The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, September 21, 1895, Image 5

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raalayaa e , 1 ' gildhered by Our Reporter Conooraing Viicputtapd Vicinity,. L. V. Sniggett,nt Anaconda. was in Wickea Sunday,. Charley Uageman spent, Monday at the county capital. Old papers fpr sale at this offiee at z5 cents per ittlafIred. atit. Chas. Kriegel made a buaittess trip t i p Helena Wednesday. Jas. Triplett left Wednesday for a isit ta friends in Cascade. There was a slight fall of snow yes- terday, the first. of the seaeon. If you want. aanuethittg good, try egal flour. For sale by Dailey & Terry. Miss Annie Maggie, of Corbin, was aisitiug Mrs- Terry a couple of days this week.. Mr. and Mrs. Simmons and Mr.. Hersey, of the Minah, were visitors to !Plena on Monday. S. H. Snig - gett arrived in Wickes Sunday, and departed' the next day for his home in Helena. Mrs. Goodrich has returned to Lo- gan, after spending aleveral days in our burg visiting friends. in Wickes during the past two weeks. Ho represent. the &Ana Life; of which thera. is., none better. A thorough knowledge of the butatteaa in hand, .eoupled with repreaentinaa i. first-el:Las 'company, is the drawing card. and the amount of policiea written by Mr. Dorn in this vicinity ia.aatonishing. An informal reception was held at residence of Mrs.. Jab.. Hildebrand on Wednesday evening last, in honor of Mr. and Mrs.. Peavsan. Quite a num- ber were present. Some excellent vocal and instrumental music was rendered, and discussions of the bloomer ball\ was, he principal topic of conversation. Mrs. H. L. Simmons and Mrs. A. A. *Warwick, of the Minah, are spending a few days at Alhambrzahot wrings. Just . received, a large consignment of Regal flour. Hest in the market. Dailey & Terry, sole agents itaWickes. Messrs. Simpson and Shean, of , the Eva May, were among the aumber-who graced Wickes with their presence this week. A car load qf - are-was shipped to the East Helena smelter this week by Frank Fish, front his property near the Gregory. Mrs. Norvel. Stuart, who has been spending several days with her mother, Mrs. Gordon, returned to her home in Helena on Monday: kIrta Beckman, Mrs: Larson, Mrs. Sucetta Mrs. Julie and Mrs. Rupetto, of the Alta, were welcome visitors to Wickkai on Thursday. Chas. Rhule has conveyed his one- half interest in the lease on the Peta- luma, a gold proposition near Jeffer- ,aan, to Henry Stevenson. It is rumored that the is another surgeon in Wickes, Dr. Lindsay, the eratwhile mixologist, having begun practicing on Monday last. The latter, if you please, Mr. Critic. Only a few of the wealthy can afford it. It is a drink ft for the gods. How would you like to have a try at it? Mr. and Mrs. Pearson came over front Basin Sunday and are spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Hilde- brand. They leave tomorrow for Colorado. Dr. Bullard left Thursday for Butte to attend the trial of 'several physi- cians who, it is alleged, are practicing in that city without a license. He re- turned to illickes yesterday. Mr. Stuart, of the Wickes drug store, has purcbased the entire stock of school books and school supplies of Bach, Cory & Co., and is prepared to supply all demands in that line at regular prices. • We have a complete line of legal blanks of all descriptions—under authority of the new codes—including quartz, placer and water right loca- tionm and deed to mining claims. Call at this office. Sunday evening Mra.Thos. Peacock .ittertained a numberof friends at her residence. The time was pleasantly vent in conversation, and some de- lft/taut music was furnished by Mes- srs. Peacock & Clinton. A pleasant social dance was given in A.I a la W. hall Saturday evening. ally a few couples turned out, but taase seemed to enjoy themselves to the limit. _ The dance was given in lum , r of the visit to Wickes of Mrs. 41rich, of Logan. A visitor to Wickes Thursday could eaaily have seen from the smiling entintenance preaented to his view that good news was in the wind. It was good news. Pay day at the Alta only comes once a nionth. Anil, then, the pay roll only amounts to about a:4)am. The great, one, only ad original PioNaitat clippings correspendent of Boulder Age from. Wickes seems to think the editor of this paper had bet- ter ask heaven for. aid at least \once a year.\ Did this \correspondent\ ever stop to think that two of a kind make a good pair to draw to; or that there is 'such a thing as, the \pot calling the kettle black?\ But, then, \where ignorance is bliss 'tis folly to be wise.\ M. R. Wicket went to East Helena Thursday to superintend the sampling of a carload of ore recently shipped to - the smelter at that place from the Enterprise mine, a property on which he and Wm. Gallagher have a lease. Samples of the ore tested at Helena and Corbin returned 73 ounces silver, Sla gold and 46 per cent. lead. This is the first shipment made by these genelemen, but if it proves the success shown by assays, others will follow in rapid succeseion. During the week two of the belles Of Corbin were joined in the holy bonds of wedlock. They were Miss Maggie Stevens, who, dating from Tuesday, will pass down through the dark ages by the side of Geo. B. Lynn, also of Corbin. The other was Miss Cary, whet will try life in double harness with Mr. McGann, of Basin. Both weddings took place in Helena, and were at- tended by only a few intimate friends. The Picearoat, together with the many frienda of . the contratcting parties, wish them a happy journey. A small scrap started in the store of Dailey & Terry, 'Monday, but the would-be pugilists wefe separated by friends in time to save the coronor a job. On Thursday morning there was another contest of giants, and this is said to have been of -a - more serious natuce. It took place in front •of the drug store, and one uf the prin- 'cipals was pretty badly used tip. The man who got the worst of departed on the afternoon train for Boulder where, 'it is said, he will swear out a warrant for the arrest of his assailant on a charge of assault and battery. Mrs. Goodwin Sparling met with a very painful, though, happily, not serious, accident on Wednesday last, am a result of which she was confined to the house for several days. She was driving to Corbin in a light buggy when the horse became unmanageable and started to run away. The buggy struck a telegraph pole and Mrs. Sparlitig was thrown headlong over the dashboard, striking the ground with considerable force. Dr. Bullard was telephoned for, and after an exam- ination announced that, while no bones were broken, yet the lady was badly bruised and skaken , up. In the after- oon she was brought home, and is now rapidly recovering. Mrs. W. B. Gordon.. assistedby her charming daughter. Miss Mable, gave a delightful card party at her residence on the evening of the 19th. Whist was the principal game, though hearts and old maids were eqttally as fasci- nating. At 11:30 an elegant repast was served, which was a very pleasant feature of the evening's entertain- ment. A game of dry whist resulted in Mr. Cronin being awarded first prize, a beautiful landscape picture, and Mrs. Hildebrand the \booby a nursing bottle and a razor. After this games and dancing were indulged in until a very late haur. Among - the litany present were noted Mesdames Peacock, Cronin. Iliklebrand. Gordap, Wilcox, Pearson and Miss Gordon. Messrs. Cronin. Koegel, Peacock, Stneltzser, Clinton. Bailey,. Pearson and Master cordon. M. Rein ig, the popular Wholesale and retail merchaat if Helena, was itt ;Wickes Tnesday. tie says that the business in this vicinity has doubled within the past year and gives every iudication if heigg on, the increase. Mr. Reinig is square and' courteous in all • busitielo: transaction , w hi. Ii ac- e/aunts for his success., Editor WOWS, of the mi,oi WS a vi a itor to Wickes MI v list - While here he. • together with .Ii-.. Hildebrand, paid a visit to the Minah mine. The stay in Wickes aniat have been very pleasant, judging by the glowing manner Which he *Inns na the. ha up( t ra fir., t he week ie on burg itt the teat • he T,.-., R. 1 , via, the a • ! rice agent ha . ,)-kca• ac‘te a. a .)11 - Annual Report Or Corporation Odic.. of the Helen.. and 1,is c Smelting , and Reduction Comp Helena, Montana. Sept, IS, Der - . To WHOM 11 MAN CoNt:rwN: In accordance %vith the provisions of Section 451 of the Ii - It Cocle of the State of Mntitana, we. the undert.ictied. heine the President and a tnaforitt of the Ihrections id the Helena and Liviovatoo Stuviting and R,luelion Contratt. prewrot the folios i teport of the condition of said t orporat ion • PO the first day ot Septenther, D195: Th. , amount of Capital stock is $,5010,000.00 _ I cash . H. parchase of propart% . 3.207,744..32 amonnt of 1. apital ;tent:01% - 1mM in is . The amonnt of. existing , debts is $ 141.175.0 S. T. Ilausdn. President. Jolts 1'. Mcartiv. Director. M. P is' tiss,.Direcuir. A. M. litri.relt, DIrector. DINH\ TOR. State of MI/lit anh ' CoUr11Mf Lemia and Clarke mi. R. Allen, beinc littlt sworn, on oath sa; s that he is the Secrrtari of the :thole nested orporatiort; that the alio* and foreceintr port is corr.., t and it,,, to the test .if wit Linos tedgie ain't 1..11.4, .1.,1 that the a) ,,, ' 'tattlers are those of the President and .1 ma nil it v of the Directors of said cortstrat ion. ()xi% R. aloe, Subacrit 44T and tutors el before me lath tla5 of Septembl.r.15'1'. — i.,it Notar. Public iti .n.1 for Lewis Si Im arid Giant , I omit Moolao a Mx corn uslaskon expire. Aug THE MINAH MINE. A 100 TON PLANT BEING ERECTED TO TREAT THE opEs, Will Cost About $75.000 A Larva Force ot Men Employed Will Be in Operation the Latter Part of October. Is Locatedetobut One and a Half Miles From Wickes Leased to Minnesota Parma Montt a mile . And a half west of Wickes thete stands a property that will, ere long, be numbered among the wealth producers far which Montana, and especially Jefferson county, is so justly noted. It is the Minah mate,. thought to be an extension of the world-renowned Alta, which presents to the visitor's eye a scene of austling activity that is quite refreshing in these dull times of silver mining. This property was located many years ag, changing - hands repeatedly until it finally cattle iut(i the hands (if A. ta. Briscoe. Mr. Briscoe worked the property for same years, and then sold mit to an English syndicate, after the mine had been favorably reported upon by H. L. Simmons, a mining expert of large experience in Europe, Africa and North America who had been sent over from England for that purpose., On gaining control of the property the syndicate immediately- set to work developing it on a large scale. So long - as work was carried on above water level the mine paid handsomely, but shortly after this the ore became re- fractory and could only be treated at a loss. A large amount of development work was done by the syndicate, who then leased the property to Minnesota parties. Many experiments were tried by this company to flnd a means for treating the ore, but it was not until testing a chemical process recently in- vented by a German that they met with any degree of success. Experi- ments with this process proved entirely satisfactory, and a 100 -ton plant is now under construction foiatreating the ore. Several persons, in writing accounts of - the proeess used, have referred to it as cyanide. This is erroneous. The process is entirely different from cya- nide, and is in use in no other portion of the United States. The main building of the milt, used for crushing and roasting the ores. is 55x150 feet. to which is joined the en- gine house,. 40x80 feet, and several smaller concerns. The chemical de- partment is almost as large as the 'main building, and the whole forms an immense structure. The principal building has been almost completed, and the work of crushing ore begun. The tnouth of the tunnel, which is 2500 feet in length and the outlet for all ores, is about SOO feet south of the will, to which ore is carried in cars and fed to crushers on the fourth The ore then descends through a chute to the third floor, there passing throngh .two Krotne rollers, of it capacity of 50 tons each, where it is ground to a powder. From here it is again taken, by means of elevators, to the fourth floor, where it passes through screens that separates the ()re from the waste. It is,then ready for the roasters. Two Bruckner roastets, of a capacity of seven tons each to the charge, are used. These connect with a large covered flume, through- which are car- ried to the smoke stack all the gases generated by the roasters. The stack is fitted with appliances for turning the gases into sulphuric acid and in the same manner is the arsenic re- covered. From the roasters theatre is dumped into a 70 -ton bin as it dry, black powder. From here in taken by cars to the chemical department. This department, which is nearing comple- tion, will be fitted up with machinery and all necessary precipitating appli- ances for chemically turning the ore into bullion. This portion of the mill is under control of A. A. Warwick, a inetallurg . ist and chemist of large ex- perichce in Germany and England. The mill is undar the direct super- oiaion of Tr. F.,. Simmone, and a... being rapidly pupated to completion. While it is said to be of 100 -ton capacity, yet in reality only abaut 70 tons of this character of ore can be worked per day. though the plant will be enlarged should the process prove the auccess anticipated. It was estimated . that the whole stricture would cost /60,000, but by the time it is completed have exceeded that amount by $2.5 aka). The mine and mill will be lighted through- out by electricity. it dynamo capable of furnishing 400 lights being used. A force of alma; 75 men is employed in and aratind the mill, and every ef- fart is being made to have the plant in full (iteration by the latter part of October. (tray it few men are under- ground. but a large number will he added when the mill starts tip. The mine is one of a group of seven. and is developed by abnitt 8,000 feet of halite], and nunieroun shafts. The body of ore in sight is enortimas. and only requereir to he knocked dawn and haisted a, the atirfate. when it is ready far the mill. It is estimated that the whale a• ill yield about 23 ounces ailver alai half an ounce Enid to the ton. There is enough are in K4ght ti keep the mill running. ;it its preeetit ay.. for i. ctirtt of v.:ars. ******** We Lead - Others Follow vow— —ow We have recently ad- ded to our store a full line of excellent Dishes Tinware Crockery And we - are still leaders in every- thing that pertains to the Grocery ************** Dailey Terry * *to* ********* WICIKES LADIES' FINE SHOESww -- MONT. a We s(.11 1.(•-t wearing, the eit:-i,•-1 fitting, the ni stylish SHOES ,, t any firm in MonL1 na. Price , are tilt lowest, to*. Mail orders ha ye our PROMPT ATTENTION. IINI•11ft CLARKE & FRANK --- 1111•1111 MONTANA SHOE CO. HELENA. MoNT A \ Notice to Co -Owner. Ti, 11;”1.4INS 111 Sparlitic, his brit,. est, 1110.ra. adaHuiNt raturs and assittns: Vim are hereby_ notified that IMortre H. Mer• 611.44 Wickes, Montana. your 1:0-\IVIII•1* iii ih-' Mary R. mine, situated in Colorado minim/ district. Jeffersion county.. Montana. and re- in Rook V. of lodes. pace 152. in the re. corder'\ office of said count , I, t- done Mid per formed the 110.01e1.14T141 . II I WI said mining claim for the years DM, Ism, ' , it, ,.„ penile.] an, aundrod •• aaitl .uro and inipr.sement • said claim. under the provision. • .•• 2324. Re, tined SIM ntr% of the Cnited t.kt 'II, tear entlietir December 31. Itet2. .‘ nt 'till ieninel dais after this not ii e has beim .41.1,1`11 11, publi- cation %on fail to rontribut ate of .MC11 p•mlitur, Mei to lift, dollars.. our Interest it, saki claim will he for- feited and lier,nni• prirpertt of the soder- signed. am provided in Section. 2324. Re, iw•cl Stat U111.4 Of thi• United States. Gun. M. Mu stout. M ofl tall a. September 1.„ UPS ;--- Dr. W.' M. BULLARD oiffiee in Wa — M(1\4 - T. , Chemist • and • Toxicologist II GRIM SIOCk era ISONOL BOOKS 0.64„„.:\• Slates, Tablets, Pens, Pencils, ) Inks, etc., etc Carl be fourici at the ---seasameoactalanaMildWILtaditataalAWMAWUJAAAJW ickes Drug St ---• , ..vreffrear myymymmTwwwwwwrwwwwrnyeennyrow c\‘

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 21 Sept. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.