Sanders County Democrat (Plains, Mont.) 1909-1910, August 05, 1910, Image 2

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A_ Sutlers County Democrat Published by B. Frank Bowman, owner and editor, front the Arcade building Plains, Montana. •as s Published Evel'y Friday Foreign advertising accepted at same •tilt•PieItrg.d 04 a. patrons; raid rates furnished upon application. Application made • ir entry at the post - attire at Plains, Montana, as second chute aisil matter. One Year ... $2.00 Plains, Mont., Aug. 5, 1910 7rIrTIR VARI EAi\FøRJ OPPGAITF DFPOT Republican Telepathy From the Butte Miner Last week the Miner called attention tJ the fact that a remaskable Case of telepathy had been discovered in Mon- tana, the two subjects being editors of republicau weekly newspapers. The two journals mentioned upon the same day published exactly the same edltortal off'nearly a column in length, and the strange part of the matter was that nota single word was different in the two articles. This remarkable sympathy existing between the two editors mention.xi ap pears to be spreading for yesterday it was autiead that the Livingston Enter - raise and the Madison County Monitor of Tsui Bridges seem to have got into Such close mental touch that they are able ts transfsr their thoughts without ths intervention of wires or other or- dinary means of communioation. Strangely enough, although the.two articles mentioned are word for word the same, the heads over them are dif- ferent, which would appear to indicate the telepathic current broke .1 two be- fore thelleadlines were reached. The Livingston Enterprise makes a leading editorial out of this transferred thought anti heads It 'Viols a Candidgte The Twin Bridges Monitor does not appeas to have thought so well of this article 39 to give it first plat* upon its editorial page, but it publishes it just the same, under the heading ''At the Beginning of the Campaign.\ ue eiittortel starts oft witn a truth - fu statoineui, evidently desigoed to h e misleading, for there does out appear to be soy other truth contained tit the article. * * SIVIVIINI.JEJEct 4444( )11s: ic) - ut Men, Women and Children In Shirts. Hosiery . , Underwear, Dresses, Wrappers, W a ists, Ties, handkerchiefs, Notions, Jewelry. and Novelties. AitT SQUARES, RUGS, ETC, ETC. AT LOWEST OF PRICES The Helena Daily Record, the spokes- man for the republican party of the state, is worked.up over the announce- ment that Denny was a candidate for congress, that appeared in the Demo erat. It would have pleased the Record much better had tbe geutleman 'alten the Record into his coutidenci first Lookout Pleased We note watt heartfelt satisfaction that our excellent contemporary The Missouletu has abandoned the soiemn pleasantry of endeavoring to make (Jul. J. A. Me011wn of Plains appear Vetere the public as a hailltue of the prize tang, and we take this occasion to asure Senator Dixon and Brother Stone of our must profound and distinguished grati- turle for their consideration of our ef- f irts to convince th-en of the impos- fibillty of a thoroughly good man going wrong. —Montana Lookout. Yellowstone Park Excursion The Northern Pacific will sell special Yellowstone Park excursion tickets cover- ing continuous passage to and from Gar- diner gateway including the regular live and one-half days tour of the Park. Tickets on sale Aug. 8. Rate $57.10. Call on agent for particulars. C. J. DOUGIIARTY, Agent Plains, Montana s Your Opportunity To Get in on the (;round Floor In a Developed Mine itt Pros - Peet priees.• The aneounceantiet, of Mr. Chas. 8 Hartman that he is a candidate for the nominatiou, by the Democratic party, far congressman (rues this state Is eer• tstnly a weloome piece of news to his many friends and admirers In this part of Montana. Mr. Ilartman's remora as congressman is enviable. His whole in- terest and time was crevoted to the wel fare of the state. Ile sacrificed party for principle and at no time did be aban- don the welfare of this commonwealth at the pop of the lash in the hands of the party boss. With Mr. Hartman In 'congress the people will feel that their Interests are in safe hands and will not he betras ed.—Dillon Examiner. sessemstemetweiTa. According to the Butte Evening News the announcement In the Democrat that 1. G. Denny is a oendidate for coogress from Mot:Italia on the democratic ticket, creatid tIe withe comment You al - ways reach the peeple thru these COI urn as. The Sanders County Mercantile company has a nobby wagon on its route. It arrived today. Two Magnificent Books \On theWiegs of the Wind through Wonderland\ tiounds like the anuou les moo of an arid l excursion Into the un- expleied legions of Paradise. It ii in fact, however, a combination of the ti- tles of two realy magnificent pieces of literature just now being but out by the Northern Pacific Railway. \Through Wonderland\ is a gorgeous seventy- two page book embellishes! with a handseme colored toyer embossed in gold. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone stands out in all the attractiveness of artistic color -process printing and invites to a closer inspec- tion of the hook. Inside the cover lies no disappointment for beautifully col- ored views are crowded thickly *broil - out, while each page bears a soft gray illustration depleting bits of the Perk landscape, animals, geysers, etc. Sel- dom does one see a more elaborate book upon the counters of book stalls, and and never be fore has a more exquisite end expensive publication been Issued by a railroad for free distribution. Of a chapter to rival the Yellowstone Park book in compelling allurement Is the second work entitled, \On the Wings of the Wind.\ Tbis describes and pictures Northern P4CiffC passen- ger, freight anti express service, chow - tog car interiors and exteriors, and the sights and scenes thrit which the road extends. The border ornamentations, In huff, gray and brown are delightful and give a Me and a color to the pages such as to entice to a constant perusal. The cover is& soft gray blending of a myriad of winged \Monads\—the Mo- nad being that mystic Chinese emblem seen in the center of the Northern Pa- cific trademark. A feature of the cover Is a colored panel showing an attrac- tive hit of trionetein sems•ry jest at sunset. thru which I brilliantly lighted train is skirting the bask of a dashing stream and piercing the dense shadows of overhanging cliffis Diagrams of cars, a comprehensive detcription of the service and the dining car fate ilities, etc, combine to make the book practical as well as beautiful. Coplei of either book may be obtain ed from the General Passenger Office of the Northern Pacific in St. Paul by en- closing six cents Itt stamps to cover postage. Hate you seen the newest thing \threshin overall suits\ all in one piece The Sanders County Mere., Co. Congregational Chureli- Sunday July U. Upward of $10,000 have been expended,, The Hamilton -Coeur CPAirrie mining compeny otter for sale $50,000 of ila treasury stock in order to raise funds to extend the lower tunnel MO feet fin ther which intersects a chute of high grade sliver -lead ore exposed: in 'the upped workings Of the mine, at the low price of 5 cents per share. The mine is located at Carter, In San- ders county, Montana and three anti one half miles from the Noithern Pacific and C. M. and S. P. railroads and le the heart of the famous Coeur d'Alene min- ing district which has produced to date more than two hundred million dollars. Thu veil) is exposed and opened up on two levels and by shaft. Good bodies of silver -lead ore have 'been expensed l u t e In the development of this miles The company owns ;5 acres of mineral land all of which Is heavily timbered. The company is capitalized for $1,000,000,divided Into shares of $1 each, fully paid up and non -assessable. Di (.hli amount 500,000 were set aside as treasury stuck to be used only, for the development of the property. The mine Is connected with the rail rood by a fir t -class wagon read with an easy grade which Is all down hill THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Plains from the property. The result of the development work ale eaity done has been highly satisfactory, and the improve- ments outlined should place the mine on a dividend paying basis and in the ranks of the steady producers. More than 11,500.000 of rich ore has has been shipped from the Cater mines, which are located on the same vein and adjoining the property of the Hamilton Coe T u h r e e to M n. t e nlh t g ur c i o i 71 A P le a n l e Y. 'nine is Dry Goods Staple and Fancy Groceres looked upon by promieeut musing Sues as being one of the most meritorious :Ind legitimate mining propositions in west- ern Montana, and, owing to the low price et which the stock is now .offered, It is advised that applications be made early For further information call on or write C. C. Willis. Agent for Ilamilton-Coeur d'Alene &lining company, Plains, Montana. \J\ Oldest and Strongest Bank in Sanders County . ( )11 - ivt , ..resi J. A. McGowan, President; C. W. Powell, Vice President' E. L. Johnson, Cashier A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS rest Paid on Time Deposits Accounts solicited and every courtesy extended to our patrons, consistent with safe banking principles rlortrd of 1Dircetcorrg J. 'A. McGowan J. M. Keith C. H. Rittenour A. Zebish • C. W. Powell Sunday school session at I() a m Morning worship with sermon by the pastor at 11 a m. The subject of the sermon next Sun- day morning will be Faith That is Conviction.\ There will sbe special male nest Sunday morning, Mn: I. R.1 Blaisdell will sing Last Sunday seemed a long a long day—What you realy needed was not au extra nap but the stimiluit of public weraiiip, your moral system. het your poli; i cal sy stem, was out of tune. Just received a few of the latest songs.—Asa fiammons. Over 4,0M acres Florida Ever- glade lands for side. Thirty dol- lars per acre; $1 per acre down and $1 a month per acre. L. E, Blackman, Plains. Bandmen Attention! Rehearsals have been postponed until the tit44t Saturday in Sep- tember. Every man will be ex- pected to report in good condition at usual place at that time. C. 0. Edwards, Manager. Call For Your Letters List of letters remaining in the post office at Plains, Mont., which after two weeks will he sent to the Dead Letter office! at IN sairOtn, I). C. Ariona, Mr. Joe Brooks, M. W. DIUDIPneatigh. Mr. Hanson, Mr. John Herding, Cattle Jewett, Miss- Lillian Kendall, Mr. Sidney Madding. 51 11 Orth, Miss Carrie Oeth Simpson, lltr Roy F William'', Mrs. Leah II L. Conifer. Potstmester, The Second -Hand store pays the highest prices for second-hand household goods; also gives a fair trade in exchanging old goods for new. Estimates on application. Free delivery. Wanted --Stead,' I )(larders; room and board 'IA per week; board without room $3 per week. Loca- tionclose in, and pleasant. • Camlle Vandarsteede. • PLAINS WEA 111E1: kullowleg will be found the west irr report for the , week ending Friday nOon, Aug 5. These teports are made by the Democrat office, but not front govern- ment instruments, and will 14 handy for reAerence. The temperature hi recorded at 8 tit:lock a. nu. Saturdas -Clear, 55 Sunday—Clear, SS Monday —Clear. 53 Tneaday—Clear, 50 Wetinesday—Clear, 48 Thursdny--Fair. 46 Friday— Cloudy. 45 Is there anything quite sq good a.s a bottle of rea113- \good\ beer and is there anything quite so dis- appointing as a bottle of stale, flat insipid beer? The first is Garden City Beer; --the second never. Information for Travelers, wail LasT Hoe ND No. 5 .2:18 a m No. 8 ...015 s No. 227. 7:15 am No,228 .2:20 p m No. 41 10:40a in No. 42 „2:45 p m No. 7 6:13 a in No. 6 sas p m The above is slow time. Nos, 5, 227 and 41, west bound stop at Thom peon \Falls . Nos. 8, 225 and 42, east bound stops at Thompson. Nos. 227 and 228, the BingvIlle, stops at all stations. McGOWAN COMMERCIAL CO. 1101,EstALE AND RETAlL DEsitLEIZS in Gents' Furnishings, Boots and Siioes A:1111. -S . A_ NI/ 1E3A.C141IN FRESH, SALTED AND CANNED MEATS • Butter, and Es, Hay and Grain rilAsr. A SANBOEN'S Coffee, Spices Etc. lE`hdlitivitx A Large Assortment of Fly Welke, Lead- ers, Lines, Fly Books, Etc., to select from . WE HANDLE EVERYTHING IN THE LINE OF Hay, Grain and Feed -Stuff DR. A. H. BROWN DENTIST - Office First National Bank Bl'il`g R. Gwinn, M. D., practice lim - ited to the eye, ear, nose and throat. GlaSSOS fitted. First Na- tional Bank Bld'g., Missoula. Plains Montana I. R. BLAISDELL Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public . . . Real Estate and hisurante Offices second floor First National . 4 Bank Building F LAINS, MONT. Jake Meyers GENERAL BLACKS MITHING Horse shoeing Repairing of all ' a specialty Plains kinds promptly (lone ' . Montana R. E. RICH ESON Deputy State Veterinari Anatomical Surgery and Bentistrv PLAINa MONTANA J. J. Fischer Plains, 1 .%lontatia Hkvirmelioe lug Blacksmith and . Carriage Work Sanitlry Plumbing ' . . • )1NIVI0C.1.2. A.'\r 14 1 01A. N IL : WM • • -

Sanders County Democrat (Plains, Mont.), 05 Aug. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.