Townsend Tranchant (Townsend, Mont.) 188?-1890, August 08, 1884, Image 1

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\ 4 V DL. I. • IsiodwilLaisiiiiiiiiiiilikaa410 1 A . ' \v\' 411=-:....Minneramer..son, - _ rj )WNSI:NI n 1:.:( ;11 ER COUNTY, MONT \ \ AUGUST S, •••••••••11=111111MINIIIMMIIII. -- • •• snilM1111411INIIMMINII ARAPTAL OF TRAINS. The Tiem Deep (leek read is nearing ; the ria t tans to start with and three of : Montana's Block int to -shinaton Mau- eral years ago on the Custer battle NO, 1- W.441 b4,111,1 P.t-st - C:22 I s. pa. eompleti, on, and Will bean finiAetl with- theta were left deal, and 4 MC' Crow was ground. It is old and rusty, but its NII, 13 - We,t hoorid - a. ' . UMent; NO. 2- bound l'assenv o •r, - a. in. 111 IN% week. A ileballgli EltibretSon • I:Elva. The . 4M s were cut in quite a II) ) Wednesilay last J. P. TS -N oolman, tern- value as a relic is all the greater on that No. it East ham, I Ert•i g ht, e . have gt their tasrtinn throterh r , and are iare party :Ind sle owedo m se 4if the terial auditor, for W warded to ashin n gto tic:stunt. Ile alse has a scalp lock from now going 'mit on it puttirg the finish- ranchmen a pap e r autherizi»g them to shintana's contributiotisto the Wasldng- the head of one of the Nez Perces tribe. VALLEY SCRAPINGS, 4 tOLICIlei on it. Marks), Tierney & go out and tied tionie horses that the Pie- In Mozonnent. It ta a block of tine On theirge L. Batultelder's ranch on 11, ivy have It than one mile t)limid awls had sedan. upper Herat! P-itirie, recently, live head and are making a splendid job of Iheir Y e t these same Crates m a ectin a and two feet square. It weighs :dant of valuable horses were killed by light - vertical. When this road has been tray- younger son of Mr. lit (Ives, returning 4110 10/1111(144. It was (arra-led up (41 Ten fling. The horses were feeding in a pas - over a little it will be the very Is•st frem Oka on la rat:back presented a gun Mile and was squared hy ( 31 *tea. eBier- titre near the house and instantly killed. Noall is expected home the first mountain road in the territory. le him and ordered hint to Faineant and !try, of Helena. The ttaal wet kef dress- but on examination the aniutala did not (of next week. A depute sheriff from Minnesota a ut give up horse• at that iuteresting ing will be Ilene inter i' neiches Watalt- shew any marks indicating that they ington, where the tsse-t (Ifalonta- . died from being struck by the electric na will be chiseled lean it. ..1is the fluid. mellifluent is now over 4i0 feet high, Benjamin Maltby, of the firm of Malt - Montana's blieck will a sea , arily eccupy by, Croft ''Metcalf, 1e0(4-grewers of n a elevated position this the highest Stanferd, Meagher amty, died On Thurs- m enu:tient in the wet. d, (ho', July Ile came to Montana in Throueli the kind!). Ores of 8. G. awl herded sheep for the 'Montana Fulton, General Monetna netent of the Co. until he became experiew•ed, and Northern Panific, the a ill be taken then stinted with a band of 2,000 for I 4 ', L s gone to Jefferson. , native granite, three and a half feet long Ta t e se e i Cenductor ,ilbey is anethi en his regu- lar ran. Ripley anal wife, of Elkhora, were j up to atuart Ltit Wt.sten's ranch last Tie , - erieis a herder el Mr. Berry's appeared in tewn Menday. 1 day and these collared a poling man w he accidentally on the scene n nil taking in • was wanted l Grain been rolling in to a consid- 11 or the ot.trayal, some three erable extent this wetk. months ago, of a young lady in his for- mer home. The tyre teak the trait) yes- terday morning fu r the east, and the young fellow announces his intention (if thority has given Indians permission to marrying the girl as soon as he arrives rove over the country stealiag and mur- home. Beth parties belong to wealth.. 1 ? ' 11 eer_ng. ...aese same Indians had only and resitectable families, and the young tlw day la...f,,re rounded -up and killed some cattle. Within a week two It - 1(1i - roan's father Ls anxitais fer his son to there was a most enjoyable elite, and they are well pleased with t ho treatment rtscived float ale Muller, who always makes a succese el anything of this kind. A Queer Lunch, Fatevaav, M. T., Aug. 3. Editor Ttwa ANT. Tw.) enterprising young men of Fair- view mining camp started out on a rasp- berry trip, but kJ; ire starting they ordered three meals put ipi fun' them; harvesting has cettent•nced on some of the!I issouri valley ranches. Jas. Roas and wife, if Crew Creek val- ley, were in Townsend yesterday. bob Augustine, of Elkhorn, spent sev- eral days in Tewnaend this week. Mrs. M. H. Parker is spending this week with relatives on Crow Creek. Mr. MeKt.nzie has lambasted the house and let at the foot of Broadway fronatate Several ear loads of baled hay have been shipped front this point during the pint week. From what we can hear, the 1 5th ball promists to he one of the largest attend- ed this t'ear. Hon. tVlartin Maginnis, our delegate in congress, (•atne home on Wednesday night's train. The democratic county central coma- mittte meets to -morrow at White Sul - plan Springs. Wm. McKnight has beeome disgusted with the Conti- d'Alene', and is expected home shortly. make all the rc,-,titniii.n in his power. - - -a• • Far Equestriennes. llorseba k ridir,g is much practiced by tie' ladies ()I' his vicinity. and e yet n• see an awkward equestrienne atneng the fair sex hereabeuts. Indeed, we w'.11 back - he ladies ef this setaien again:A the universte A meng the neat eraceful of these is Miss .kdit 'McFadden, who is as much at temp. on the bad: of her steed as (et terra firmo. Miss Teague, Miss Minnie Lloyd, Miss Hines, tin. Misses McKnight and Miss M am ie Wh a - ley, of the .Misseuri valley, ride to tewn in their saddle heraes oftener than in any other way, seeming to prefi r it. Those . who fail to attend the dance superior as an equestrienne. Miss Vernie next Friday evening will miss one of the Frost and Miss Carrie ketina, who eendoined thoseaputlities whiall end eared nicest parties of lite year. are inseperable chums, ride the six miles her to every (tieith whom she asseci- e• Frank Lowry, a prominent stock man between their homes two or three times Med. Many (Jr the ll mintrs will re - of Jefferson e n cunty, with his ephew, was in town yesterday. The reenblican t•ounty central com- mittee is called to meet at White :Sul- phur Springs on Saturday, August 16. E. MeSorley, treasurer of Jefferften, came csar from Boulder this week : and cpent stveral days among his old friends here. Jonas Higgins, Feaq., came over from White Sulphur Springs, Tuesday. and bad; that evening's train for Helena. Ile returned home yesterday. Fratik Wells, the prosperous Radere- which adds the enteesof peril etion to burg aterehant, accompanied by his I their forma and the beauty ef health to lovely daughter, Miss Vinnie, spent a their glowing foees. And right here we day in Townsend ti us week. might reteark that there are few hand - A dislateit from ling!' MeQuaiii,(lated sealer ladi..s in Montena than some of * t New York vestereav (August 7), says: th\.' lilt m ve ut\ , t\'\e \Heavy Bratnober and I will sail on the cell them ia that tenntal beauty of mind Republic this aftert eon for London.\ the situation at A glance thawed his ride n o the Indian and changed the balance or power. Can it be possible that anyone in au- ans in bread (tat light atelt• a hi of M(ade at Bert -nil but being!), ale Ph Nile abantlewsl their booty. '1 , 1e. -Le. Indians are not stealing 1 erses been :se they are hungry. It is entraecons that scattered set tiers slit add be so exposed to peril and loss.- lirreht. - - - - Death of Mr:. Sidney Edgerton. Mrs. Bowes, of Eutte, came in on Wed- nesday's train and leparted this morning for White SnIplinf Spriees, where she goes to visit the femily of A. Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Charpie, of Boze- man, rejoice in the addition to their family of a little daughter, burn July 31. Mrs. Charpie is a sister-in-law of Geo. E. Carpeeter, of Deep Crt•ek. Miss A. M. Darcy deaires to call the at- tention of the ladies to the fact that she will have a new and elegant assortment of the latest styles of neck wear just from the east, in time for the ball on the 1.5th. 44. mitmlwenniaro- uOrdalanwini..MMENIEnrstIo.:44, - n !I vs LivrE) ; „, to St. Paul without charge, and at the request of tin. Nert her :*Pacitit. the Star rnion fastfreight Haar IS ill carry it through front Chicago to Washington free. Teton AvcAer The South Ferk mutate as the scene of anether \tam phi) 'a lint week, in which II. C. Moore, ferntsrly of the firm (If Mei ire & Perking, hessemen, was shot in the arm by a &ape/ado known Tue-daya ta m t ea Ra. a . says: ''A Three -ringer Junk. It aeents from dispatch re, hy II. 1'. leilfe yeater- the scant particulars thet have reached d e e ante area .! • I e hut Ii of Mary tts, that Jaek had beta ceipitieed by i:_t.rtful at lei. limit' in _Ural, Ohio. Moore, anal that a (liar ate arose in re - Edge: tee es s the wee et :•••:dfle:t gard eaywent of vi ages. Moore re- f Agerten, former o ly iv( rn. )11 ta- fused to pay Jaek fur servicea rendered, root tar •Irs. 11. 1'. Belfe and who got on the warpath and commenced Miss Nettie Rosenbaum is elle of the )I is Pauline Edgerten. ale. resided in alesaing through the it ',dews and doors est horsewomen in Mentana, and rides Bannock during t le early 11 tys, before of the ii use' in WItiell ((sire had taken the most spirited an imals. Miss Ida Montana was admitted as a territory, sla•Iter. He then es . - down to the Pickering rides her saddle }terse to and and was a residen - mail her husband re- herse herd awl roped a horse and told front her achoo: ev e r; a ta , ant h as , 14 , eigned in !See. Mrs. Edgerttai was a hely Meets. that it was his (.lack's), and that ef great culture and retinetneut, and • he intendad to take h. Moore iscog- nized the horse as behniaing to himself, awl at temeted to take it away from Jaek awl tern it back into tle• berth at which a week. Miss I 'tithe Dean a yeung lady her Ite . r for the knell interest she had Jatek pulled di wn his six-ahnoter amid of thirteen, thinks iiot ii dig of riding all in , them welfare. To her hu.-band anti ehot him, the ball taking effect in his alone the six or seven miles betwtatn her children the loss will be it reearable. left arn near the elbow, shattering the home on Deep Creek and Townsend, I her la -t visit to M attana was two years bone and peeing out fear or f ve inchee and that magnificent rider, Miss Ida Car- ag\.\ above, •Jael: ;is a reo.s arav Lading The tieetleasti wa- an aunt if C(.1. Wil- penter, cenehl•'_\ . 7 it only a alettaure trip to accomparv one of her brothers or ride hur I.Stunlere, Mr. J. Sander -a and Mese Sa ) alone the fifteenw miles beteen her mders, of II lena. mountaiu home and Tt)wnsend, return - Death of .Tacc b A. Kaneuse. ing the same day. Alias Alice Kanouse, Although it aa-: generally keown that of Towles, nd, is also at leinte in a horse. and heart that marks the true woman everywhere. -•••••40- A Good Site to Oise .an. We understatet that Bennet t Bros. have just taken all order frnli a rasiien- sible party in this county fel- one 1th horse power portable steam engine, (ate 36 itch cylinder separat, a- and bagger - complete, one steam -driven wood saw, and one No. 1 Plantatien saw mill. This enterprising firm lias already this season sold no h•ss than six of the celebrated eteaut threshers from their different houses. Any person who may be thinking of buying the oint now on exhibition in this town, had better move Ilion. J. E. Kanouse and Let. Ballard quickly in the matter. It is going, and, returned front their It t nein trip Wednes- the next thing, it e ill be gone. day evening. Mrs..). A. Kanouse, with the two sons and (laughter, will arrive here from Benton within a week, anti will make quite a stay here. An experienced lady teacher, b Ali in schools awl tousle, desires a sitteition to teach for a family or firnilies. Can fur- nish a good piano. Teaches all the lat- meanwhile the children sacked up a est styles of painting. Addrees R._!v. M. J. Hali, White Sulphur Springs. sack of eats. 17W lien started off in such a hurry they bick, by mistake, the sack Those who went dealt. to Canton last of cats instead of their lunch sack. The Friday it report that the tarty questien now is, what did Crow and Bill do with the cats. A Suaseeituee -•_ - Death of Linn McFarland. W. C. Child received last evening a di-Tatch front Billings telling him of the A party of i: and gentleman from the Misseuri v . :114.y %vent lateklebtegving aatidental killing of Mr. Liam 31eFar- 11I1 Current last a eck. T land . hee went in three witeen hinds, the first team being a Mr. 1 .`olcFarland was on his way to Bid. four -mule team th.ivert with a jerk line. ings to tee. t Mr. Child, and was killed Weduteday niela by the failing in The three teams were able to haul all the berrlea dirt reof of a cabin, he had step - a:.0: „Ala f ,rsvd a,k the inatiu, red over for the night's rest. This was on 1 half-iireed erre thlrty-fiVe miles prim of our suliserila es for coming out in half sheet form. The reasen is the north of peni nee i fl mune as at the other tilite-null-arriVR. Th \ dee:lis. ' 1 v. of Mm T. McFarland, of nut, and a brother of of material (ordered hong enough ahead Mrs. W . C. Child. widely known, to have been ht re on time. We just net only in Helena, but throughout the could net help :t, and the fault is not territery, and had ho:ts of friends AN ho ours. trill join the afflicted family in meurning We print to -tins' the liist au - his Iss nouncement for otlice in Meagher, and . Mr. Reeves laaves here for Billings will cheer:idly di) the same for other as- • ' this morning to brie:: the rt.mains to he had been serieusly ill several weeks, These are only a few of'the fair Young the community was surprised and shock - all of :t neigliberlteed Where est k.arn of the death of Judge KIL- O exe(211 in this most healthful exercise, 'waste which occusred yesterday at 7 o'clock a. na 'The day before tie was able to sit up and wa )a.s Well, fiparent- ly, as la. hail been ter serne tine , . Ile t ail ed cene to the tee: Let ra•reo ,- ear plow.. ties ate -tea 'is Eli'. deetsa was bent ..ihelf• 1814. at Nest ;1:k N..1., and had tle•refore attained the advaneeti age et' 70 \Tara. He graduated at Ya e cellege :Lad was admitted to the bar in New Jersey in 1 sS or 1S39, hut abandoned the practice of his petleo hal ill 1 ..TtO and went to 'alifernia, where he renetined aunty years. In !sae he elute to Mu ntana front residing in New V. gulch and ekewhere in the ti rritery, and after varying fortunes Ii edly settled at Fort Benton in P'72, where he resided until summened tu hia eternal residenee. The deceased Was an esteemed and useful citizen during tiia fourte, n \'e1 it residence at Fort Benton. !le hail held various public °dices, and dir ine most of these years was a ma a istrate, befere whom a tat amount o: 11 e1 we.1 _at -.11CS,.4 has been transacted, and his int.•grity has never been iquestioned. Mr. Ka- neuse taught the first school heet• and was a practitioner in our courts during his reside:tee at this place, lie leaves a wife anti live chilthen ti mourn his loss, and who have the t ineere sympa- thy of the community in their great be- reavement. The funeral of the late Jacob A. Ka - !louse yesterday was one of the largest ever :,;een in Fort Benton, shim it.4 the esteem and respect in which the deceas- ed was held by his fell,. w citizens. The services at the church, conducted by Rev. Fackenthall, were elan intpr.-;sive character, as also were the burial aer- v it ea at the cemetery. Mayor Leoae- velt, J. W. Power, W. S. Wetzel, W. S. ti 'eking and E. S. Culbertson, all old ti•ners and frit lid:- of the family, served te:all bearers.-Pircr l'rerzt. Some Dig Strikes in the Dolt Mountains. Frent ( ;it:4 Okertuan, arrived menut Nelhart yesterday, we learn that ee im- portant strike has been made at Pia !ter in the P. W. awl Tiger leads, rec • illy discovered and located by Tom J mesa Frank Wasmer awl Pat Hurley. These letela are in close pt•oxindty to the M t e as and Keystone, and show the richest ore that hits yet been discoviTed in the Bar- ker district. The boys a at work neon the property and have n.av a shaft tal e'll- riratits at the rate ,t1 a5 for the time he- ttir burial. Netice if the time of weer new ;nal the s'envelition. Dt'n't hoblin••, the nnteral 'A ill be publialted tu- beba.doul, genii( uncut. Ii C e deleeatea morrow.- liffit'pelekne: SOnie of the ore r1111S ve\y high, and a pt the w 11 n ver n arace pee Horf.e Taieovz surrounded. eatrerul average aseety showell 4e.e_15 Sil- L'ey .eee ver to the teal. I ire of - his richness IS ti ot: ., 1 1 ,.. The reviset1 liat repubecan aspirants AdViee from C nv voott 4 04 1 .11\ 4 111St What amlit?eded to render thesneeter coanty, under date of the 3d repoet for Out i inat ten to teleeate to congreas a profitable institution, awl it' the boys illelul t' W. le a we l es s, et H e lena, • e 0 that ( :vane ille tstart's (arab vs, twenty have what they claim they have inched Eaton, of Cookie. J. )ka Strewn, of Miles, or thirty 1 11 number, have a large band • of her-a.thieves surrounded near the a valuable property. .1. C. liotkin, of Helena, Geo. -tee ii of Okt. maul and his partner, D. F. mouth of the :Musaelshell, where seven . 'Ant it . l'ewer of Bent( in, C'al(1- 's, Brea have been is an a lead en men ere hung hest wtek. The lanai is e - well itattrila t iallae in valley, Judge snow creek fer'soute weeks and have 104 .rong be taken withoutaaai:-tanee. la t am es, ef Bette. ;lee ewitt, of 11Thite teeeekled iii (level , Ting, a veritable ho- ii1;11, of h e but can be !Will till belp comes. 1;. , . . a I nanza. Tl:c lead is thirtet.n feet or more thrt-emeeta lett Cettunwtaid Sunday. list stilt ;nen ill Width, showing an hi:wee:se body of theto are exeeeted. Herteau of la, who I' Ii frt e lire, lad what Gus hai been visiting relatitess at Whit, aul- Goed intiiaraa, thinks is the Lest proaae a in the lt.tlt Oita prings, came over that place W. A. H edesc.teat in from his sheep mountains, and he is net given to eaug- S Tuesday, etel tis•k teat ii mei tra'n ra , ach on the upper Ij ihrepurts a • gyration, either. This lea I is an txliii- time next III' the :Ones. He in- general time if It' etealers by red and siox of the Flora, owned bv the Show rma; u o s that, Moat's %a a w ka, Ad , ae tsitite thieves. At a short dietance from Creekn Mining company, the shaftsttumk badly injurt d on the ath ( f July. is very one f the narratol'a sheep statiens a I.rV Okurinall 4k Briggs being only thirty slowly ia t iptovite,;, in stieneth, hut tie t mt poly it Crews met e ty ttf Ph- leet fromr the stakes of tl e Flora, ;:ate times it appears that hi, mind i t et ef- gins arid tlik• c ,, rec , I nence latter lead se far as deeel - Ted /1.111ke4a.W4 a ti g ht. Thu.': s. • • • 'a van ef tike good showiega-Pitae raiss. ft.\ ted ny the inturies t.) du w. knew that yeti are is di:4! to ac- tv-five feet in depth In iii which t ley have taken several tons I if shipping ore. Ii tunti the following de) abet t a iiiee aoni :liege's ranch abet (hr ' , e el the hd e ee and in a dying cralition. Fight men are said to have arrived front the Teton shortly !.f en the depart- ure ef ii hree-Fioger Jut -I, ill ttearch of this. :s..i,tivillait fer a crime is hid li fer th•ndish brutality, far t - anacends this tine. At this writing via are unable to learn What the crime isg II ad are reliably himse M M lf. r. :alt by was fniln Water- . bury Conn., where his remains will be aunt for interment. A verdict of justifiable homicide was rendered by the coroner's jury at Miles • eit\t/riroPtitililkaaoliest eat , who killed the cowboy Joe Dempaey. The murder charge was dismissed, but the negro prefia a to remain in jail awhile rather than risk his life running a gaunt- let of cowboys. Dempsey's funeral day at the Presta terian church was tended by a large number. Last week a band of thieving Piegans paid a flying visit to the Crow reserva- ome. The Creava followed, but failed tien, stole seventy penies and left for h R T GRocE NEAR THE DEPOT, TOWNSEND, - I A t L I e t 1 - - MONTANA. Pest 7urpotits 17 V_ezgter Boarded Boar, I 1 1 r' 1 MIT or Week and the - Rest Attention Guaranteed. BERG BROTHERS, DEA LIT : L A L I to OVVTtakif the thieves, alto twete good their escape. One Piegan was captured and promptly dispatched, the Crows re- turning with t the scalp. As the Piegans pa.ssed White Beaver on their return, they -tele two saleable horees belonging te W. II, Brown. Friday's Neu , North-West says: Sheriff MeMaaters, who for some time has been working a clue to the Edwards murder, (the brakeman' shet on the train between Deer L(sige and Garrison, on the morn- ing of June 19) arreated at Carrison yes- terday as parties thereto, a man named Fain -grove' and One other man, both een- nected Cole'S andnrought the e'seuted le aae, which evidently them in last evening. Five other 111C111- proved unwlling to be it a7 It it as hers ef the eompany were summoned as witnesses for the (h. fen se. Daniel Gerty was found by the side of the Northern Padre railroad track a little east of Drummond, on Sunday morning, with his right arm badly crushed, and in an insensible condition. Ile says he had boarded the passenger train beund west while it was slowing up, and was thrown off and fell mah•r the ears. Dr. Mitchell amputated the infernted that the Cu Let will be at ; arm just below the elbew on sunda „. and visited evory house to be (wee- , , , • county throtesh the Callen ass. 'The k !.4 irli pied by lao.ennt•s in the district ''' -\! es '-'s.'• '\r\'n\. 1 -reng \Teton A ventatta\ are 4 , n t -all mid will probaltly run hint down. The o•line for which they ar,• ursui:eg him, is for outraging a little girl 11 years old, the daughter of a Teton t AllY111Aan. It is to be Jute (1 that, the lirute will be captured anti speedy justice ruct(d out to him at the nearest tree. - MONTANA MLKI UP. The granary of Wm. J dins, on the &neon read, was Ft ruck lishtning last week and burned down. lerrinian, the ts.destrian fraud : is in Salt Lake ity, but not one of the pa- pers there have the sand to expose him. Diplalagia has again made its ap- pearance in finite. Thre0 t hildren died from it laat Sunday, and there are see - era: others stricken with the eaete dis- ease. I)ar iii Churchill of Ste - Tana, teasken of as the prebable repuhlical citedidate fur sheriff of Letvis and Clarke CQ3nty at the coming eh.ction. John MeCarthy, vile lived in a cabin out on Silver creek, Was lo mat dead in his cabin at about o'cletk Sunday morning. Ile was loaning back upon his bunk, when found, and appt•ared to have died a•Lile in the net of sitting down. His partner had left him only a short time previeus to go out and look for the herses, anti on returning found McCarthy as above stated. Coroner Steele went out and held an inquest, re- sulting in a verdict of death front natural causes. Mi.:Carilly WAS buried in the 'Mena cemetery. A shooting serape tra,k t'lace at ['Etta a few days ago. Mike Lynch, well knewn in Fort Benton, had been for a week or two trying to provoke Bob Cheetnut to fight. At last forbearance ceased to be a virtue, and after Lynch made some remark more insulting than metal Beb (haw a piste] and fired. But for the iiiterfetence of Mr. Ford, who pushed the is eapen aside, Lynch would have been a dead man. As it a as, hia face was badly powdsr burned. No symeat by Was expn.ssed for Lynch, as his abuse of Chestnut was wholly un- Jerry Flowers (colored), of e pub- lishes a challenge to stevn a Mon- prove- 'ked' About noon yesterday William Shields, tana to fieht hint flour roul.,!- 6-r 100 a side and sixty-tive per (gm if ti.e gate w ilt) bas been eml'I\Yed at several Places 11111111‘y. Preepectsas are in the mountt ins at the head of the Teton and the :with funk He was terribly mangled and died in of Sun river, and are 'waning witl stull- about twenty mimics after the accident. yield encouragement to warrant them in staying there. An individual known as \The M)intana Kid\ (Dan Enan is his proper mune) was knocked out at San Faun iato one round a few days ago ev Tem Barry. Four ounce gloves were !ea I. The Northern Pat•iii•• alt - yards at Herse Plains, now tine teeth cover gr0112211 settee of 1212x2 -la :Ind coat, ineluding the watersupplte:e 1 , . A I •ut 43,2tX) feet of material ea-, roe in build- ing the yards. Four Heleea gentit•men sat lewn to a game of wl 1st Teesday Idlem noon and buckled right down to businesAl , or twat- ty-t les- i's straight, end ng about nisei yesterday. Along toward th t last, enflurance counted for more than skill. J. 1'. Foeter suitided at Bi lingn last Sunday by taking morphine. The only here during the eiet few months, was run over and fl s ii;:g littered by a freight train on the Nettliern Pacific railroad. A coroner's inquest was held on the body yesterday afternoon, and the wit- nesses examined showed that the de- cetated was in the habit of getting tirnnk, that he was probably lying, asleep on the track when the tars ran over him mud that the manglina waa caused by being th•ateetal ;eking t t reek by the cars after the in chin t.--Milea City Journal. A war party of twelve Indians paeeed between the Geyser atage station and lIay Bro.' ranch, three or four days ago, all well armed and mounted. They killed a steer al ut a mile and a half from the ranch, loult a fire by the ride of the carcass, cook v, hat they requir- ed and left the rest. The next morning tin's' entered the cabin of one of the Hay Bros. herders, stole nearly all of his provisions and a portion of his cloth- ing, used up his t firewood in cooking, calla. 111(.1114)0ot: by the papa's is that and departed, taking, directions towards he had been married a secon1 thue a the Belt twountains. All their move- ments were bold in the extreme. To what tribe they belonged was not aseer- taieed. Two drunken bummers known as Jer- ry and Dillon got into a dispute at Walkerville last Saturday night. Dillon wantt•d to fight and Jerry was not dis- posed to accommodate hint, but was fol- lowed around all night and bantered to do battle. Finally, Dillon made an at- tack on Jerry, who, pulling a knife, , made two eavage stabs at his person. • The first badly cut his lip end the second made an iheision across hie left wrist to through which they traveled. They found thirty-one such !lenses on the Rosebud, and the same number, thirty- one, on Tongue river, besides quite a number of tepees. Regarding the In- dian farms, they found but little in that line unless the gardens tatuld come der the bead of farms, and in no they find gardens, or no -called farms, of more than two acres each. The Chey- ennes said they were heap hungry and poor. They arc evidently in a weak condition and need a good deal of assist- ance. Regarding the probability of their removal, the Inspector would not mato. any statement, nor would he give any as to what recommendations he would make in that direction. The following from the Oregonian of a recent date, gives an aeconet of a little episode in the career of a well-known Mentanian. The article is entitled \The defaulting bank clerk.\ Nothing has been heard of Frank Frisbee, the assis- tont exchange teller of the First National Bank. It is quite certain that he went away with no intention of returning, his residence having been cleared of furni- ture without his landlord having been apprised of the fact. Ile got away with somethieg over 1F3,000, which was all ab- stracted in one day. He appears to have made careful ealt•ulations in regard to the reatter. lie left on the steamer of July 26th tbr San Francisco, fe,ling cer- tain that his theft would net be discov- ered until the end of the month. lie has probaoly timed his movements so as to connect at San Francisco with the steamer for Australia, as it would be use- less for him to attempt to escape from justice in this country. Frisbee has been employed in the bank about ten months. ANNOUNCEMENT. I hereb) announce myself as a candi- date for the office of Sheriff of Meagher county, subject to the action of the dem- ocratic convention. Coaxaeles LEARY. Advertised betters. Advertised list of unclaimed lettera at Townsend postotlice Aug. 1st, 1884: C, c. K in,ineter, R. W. Morrison, Henry Earl-sai, Joiln Newman, John lartile, M. J. O'Brien, Partanen A titusinas. Wits :174ting for the above letter-, rail for ad deed. WM. WWW, F. M. (;RAN D 11:\1_41. At Tirmay's Hall, Towilsc11(1, FRIDAY EVENING, AUG. 15. ! the bone. The wounded lean bled pro- I^ 1r- StrinT Buid. J b fusely, and soon fell to the ground lean ( BOO, SIIOES, GLO'ArIA'S, A NI) MIEN (;( )0i Singer Sewing Machii rranted for Three Years, only $35, i e aa ae , i k apeeter Barr, C4)111Pany expen:-..c in prosecuting (lcsperado morn ina, at :•!:t. Jtisepit'.; 1 lospital. TII *it Capt. IN•ers, miele 8111111' (lays' trip, • assama-IPA ;rertreit liveseiseti r.tivvrwoloso, loll in en ,ling, last Friday. through the I,' 1 :,. ) 4 4 ) , 1 % .' . r F i l,. N (. 4 1 and • Pro 4 . 4 11•••••• Three -Finger Jack is ,-upp(at.,' te have doing well. en le Indi .att ceuittt.y in eastern M o ntana I 20, 1s-1. 1 ,.• ,•r gone over the range inte Ltalge few mentlis ago, but he di,' not Eva hap- pily with his wife and had separated front lien. The sisters are huilditte an a ldition to St. Vincent's Aeatlemy, Helet a, vtliich is thirty feet letig and two stories high. The addition mill be of brie' e veneer and finished for the reception of b aird- e ( rs lo 1 ; : l yer. by beeinn e c ing of the' school four or tire dumvs ago Nelse Call n, a guide' and dm-is\i' °'as bee - ea r ' a l p '' a u e l t 1 . 111 1 1 1 € ;t r t - on 1 thur (of hie lierses stoic n. On W _ainesday night .1•'. Jay Haynes, the photograither, lost one by the Fa111e means. Nething is knowa as t.) the i(14. , ntit) of the • thicvm exhaustion. Jerry ascaped to the hills, TICKET tTPTE:t, ('otter 3 li ti a. t t e j s l us a S 'it r Y ee ' e r i ' v si c r . 1 il 1(1°' and though he was tracee by the of - flue • S, INCLUDING Ze fald stout, a gnu that Wa3 1 front a friend, lest and the searth wasa5andon- Ail tea iven a tu t ) .3 51 .° ..• ,C) :dial ineitatien IC - au. foi• two miles, al clues w -ere g to- :tt- un- did .NotracE. Inooksttstd entry :\ 720 ! .• Itarets 11. i••72, upon lots :t, I itiol 0, stsetioit taihip range 2 east, hi , Montana. ss itn a view to the cancellation 0: -.0 , 1 etutry; the said parties are her( by $ 4 to appear at this (ace 1 -ii the ettli day or Septend er, I s I, a i lii o'clock it. nil.. tO respttnd and furnish testimony concerning said alleged abistitionnts F. A ttaissos, Register. N DTICE OF FINAL ENTRY. LAND OFFICE AT I 11:1.ENA. it. T., July 19, 14•04-4. Notiet. is hereby g iven that the follou lug - named settlt_T has flied notice of his Udell •1,111 to cal proof in support of hU claim, and th... 1 proof will he made before the Itegister /11 I..• '•iver of the 1.Thilisit Stales Land SWIlict. at I M. T., On A IlgilSt 30, 0(54, Vi,.: .1Oh n -svhtu inude Pre-emption de,larstory • • ..• • . it Ni,. !u51, fur tee w f., NE \4 Nit ' „ N . E ' 1 , NW See 10, Tr, 6, N of range 2 E. lit I , IlleS the followin g witne,ses to prove otions resid('nts. tipon and eultient11,11 Said .11.01111 • Wil i T(m visentl, NI. 'F., anti Iti•n- jaunt) I:. Potts, of lii M, V. .1 ttntNsoN, Itegister. - NOTICE OF FINAL ENTRY. LAND OFF': r Al IIELENA, MoNTANA, July 12, 1 , -1'44. Notice is hereby' g iven that the following- nar 1,r - 1.H 5) -t lye of his intention to wake tin t • • • • • of claim 1. i tu t Itat said pro •I w ill 1st. 11.:, , i, !•. :,,re J. E. K saloa ss, Notary I ublic in and ;•,1: lit -u g lier county, mon- twin, at Townsend, T., on August 23, IN..% viz: Ultarl,s I mmcl, s who Made ple-emplit,11 flevlartatoiy ,tatcr! !.! No. 5367 for th e NE, 1 4 see, 21, 're. 7. N of ran E. IIe nuns.* the lug wttne...otes to prove ids c*uitintitius re's: i oroti and eattivataat er said hese VVilliani Leon- Itenry itadt ,,, Inne, and Piivid tionN el% sit orrownsend, : . E. A ngixsos, Register. NOTICE OF FINAL ENTRY. LAN!, Oveltir, Al 1II:1.1:NA MONT Cs July 1!. last, Notice is l*,•11•1,y given thnt tile fitl5tt ing- natitcd settlo•r has filed 10,tict. 4,f his int/sits-0. t.. make final pi -I -of in support of his claim. and I h.ti said prot»' will be znade before .1. E. Kamm.. ! Notary Ptiolic in and for Nlea g her eosin' y. NI. T.. on Ali gn t 2:), Ims-t, viz. rttrittliutt. Leary, whit made luttt.c,'.,4441 applicatittn No. 261, tor the !'•/, NE !.„ gre. 29, Tp. m, N '(range 2. E Ile nano .4 the following wit orsses t.• T.roye hjs eontinizote• residence upon and cultivation i.1 raid viz: Jeremittli Muhl mi. y .1. \sleCarth William Tierney, and A nockin Par- ker, oh Canton, M. 'I'. F. Altai:04)N', Re g ister NOTICE OF FINAL ENTRY. LAND OFFIcl: AI HELENA, MoNTAN.A, July Notice it , hereby given that the followin g - named sett!ei• has filed notice )f his intention to make f1iial proof in support of his elkiri, and that said proof wid be made Istfore the Re g ister and Revco or of the rnited states Land °thee at Ilelena, 51 l'., on Au g ust 10, I44s-1, viz. 1.;.tivt artl c, 12, T i , ti t, E. lit• • t it• follow bi g Nsitnease% toprovPIi is 4 , 4 , 0t11.110its re,idetice anti ellitINIttlotl 4)1 . 1111111, iz: Henry 51 haley, of Townsend, M, 11' : MeMnh. Gavin Johnson and Henry y ot m. T. ).• t u'hnsuos, Register. JOHN H. FORD, CANTON, Montana, Toe Ist •-1 bravals cf Tim Litillots : %ars a1111 Tobacco. ..1.1,W1TS ON RAND. LOMANG HOUSE, The Neat( st an.1 1\ -f furnit•Ixdi Trax e;ers. FEED STABLE. Muses left iv Illy oarc ~sive drat .e. m atti att, e r v . , rjs-, ezt reateutiaiyis. /tie it . my MUNI

Townsend Tranchant (Townsend, Mont.), 08 Aug. 1884, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.