The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, August 17, 1895, Image 4

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4 Itsce ioncer. PDHLISH I-. I i Wit gEs, Ni..N II:\ Release: cur CI. HAIL.t.111'.., Editors, \Me and +444 Devil.\ rer - - .• Months, , - Three Months ALVA&L V IN A Per Near, Nix )ttph,t&a, Ttirei ! Months, - W1tEN NOT IN ADVANCE.. _ Arlyertisentems, to insure pIlent10 1 110Ser 11 01 1 • •hould bc handed in not later than Titursila'Y preceding publication, Local adviertininu.15 CUP 19( PV 4 1 * first. and 10 cents per line eacji t inser- tion. Display advertising., I o an inch p s i. inn tb. Liberal discount ter i,xmot !well, month': ertisemynts II 1•1(,)\miCIFLIFf. ;14iCkitS. Pif0/11. lapplication has Inch mad.- to 1.-.1 in the W14.10.: )1, sllis itC°f the man, both as regards business mad tuptials.,-St 'Louis Grocer. LlsoF. - W.Rgo,i,v,a noted bacteriologist of, the Winds city, gives tile:, following information to those who indulgeuiA, kissing! \Do not let others_Aciss -- you indiscriminately, and Myer WilhOUt first carefull wiping your lips with carbolized attar anal thoroughly drying th 1 oung ladies willovadily see the twee, \ of 'having a good t II. ,I '(% ' hand. s I ,,,, I tAl A,1i. 1, in the , eniergvii. . If a piung man shonhl be skilfully and adroitly led tiptothe crisis where a few more osculations would brim.; hint to the asking point and the st , IPPIY of carholized r ii dtec should suddenly give out, the C1,11e1:l would be\ too appalling to s.,:i•, sArumAy, AUC. 17. , f4 early days the cayttse was the best friend a. man bud, and so he is at \ present when =nett. THE esteemed Republican must have /Arad( a \soft\ thing front the way it La saprezing the -\spouge.” rHAT \Him' tutu, charm.sooth , • the savage mind' wa.rfUllv . shown in. Butte recently when the 4 noliee. turned ttp,l,hoseion a lot of halms. • The Anaconda Standardothat great- !st of all Montana papers. came to hand last SitulaN with much the appearance of a;citetropolitan sheet. It Was sixf4n pages..,and a 11 winner To the owners of the Katie %nine and the people of Basin in general do we hearty sympathy for the heavy 1,ks s they haw. ..recently met by tire, and ff Wets, that, ths-works will soon be rebuilt; as the mine has been shown to be too good it property to be allowed to remain idle long. ly organized, that from all over the West tfie Booker Hin and Sultivan has been able to secure only . abont 160 men, and these are the scum of the country; men who have followed the busiues.s..of 'scabing all their.. lives; a horde of criminals, thaw; and hobos: (mire than this, they are narrow -winded cowards and vie, human- parasites who mope ale MI ii th, dark armed with their inurde gnus, conscience, Stricken by this r own acts of wrong doing and di -g,4 , •, Such a class it men die as lou Li .11111lial. life .,-- th.• 1, ,% ot the unites, and they;.5 ii ui Ii. ineful dr-.radtion when they so., v, ' lii yield to the humiliations he., p. it pon them 1 , v the pompany. The \ .t tough set, of Villians,, who has , their 111,111100d -. • to scab ag - aiust t ihtilit Nitutitug istoolow t,., IN this, the second tionil, , •: of the PloNEEk. we wish to apoIngi-e for the sorry appear nee the paper made in its initial number 4 It was the itAention of the publishers -to issue idl e eight page, newsy paper:- but it was another illustration of the.unixim„\Gatch your rabit cook. An order Was put in for paper two weeks before publication day, but throug - ht some un- avoidable delay did not reach Wickes until !Mon of last Tuesday three days In casting around for some way in -Which .to overcome this difficulty our eyes naturally , tittned toward Jas. Brown, that great exponeent of govern- . mem reform, -s'il'o c4iane natty to the front with the loan of enough paper -for the _Pit:mi.:ER to Make its bow on Mon- day evening.. With this issue the PloNEEtt appears in its l'egulation dress, and will hereafter be issued promptly on the last day of each week. AM koottEttlacly of West Palm Beach. Fla., appeared On her bicycle in a fashionable - blootner. A promitti'ut citi.rett . ptasse , 4 tineorplitlientary lie - !narks tin. her itispeaantice she .walked into kis lilac?, of,. business and n.ade him write a retraction --using a revolver as an argmnient. It seems the new minter, tutenils ti,,. protect . herself again,Lothe old ittaitls-oi tfte,ditald per- suasion_ --and Nrity---iii-kl-it-'1 , --sitsee---Ett. 1. ()NCI. again does the noted bridge junium. Stevv , 11,r.gliiL forge to the feont tin time figuring in . an ingen- itnis selloute to evade the SlItlailV salOon closing ii't in New York., Re gives away limouude and .at _the sante tittle takes titi, a collection to supply is . , or people wittr„ice. ha n been a•lrestrl• several.. Vim,. faX bre:1411w thelaar, but such a little rtying as „facing a judge cuts no ice with Stew and he gets his discharge everz time: D'esr vrcitEs sent iint from Pittsburg are to the effect that george Cromlev. Cornelius Shay iind . Johu Ryati. irots and steel workers. nave dis'etiverd the lost. art id weidinµ zoppe - tr e to iron., or : A v g. Th e y sh, 111%4 several samples. of the metais wrfectly . _welded. The' fast record hi , nit . these metals haying been _welded was in MOIL C 'Ph value of the discovery comes in the fact that copper offers greater re- sists nee,to the action of salt water tha it in other Mei/D.: The Carnegie eon,- pony has offered the men: a. fixed prire far the secret. A shop has beenAitted imp at the Bono stead -plant. where th,- men to weld a plate of cini•por to an ingot of ii hole steel armor plate. T111045 iiught D. to,. some kind of meeting of inaning lawYers, or other persons interested., . to -prepare- a uni- form set of mining filauks to conform to the 114..W CI Kies Different , forms.are beink 410//, . it repar ill different towns. and each pu\ • er claims -that his style is the only correct ohe and that the other .• fellow's will not hold in court. Ana- conda Recorder. . The Montana Society of Ciyil Engi- neer:about the middle of 'June, sent out the following circular, which is self-explanatory. and if . the differest publisher* would abide : by the decision of the society the twaddle feared by the Recorder could be avoifkal. A . fac simile of the blank has been repro- duced in wally...state papers__ awl need not be reprinted here: At a regular monthly meeting of the Society of Civil Engineers, held - Sattrr- day evet : ving; June S. the enclosed blank forms of \Qua lode\ aug- \Placer\ location notices were au. pried. These blanks were prepared by a committee appointed tow draft them in eintformity with the sew law which goes into effect July 1. This Committee spent considerable time- in 30.,ki j tA r ap.t he law and -in -the prepara- tion -of the.-oe forms. They alito sub- mitted thens to. a, te - omilent attorney for his inspecti•ot. who pr,..ioutteed them till right. iii order ft secure uniformit' thronghout the , i ' ate, if they- meet with your apprnval. it is the desire of . the society that you will adopt them. Copies have been sent to pubiishers in the various mining regien, of the. state. , 1.1 Yollerettlh not alwnys determin- ‘ eal by a rating in Dun's or Bradstreet's. Where business men kisiw their men persionslly 'and where transactions with' the twin, Itav , -,been intimate and hon- orable forcyrars.. iii, agtun'y reprinti iii earth could- j et ipard i se -the credit At() II(1- log . if that nntn... It is the man Itie t - slf. not the motly he possesses, .that 4 most cases determines the extent of hisvretlit. If he is.ksow it to 4 1 1 \ . .igidly hbnest. c are fit I in his bus inc ssonetin ds; ;in vs him bills.wheti tine or when forced P- ttinforneen circumstances to fell be- hind., explains lOgs situation fully and fra.rielv, few nueistions Will be. asked It tin. ..41,4tont ofSnany . large costae, ns hit lo.e- k hetet much property a :nen 14 k , e Awp , m4ch he u . pay on -.hurt t1 tient:tint to kis,. h*. mmli WARDNER AGENTS IN SEARCH OF SCABS. The billowing is an extract from a letter -to a patty iii . Wallace front a ft -it -aid no.Califorma. and is dated at Anger:A-amp, July 23: , \We had an agent here a few days ag .1,0king for 51..3 Men for the Bunker Hill stud Sullivan mine. He told me that alt,the others mines were rinsed down in the Gear WA:Series, and that the union did neili summni,uimit to -anything: lie said the etimpany and mil ners . lgreed for Sarni day to be the wages.and there wa-, to. danger of tronble with the Similar letters have been recii says the Ws iktee Tribune. from differ- ent sections of tile west by parties in !le CitItr d', lilacs.. and in lintte also. By .Lying and misrepresenting the sit- uation here iti eveefroitcei va way the company has hoped to get miners tri.conte to Wardner,a not to work at ACM') wages. f;terywhete they ha V(' grid .17tit the statement that there was notrottble here and that the cravenv and the miners had come to .a Mutual understanding. But With all their . effort. the western feslora thin of .ii iner. Jinived Aping und sn thor o ugh. will so willingly 5\--:i, tor a eiiii.odu), far less wages than ,-,H.tig - h to sispis.rt hito-'1 I and futility in decency, when it is - dble for the company to pay jo-• Such 'annul is a loWlived , tool and abject slavery would be hi portion were it not for forcing the same conditiou upon worthy pe,p).e. • These men who, have licenser - 1 by the company are not miners: ale 1 i-veil the few among them who claim to be Could not hold a. -job in any oth, .-nine , in the. country. They are II. hoes, and sheepherders and others Wili -.. t lc company picked up here and there to make a show at mining - , hoping - in this way to force their attempt to redlice wages to a succegsful termination, and at the end of that time secure 'good ltiners. This little trick will certainly Cost the company au enormous sutnof .money. The Western Federatin of 'Miners is o0,000_strong, and. calti hold out -in - this little catnip just abOut as long as can this big millionaire compa- ny . \two can 0 . ay at tlle sante game\ and itds.hurting the company• much more thantit is the federation.becatise it Costs them a hundred times moreMon- ey. They are obliged to emplvy a big force of inexperienced men, .ivhose wages are iilmost an entire loss. FOR AID OF THE POOR, Extensive Prebarations for the Corning Event • It Will be Grand, and No Mistake. Preparatioss for the grand concert and ball. ball go merrily . on. Mrs. 'Simmons', assisted by residents of the neighborhood gerterally, is untiring. in her efforts to make it a great suc- cess. Already the nuist noted among thc \mat ra - te - nt. have gightften.their willingness to participate, and by net/ Tuesday evening, the date of the event, enough will have been brought together to insure all who attend one of the rarest treats ever witnessed in Wickes. The entertainment has been divided into two parbs. and those who do flit care to dance will only have to pay fo- the concert, and this will only be the small stint of 511 cents. It is the desire of the committee that all loyal citizen,. turn out tot that 'evening and give the affair their financial amt well. as moral support. The concert is given for a worthy calltie. :Old, besides thisi all may rest assured that they will receive full value for their money. Tickets are now on sale in all Call and get one befoce they are all sold. The ppigratti. sin far as..cinnpieted, is s ilKOEOR JOHNOW+ Billiard Hall - AND -- Saloon • • • - SPECIALTIES A Sliar,.iii Ill ' -- ' , 4icited r r I. ViI.11111 and Vianoforte Clin the Midi..., - Piai tit nee . . of._ Ileisusni ton Duet The Suallow. , Mr.. Wolpert, Mr. Mueller Solo Thou Art Si/Near:Ind-Ws So FA hr. r ituitard Due' Wilt Thou He done Lon\- Love. Meatiame8 Simmons andallildobrand _Thr Prior nut Wier% I; re 3 Mr. Wasasktit oiirriet Caine Where the Lillie\ Itimon Mesdames Simmons and Hildebrand Oasis and Dullard. coi net fleet - Selection • .• Messrs. :tr.! Criktei.. s.o.. Ts-. Little Girl, In Mu° Parody W. P. Clint.o. Duel Imre and Prat.: Mr. and Mr.. Simmoo- 'rrio My Own. Saadi, Mssuas.. Andrews attill solo )!..ter to Know Mi., Minim,. Diti.t In the *Starlight NI.o.dames Scharf and Hildebrand r.„,- ; it. \. liou den !Sell. j'ian.,fode -Selection. Prof. He's, Mt. Clintoo Solo corning.T1wit'tbe Rie. Mrs. Wart. i1.14 thlet. IA ilh obligati. In the Old. old Way Mesilames Simmene. ilildebr ind Solo Dear Hobin. VII Ile True . 2.1r,1211 t on Duet . 4:ypey Countes t , Mr. and Mr,. Wart, Inis Soh. Ione 111. Dren . fitimss,ri. onortet Dream of Home, Maxdamem Simms/um, IllIdebrarul Mmors. Davis and Dollard: S.M. ri 1,..ier and the Bird , Mn'.. Behar, 1),* pi i4.•iitri he hall Mr. and Mrs, hfuetkr turin MI. A rildnot. tnt - .q Solo -Selection Pnif. ti(1.1,4 ( heru- Stat Spantrled limit, nt,r Compani silit toiling in cointititnicat . are reque,tett to affix their patties thereto; not neressardylfbr bid a asiruaratitee that they are 5ii II WIWI fa it h. itttf gladly ; 1,1 % handed in tluit d. eral -AO -.110 -.111 Pros. F. Bales, flenrg C. Payne, Beirg L Rouse, Receivers. NORTHERN PACIFIC - Through Cars: VIOTITORTOOTIOT . MI!! alit! Helena Butte Spokane TaCOITia Seattle , /Tourist Portland +ID , WICKES, MONT. - FINE - STOCK - OF - MIMES - C61:11NTIY - ON - IIfiNO Chase's Barley Malt Bottled Beer, $3.25 per Case • -One trial will convince \ , )a that We handle the finest brandta of Wines Liquors a.nd Cigars. in the county... Low pricos. WICKES MON - TANA ICKES BARBER SHOP .--••••••111111116, WICKES MONT tiaro Hitic1i, Propt. e t I lair Ctit F,O cts. We are now prepared to do t i he best class of tonsorial wonk Tools alwavs kept. - in first class Shill/C. /pc -n ire,.'., (4n, rri, to p. , .... -:-------. The Wickes .---. ...... , or --.... a— —.• ow -- 111... (71111) I - h., giw to 1.1!(' :N . . , oill N ' N' 1.! 1 S t t er t \ h r e i 71 l. :•::::, G.-- -..11 .:: -.AP --•••• and best of Transcontinental routes,. 4.....- -.4. I the [ St.. Paul ,Illinneapolis Ifuluth [Fargo 6rand Forks t anti Winnipeg .\ NI It 1 Piiii man 'Elegant M.55 a In - nom mr.. N... In. a, 11,1111111.41.o..n. Tues. s. Thorsda‘s and niOnite. Idler. E IIEI,EN A N-il, Pad Ism lid. daily, 8.25 a m. No. 2, Atlaol I.:wont...laity 11.20 p nun LEAVE Li EI.E.NA No, 1. Pacific mail. ur-I I.ound. tinily, 8 . 3 F` a 01 , Ni. 2, Atlantic bound,riaily 11...31/ in is , For further trio iirclar.. Mans, folders. rates, • , etc., call lit 1,1\ or', C. H. FOLSOM. .datioit agent, Wickes. Moot A. D. IBIENGAR, GENERAL Al:ENT, HELErNA. MONT N NI. . _ Chess'.. S. Fee, G. IP• (Cr St. Paid.Misti TIME. Off Sleeping Cares Dining Cars Sleeping Cars. In Effect Sundag, June 2, 1895_ ‘121: IVE Al Wit XII , . act-emit...tali:in,, Sunda.. A large assortment and shoes at thc -t sible prices. received a large stock of men's and boys' [HATS Luna CH (IN F,S And arc , 1 to fill .d 1 .01 shurt notice. An . ,. -- , rtnient of I,:1111, tord Tic - to) be closed ..tit at cost, us a call. Miners' Boots and Shoes a Specialty. M. J. MA.DSON, Proprietor. DON'T CROWD 11 JUST PUSH Groat 'foghorn Railway Line The New and Right Way EAST WEST ru'r,edl Iiansamlinental RAC, .4-10-rs Ticketed to ett. I rricn. Sock -44 1 E Corner Saloon N1A1113V I31201 6 .i, I '1-()131-:-5. — For imported and Domestic - -WINES 1,1c)LORS CIGARS , 141,1,IARD PARIMP IN ( NKCTION. Agents for Milwaukee.. St. 4ouis. and Minneapolis Bottled Goods ;I ':ftee I v. •._ J. H. -.11111 .40 -06 -40 Beet\. HILDEBRAND tIMIllIllIt!!!!!”1,11111,11111tIlt11111,11,11 WATCHMAKER Jeweler NI (D.\ .1•••• - • C I Into -flood - roc n 411I•• Arid All 1 1 / 1 11cr- Cktsc CiptIfIccl At N1111111•.1111 , .1 in:. St..Patil fit all and South. C fortable first-clamm orach., and 1%11 Sleeping Cars, Tottri.t., Huffet, Smokine , brary and Di 'IV Cars. We are d -e I• • a r m - c l a ss Stearti.hip Linen, and . Ir. all Oriental and Occidental 1 1,111 1 6:i. 1na,,11/1 . arratio.d. TIME TABLE DEPANT Vgpm witgEs. - Ni,. .t I Ian( 14: eastbound. 5:52 ii rir .1'w, Hapresa, weolurionl Sum c' 1,ii. 1. Ilettlt• local, (101 \ g!52 Ni,. 2, Helena local. (tali 4 :52 .1 11 For Information. ..•- . aril-. friar. and Orkin, call on or 'WI I . H. Pizi...ock. Station .1gent. %Vicky.. C I . DI.) T1 ON CHASE'S PURE BARLEY MALT WSKY En,graver' HI Most Eminent Physicians and I licinisim NV it Valli -- able 111111 Rel/S11111' ile1111 . 1111 for air 1.1 . 7i4; t, A i l l 'e!r i fe t e i t ly IANT. For Sale Ity Hit Leading Liquor Beaters. i t MP.

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 17 Aug. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.