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1 STAN ORD COUNTY SEAT OF JUDITH BASIN courrry. Vo1S,11, No. 39 $2.00 Per Year Good Game Last Saturday lOy 4 n STANFORD, JUDITH DAMN COUNT 1 , MONTANA. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1920 to waver and it is a safe bet that it was all gone at the end of the first quarter. During this 'game the thermo- meter was hovering around zero, the wind was blowing and the field was covered with SHOW. It was unpleasant for the spectators The . tanford High School • ut the players managed to keep loot bal team eelebiated rims- Ilurlowton won the toss lice Day in Fort Benton by de - High and kicked to Stanford at' the tenting, Choteau County south goal. The boys took the \2 t 9 4 The tem erature was just slightly above zero, but tke il tuld g m g ht it d°\'\ for a touchdown by straight football. F1111 shone brightly, the ground was free . from snow and there In fact, the snow and wind made the over -head game very diffittult Was a total absence of wind so • • • d to execute although both teams toi tons or p ayi g g s.tuippy game were ideal and the I \\ d \ a few a \ eeessf \ I forwa r d quarter with a touch down through right tackle. Benton re- ceived and IsY using a spread play succeeded in scoring and again tying the score. Stanford came back strong and the first half ended with the score 19 lo 12 in' Stanford's favor. • Shortly after the opening of the se,cond hal Stanford brought their score to 25 and things look- ed safe again until the Benton boys took a brace and gathered in two touchdowns. Prom this time until the last of the game the score stood Stanford 25, Ben- ton 24. * The ball was kept con- etantly within 20 or 30 yards of the Chotean boy's goal but they were -fighting hard and scoring was slow. With but three min- utes to play Nebel got awal. with n long forward paw to the aide and scored. Winner kicked goal. The touchdowns were: Winner 2. Nebel 2, Iledman -1. In this game he boys all showed marked im- provement. The line held and oever failed to open holes when a gain was needed. The ends broke up the interference well and most ,of the tackling was sure. Before the Willie was over \Vin- t em- showed the large crowd that his toe was still of some use. • The boys came hope full of pep end this showed magnificently in the ame with Harlowton Satur- The Absent Voters' Law This is a comparativelj new law and somewhat in the exper- imenal stage and there are ninny ,features of its application that are not as yet well determined. It is necessary in making such a law that fraud shall be securely guarded against, yet thete must be sufficient elasticity to allow those entitled to its privileges to benefit thereby. ' Thus the law prescribes an ex- act form of app lie ati on for ballot, boys sure played that style of 1 \ 13-ies ' tult. Stanford won the toss and In this game the boys showed to be signed by the applicant to - chose to receive. Play was fast : still greater 4 improvement. Every settler with two witnesses, quid - and furious and line punches innil played . his position better ified electors in the same precinct ill any previona game. At with the upplieant avid all under were the order. At the end of four minutes play the back field no time was Stanford's goal in ',nth before a notary public, but danger and the visitors found if in ease of : an absent voter, tent - had taken turns at punching the difficult to make gains in any di- porarily remote. this is manifest - line, advancing the ball to with- in about twelve yards of Ben- leit's goal. when a half back • - punch Was called and Nebel Utatie the first touchdown thru a wide hole made by' Willis. The goal was missed. It looked as though the game was going to be easy until a Benton half Back intercepted a forward pass and went for a touchdown which tied the score. Stanford received 4nd added another toushdown b the Issek field men, Iledmaus•Ons thscretionary powers is grant - in three minutes. In this one - Y Nebel and Vu iii reel' inaking ed, it becomes 11 question just line plays alld end runs advanced a touchdown. Winner kicked :1 how far it may be extended. Ille ball to the middle of the field. sucsessful goals. Score: Stanford John Smith, having to leave be - A long forward pass to Reich tore election, makes an appieation yinds of 21, Harlowton 0. plaecal it wthin eight Next Saturday Stanford plays It -Blessed by two of his neigh - the , oal Whiner closed the first their dosing game of the season} bort re:tidbits in the same pre - with Hobson here. Hobson has einct. a perfectly legal form, but a good team and have been play-' .1olot Brown who lives ten miles ing good ball all season. Standard inns town and votes at a school met them in their first game and huse Aso wishes to get an absent were defeated 36 to 0. We believe .oters ballot. but none of his that we now have the best team. ',dabbers are in town, so he asks Ifobson is coming to this game in t WO business men in town who a body. Not a Stanford man in 'have known him well to witness town or community should miss his signature, but they do not it. Officials, competent and inn- ' live in his preeinet. Mrs. Jones partial, will be secured fr•im out ,is spending the winter in Celi- a town. This will not be a fornia and her husband tills out county seat fight. but the best and . an application for her, he sign - most exciting foot ball game of, iog her name hut the witnesses the season. Ile there. It will be- are correct. Mr. Jackson is tray - gin at 2:30. ieling around and asks his wife Ito send him en absent voters bal- HENRY J. BREMNER !let, and she. hoc ing no idea how ACCIDENTALLY SHOT long it will take to get it, goes ill mid signs an epplieation for him We regret to report ihe sad properly witnessed and asks that death of one of our North Side.:he ballot be returned to her, as neighbors, Henry John Breathier, clue will then know where to send living west of Geyser. Ile was it to reach him promptly. A 1111111 accidontally killed early Satur- mid his wife are east for ;he win. day morning, November 13th. ter and he writes to his banker • Mr. Bretnnter was born in Ger- to send him ballots for each hod many. June 5th. 1869. and canoe the banker fills out the applica- to this country early in life set (1- lions and sends them to the Coun- ifig at Lenore, Nez Pere, Idaho. ty Clerk. Mr. Blair writes to the where his old time friends still C ty Clerk direct Intl the remain. Clerk knows Inc - cannot send a Ile leaves, besides his many blenk stiplieation, have it signed friends, a wife and one son to and 'squinted and all the formah- mourn his loss. Clyde 0. Pember- tics (stultified with in time, 33 he ton, undertaker of Stanford. has charge of the body and will ship Emile to Idaho this week. day. On October 23 Harlow de- feated the boys 39 to 0 and have Leen playing winning ball since. They came up confident of carry- ing off the honors. but after the first down their confidence began Don't forget the, .foot ball genie Saturday afternoon, Stan - 'ford H. S. VS 110bS011 S. it will be some g,ame. 000..0000000000000000000 00 0 000000000000 0000000000000 ) ) 0 0 0 0 ) 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 1t4 TAXES ARE DUE Pay them at the BASIN STATE BANK and they will be deposited to the credit of the TREASURER OF JUDITH BASIN COUNTY. It is recommended to keep Ju- chth Basin county taxes in Judith Basin county. Money will be needed to &liver ths immediate , tYpettaes of the new cosinty and if the funds are deposited in the Judith Basin county banks, it will facilitate matters for the new administration. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Affiliated With Montana Farm Mortgage Co., Stanford, Mont, Combined Resolute s Over $070,000.00. tose00000t• 0000000000000.0000 0(10000 00 00000000 0 0 C- 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ci 0 goes, so they make out an appli-; eleetien appointed for one day (anon . and he fouler . signs the ' 01 4. and with no sPecial application end it is witnessed II...omits, and in ease the reign-, by creditable men. Shortly lie; 3•1111ge tails btt 41)Pear Pieked fore election the committee learns I -t ut t i t n ;t i' l l t I t l ir l ii ztl at t i o dli t i fins ‘ s 'ot ti i t;( \ 8 );t s i i t ilt ii li d i [ - STA N14' 0 R D COUNTY SEAT OF JUDITH BASIN COUNTY _ - - 5 Ceuta Per 'kw HARRY ROSS CROSSES THE GREAT DIVIDE County Dads Are Busy Last NItstality, November 15t1, lite Judith Basin Counts Com- missioners held t heir regular meeting to attend to moll !esti- of a VOteE, 011tilitle the emu by, levers,. deeisions made by the Inaa bee \ I \ 114)01 ' ties tti lit clime 1)c1„11. .it. difficult to receh by mail , sib 111( . 3' , comity 1:16r1:, on a ttir e s sleeted health for aeverat years, suffer - Word wag' Eeee.Vetl ty by Bruin Kiersterid and Matt- son that Harry Ross. formerly of tin, pace, died at his home in Crat SaSil., C10110111. till °MO - LICE 25111. It will be remembered that 111r. and Mrs. Ross visited N. 021113011 110111e I11,;t .1 unite. itS Among l otfier regular busineas till eni all applitat loll oil 10011 by the lie0Ille. 1111 414 ' 1 ' lielIVY bolniS hug nom tomer for whieli he had , i n , 10 ,„ 1 ,,, s i t i,„„ ii . hoiiii„g the any autliority• whatever and ask in , Pel - 101'01 iii ' ditty and allillOr- beell taking radium treatments, comity „ I lt,,, t . s „ mu , tti , r m . set. 111 \ the hal\ Ire s ent I\ them ' ' ized I \ \ se whatever aid leaY be amid i\V\N ft\(te\1\\I that lliS tlelllellt 11S the time is short until and in due time all of these up-' heves:art to 4letermine legal b ea m, was i mpro ,..,•, ,,,..: wh ,, i , his ow wilieei will be iii„deii. plic. lions come into the County loi'llis. :Is it l'easoilablv to allow ile . 111 oveurred. tle it as 41 years Darin _ , g I Inn' repent etimpaign or less irregular but all bearing (( riling exPerls \ 1101 chollemro litigH of tilielliti ‘ o i l lario• alio cf oil s H a ll a s i t temporary Court judges ill 1.1;1 ss as h an ds Clerk's (ethos most of them more these ',. 1 `I. Ihe Y„° 111 , 1 g,\ 1 „'\\ . o f J.\ ) .\ st:u.c....1 oin.h.41 ou. use of the indorsements of well knoWn eiti- %me-. he IlilS sent ill 1 one time a pEOIllillelit sheep man li ntm , tor it re „,„ ! of $1.00 1 ,,. zesis. so lie. exercising his best 11'e lwlieve not and we believe el Fergus minty, ownitig a large ..,) ... ) ,, • Inn ei s a . e , . upon - le ( it;,1 , g h t: . ili a o l i n t :It t s bs .m .i o d i c ne 's t i o lii. s e t:n i ti b3 o . n i t ii ; i :l il l ,, , , I ii i i; i 4 .1.1 t i14 l , i . i i..r atit a l i ttt ii t iiii i s i . iti t ( oti th is t, ( 0 .1 1 : 1 1 1, 1 I t • o a N t I n ii • l s t il i n s , h i i: t :hi} i e n i t , : i t: , ( 11 1 71 i t i li i, e w p i t; s es t e i ii i t t . i ' ...:,:ii,,: t e ( l a I t 1,,, I , R ii s w i i. ,: ii \ , aga tl i n wade the oiler, through lavor to the applicantx . and others as part, oe lii signatues., is.. into ely ge i m son o f th e late Hu \' Ja m es tester. Stanford wits and iv aired's!, tuna thus nit- hallOIS are iv' !Lilt:14'0'. an finial Ole ballot Ross. Nlemlise of i'aeti i i reetion. With the exeeption of svely prolubittve, and so it be- placed in the lhaatis of the v•oters, lists :. WI! MI; lly the County Clerk i County Wellington. Citin i t I t ' ll n \ .. :4111. l'Illif l'ill'i il lIl I id VI' up the use of ten iv i0 fulfill their part of the and two forward passes they were these requirementa are monde: authority I•eing St•Ilt tall by 0 it„. i m s .. .., two successful eriss-cross pays t owes a question as to whether !lie one applied •tor without any '-itolliti Is sit eirses he ,voted bY, The boilt wi ts be i n t o tt i sle s t o iii,I.set there Is brougut , Lewistown and interment lis's I hi „ c w „,„i„, s i o ,,,,,.„ I on . ,,,„„. „„. . . • - • her (minimills' hall as stated but I ties' Judges some knows' made in tile la e i tt i dm I, , \ , una i e o gain tt all. . I I t ' t Before the Cory and must be obeyed literal- speeial Ineiseloter and the appli- its sse cant 1049 Ve,i and Illilrlis the - 1 . 1.11- k '1(.:n - ,, i• ,\ [ , ' , Iwo of 111111i1 or SOIll k e ItiiEly leaves - a . host .i\ a l l t ri . •*\. .--.. , \ ,. \ 1 \\ vii \ Hs \ , haVe Iiv ,, \' re - game Walt{ OVCE I • I Wail 110t 1111001Th ly, OE ‘Vilether these are three - 1 Instal to eonsider this proposis mon to see four Stanford inen tory and the Comity (Mo.': may let. thus giving his approval to in regularity of whir+ the Cler , th; , yi e ms .% s i lo ,,,,,,,,.,, i r i s 1,,,,,. coon, mid iti,,,,.,,,1 have oxered 0 .i. (hEnbigli their line at every at- i xercise his diacretion ; :1.1 issue the ads of the committee. (mild not have rensonably known. lientiiii }teem-dee, ev•i t lence of apparent' , , tt , 1: 0 their ovvit to the following el% tempt Gies' made to carry the 'ballots where the spirit on the law These ballots. thus obtained by lir Sllilll' . ( 1, 1 .t, . i -- - ------- ilil II. Svveede even tackled both has been complied with to the the sum ions voters. are each in tut di- Lia I .cil si , ucc In d lee, HO , i . it , LOCAL MASONS TO DENTON1 'l 'hit- i'ney request Stanford 10 is -- quar t er back a n d runner vsith the extent that Inc is (dearly ahovvn (- ( 1 and In!' tile voter I munee d i n the ' s \1 , s \ , !: i .'\ In t i : il ti ll i t ,„.1 1 . : t t io l i ttt i Ii l ..%. 811 11 ) 1 0 P 1 1 ::I su l l ' i n ir s to.. t l i .t t t : s m ' in e vi ven i i i n t g ivi s i :i` i ::i rttl ii n i tt . : : model the !a l ibii ng and to il i t , a ball in possession of both. !that the applieant is entitled to legal envelope. scaled And the esesci . steam heating plaint, for the on- Stattford'a .scoring WI'S done an absent voters ballots Once voters 11.1111e signed on Om m il. • es in iteeetaing applications tinli atii‘re!:-“ , :ry • .. of th. , . ibuo, , o .,, „ oiling. A go , it t . emi tom ! and 1 I 11 • „ 'thuslit'` , I ' sloe. intik, with modern thumb - 1.1.\ thin' \\'\a r Y n '' t til\ ing isimplete. loor this additional when lieorge kVitslington beennie ni . ii, „. I . several thousand (14)1. :ja i. , and returned to the County more or less irreglIlar, hilt 11/01/11)- tleEk. lien . ill his is the mi ovt,I the 13;1110t, then it Will i-ni- migimunul Card. the :wire a hisher authority or court final evideme et the right of I I t•i St' his Eleti011. my one to vote mid the attested That this law needs elarifica- legal signature, and with Ibis the 'ion mid thriller interpretation Comity Clerk eompitres the sig- iii the courts is unquestioned, but nature on the envelope vont:tin- until these deeisions are made, ling the ballot mid (levities it is it improper to too severely g\ II \ I \ e ' W II \ Ihee ()e mutut ' li-erc er : • 11, ; 5 ' reentable citizens anti was an,,- n•regulabily in the man- 00101. kidders, W110 are (0110Willg :ler 01 getting a ballot to this clothe° jun endeavoring to secure voter, there is no question but to the voters the fullest benefits ,h a t thi s e nveape -mutan t s a bal. et the hies and 011jatil tO accuse lot inarkea by thi. voter and .sign- of criminal ants those who have td by hint and so he sends it to manifested . no, intention of any he praper voting precinet to Le fraudulent proceedure. soled int re s aited liv Inn Sr. II 1110 voter himself accepts the 'finis the question becomes, is malice it and puts it in the this requirement of the law man- envelope am( seals it, then signs distory, and should the Comity his name upon it and it is rip - 'leek rejeet every application proved a genuine signature, hat does not comply with. the let- there is no reason why it should !et- of the law rind refuse to send :rot be enlist, rind if there has -tit habits on ihMii. 4 4,r it it discs, i,erit 81n s s . . litlin tsis sne s Dry and may he tune his diseretion with the lree it exereise of stiff- ord when the laillOt is returned. rage, then the voter may file coint. lesitle upon the legality of the plaint aml the law' . will deal tlw ;ignature! Most Clerk's have urn re severely just because thia ;Mum the tittles view and sent absent voterti ist1101 is all experi- silt the 'micas, and we believe went and may offer opportunitiem that ariy business man would rip- , for Isnot: that the regular polls 417; the same principles as it is .ivoid. iderit that no harm ean he done, the routine measures bv whieli until the ballot in its sealed en-. blank ballot hi 4daeed in the veiotiels returned le the (7oinity Hands 441 the voter 1lEe 110t ins Clerk's office and if that is then !portant. but once he tins accepted round to be eorreet, the ballot is!liii I ballot. then his full rights resognized ass; legal one. proteeted and any at - Haying l ippi•sved the signature •sais at fraud er interference sli d e n s ,.t o p,., the 'I guarded against and clerk is then directed to send ' wan has marked his bal. fills out an application in hia of- settled ballot. with the appli- in IZIII)(1 IWO Mill Kent it to five, signa it and has it witnessed cation, to the judges of tip prop- e . (!intiit) Cerk. properly sealed and sends the ballot. Feltner 4.r eleetien ;weenie', who are cliythil signed, he has every reason Johnson e011103 into toivn HMI I reeled to compere the signetures In insist that that ballot must be tells the committee that he has a sti applicatiou and the envel- I voted. an(' ally one who, by sub - fan working for him who is reg- istered in another part of the county. but as 8001i as they finish threshing this mani is going away and he wants to vote before he ere and if the are apparentlylwrfuge. attempts to prevent that senithie to then vole the Isillot.ii•allot being reed and emitited, is NoW thiS iS all 111\11Ed 111W . and • tielderat , •ly and crititinelly at- one best lionoreil by. Us viola-IR.:mi.:log to defraud that voter lion. The idea that a judge of of his right of inifTrage. THE AMERICAN LEGION Stanford Post No. 53 W. A. Rollwitz Commander Regular Meeting Third Thursday of Each Month ARMISTICE DAY OBSFRVED The American Legion, Stan- ford Pt No. 53, made possible a good pogrom for Armistice Day. This wd that of this post or not. W e floe have itHy assisted by the citizens of as so well enjoyed 42 niembera in this post. everyone was lothe to go. Every. If we have forgotten anyone Stanford. The program began at one wished that there could have' : I wo o'clock at the City Hall. As- been a provision unmade for another hat took part in the entertain- ; ment Armistice day it was cer- S0011. Iwo. liiilliy „ tint done in tentionally. Following the dinner lie 11 . A. Rollwitz, Commander, tile of Stanford gathered itp-' rtairs in the City Hall to withers i a basket hall mime between Den -1 VICTORY MEDALS READY ton and Stanford. The game: FOR DISTRIBUTION Was certainly well attended, was land Stanfrd Post hereby thanks all Hutt took part in the event. On Saturday. Nov. 27, the stanford Brisket ball tettle will play at Belt. To 41 members of Sward Post. You are target' to be present at seibly was sounded and a short concert was given by the Stan - font bond. This was followed by a program given by the Stanford High School and Mrs. Wineman. The roll call of all ex -service men living in and around Stanford' was, then given by the Post Com- mander, W. A. liollwitz. Nits W. S. Hawk was then called upon for ati address. Mr. Ilawk touched upon many f the phases of the Great War and the part that the men in the service took in this great conflict. Following Mr. Hawk's address Mr. Wirt, a Civil War Vetran, twesentNI Victory medals to a number of the ex - service men, ably 'twisted by two girls 'from the high school. A number of those receiving Vic- tory medals were not present but wet in Mentioned and will get the. medals later. The program was then closed by the band playing the National Anthem. In the evening the Ex -Service men were entertained at a diluter given by the Post. Besides exs service men there were Mr. Howl( Mr. Meredith and Mr. Wirt in- vited guests. After the excellent the next meeting' ton that is the dinner served by the Ladies Aid !time t .' 0 - 1 , the ek e - n . 011 of °mem. Ssciety, Ex-Servire Olen and the: noise that have not yet sent in guests were ealled upon for rein- for their Victory medal do so at mice, whether you are a member iniseencea of their eervice days, a good one rind well played. Mr., United, States Navy Victory Friable actiins. es.. official judge Medals and War Service Clasps of all deeds mid misdeeds con - ready for distribution to dutced the game in fine shape .: are \ w The score turned out 15 to 26 ii,' len in the Inter -mountain District favor of Stanton!. The Denton 'Who served in the Regular Navy la -tweet) April 6, 1917, and Nov- ember 11, 1918. Men discharged mis untleirenbles with bad conduct or dishonorable discharges are hot entitled to this award. Men in the Naval Reserve Force intuit apply to the l'ommandant of their tespective Naval Districta. Ex - service men in the states of Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming may obtain their medala and clasps by mailing their discharges team Was a little handicapped but played a good game. Following the gamic was it well attended dance with music by the Stanford Orchestra. 'rite Stanford Post of the American Legion did not look tip - en this as tut ()evasion for making money and SO tile &Mee tickets 1 1 %; r e i r e e e.redlICell half the usual A good time was enjoyed by all that were present, and the and war service cerificitten to the house was crowded at all three of U. S. Naval Recruiting Statin. the entertainment's W'e are cer- Sat Lake. City, nails . or brit g en honest bone. Rant and you PAY YOUR TAXES AT THE thinly deeply indebted to the them to otte of Our Navy Reetuit- are a leader, toil and you are a FIRST NATIONAL BANK. people of Stanford and . ing Sub•etatione it Ogden. Utali. nut ; 'twes a bitter' day when . we THIS IS IMPORTANA TO YOU end the visitors, in helping us Boise, Poefftello, Twin Falls, Mitt pulled away from the old-time AS WELL AS TO JUDITH make this such a huge success, soula, Glasgow, or Glreybulk Wy.lwerkday. rut. Wait and there'll BASIN COUNTY. i, NI ;IS011, IIIIIiZ illit flik Il 110111)1i' . turn 1they all. Willillg 10 contract releln•atilio. Atter the work AWL'S to relit o w b u il d i ng for it telim of :Minkel' thee sinusr an excellent , I ) \ y 1 ,- , gAii. There will to it Inno t net served to %vide,' the boss in ,,,, ting of on! city conned nom , ,thi snip!, ,iu.ilee. Those ill- , ‘‘Il In etixider I he ( . 111111iI9' tin - mull. ;e \\I 4 ' II ' It \\ ' l '\'''' were: Fl. \\\ tien. the results of . whieli will Lester. Frank Meredith. George t„. sei „, r t,-,1 nes t w,• e k, 1'olkel. A. II. Nloen, N. It. Met- ! 11'e do not Net rearselvea rip 89 IlieW4, 11 \ (I Dr ' l'\. it. newer ' ,\fore (sisters of the luture, - nor Ths.s. :ill report the best or time . have we any way of knowing the , , : i r i i ii . l ii iiope to be invited to another iii t iti i s mi d i ntent i on of on , c i ty - , Coutivil. lint we will remark this CHURCH NOTES : much: that this minter peoposi- tion of the emititibutionses makes --- ins think of the petty of - . ).0 old - Sunday Settee! 10:00 A. M., i en days.' who Im il prioflof it - :treadling 1100 A. M. and 7:30 fed with n very flue young ,jitek- 1, '.' AL Thanksgiving DaY Serv,iee. HAS, (we don't 111(4111 anything per - sill Ks lisbl on 'Phttilksftiv ,i l , 1 1i 1 it e. i s i 7i t r i r ,r i l e i x ii iiii t l , i i i iii . i: l i g ife i t i c i 4 ( i i ie g e i t ft in f i ii l l in u i v a h i l l i Tsetse will , be siontiectol,„ with*sexties, thoutOi ratipouticiiiit it in th4; 7 .-kfttli antilvensary of the land- 'very, fine ruifinal, find free from I ing of the Alayflower. 1 Uplink'', refused to rowel)! the Normal votillitione are being re- girt wileNg thin. &mei' would film) siiiiibed ili illle lielimisli 1110 inutile- f uro id, I , 1,,, e „„,,, s mu t cart . .11 department will he revived. We, _____ _ are loolcing\for the voting people NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS ef the high ?wined to be formed into ii elmins for the Huntley night serviees. Atty effort in One line will he greed% appreciated. There will Inn' new Itddilions tl ) Mailed tin Ille 114111EPSAe3 its MilOWII the adult choir. TellelleE'S meeting on Friday .vening at 730 et the home of Lions Spetly.-Ilev, II A - . 'Drown. ------- TO TAXPAYERS OF JUDITH BASIN COUNTY: on the 1920 Tax Rolls of Fergus County. set, 1111. nild payable at the Oillee of County Treasurer, Lewistown, Montana, wily, and it not paid hy NOVI.111 1 / 1 .1* 30th, 1920, at 6 o'enek, P. M.. the same will beeome delinquent, at which The First National bank and I imp it In -it pen. ,..•/ 1 1 pena lly as s .lie Bistin State ba t ik of stanford, cost of publietitiiiii will be ridded (1 tiny other 10111k in the new to the oritritial itmonnt due, anti coin lily. are in position to accept will Is. litiVertSCII as preseribed the payment of your taxes. It is by il ias to the advantage of every tax- miyer to pay his or her taxes through the banka. roe ty realm rer. FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS Vol. '2 Stanford, Mont., November 18, 1920 No. 39 - - - - - MEMBER FrirtmnAm. iuiSTRViI SYSTEM A. J. Stough, President R. D. Taylor, Vice Piesident Frank Meredith, Cashier H. T. Nelson, Asst. Cashier Notice is hereby given that the 1920 Tax Statementa have been NI I IS' GOSCH, Keep up with the times -give the dead a seat; they deserve it. $ $ $ The planner gets nowhere if he s not els° a doer. * $ CRAZY TIMES Strike rt»cl the world strikes with you; work and yon work alone; our souls are ablaze with a Bolshevik craze, the wildest that ever Was klIONVII: • Groan and there'll be a (thorns, smile and you make no hit ; for We ' ve grown Innis hair and We preach despair and show you a daily fit. Spend and the gang will oheer you, save and you have im friend; for we throw our bueks to the birds and the thieks and borrow from all who'll lend. Knock and you'll be a winner, boost and you'll be a frost ; for thes ano way for pre- war days is now from the pro- gram lost. Strike and the world ' 1 .onel test equeaking when applied strikes with you: work and you with such vigor. It's the same ye ll I old story, though. york alone; for We'd rather and rake blue hell than strive for $ $ $ be a blowup, watch and y.•u'll see ii alunip, and the fads and crimes of these crazy timer; will go to the nation'it dump. -After Three ()'('hock, 'Pulse, Okla. $ A new definition of an optimist is one who still carries a cork- screw around in his pocket, We. e1111 mill give away thou- s/hide of warm, beaming smilsa without losing, anything. Tho more we give the more we have. Love is the greatest thing in the word, envy is the smallest. Envy clogs the wheels of busi- ness. -Dr. Frank Crane. It costs to liVt; it COStS to be sick, and it is en expensixe lux- ury' to (lie. \ r ainfall') says three things are neceistary to proaperity: \Ample capital, n supply of efficient la- bor find a thorough knowledge of :mind eeonomie Iowa. „ • Stand tip for your Immo , town every time, co-operate in every possible way to enforce the laws of your land, in short., make your home town a better place. If the banks of the country had gradually applied the loan brakes and begun sowing doivii a year ego, the brake bands would have •

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 18 Nov. 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.