Sanders County Democrat (Plains, Mont.) 1909-1910, July 29, 1910, Image 3

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*v. V • 61 , SANDERS COUNTY DEMOCRAT I. frosts was serious,\ , said the ih spector to a Democrat reporter, \and in many cases where it did not kill the leaves and fruit it burn- ed them and left a discolored and distorted leaf and russeted appear- ance on the fruit. One fact was very noticeable, that in the city where the trees were well sprayed twice it was a hard matter to find any scab or live oysterehell, while outside in orchards that were not sprayed a large per cent of the fruit is scabbed and it is working badly upon the foliage. \ [he blight is thoroly under con- trol, having been cut out of all orchards attacked. Vigilance is a onportant the balance of the sea - jut and it i advisable to remove 1 ! the twigs as soon as detected. \In my trip Own the orchards W. IVilliaums, proprietor of I was on the lookout for wormy the nil. store, apples but failed to discoyet; any, the cast ri l i on of sidewalks which agaie strengthens the ar- Short Paragraphs of Interest Nit You around the Treat property, which gutnent in favor of spraying.\ . Mr. Dean stated that time scab and oystershell scale are preva- Doubt to 1(sati Lorenz Il !hairline seys 113 1114 a good team for sale. Mr. and L.wis Arnold and MN. D. S. McLeod last Mon- day visited the Arnold homeatead near St. Regis. J. C. Eisenman of the Thompt sou Falls Mercantile company, was in the city yesterday. This morning the Democrat re- ceived a oammuication bearing on the splendid sermon delivered by . Rev. \Halter at the M E church Sunday evening. It will be prin- ted next week. All 35e, 40c and 50e Summer Hats at '25 cents, The Sanders County Mere., Co. Monday noon A. H. Lucknow, a brakeman on an S. P. work train, in some .manner slipped from the cowcatcher while switch- ing in the yards here and sustain- ed a broken leg. Dr. Hattery attended to the injured nun and later he was taken to the Missoula • hospital. Returning Sunday front Thomp- son River where he had been fimting tire with a lerga force of men, Forest Ranger Robert a - car- lett started at once for Swamp creek with ten men to contend with the flames in that vicinity. The local WCT U will meet on Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 2, at the home of Mrs. J. Z. Mager. At that time (officers will be chosen 4- #. and it is desired that all members be present. Miss Emma Fountain and sev- eral lady friends were isiturs from Paradise Wetine=day. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fisher were guests at Quinn\ hot. Springs last Stitalay. • a Alt summer hats over a(m . yent a on sale at prim • The Sanders County Mere.; Co. Frank Woodard was up from Eddy Wednesday • 17)oking after business affairs. Just. received a fey if the ,latest ..-1sa Plemmons.. . • VOLUME I, We Keen a Record For You Oae of the _advantages of having a bank ac- count is the fact that every transaction recorded on the books of the Bank in connection with your account is a record to which you -may have access if necessary. Such a record often proves of great value. This Bank will be pleased to take care of your account. The farmers and Merchants State tank of Plains • Arcade Bakery and Confectionery' ScHRIALEIt a; \McantE Proprietors. 000 FRESH CANDIES, CONFECTIONS Two liazoificent Books .Butte and Helena Visa \Ou theW lugs of the Willi throuk • Wentierland\ siiubde like the an meta of an nriLl excursion into thi , un• ' eXplored regHns Poradise. It is ii fact, however. a combination of the ti- tles of tiA 0 tautly magnificent pieces of literature just now be ng but out, by the Northern Par tic Itail way. brough-Wiinderiand\ is a c erge sev,•utt•-two page boo h k embellised ing over the orchards in Plains with h tist me .• Wood cover and the valley, blight and other embossed in gold, The Grand Canyon pests are about eradicated and a of the Yellowstone stands out in alt the style of the gathering added much attrectiventess of artistic color -process to the enjoyment of the guests. wormy apple could not be found. pritoing And invites ti S closer inspec- The summer home was decora- His attention had been called to ton et tire bOok. inside the covsr lies ted tei slisappub•dlitent for •beautifully cot in white and green and the supposed spray injury to the fruit ots ki views are crowded thickl3• tame. illumination was furnished by and foliage, but upon thoro ex t . out, while each pa g e bears a soft gray softly glowing lanterns and can- amination he was unable to find Hotness, di•picting bits or the park ( Il es in silyttr smelelbra. The tic - !seascape, animals, geysers, etc. set- boy outside was lit only. by the any spray burn. don does one tee it inure elaborate book , e \The injury from the spring upon the coo otters of book stalls, and ‘\\' (-4 the silt cry moon\ anti Freah hotueonade bread, pies, cakes, etc., every day Fate'y cakes, pies, etc., for special affairs, made to order IkliWS Of ME TOWN sttrlts4.• is being rented by Mr. NI - Minns:. This is one of the needed improve- ments and Mr. 11 Whims is to be lent in the orchards in this loci - commended for the interest he !itS in limited degree. but the use ( h ip i tve d hn T, r i n i ng . t h e m t ss er lof the spray pump controls them to the attention of Mr. Treat, w h o perfectly and if followed a f et y lives in the East. lyears will nearly ex termi nete ; these WAS. HrWit 7 5 so :prised at • mrs. 4 : 1'. Ketchem and (laugh- ! the grain showing anti thought ter Edna, of Helena, are guests of , that the yield of wheat would be Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Burleigh. well up to Balt of last scasen. Wanted—A woman cook, on ' Mr. Dean is a strong advocate of spraying and says time idea- it growing all over the tate that that is the only method to insure clean orchards anti choice fruit. PLAINS, MONTANA, FRIDAY. JULY 1910. Inspector Dean Visits Orchards in Valley According to the views of State Inspector M. L. Dean; who spent several days of the week in look - Monday. Aug, 8, for my rancl,1 4 miles from Plains; wages $30 per month; permanent position. No objection . to avoinan . with one child. For particulars call on or write Mrs. Lizzie Lynch.' On complaint of Neil A. Smith, local agent of the Northern Pa- cific, R. W. Boeche, a homestead- er from Deering, Indiana, was er rested Wednesday, charged with breaking Ccar seal and attempt- ing to remove his household goods He will enter his plea Saturday. Mr. Boccie) states that he pre- paid from his home to Plains and this office said th e c h arge was $10 short according to the rate - Ile refused to pay the $10 or an r render his contract. Dr. II. H. I Iattery has returned from the East where he studied surgical work in some of the well known hospitals. In Missoula the first of the week a mart'inge license was is- sued to Dr. E. 1): Peek and Miss Mattie Preston, both of • Thomp- son. Ongregational Church. e . Suni.i::, July 31. Sunday aels.\41 session at 10 a. m Morning worship+ with sermon by the pastor at 11 It M. The subject of the Kennon 'next Sondey . marning will he, \The . Man Who Fills the Claps.\ We shall have the privilege next. Sun - 'day morning of listening to a Nolo hi y Miss Robison. . How do you know \it's 1.i . 4)0 lint Itogri to. eloircht\ Don't be too s Eire until you try it ace more. 66 , 66 Gets One Year in Jail Louis Skianah, found guilty of mansiughter for killing Andre Inhoostay, on Camas, has been sentenced by Judge Raseh, of -the Federalefourt, . to one year in the rouuty jail at Helena. The jury recomtpended him to time mercy of the court. The killing occurred during a drimken row. and never bi fore: has a more exquisite and expensIVe pulThvalion been issued by n railroad for free distribution. , Of a chapter to rival She Yellowstone book iii compelling allurement is thu second work emit). d, \On ilk Win g s of the Wind.\ This describes and pictures Northern Ptciffc passen- ger, freight and express service, ellow tu g car interiors and exteriors, and I he sight's and scenes thru which the road extends lhe border on orientations, In buff, g ray and brown are dtti , bi ful ad give a of and a color to the pages such as to (mice to i constaet ierusal. The covyr is a soft g ray Wending of a myriad of winged -Monads\---the Mo- nad balag that mystic. Chinese emblem aeon in the center of the Northern Pa. 'cillc trademark. A feature of the cover is a doioreil panel showing an attrac- tive bit of mountain scenery just at sunset, Giro which a brilliantly lighted - train Is shiciug the bank of a dashing stream nod t ilereing the dense. shadows of ovtrliiiiiging Diagrams of curs, a comprehensive description of the service and the it car fweilitie,.. etc, q pinabine to m dos the book practical as well as beautiful. Copies of litter book may bc obtain el (Rini Co. ;NWT:0 Passenger (Alice ot the Northern PacitIc In St. Paul by ett closing six tents in outwits to cover post ,1:411 Zarin Harvest Farmers are preparing L.; garner - the harvest and from accounts it is going to be a goael . „?ne notwith- standing there 118 : 3 been scarcely any rain since early in the spring. Iswenz Ileherline says his wheat will run from 3o to 40 bushels per acre, and Otis Johnston. another big wheet grower is satisfied his crop is fully as good as last year. Jas. Willis, George Helterline, and other prominent farmers say the crop will not fall much short of last season. The gsain not 89 tall as before but it appears to be well filled. Three threshing ma- cl:ineS were in town this week be- ing overhauled for time fall work. Large aesortment of wall pa - just received at the Fair stove. Cicart---up Sale 414 •••••••••••• Childs' Tan Oxfords Girls' Tan Oxfords' Tan ()skills 'Young Ladies' Tan Oitfords - Childs' Tan Shoes Misses' Girls' - Vomit; Ladies' . Tan Shoes Boys' Elk Hide Shoes - Little Gents' Elk Hide Shoes - Mena' Mens' Ladies' fan Sttoes bailee' Tan Oxfords 'I C ii 64 16101e0sulnamm- , • regular $1.35 66 66 . 44 . 1 50 1 75 \ 00 12; - ) I lilt 1 T. '201) 2 00 '2 50 3 00 4 00 '2 50 3 50 ttors At Plainsmont An insigne entertainmeet given by the Plainsmonters at their camp on Clark's Fork last Friday evening, in the farm of a Fancy Dress party. The affair was \Al Fresco\ and atme 'unusual in this nook a gypsy told the for s tunes of the assembled company. Games, musk, singing and danc- ing helped to pass the three away and imported fireworks added to the enjoyment of the evening. A screened orchestra furnished mu- sic throughout the evening and delicious refreshments wive ser- ved by dainty waitresses clad in green and white. 'file receiving patty and the ehararcters they represented were as follows: Mrs. Sol Geuxberger, 01 Butte, as Miss Grace Genziterger, of Bette, To \Si I verheels.\ Mios Selma Israel, of Ilelena, as • M innehaha.\ Miss Alice Israel, of Helena, us \Itainhow - .\ Air. Sol Gerzbergcr, of Butte, as \Marrr is Ito.\. - Mr. Earle Gensberger, of Butte, as 'Spirit of ti.. Mist.7 Mr Andrew Snell, as \King Carnival.\ Mr. William lArry 1.41 bon, as \Sa- lome.\ Will Mine on The Reservation J. II. Pankey, suposieteiviele of the Easton and Pacific mines, belonging to the Elting estate, located near Virginia City, was in Butte yesterday an:1 in the after noon left for Dixon, one of the railroad towns of the Flathead reservation. lie was accompan- ied Carl Bergstrom. Pankey will arrange for toe working of a pros- pect recently bonded by the Eli lugestate. The claim is :t nee , one, located last spring, and is !'developed only by a shaft 10 feet ; deep. \It is a good surfnse proo pert.\ seal Mr. Pankey yesterday. Lind ilea is about all 1 can tsil you about it at the preaent time. - The cjahn is located about five miles from Dixon and the carrent gossip on the reservation is to the effect that.the claim has been ben - tied for $150,0)1. Csrl Shoes strotn, it understood will be in S1111111101 charge of operations --Anacones Standard. for $1.15 for 1 25 for 1 50 for 175 .• 44 1 25 1 50 1 75 • 175 • 20() '250 300 200 250 Sanders Couniy gercantile Company rIalps. Montana 66 46 NUMBER 41 •-•- s d -sdkotitss„..•••• Sidewalk Lumber $14 per M feet T. have just received a large consignment of. lumber es- pecially adapted to the build- ing of street sidewalks, and since the Town council is makits the building of side- walks compulsory, here is a chance for you to save money This price is for the lum- ber at my yard, and is a sav- ing of at-least - $2 per 1,000 feet over any other dealer's price. T can save you money on all lumber. Come in and let me prove it. GM. A. Toulmin's Implement House • Conrad National Bank 1=0610111•4[11r OF KAlISPEIL MONTANA NIVED sea' ura DEIPOSITAIIV Capital and $1 75.000.00 Surplur W. G. CON RAE), Pres. AV A. CONRAD, Vice l'rea. LIENRY W. DICKEY, Cashier A. N ()BEE, Asst.,,Csahler JAMES SWANEY, Asst. Cashier 1)IRECT011,1 W. G Conrail, .1. 5. Ford, W. A. ('onrad, Jas. (Madan, .1. T. SOW - ford, C. I). Conrad, II. W. Nekey. Draw exchange on I'.' principal (It es of the U, states and 'Sc. ' Interest allowed on time deposit/1 Collections Promptly Attended to Methodist Church iabbstli School . 10 n. m. Morning worship II a. in. Epworth Leagne 7 p. m. Services next Sinday will he as I usual. , Sabbath school convenes at 10 W E I lusssler, superintendent. - At the eleven o'clock service Ate pastors theme will be, \The . Witness of the Spirit.\ At three 'o'clock the pastor will conduct ser- vices at Swamp creek school house Epworth league devotional meeting will be held at 7 p in topic for time evening, \The Life Hereafter.\ ' At '8 o'ctoek.ther4 will be song service aftr;i' which the pa,tor will preach, - using al his topic, \hove I Before its Judge.\ The mid-week service is held each Wednesday , evening at, 8 o'clock: Come end woriship.witit :ion Will always flnd a (\olefin! weleome A A 1!„11,1•Ell. Pastor. PRIll 1 t 'sr Paper hatigin,tr, Calvomining, and Inside FinIshiu( - Plains. Monlanv se'ese-seeseesseredeeer a ttw ea R. I. LEWIS, RED CROSS 3 \ Proprietor Registered Druggist Oopoilte Plains Hotel Respectfully Referred. 'Chief Justice Marshall n-i .1 to nar- rate with great glee the following cor• respondedee on a point of honor be- tween Governor WW1 of V•irglitIn and Patrick floury. Tim.,' trovernor wrote: Bir-T understand thst you have cane/ me a bobtail politician. I '0101 to know If It be tt un and, if true, your meaning. • W. it illILE.8. ratri\1: Henry's reply ClUle prompt- ly: r Sir -t Co not reef -meth calling you • bob- tail politician at any , time, but think it probable that I Lure. 1 can't say what 1 did lacan, but if )ott will WA me what you think I misant I will say whether you ale corrtet or not. Very seapectftrily, PATRICK HENRY. 1 1 This was .let.i.lug It to Clips tvith a 1 teugealfee; but, its there Was no fur - tile: correspondence, the governor of Nirldata InUld balls road satimfttctlult t 11010tItere Is t txt.n.t . tlip Units of Pai- 1, lit& Itt-tol'.- is :athlete eeptivosat 1.. I . Ply. , 11.11lA - 4 •

Sanders County Democrat (Plains, Mont.), 29 July 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.