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Y- STANFORD COUNTY SEAT OF JUDITH BASIN COUNTY, tanf Vol. II., No. 37. $2.00 Per Year. STANFORD, JUDITH BASIN COUNTY, MoNTANS. T111 ItSDAY. NO V E I iElt 4, 1920. STANFORD COUNTY SEAT OF JUDITH BASIN COUNTY. STANFORD ---COUNTY SE To the _Voters of Judith Basin County We take this opportunity to thank you all for your sup- port in the November election, which made Stanford the Per- manent County Seat of Judith Basin County. For those who voted for our opponent, we have the greatest respect, and allow them freely the privilege of their own opinion as to the best course to follow, and we hope to continue the most friendly relations with treae good people. Friday afternoon and evening, Nov 5th, is the date and time set for the big inarketeonferenee to be hld at the County High School gymnasium. Lewistown. By that date all of the community market meetings will have been held and delegates elected for the general meeting, which will then meet to perfect a permanent grain mar-' FEEDS TIM HUNGRAY keting association and adopt such other plans to meet the present The dinner and supper put on emergency as appears best. by the Ladies' Aid of Stanford It is planned to have an open election day was very successful meeting at which all who are in-; !:ront a financial standpoint as terested in the grain marketing well as a social affair. Theaross flopcmition are inyited to he pres- receipts were about $170 and cud. Addresses will be made by though the expenses are expected State heade of Conty Agents M. to be fairly large, it will leave a L. Wilson, who during the past very nice sum for profit. Tit(' year has studied co-operative ladies managing this affair are auaketing in both United States be aongratulated on their work ai.d Canada, and John F. Ware, and the quality of the dilute' 'gent in marketig for the United served. All those prtaking of this States department of agriculture, bounteous repast went their In atldition to the above, others' iatislied and rejoicing. I•lio have given the question of tearketing car ful study will ad- WHEAT GOWEN! TO'as the GOD rence. 1 MEET IN LEWISTOWN This vi e one of the most im- portant conferences of farmers that ba5 ever been held in Central Montana. hence every farming ommunity should have a full representation at the meeting. Full details and announcement of program will appear next MARKET CONFERENCE ' , Bring yours and see. You may Le pleasantly surprised. tompe- petition is what makes a show litho* is what makes a show M- ile ;ling and valuable to breed- ers. MRS. THEO: T. ILLE, Fergus Cunty Poultry Projee Leader, linger, Mont. STANFORD LADIES' AID The Wheat Growers' associa- eo of this district held a meet - it• (he City Hall Wednesday in an -adeavor to make further progress io their organization. Al no first meeting last week they ..orted with a members hr week. Rernembed, the date.' Ivis . ch was increased at I is day afternoon, November 5th. retieg lc 67. I \V H Hawk was appointed the POULTRY SHOW AT HILGER s'ate to a convention to A poultry show of standard h. iield at Lewistown Friday. bred poultry will be held at Hill Nov. 5. The two delegat( a elect- ger Nov. 12. This show is for the ,ed at the first meeting wet e Wit - purpose of helping raise the, bent MeCaughey and J. A. Mims atandard of poultry bred in Fez.- gus county, and is in connection; The convention at Lewistown with the Farm Bureau work.' is for the purpose of formulating There are prizes offered dud R. plans for the future operation of L. Smith, extension poulty ape-, this organization. eialist of Bozeman, will be ores - I ent to judge the fowl and give a' This Moans You. judging demonstration. I When you get up with a bad In the evening there will be an tee in your month. a (lull, tired interesting talk on poultry, fel; feeling, no relish for food and lowed by an entertainment by the are constipated, you may know school and a community sing. The; that you need a dose of Chamber - committee is very anxious to lain's Tablets. They not only make this show a SUCCe38 and in- cativo , an agreeable movement of rites every poultry breeder to the bowels, but cleanse and in - bring or send his poultry. Do notivigorate the stomach and im- keep you poultry at home, think- prove the digestion. For sale by ing there might be some better. , Harvey's Drug Store. • Statistics Taken From Govern- ment Crop Bureau Estimate. Bushel.. 1920 wheat crop 751,000,000 1919 wheat carried over 153,000,000 904,000,000 Necessary for home 11141 654,000,000 Exportable surplus of the U 256,000,000 Canadian surplus 900,000,000 Total surplus, U. S and Canada 450.000.000 In addition to this the Inter- national Bureau of Agriculture at Rome reports that the world ritiply outside of the United States shows an increase of 19 per eeat ON or last year. Basin State Bank Stamford, Montana \ A Milted With Montana Farm Mortgage Co., Stanford, Mont, Combined Resource i Over $370,000.00. , o e t Cco .S00011000 ;1000000 0 00000000 0 U000000 00 r , r o 0 0 0 3 0 0 . indltion, II. 11. Galt and Alfred nurai C01110111111114.S II ii Ii1W115 Of leRII :11esteri Arrow Creek, A. I). than 8,000 toaiellt Ili a very ituf Fairview, W. W. Galt and large part by the public health and Bellehland• R- cenmandia we!fore eat's of the Atarri• Frishie and George N'olkel; Kohn,' as h Rea of th„ 1 gene Bayliss, W. C. Fliteroft 8,GtXI 11 d :111S, 111 1 11,1'h ei d Williain Strout': Utica, R. runit sections leciway. There- ( . ) iht e ( ha l t mit t fore the Heil rio ii, Briefly the ot Nat sets- Wohlenberg; Moccasin, to IISHISI 11 /1,:t• ill k 1 1 Mil al J al: -. A. Stooly and Itr. Alyriek; , „„,rehe,t,aa, %%41111i mot 11:111p111,,, eat Straw, It. C. thirst 811(1 5,111 this purpose petaie health In csgood; I(ibby, Fritolt Culver ami laegre.— elf ,1111 W. It. 'tenders, it; Ilityns-, hetie children tool atolls Way a lag 01'0. J. I. Hammer, Roll- Part Recreation Is found tip he ohe of 'be biggest needs I raril Tliele leek of star:lent iddy tire for the chil to it and 11. R Corlett; flevser, dren find Hoc!o1 ler 1lie what , . sidiuy Stevens, Robert Skelton, and Leon Kelleher; Otter Creek, h il a k a 1 :4 1 :nit '''''l l '''''''''''''''''''' 01 . 11 1 U 11 1 . 11 Nrtnur Nebel. and other social events wide!, lichig of these men stayed on the epoptesir c '''''' noffilleS Iii- oh until the votes were together !MV w P lo!, oltliltiztql tool var. lec.,ed and then hurried home \\ \\' 14 ' ih e \r n'\ ) he retort's, making Cross ng for rural workers 1 - ( ;.:11 illl1 /111- STANFORD BI JB CITIZENS YONE ELECTION DAY AMERICAN RED CROSS Several of our prominent citi- zens were visitors at the differ- ent election precincts on Nov. 2. TO GIVE RURAL IIELP her were stationed as follows: Program for ( ) idle Health and merino. G. A. Galt, R. 14, Fliteroft CoMmunity Welfare Is Now .I.d Charles Calkins; ;Lehigh. II. Higgins, Frank Meredith, R.; Well Under Way. .! Harvey and Clark (leads.; - +vita and Albert Serenson; tipion 1,. Noreutt. A. II. .oune of them a long, hard day. ..oug. hard days have been out' long for so long that we ;y to at to them now. . - etrogadea, says a United States lepartment of agriculture spe- •ialist. There is no more excuse ior farmers aising acrid, eorii seub cattle. Inge in omimir lits:nores solving ere rentIonal problems land odtIng lieople together proves to 1,1. the o w a keol og of the r Ity to other emollitomi whirl, may lo Improved by imliell actio,,. ueli.y. it either improves or Corn is never stalionarv 1 , :e „ 4 '; 1 8 ; 7 ,0 ; P o s s li i i1 , 11 ,,, anew lead of oritimiza• other pi • •, ,r Ir ' list III COI lllll MOO pro•ta• • • iiorgon purpose of brim'', lzed to o (irk toe, I.,. iuen.iiily tip to the tom, Lecture f9L0, courses I 11.i. r • :11 DEVLOPMENT IN MONTANA Oil development in Montana is ..ery encouraging. This state »snitimes to take rank will its leighbor t the south, Wyoming, JR' tie producer. oi`adlie s ! reehma 'iquid. Two or three it:etas have been brought in with a daily pro- luction in three figures; mid tile mod work has only begun. Pos- rural .itcirrici- cros, Sen.- ibly as Milli,' as :10 riga, are now tee tmetis . 11 Ir. ou mumling away and the next 60' ibe or 90 (lays will witness important ser vic e I s to ground :• • ,•• sideem...r the ; •; a it eryo tied. results. This is pruritic/Illy the and (like the sob where laves- ulitial work in Mouitaiia (former sara efforts are too insignifieant to - count) and the aeeomplishment in ar short a lime is calculated to mate success in Wyonling. so her stimulate the operator and in yes-next door neighbor may well he :or. It took many years. with pleased with the present proapeet. failure after failure, to bring ulti- —Public Land News. of • • •• of in • -ger tOW118 lite Devil f,, I 1'1 , 01:04 Itilb. IIC comfort stroke - MAIO Play- grounds for the hove heen eilthblIsi,ed tool isIlltsil;coul aralvItles worked 1.1ot rot its. rear. In order that Inoy lie ....ieerued errori in ea, ,‘',,:• ,•:, prop - see. of the ks.•11:1,i• Ihe cif culullog Ham I. 1118011cPen iii lb., SICI: 11 11,1 Nil , ' THE AMERICAN LEGION Stanford Post No. 53 W. A. Rollwitz Commander Regular Meeting Third Thursday of Each Month Stanford. Nov. 4.—An Armisi- liee day program has been am' - ;ringed for Stanford to take place on Nov. II at the city hall. I have been asked if this was for service men alone. It is for everyone who can contr. We all had a pert in re -t of the program will be at the • ity hall. Musie by the Stanford band. A pi...gratin Ilaa...the public school, followed by /I ape,..•11 by Judge Ayers In the evelling a basket ginne will take ;dime at the eity hall between Denton this great War, and so we all have and Stantord. - follow(ol by a a part in the observance of Memo- dance, rial day. The ex-erviee men will be The day has been set apart as a served a lunelt at 6 o'clock. •:tate holidy by Governor Stew- art. • The program is given under the auspices of the American Leoion. A parade will be the first thing in the afternoon at 1 o'clock. The All ex -service men are expect- ed to wear their uniforms if at all possible. Everyone (aline and help make this a real eelebration. COMMA NDER. 6,1 1 ,TIIE AMERICAN RED CROSS .„. PEACE TIME Eastern Europe Aniericons who contribute to the Ited Cross would feel amply repaid for their generosity If they could see what It means to hundreds of thousands of %ar weary sufferer* In the Balkans. 'Here IC U widowed Ituuninulun mother with het live children just after a visit to a fled Cross relief station.. All are barefoot and the boy at the left Is wenrIng clothes mode of scraps from the battlefields. They have just received winter cfrohltift. food and condensed milk for the baby. Similar work le being done for Russian refugees driven from home. ' The Results of the Election for Permanent County Seat by Precincts: Geyser .. Raynsford Kibby Spion Kop 'Dry Wolf Davis Creek Willow Creak ,Barker 'Otter Creek liabson ( 1111\fsic S raw rla;rneill ! .ittoplitte !C.d.( ee Creek iClare Crock .v.tirOm •: 120 86 13 28 29 28 20 7 11 5 33 2 5 60 7 103 76 184 02 19 93 126 Stanford, No. 38 276 Stanford, 38 1 / 2 . 212 -- Totals 1,690 Stanford. Hobson. 185 1 28 13 37' Per Selig - zismomil= udith Basi County Election 4i 2 ) Early Returns Give Stanford a Small 7 10: But Sufficient Lead, 18 456. Tile I try has eome dm! ; , 111 gone. II.,• I,,,•atii)II iii III.. iss or. 83 31 51 • 35 53 122 ' 119 183 3 2 RETURNS SHOW NATION GOES REPUBLICAN .111 obtiiiirtlile reports on the 1011001A elec!o111 indivate that the repel licans have earried the atm:dry overwhelmingly. The nlitees of six democratic senators old about 60 reprementatives will taken lkt repiddielins, making sougress republieaul. It looks as though some of the tiouthern suites would go republican tor a al.ange. Senator Dixon's lead for .1109111W is so great that the re, donning pie. loos will seareels ba able to change the result to any great extent. Roy Ayers of ewixtown is undotiltoolly &de., -I judge. The early reliorts are favorable 0 the bond measures, exeept ors• 'Hy the road bomb,. which at I is link are slightly negative. ------ - PICTURE OF PIG -STARS\ FOR SOUTH AMERICAN USE lull pieltires tit -Meting lit, - 'ii swine intliintey anti Aiming mill important typed of Amerienn swine are being pr.. pared tu I he United Slates de- partment of tigrieulture. The ides of the pictures will he pro - ; need ill Spalii n, !IN the f11111 is .iiiended for Use 10 South Alum. - ..a i).;mi repronentative or the aureou of markets. South; Amer- icium have alioWii in livestock breeding as is praetieed in the United stones. Breeders of purebred live - lock in this country have re- eived numerous ordeals from South America, aml it is expected that the exhibitioo of this film will increase the demand for our tweeds of hogs. Visitors from South American countries have imieinted that a Min such as is being prepared would be well re- eeived in their countries and %ionic! be of great value in de- veloping the South Ameriean swine induatry. 11C11I r.1111i . .y •0.11 of this gre.,I vomit.% 11.,!, :lt Iasi loceo se:1lc :141 . 11ec %eat,ii slelivgl • it.. 1.111' ea11111y' :111‘1 Icile 11181 111reaie;i, %et:, 111 1114' 411 . N1111,1:1, - 1 _hl1 1 .:.1 111!1 11 • ii,' .10 0011,, I, • .1 IS :111' 141 . 1: 111• 11 1 :,11 ';11, 1/1 lig' aliil .1r1.14 acroalpli I-. I. 6 ....sisr.1 iii -.Seal 77 .'1111111 . % 111111 Ii 41,11 . ‘imii 111:11 1 - V 1 . 1'y 11111 • S111111111 set 11h1111 . 3 los pet•soinil lite mat ler of %viten. lit. ttaated .v.:11 1,082 af h.t c: 1-.• . 1,i uroar lois 1110 1, I Of I1'. • 'I FIGHT INSECTS WITH PLOW Fall plowing is the most uni- versally effeetive way of I.011 - 'rolling the insect pests that an- nually 1 . 1111Se great 1014.4144 to the grain farmer. It is much easier and cheaper, says the bureau of entomology, United States de- partment of agriculture, to pre- vent en insect outbreak in this I/101111er 1111111 it is to Minot, out the infestation onee it it full : \ de- veloped. The Heasion fly, so de- structive to wheat, is one of the impels that eau hardly be eradi- cated once it is established in the crop. Fall plowing is recom- mended beeallse it Imreaks up the soil and destroy\ the grubs and pupae of many inmeets by expos- ing them to the sun and air. Farmers' Bulletin 835, pre- .ared by the bureau of entomol- ogy, tells how to eontrol the moist (, onion rind dangerous of the grain faritier'a inaeet enemie , . It gives; briefly the life histories of he Ile.ssian fly, army worm, ait- worms, graeshoppers i white grubs, billleigs, corn -root 1101118. wireworms, with authorita- tise data\ deaeribing the charm. - !mistiest of each pest and the best au avtieel 'remedies for control. Hite bureau advises the grain farmer to plow in the fall, if trot - bible; to keep a mupply of inseeti- *des mid a spraying outfit on hand; to watch the crops ear.' - fully for 1111 outbreak. and to re - part all outbreaks to the emunty farm adOiser, or direct to the bo- real' of entomology, Muted somewhere, shouted the irate l glad to explain to yo tt why this I States department of agrienlnire.illiall as lie stalked into the office tequest is made, Fm,' ph. gal liered • 1 . to air their of ,h,-• cll. 111.11 rly 110111 LOC ill voters li.•«1. it lk lie rei tine, , , rrive. ;1st front • ;, ion mid later from The vote ii t.Ito the t ,, rgtiltett , vovirts re,s , ivedi • • , I, mt chel ,• vole , t ' ,•1, , ,•.,, , het wetit duly rw. all . ..wily Seat. 1 - aaged dal:el. Rt. „ un d 11..• 4'111 11.11 ha . Ole I'llihig tint! „ ;0 , 1 1111 ,1 . 11 •. triitrita ,.„ 1 , 11.,\. ) hir all piveinote , 11,1 I! ..1:11 1 , 1 11111 111 ,1,•1 • it , the , Th e , i .1 I I 1111 71 al all '• •.• I II 11 , 41114111 Ila I 1114 I Iv!. •:`I'l t'' • /I WIllili• Kuhn and Itemildati(1 1. ,I '1 -1,• I ;1'1, 1 / 1 11.010, • 11 lit 1... this ii 4111'0. I 1 '''it liii',, ill niinl - miumlg ith merry - .1 , 1 the I. t, ••. • , 1•1' • .1 twly I I, hue, glee!) • f !„. v aala t,,- as •.i emott twig for all oik ...1 I.adies' Aid soeiety iuittilii ‘villt the I eat the I i1 , 1 111.4 1 , ...,1 hungry in his s:ick eo11111111ett lo situt main fine through the %thole .1 Elul). in Ihe meriting the I started in gel , the t mills and In•fore molfti 1 1 1 - I viol Stanfora's pre , slia , I I 'well voted. grid floe ince I1V ; 110! mu edo Ire :s. lao .1 he Oa . % !he , 11 . 1 . 111111111, '11 1 . - 11' 1111 . ;',1 1 , 1.01 . #1•,11 '11,1g, 1111 . straw \'The\; oo 11 -* V1 -1 , L. 111010.01 oti111111111,1 1111 stIlek lo 1111.1C Isi-k ill t he hod voter was at the booth and html Ii :14.111141. Very f(tw, if any. fit Stanferd's voters . failed Is, unitive rit ion.. during the asol their persentage of vote., for the regis- es(1.0 %Pry lag At 6 o'clock %t hen the polls e. Irupper, and fr that. matter, for :to. Iv oi oivitt. No one -Iii Ininety, am the 1114.11IR WI.CP • \Olen. the igiWil gt...,110-0 all night. W...hicsday, Ili , rollowitig ! t•ieettwi rdo•hui.: from all ,•. emu, to town ex- faratioo. hitt the 1 I that took part ism tired Emil lip the imeeaaary I . ,,tponed the big •,.• ni.m. future, forallort101111 I.''' . heoelit or p.atieipate_ i he. I .-.•11 is 1 , 01 ' lir/410111f IiCiOil 10 that Idowell Creamery oil Page Four.) ---seassammi= Butter is avaree. !tricot of cream higher rice at time of ;illicit. Give OF IC1/1 I W. COURTNAGE, Prop. Great Falls \\ :hl pay beet FIRST NATIO vol 2 • • NAL BANK Nai _ t.o)fut (I, moo November 4, 1520. No. 37, MEMI111/ IrSDL RA I. RESERVE RYISTEPI A. J. Stough, President R. D. Taylor, Vice President Frank Meredith, Cashiel H. T. Nelson, Asst. Cashier I If w( pooh! 111N he thriftless person something of a social out- cast, we Omni(' go far toward ma kieg a better world. e is the point. The eemionne value of ret v deposit box for you 10 keep thrift has to be sold- -riot Jody ‘ne sweet. oell Fold. lotl kept sold. Ilosin A nieri. . Aineuiea paring il with ;try slogie nolo ry. Ainerh . .ot is great whee comp: red with the • warld -in its inhural magliiriceitce, its tuaterild worth' and its moral motivem. $ $ $ Is it better to pay the prevent high coat of living or ge back to dayx when labor was underpaid, 1'11 111111 IA holly dependent on what the privileged clew; (le - aided to dole out to it ? Or is it or bank president. \Yester- day I ntiviicil iteeoutit with $109 and the sign on the window still leads, 'Deposits $1,000,000.' \ $ $ WINDY Dail---Whai (lid you de with that diatt I tient you/ blew it in. THEIR WAY The lair young thing Intl! stilt. I savinia, \Am! fool (1,, I have to rent a ly. * * PONDER THIS ONE Ahout 20 per cent of the *- ill,' elites of laboring men nold tileir jobs for mOrc than MOO year. The ea- lo,t !Nag ill the world is to i o n: a job, but the hardest jolf rim eoliviitee the next Imes that you are willing to' Acceptow will responsibility. $ $ lie just ti oil generous Sri* s - ourself. 1Vher; you make a skis- .tato.. 01 n01 bo mean enough to hiller 10 take tile CO111111011 Sc so 11 11 ,_, , un til you f y i it. eourse, do a good day's work. :4,1 pair pay aml all reap the riteitt ml?-, Pay your taxes at the First Ns- $ $ tional bank. This is to your is. UNRECORDED terest as well as to the interest of \There's Romething wrong Judith Basin county. We will bo

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