The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 07, 1920, Image 1

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STANFORD The Heart of Judith Basin FOR COUNTY SEAT bt nforb At STANFORD The Beak:A Judith Basin FOR OUNTY SEAT Vol. U. No it, $2.00 Per Year. • 5 Cents Per Copy STANFORD. 'JUDITH BASIN COUNTY, 14 . 1NTAN.1. TIll'IttiDAY, Orl'OBER 7, 1920. S that Willow Creek and [Nym- an or or o son :Ii:::111:;:ty.i.i,i,i,:iiir.a..1-,.&:.„0:re.,1)(f). oosters ' I. -minty- stoat, ought to be 1,-1)1(0t the subjeet of Stenford for .t.f intense iiiterest to all. Don't, consider:It ion just as miss the most o. • • - • and Their Attitudes 1 11 1 . 1/111101.1i011 1he present, for tvlien the voles were counted, eouttly seat light it is well to note Poor old' Hobson found that her the ili11 - 4 , 4.4.111 latitudes o r s l i m _ dreams were slialtertol end Mi- lord and frobsott. medial ely she began aliouting o lati r ot . i i ha , hee , a a tireks , tram!, erooked eleetion, fa:::c rot - wor k er to , ypors sod is to.. ing and dear me %diet a eammo- 114.y proud' of Judith Basin l'olon- Lion- ly . nod O, prowl of oven. cot .. Stantord. on the other hand h.q. 4) 1' it „ li d s h e po i nts w i t h had rooeognized that she had a pi•ide to the fail that this is a light 'In 11141(11 llt\I din! . Pee - Lipner's county. that therto is not term. for if tlito voters of Judilh and never will be soy town that Beeiii County were to be saved ran dominate the political affairs' iron' the neeessity of (+nosing the (-minty and she is appeal. I limit the too elide it was up 10 i., 4 4 14) the voters w ool one eo d .S1.1111 1 . 0111 10 (10. 11, and hes H ie comity to the other to be fair' gonto her best and won. 'l'o ami to consider the oilier fellow 'I\ this she 11 \ 11 In get Jot and 211111 plZlee the (empty seat in the' h\ \ 1 \ 1 \a she wra working center of the county and to ivork the 14°\ 41 \I . the wind!' vint\tY for one comity and that, as it is sh.o elaimeol and exereised the 1 „,h ts, t h e h est ,.„„„ ty i„ 11,„ t „. light to go into elly• precioiet and ;:eslt for help end she got it for no. lut• got voles o•vto to ••• • It has loaen the experienee re -I; \ 1 ' ' 11111 t peat edly- in erention of new 1\e \ flinlY 1 111 flne. , mottles in NIontalla, where there' In monist. in doing this, Gevet.r. were stoo . oi d „ sp i rants r ot . t h e the 111%111 at the other end of the comity soot, flint the two towns 1 ' 1011 . 1 ' s\ffer\d• SI \ nr \ I ' d . „with the highest vote were at ekinted 1 - 1 \ 1 \\). \min! ••,I en d O r d o , mititt. ,. i t , o w of the return.: must 71011111 1 11111 1111/1171, 1 110 1041111t. were compelled ( ieYs\ \ever \ I\ 0 100 , 14 , b et „ too , two t1)4 \ ) , 4 044 ,,, 1.01111' 111` W4'1111111 C011111y S1'1:1 Li onto end of the county 11111j the \I comitY , ror even ether at the other and was! win' li v e in II\' tiP141 , 31 \' 111 , 111 the danger that threatened o 101 lilt' 1(.1111)011:1'y 1111m. she ij ohsoti ;toes & jo t B as h i c omity mi d i t wi ts just I ( ever have 110 1) 01 to win moody. with a \holier than thou\ w h at Ir o i yio „ d es i t .,,,i sh e knew oi a thed against any of tha toilible and sayi 'Wt. did not crier Ali. hail drawn her lines that , tt, wit 1180% of „me. OVVr your territory the she had enough votes ill her bat k • \l e \ \\\ '\ '11' , 1 !Pile liow dill wer / the new enmity. ‘iiril to give her place anti in fact Just take a look at the tenuity demplit she had the tenpin...1.y! And now that the first kat south ot Hobson /111(1 Set' W1111 oonty 51 . :11 :11o1 was so sure of it °vow and the finals 111'e being • 1 ... did to 114.1. neighbor. She was tle.t she made very little effort fought. Sstiinford oto fair end , Buffalo alight get e011 1 10' viol after the VOleS Were east, did:square mid above board lioliting, :11 aspirations end bike few mot wait lor Ilieni to be eountiod, I fox the whole enmity and smote I- oto to her privete back yen! hilt rent mit the rtoPort to theiing to the t•ottors to forgot per- lie ran a z:rezeg line itromed deily papers thid the new county , sonal wolfishness ..lid vote for the ; ;01 col old the Powli of Buffalo lied been ereitted and th, t shelbtost interests of the whole comb '.' lit raft the line so elose ,brit the Ives the temporary (mono- t i toi t,ity 1111,1 It) try 44111 1 b u il d tit , t h e 1.411Talo merchants say tlooy ean liit oli trio:1 awrol nightinere,I whole enmity, and b e li eve s stand in their own doto-4 . and Ittocc a S1011e 11110 1111' 11VW 01,U11 - V, 1011 they emild not gott in the Will tli4o Cascade enmity voters help that kind of a neighbor We do loot believe these soi•t '-f arguntetits will ever get them enywhere. l'he' people ere too , sensible. and loo 'well versed in I, :his county seat eoutroversy to lot , taken in with such el.:1dish MT. If Ibibson has a single advait- •age. or 14 Single reason why she shoulol be entitled to the :omport • I the voters for a permanent • outity seat slito has, tip to drite, failed utterly to present it She Voter of Moccasin 1101111011 Or Sti',11V ittld she w.. - tiots! - • II united county. lol l the other hand Hobson is ('1(1111 hg uto Caiscatle county ,:tul try-ing Ito ereete dissension and division. She is urging C:oseade county voters to help her null her I hest mits 0111 ot the tire. S110 11115 no legitimate advantages or ar- gtiments to offer :1111.1 1 . 111' 111111 4(.115011 111141 to depend on conver- sation, 'which often runs some- thing like the following: \Of THE PLAY OF SMILES AND TEARS, GLOOM . AND JOY, RICHES AND RAGS. 'THE BRAT\ Opens Sunday Night at the PALACE THEATER ' The Joy Spot of Great Falls\ The Ile Player; enter ,,poet:,Ily to 0111•01 town vir.- itors Seturday - nIghto , . The stoek eonipany is lo - tinted permanently in Great Falls and,wholtes your support. 35,55 and 75 cents • THIS WEEK 'Tii! Girl fie Coulda't Buy\ toilti001SiitotOiXEsSalft$00 0 0 0 0 0 0 o. , . .000 00000000.GC. 0 I kr,C,11001 - 10 on0000000000r , 00000000000000nr.00000 1- A READY RESERVE Ii I'll 1110.11 hit '4 a bank He- iman!, lie knows that he has a 'toady reserve on which be can' depend ill any sort of an emer- gency. Money today is probably more ot a premium than it has ever I pen, ond it behooves a men who has it to keep it where he ean get it at a moment's notice. Many good deala have to be passed up hy a men because he has Lot the ' ready cash,\ although he may I worth many times the . mount ile,'essary to \towng the deal.\ 'We suggest that you take ad- vantage of our facilities in being 1)114 ('I' where you can build your recount and n place where the hest of financial service may loe bed. Basin State Bank Stanford, Mdntana Affiliated With Montana Farm Mortgage Co., Stanford, Mont, Combined Resource a Over $370,000.00. 00'''00000000(t or400 10000000 nrinno C 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 • 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 000000ton- - • .dayeal Ito strong oil the ceater f population mitil we publiiihed 'lie figures giving the exact cen- .ter of population and her 011e 7111d oily hope wog shattered beyond 01111711. they are told t.s do Si), 01' tor reiimons of profit. •\\i With these we earl do nothing. um. will we try. I.'or reasons CHURCH NOTES known only to themselves Bud Smola% School at 10 a, perhaps 0111' (WO Of 1 1011s1011 S 1.1141061w. II 41. an d 7 . 30 p.m. . tile ,Y„ 111 '7 The elass of young 111141 taught eampaigii 1117111H 11111110 1111 111.11' 111110171, 1111(1 S11011` , k, s pai l y 1118411. ut 'hie show - ! ken ' \\,9 1 . demire • \ IN' it. Mg last Sunday the first thne of III addition to our regular 11111' ot ,,,, t E very yo„og man 1\ ' \1141-8 \ \(1 visit\rm ft.\ ' the heartily invited to vonie int° .urroimiling towns, we hail the this class, plewattit surprise of having the 'h'4'1' meeting will ht. held oi p I I. e Brooks • Anderson (m o il for mi .. t n . :rid:iv night al the ninnae at !wool:. explained 1 1111 1 the cook itiecbt ineetine be. ear happening at that time to be 'I'll.' SlillPiil,4 . mining short of grub and hear - jug that there was free feed at Stanton! t'very Thursday even- ing lie thoug,ht it would be good MOCCASIN CHAUTAUQUA Iltisitiesa to bring in the whole STANFORD BOOSTS • iew Th 111 'was Perfeell,•\ II ght. r Brooks. We hop. you evening about 75 of do it ottani and some others do • the Stanford Boostera, nem - mean- . {iood by the Stanford Concert Band The audieure was entertained of 2.5 pieces. inotored Itocen- during the evening by several •in and rendered a concert pre- e0011 speeches, and also by the I ceding t he evooning entertain- singing of the whole elatis. We uncut of the Moecasin Ellison. -re goolting better in this limo tov- i White Chautauqua. pry time e•to nieet. at we are A ft er a too neert by t he band vet hug louder. Reintomber every laming 101' more then all hour, nee is invited to thew meetings. I he director of din Chautauqua .'111ite as often as you like, and '81 It'd mom 31r. Earl V1' 111(411)811 to stay as long as you are to. Some introduee the speaker of the ev- very interesting talks are heard ening, ,Mr. J. C. Ilet.leonan, who et•tory time and they are mostly wits a class mate of our fellow :on -unman the University of Illinois a number of years ago. Ilerbsnian. who is one of [ the foremost let' Iii on the oafT ot the Ellison -White System, I'.'' a splendid address lasting for more than two hours, during which period he held the rapt at- tention of his entire audience, %%Odell filled the Moccasin Com- S A 11 - e 111f i tit n i. ‘ 4 . 1 e i 31.1111 t i. ) ;:ki 7 11 . 14 1 1 a 12 lo U ng ' iminity• hall to its full limit. The aN hest we tomild to get enough ee in • WARNING TO VOTERS 1 It has been reported to the liolity Seat Committee Of Stan- , tool that then. are two men work - Last Thursday evening the reg- I ing over the county PURCIIAS- Mar meeting of the Stanford 1NtI \'t 'YVES VIM STA N FORD. boosters WAS 110111 all the new I Tili i - z 11 11 1 11 111Y /1 Vi01111i011 Of 1'01111 1 1011Se. The 111 11'1111:111e was 'Ill\ l\\'• I\It 'IriellY wilinnit th e as large as usual, if not 'liege!. , 1 I , eele•Ige ool allY olle ill Stall - The work for the past week was '..rd, 1111,1 the flirt hest th i ng P t ' s ' gime 11V1.1' 111111 Ole Ill'Ogress re ' • 1 , 1t , Iron, stanjorw o id ea o f flair 1)01'1011. 1 / 1 /1' several ealtipaigneis,i I.I.v \\l' hove illwaS'a eola - (44oatili:iselit,-:41,1,,1111toi.11,1)111:3\4 1 1 :::.. 1 .. l e iii l i t n ( \ e ll i : t t ile ve II \' ileNt \ I. lieWS Ill 1.0114„.t.i.i1101,41 :11111 4'. ill ( . 11111 illlle 10 1..011- •„ , , !1,-1. mir eiiiiiiiiiign in a legiti- i . ounly .11t, you van% stay in Jti-\\ k \ 1 \ 1 0° \ I ' it , n t ' I '' .. 4 \ permanent too . utity seat in the .sor• 114,11 e 1111 . 1 straight lorward 1111111 - mull Basin county with the coun- ty seat way no . there and we ) 4 \' bey vi l eell° is liPtier I 11 \\ it tier \Vo• will ilot stoop to triekit !tor underhanded work of any don't toxins.' .V011 10 11111 ple11710 ' 11\ :,. ('\ : 1* Well* , knoll stioitot•11 leis a reputation Poe get busy and help us beet \ e . \\ ve \P e \ e ,\ \11 71141'1'1\V\ :11r itliegril . ‘ and lair phiy, nod Ill's III N1.4 erai places in former that awful town of Stanford, Dud i, s „ ii i• our noteution to not only town that has so 111711Iy arguments ' \\ill.. \1111 - \Y 1111d lin. Ifiligl.-.-- ••••', 1 h.. etiviable reputation but that we simply van not allSWer laade ll °W i re i it Vel'Y gralifYing I') „ ...oil lish some hey-ond ll lilies IIII . III at all, and the people in se. ...'''' \ e \'\ t his . is espeeially Si/ ill tit' '1011 of a doubt over the entire hergils oomity ere going '.o vo!to , i I , ,, : tv Judith Bitain County. for them overtehelminglo thet ` own . °I GeYser ' wile \ Me, S ''' . W'o• et:1 •• : to win this tsoming vve are iost entirely milezs vou \ e Y ste ‘,. 1 : 1 • is is tii : e eilm i lmig ,\ \ I \\' 1..eti, I, 'iVe 111'1. SO 711111' Or it 111411/10 ill l';'st.i:111. 1.1111111V f:.11 • 1'01' 11 ! 4\ . • ' ' ' ' 118 lerr ' larY \ I\ 11111' ' Of (1111' 011110111.111, iool Lai we emis1414.1. it all over but 11.1:41141 help Ili, 41111 Mill ii Voll Hill ! Will\ Pvt. the ne111/11 Volilig. ttlit do Him mid kelp 118 0 1 1: 1 hell , \ : \.\.\1\P\\\1\.\ i\ 111111 1\\:1,\r vim esti gel hasty cod iielitien tile Imo county, resent our opposition \this is true for several rionsonit, to their poopogito o it to sn o t on chic' among theni is the fact that Is gisla titre Hi 11111 . v011 hark ill Old ! - ;lillifold is ill OW CENTER OF I as/ de, or y lei van fall io with \ lei° 1 1\\ it 1. \\ ishei \ g' elli I '(41111 ee4 , 11te Daly emilitt , oe , deal of imiustenent, and makes !III : , col NTY, eiosy of neeesoi, .voil I'S II go to the devil direet 'the w w . li \'mill while. l'o hear e•1 1 •1 1 all exeelliont train serviee, e.i , disci eon. 44 101 wiii . 44 . 0mist ; them tell it, • would think 1 1411 1 iild wIll•I'll• 1 11,..111111,1•7:1 1111111110r Of r4.0111‘. 111:13' 111. •'01'Vell tel till' , , 01 tel illielit„'1. 01' 111417 „1 ! Ilillder (. 4 4 . ‘‘ 4 8 4 '. : . a1111 Vii i iiii , tY \'HS a N11110111 ,.4411 isi any way iiiii ro.. (10(1 , s 0, ,,„,,,,„a , ,0 11 , l,„..,. E s .,,.„1 t o th,„ leiitest ailviiiitage and with the . ii .is• expense 144 , d o h o p iv, hod simi r oyd. - utmost what the . % ill'e 1/11.,17,t'll 10 1 1.1111 otir intrusion ill their terri r i here are other reasons, good I d ,iiktalitial reasons, enough 101 . V. 1V.. 111111 1111' 11111(111•I'S /11111 1 I 111'111 10 fill this paper from one tarmere of an entirely different : d lot the oilier. Nlost of them I pinion ill regard to this matter. ''' `'\ bee\ stilted Ill different pm our workers are welcomed. . i,,,• . .:1111 ille publie as a whole 1111,4 r ra ti,,. !hi l t si,1 1 ,1,,r i t k ttri. ctiliversiiiit with them at tide ousell eloser to them and their 1111e. 1011 111 1111 re1180118 why you tumid support Stanford in the holdings, and they kolore that - 4 tantotel is in I lit. center of the \ o t ember Elect ion the vent trael •-•:, I ion. and 1 111111 serviee iS the ill''.' illr 1 11020. 101/ 1 1171`:11111.1 hey . Will ki111.1101•1 St11111 . 01 . 11 111 the .\' .11 ' sl- ottiity se/11. :, Nuttily III visit Stanford, at - 'I tis set vivo. affords you the ()p- eening elect Ilili fill' 1 „ .111111110111 w., 4.4,441i/i, 111111 th e \ 114 . 1 , 44 14 ,,,. , eml to your business and visit .11 . :ill parts pit the emittly that 1::: .i r u l::: i vcil: . 1 : 1 1 , ii i , , :i . i n N o . , I li ti li , :n in tt iii t lii t k , e d tll a 3 ! , will ileillter listen 10 re8S101. 1101' et/117 , 01er the interest of the re- 1 'ill \re \'I! l'\I' 0 11 olltellell to ItlIr - in order to lummox residents of the e Iv. your Meanies.; ni,• . ‘• will val e f o r H o bson b' e . • ..teli ii 1ralii iii a Yew minutes, Hoe do volii have to stny 1 ot .the followill a g li d i a lia '- ht pito now iit 710 instead of 8 p. bet Ito not fail to remetnber this, Or. Myrick having resigned an sunperinteiolent of the Sunday sehool. Nles W Donaldnon was 1.110744.11 ill los 'dime and Mrs. Pem- berton w a s eliosen to fill the Vfl• valley 111 hi' 1111111P by MY'S. D1111. 1011. W110 Will A0011 helve for Ore- gon. Let 1174 remember that the Soloed eamiot be built up by Superintendents and the idisistant alone. Unless parenta send their eliddrep and 11111084 the • hildren come mod the grown upa ome also. tho• Superintendent er.sistant will fail. So let every - oily boost for the Smidny *wool! and loy• seeing that they ere all there. Rev. II. A. Brown, pastor. THE AMERICAN LEGION _ 4* Expresses View e1, Cl'- !the same intent as Hobson is 110%, , Ill ILPtjlI Ill Ike . JUdith ior lwrilia- 1 ,1;itii is already Nore dissatbi- . .b.Mith Basin tied tvith the troeitilient accortled . 11 110 to !heir III- 111411 hv the powers that 411041 al'' ' , 1 1 ' • , real, ili Ilarlo‘Violi 111,41, it under - ill the IL., t,'• ..I,1 1;eyser eoni- •1 they are but biding their uiili>it la'- 1 -1 1 4,11111e the emit] lime !or making an effort to se i r r ic o u nt i he 4 111 .1 N.I• .111,1 ettEN'e J11411111 Basin counties, with the \Ile. - eleees.d Ibilt• comity Itasiti 115 1114. vi•oter. Ilow• This same L..: 11 11, tel %ICC, partition he he llobsol, the first ; ottempied. L. -fleeting Judith o•ontest, leo 14W111 11111 . 4 of suc . •he g.I1Vg• %%Mild III. 1111;4 III 4 . 511111, llWil •MIVIII . 1, 1614.. 111, Ill 1811'.' area Of the itall101 , 1 111 IOC a ,liar,• eritoriei tha! W4111111 allitljeCt '1'1'11117;1 II : /I- Ille Ole 111, tlw and I it, a, weal 4e141 0111,1, their scheme' and the .1, , to be tray 1.lullISilli,' 111,1 II, Hien. ,.,1 either wav Hanford is the 1 . .0 d u o ,, ,•:11 11111 1 11111 will best serve the 1. ..1 1 111,1 l'11111 - ..!reater number ol the ticople Ill the Ruffalm Straw ',I'm, will then 11111,‘ 1111k, 1 1111 I will really .• 0i:titled to eny eoeirehlt as to • •.• 11 , ,Hry 11%611 sere- leo, 11111 hey hi. no worse off hen 1 , • •••11 of government 1,0111,1 1-, ,,,,oted at nohow), with oo• l a too Imo they would pay a 1,1 1 le 11111re rail r111111 'Crain rtaco. to Stioeford will doubt avs be emit-4.11km', if tiro of the '''''h' I.- . -111 tre 11 1111111y 11111re 50. 1112111 11 11 14 1111W, y plar'ne .1.- seat lot the, while et best all that can ever be dinost a c . ot the IiApee14•41 and so11111 of 5101!- 3'. 11 , -pH, 'l e t ale too level- ' eas.i0 eiedlier train eaeli ivay h ee de d 0,,,t 1.1 1 ,.. t ,- want e d limning lit P-1.1,, With .011111.% .10 1 , 1 11 11 and VIII / . /1 101 I I rain% Nos -13 and 44 way. 1111 , 1 1 111.1( IlaVe 1011 that 41'11111 1.$1 %VII 11 I lie 51.111 Id 01%HO/1' 1 l'i.:11 NOI'l 111'1'11 will have its -mimeo stanforol_ their tvants' hoe ,Ill through Fergus and . 11 o w 44 04 or 1,11, 1 1 thiprov,m,•111., hatt-soi l eminlies completed and etc.. o I..• taken eare IIS 4V11•1 I 11 within the .oming 'is it I, to the 1(111111 I 1 •I i11 i t f P ro m fil I n ' to . .. ' 1 ' ;111e, . .• ‘1,11 i, F. 1 .,41 4 . 14 , .114,1 ,4•vr 4,11 0, 11.11.„11 .er etiot 1,1.1,14 tilly. il 1- h.• •-• , •i, H144.110.1' or Ho po•Opil! ..t. 11•,' \I ill ;111011 tIomi itig 1111.10 , ' I II .111 1111 l're,!•1 IS '.4 I'll ihe mien -its III to eau- , to be tray • ,-•.• they subjeet -ear or two, tool ill dint event l'0114.105 la 1111y /1111111 1011:11 Ira 111 Ner%'11.1., both - , i,,Hers III 1111' 1/4.-1.14.0g4.1' :mil freight, is Vert/till 11,1 .\\ 1 \ i\ .-nd Ow vomit y , 1.. I111 1111 11111 1 01111W 1111k I .H..11 11 1111 ! I' 1 1[.• tie -a st of the Groot now for \ ortherio Looking the entire - 11Y 1 / 1 /011it1011 1 i% 4,1s. repol-lcol 11:11 1 11./1771011. 1 . 1. 111 the feee and from all els° ilitnehieed the sulijeet amoi.g,.111Z11 , 1, 1.11/1 . V011 say anything else ihe ..1 the Ituffalo. St Ill l',11i 1 11111 All' Stanford!\ 5 11 11 seetions with innell • .1 Mime/lain Subser:ber NON PARTISAN MEETING - Community Hall, Stanford Oct. 10th, 2 P. M. The speakers will he Stephen giy, president State Federa- tion of Labor. end Clues E Taylor, editor Prodneera' News, • •-• Idowell Creamery Great Falls itIlIIl't ('I I ”I cream higher \VIII tray heat rice at tun. r arrivtl. (live US a trial W. COURTNAGE, Prop, FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS Vol. 2 Stanford, Mont., October 7, 1920. — A. J. Stough, President R D. Taylor, Vice President Frank Meredith, Cashier H. T. Nelson, Asst. Cashier Stanford Post No, 53 W A. Itollwitz Commander Regulai I MEeting Third Tion'Kdav of Each Month ; Rood people of Moceasin are to he congratulated upon the splen- 1 i sleep .s of t heir eh nut a 'aqua ourse, and the wide awake 00111 - enmity spirit %%idyl) has made the stone vomplete !meccas. The!hertiet bell team to make it a sue- , meeting WO!: marked hy. less. At the last meeting it wale the ex- Liecided that we do thin and for hibit of the most friendly. feeling ,•„„a s b e ,„ i lliv i tig lot;i ween the people of Stanford; damp , : These 'hill 11185 Ill Moulmein, and all the Sinn- iis iito „,„. „. 1 . „ go - II Itoostere rtoport a most en- ! int: oe,. es , Myahle time. *. ;met to plav . the first. game lIt FOOTBALL SEASON Stonfoixi. Wi• will have more Hews 111)0111 thiS Inter. We feel OPENS AT HOBSON I ilict we should bind do want to The Stanford foothidl eleven • let every one in this town and iII open the football season lit • (Immunity that wishen to play, Ibilison, Saturday, Oet. 9th. 1 1101 :1 reputation alrently toetah- roglil fantastie tor make it a Point Alt hmigh this is the first game There will hi. a dance given at and no one knows 110W good Lehigh on Saturday. October 9, either teem will prove to be, we et the mow hall. 'Clic hall is large. ontieipete a very good geine. for Ow music is good. We invite oll lite reaeott 1114 the Hobson team 'he nnradios Goat like lo ;rip the iished, and for that reason the 1W tiller° and help its out. We Stanford boys have worked hard will' spend the money in our for the fray. , community and use it for your finanees to make it possible to have it Legion basket ball for this winter. We feel that 71 solid hacking is what is needed far /I Sone. people would rather lose friend than argument $ $ $ BE I I tIG)'R. broader, larger 1 : 11 1: 1 1 y e.nonient. That means every- then pont task. and somebody 'floe MeQuirk Saxaplione or. win diseQvcr $ Y11 $ 11. $ I;,' 'I funlish the music. 11 (144 here Veil! be floor manageiS t.nd tor — lo \ art a o l oci u t lit lio l o i l i ;1 1.11 11 ; e 1h\Wil n l \I t le r; anyone that does not feel that he 81111 III' of help to you in this ill is getting aequainted as IIC ahould ense . voil are in need of fineLs. whnt is 1 here for. $ $ $ hoot Mr. Floormanager. That We want you all to have a good 111141' 11P1111 lime end want to see a good at. that io4 if they are }milt where lay and wide and lia w v ii t . h a 3 t .o lv u e r rt h i i n e e lp d :leo' should lie totil\ tow 1\ 11 !Money. We We . /lello. to see a Kooill Attendance. .oninlaiimis tinder them $ $ Give us a hionti and help US Natio.. pays the highest 41111: - ' , It , over /I sueemsful basket ball idend , 'I':, 1,1' emu for instance: ••,, , ,,,o 11 with a good team. Lets Cite 4:1‘11111 COCII If) re- ..i 1 , 4 1:; , 111: 1 • 111 t i vi; . 11 1 111 1 1 \ ‘ I l it a t ) le . coining our brodnee unhindered, will y•ield not had full attention from the 3.000.0O0 bushels ito four $ Aay• ex-serviee men thot have . J)°111 Govermtient or want to find out .vell S7t1 . A1,1, AND ino- The small ••-ontething Write us and we will man is itfreid of himself, afraid Ml'\ what- we eau do. Send in your of ()therm. end as a result the diseherges and get your victory world leeks emifidenee in him, meth! assigned. We would like The big 111/111 has faith ill iiilil.,Cl 1. to huve them all in before the le deo induetry Huy, he renresente middle of Gni month, $o we can :mil in the intelligence of the pub' get the medal.. by November 11. lit.. The result is the .public hoe POST COMMANDER confidence in him. SS. The balance of trade with fon eigii'countries foil MT $90,000,000 lor the kcal year just ended— , something to think about. $ $ $ Ile W1111 president of a small town. One sunny Monday morn- ing a well dressed woman was shered into his private office. Ile arose to greet her courteously, or lie 'remembered her as hair- i-g been ti one-time resident of the iiii ity. She eame direetly to the point I her call, explaining that she was about to take a train, and oislied his advice oil a certain matter of investment. Suddenly, tho small town bank- er froze up, and, arising as if to nol the interview, lie said cooly: 'Any of Die Reeurities you mention are eonaioloored .good, madam. It is largely a question %% heftier ymu wish investment r iecome. I would advise you Ii) eousult and follow tile sugges- ., Oil busipess.'' tions of the banker with whom Ile bowed ceremoniously, and Ills (miler thanked him brightly and passed out. There was a gleam of amusement in her eye, :•nol yet she sighed., •*Of course,\ she reflected t• • ! e I I% \lie had no way of know- iug that I have just inherited a fortune, and ant coming back to this city to dpen up an account with Hill. of the bankers here. As-. .tiredly, it will not b.e his hank„ for it is evident that lie doesn ' t belong to the Comrade Club!\

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 07 Oct. 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.