The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, August 10, 1895, Image 1

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THE WICKES PIONEER }Moira! Society of Montano: VOL. 1. Z'3tDO 6 1- (0 WICK ES, ( )1\ TA N A, SATU RDA AL( 1 . sT 10, 1805. No. 1 -Ok‘N The Wickes Hotel 10111***1 - This Is The Only Place - !tett\ f II i Butte v. h. I, can get a 41 meal at re:1'0111:0)1E rates • r e Spec:4*i /MAL:Alt - 1mi Given to transient rade. Rates $1.50 iwer day. 1?ei1iiction to regular 11111 t'llt•r.: I llaa„ . „ -Nick Pescoal- t Proprietor ARCADY. 4 lac INA hesitant with use. For I go to Arcady %toter is siert, hers, Aioi it Illiotit the it sistos beursiful of the leafless year. th'ent bet liln trusts otiiiis the air from all the hapless tlee• • N d fle shy dryad lie not hesitant s MI sue. bs go to A ree,dy 1 he out henitant with ine, 4.',4ue unit go to Arcud. ! Itisi base drunk the whis- tvery yellow strop Is gone-- Pluoked tbe lust grim. f the slug. 'siender eeistienit the fsw Wits -re beneath the sV a g !teem'tt wanes t.ithesolue sit 5l? I isissog and dance he Wit heintailL as iii,loke , Is Mai woods of A roads I -Eugene Field in Clits.ago lIscorst LITTLE STARTS A FUSS. Idoweinaklug aud Howekeeplug Smut es Mell aij Woluell don't need to awing slobs to break up home concord. A weer end it waspish tongue will he quite as effective. ',Sarcasm and nagging are to the atmosphere of love what sand flies %Lei flea4 are to smuttier. Who would uut pietei an orcusional brush with a tuarine lune bug tii the torment (if i Lica yeti can't catch: , utri edged, accepted. trusted to the end A luau liite.t hold lit.. It -scud. There is more than one virtue that has gene (Jut of date along with town pumpa and tallow candles. here is the old fashioned trick of loyalty to one's frienrite There are plenty tif friendships !DIME NOVEL BEADLE Hi WAS A REVOLUTIONIST IN THE LITERARY FIELD. - sow It. st•rted the Salkinfls Hawked \'timers\ That Had Such a nig nun Thirty %ear. Ago Sellable Author* Who Wrote stories For Iteadle. laczpeseadv• Fire Alarm. . It Is pussible to vomit ruct rt very simple PLAYS AND PLAYERS. and effective fire •lariti tit it trittIng ..,,t. Mpie. Melba Is singing In London, but _ To du Iii I,, all that is lierrientry Is It quail she Mises list nimear to have createst a to Lily of cord, several small pulleys Mid Tore there. ' some article of metal tfint will make it Mrs. It ttttt naltio Pacheco will shortly be great clatter when It titlIs. Tile pulleys drawing royalties front three of her plays are placed around the Ceiling Clone has t Ito simultaneously. wall, the slid.. uf the curd are tied together tla,ritae is I Is.' I It It- o f o w p l oy i t , , In a khut that. will easily slip through tlii, pulley, end iu 11,,, eurd 1,,thteurd st sr hit -it. Stitea all Joseph Holland are to Mel pint.- sir whitteVer olijnet may las u leete4iii 111111.40 the grestlerdi amount. Ike rheap repertory e411141. opera cola! A man died almost tinteitieed Ile. other u.s Cr racket. The moment It blaze reaches the IpitlIrt luive luel Poor it \°\\ day In NeW Vert at has wits, lu his prime, oelling the mail is horned it Iwo and the the oblle jUst S rt•voltitionist It, Itie literary field. I Ni' pi nto f ft li s, mo ki ng ,„0, t o thiengo, before the (sir. Wtiel considered ler to le• publisher, Ernst Us B, -sidle, rouse the entire, If thought , the best N1144%, 144Vt 11 in America. Now It the f '\ haT sat the °watt' °,,as'l. Or \ hest, the cords (na)' cress Lim middle of'Is Pre ( I.Y th.' °tat - whose 1114•Iti.)ry retti - lies heel, to the times the route In ntiditioll to being put nniutel harie Adair, the original \sensittionni\ before the i'la hi Weir Will reett It the feet t h e h o m er _N ew Y or k 1,4, , denier, lass,. returned to New York (rem it that IIlt• . :44 and 511 cent tioVel Was the rule professienel t rlp eround the as ,whi. Ti.. New Woaraa's Preserver. Dust- enyn Ole Will not ill America She threw her round, white arms about toll, year, Isi,t the great Italian twtress set- \ \\k a\d kb.\e't (till o \ the \C\ dem sti•-ks toany ileterilliliut avry long. 'My preserver!' elie 11111rIlitired 1 sus glad you like them, dear,\ said which empli,ys a prt•SS agent. Who yearly Which, like comtunies , re put on and see hew fluid ) 1 \'till.' give fer 10 (villa- I P\'\ in hii (see was ble eye ' gritids out sea ern! plityk for them. His ett- t i -!11,411 sale r. no credit. Ea rry one said ehe tire renitinerntion is his salary W. prt1.4 Lar to suit eircuinstan s, hut the eus FIN, FEATHER ANCI, FUR. t f a , ts .k . r \ . f • 1 , IllrLifeet w....tutt hui, but It, didn't. , agent, . . %air grandmothers railed ilt,,-.4rough till , treuble and calumny, whether dt)erved ' or lint, went init. With ealltillit'S 1%.11ti knee buckles. Ha ow maity understand this deep and delicate nieaning of the words Huth spoke so long ago to Naomi, \Thy 'friends shall he my frientle?\ We all of as timelier so called friends upon the ephemeral tecordm we keep whose lips kid lewdy to traduce. uneliallenged by us, the names of others for whom we vow an equal regard it should be as impel- , dile foius to listen to a word of re- plosieh against any one whom we love as it would be to say the elanderous thing eurselves What does the Men111- I I ye plaut do when rude touch approach' es its hlosetiiiiet Just What we should di' ....heti the lireath ef scandal toutdies put ft bailie If loyalty is OUt of date, so is mod• Amy I 1141 111/t Ill lUlle In the modesty that wiailti interfere wl h a WOluan'm i l plait to go halt' drummer into a theater box er to a public rece tiou. I pass that by Ulla take up the questiou °lily ol e tt , 11 modesty as keep a young girl M- ildew and preserv4s baslifulnesm in a boy like the bloom ou a plum. \He is green !'' you say of sueli and such a one. So 1..1 pill!A Who would tea prefer such greenuess to the witheriug blight of hay aiid it initimuminer di ought? Never anlidenin a young person because there is enough sap lett in his soul to flutter a given 1,,5r bite Ili thliNnusOli I love IC N ee that nosiesty which makes a youth deferential to his elders It's horribly out of date, I know, but I love liasilfUl 1.1e 1 104 and modest, till:assuming ways are mighty sweet to see. -A tither in Chi 011igill 'Fiume- Herald. it, 1114,44 41111 44, 1.11111 111111,1 , 1 ef paper and ptinter's ink, which went up with every- , thing -,assn accustomed the novel wetter to the idea of pitying ev1.11 $1 11e mere fer his treat, lint through all the Beadle dime held has s,aa II. It WWI It little ',Mifflin ei V- ert-t1 i•arely illustrated inside, litit .1 startling pita tire ander- !owl, ilo• se le In an informal chat %tithe yam.° al. ett isis ears ago. NI r. Beadle told mint enters:tieing - 1y lit, story sit his ven- ture in publishing. Idea ,if the thine novel oceurred to him, he said, In laNti, B ud he hegais to not upon It In 1860. ennead . ow book merkei then,\ ha went on, \wit* pet - wilier. Every one was publishing bookr Vi kik thick paper and wide nutt•gins-irving to see how little they could give their for $1.50. Publishers excliangisi lass skit stud took melt as stare- not aId, Wi•11, toiat the oilier tack, end thought I would - - - To Start the Star,. hi writing is story there are author, who do led plait the course of eveuts in advance because they do not know them, but they Write on, certain that 3 ime tugenioua complication WIll eug gest ttself-in short, the story 1. write Itself einifeem I believe in and tither fol lew this eyeteni, for the reason that this theideete 'teem more II k.' real life wheat, the unexpected rev tiftcii happens, and Where events turn up lit a ciapri• Moue way However this inay let, I have always found that et erythilag depends On getting well started -that is, etarted with such engem...A and entlimilarni that you could sit down then and there reel write on and on to the end. Mtliera deliberate and pritter, as it were, hover on the brink, hesitatieg to wake the plunge 'f moment of de parture is put tiff and put iaft', and when at last a start is made it beeonies a task awl is drudgery anti is virtually no start at all, bocamoi it is. No I aheted and Unttl• spired that you feel you have nol be Nientoirr of an Amboy, \ Pettey Fitzgerald. W•eleii the It01.11 Equal. In the 441111V -.1111444 II,. re floors.shid in Pstris is as flier as lisa 11 , ..41 Iii.. 1/114111 aa profiondotinl libeler Ill., real name was .lisetitisit. his man las itsterre Engem. de (Me day 1 here appear's! a Vio- lent olielittight 4,11 A letiiniire pewee ',ere Th•• openly tared the gr1V11 114,141114 '4 1 0 ht is liv 1 rig on the. 1.raiii• 4 lilt 4.4.11abont trim 'IA.. father Imppeitesi I.. Ise away from t'arts 'ton sent his aecondr to bilreseirt \ sat, gentlemen the blogra• Own. 'Nett von are act I og is, belielf of M. Dun,. ' • The lit,. gent leoto.o sassnt. Therriiiiiin Nitres mint rimy. for IiIN servant. inv 11011 fob 4.4 141 We. - he order% And to hir 1.1torse great rurpriee there stela's,. a+ Intl., orrillis. hia how bienllleitrell as 1th JR111 Ire,411111, thu ogh, reo • ssilts pestle. t Is' merlon. 1,ietillem - eri, Is, re 151 IWO I fee o l rll% !need the° las son mai II, 411411 missal; Ishs fel Iter'e 1...1tor a, of at Ales 11111dre I /111111M4 111 /11040111 III, h,.tlssr a A. It I., wistilistely awl I he roles 4111•111111 ter IMO 101'04 .1111 111111 With whieh he 'elites t two f rivet% of this. ftl Cure eminent tiransatim /..1 - 41114 Iccas Argonaut .1 11, 4ssos \We first published dime song books, cook books, etiquette books, etc., which we bound In salmon colored cover. No 'yellow cot. -red dinws' were ever sent out by me -the •-olor Willi Walston. Thie yellow covered Ones were 111111mM:is and were a had lot. Well, tater ItWlille I started the dime iigvel. ales. Anil S Wait the author of the first tine-'Nladi•ska'-a prize story publirlied 40 years ego in The Compaulon. 1 paid tier $25u for the right tii reprint the story. We wild 10,dhtl copies right off and then ll0,000.\ Mr. Beguile had an ••ilitor in hin named Victor W110 tined 10 11/11,1 upon man- uscripte, order siewial wort, anti the like, just as the editor of a literary weekly or niont lily It. Ile ems as interest- ed apt his i•hief lit recalling their joint &flaking. \The nuthorr who wrote for us.\ said he, \were notable persons in their way. We had, for instance, 4111e !sitak by it men who wits inter ii 1111.1111)er of the Ohio leght lature, another by an ex -get ernor et the same state. Ii' never wrete us it bad lite- Edward S. Ellis -you 1.111 , W 111111 V -wrote lir our most popular teasel lin wae a Met hielist, and he went to Ills ininleter to know whi-ther he could write a (Bine novel. lie was. ft eellOillielleller iti ton and WO.. lint 21 When ht. wnee isis find 'dime,' for wich he got That wise 'Set .hines.' \ Ye.4, I remember.\ broke In Mr. Bea- dle, unable ti• restrain hill enthurtanni, \we pith:treed the country with 'Whe ir Seth Jottes s '''and when the excitement ran high we ansrvered the quertIon with that picture you see ot) that cover -Tin S, It, .70nen.' We tiold 60,000 °moire of that, story right, off.'' \These noyele,\ Mr. Victor continued. Intr,elticirl either historieal towel char- aett•rs. They followed right after Cooper's tisit-si, se -lilt -Is • Kill • A. N Dennisou wnitil historic fit - thin. Judge Jared Hall of Ohio wrote , 'The Shire Sculptor,' at story of Melte° in Montezu -good trainer. then• was Clara Atitelista. She was it Nluine lady and it clever writer. Ellis wnde exclueive- ly for us, and we have paid lilin as high as $250 for a novel of 40,000 words. \Why we paid better, In pniportion to the quantity of matter we accepted, than The Atlantis - Monthly. Our etorier were very popular, amt our yellow covenel ri vals -bad hooks -1W dipring Vi hat did we do then! g t il l w i. kil wit had to kill a few re Indians t Ian we iised to, hut we held our own aigain.1 them Ours were 'mirk , s of exciting eiltenture there was nothing Inel about them. See this article in 'Cho Nowt Is A Merle:in Review for July. 1864, wherein they needs..., /abed and (Ail obeli. They are insinotitieed 'I•xnept tonally newel,' and they 'di, net even obscurely pander to vice or excite pasotions ' The so called 'cheap libraries' have sent these old pity le dine. ni,velr into the background, though Sc.- kei•p it Week of the lieet ones on luttid atill. Shrewd thent rival issaiiitgers th•t-latre that high grettle nis ['strain/I 1 1,144411111. 1)111' the !Hippo . man. \Of course, 1 um no t an , 1,44411111 1,111 riatsel fiir sea era' expert t as father war In presert ing * kindle. but is few more yenrs of practie,-, ) \ 1 \ - TM. general (edition in New 'York is that ana I will Iniprote.\ As she bar lit the sitting room, N king W. It. l'hompson S.esigaii. In \Tril- her after dinner cigar, she, could hear Mil, liy,\ hit leconiparar'y suiwrior to Wilton humming stiffly AS he Washed the evening LackaYe. dishes tir in 'Intl 'Fri lame. Jeff De Angelis will vary setisibly re- main is member of Ih•lla Fox'a cunipany. France was called by the GreekstIallatlis, lie will lente sterrieg to re foolish by the Romans Gallia. 'Cite Franke, as 110 ouniedians. Otini4tlered It, hall their name frum their Florence Rockwell. who supports James favorite weapon, a very formidable layette. is still the youugest $t,auiitig lady I In the world lu tragedy.' She isis. I; a Burns gave little Indication of his gen feat weeks ago. lus lit Ills N•aturee, which were those of the There is a theatricitl firm lit New York typical Scettish peasant.. 'the telly good -44.4 Mrs. Langtry Is now delivering lecturer It It lloW claimed that both letts and a11 1,1ngt• et hies and Linde ed 14t111fell ger ,\ owls Chli soc PihittlY in bright I •parii momenta. John 1.. has Usd, ‘. A (\II K r°w\ (1\1111 ' h fru\ ' vet announced his intention 'if following 01/0 141 10, 1100 pounds and has eyes as big ),„ ex . 1 ,, p14. am the largest di •r A species of reeently discovered South CHIVALRY AND KNIGHTHOOD. A fricati earthwortii hi 6 feet .7, hisig awl 4,f the diaineter of a 2 Well !Sipe. In Int 4 an order ens established lii 1 5 11.1. 1 1 if said the woutid made by the tooth estine. the Noble Orth•r of Martyrs. ef the retire species of serpent is us men- Japan line four or Ilse order?, of uobil , puncture and causes little swelling. Death mew i t , t o as tO,I, 6 ,, t g e rly t , t1 V. I emotes frsilll paralysis of I Is, 11er% e centers. eted. The w hite rhil\wer\\ l'o\ l a\ . \ 1 \\ '1'lw leading decoration of the Legion of if nut quite ell I tict. There are u v.° st titled Honor Iii iris iii-., is u red rillialii worn ill speeinieun h111.1 111Ie 111 Iii,' Sill\ lb„ 'Isis -it museum It is the largeet speelc. , Cite Order of the A hilts nclattots lea very lise , eld ltnlian distinction it was founded Th e '''\w Oltil \\11.''si\Deed of I\ite\ hy 1111e of the Dtikes of Sas say Ili 11110. per boor, one hour with another, for There nee three orders velesw members whole day. The sparnov hawk eat, ler° Ste consecrated to St James,. They are Lind her Crow about six to 4111e. Wel 1 111- telInd Isu Holland, Portugal and Spain. humming bird enn CO% tn is tiktnowe of \You ask :Omit Mayne Held' We liner V. litt of him workr. Li., Woilld hits,' stink into obaeurity if we hadn't stietained It Iii, He lime written certainly fill odoriee and itketchem for us lie vile, working for up ex ilusively fie. eight sir nine year. We 11110144 • double titunber ei hi. 'Scalp , ine ef him Freed popalar retbr1111 illg It ttt IsI, reetwet Ife remitted, of tonna.. the English right. In hilt. works We never paid him law. thee Pa to for a story; that was the standard price, t holm!), we may have paid 111111 more nt II flI'P, remember lie brought his 'Whits Squaw • down here line mornleig and wild Ii.' meat have Coo for It, and we gate him a cheek without reading tlei inantie•ript. wislels centained only about Itil,tam, words Held was always Ill tretillitlII,il,il Is hut his wait It prolific writer, and when li.• got hard tip he w,tilsl ibis', off rket, li after sketch and l • dolt II Isere wit Is Isis is. t Cl. stuffed Here 14 it Iief his manees rip, now lustt line !lever Isere ',listed \11 • 1410. - --Flafe Witshington Sir ileorte• hroraultii reletee that One night Its hi. purls 118) - is, when performing with his filth' r i11,144/111 4,111111144111111g the perfortiollial• i•Ii. 1., Ile s chit le it ltr rise Ili II14. tow li ssr,ill '20 411I111114, thin hoilr \We tire.. ---41 lo Ow ro• 11111 the genial to I..r tool entertainer ''ms hi. Is dec along 111..• a tire mist lo• ' 4 1111 'a-- 044101,11 at 101111411,1g lighted till niel ...It tio hark ' Ism t• ' +Molted 1111 11,, Is. It.. crowd, ar lie porlied hI• 11,11I out of the ,al, It till rigid (sr....with is here Vt.' tins.. itrriseil I tee Is I 'ttfortu nateli It Wn.t lii.t ''sir asollersoe. but a 000- half 104/114/1141e2 Wirigo, drills *Lathers, palnui pi\ au (Me hUttlogtOlei inn 115,0l.enatelion lees leg e Methodic vbiaPeil after weed, for which she paid n I nerwl,we Oil his emit, and thle4 is, 111 fitslikull as lie gotei to ft n43.01011 Ina Eurepeau city WHO Our Fee* Wool Does. :Si. Louis tilobe-Deinucrat The Kidderminster carpet trade \is iniptuvine at last,\ acetirdiug to The POLITICAL PLEASANTRIES, Mereury. Most of the Kidder _ winster firms are fully employed, huy Tutu Reed rims \lima ed off his mustache, tuigindent to keep theni goiug for *slue anti now carry lastly cau fore I /131 he is keep. tone This is a condition that has taken tug his mewls shut, -,s , t Louis Globe. place tint's' we have liad free wool. As I Democrat. we have several times pointed out, our Speaking aimed preeldential dark horses, impsits. of English made carpets have ; the HOD. Frank Ii leruck writes me t hitt he he probably busking handsonwr than ra been steadily increasing IlifiC0 the wool en schedule of the (Raman tariff as emit - 1 W t 3 fs hi n n o it t l\ w l : Ptt 'I ir ‘ ;1 1 .el:lle to make charge's, Int., effect, inn beside -I ralits thie Item -ten hate Pspopla's Tres Opealna. failetr In Setretary Morton'a oWfl elate, The Ekonocrats and the Pe. 'pie's. Party N\I\1\ka 1 litilftlialedie Seats header!, are struggling very hard to get It was all a ufflisisalgti lie alusitt Presi the issue for the 1111441 campaign drawn dein Cleveleud 1410111g fishing 4011 s..11 1111/1y y away from the grand principle of prides,- He was iditipl behind the harts digging Hi for Monday isioruing Itir1411% lion tothat fr.'silver, but 1 hardly k r. Guts. st retituwe the oaths iif knighthood in the space of tie see/eels. Ill 25 different ash lee and add.' that the ithrertntion of these would male n man is EDITORIAL PHILOSOPHY. perfeet rnint There is it good deal of lazineits t hitt gees by II,,' name of - R11.111 . ft Horn. If you would Iluara e ii tal 5Ii. grab a spade and go to work lialt1,1011 Newt. sntisti giver his hired bands a tlny eff When the fall te quarreling. - Chicago 'Dame Herald. k'ortunatts Is the man whom- errore are ruftleiently ludieruuli to pass eid•reeit as eater.- Ntilwatikee Journal ' He matt ttatikt slat lin'm The Kuighte of Malta once played an important part it, lite liktory of the Mt -sill torrniwan sea The ertier WMc very power Nil from 1,12.1 Uldli the beginning of lie present cell' llry 'pic order of Broom lelowere was ft French dietinctioh Wish. Is has long since be tlitillet. The 1110,1 conepicuour badge of the, order was us eluster of broom dowers, Worn 111 the hot Isr helmet. Knights errnin Nen. ,'ism,'hly whet they are thsicribeti by i'ertniiies Ira • Ihsti wets his lidded in life, 1,10, er hssar, ant er 141/e . 61.0\-witniterttig ads eel rens. ready Lu Orme It Mill lash -Ill tint rely falls. sucoor the dirt reamed or engage in any en aatilegton \t tar terprIsie that prointsed 15 peril itlary or oth- It le difficult to say at Illeh is the greeter er reward hors the old man who is foreter talking d f about things whirls happened 51.) yeara ago „ , nomitty Irian slil, ether KIIINsilettll 44111111ry. or I he young titisut Whir Lts,saas liustisiuig aim Ally ioreigiter at h ha h Isis s te to pay Iii ftli 11W \\St\\ fin. it call secure aii Italian Order IA/ wear script. thu k ev W1 11 he 111de to sin iwiel aim tit that line The peeple ef these United Statel4 that liaVe been II MIL of In-, bor and employment hi' this free trade legislatton are not gduhlg ts e canght napping tits re I sos g Ind to note that in oar good old state people We 1145W coming over to the protection idea„ and they here their eyes 1 TPU. They see, Is airlosm-how that the people as - )t work for Wageft liaVe Mineral' Mitt Iseg gad and hies our national debt is grow mg at the rate sf milhotis yearly Under this Dernix - rate• free traile / HAN ONE HEAD USHER, The Way• 'Wherein Ho Ititterod Fres others of His Cain's'. It is :Le ii!,1 as the Proverbm that the cobbler's children are always poorly The restauraut inan goes home for dinner, and the bartender is it tOt411 ate •taitier. The druggist inay putronize the faith cure and the ra Is% ay mail knows of Ina greater lulltry titan a ride tu a bogie,. The street (*at tsincluchir is g last to got a day 44, tic call I ill e it 14 Mg walk. A remarkable case titan any of these is tliat of the head usher nt the I heater, mid tine theater in partieuler. PrObithly every playgoer ill Chicago )(MOWS hint. 'the title of \head uelier\ toes hint au ittjusitice. is 11101e lile a 'at lir the Chief Ur a teeeptI011 'lliere are head writers whirs pewees iptin you, grab the esitunitiri, thrust them 'Jack jut() your fumbled heeds und ills tOt, 'aFirst aisle to the right !“ There are other head umbers wins tell you to burly up or step lively. They give loud wariiiiig that , all coupouit muat be nattily. They Anita, \Hey there!\ and are eoustantly distracted becuutie of the int - meuee responsibility which they imagiue le resting upon theln. As soon as a snippy g young nip gets into a box enter tir is enstagee as lilt usher, he begins has ituagine that he t/WInt the hriuse, the etimpauy and a gCliait purt of the frentage in the block. But the exceptional head usher is calm, attentive and solicitous. No Imo ter how rapidly tile erowd wuuy pour in, it !seems that every one who comes reeeivee winie courtesy at btu hands. He doesn't shout or grab and the small children are het isfraid of him. The must remarkable thing about this mete' muster of Verelnoillien, IliiWeVer, is that he knows very lip le au suit ai‘tors or plays. The other evening. When the house was crowded and the performance was. being received with noisy approval, a Ulan Who Catlin into the foyer between acts remarked to hiru, \Well it's a funny show. \I dare say,\ lie replied: \the house seellIM to like it \Didn't you gen it?' \No; I Wart out here all the time, 'hi that wi? Dou't you step ilisItte to see the pert or tuances ?'' \Oh no. My dories keep me here. lu ,the 15 years that 1 have beeu in this pt. Babel I have !weer seen a, petforUitifice. At hist the nian wouldn't believe it, but it Wag a feet just the status'. -4 Lew° Record. The candlsiittra for Is pre/011entlal 11.1111- I nallioi are ie.( eitlistIslastle to, er the agri• etiItsiral department'. new pamphlet Oh \Protection Er Lightilieg 1•41U1$ POMO 1 1141110001 it 14 lin ky t hat Ii,,- American vonalitti $1011 doe. 1111t follow the lines 1,1 Willett precetleut if the preeitient of the I:tilted Stater hail is, rerigii every I line the house of repreeelilisliVee hole. ill Icy, t Ise presidency would be In a stet.. of permanent sacgincy.-Uhloags , OUR FOREIGN COUSINS Lord Ittetebery Will stand 14111 111 11101)17 ass /1 foll..•• Who Made rat iss.r mil In different premier. Ka11.1144 City Star 1 Th.. Baltic canal alresuly needs dredging. 1 Cali It he that as-. ..,'.ti as Oda Kal4er Stil helm 's Willie In Wild` l'h11/141elphilt Press 'f he French werr enthusiastically I loser ed 19 the I ierointot at 11%; leI, hut. thev brought. home no deed if gift for Alsace and Lorraine L•iiithiville Commercial - - TRICKING A CRAB. African Natives Take Advaatabe of lila Industry In • Heateless alaassr. In Afric:i there exists a eertain menu her of the crab genus commonly knowu. as the great tree crab. 'rills peculiar shellfish has au tifferutiye trick of entwine; up tl-• cocoanut trees. biting off the crictstriuts and then creeping down again tesekward. The theory is that the mita are 'Mat tered by the fall, and the great tree crat, is thus enahled to enjoy a hearty ineeL Now. the natives who inhabit regious infested by this ill courittioned crab are well aware that the lower portion of the crab's aliao any is NOf t and as/Matti ve, anti thee belies.. that the \bivalve\ wee thus isdeittucted in order that he Might know as lien he 1111i1 real hed the grouud. and when. consequently. he might Wall safety relettse his grasp tif the truuk. So as hat they do in order to stop hit depredations, whicK - nften rt1111 the 1.41- coanut crops, it. this: While the crab it engaged in miming 4 ItT the vocorinute they climb half vt ay up the tree and there drive ft rtiNt at 14111g 11a1 1/1 right around the tree. allow mg an inch or 441 of the-liails to project. 'this- (Tab hie& no knowledge of (11,414 ter. nor yet the fittest* (A' things. As he deseetele the SellAitive part (if his betty guildenly touches the 51511 1-i, has rea-•liell the ground, he naturally lets gas I tiasataiil Iv lie fall's backwebt and creels ast% II Shell on the ground.- Plitsbarg Dispatch. Pluribas trvisatit.\ a•stalonstencr• attending the ioloptsaan taf list' legend ''15. Pluributt holm\ as the nititto of the United States ha% ki never been folly explained by the histerpins It wart probably Une.i1 Ill riiIIIM-811 , 1 Milne may upon early . colonial Hags -long befoni it was restu tarty n4,40117.41 by the leading officials of the IleW republic. The oldeet cuiti hearing the motto in full is a colonial cent einned by New Jentey in the year 175 5 e. The salute year it appeared on a smell medal recognized among the col- lectiira of coins MA \the et infoiteratio. • 'floe medal It am a national hiker). I be lieve, and W1114 coined by authority of the generel government It bore on one ride 13 stets and it 11.1N:ting sun, the hat \The - Illue lIst1.1 sf Seotland\ was the work of A111114. McVicar, afterward Ittrit tirant. the daughter ,,f it Seiittedi ottli-er in the Itritish army 'rip. melody was Ionm tsdun-ed (41 1101 /41`44n11111, 1111l is Limy Itlissitli las Ike of English origin. be fug so old English folk song Ezponsolsa Plessroud. A h 1114 1414'111 reeetst iv siectserwil at, a grocer'. shop In Plaistow Now, the nailed,' of tea ethibited Ii, the windows ef II,, shop In question are tissiesillies\ 111/1414• of wirel A lady who waistosi 114411144 tea refueed It pa, k , -t fr 1141 , 144 Lela if) 110 roarLi 1.4111041 OW 4 , 411111er. 1144 vhe said llie. n ••I 111. r 1.*`\\ Ii,,.,., I\ II\' wi\'1\\ Tilist '\ la° a' ''. fog. lite to 11111(1.1 111 4 11N holt 1,40141, suet\ gi tee instruc o tinss 1111 11 Mg the proper 1.1,,0 h 4111,1rig te fast hat p1,.' N,o11141 .0101, „ „ r 1 , 1 \ herbe end 1)4,1111(1°w the SUMO in a mot acteei t frvitit the i solos %a 1 . 55 . 1 „ A ter tint i I the verb air col, Tx blend 1111 One- It. a 1111/1r411 *ay. ill/it I/1114e 1, 1041 ''htstir tar MarnstIllflett his the word \Confeder ges.1.... for the role of t!alliiIII ', I. 1)11 e. ..I 1 at141, \ h wich e Kit,. it t he mme i by which tending he We n ',i nlIge % r 141/1r41 list' ti/%1111.1 It is linuwit to the mm tiuisatiets. iv' , a'-' , . N T ay\ , \ha l. \ t '\' t hin'. \ '\ el 1 \'he wonir ill the headline are an lie , k \id 6.r mloalls Itostsai • rras eller dta m ilitostiv fro mV \Moretna„\ • 'F Ii.- I..,,,,i.,,...r.,),,,,.• . 0,0 iii.....,, , en•ti that proem ilevtattel to a description of a CST- tn.' ihthi sb), lo ' \hi' b. it '1.1ltilii b\lin\.. fain salmi ' his thedi 'divining recipe he -11 1 .011 i if.4 •lb. .%• Na.A -r el iot I • II (AD gr.* Iry leer %Islas , 'Flo. as. l...t a. ..1,6s 'Ilse airs:stile Wilhelm opens ea 'S\T'e\Itie hits a \ v goad wrspiesi NMI the 1 ,,,,,, es 141./ it hint Ile. atol W It 11 tilitt - the , cobalt.... al ere 'nixed in the pun lifoler W evItlently s..lianse•1 i.f Mir Dal \ w ilb ' 81 \ .. ' II •k f which le' mete* s rites puietr. Illfirtar of this , Hetiillltinn and came out ••asa-t•se • Loudon Tit Into plug the ball pound -London Ilicbs. l urea s 811 / 6 Pich\lkmal eialaInguishoevillatt• Lamm Republic. s.

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 10 Aug. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.