Sanders County Democrat (Plains, Mont.) 1909-1910, December 30, 1910, Image 2

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C • Sanders County Democrat Published by S. Frank Bowman, owner and editor, from the Arcade building Plains, Montana. Published Every Friday Foreign advertising accepted at same rates charged local patrons; said rates furnished upon application. A.PPlication made for entry at the post- otti , e at Plains, Montana, as second class mail matter. One Year $2.00 Plains, Montana, Dec. 30,, 1916 the United States is alarming. According to government statistics there are more drug users in this country than in China on compar- ison to population. • In telling their children of the dangers of wines aturnther liquors parents should not forget to say that the drug is far more danger- ous and harmful„ The careful student of the criminal class will tell ypu that there i's hope always for the drunkard, but rarely if ever for the drug fiend. Any in- telligent policeman will bear us out in this.—Missoula Herald. A Butte judge has ruled that in order to have standing in court, a person once declared insane must show beyond doubt that he or she has been legally declared sane. Langhora's Default It is said that Judge Clements of Helena, wept when passing sen- tence of one. year in the pen, upon Samuel W. Langhorne, who plead guilty to .the embezzlement of $25,000 belonging to the office of the secretary of the state board of stock commissioners. Whether or not the judege cried because he was moved by the pathetic plea of the attorney general in behalf of the thief, does not apper; perhaps the anguish of the judge arose from the extreme severity of the sentence but if so he would better have called in some judge who is not so tender hearted. Many as good as Langhorne have received a greater punishment for stealing is calf. The proceedings show Langhorne a forger as well as a thief. As mitigating circumstances the attorney general sets forth the fact that this nice clean smooth villian has a father and a mother and s wife, who is a IIelena girl. How fortunate for the convict that she - was'nt born in Butte or some other piece, and how unfortunate for the state that he ever had a father and a mother. The state and not the individual livestock shippers, is the heaviest loser. Ninety per cent of the money Langharne secured, belong- ed to the e.stray fund and 10 per cent to individuals. ' This . much has been disclosed by a Partial in- vestigation, but as soon as possi- ble the reports received from the inspectors will re checked up and the number of unrecorded brands ascertained, Governor Norris is quoted as saying that , the whole matter will be sifted:to the butom. With this issue the Democrat will cease for a time until other arrangements can be made, as an extension of the lease could not be Secured. We thank all for the patronage extended and the words of encouragement received in the past. Religious Servicies Cancreoetional At the morning service the church will observe the regular quarterly com- munion service. The subject for the evening address will be, \Nineteen Hun- dred and Now.'' The Use of Drugs A coroner in Philadelphia, who recently had occation to inves- tigate the death of a student in the medical department . of the University of Pennsylvania, is quoted as follows: \We have discovered that nearly three-quarters are drug users. This statement does not apply only to the medical department, but practically to every depart- ment in the university. While most of • the students do not use .drugs regularly, nearly all of them use - some sort of stimulent during the examination • periods. During the investigation surrounding the death of Scott my, men found that the favorite drug of the students during examination time is strych- nine'. They cram for nights at a time and then go into the exami- nation room just about chock full of strychnine. It is a wonder we don't have more sudden deaths.\ This statement may be exagger- ated but nevertheless, it shows the tendency of the times. It is ano- torious fact that night workers in all sections of this country use co- cain to give them an unnatural boost. Thousands of negro steve- dores at eastern seaport towns take the \dope\—cocain--to help them keep them awake for many hours - while the ably* are in. In many t3wns thereSre \teachers\— cocain teachers—who makelit it business to give acquaintance. tips on the use and bliss of \dope\ • The growth of the drug habit in The Christmas occasion wac very pleasantly observed at this church. The picnic and frolic onhe Sunday School on Friday evening was's complete suc nem On Sunday the concert in the evening was especially well attended and enjoyed. Although workiog un- der difficulties on account of on much sickness the program was carried thru without break. Violin solo by Mr. Hall, the solos by Mr Dixon and Mrs Blais- dell, and the Hart Willis &AO with .vio tin obligato called forth very favorable comment. Christian Sunday. Jan. 1, 1011 Bible School, 1020 a in. Preaching at 11:30 a w suoject, .1 Christianity. Evening service at 7:30 Subject, of sermon. What %Vas Paid? Mrs Stout will have charge of the mu- sic at both services, singing a solo at each meeting. There alit al.o will be other special features. The audiences and interest are growing. Methodist New Year's services at the Methodist church next Sunday. Special magi° by choir. Subject for morning and even- ing, respectively: \Yesterday. Today. and Yorever,\ and \The Man With a Low Aim.\ Begin the new year well by coming out to the services. Sunday School and Epwori h League at the usual time. JOHN G. ROSS Pastor. Reservation Xmas Saturday evening was the first Christ - mu Eve spent by the homesteader; in their new homes on the now famous Camas Prairie. Piano were made and Mr E,4 tee) • home selected ai tho place for the festivities. Some eighty people, meg sod old, came each is his belt mood. the cares of homestead life being het behind. A splendid program had been cared for and C U Bowman was desig- nated as cheirinan. After the render- ing of the program each person was given an opportunity to meet and be- come aciigmloted with his neighbor. In the course of events a One supper was served, putting new vigor irto the blood of all, mid thus the good time continued. No oal thought of the \Sled Mar\ till the wee small hours of the morning. Before leaving all voted that the eye before Christmas, 1910, had given them a thoroughly good time and that the, Cestgel's %ete royal entertainers. WASTED --Everyone to take notice. I have nice, clean beds to let at 50 cents per night without the in the room, or 75 cents per night with room heat,d. Speak to \Jimmy\ the barber. Somewhat Domed. \Were there many present at your wedding?\ \1 believe there were quite a no bee.\ \Who were some of them?\ \Er—let's see. I think my wife was there for one.\ Ordinary Fame. \This dry hi famous for Its famous men.\ \Who were some of themr \Oh they were 'well known people, but their names home slipped my mind; Just at this moment.\ • • v • a Monthly Light Rates On and after the first of Noveniber the Plains Light.. and Water Co. will give their custom- ers an all nigh tservice, thereby giving them. aL very efficient serviW.w ithout additional cost over day,rete., The new Coilis.4 Engine and its unit have un- dergone a very rigid test tad proven first dims in every respect quid we now .feel justi- fied in giving its numerous patrons an all night service at the original dv rate. 'Residences Minimum (6 lights) $2.00 per month Each additional light .25 per month Contract made where more than 10 lights are used. IN (3 ri lits eS Miniiiiuni lights) $1.25 per month Business 1 light $1.25 per month lighta . .2.20 per month 3 lights A • 3.00 per month 4 lights .3.8o per month 5 lights 4 50 per month 6 lights 5.10 per month 7 lights. ........ 5.60 per month 8 lights 6.00 per month 9 lights • 6.30 per month 10 lights ........... . .. per month Contracts made where more than 10 lights are used. Meters will be installed as rapidly as possible. All light rates based on 16 c. p. lamps as follows; One 16-c. p Two 8-c. p. lamps equal One16-c.p Four 4-c. p. lamps equal One 16-c. p. lamp equals ..... ... . One 16-c.p One 32-c. p. lamp equalS ....................Two 16 c. p For information . , on lighting fixtures and wiring of buildings inquire of C. 0. Edwards, superintendent at power house. Before lights are turned on in any building it will be necessary that the same be examined by the Superintendent of the company. THIS IS IMPERATIVE. Meters will arrive shortly and be installed as rapidly as passible, thereby giving our cus- tomers- an oppqrtunity to economize on their consumption. We will gladly change lights or give any in- formation free. ;ot what you want . and L - 1 , tlfl 1`.. '4102. Oleo . ottutt m. , t. • 1 \ Plains Light and Water Co. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Plains Menet of Sale of State otriee or neglster Slate Loud... Miens, Nfonttna. Dee. n, 1910. Notice is he.eby given that the, ltr gis- ter of State Lands of the State of 11..n - lane will offer for sale at public ille - thin to the highest bidder on the 20th day of January, 1911, at the State Land office at the State Capitol. at two o clock P. M. of said dam - , all of the Ilead and down timber on the NE4. E2 of W2, Lots 1-23-4 of Sec. 8. Township 23, N, of it 80, West. The purchaser will be obliged to enter into a contract to cut and remove the tim- ber from the land within two years from date of contract, and give bond for the faithful performance o1 the contract on his part to the State of Montana, in double the amount of the estimated rains of the Umber to on cat. The right 11 reserved to reject any or all bids. P'. It. RAY, Register State Lands By Joseph Oker, Deputy Register. First Pub. Dee. 113,1910. Christian Services It V Pester 0. Ill hold set vices in the Cmiattan church Sunday ituorning anti evening. - Shillings Teas and Coffees. Sanders County Mere Co - J. Iitort 14 1t y eV. Office Plains Land and Improve ment Company, PLAINS, MONTANA PLAINS 11 EA TI I Ell Oldest and Strongest Bank In Sanders County (Iffieersio J. A. McGowan, President; C. W. Powell, Vice President: E. L. Johnson, Cashier A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS Interest Paid on Time Deposits 1 7 Following will be found the weather report for the week ending Friday noon, Dec 80. These reports are made by the Democrat office, but not from govern- ment instruments, and will be handy for reference. The temperature is recorded at 8 o'clock a. in. Saturday—Cloudy, 81 Sunday—ACIoudy, 82 Monday—fair, 34 Tuesday—thaw, 31 Wednesday— partly clear 30 Thursday—Partly Clear. 30 'Friday— fair. 29 I. Gwinn, M.* D., practice lim- ited to the eye, ear, nose and ....- , -\ , -........,....n.\ thro, Glows fitted. First Ns- / RID CROSS hotruittey, R L I,F,WPI Proprietor Registered Druggist oppoalte Plains Hotel WALKER & ROBISON Surveyors and Engineers. Plains, - Montana. tion Bala Bki4.. Missoula. You might as well try to lift yourself by your boot straps as try to be healthful without the use of Garden City Beer. .•••••••••y - I. R. BLAISDELL Attorney -at -Law and Notary Public, . . . Real Estate al lasurance Offices second floor First National Bank .Puilding PLAINS, MONT Accounts solicited and every courtesy extended to our patrons, consistent with safe bankingiSrinciples , Hoard of Iliiree toms J. A. McGowan J. M. Keith C. IT. Rittenour A. Zebish C. W. Powell PicGOWAN COMMERCIAL CO. 'tt IIOLF.SA LE RETAIL DEALERS In Dry Goods, Staple and Fancy Groceres Gents' Furnishings, Boois and Shoes 2— I - ; A:II S A.I) t A C:f IN SALTED AND CANNED — MEATS Butier, and Es, Hay and Grain l'IlASE .t SA NI:ORN'S Coffee, Spices Etc • 1- i r_rsic,Icle A Lirge smainiont of Fly Books, Lead- ers, Etc., to *elect from • WE HANDLE Eviatrnmo IN THE LINE 07 Hay, Grain and Feed -Stuff DR. A. H. BROWN DENTIST Offico First National Bank Bl'd'g Phil us 'Montana Jake Meyers GENERAL BLACKS 1 1 / 1 1THING Horse shoeina Remit -frig of all B kinds specialty promptly done Plains Montana 1111110Cit R. E. RICHESON Deputy State Veterinarv Anatomical Surgery and Denttstre PLAINS DIONTANA J. J. Fischer Plains, Montana tlo lior*4o-lo•ls toeing; Blacksmith an Carriage Work Sanitary Plumbing Ayr von snlirvir

Sanders County Democrat (Plains, Mont.), 30 Dec. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.