Townsend Tranchant (Townsend, Mont.) 188?-1890, August 22, 1884, Image 1

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\Tar. TO the end that all counties in the ter- ritary, rani. ta frail' or near to the place I !oddity.: the. territorial conventialt, shall lava appal t unity to be representad tharain 111141 to arta - eta anv ex- tra114.• nitarfa relict. a itli thadalibcrate desires the riptilaicana aac h omn ty the folhoNvin; :de: , hitt e lit -en preacribail by farmar ( - I .k\ eati.,its for the govorn- 110'114 4if the repulaicatt territorial con- ventions afthe.tarritary 4if Illoatana: 1-Ilaleatitas. and alternate (14..loaattos sliall eha•tod in the future to territori- al conventians. and in the t'N't'at af the failure of a deleaatc. ta attend the altar- tatte (Idea:ate eaat the vale of the deleaate iith40 alternate lie is. 2 -In the absent; • a 414. la:at .-, and a alternate a majority of the dalaaatian fram that acataity shall vast the Vote of the absant,• aol raraitable joinahla and all detain ta-In the aloe:ace of all Ca. aalegates 4.4 Inen. Itoth hri vide ht. cast tar Sara mry. 4 -in flan. 4'; minty in vrhiall. Cita territo- tho further use and .-pratol of theaa acan- rial (!, 11 ..11 Ian be li(•141 a - am. any dal, F. 411 . 1(1.1/t(' anti 11 iS altarnate 414 loaate alt' - a absent there shall be no v•aa (•aat in Catsrata, crew and a• - •,-,,a4.ra of tha thair haltalf. I at, airier Silkawarth, now in 1.. it h1. at - 5 -a_ a-Iva - ate:4 and altaranta tattas ; timat b•• residanta ( h e ! aa.-a•rt with great positivan.... ii - (-aunty Lich they raarosant. thay oh:a:la - ad a sett-serpant lit Or Paint At nit faritiar Fa siail i n is faasaa, :war the at !II of the at. Law- histary have the 111011)1 anus tha tar - relict!. 'The Int ,11-t Tr fraqtamtly rin,ry Mantana had presentoil tlasni ao many incantivas thr taiity aral thor- twenty feet out w tter, and app.-arca 4111glint•:-S af political actilat, and it is to be faur fiat in (•iratiniferance. aarnastly Icsire.41 that the cavvention lieral,y called sloth l raprasent thithfully tIR , vital energy and twilit - leant impulsas the republicans of the terrhiiry of moilta9a. arder of the tarritorial raaublican . . .• a: • . IV. F. S. Ntqms, Sacretary. ( 'hairnian. DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. '1' )it democratic clot:tot-a and at hers of laaahar county willina to aut I ill with VW ele , Iling CT - are to na•ta at 111cIr F).\11.'!\;): on the 7itli of r• • • •i• 41:1 (-1t't'4 the harainafter thaianatail to attand • .11V(1 - 11it 41 till b.' holdall in tia• aqua haase at 1V1lit,• aulpion• Springs an th a : • th day of a• atendosr, las-I, at t. ...k af said tlie part , 1 • ;tin. , ten 41-: to the I 0 .•:. ; at • ritorial ( lip 1 at It' t . r 1.414i..t . city, on the 4!: ..; 4 Sep- E teriber, l'411 . the elccti• 1, of ilcl- eIratel4 to tile CO ,ttneil District Con.•ention ; , ; .1 to the 3:1 .1thlicial 1 ( anv e n- a a atal to 'la:air:at.. candida• - as for • :toy .,Itieva. The following apyurtion- 14 ,!' tho reapactiva pranan,•ts are , and the elaatora tia•raal are re- j . al • :ad to assalahla at the plaees named I elect delegat•s on the I. :al,: of ana 4101.1...att. far each tva, ray tes or fractitat of tan east Ihr Martin INIaginnis at the laat general electa.n: ttttt ailataaa, 11.1100.11 Furry white , 1 nk I k 101111.1 troA 1 Belt Ichite Sulphur Springs :Nlartittstlale 4 )ka unrt'm Ranch. 1..ii [trout: I ..1101iW(1.04 1 .,.* V, ! .'..)W i !. t k. Malik Li. ; 1-.1k 5V.04 11 1 • 1 • treek NV,411 . 1%-eek Neil art 11.111 4 '10,wit•wittl) Tr.'. III I_no ilia . ..... ...... 1 T, •I 75 t• 1 . 1 ,t r, by raa.ta:0•11.1.• i that tatali Pr.' ia. I that n 11. ata1.1 last ',afore the ratio 4.1' '• • the primary meat- inas saaal a a, s 1. , tho amity con- 414.titian : • .; of tha 4:ari- a- an t / an far ., --n 1, latatt, t tare - in. J. 1', Va. 1.1a Foca, ( EN R1* W11 ALEN', - The pruata -les for the Townsend pre -in(\ will 4. 1 t'll \fierney' hail at p. m. of the t of S. ptt•mber. Deep Crock IP-PUBLICAN CONVENTION. Tha r. VOL. I. YLi L1 LTD L* I r r\WNSI:N 1) , ArEAM )1 \ N ' VY, MONTANA, Ai \ ( ;I - ST . 1 . 2, A./. ..)=EVICEMIONIONTIff ¢ rn.srtsw.T.. - AlarammciruSIMMIrr. ....taxiirma.,ar •=tv. Ammo( goomamma, aaaamminigraif.1/ TOITiNSE - 'TD TBAly'r 4 1-iti/Tm u • 1 . 1 : :Latta candidates flir 4:4 unty otrices. t s\t it cattsida that the clerk racananandad that tha ing !Iasi t Lao it sIdtted liaargatown. % - . a r... • ‘rs, I'Li.h.10 r. • adopted Iiv the a; allay 4.4 , :ivan- Captain Jahnaan apantal the gate and ..d. Montana. Aug. 22. Terms of Subscr.. fion : I.-. Ir. i•1 rt.! •r thirty 1884. t'; ol • .1 told him to Nit it I /. I'A 11 In ola 4loarytay. haat the a., itril 14.r three qnartera of a . , I at. To aaaapt praxiaa from thtaa pr,.- (•inata antitlad a, anlv ara. d a i I .,,,,,,„ ‘ , Jarnaa Cunninglia a \\ as \\•itliiii tilt) attte- 1 ruile, and bat for tat ! , losina bna - 11; just 4, \ving t., tilt- ,'rat a. - alma I I !,.:.ny ..i . x,ay 1,1it lit! ., r..,, , , ,, d tile gate at , : i tt: , t( u . i r it el , ): :, 1 :: i .. i ... , ' .. 1 1 : \ i'. , 1 :y . k , 4 , 113.:1: 1,,( 1 1(, i . i r 1 3 ... e a t t .( 1 ) 1 11 , ,.., 1 -it ( a r 1 , th‘• -anal! a- lasatar, • • frata :ha 4...0::::.- , a a: 1. 1 / 1 e. :r1-1 tt.- .!:•111 r•I. I 1 .11141 tilt' I -..' - r at. H ISSMII=MMINII•NMONIMSPORM/ the time wale la: . 1,h,th horses more so as to give the little gelding a pat•aatly than tilled the val.:a:I:Vitals of a large amooth track to trat over. t entv at -a ;Intl ana fi)r each fria•tian repill, arty Of Manta: a. v• • a4a.a.ral a in /hr. ta rr a aaa 11 . 441 twana,• \ - ,,ta a to -wit: ! watt,- sulahur Springs will be anti dad rapreaantatian in Ilia tarritarial rapuhlican caaventian as j 1,,•.vs, ad. all ma, inat- ; • tiaa, an(\l : mita a • j a w r It bv gas, haaPUBLICAN CONVENV1ON. ! or '1*\ a -ritc of 1 , may ca.-. t114' tho ahaattaes. All raa,a ar• I Lew precincta which may be creata.1 by the la,ard of cainnassainars at their raa- c a n TI Till' )!Iv. • :1 Ott - . tern:- ititir Septettiber nit.t•ting,hall entithal tar\ if \lantana will he haill at lit:Iona, • a, one ilalasatta attala 40 tat. 27th day Of a . ..a:tan:liar. las-a at la apportio(1- 4,',Ioek, nuon, the pur•osi• of liquid.- taant of the sevarel preaincts aa aivan a_ a candidata thr Delegate in roll- • 1.- !; , ';'• is hased on 1 he litutiliar of v-atas cast a tr rapubliean !laminae far dale.- at1-1 the transaatian af anvil athar falsities-, as in the jtalatnant If the c on_ a j ate to a •ngrasa at tha laat ganaral clea- t:an, at the rate alone. deltantte far (Tab ventian appartaiiis ta the tvalfare o:• the 1 Jeer 1...Ige t:ahatin Ii , stuart. I i tot NT7Fra. No. DELF:InATES (iohl 1{tn . . Pen a ... t...1 , eail 3 I . ' ut, t'lo.tetitt ,, i Dattiaiwi. I Canyon Ferry Clu•ter I Pound liz..)%e Datv-ion 1 • . liez-itatit ' Sther Bow Vt. lii. t% The (.,, l a t ty caunty convantiaita in that': a• .a a. a (vi l l a , atalth•s :hal ( hat . 1.. i mitt. dakaaaa fram cach saai . • H a , aia to the aaritarial canventian ..• d aa .. j ...a 1 a% inn It is dtainel that. auffiaiont notice of anaaas :- . 11‘;11 r1;vt.ntii,;is be given. The t..rri- :seep -Wry. ritf trial reptibiiran canaaittee raspect- tally ravaltaniaals that the said conatv I .•• IT is now a.maidared. in Harm a stir ( canyc.nriana halal carly in tlia last half ' If the aiantli 4,1 aaptamber, hut stalt date thing for Ilan. K. T. , ah.. for the should be iixad tharafar aa, altar giving nand na tia n in a d a i ega t a Cana -rasa on due lit •t tlic relinblicans oft he conn- ties. Wt II be niost convenient. the 41: tickt.t. Cur isrosent del - It is pre...limed that the custom hereto- t -!;Ito, I''; fore pa vailina tin. saveral catintias of said that he triil nat accept a a the tairitary wherehy ilelivites to the thin, IV. A.alark is too much (.I ...a, .1 tar-fa:a:al canyantian are • leettrd from businass mako the race, and till- the tha raspaativa cauatia-, la- the conven- only ty,..) f.rmitlable canipatitara .Jo had tains which assei dile notniaate coun- ty alliaers will la -avail (luring the present are rat:at:a:A fram the track, 111141 Mr. frain th slita Tool., \via , is vary palatial- throughoat leg• a 11 ;nal tia (aaturad. the cattatry, will have 4litlicultv in -1 1 \• - \ \\'• F. ' all in ',at.. he turn .41 to saaak to Pap., mare an' `aat-st taat tune. Phallas , who was in an a th e r FO Iii the \ failed to equal 1th. .ac bast parformanve, daarway, to \\alit Wahl' had baan di- \ but he trotted titre,. at the fastest ran - /acted. Johnsan says he does not re- , sacutive heats ever roiarded by. a --tal- niandiar an ...thing. Ile fell senaaless j lion, the slowast hail* bettar than the fr mi a blaw stuack by a battle which j best record of anv - liar 'rhe Wahl' had 44 nee:.1cd about hint. Eight ; attendam v. a ; fo Hi 10,000 to 1,01:0 othcr prit •rs, wit) must have nod acaple. Wahl . tor their puraotaa asa••• at that fa.- • Jay Eye Sea math. t maul along the wall on tha i aaida, just h;d1 in Loa th r la o at of silt tla• guard. \Viten John- ! the mile in aon fell thay the f_att,. alit{ made a rusa fa: the arms, whieli are 5 kept ana ti;. :•, , mar by. (am- ' 4 4 4 :3 I4 • - 4 I 'Aili:rook • ..tttrii‘t trod I :Ira . i'utsburg. ' - Nt rat-data:In yontioittoes 1,..( )rt.k 1 lit, t-t'Vt•t'01 Nt ill pr1,•4•4 ! • • all ' ' 1 , • II , 6 I I :1 • ' i I. 6 1 \.‘' . .c. , cotility :try ri: -1. :1 , t ir say; ratm pro, a.. Ts .71V, the ath liay 1 - : i ,!. It II d elegat. - . • . • 4 , 1;, ; : ; lie 1101.1 in t• a a. . . „, V; i. pliar St.rin,_ . . a • \ S, milaa, 1- - a :a a II. I : said for Olt , t, ,,, • • 411.011. , 4 tit) • , ; .31 t troa ntion, ! at llatana, . n thataltali day at -• sa . , downing the rei,t or the fold in Ilia con- twantya -.s far natal. r. startail 4,0 lilata . wora 1E0..1: a hie Of NV hf .111 NV: rt.` (1114111V11. A1111111:: host! 1010 es - volition. We have not the slightest idca Cita run oat (hi..- avant, turalpilaa calmly rai,a41 were the l• aalit Anta n i a CS - as to who will carry the republican ban- and mat :CH ,J1•11t's. an I /W(./1 11(1' in the (anti aign. fat our, (..anitia nal citt a hia a a ad. a axiniano Me- at-. • j Thaa aaraal hint b. give the btaary up. and then dray...\ wa thra( tailta in the ; )Il I Zgl* and 1-11 it 4,11 tho raal and took ON Sunday mai-atria a Chicago nawa- paper priated, rovaithady indeaent language, atary arainst Mr. ttarasa the Iii! a. More than thirty Blaine a criminal indiaaact a al. (saninit- armed men have ;amt. in prr.:Int, but no ted thirty yaars ago, while ha was taach- tidings have yet boen roach ad faint ing school in Kara: 1:y. The atary is a them. latall one of the eacta ina eon- I cruel ono. We pa -alma that on invaati- varts is It0.41 with mare than three re- aatian this Chicaaa stary would be found sad \ ors. All are rogarded as the moat ; ti 11144a -tams the rid!: fly on ill‘1 , 1•eFate tie 'n malar ,-amtance of con- (lav. Clavaltual. hop - . all daaant Is ti t. vicinity of Vandalia, III., saw,. herd:: of cattle have baan recently affect- ed by a peculiar disa;a0, reaultad in rendering ilia in totally blind. No deaths ocutirred. A:r a trial or fist telegraphing in New Yark, W. L. Wallah, of the Commeraial Tal cantr... , • y, sent perfectly 500 a- in 1 , . , 1 , 011;151. • • • it , Tii r irWil r :•- i ii!.. .•.- r --. ., ..1 I h i - r,i-az.i 'I Iti: - :m ineu1 Cuteage. Arausaa, Mo., Aaaust 1 2.--Tha Kan- naboc J011 out! says: It 1‘ 1i C1'1 . 1:(1 11 1 / 4 Mt two weeks ago that thy 'late (if the birth of tha infant son of Mr. and airs. Itlairte, which died in July, ISA, had haen oarafully chiscle 1 frani its 11:. nu- mato. The ab.,ect is nut know a, hut Ow para.:an alio is itispacaal of this copisa of the alloaaal as• ad. .s -hit to v•arions parts af the eatintry papers antaganistic to Biala:. Detact- ives are on the traak. -111-111t1a-111.- A Peniteatialy Itavott. l''/IANKFOLT, Ky., aai t ssat 14.-Tbe desaterate autbreak ;I tha Liata- ry pcic,tentiariv, , took place this marra in: (a :tip aato. Tha alarm shaa given by arta af the trust , raliaa thrcuali the strasta on hars-Aa k and calling to the eitizans to go to the rescue of tho auards. The• alarm soon spratal, and the citizens, arms in hands:. pout ad 4 , ut of thair house.. and ran tvith the groatast spead as the le•nitentiary. In the nican- time a brisk firing NV;1.0 haard, the fire alarm on tin.. engine hatiaa rang, and a t rusty maasanaer in ,rsel atak was.; stappad say, rat tinws at the point of a aist..I by an esraping canvict. By the time aid ai•rivad at the pri• On the terri- ble stru:2,:le was aver and nothing ra- natined to show tho light ltu: a graat !lumbar of bullet hulas, the blood of woutalail man, 413)11 thaasanda , of Ian 1' atrick en people at the aates. La' I gatas ware larked aril 11:31 - 1T(1, 1014 1113t.r1 authoritias were aatiatiad thataill was 1 (pita and all the convict.; plactd under lack and key the calla, tha outer doors were taiharrail and admittance grantol to a few. (alt. tal. Jahnson, who is guard at one al the hates, says he had received an , intimatioa that a ca n a p 1 • aey waa ,,,„ fill 't Din the past two wacks, and laul_ been very in 14a•king and unloaking the aatea. It haa baen the austani to nIh 4W taisoncrs io make in their leiaure aza articlas of variaus kinda for ! , • lat lac -a and frienda. whan Jahn aon of the caunha clark of Son, al, v raaantly sent ap tar tl-ti from Lexington far fora - cry, drew n aaa• ail a Is taa. 1 a .1.• •p :4 11 _ - 12: u lna: ma i l by 4110.r ,la s, intt•mled ma t call a. h alite t o tatt a e :t r a id ail th, icartruto ramai, irig tinder the balan a in a ; , ..1 1 carlaa Fat :trait, It jua- ; n ha! 4,1 1,. ! . c.a.:ha, aanimisision- • • he (adored the stratch ill laulticas style, pass - wire amid applause in 4 • .rN - one collet:fled, that, but for ilia tial a I. .,:, a tiaa in tho liantaat I .1 an (apt. 1). 1). 11(.1- . ''. 1 . -- ,..... :tling, he would have licittail Nratal i 1 I a• It tit; a • . a : ,. .\' harill . Brit\ ;': .--as racard of 2:01r.a Ile 0(a:traits! the vilialtiNv tin 1 at alt hit., the strat•t, mica 0 .. .. \ loa\ : a , }oh at ' a \\ ha jtimpad out at' i I . . , • . 1 a I., as, 1 ,, t \\ tatty -hat) is, a. .,.,, 4,1 , aoing the last 41u:taloa \vhil • till. tiring at apt. Paane, am. of the I his dai'llta , ttal 'anal' as, alal a Ih';'a ..,• -ad anartar was (10110 in aoa If he taa ( - e apasad tail.. lt; a -a: .!. a , - taa'a . : ' ''i h -in ; \h' '' : 'al 4 tl'i •\ \ 1 :\ IR .- I whit II i', slow that' for hint, he would ; :zu:1.4i . w ho re:in . ..:.d t11(. :h.:. ;Ind thon , 2I. ' .''. ! h ut'' ra\. h. al -• • ( 1 Pia...\ ill (I ....;1141 ha \ . a to. the la..t i;t :;.-1 soca:Ids, b ra‘ . 4 , etiarta I , d, i„. I a , •,: . , , J .., :.. '• ira) ha': \ a•a ••••,,- ' a• ;a , equallad al:01(1 Sas time. 'flatt t a i ,a It a a,, a , ah, who a ,, Ina ,. , a .,,,,. them. '; lia . aria- nai, a hair 1,1,..., 0 1 , : . 11111 0 11:all ran to the r• • :;ite of .1,.huson, and dritggt..I1 a life :alt- ar, 4,11 a- Ito a 1- in ilia act of 1\ _ •: first qttartir IU atarters in I: 151 1,4(10 .Ta v Eva a t as alatle in - - - Mexican Dori: t.,.9ttlialifs.. et - Brpwii,vine, 'l'ox. '1 iia ma,:id-ity of the Slail.44,t a's. Jay Eye Sea the first tin at scoring with the ranner. I he little horse was at his gait as he aasse•1 undar the wire, and aning so Smooth that but a few who saw him Cl lull realiza his speed. Ilis stride is a decaptive one, and there was a general exclatnathai of aurpriae when he whiskad pata the quartar Fah. in :tat oeoli 15. Ile was trotting perfectly steady and all -could see he was gaing fast, 1 , 1:1 - 'vi ii \1:03\ was passed from maul! ) taaoth, as he \(ut\ the half nala pale, tha niuramr ifv•reascd. On he want nail aaaatalad the tidal quarter wi Ii no aigna 4,a rataaing, ding tha quarter in :I2; ant just f • . - a t• r pirating tlw ilia:a-guru - tar pale ha 14ralta, and did raaain Ids step for half it (Irrir.',:n jump , . Tia. runner that vvaa tION - eral len,alia behind When ...luta br. came tip al4aigs . .141.... wauld Lays takon tn.. lead Lad not a! ., •as plitie..ife,.; a into I 1. fallen t..11;41. ori.v ( lenient bay(' ' (.11 ; .\ 1 \;f %.` loll 4 , 1 hint 1 ;wk. shows how hiiii( Ii In t h e ineam‘ ap a , , 1). a I:4,11121am, a l . \Iti ill e\lintr.v td 1 . 1, t 0. SVC Irlt 1)y the 1,r(•ak. Ile had atatal frara tl :114.11, ( . .11:10 to the gata laita dta\vared that iatuntla la a- Ilia stri(la vvhen and firing 1..came gat) .ral. (auttning- faun Ivrestlad \vith (.. NV. ('raves, *iris - 4.1), !'1., alanagt..1 at run hint ::t aim malt r lack and kay. dascribing (•ircle in this n.• : , Idly Aaha) was pouring valicy after voila at aautli, a yating man who happon- cal to have a gun in his 1.011(1 %alien tho alarm waa givea, taak aim at .1 -lap. it IS balia.vt.41 he hit him it, the :-1,..111.1 , ! 'Ilia Pah can\ ts than ;Meta; I .,1 t 0 aser thanr rt. i ' . - at 1,y rapid firing 4)11 Pa - tre and S.,tith, but the laave bay ciatian those who 41141 not th-in \a lat of damned coa•ards.\ lie said ha v, is s‘a•ry lie - lid not kill tfearge .ksla j a air back (.1: The arm angainan hat 'iv mull 1.3111 11101 Asloi. NUL.; to StalIC at the at s atal kill the iirst gaard data41 to aapriaall them, and ta renadn until tha whole gang 111 411e 1111A t• mt, 'Ms ha says also he dhl not 41.,, whit'.' he was true to Ids word. Lux raaacia, Ky., August 17.----A1.,!ut 11 ()clack this morning a man hying nine miles tram here natitied the and (iraves, the (•scaped catty has who a ..1 _ha rec.rat revolt in the penit altiary ml paa I. 'it, had I) •ati ilk that n .1. Is l ay Sheriff Itagi•rs. at ha. bat at' a 1.. • inumaliataly left for tho se. na. •1 la. faait iv( a ware aai ris.d in a aaill L .1, and the', - hum( .1 ataly 1)11011 .1 lire an the pas.,', killing I ,corga (.'aasell, a prom- inent :armor. Ti' Foase returned the tire and killad lu t 1 As1.1) and Craves. A Sad Suicide. 1:). -Russell If. Tevis who :;1..;.1 111101 serio ;sly Frank Iglahart IVO/ fOr tot' intimata relations it ill'. ttis 1 ife, went ta his at 2.tia4 at. 1,0 Ills at (mite, a!): tit tan (ai•lack tnaith.lit, and had some angry words \1 , rentarkina that be I t it :• tier fas all al thaal to die, ja :41411 w if e . an d (laid. I 1.• 1., a trae pistal fit Lit the waslata la! at., a : nil made a datnalt- atratian toattals wife. alma, divinity.; his intention, 11 , 1 1 ttatily from the ram:. 'fevis that) placed t me piatol to his own head atilt acid a t ; ty-tight calibre bul- let throtash his la .1i 111111 Ml dead upon the II: . , r •••• suffering from la\ -a. H ats. a.a - jaisa!, 'it hl not al- low th-n• rap)? ters to see her. Tavia bouala out his 1,1111 ass yartnea to -41:1y. lie hail been arinkilg t,)-niglit, and a as in a hiahly nervous and axcit4 (1 ,•,,ridi- tian bafare he went liana.. Ile was 32 rears of age and af a vary nerv ats tem- perament. Ills a hi is Ilia datightar of (t e n. lteeae, la. S. A. and was ima)lvad m • a Very unfartunate afatir with young: Iglaltart two years agia for which her husband ebtained a Ilk - arca, but some months teams they mat in l'hicaao, be - a was . e married an(1 have li•.)....a.aather. - The Wind ;..3p1itters. Pit MAD:A PHI Alia 15. -Not 4nee th e lay whan 'Maud S. trotted tile last4';:it mile in thrta• can a•critive !Rats, has there been sach an attandanc..' at the Bel:I:oat Palk xi v:aa aatheral Wally when Jay Eye See rral Phallus a :taloat al to lacak lite recant made by Maud .*4.. 111111 213, I:1 1C 1,y 1•11a11:4-: l'hiea..o. - ,e lid Il «at e act. his bust record. to the viti•ions in t !a; river, ar taaaa the (a•44\ - 4 - 41 fully realized the per- bancres as they art - call • v \• ; mn•e of tha little 1.1a(.k raiding, the hanart•s, the Ptttraro Cerritaa, ra: Thu track ra (led. In the first fu teen )11(.11 \\are i n j of Eli , a „ and was tr , jw . d , , , (1 a anal, Nviloni four w captured. The with p.. , ha, unmindful of the Ito - r,.. -4 fad, having arms \ ad thifiles 11 to Ii ;ar fit iitit' hind them. one n bandit, Chan 1 1( 0 .4 0 . 1. 41 t i . : • 1 1 1 : 1 \1 l aat t h a •J 1(5 i \a. ta4.4. a - as to nathe 1(11111 nor traal ing to Mr. St illaaat \a...finial four tildes , .11 tis ynt off at ii stn. :tin 41:- :; .1. is twit known. I. tinie Oi-.1.ia r , and r, 11111. - if tile aidar the r; !h.! qtlarter in al sc•cands. The aaa at,- a hati. faat for kiln, and he \Ili 1 ,, ,* a .• ataps. J ust after entari tiu. quarter. At (ha hadI tail!. pale he a 11,4 (ratting gaintly, (1:11:1.). I a. aaaaio Tapia, . ..f the Pen- ;lad ti\aaad strade in tint) stylo. Ile asai 1 haa wa -- • eta!' ' and 1..4. 41 ,, a. n '..• '. ale atratch tindar the taatraa to aae hi- a a. jj , , !y lightly, hawevar, ht,Him 2.1 1 1 anii(1 loud cla•er•• th\ ' h\\ tuld in 1 \t - Jay Eye See in the heeond atttemi.t to. a hj, - the h-st N••••rl: lout. on math. Ow mile in 2:101, andd tha wildcat thia atier far yaars, aaa ii . :11.' :rah. bias :: :a ;ante to art hi 04,4 rt t% lea lha aaant trillraan be arivon out. a. Arrest of the Governor of Texas. . , . . . (a.avra - rox, Aug. 15.-A vatt; thieniant. Curatinahant, the c myiet I thla ‘: 111 \V• - __- - at-aaaaa ., ..____ who rat:dared au: 11 pritiatal hally sarvice i j I issuad to -day l a s lanitad Stith:- 1'. - :1 • Jay F70.1 see and, 111.21ae. ia re-r-..i , ;mr t 14« c;;Iiiituilo t.4 tit° city , ti - t-1 ! \..t ,.1. . i.. . . 1 .•io... .._ ; - .-, ,. .• :tr . % ' .A.. .1 , !••1 ,1. • , i'1111..,. :7F.T2-•rt . 1 . 1 ! .. 1, . - - 10 4)I . Clio revised statute:. of of his I.:triton. 1 1' V, it4 i'tlt 1:1 tat! IIIN:14. \ .. a, , ItI , , 1.11:et. cot...-. ci t ti t c 4! 'Ifs t, : v, r r e .- ; ' tvith a knifa, hut tht) \vaunt' is not dan- • . is 1 a. 1 ., a., a: ...- • ____h a s t h, r ,. 1 cot( ..( -... _, _....,, _.1 a. the Unitisl 'ttitas. Emil Patna. i-;. geriats. Captain .14 , 11;s al was beaten • , • whose deposit am ilia warrant was is -an a la•an suali an rita 0:1 4111 ('0 10. 1; 0 1 ;11 .) % t i ',Naar the lhad and on tha hack, a - al is p ark :1: _, ‘1 . 11 ,.., , zaibiaj ... il t ,.. , m 11( , 11 Jay j WAS omviett.1 in Isati i ta dia il a . auta a rin a much 1 .tin Irani his wlahals, 1 t• . .• . , 1 ' pi , 1 , , . . „ . 1 ,, 1 , • ,, ,.._ 1 tliiseeVelIalitill :iaillIt• of Tt'Xtls a191 •- ::: ,1.1( la Lts a.,Ctliii ... 00 0.( ax r still at his ptat. Only the three , : tenced ta fiva pars in the panitantiai:,. ta... raaai\.. Hattla by 1 11;ta•I S., and i!' ..,a, . a ta named aseaped, the others s efraj . t bj ., 1 14 , 1 . ,.,, aji ,, i,j jh 1:1!' by 11,,,:ja on Oil- lath iaat. .Italge . tathine, of the a !a\ 4.11)1111'til or drivan back. \Vain\ binvh..11 .. at chicagu. Hie a 4:hills \yew 'al: , :- tht ra y're n any lift!' is ' th e O ut I not ba,kan, bat the Limo made by 1.• 1 It lie WI-- his dentin- narsas more than na.t tilt. (.xpacattiatt- 1 the majority of the al avattars. ' Eve See Ia.:at the. recard a thiacaarat•- 'tars of a mile, and but al a Itt.;ittg brc:11-, jt1.-1 Java entaring the last quartar, withaut doubt wo.I1h4l have clipped a ! sacalal or mare oft .Maud S.'s fastaat I date. Ilhallas fail, •41 0, ea ial his best ! parformance, but lie trotted the ti; roe tastes - , ataisecutive lastas o'''r recorded by It stallian, the alowast wing better than the record of ally attar stall:a:a 'Ilie attondance Nvas front 1.l,1:00 ; I • Bithars whodrivea sit hi Eye Sae :arid the In tiara :•\ ant, \I'll baat Maud Saa , ; _ \a ;;n this track aura, with Jay I ; , bet 1 dattlat Paallas baats . Jay 1 . a • .a jttst about to an • •hat, is.ia a a hie we want hini.\ Prami tly , l.:ak Mr. Van ()ratan, \vitamu: .1 -:o'; i, callad i. at the 1 - a.)t- .: • al.alltta made Ida appaantace. ininutas later there was a mur- mur of admiration frlan apectaa•rs as t.114) stallion s.lawIt - ad last in grand tale. lit' was given a eau; 1, , I -I'S,.: %;tra.!:.:•uli mile.\ ( :a:11,F a •-laa and than sent in aaa a aftar tt int - a-dawn, 1:halla.- .15 1 a running hat•-• t..ii sulky sad arisan by 4. I sac-. Altar thr(a_. Mita- aaa I L.. rannar 1 Ha; .1 aata - nil, aittnt«1 a laatring to :1 writ of i.ofpv:: 0 • .• was call st haaring !!! saaa 112111: ti.a.041 that the governor arantad a aardon to Fracois, H' • • ap o n tha h aa dismiastal and I . of the - , :uri was entered 11.. next day Fraeais refused 10 :t• H., ;!: a - arntaaa pardan, alleging tha; a did ha rasa ,re hint to oilizenaltip, and he praferrail rat lit- to raly an the judgita.nt rendered in the diamis,a1 of the writ and be disallargad a-ata cuatody liv tht: com•t as the bast \ hance of' his v and eitizanshiji. la las allidava i aapasas that Ire- ml- i a Nat r s with Feld- tant iary alicials, cat: a n,l••. and vonfed- crated to gather far t th -; as of de- l:riving hhn 0 1 . his 2 : 1 :1a :tad Priailaaca sacurad by the cartatitation and laws of Ilia Unita(' States. Ft taois is aura white. Ile marri,;(1 a calared woman whoa() cantalaxiim is fairer than his own. The state atatuta umiar hich he was convicted provillcd anly far pun- ishment where a parsan is cam - 111411 far miscageaati4m, lianct• his 4•;.,iat fur being discrinihiated aaainst. A warrant for the arrast of the gavernor was : placed in the hanhs, of Marshal Tracy teanight. l'he ease attracts a groat deal of atten- tan. ••••-40 - -- 11.1nlan Beaten at Last. T..a. a :a, AI._ t -A dial atalt from and t) ill 'ill: ii 1)III), 1;i:1. '4 . - I 'I:ally 114)(1- a a, Nov, • 1. a V\ a raparts that dad fai• Ili() a -al, alai Lao ; • a ! ‘ t••al- t, .;'' ‘, ; .• Ii IlanIttn anal Ilan want (al with a to: ...• . rful , .taa WI' : II mill of the a (aid gait; pastaal the quarter la t a ay -four :tad pl,,...• a -day on t 1 -(• seconda without a skip, but left his feat • Paraunatta river. Peach v. - fl la: seven far an instant on enteriug the secand 1(aq:tits. _____ ----- - T1.3 Scandal Denounced by W::tterson. latursytaara August 17.-1Icnry \Vat- ter:am returnad from Virainia Baach to - (Ida, and in answer to it quastion aS to) tilt EinilIC scandal raid that he long ago diacaalitad it and diainiasad it from serious 4.4maideration. He had occasion some fifteen years ago to look into the inattar, and had found not which could justify the impeachment of Mrs. Elaine's virtue. Ile had araanitered at the time nothing hut al,:alowy sur- mise.; all. 1 it ataa .;• • a , SS hi, posso,:s- before aceampanying hint. rhailas ing nom. of : the qualitiea of proof_ went to the hallmilc pole witl out a kip - ill 1;1151, doing t ha .nacand quarter in 32 Maud S. seconds. Just altar he passel the half Taal - , N. Y., Aug. 11).-W. II. Vander - mile pole he was \tip\ for a :ea - stela, bilt has s Id Maud S. to Robert Banner but Ilithars eauaht him claverly, :111(1 he for al00,0)0. laamer with his par, lalaa flaialled the mile like cloakvaak, and left aaratoga for New York to -day, did the last -gam -ter in 321 aeconds. ataRA*106A„k114. la.- -An aasociat, .1 Jay Eye See was then brought out for pre a ; reporter Lad an intarvicw this a fast mile. Ile was a(aainiptinied by , evaaing with Vatitleri ilt. The lattar Old Jake, the same lo•rsa II kok used I said ill' hail sold Aland 47 , , but watil.1 to have driven to encouraae at. Julien. state. a ha- time- Consideration was. flow- aail!..4 - 1 the rains ballind the avar tho !alive law gone to Ralit. Balmer. runnar, ;aid waited at the la.a41 of the Vanderbilt furtlica :'aid that lie hal stretch while Jay act: searal twa or d:spaacal of lac mare thr the reo:'..)11 (halt three times. A light s. Oil't IttoI jnst Ii • had so !title time t ) drive hia• Misc.! I' chat: -rate all : I I is larae business operations raquired ' !ha la at s!: •!; 1;;! U.:I . .: 4 . 1 At all events it a a quat•tar, but only for an instaat. Ballot:a had hint in hand 1)(6tre ha hall taken three aa•ps, and passed the half \as h•vel aa It lit.\ in 1:041;1hre,-quartcrs in 1:40i, and finished strong 2:15 atito loud ap- plause. Jay Eye See wa-t naxt introducad to the people, and he aassad the grand stand amid han41 clapping. The sulky ho 1.t:114'd weighs but farty and throe - quarter pounds. Ile waa jagg(al a couple of miles and then givan a warm( r in 2:30. : While h a waa - cooling out\ Plait - ha: was repeatad in 2:14.1, the runner as rtil...41 , • ;MTORMICK'S LIVERY STABLE, NEAR THE DEPOT, TOWNSEND, - - - MONTANA. i17est 7:11117Dll ozighor Co. I4 (\ 1 a I 1 ( 1..a . Horses Boarded by the Day or Week anathe Best A_Yention Guaranteed. pi'r' ID ID 1,2 - r 4 rA Pk. J I i i i'4%. GROCER DRY GOOD B00:7 -S, :11 - 1:7-S. CI:OYES, AN ) }'[l\ (;001)S. Singer v q KA - ) ,Ting T1 fV2 - iP todor Thri\n ears C' Ir g; ii\ see,) upon the turf es.• nor : 1•12;on a.s she will niost 111 771C to rn - trmtv‘i a 11-- -4111111111S_ k runinreti this ' , Naming that Van- abilt has purchasad Jay Eye Sae, ha: there is no truth in the repart. Vara! a - hilt further says he has recoived an , • , ;- Irani parties, a 'lase mimes he waal flat intO tian, V4 1 ; 4) w 1 : 4 1 to 1)1_lrch;,. hanoi S. '4.1' It CI largar s. than he ha I tak011 for tha mare, but he did not ish to sell her to tlaan, as she thight be used in a mannar which lie could nut tatactam. II is (k•sire that the man. shall be ratinal as the of the trotting turf, and in this W A1.1 In' gratifiad. Naw Vaaa„I lig,. \1 9. -lit bort Banner said to a raparter he would keep tin' Man' for a few days fur rtni.d purpta, and then aend her to one of his farm and aut liar in training. Than he will gi \ e the public an exhibition with liar to show a hat slit- can do in beat;ng lu- rt'corui ti aatal. lit- believed ahe could trot in 2:; 1 ;:; or 2:07, and he int:aided to satisfy Liats,•lf as to her spaed. Ile would nevar allow liar to trot l'4.r to' iflCV ar avail fer a prize. If .Tay 1-a s• aaa laths Matal's time he would try la I • 11(1 not enter into any fara .al agreen el t ith Mr. Vanderbilt a ) k. al, hail S. ota of races for monay, but I gum -s Vanderbilt knaw his raotal wall enough to know Bonner would do noth- ing of that kind. •••••11, $10 REWARD. For the ro-scovery of a brown mare, bra .1 ti on the It -ft shoulder, saddle marked. Any per - Sol the mart. to John Murray or t‘: Ali,:haeol Sullivan, Sr., %lin reeei-re the above r. J('/IN 5U1.1.1‘ . :0N. Missouri Valley. . ..IT' 2r - i THUS! 00038N& 1-1111.111i, . Importers and Dem3stie mid Dealers in Foreign Cigar, Cigar - ettes, Fruits, Candies, Notions, Etc. Broadway. opposite the 1'. r -t TOWNS.1.ND, LiONTAN.A. 0. E. - 13'02 1 N S. L. 8.1_10131N SON. l'iONNS(A, CO1TROOR3 BUILBERS. Fla. is Slacr.vt -. _. and Estimates Given - LEIN IN - BODE), BlilidS 8CICE11 :Ucurs Lit; Cedar St., Townsend.. .1111111111r1 11111111M11, .11•11111 LOTICE. 1 • ,.: • , 0. - 11. -pa cat, sic Iii' , iiiknowtt • oil 5mm TI T• . T,T /I• 11-, 1, Pi 111411111111111116( ••• - I• • I ns))ip 7 iitr\tli r , 11olitunti. .% Itii • I • I • •I'•'• 4.1 -;1.1 I tit ry: - tat this d..y si went, 1 - ;-1. at 10 t0 resia•111(1811/1 Itll'111- •• •• • .. , 1••-• 1111ege41 al11:11..1/ .1 1•11 r. r NOTICE OF FINAL ENTRY. LAN') 01rTICI.: AT tha..r..N.‘, :%t. July 19, 0 is lierel.y given that the follow nig- rir:r -.• tier litt. ti 'ell irotiee of his intention to .• !woof .upport of' his dale., and \r irroof will! 'sr nnute Isrf,rre the Register , ; r of United stto. • Latul ()Rice :ti T ...0 .‘ r, vi,- J o hn 4 4: . t ,teelaratory • I ' i • ' '1'p 1.. • II , .1.+1 , 11 - ,, O\ hut' ‘‘ %I a' 1-\ ' ; Ir‘m, .-1 • 0, : o ‘Vtilidt . • • , N1 I .t 1111 I 1. lia, 1'. Al.:•;‘-r•N, 1.,•, 1 , NOTICE OF FINAL ENTRY, LAND 01'1'1( /. AT II /:1.171. r 0 , Nutive lterehy given that the t\ itattle:1- , 11ier ha- Ill ' , I maim. of Ili intention let Ill.1144. lii .! proof' • !port of hi,- • !min awl that i•fl.• : t in ht. iii, ' 1 . F.'' , re .1. Kllt111111.4.. at I`'TT1•,• l'•Ii‘• r •,.• county, NI. I ...11.-07141. 1 • AttguA 1s$4, l• D o n. ., , . ,,, a ,t e pre • ninitka t a,,', • • 1.•; , , the NE 1 4 1 4 .e.... 2.1, '1'p. rrr .• I, It o .1„• I, ; :, r. ; I:0g-4,4.S t..) prove his I/“' 141 111141 bd . •.... \ aN il T i• William 1 ,C4 :• t•ry anti David llotert-r, n11 ..1 1 M. F. ArmiN...N. lleg - i-ter. - - - NOTICE 01\ FINAL ENTRY. 11.A:i it 0111. 1: A't :11osi.tNA. July 11, 14. i- hereby 01111 the foil -wing - '1:111' `• P; IM lilt 1.41:114V Of kir! ilIt• /II tell ; ' root Ii j , , ' ..r 0.1111 that 1II/I / 1 . ”111' .1. E. K luok... 1 , • I' „rl t r %I. agher county. M. : -;, I iur 1.t•itry, 11% h0 .. . 1... 1 411. 2: .1, ti,r the .. _1'. I p r 4;4 , !, . lb ti,Li' IL, --,,„ , , N‘ t., Lis ••011tial14.41-. 1411vati4Ill Intuit, • •.I •.- 11141(0'! .1. :\lel'art)l - ; .• ;V, I. I ...Pol len' Par- ker, ail ,:- 1' ‘1 0 .,,, Itc r W. T. JA COBS, commission MERCHANT 1 1(,\l( . IVAliEl 1(4 Al 1.1 1 4 111 \ 1.1 tr0.itcy adtlitire , 1 1)11 er ; .,1 en -.I 1:4 11115 /II. II 'I li' 44ere- 14. 44-14 It, JOHN HI FORD, CANTON, Montana, - 11 1 , 1.;:inds of Willa Lipors. Claus 'Ed Tobacco. 1‘1 I h 1 \\!.. LODGING HOUSE, '1 he N. arr ••• Best of Iteds to Travelers. _ FEED STABLE. I 1 left in iny reeeive first-. Iteip , at tea. li,•tt. My eltarles ure ,..r• ; I lit V tat a -taa r •-; •. 1 .• -

Townsend Tranchant (Townsend, Mont.), 22 Aug. 1884, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.