The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, August 17, 1895, Image 5

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• , ••' LOCAL LAYOUT. litathered by Our Repo.rPar Concerning WILIttS and Vicinity. ear ai1ve. Ofi)se lead. coo, Pee; .'f•12. Miss Ada Ne-ls. of Helena „is visiting Mrs M, J. Itairson. Mr. & Mrs„ Warwick left for Helena Thursday to spend a fesvda ys, We noted the smiling comotenanee of Fred Davis 4)11 the street Tuesday. Miss Catharine flullard left Thurs- day for Helena on a two week's visit to friends. A. L. Davis. of the Alta, flying trip to Helena Tuesd turniug the next day. Mrs. Cora Stafford and three chil- dren, of Alhambra, are visiting the family of Jas. Kellogg. Frank and Lott Davis returned, from Lait Lake Thursday, where they have been visiting their mother. D. H. Edwards, the genial operator at the tunnel, contemplates a trip east Lit a short time to be \back among 04 old folks once ag - ain.\ Several couples from Wickes and Corbin visited the grand ball at Alham- hea Saturday evening. Among them were Misses Gordon, Wallenstein, Dolph, Marseau: Messrs. Smeltzer, Kauf and Scott. was . received here Thursday by our genial. post master that his son, W. E. Litton, Jr., had been married in Butte to Was -Tuna Walsch. The cou- ple will reside in. the latter city, which has been the home of Mr. Litton for many years. _ Probably Larry Reilly, ritadallbuper . - visas...for the Wickes district, has never seen an Italian sunset, but that he has seen a dago is amply proven, by the number of peddlers hailing from the land of sunshine gathered in for road tax/.during the week. Dick Welch left Wickes. Wednesday eveniugt for Helena. From there he started. on an extended tour through the east, and will land in. Dallas in - time to see the Corbett-Fitisimmons mill pulled off. After the fight he will travel exiensively in Mexico, returning home late in the fall. 4 4. A. Arnet, N. P. agent at Hart- ford, and John H. Hareis, special cor- respondent of the Independent from the saute places were visitors to our burgh on Sunday last. Mr. Arnet was hirmerly station agent at this place, and spent the day very pleasantly re- newing - old acquaintances. A party composed of Theodore Frey- ler, Everett Nale, Miss Mable Gordon and Miss Josie Freyler, chaperoned by Mrs. Wm. Hickey, left here Sunday afternoon for Rawhide gulch to spend a few days berry picking. They ar- rived home Wednesday much pleased with the success of their outing. If the Salvation Army should lose their leader there is plenty of material to draw on in Wickes. The amount of drummers that strike this town in a week is siomething wonderful, and as they generally flock to the places that are cloying the moat business, then Dailey & Terry are - to be congratu- lated. At the hospital there is upthing new to report. Several outside ca.sem have been treated and several patients dim- rharged. Those now remaiuing un- der the charge of Dr. Bullard are rap- idly recoveriug, and the majority will be at work shortly. There are no serious accidents reverted front the stones. 1.1 , ..•••• to last for six week*. In Helena the party was joined by Mrs. Church, who will do the park with them. The tour- ists are a jolly crowd, and will un- doubtedly have good time, returning home the latter part of September with enough anecdotes to last ij.LI wt An atteMpt was made , TuvsdAY morning . at Basin by Jane tiend to destroy the life and property of Mar- tin Buckley, foreman of the Hope mine. At one o'clock on the morning of the 13th a terrific explosioa oc- curred: which shoOk the town to its very foundatioo, and on investigation it was found that the whole side of the building ,stupied by Mr. Buckley had been blowin out by giant powdec hav- ing been exploded minder it. , There were a kozen persons asleep in the house at the time of the explosion, but all escaped without injury. No clue bad to the perpetrator of the das- tardly deed, thongh :!)500 is offered for his.apprehertsion. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nixon, assisted by their daughter, Mrs. Wilcox, enter - tai tied a few of their friends at a bigh tea on Tuesday, last. Among - those present were Mesdames Gordon. Hilde- brand. Simmons, Warwick a/A Miss Ethel,Scott. A very tempting repast was tastfully served at 5:30. Choice flowers decorated the table, and all viands were amply enjoyed. Exquisite buttonholes in white ribbon were placed for each guest, and the tea passed off as merrily as a marriage bell. The evening was spent in games and conversation, principally on the coming concert which takes place in I. 0. 0. F. hall on the 20th. A surprise party was given at the residence of Mrs. Wickersham. Corbin, on Wednesday es . -ening - in honor of the 30th birthd4. of that lady. About couples attended. Dancing was in- dulged in until a late hour. when re- freshmesdv , svere served. In was a jolly assemblage, and iyll enjoyed themselves immensely. Mr. aud Mrs. Jake Terry, Mr. and Mrs. Will Dailey. Miss Terry and Mrs. J. E. Terry left Wickes Saturday even- ing for kawhide gulch on a berrying trip, returning - home Sanday evening with about four gallons of berries, a few colds fram camping out and won- derful stories to relate. Altogether it ss as a splendid outing and if the berry se:111011 was not nearing its close we venture to remark that they would be out inure than ono) this year. A horse hitched to the delivery wagon ot Bach, Cory et Co. had the toothache lVednesalay, and the, driver attempted to do a little dentistry by hitchinf,ra ring on the trreast strap to the offending molar. The horse was brought to his knees and then rolled over a pphrently iq the last In at, Ind ill, tooth still held its oexim. At this stat:e of the game the horse was miltitched from the wagon, )1 . 1 - 0,e to Ins feet and slowly' walked away ., Whet her the tooth was stepped from, aghiag we were ttuable to deter- mine. E. R. Dea ii .1 WI uvi ft. Jas. Wkite told wife asul N. S. t and. wife left here Sot.tdav for the at ional park. The party Waswell' surplied with vrapAms. saddle heieses, fire Arms. Frank Liscoe. John Kinney. John Riley. Luther Williams. Glenn Kemp- sey, John Hogan and Oscar 'Johnson returned Monday from a four week's trip to the Yellowstone park. They report themselves as having had an excellent time: The hunting and fish- ing is exceptionally good this season and consequently drawsla larger crowd than ever before. They say the park in filled with touris4s, most of whom are travelling in private conveyances, though the railroads are also doing a rushing business. To gain an idea of the wonders unfoldec1 to their admir- ing - eyes, sit down for a few minutes and listen, to, the boys talk. ' The following school boy's composi- tion on \The Eititor - is about the most charming portra:Aal we. have seen of the joys of an editor's e„xistence: \The edi- tor is one of the happiest individuals in the world. He can, go to any drew; in the afternoon or evening without pay- ing , a penny, also to inquests and hang- ings. He has free tickets to theators, gets wedding cake sent to him, and. sometimes gets a licking,but not often. for he can take things back in the next issue, which he generally does. - While other folks have to go to bed early, the editor can sit ur late every night and see all that is going on. When I am a man I mean to be an editor so that I may stay out at night. That will be jolly.\ Willie. the three year old son of Jake Sc:larf. received quite a severe burn about the neck and shoulders on Wednesday afternoon. He and his brother, Radford, were playing in the street with lighted roils of paper, in imitation of cigarettes, when fire fell on the dress of the little one and blazed up fiercely. But for the presence of • mind ;If Radford. who neat the flames out, Willie would probab1 v have been burned to death. n . The ee and shoul- tiers are a mass obliaters, \ nd causes the child much pain, but he vitil be en- tirely recovered in a week or te4-days. Since writing the above, we learn fienn Dr. Bollard. who was called in to at- tend the child. that he burns were much more serious than at first antic- ipated, and'that it will require long and careful nursing to insure his et: - tire recovery. ' Spring ia generally the time when housecleaning - and repairing is the order of the -day. and for a visitor to drop tab., town about this time he think that Wickes enjoys perpetual spring. In strolling around the Silver city a few days ago we were struck with the amount of improvements being made. Hildebrane beauty of of a portice First we noted -that Jas. - us greatly adding to the mansion by the additiou nd other improvement*. FIERCE CONFLAGRATION. Katie Mae. the Pride of Basin. Totally be A i m IV.. Basin, was totall N destroyed by t!i,• The milt and 11,,,,,t at time Katie m, 11. Ltz r Tuesday eveuiiii. .mud now nothing e. , , E left of the pride of Basin but a huge pile of debris. The tire was discovered w t - about three o'clock in the roof of e the engine room, and every effort made to r check the thongs, but without success. As fast as one iillart, was extinguished 6 another would start up, and within n, the immense worsts was a pile half an hour after the„ \ firs > t alarm give Ny . 3111.* i ti.., : E ot glowing embers. There were over Fin inert at work in 6 the mine. but all escaped through a shaft in the west end of the mine without injury. At one time the. safety of the town itself was threatened, but a chain - e in the wind averted the dan- ' ger and turned the Baines toward bfte Hope mine, and it was only through heroic work on the part of employes that the latter property was saved from destruction. The fire spread to the woods adjacent to the mine, and as a cthisequente hundreds of sv4s'id- choppers are rendered penniless. Loss on the mine- and, hoist wa* about $100,000, and was only insured for is3I.1,000. The mine and improve- ments are tile property of the Basin and Bay State company. a Montana corporation, and much of the stock is held by eastern capitalists. It is prob- able that they Will take immediate steps to rebuild, as 'they have_ fully demonstrated tg - m- value of the prop- erty. stroyed by her. . ...-- Recepe for Scandal !From Bernard H. Sciniii41 . , fill - tin:011111W 1,41411i •• rarrago. - 'fake a grain of falsehood : a handful of run -about. the same qturntity of nim- ble tongue: a sprig of the herb back- bite, it spoonful of don't you tell it. six drops Of malice, a few drams of ens ,\ - add a little discontent and jealousy. and strain) thrbugh a bag of misciin- structiou; cork it up in a bottle of um - an ilevolence d hang it up ina skein of 1 6 street yarn: keep it in a hot 'atmosphere 'and shake it occasionally fora few days.. z• ...... r ,Lnd it will be 'fit for use. Let a few.. - - 4 ,9 drops be taken before walking out, ...- and the, desired result will follow. 69E Then we saw that Dailey & Terry were adding to their already•large stuck of groceries a good assortment of tinware., while the addition of hats, gloves, etc.. to the stock 4if M. 3. Madson gives his 04,e store the ap- pearaoce of a metropolitan department house. And Chas. Stewart. ited to be behind the times, has largely in- crerised the capacity of the r isptilar corner drug store atilt is 110W prepared It) serve customers with anything in his line kept by city druggists. .The walls of the' store are also being beau , - :Affect by the artistic touch of Halite Merrill. Going a little further the Wickes hotel looms op as a thing a beauty. and when Nick rohy pletes the mak of fitting if it.1 1 will he the pride of the town. Hat why keer on in this strait,. If the Ntwthern Pacific , woold put A new platform Around their depot And the citizens repair the break its the water pipe On Main street. we. is!,,ii141 have, a twit Whieh tvt till he the ...11 , 1•13 51).4 of the •• A man hived a women, hut she laughed at him. Then, through grief, he became ill, and -was like to die in very despair of her love. Whereat pity touched her heart, and pity grew to love. NVhen he came to 'know this, having now the love he had so yearned to pos- sess. he rejoiced greatly, bud arose from his bed. And staightway he began to love it woman. Digest of Land and Mining Decisions The folio, were fur nished by W. D. Harlan, land and mining attorney of Washington, 11C„ and will be found a source of valuable • Settlers who, without authority of law, enter upon :ands 'that are held in reservation under departmental in- structions that . expressly forbid ail settlers from entering thereon, until lawful permission is given, acquire no eltaties thereby. A private entry of coal land may. nit be allowed to embrace dime tract. taken in the capacity • of an assignee. and another under the individnal right 4.f the purchase. A placer Ii >cation made prior to the act of August 4. 1892, of land chiefly valuable for deposit of glass, sand and building stone is not a legal appro- priation of the land,and the aubsemient intervening - homestead entry of anoth- er will defeat the placer applicaf Both a water -right and mill -site claim may be located on the sante tract if land. --.• i for ill, Or - 9F_ qihk4k1k:''ik!:ir.skktc \11 \JD \Jk • 71; g i e fAWM . IIK0 6 11ff 741*1,1 We Lead, Others Follow We have recently ad- ded to our store a full line of excellent j13_ishes j • • +++++ * **It. Z.: -.411 114:- Tinware 111•••• ;dr: ▪ c rockery Icnd We are still leaders in even - - thing that pertains to the Grocery Bosioess. Dailey & Terry WICKES MONT. Sr t,rt: ut I /4110,CITY T01.1.1,0 CAS COUNTS' FR %NI: J. CHENEY makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doing business in the city of Toledo, -countv and state aforesaid), and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL- LARS for each and every case of catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure. Fa.ssq: J. CiigNYe. Sworn tohefore me and subscribed in my presence this oth day of Decem- ber, A. D. mho. A: W. GiyAsoN, SE t, . — Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter- nally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testi' 'aim. free. FRANK J. CifENEs- SE Cut, Toledo, O. Sold by all druggiats. Notary Public. Dr. W. M. BULLARD • 4 0111,4- a \l'ickes Chemist • and • Toxicologist Bach,Cory 8( Co IV I C I , !NI() N 'I' A IN A . ()fler hit I 11. I 11( 1 ..11 .z . ,• c()ittplete st4X:1«,1 General gleichogise 111 .14 II. I I. -Alt V. 4:4111-1`-tittg . (If GIOCCrieSt Hardware, Cmckery, Glass ad Tin WA, IN Rom. &eats' Fsralwis. Boois anti Hoes. Miners' Supplies. Elc. iGo to thel £ALL £AAAAAAi ickes Drug Store ove.relffeIr rury/711TITIWITTITITTrYITITMMTTITTITITYYTT Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines Paints, Oil- 7Sif ) Witiclow Glass TOILET ARTICLES STATIONERY CIGARS, TOBACCO, CIGARETTES At 1 1 ,0west Po&5sible Prices. Prescriptions - Carefully - CONIpoutided.

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 17 Aug. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.