and Obeyed, INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC -Training for Religious Leadership. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC -Religious capacities In the Training of Children. I. Samuel Given to the Lord (1;24- 28). Samuel was given to Hannah In answer to prayer. His name means \asked of God.\ For a time he was cured for by his mother in the home. In asking God for a son she vowed to dedicate him to the Lord. Accord- Ingly at an early age she took him to the sanctuary and gave him over to the charge of Ell. Thus In his tender years he ministered to the Lord. II. Features of Israel's History In This Period. t. A demoralized priesthood. (1) The priests were actuated by greed (2:12-17). It was God's will that those who ministered at the altar should live of the things of the altar, but they broke through the divine reg- ulations touching this matter and were securing their selfish ends by force. (2) The priests polluted the courts of God's holtse with the gross- est immorality (2:22). 2. An alienated people. The - only thing which separates people from God is sin. 3. A cessation of divine revelation (3:1). God was silent -\The word of God wins precious In those days; there was no open vision.\ The message from the Lord was more a matter of memory than an active experience. The same thing In principle is true of the individual life today; some who once enjoyed fellowship with God no longer hear his voice speaking to thetn. III. God Calls Samuel (3:2-10). In striking contrast with the degen- eracy of the nation we have brought before us the beautiful life of Samuel. We see God getting ready for the re- generation of the nation. Dwelling within the sacred courts and minister- ing before the Lord with F:11, Is the intitiocent Samuel. who Is to be the savior of his people. In Samuel we have a striking pattern of child re- Ineon. The Lord - gave him In answer to Hannah's prayer. From his birth he was dedicated to the Lord. While quite young his Mother took him to the sanctuary of the Lord where he served ant) slept. It Is a good thing to have much sin forgiven, but It is better far to grow up without sin. Two traits In Samuel's character stand out in this call; namely, his cheerful obedience to the Lord's call and his surrendered will. It was no easy thing to respond cheerfully to the thrice repented call. It may have seemed to him to be unreasonable, but each time he obeyed In simplicity. IV, Samuel's First Prophetic Mes- sage (3:11•18). Up to this time Samuel obeyed the one who was over him, but the time had now come when he must directly hear and obey the Lord. The first message entrusted to NM le a most terrible one.TódëJhiTTt ts a most trying task. He hesitated to tell It to Ell, but whet' pressed by him he man- ifested the true courage which was lying hack of ids fear. It must have been a bitter sting to Ell to see Sam- uel recognized and himself passed by, but he was submissive. He knew that the slight was Just; he could not fall to Interpret it thus in view of the uppearance of the man of God to him (2;27-80). Thls fearful visitation up- on Eli's house was due to the . sins of his sons. He was held accountable for not restraining them. Parental laxity Is most cruel. There is an age In which eh:Wren ninny he restrained, hut when passed over the power to re- strain goes with it. V. Samuel Established in the Pro- phetic Office (3:111-21). -\And Samuel grew, and 0 . 5 Lord was with hint, and did let none of hie words fall to the ground. And all lame!, from Dan even to Beersheba knew that Samuel was established to n prophet of the Lord.\ This Is a verification of the saying \Him that honors me I will honor.\ Little did Hannah realise that the boy who had been given In answer to tier praYer would one day become the head of the nation. This new position brought great danger to the boy, but the God who raised him up was able to sus - (Ian him. Faith and Waiting. The most difficult business in the world is waiting. No one can do it without seine kind of faith. It Is in venture of triumphant faith. The great believers have been the unwearied waiters; faith meant td them, not con- troversial opinion, but 'sustaining power. -Dr. finery Emerson Fosdick. . Like Our Shadows. False friends are like our Windows, keeping close to vs while we walk in the sunshine, 6 t [miring us the in etant• we cross -'to the shade. LIFT OFF CORNS! Drop Freezone on a touchy corn, then lift that COM off with fingers Doesn't hurt a tint Drop a little Freezone on an aching corn, instantly that corn stops hurting, then you lift It right out. Yes, magic I No humbug! A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but a few cents at any drug store, but is sufficient to remove every hard corn, soft corn, or corn between the toes, and the calluses, without soreness or Irritation. Freezone is the sensational dis- covery of a Cincinnati genius. It Is wouderful.-Adv. ItsCondltion. \Why do they allude to a baseball as a sphere?\ \I suppose because it is the whirled.\ State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas County-as, Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doing business in the City of To- ledo. county and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUN- DRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE, FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 6th day of December. A. D. 1888. (Seal) A. W. Gleason, Notary Public. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is tak- en internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio. , Her Method. \If your husband were to call to you to bring hint something upstairs, e out') you do it?\ \Not much; I would call him down.\ There is nothing more satisfactory after a day of hued work than a line full of snowy white clothes. For such mutts use Red Cross Ball Blue. \Ts he a real movie fanl\ \I'll say so. Why. he even wears a Fttn. SIX MONTHS I COULD NOT WORK Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound Made Me Strong and Able to Work—I Recommend It To All My Friends. Bayonne, N. J.,- \I had pains in back and le -.8 so that I could not stand caused be fel f t e s m o a u le red tro al u l b th le e . t time, had bad head- aches, and for six months I could not work. I was treat- ed by a physician and took other re- medies but got no relief. A friend told me about Lydia E. Pinkhzun's V e g e - table Compound and It has helped me very much. am well and strong and now able to do my work. I cannot thank you enough and I recommend your medicine to nay friends who are sick.\ -Mrs. SustE SACATANSKY, 25 East 17th St., Bayonne, N. J. It must be strimitted by every fair- minded, intelligent person, that a medi- cine could not live and grow in popular- ity for over forty years, and today hold a record for such wonderful success without possessing great fig does Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compou nd, virtue an actual worth. Such med- icines must be looked upop and termed both standard and dependable by every • ,, :eirine- person Her Ring. \Sir did you see a ring lying abOut here?\ \Er -a finger ring, marlion?\ \(Pt course! What did yen think it was --a nose ring?\ --Judge. important to Mothers Ilixatnine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, that famous old remedy for infants and children, and see that it Bears the Signature of In Use for Over 30 Years. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Be surely is most ill want of an - other's patience who has none of his (MIL—Lava tor. To Have a Clear Sweet Skin. Touch pimples, redness, rottghnees or itching, If any, with Cutieurn Oint- ment, then bathe with Cuticura Soap and hot water. Rinse, dry gently and dust on a little Cuticura Talcum to leave a fascinating fragrance on skin. Everywhere 25c each.-Adv. Prosperity brings with it an intoxl- mutton wbieh inferior natures; never resIst.-Rai Noe. Her Preference. The man next door hail a Close - dipped mustache While failier's face was smooth. And Mary Ellen looked' on the neighbor with soutething nkin to awe. Also a longing came Into her heart. And one day she voiced It. Faille,' was getting ready to shav - e when Mary Elton happened to come into the Moth. titio put 011t ll protest- ing little linnii. \OIL daddy, don't shave,\ she begged. \I would like to have a whisker daddy.\ Further Information Desired. \Thomas Carlyle once Milli,\ re- marked Professor Pate, \tine the mot• to marked upon our foreheads, writ- ten on our door -posts, ehmineted in the earth Lind welted upon the WIIVC8 is Mid must Ms 'Labor is lemortable anti 'Mimes:: dishonor/dile.'\ \Well what Is the rest of it?\ stumped old Festue Pester. \Didn't he add -Tor the other fellow' -or some- tldng of the kInd?\-Kanstis City Star. Something Smart. There was n flip young clerk at the hoarding house Nide, who was alwaym trying to show off. IttP seldom asked in tile 118010 way to hove in thing inisged to him, but had to get off something smart. One day when he wonted the milk. be sang ;me \drive the cow dievn this way.\ The iamb hilly, who slit ut the head of the COMP, called the maid, retying as she handed , her the pitcher : \Here liftery, lend the eow down to where the 1`11 I f lie bawl - ling.\ Sure Relief 6 BELL-ANs Hot water Sure Relief -ANS BE LL FOR INDIGESTION PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM terotteerl.sndrott-stopell•trYsIlln Restores Color and Beauty to Gray and Faded Flair sod 00 at drug g ist& IA , 5,. l'atehoFue, flY- HINDERCORNS lun,o,ee clomp, ca. louses. eta, $1014 sO pool, ensures comfort to the fret, makes 'talking earl, tao. by mall \r st 1 - 4 ‘41' g tit& ft liscO1CIALOMAI works, katerbogue, T. , _ . It le Oust as easy to form good habit.; t)int will help you as bad habits that will hinder. Unless the past dins mudded us to meter the present, we will be ;drives to the future. Vaseiine tteg LI S. Pat Oft CARBOLATED PETROLEUM JELLY A clean,counter. irritant for scratches, cuts, etc. Hea.lin,o and antiseptt REFUSE SUBSTITUTES CH E SE le N 9 o lalti CQ State Street Nevil'ink Prayed for Cure Finds it After 10 Years Food Would Sour and Boil -Teeth Like Chalk Mr. Herbert M. Gessner writes from his home in lierlin, N. II.: I had stomach trouble over ten years; kept getting worse. I tried everything for relief but it came back worse than ever. IAst fall I got awfully bad; could only eat light loaf bread and tea. In,January I got so bad that what I would eat would sour and boil; my teeth would he like chalk. I suffered terribly. I prayed every day for something to cure me. One day I read about EATONIC and told my wife to get me a box at the drug store as I was going to work at 4 p. m. I took one-third ot it and began to feel relief; when it was three -fourths gone, I felt fine and when it was used up I had no pains. Wife got me soother box but I have felt the pain but twice. I used five tablets out of the new box and I have no more stomach trouble. Now I write to tell you how thnnkful I am that I heard of EATONIC. I feel like a new man; I eat what I like, drink plenty of water, and it never hurts me at all. • MUT° OWNE104--Ose scientifically prepared powder for asiodine; reinove• enrboa, keeps nein.. perfect. saves le% of fuel. IC gallon. tivaranteed. Write tor particular*. naceino Mfg eo Sioux City. Iowa. - -e- - - — The wise mumnimi may Ill' likened to ci tree that bends hut never ehanges its base. Now the Neighbors Can Sleep. ''I lion your dog !femme expired?\ \Yes and so has the ilog.\-Itoston 'Transcript. The \Cream\ of Phosphate Baking Powders Dr. Price's \Cream\ Baking Powder, now made with pure phosphate, provides at substantially half- price all the reliable purity, skillful blending and sure results which for sixty years have distinguished the product of the Price factory as the \Cream\ of baking powders. Dr. PRICE'S \Cream\ -Baking Powder liere\Ftre the prices: 25c for 12 . oz. 15c for 6 oz. 10c for 4 oz. Contains no alum. Never disturbs digestion.

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 29 April 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.