The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, September 21, 1895, Image 4

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4 a , 4 lic 1,14' tg.,14),At4, alllOttitt III.; lt4 (1,0 J, Patterson, 1 . , lax, with uaileagluring. the, same months, autonating to $1,30. Now, what the Pursuita, wants to get at ia-running the above is, who are the law-,makers of Montana- the board of county commissioners or . the legit.- iature? Perhaps the I3oulder r Critic can make answer. • It is always tip to date ituntra veling a mystery- -provided a decision would not be adverse to its interests. ABOUT once in ten days the tireat Northern weatbound.train is on tulle. Tile The balance of the time it is froui l 'one to five hours late. J. J. Hill had better learn to operate his Own road before reaching for the Northern ; k`acitig. WASHItIGTON,,LETTER. hoists at theratlea's Capital as Sten 1:11 Our Regular Correspondent. WSHIM.TON, Sept. 14. ---Senator F4_ltr If.ceit10 ViOkLett _ ' 1;;EKLV w Kit l>103 1 1' #0/ ivrioutERT „Ftwill..V, ------ Ed▪ itors, - 'Me and BSCRIPTIVN. .(tr. _ i Months, L(NVAtqA1 1 14X.( 1 4 1 -) 1 YANCE - '.•f Year, • Months, • M444141411,., - W HEN NOT lx arnerserreraus-treme---- Advertisements, (() insure pnimpt instation. In' handed In not later thank Tkayreiday pvice(Iiitg publica0,00 Locztl adverkisi mt. 15 emits per line. for first and 10 (\wits per line each subsc,(inent loser- Mn. Display advertising. SI !Ilan 314,184;( 1 1, 0 /Ith. Liberal discount for.SI.o, ;and twitIve mouths aikertiscrpctits. OH or address Jzpietls , 1E6R 4 Wickes, Meat. An/Meat...4i hos been. anode L. be entered in the mistoffir.• Mont.. a,: second . ray,.of Delaware, was the, first dent. bcrat of any prominence to publicly . • endorae the nomination of Mr. Cleve- land for a third term. But hi a endorse- ment carries no weight with anybody, because it is well known that Mr. Gray is exreedingly anxious to get the vacant seat upon the supreme bench left by the late Justice Jackson, He may get it, but if so it will surprise lots of people in Washington e includ- ing at, least two inembert of the cabi- ik t t late lamented (lamented . becattge of I net. Dan.Lantont had a pow-wow nfritness as a, marker of laverd legis- With Mr. Clereland at Gray Gables this week,..which. wilt doubtless have lature t we can put in -at least one good , Some effect upon that third term busi- ness, either in pushing it forward pub- licly or in silencing for a tiine the cuckoos public support of it.: Another thing about Atich atm-La- mont talked to Mr. Cleweland was who shall succeed Gen. Schofield,. whose age will placeshim on. 'the retired list on the 1 9th inst., as conimander of the According to right and prece- Rent the senior 'major-general—Gen. nelson A. Milca----would succeed Gen. Schofield. But .a lot of democratic schemers want to carry politics into the army, ignore -right and precedent, anct p imp one of the other major -generals Over the head of „Gen. Miles, because . etouarrearea rich harvest, they say that Gea. Miles is a republi ran. There is reason for believing In its last issue the 'Columbus Ex- that Mr. Cleveland would like toignore cess.attraattnces that it ll suspend . Gen. Miles, but it is •far,froin certain ja wi that he will care to fare the storm of anlybration ,in that toms :tad remove indignation which would: •certainly to Big -timber thow does BrEttiterHatch follow such an act of injustice to as like the lower case tn. In looking gallaat an officer asever .drew a sword. - wer the field a short time age for a Gen: Miles is popularaud Mr. Cleve- land knows it. locrit• the. VoNra;..k,. man visited knows- whereof he Bigtinther.- a./ It .‘ is said that Senator Mills, Texas, rt ; accompanied his declaration 'against ..peak a non tie. ,.the town is one the free coinage of silver with one of the best locations., is Montana. against the nomination of Mr. Cleve - Therefore, we predict • for Messrs\.. land for a third term, in order to pre - Aiken and Potter a prosperetts.fature. vent the Texans from accusing him of sem having become a cuckoo. Mr. Mills was once. a silver man of the most '?E following editor.s . lament hits radical typo. He was. virtually forced the no, iLtic ta :het y on the had: \News to define his financial position, by a newssawnes . enough . to give a letter from the chairman.ofahe Texas atan tint blues.„ Nobody marriet; democrat committee, or else amp out ardiody dead; nobody broken an arm of polities at the end of his term in the or a head; nobody come in tO talk of senate. The Bowler farce is to be repeated. the 'eratt;' femme got boozy and started Secretary Carlisle has *et Sept, 20 as a.scrapc• no one got elan ,in for taking the date to hear ex -Senator Mhnder- u.horn: nobody . buried and mabraly SOWS arguments in an appeal from the burn. Oh! for a racket. a riot, 'a fuss decision of Bpwler, referring-at...he-agaim of the Oxnard c patty, of Nebraska, Some one to come in and kialuup a for sugar bounty, to the court of unis.-asaint'‘ruie to stir up the peace - claims. Itu!stituch. as the order to hold laded - air; • soniebody!s comment -tin give up the titre...ey for sugar bounties came as a scare. Sosiathody thumpertwithin from Mr. Cleveland, there is sin proba- an inch of his life; soniebotly run Off pint). that Secretary Carlisle will ‘,11 14 I' .4- a,,ara ti othet. nia'.-t. wife; tonne. one ketit and pay up his dues; anything, reverse Bowler, tut matter how con- vincing the argument of Mr. Mander- son may be, unless some other method for keeping the money in the treasury has been decided upon. \ . 111r; new coas y that \the hoard Numerous fairy stories are- being of county CI 1.1dionc , At. except as printed about Speaker Reed' being bossed by this or that man into select- ' otherwise herein providad, must meet tug or tiot selecting this or that metn• • att,conutv . seat of thei:,reanective her 04 the house for chairman of the ...lintiteamithe first Monday of Decent, H urst importunt of the house com- :ten aalivatin, Jpne_ and September;of ',litters.. NO. Reed\is notoriously fond -itch year, and may sit apt . exceeding tat a joke. and he probably enjoya reading these stories. Everybody who 't'.days at each...mess:ion; except the at all acquainted with Mr. , Reed's December session. , which they may character - knows that while, always * it Tart exceeding eight , :days; but the. open to being convincail by argument, board may at any time giving at and4pmetitnes. allowing himself to be laat five days public netice,,bold ani persuaded, he cannot be bossed by any .` extra session, of' not, d ap, . man. That very fact is the founda- tion of his publi. reputation. duraticit,,\ Further; \Each member the board .of county commissioners, - is rin,k11,ed tu.„eight clonal.* per day for, each day's attendance on the sessions tLytte,board, and ten .rents .per -mile. for the distance necessarily traveled ia ,gatrag,„ to . awl relenting from the. comity. seat and his place of residence. awl :to other compensation. tunst be aJonted '- • It will be noticed. by, glit . hcing ova& the proceedings of the last meeting-, mite -the Basin Times, that John F: Sheelalsevautallowed for . ten. dept.' sera rice* d tiring the Months of July August and . ..September, as county Commission- • Cr, at the rate of Set, Making ▪ Sao, with no mileage. allowed; Gorge.- Price 75 cents per In le. SO!‘1 4 hv aU Tiattjamin. 17 days With mileage, forj druggist+. T‘:;15t.ill1“Il 1, ire. SATURDAY, SEPT. 21. .................4444.44m1.144144411 4 11111•141=44414144•44114= I. 0. 0. F. Ext g le.r.roge, No. 22. Meets aa•ery orday evening. Members of other I,. .14 - e, aro cordial/y- lashed to meet ,,,•i . }Nan. 1.•.,1)avis. N. G. I, KONA 00011, Seg' y Word tot: I that, body. The high tax placed on • •ziga'rettes has made the sale of \coffin naila' 7 •4 thing - of the past in Wickes. thu, state papers are airing the many glaring errors conunitted by 13AS , rdreelc the Dillon Tribune print- ed a• L sonsatioitaJ article about -sheep here starving, -because his camp had been !ebbed ,of supplies. This week the same anpercoptes to the front with the announcement that the man was III ,-arving for lack of food, but for want of tobacco. Truly, Dila*\ is a 'telt) its which our- friend'No-To-Bac • - Flow's This? We after one hundred dollarsi reward for ant- case of catarrh that cannot lit.N cured by -Hall's Catarrh Cere. F.. J. CHENEY er Co., Propra.. \ iTOiedo. 0. We. 1 Ng undersigned, have known F'. J. Clatney for the last 15 years, and believeltian perfectly honorable iti all businras traumartiona, anti quaai f iany able to carry ont.any obligation made by their flvin. • West \Truax. whosenaleorrinagista, Toledo. 0. . Wattling, Niittacts & Marvin. whole- sale (1 C0111(ista , C.ttarrh Cute is taken inter' 1 1.1111v . , acting directla upon the blood and mucous surface of the syateiti. '•111\111\4G,NOTt..,S,FROM EXCHAG,ES. Messrs- 1,ong Zit McKay. structinA a 1O -stamp miiii ou vey creek district. Itisaaid that seweralgold properties at Winston will Kam, close down, as the ore has become too low in grade to be worked at . a profit.. A number of leasers are extracting large quantities pf rich,silver O r ra; from, the Trifle, near the old Acquisition shaft, Butte,.. Large chunks of ()re are, hoisted every day containing wire and malt o A group a claims. kaown as the Hull and Calhoun properties, located - on the south fork of Antelope creek, about fourteen mile% from Phillips- burg, have been bonded to an eastern syndicate for $45,000. Oneof the largest gold nuggets seen in Livingston during the season came front. Emigrant gulch. It was brought down ,by D. .5. Terry and was part of a clean up front placer diggings in that district. The nugget, which was nearly pure gold : weighs 1-t 4 ounces, and is valued zit $30. Two different blanks are required, under the new codes, for locating a r.nining. claim. Call at the PIONEER office and make an examination of .these before locatiog a claim, thereby reducing to a minimum the .chances of being \jumped.\ Price 10 cents per set, Butte parties are operating the Red Lion mine in Granite . cnsity, the property having been closed down for Some time onaecount of a disagree- 'inent among the owners. The mine and mill are now in actine operation. and as the property is in good hands future developments will show that the disCrict is all right. The Montana Ore Purchasing - com- pany is rapidly coming to the front as h. dividend payer, it having paid its third dividend of $1 per share on Sept. .4. The July net profit was $70,000,and the Ang - itst product was 600 tons of copper.. The company, it is said, ex- pects to pay dividendsat the rate of $1 per share for the remainder o'f the year. It is said that -\Rex\ Lindsay, for- merly of Anaconda, but • who is now located on Rock creek. ..and has stweral Valuable gold properties out there. has 'made a new discovery on Stony creek, about three or four. tulles above it intersection with Rock creek, in gulch. ICI; claimed that the ledg.eis \sticking up\ into the air fully twenty feet, and that it is 20 feet wide. It is said to be good looking gold ore. This can hardly be termed a \blind lead.\ many of- which that part of Granite county ia.aupposed traenzttain4. • Progress in installing the new ma- chinery at the Parrott brickyard is progressing favorably,says the Zephyr. The walls of the new engine house ar,- nearly completed, having been built around the 80 -horse power boiler; the 60 foot s ke stack is in position, and the tires were started Ott Wednesday, The Winding is 301(31, two stories high and will have a large cupola contain- ing an elevator to asSist in handling and treating the dirt before it, is Comm. late brick; on three sides. and joining the engine house will be sheds 16x30 feet, covering all machinery not Included in the brick building; a 60 - horse power etu,Titte will furnish the tnotore power. It will be about 30 days before the new plant is iia ' operation.% its capacity will be .,•! 60,000... ilKORIEL j010)11414 Billiard Hall - -AND A Share of \u„ - Trade Solicited. ; The•aupreme court of' Montana has tendered a decision ,,4 -interest to min- ers regarding the notice of location of mining claims, as fhilows: \Under the statute, requiring one who discov- ers a mining claim to tile a declaratory statement ..of such discovery or loca- tion, ors oath, describing said claim in the manner provided by the la, it the United States, the statement must ; be of the discover',' 'or locatiott,.as well as of the description of the claim, and an affidavit which merely states that 'the (Iescription of said lode' is true, is fatal/3s defective.. The 'dal .ement, in a verification notice...that - the, Inca - torn have 'ftslly complied with the reiniirentents' of law and local castrato; regulating mining lacations is merely a conch'' of law and does . not verify any fact.\ If paid in advance. SUbSeriPti41 , 11 he PIONEER is 2 per' annum. Whether Republican Of Democrat. Yon surely want to keep abreast of the tiiocs. l'oit tint only want to know how the sittiationls in Utah for Heber M. Wells anti Joint T. Caine.. but you want to knows what h'ecd Mclilineley or- Cleveland and Whitney may be doing in the way of rustling - for the presidential cktair. The ostler way to get' such iirfolatiation, lateral and for- eign, is front it tupwspn , pr a real. live, mettopolitan, up-to-date news- paper, and the Salt Lae Tribune is 'the onlyante in the territory. ' People who differ in politics with the Minute admit that it has no competitor in tile westerarcatuttry. One dollar a month for thedaily, every dar in the month. and but•75centa for three inoatbs-fOr the great semi-weekly.. SPECIALTIES Saloon Chase's Barley Malt Bottled Beer, $3.25 per Case (),1„ trial will convince you that we handle the finest hrands.of Wines Liquors and Cigars in the county. Low prices. wICKES MONTANA ICKES BARBER SHOP WICKES MONT Harry Hinchy, Propr. Shave 2S cents. Irlair Cut SO We afe now prepared to do the best class of tonsorial work. Tools always kept in first class shape. open from 8 a. al. to Q. p.m. BACH, CORY & CO. wicKIR,s, MONTANA. '=-- • Our First Shipment of Men's Furnishings and - Dry G000ds For Fall and Winter .-IRE NOW ARRIVING. We are rapidly filling up on lines in Thos. F. Oakes, licarg C. Payne, Iienri C. Rua Iscolvers. NORTHERN PACIFIC - ---RUNS Through Cars; 134TWEEN 11.11111,111111711TBYT isi. Pam Eifiinneapolts MI bath EF*0 Ekang Forks tag Wloolpeg Helena - Butte Spokane Le,„,, Iacono I Seattle 1 Tourita POW L4/i/111111illtiaLlit TIME IS,C: H F.L1U L F... SleMptinr Cars. Diaiumg Cant 5.1•0pinu; • t1.ri In Effect Sunday, (WU 2, 1895. ARRIVE AT 1VICKES. No. lo, Ilnukter acconunntt at inn. Daily except Sunday 8.55 m, Leave 5 minute- later. No, to, Ell< horn accent modal inn, 'rues- , dafs. Thursday k and S.ti ,rlay,, 8.55 a Si [wave Siii in tes ARRIVE HELENA, . No. 1, Pacific :nail. west bound, daily. 8.25 a MI 'No. 2, Atlantic mail.east bound.daily 11.31 p LEAVE HELENA No. 1, Pacific mail. west hound, daily. 8.35 a nit No. 2, Atlantic mail.east bound,daily 11.30 p m For further oarticulart., nt. fel-le I's, rates, etc., call on nr rit , C. H. FOLSOM. •Lation, ngent, Wickes, 1 A. D. E06AR, ,GFNERAJL AGENT, HELENA. \ I ; )N Chess.. S. Fee, G. P. eic T. A., St. Paul, Minn. vrvirynnTrar 1 E GIVE' .11117tYYTITITTIT• •ITYT1111 . 11TYTITT. The Pioneeri •Arilli1110 1 a -zszus.- Hardware Crockery r, 4 A. a Glass and Tinwarezzz.•TVWritY. A FINE STOCK III SIRE AND FANCY GROCERIES AT POPULAR PRICESI -Advertise- 1 The greatest and ntost widely circu- lated paper in the county, a trial if you have ,,is - thing - to e\wateaws= [ SEE t7 9 69 69. 11 0rnio%WititiftWaReWs\% nnnnTIMTInrfnn'TnntrilnrIrTrITYTTIMIT nrler r J. H. HILDEBRAND. JEWELIR ann E Fine Sion of WRICheS Illwalls on Hand A.1,1A.L.ww3awwwwwwwwwww% NIL ) . w irroligHE R 1 9 0 1 4 1 3 In 'tIll I It 411 , 111 (le the circulation of the , PIONLER we will, make the following , libenal offer: To those . sending us. the names of three persons, together with six dollars, for three yearly subscriptions to the PI( )N It. kv,, Will nuilte a pres- ent -of a paid -up sitls H i d 11111 Thi-- offer holds good'until (lit 1 Ailibe- ---.41T1ie PIONEER lf it Ain LI r. • CHASE'S PURE BARiEir MALT WHISKY. Philortied By The ;Viol Eminent PhinleIumn t,iI 4'ileinkt.4 as a Vain. able and Reliable Remedy far all, LUNII: TROUBLE, InsPri+:41,t„ 1, t it i A and FEEBLENESS. A. Perfect Tonle and an tiotoltitels 1'1 RE STIA11 . 1,1NT„. For Sale hi Ill Leading Liquor Hems. • _

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 21 Sept. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.