Yellowstone Valley Star (Savage, Mont.) 1910-192?, January 04, 1912, Image 1

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• VOL. II. 4. ELLOWS . . TONE : v VALLEY STAR : SAVAGE, DAWSON COUNTY, MONTAtIA, THURSDAY JANUARY . 4, 1912 Uncle Sam's Good Buy, The value of the mineral out- put of Alaska for 1911. as esti- mated by Alfred H. Brooks. of the United States geological sur- vey, is greater by four million dollars then it . was in 1910, showing that the mining indus- try in the far north is on the upgrade. The value of Alaska's mineral production for 1911 is estimat- ed at $20.310.000, ()I this 'mount $17,150,000 is to je Credited to Old production', against• $19,12S,749 for 1910. 14 . r. Brooks fttrther estimates - tlikt the Alaska mines iirieluced •'22,900,000 pounds of copper in .1911, or more than five times - the Alaska copper output in - 1910, which ,was. 4.241,689 -pounds. In addition tO gold -and copper. Alaskirrnines tatail •quarries in 191 1 1 ProaluZ;eal silver ' tin. coal. rearb1e and g, I „ • an tstimatyd yalue - ot $390,000, an i'actease of over $200,000 to• compared w'th the , al same prod' c:s in 1910. The total value os A n k••••:• miateral production sine,. Ii t began ii 188(1 !lumbers. C:06.000,000, 14Ir marlt than tweiat -wee times the -mu paid to 1311,44r lu, 1 he t e n i t i ff y. • Of this nun. 'at $195.9C0 000 presents ;no ;to. :I V title 'at the , g old pro loct•am. Ihere are 465iniles of railway it. the tt 1 lib .A New Year's Gathering On New Year's afternoon the door of Miss Agnes -Kolda, who lives on her claim about three miles west of town was ,opened to a jolly bunch of about twenty. After maw/ •Happy, New Year's had been wished her and a little time spent in Visitieg,. jesting, etc., a sumptuous dinner consist- ing of , -turkey, salads, sweet meats, etc„ etc„ was paTtaken of, after which the crowd spent the day . .in speaking and singing. Also a few toasts were given in honor of the hostess who merits an abundance of praise for such an undertaking . mostly known to those who are, anti those who have been called \Prairie Bach- elor Girls.\ As twilight lower - eat its canopy of darkness o'er the beautiful prairie surround- ing Miss Kolda's hompe, the crowll departed, taking with them the feeling of hospitaliry , io•generoasly shown. • After Smola y School is clo next Sabbath there will he a nieet•ing held ,consisting of all attend the Presbyterian ehtirch. The ohjeet of thiAule e r. ing i 4 to talk over the at vi orcalting a minister to fill the pulpit here next summate,. and perhsps laIn r. 1e v. Ben - bow iji retran I ere if the propor ents are and t..e yougrey.\tiOn think . best tat have him rent Ii. A 'a rge at - ;'71 mile-. i.. 11).10 T ilage ten,10,1„.0 1 4 (.1 . 10.s.A . - .iy rii , s1(.1 i..40,411446114:1A tl..1k1 04 -WreA.CIOW'k i i#riand all wisat4i4yr ,. h•••4: ititf•l•• ::lent rails% tl . ;t• ;fon; five 1 \ 196 4,4 °Utile town ii t. The mo-i• or , 11 „,- f a il t o ht. jrepu'i I. gent need i- tor a rail,. ay 1,, \Vt. wi-di to just re\iiit I It •-c , miter so' open part 0.. the cific it It 1 he Yukon 1114-1, 1,111111:-ucis e is built the richLra johacurs s,f the into i it it oni i V . 11108t Ia vtirithi% located be profitably •L'xploite, ‘- Ex. Baled Hay for sale at 'Savage Feed Barn. Correcting th\t will be Itrought correct some statements which , on the lOth of this 'aPpesre in d in the writeup of the P rummell \ matter in the last isfeie of the inuntb • When a P ublic meeting of the einb will he held at Brooks au l Pa tterson's I la II. ' t histAlie nature of the an users of f',(111 41 t 4 t4ItililiCrS ;1011 , 'this °nice Aril! be iii 'Thaw. tot.: rol mit goo t. {work ,of almost any kin I in a few days Vt ei • have quite a lot of nice material ova:tired that ,vill help lot iii! 'getting out the a• .t kiii of' '‘vork. y And sa, tl a prices in 11 e! the • . T n Cities are just i's high ilt 4 • tlieV mare in the liver VP1111W- stone Let. ure o a your work. ');'s. sat - jay ott if a t t„ 1i tl • .e (). A. Brooks and family rei A • Statement wo k if; worth. • • •turned from their Xmas visit At l'i.ere something iip tie (14 , 11 ,, ....ine4.1av. There were Being it.isinforinel as to the or the Ketertaiokient several present. at the facts in the ease of Louis Nelson s Committee of the Commercial home aif NIO- ittil Mrs. John Ked- vs. Harry Tribe, we Wild) nedy. Besides the above nam- ed, there were hfr. and Mrs. Alex Wande-11, Mr. and Mrs. 'Milan Brooks and M r . The Andrewm Hotel wait--verY well patronized on New Year,a day -The people are beginning tl) realize that it is , economy as pitmlittleelo'go to Att. Andrews Hotel for .. Meals' pi . holidays as well is on the Sob: bath. It saves the house wife the hard work of pre.paring the, meal, and it is economy because laaliaLDium un d ja st tt_ meal cheaper than the most econOini- cal cook can prepare One (lent to be classed as a holiday meal. ThonipsOn liernvis of Sidney and Miss Fredda fleatt' 4 6f Mal- dive were united it marrioge Dec. 28 at the home , ef tho bride in Glendive., A. .1,11,00.11e PortgOtilowti* '141endiVe an thrthighont thpk i ,.i.teanty whi the groilm is Ait Lower Valley. Mr. and MI's, Kent mis have gone te the . • ega0 to spend their honeyntePit e llid 4 . with then' goes eongl'aitilatiOns from their Many freinds jainl readers of the fltar, They 7#/111 be at home st Hold after March, tOi LOCAL HAPPENINGS Don't fail to read \My Lady of The North\ published on an. other page. Mr. J. C. Conners . returned home from a buisness ' trip in Glendive. 0. W. Lanipson of Burns at- tended the dance in Savage last Friday night. 'Star. in the first place, we wish' to say that Atterney.S. E. Felt Of Utensil vi did not\ -appear as has not 1;eell discovered hy tin V . counsel for the Plointilf nor De- . • daring explorer, but never that fendent in th0 case. Secondly, the suit has notliessi them wkii. be !`\metiting been dismissed; but 8('a'ort.s ii flZ a 11 the time and to ;t. record MI the docket . of dt I lti t-tice Leonurd the Garnish- ments nre still in force and hold good and the ease can he lira . tight on for trial litany time by ---- tfveliainettryttt - wir - vtitts -sum.- mons. The original Ammons was permitter f,o . be Quashed because the clerk of Justice Leonard's eourt•maile-a mistake in setting the date for the De - *Tor** torte fc;'111-' , \1 . 1f early sit stay late, so take due notice and govern yourself ac- cordingly. Lucian Gibbs met with a for- tunate- --territiewt----44.4.0446‘..-41a was crossing a slough with a team awl sleigh and the dirt had washed, in at the point where he had fortherly missed, making the mud quite sleep and one of fendent to appear anal gave him the horses fell down. In trying thirteen days in -which •to an- to get the animal up, he got a ewer instead of froin four to ten. little top dose to' where the There were no defects in the horse's.; foot came, which was papers in either preceding had slet syjth tx Ots, Aro, in this case; the invert in 'the stfiNitirfil On We h khd . , first case were properly nifyle j the other on the /leek. He tame mit and. filed with: the Jurtiie up town add had Dr. Johnston - but the officers of tha law . did him Up. The fortunate part not serve copies of 411 Of tile. of the aceldent was that lie r a tpers on the DefelidOlit. Orobabli two inches is fur tit• last proceeding, the, clerk of away ttre • escape being killed. 4.4011ard's Court made a Mistake Although i atieldent *mimed In setting the date for rettint of hint 4 eutisi1ePtibly paiti he Is • the Ilentinlitty,i tisti4r. Welty that. he no* 110/4, I • A • :Fred Ellernion returned Tues- day from # trip of several days down the Valley. Jack. McHugh returned from. Beach Tuesday where lie, , Ar yisiting with freinds. -. 1 0 nriffnite - Woyen .0arpets and Rugs, See Mrs. M. H. Fred- erickson at the Tekna Ranch. The church has been supplied with school seats,' noir ' our' children can have good comfort - attic omits to sit in . while attend- ing school. • Tin' Weather man has been - juggiing inurcury arotiM1 „abet th e to below mark for tlie . 1111h few days anal once or twice he slung it down still lower. A dancing party was .given at the Brooks el, Patterson'• hall Friday eveniog. fliere was large crowd au judging from observation we believe all had a real gni),. time. Are yo•i rea•!iag the' Story now cooning iii tails paper, ''My ,4 ,.'e North\? If not star . t once and if you have not all the papers come in and we will 1(4 low trn tifg • ittliOts ing'oees. Rev. Tikw. M. Patterson Jr. stnr at I.!' rre of tip Yelltm - Atone Presbytery is to _ereach sermons in the church t Savage on•lan. 20 owl IWO at 7.110 P. M. EVerv bo4 tordially invited. E. D. Otde of Colelmrst, cii North Fork of Hum:. , veg in town yecterdav on 1 at this office. Mr. cob. is one of t.Ke bonanza ranehers and formers on the creek and it pioneer of. Kastern tont , ' mt. Pre-Inireiitoi* Cash Clearance Sale As it is our aim to always have a clean and up-to-date line of goods we want to close out all of the odds and ends of winter goods so as to be able to open up next fall's business with all new goods. 4 We ask you to look the following list over, as there may be something mentioned that you are in need of and if so see what a saving you can make. IroYs' Sweatar Coats Sizes 28, only 8 left, was $1. now .79 Ladie0 ; Fleeced Lined Gloves :15c quality', now 65c quality, now Ladies' Silk Lined Gloves $1,25 quality, now .19 •49 .99 Men's . Sweater Coats 8.50 Quality, now .2.50 Quality, now 2.89 1.81) Men's . Caps All at. Greatly 1Zeduced Prices. • Outing Flannels Regular 12 1-2 and hoc Qua hity, now per yard only .09 Children's Jersey Leggins Was 50e, now Ladies' Sweater Coats Sizes 84 only '2 left, was 2.50, mix $1.80 \ 88 2 \ \ 2.50, \ \ 84 '' 1 ''., 88 ,, 1 ,, ;23:7545): ,4 4.4 1 2 1 .. . 808 1 1 ) . Men's Sheep Lined Coats Only two left, they were extra good value at. the regular price. Size 44 was 6.51) now \ 4IS \ 5.50 4.50 Men's Blanket Lined Overalls Was 2.5 0 , now 1.99 Quilts These Are all tied Quilts and extra and good N'altle. 1.75 value, now 1.50 \ 44 size 1.40 1.29 The Place of Quality rooks & Patterson North Fork of Barns Senator. McCone returned to G lend ive on Friday to spend Xmas with his fiimily after This Shows You vending' woof , ti oie :it \Happy mlie\ ranch. r Henry awl I.. 0. Mathews Went to Illendivcitfor• Xmas. W. S. King 111111 Nvife are at. Fort Benton for a few days with * Mr. King's sister Mrs. Charles Donaldson Mr. Donald- son is preaching in the M. E. Church. Ben Jordan and wife enter- tained Mrs. • Jordan's parents and Mr., and Mrs. Herman Ban- croft on Xmas. and Mrs. L. 1. Brown and - Plum Whitney and: family ate mast dinner at Colthurst. t , Practices . in a4 C,ourts of the State of Mo` -4 and before the United States land offices: lierbert H. Hoar LAWYER Co400 3 ' • Law & Realty Office in /Inn*. Pattnfoon Han. 'Bandies Irrigated (14 Dry Farm. in Lands.. - Special attention 'riven to 041-1 w STON ••••*•••••••••••N••••••••••••••••••f••••••••••••••• What \Honorbilt\ Means Turn back the top of the toes and you will find thet &11004 ot thp shoes have a cimvas up under the leather di). HONORBILT SHOES , have two layers of good leather over the toes. ALL Mayer shoes are made that way. This -is just one of many points where Mayer sh are made solid and honest -\They're b on Honor. You can always be sure of quality when you buy shoes with the Mayer trade mark. We have in of these up-to-date shoes ready s t es stock a full line of the latest your inspection. Come in and look at them. See them and know why they are the leading shoes for well -dressed men. k the trah• fie* .1 tilt boort? 1,1 ',fry • Ikkowidle shoo. 'huh re. that the shwa • &Aid Physician and Surgeon y wok y th.,\ o ven . t fi s s al si Oil YOU la. 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Yellowstone Valley Star (Savage, Mont.), 04 Jan. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.