The Broadwater Opinion (Townsend, Mont.) 19??-1914, June 29, 1914, Image 1

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mt . um's La nor consist in di -BlackstonP .......e.....kra•••••••••••••••040011/00•10•10•0016 0 .••••sep romo . ro•••• /.6.6.,4,11/14/1,P0110,411 tre. 1.10....0•••• 110 0 0 1P et MP . VOLUME 4 roadwater Opinion WHITE SOX •••10 TOWNSI42sID, BROADWATER COUNTY, MONTANA, MONDAY, JUNE 29, 1914. NO. 48 EASY WINNERS Yesterday afternoon the White Sox lambasted Trident somet hi ILI: s oamdalous, didn't even allow t he visitors to score. Hill pitched I superb ball and his team mates backed him up with playing that was league ball. The finish was 7 to 0 in the home team's favor. rieliestionably Townsend has the strongest team this season it has had in some years. There ie sortie new blood this year that runs red all the time. Otha Al- len is a young:ster that is mak- ing good all around. \Putty\ Phillips is up against a hard deal as backstop, in view of the fact that he has been out of the game so long. But he is coming back fast. C. Rick meyer is a new re- cruit but an old head at the game and be is becoming as great a favorite with the fans as his big lubberly brother— and that Is some favorite. The team still - has the old eliable—Fisk, Cobb, \Rick'' Hamilton, Ludwig and Hill—and all improving. Sunday's game makes four straight won. The first two in- nings were devoid of results on Phillips, c 4 1 2 5 1 1 Totals 31 7 13 27 13 4 Trident AB R H PO A E Lunday, 3b -1 0 1 0 1 1 Wilson, c 4 0 0 7 1 0 j Bradfl)rd, lb 3 0 1 11 0 OS Whitehead, ss 4 0 0 1 0 U Hardy, p 40 1 1 50 wood. cf 3 0 0 1 1 0 Dixon, 2b 3 0 0 1 0 2 Nicly)19, If 2 0 0 1. 0 0 Farrell. rf 3 0 0 4 0 0 TotalQ Score: ••• •••• •••••••• Wow.. ••••••=o 31) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Town'd 0 0 3 0 2 0 1 1 *-7 Trident —0 Summary: Struck out-- By Hill, 6: by Hardy, 5. Hit by pitched by ball—Tpwilsend. 1; Trident, 1. Bases oti halls—Hill, 1: Hardy, 1. Two base hit—C. Rickmeyer. Umpire—Clark Huth bort. Scorer—Perry Carter. Keene for Chief Clerk •••••••••••••• Announcement is made this week of the appointment by In- ternal Revenue Collector Whaley of Franklin Keene of Canton as his chief deputy. Mr. Keene and wife departed Saturday for Salt Lake City to assume his new duties July 1. The se- lection is a pleasing one to the friends of Mr. Keene. He enjoys the reputation of being an es- pecially competent office man. run getting, but the third saw Under previous administration three of the home team score. he was chief deputy in the clerk The visitors followed ‘v; t h a start ani recorder's office. A promi- to do equally as well by pushing a luau around to third base—but the miming down by Hill oi bats- nent democrat puts it that 'Keene is the only deputy the county ever had that earned his men ano•hored Mr. Trident at salary.' Be that as it may, his third. lines have fallen in pleasant Two more of the Sox trotted Places borne in the fifth, one each in the seventh and eighth. A fly to Toston Wants a Bridge left field in the ninth looked like a score for the visitors, but a Toston Index: Over two months neat one -hand catch by Ham- ago Toston was given the as- iLon blocked it and the cement surance by one of our county corn - boys went down and out without missioners that the bridge in front of the bank, ou Pony street, would receive attention from that Townsend— AB R H PO A E august body. Since then we have Cobb, et, 5 2 0 0 1 heard notiling more from them. Allen, rf 4 2 3 1 0 0 We believe this bridge should be Ludwig, se 3 1 1 0 1 0 fixed, and call the attention of C RiAmeyer, 4 0 3 0 Rickanyer, lb 3 0 1 14 0 0 3 1 u 2 8 the cow missioners this serious 3b matter, trusting that the over - Hamilton, lt u 0 Hill p 3 3 0 0 Sioilt will not tie repeated at their 4 0 o u (1 TWNt• regular meeting. a run. OFFICIAL RESULT. illill - 1 -49 11 1 11 . 11 1... 1111 11 11111111PINIMINNIMINIMasara 14 , . -,,=,s.4- . • •tassomismonowesiguans atolt-L-imaar- .4141+ +++++++++4+4 9 4~{•++++•:•+++4-+++++++ - F++++++++++++ : 1 Our Stock of Men'.... + Work 1 Shoes Harvest Hats, 9 Shirts, Overalls, Etc. is complete in every detail. We offer them at prices below what they will cost you at a CREDIT STORE • Men's Red Wing Work Shoes Men's U. S. Army Shoes Men's Khaki Pants Men's Work Shirts Men's 8oz. R:veted Overalls Men's Summer Underwear. Meu's Harvest Shoes ... • \ _ $2.15 to z4.44.00 $4.25 $1.00 .50 .75 '70c to $1.00 35c to $1.00 111111MMIIIIIIIIIINMEN 116 / 1 11 IMMILL THE CARTER -JOHNSON CO. Where Your Dollar Buys the Most +.104.4 i•++++++++++++1 - 1 4 +++++++ 4 third trn •• .• r t c. I frik /V /1 Off/ Ilrerbri I //• / / •4 1 : LOCAL POLITICS SLOW MOVIIE In view of the fact that the constitutionality of the initiative aid roJerendurn amendment to tijstate' organic law has been attacked, Thy question of whether noininations tor office will be made under the primary law or under the old cow'. ention system is in doubt. The supreme court Piano Recital Saturday afternoon at her st ndio in this city Miss Amy Ros- enbaum gave a very interesting piano recital, the participants being members of her musie class. The following program was rend- ered: \That's What I'd Do''.....Bullard Mary Connors \Playing Tag\ Williams Mrs. and Catherine Ritchey \Sing Robin, Sine\ Spauldin,z Evalena McCormick \Iloine Sweet Home\ Nvill pass on Zeberna Goodman the legality of the , amendment July 9. ' \The Little Drum Major\.. Engel In the meantime the filing of \Slumber Song\ Gurlitt nominations under the primary Winifred Matthews law goes merrily on over the \May Has Home\ Bourn state. Cecelia Finch Judge Matthews has let it be \Country Dance\ ff,s t known that, after more than a Lillian and Mae McCormick year's trial, he likes his job and \A Tiny Hake Came Sailing\ Post is willing to sneritice himself to Georgia McCormick the arduous duties devolviug Will o' the Wisp\ Jnngmann upon the presiding judge of the Helen Carson fourteenth judicial district by \Meriy Birds Waltz\ Pearls entering the race for a full term. - Shepherd's Idyl\ Hein The judge has filed his nomina- Mary Connors tion petition with the secretary 'Une Petite Fleur\ of state on the democratic ticket. Catherine Ritchey e, Wh-ether he will have any oppon- polls Dream\ ()st el ends in his own party—or in any part y -----is yet an 01,e11 question. Tim McCarthy is in the race to win the nomination on the dem- oet atic ticket for county com- missioner. Tim promises, if elec- ted, to run his end of the job ac- cording to law. it goes without saying that his policy is an im- provement over present condi- tions, and if the republican nom- inee can be persuaded to adopt the same platform, we may hope to elect a non -juggler of county affairs. A warhorse democrat has made the statement that Mc- Carthy will not have a walkaway; there vill be others, he says. Emil Kieckbusch is in the grooming 'oy friends for the re- publican nomination for commis- sioner. No nominations have yet been filed by any republican, but we may look for Kieckbuseh to kick in almost any time. Judge Pool is not caching his light in a blind alley. He is let - tine' it be known that he is in the race for the nomination for county treasurer. If reports be true I he judge is just now in the running' all by his lonesome. Jack Doherty is said to have itiFirawn flora the r:_we for treasurer and accepted a perma- nent position as manager of the Broadwater Hardware company. Another report is current that he is to be a candidate for the state senate nomination. Being good natured and agreeable. Jack gives all the repoets cred- ance, so the reader may work out a guess to) suit himself. Th ere i s were or less speculation on the kitatt.! senatorial l!erno- crude nomination. Senator Muf- fly has been a pretty sick man and is yet, though roported to be improving. It is not known, at large, anyway, whether he will be e. candidate. In all the political talk, Toston is making it known that that section will be heard from before the final count. All aspirants for political honors so far heard from bear the Townsend brand. Outside districts are beginning to wouder why it is always thus: Opinion for job printing, .4•0 ow.. • AL •• • • • Voss Mae McCormick \Picnic in the Woods\ .'artorio Persis and Winifred Matthews \On the Meadow\ D o ring \Gipsy Life\ Engelmann Genevieve c lperlin-!: \Jubilee March\ Williams Helen and George Faltermeyer 'Gipsy Dance' . Lichner 'Dance of the Brownies'Kamman Persis Matthews Valse-Arabesque\ Lack Helen Connors \Dance Under the Lindens\ Hiller Frances and Helen Carson \Con Amore\ Beaumont Forrest Henry \Nre as Snow\ Lange Celesta Schreiner \Habanera from Carmeu\...Bizet George Faltermeyer \Flower Song\ S Lange - Spring Song\ Mendelssohn Frances Carson \Andante\ Symp. No, 5 Beethoven Mrs. Ritchey Miss Rosenbaum \Minuet\ Paderewski Helen Faltermeyer \Air De Ballet\ Chaminade Fay Fairchild \Mondecheinfahrt nach der Liebesinal\ Bendel Mrs. Ritchey sem monsammor — — - — 4: STATE'S METAL PRODUCTION 1913 Montana's wine 0111 pil of gold. silver, copper, lead, and zinc in 1913, according to Vietor C. Heikes of the United States gen- lotical survey, was valued at $61,900,5-16. against $64,731,- 618 in 1912. a decreas5 of 851.0A4. r/ rj!d.k. due to ti . ) de- creased out put of 9;01(1 ar t? c..p. per. The value (if :oad and zinc combined 202 greater than 1912, while the value of the gold and copper was $6,625.209 less than in R)12. Silver Bow county, which ineludee the Butte or Summit Valley di;•- trict. produced 93 per cent of the total value, but the decrease in value of the metallie production of this county was $2,946,174. The production of gold in 1913 was valued at $3,493,432, against $3,625,235 in 1912. The pro- duction of silver in 1913 was 13,- 819,201 ounces, against 12,731,- 633 ouDces in 1912. Copper de- creased from 309,788,873 pounds in 1912 to 287,828,699 pounds in i 9 i •;. Lead increased from 1,446,749 pounds in 1912 to 20,935,827 pounds in 1913. Montana's zinc ores in 1913 . yielded 88,673,0F1 pounds of spelter, agaist,9i8,81 pounds in 1912. In the production of u.uld, sil- ver, copper and lead Broad water county stands fifth in values. The namber of preducers in the county was 41. Number short tons of ore treated.. 18,132; tine ounces of gold, 17,682.13; fine ounces silver, 12101; pounds of copper, 498,791; pounds of lead, 55,281; total value, U37,076. J. W. Houton, \‘110 has been quite feeble for some months, died in this city on Wednesday of last week. Deceased was a former resident and business man of Townsend, but for more than two years has drifted a')out more or less for the benefit of his health. His wife died in Seattle a few weeks ago. A daughter lives in Seattle and a son in While Sul- phur, the latter being present at the funeral held last at inlay. Phone 24 Phone 24 _ Groceries Both Fancy and Staple Zar•111•1 A Fine line of Shelf Hardware A Complete stock of Ammunition Fresh Fruit in Season 1111111111g111 OUR HOBBY IS TO PLEASE OUR CUSTOMERS arillIelligiall••••••Wase•••••€romr1L- -- \.. wawnsweireirmestreEceottimor -INSESEIe TOWNSEND MERCANTILE CO. Mall= I Phone 24 Phone 24 +++++++4+144+++4-14+++4• • EN WIN MA] tf cut :It es:le as. :ic Dr over . N. Bur y, tbe tot :ording to e canvassi aorrow tc t but it the result nighthe p still rem • contests winners w ring ticlre ballot thi ,ICAN I 1(•1' . —Chas. W eentati ve •I.:iir — S Clci ii —L. H. Bi tendent of ittorne.• ' Coviuk. Adtsinistr TH• 1~' —Ch;t. S. ;711:1s. B. r--(1 E. I ler& and Ni L. Attorney CJnnii6 -J. 8 Cone' Sur seN or— _ :YCCRN I' NI As()N ho traini laded dovl ifs seedy a the sat ;• 110 F;yri (.'•,.:• ;2 nil •-;,d. 'inking VII cf hii ,t littlebe ;he lasi t( t to lc*ii up tit st , jar 1i -43p )loodsbot barleep, EtekinA act_ an 4.)cea he drea fcm 1 aas DO U ), kin les; belli tn.) and kleki. He loset boy bliss is, I aolessme jc *i88498. itgleno(

The Broadwater Opinion (Townsend, Mont.), 29 June 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.