The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 30, 1920, Image 1

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STANFORD The Heart of Judith Basin FOR COUNTY SEAT Vol. 11, No. 32. *2.00 Per Year. Lehigh Voter Delivers Kick tan it rib. ST,ANFO/I11, JUDITH BASIN COUNTY, MONTANA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1920. . _ New Map of Judith Basin County TAKES EXCEPTION TO OUR . C H 0 U \ CAE A U : MAP OF NEIGHBOR'S RECENT 8E , ..,,,t AA, C 0 1.1 NI -r\' - I, tbib. AN this was entirely unsolie- velvet( today, from a Lehigh Vet - The following letter ‘Vti3 re - EDITORIALS 19 e N 0 eavg - At ,..a.1 1°40, 9E I 10 E r ERGUS C • UNT , JUDITI-I BASIN COUIV - I'Y m(2 \ e r -- ,,,NN A _ . abet 1, few taets tot the benefit of any ly worth a Mention, vi' Will :41510 w \ uhl he timid and I'm 1 i,,, i ronsoil waive _ I eas nimble Iii so ppose that you who tire entin ty and ha v t. .vell rulings 1441. Though w ,, ,oter the issue .., division earried by 90% it is di,..ati,tied with this It\ `.\''''' percentage of people to petition required to got that This does not seem to suppose that the sentiment ex- ited on our part, it is reanonabic ao o Arrow As the eleetion retinae+ dim- , Ici 'Ode, eertitinly not probable, have that eltanee and if you so and almost impostsile; Nall you preesed is that of the greater por- 1 4.-- ‘, Cr...I , dosed, there was linty a VP : I Chlingt . (lib: , iri.b. and do try it, far be it .....1_ 2 _ 4 ,.. A. ___ A __ z _ e _ ...L. thin of the people living in the 5 . t i % o te tag, t inst ..oititty division, anti , free, the plaits of the rest of the %icinity, PROM WIIENCE IT IP 0 ni at this time we itelually believe re.,1,1t•itis to oppose you in this Lehigli,,Mont., Set. 28, 1920 ......-_-_-.1a,„„4„,.„,eonre: •••---4-4....4-- .11. r3 E rovf E. or lees. The larger !met of those eau not better your condition by CAME. *1.4 Spiottflop (If : hat the Ile , has shrunk to 5';, ibilticaVolb. We know that you Editor of Stanford Woted: In Z Geys r , • s who were against division in the the interest of fair play, permit 17 list platet , live where there is no petitioning out, and we are sure I hat I lie 019 1 0511 1' n'ould he the Inc to say the -following regarding N l'Ae Y oyote p.o • 14 E liance It hatever of their ever lustili, but lei us repeat, if this Dnv the stand . ol the Windham Lead - having a new county. and have is your desire and nothing else to, in connection with the county long ago ,i4)itied ilie ranks of I ht. v, Ill set jsry you , ill I well a n d seat rave between Hobson and 0 iS E good. This petition will have to your nit)'. majority_ We understand there is a Slilliii I . 1 , ow I .,.., isi.. I inv. Not k i n° . lik e „ be presented to, and linseed upon Regardless of what the editor .0 rf the Windham Leader thinks, t 16 1111 \ her In (lie \ este \' P all of this hits f 7 Vel• been done, 1.7lItt ill N •111ililll Ilasiii County who still , . 11 probability will not iv. the people of this vicinity --or at , i l /vier !MVP 1)0oes or getting out of this, iv., wish 1 ,130 to at ,,, o. Th u , least a vast fiaajority—feel that /Odin 47 f • L i ' llt la i r i i.:Ither , h .'', \ i t it i ' )Ilin g h, eat ioi„if t he tomitty seat will Stanford is fair, just and friendly .,eaee oat\ . 'a ilenoe or by toe \new to 1111 towns in the new Judith ▪ A 7 46X111 A „MHO' Method. Eor the in- 1 , 4)1 affect your plaits no matter * A iWi t 4 1 >•.' , w here tam place it. You can pe- Basin County, and if selected as Iencbland at large. If defeated, and it is hard to eonceive of right-minded in her dealings with the county ,c, \''S• st- 1 ..\4 Z Mailer allui allibibIlle4 I Mit t litre . 01 .. following. . S \ ruiliti \ Il \ f timse we silhIllit I \ toion out or you may have a new must he 1200 4filliarif '11 : 1 , le la \ , la VerX, 1)11°. : 1 611 . 11118 1Si a il ford as well as Hobson, The \'Lie : 4 ' e ' : ' '.')00 miles in Judith Basin Pre- , r , 1 1 (lint you will have to leave „ ,: vomit) with the county tient at the county stett, will be equitable 12) chough to piteli in and give Hob- Mocalsin biotin County 111, , north line Will 1) . 1 not lei tilts new county. or people overlooking all the advan- , Ingot Stanford has to offer, we n in a emaity. when a taken MO to ftWili it new. in or - 1 „ outing I mru , i ' ll ' s eludes: all pessibility of your liue believe that Stanford is big , der to leave 1200 miles in Judith tou.n. within 15 miles of either F.011 all the support due her as V) 14 N neeeesat rily ha% e to be drawn , i et it ion lank I tom . i • .10 poe 1 0 1 (....) 1 . 01110y seat of Judith Ilasin (7oun- ty. Editor Stint It 's mud -slinging < A A.110 * • j ' i' ' 4 tore. \ ‘, Menden several miles north or Geyser. Raynsford, and Spion Kop, lenv.! t I emit v seal, for your own protec- 1'11 lull vot Mg for Stanford for gi I deter you seiencef•'can very well be trans -1 13 ft . 4 '' • •• , ....ap ('lout V) No tea.,onable person elm lind ' count v, how nitwit better it will he for you if you are only a few item tinder the hood \Is Stanford County. lu g the \ \ I ' the \Ige oil the new riot,. If your petition should fail etiffering from a Guilty Con-, (....) 4 I county bto still in Judith Bastin cud you elm not get your now # 4 Is Suffering with a Case of Sour ...)., 4 D cum.. a di true that two or mum , iiiiica away, w hile your pe- taled to read \Windbitin headed N 4 iber • iv: i.dr i inti,ig.• ' I ' ' me t h ' II 1)1.°0° ' mike nom the eomity seat, than Orapee.\ Jostiee demands the 447 v Al.. 4 4.4I it 1 I, I W ['Olio could in tide !jinni ia iiiat as son , of go i ng lots or eost, and if Editor Smith,*Jr* , . t...9 ( - minty to another and still be on manlier get elitinged from one three government. I hrough with Stanford the neat ef ---• Punishing of the guilty, regard- i r tiny other individual can fur• a bolt the county authorities with with evidenee of fraud or other /2 Si a. 4 0 46 1 iv 1 Cril Cos* \.... •Nifslo es... . Ili 1.4 the inlge ,ks for getting into a better county, that that is i1111108- COUNTY COMMISSIONERS lima, in addition to The leweird, . v /I cts,VA ge.64 644• 1 . 4 4 • Ihere is no better enmity in Mon- tana than the one you are now Last Thursday, Sept. 23, the MEET THURSDAY crooked work in the recent elec- t AAA •4. i A A.& 311 sible hi a foregone conelusion, as ifiviibittl might be. would have, 1 1 4t ; . A • • • a Barrows Another way that a few people t'ounty met at Stanford. Some comminsioners of Judith Benin Editor Smith. m' wheover the in- nip in, nor will there ever be. 1 he sit lisfe t ion of knowing he was doing REAL work—work ' 4 ii S EP might get bitek into Cascade' trustiness Was trimeacted but noth• rind for that matter, the whole C 0 '1 G Ai W HEATL A ND County is by petition In so for t ing offered for publication. lit benefit to the now county, state union. Editor Smith's item under this heading is one that Calla for u ondemmition by the whole coun- ty, Amither Rent in the Windham. Leader. under date of Sept. 24, is cf the League, and then inrit to t , f Yellow Jourtin118111, and fromi,having to take Woter at Windham i i. short distanee from Stanford, headed \Geyser people have just I niad.see the vast difference in Fdl- Windham Leader, he appears to \I at Stanford. The eoal sins tot eith Hobson, Stanford is lumpies- t, ,lauglemeher. This item is the current Imes of the Leader Editor Smith's rectfril with the l.4` great deal of the time, insteadis being operated. Ais compared \The Girl He Couldn't Buy\ 've seen better lifter you Cause for ludignstion\ all11 is an itor Smith's opinion of the he well qualified am editor for elite shippeil into StallIford or be Ii nimbly ahead of Ilobson in this A Comedy in Four Acts iotaek on the stemh taken by Mr.; Lengue at this time, one wonder?. -'veto hi rate Yellow Journal, plaided from Lehigh through connection—SO 11111d1 so that it 'I burston, of the Geyser Times.' If the Nou-parthian League mem- During the eintipitign for coun-IWrnolhate in had weather.\ teutairee no eomment. At the PALACE THEATER, Great Falls I le aS:ireit one turns back to some 1 , 4 0.- bet's were Pro German and black ii , sen t, Edit or s m ith se t e ar th! The fact that St all fOrd has an From the foregoing it can be coptee of the Windham Ideader . sheet) t wo or three Years ago, : Windham's qualificatioes under I itiedeeliale w a I e 1 ' NIIPPIY is easily Noun thnt Editor Smith in Produced by the Associate Players and finds bow only a few years they are still black sheep at this hive Itendingsa, viz: Nearest the; known onlyitto the editor of the supporting Hobson is betraying This eopmany is here iteriminently and eiders especially to back the Non•parlisan League time, but if Editor Smith's stand , enter of the t otality ; Nearest th e :Windham-Leader. As far as coal the interest of his readmit and mit of town visitors on Saturday night. hiring this wryer - members of this vieinity were, Was tinjuitt and uncalled for, as i of Vnlitatimo : Uniiintied 1 .!IttitilY gum the Windham Lead- eeighbors, bent the people of Ulla figment with yon and it will be exchanged for an actual termed \Pro Germans\— the past events; have proven, then Ed- ! water suppI3 , i Unlimited coal . l PI _a well 11Wilre that a country community know this, and the in. autographed photo of any of the players. YOU'LL LIKE black sheep of this commitnity—:itor Smith hes lots to atone for. :ripply at Lehigh. The choice of 1111111' out the IllIghe8 place, only fluenee of the Windham header is fest waiting. Editor Smith asks: IT curtain raises at 8:30 p in. hy the same editor of the Wind- Injurying the good names of citi- i th e vo t ers did no t rail t ,, wi n d.' ._ j i a m header. and how Editor zens of this eninmullitY by 11111:1- ham, but Editor Smith knowing• Why lilts Mr. l'ininitott of the PRICES, 35 CENTS, 55 CENTS, AND 75 CENTS Geyser Times flip flopped too coin- ' raved on about the work slinging items in his paper reeks ' lull well the advantages of Stan- et- • !ell of the five 'militia he eleimed PETER B. KYNE ford for county seat?'' This _ ! ford againat Hobson, overlooks pletely and come out for Sten- o 1 stanford can justl lay ---------- O f eying that Mr. Thtireton is broad FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS for Windham, to all of which: question might be aneweied by o minded enough to recognize the hood conies out for Ho ci r O because the interests of the peo-; advantages of Stanford and iv . ---- Stanford, Mont., September 30, 19'0 o ple of this community lzy with: fair enough to set these advan• Vol..2 No. 32 . .__ CONDITION OF THIS BANK 0 Ilabsan--bat because by backing' tbges before his readers, not try- I , The balance of trade with for- SEPT. 8, 1020 o o Hobson Editor Smith's nurse he- r, in g to befog t hei r min& wit hl ;eign countries fell off $90,000,000 o ! comes heavier. Under - date of claims for Hobson that he knows' for the fiscal year just ended -- 0 0 , , MMUS( 20. 1920, when Windhein are not legitimate. AS a flip ientietiling to think about. Popper, however, Mr. Thureton is 0 I Was in the race for cotinty seat. O In I he pikee class eompared witlt A. J. Stough, President $ 4 • c, Editor Smith came but in an item o elltitleil ' , Conlin - ...e the Towns. , Editor Smith of the Willdhaill Ile was president of a Small n A LEH BM VOTER. R. D. Taylor, Vice President town. One sunny Monday morn - O , Lender. Sincerely, \ t., advantnges.\ He then ClaW.1 in Frank Meredith, Cashier ing a well dressed woman was 0 Whielt place offers most natural e H. T. Nelson, Asst. Cashier • o part: \Compare the towns for t.sbered into his private office. RESOURCES 0 eounty seat and see whieli is the r) EIGHT FOOT CORN Some people would rather lose He arose to greet her courteously, 0 Overdrafts 1,424.93 0 o 'e as Ilitlell IIS it county cent to -- ep.., .J. O. Bullard, from East Stan- ItE IMIGER, broader, lurger tite community. i friend than an argument. 0 better for the emnity Its a whole. • --- GROWN NEAR STANFORD for lie remembered her as hay - Lonna and diseounts..$188,442.49 o -/ There itre no towns that -.mount $ * $ i!Ig been a one-thne resident of U. S. Bonds 50.00 e o Anti with, NO why not put the ford. brought un in a eample of than your task, and somebody She came directly to the point Banking House 11,143.38 O ,-;.-;j\.' the COCII raised on him place this will discover Y'ott. o -minty seat where it belongs. It ... 1 cf her call, explaining that she tither Assets 4,075.61 C will soon he n credit to the Pli- ear, and we are showing it to $ $ * Willi ilhOnt to take a train, and I ash & din' front banks 28,633.37 o , o tire enmity. In locetion Windhem .., 'hose of thia section of the conit- ilow about the CNIMISC money ti bolted his advice on a certain o it. near the center in geographi- try who have often doubted the for harvest help! We will try matter of investinent. $233,769.78 0 !hi location, population, and cal- Possibility of our hying able to and be or hop to you in this in Suddenly', the small town bank- () o ontion. Moccasin is about Li ' o O miles from the center of all of raise corn ill this part of the ease you are in need of funds. er froze anintry. $ $ $ end the interview, he said cooly: up, and, arising as if to o these, east. Hobson is about 16 This eminent Californian liar The earn brought in by Mr. LIABILITIES 1 an independent and assured Millen] stood eight feet high and It you have built castles in the \Any of the securities you 0 Iiil e s from the eellter of all of 1 place among American fiction was wall supplied with Cars of air, your work need not be lost: mentjou. are considered good, 0 u.iIliese, east. Stanfprd is about 6 1 / 2 . writers. His popularity is in)- that is if they are built where madam. It la largely a queetion '1 Capital Stock $ 20,000.00 O they Oloitid be built : now put o f whether you wish investment 'I Surplus 41 I) il 01 trom the (tenter of all oft menst and to the present day Irrge size. , If this corn were '•• 10,000 .00 0 an income. I would advise yos ' Bills Payable o these, west., fleyeer is about 28 he occujiies a position as at. ;dented for fo . dder only, the re- foundations under them. • Deposits 178,769.78 25,000.00 O miles from the center of all of !' exponent of the West, some •urns would be enormotta. $ $ $ lo consult and follow the sugges- - 'liege, west. lineation, is the es-; v..hat similar to Bret Brute's L. Ile. Bullard plaided very late Nome pays the highest div- tions of the banker with whom 0 $233,769.78 0 :coin! thing. Lehigh, our lung- ' the last generation. Millions this year, and no doubt would idends. Take corn for instance; you do business.\ C o ,. 8 1 town of the new county is have read \Cappy Ricks,\ have had even a better eland if One grain of corn allowed to re- Ile bowed ceretnoniously, and O itiat 4 miles from Windham on a ' \The Long Chance,\ and The planted earlier. Think of this t , ro d et e. unhindered. will Yield his epalalsesredthilitiaked There br w ig a h s tly a o C the 4.bout 3.00 0 . 000 bushels in four and '1? $ $ end yet she sighed. O foot corn. growing from C , vmd level road. Moccasin and Valley o the Giants.\ In a eight ts o gleam of amusement in her eye, Hobson are too close to flue each kter . story, \Webster—Man's 210 of dime, wlin 11 was the time years. line to hold the county together, Man,\ his principal character ,.1 iteeding. ..„..—.--.. ..--___,... s._ 0 This golls to show that we can SNI A IA, AND 1110—The small \Of course,\ aim reflected to Maid bee, elf, \he had no way of know - o so isfleyser on the west. Stanford are Americans, but the tnos O i,: next to Windham. lint has ohs-. Stirring incidents occur in one arow most :twilling that we care men is :afraid of himself, a o Basin State Bank , dvan1;:ges whirl] we will show, of those sleepy -on -the -surface ',, in this country with the posai- of others, and as a result the jog that I have just inherited a am coming hack to filet offset their being. as near the but fiery -underneath revel It- I If. exception of hanana a t i n d wor ld leeks confidence in him, fortune, and Stanford; Montana . e4011 H. as 1 !Ivy Pre: . These his tioliary Central America coun- pineapples. . Ili, lug man hoe faith in hini.,e1f, this city to open up an account talvantages are summed up by tries. You will have the pleas- in the itclurtry that lie renresente it ith one of the bankers here. Ajt- trodly, it will not be his bank, ping in Stanford. lie, The result is the public hns for it is evident that he doesialt intelligence of the pub - belong to the Comrade Club Ill * Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 Editor Smith in this article as follows: \Stanford has tin inad- this paper. • Be sure to get thd tire of reading it as a serial in Mrs. L. W. Pollock, of Lehigh, 1 I , Nia in Lie confidence in him. , ment Saturday of last week shop - equate water aupply, the engines opening Installment. STANFO RD The Heart of Judith Basin FOR COUNTY SEAT , 5 Cents Per Copy 4, —1 FRIbby kk p STA FORD COUNTY CaPj...fOrfitilars.4\eiti)WareeK). 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000 o County Division Coming to Life CV this out. It's worth money It's worth moiley beetIlltle you'll be able to think tied work 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 n of, r , C..` (IC,,,'., b 0110 0 0 0 10 (.

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 30 Sept. 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.