The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, October 05, 1895, Image 5

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LOCAL IAYOUT. tntbated by Our Reporter Concerning Wickes and Vicinity. - - - Mrs. Larson, Of the Alta. is reported to be very sick. I. Greenhood, of Helena, was in our .burgeen Tuesday. oldastpeni'for sale at this office at 25 cents per hundred. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McIntyre spent the day at Alhambra, Friday. Mrs. L. Hickey, of Moppin gulch, is visiting her son, Wm. Hickey. Mr-. and Mrs. Jas. Hildebrand went 'to Boulder Tuesday on a visit. If you want something good, try Regal flour. For sale by Dailey & Terry. Mrs. Katharine Bullard, of Helena, „ 'visited her son, Dr. Bullard, Thursday. Lou Davis, of the Alta, went to Hel- ena Saturday, returning the next day. Mrs. Jacklin and Mrs. Hall, of C,or- 'bin, were in Wickes Saturday on a visit to friends. Mrs. Hamilton, who has been visit- ing the family of Geo. Hague, returned 'to Helena Sunday. Quite a number of Wickesites at- tended the dance given in Boulder on Friday evening last. Will Dailey made a business trip to Helena Tuesday morning, returning 'home in the evening. b/rr. Cory's former visit, and he ex- pressed his pleaaare at the improved condition of our town and the very li-vely and increasing business being done at the Wickes branch store. In the afternoon Mr. Cory made a flying visit tc; the Alta mine, and returned home the same evening. Joe McClosky and a tramp had an altercation Tuesday morning, in the saloonpf Geo. Scharf, that resulted in the tramp receiving several love taps about the head and face that he will remember for many days. It is alleged that the tramp stole a dollar from Joe, and when accused of the theft got very abusive, which led -to the light. The Bluebird is rapidly \forging to the front as a producer. Twelve or fourteen Men have been engaged and Will be m it to work the early part of next week. -It will be but a short time before this mine is shipping a carload of ore per day. The men who have . a lease on this property are hustlers front the word go. Miss Ethel Scott, of the Minah, left Sunday for Helena, where she will attend a business college. Mrs. Hanrahan entertained Messrs. D. A. Cory and I. Greedhood, of Hele- na, at luncheon on Tuesday lasta Mrs. Thos. Peacock left for Great Falls Tuesday, where she will spend a week or ten days visiting friends. - Just received, a large consignment of Regal flour. Best in the market. Dailey & Terry, sole agents in Wickes. Mrs. Hamilton and-two children,. of Helena, visited her aunt, Mrs. Hague, on Friday, returning home Saturday evening. Harry Hinchy spent Sunday and Monday in Helena. It is said that he was buying furniture, etc., for house-. keeping purposes. Mrs. Stafford. who has been spending the summer at Alhambra, has re - returned to Wickes, where she will again take up her residence. , Dr. Bullard spent several days at Helena this week in attendance at a meeting of the State Medical board, of which organization he is secretary. It is rumored that the Odd !knows wit) give a grand ball on Thanksgiving evening, though as yet the arrange- ments have not been fully perfected. Rev. I. N. Smith, who was appointed by the last M. E. church conference to this circuit, will preach in Wickes on Sunday evening next at 7:30 p. in. All, e earnestly invited. Chas. Stuart left Monday evening for a ten days' trip to Salt Lake. Dur- ing his absence the drug store will be in (large of Thos. Swartwout, an. experienced druggist from Butte. FOR SA One $450 Chase Bros. piano that has had but liettettaage. One mare (single footed), with ladies saddle -and bridle. For particulars address \S care PIONliRR, Wickes:, Mont. Henry Ikon, dne of the original locatorsof the ground on which Wickes is platted, but who now resides on upper . Basin creek, together with his family is spending the week with Jerry Kuhlcke. Hattie Litton gave ape. rty to a num- ber of her young friends on Saturday afternoon from 2 to 6_ p. m. Those present were Esther and Harriet Bul- lard, Nellie Bartell, Winnie Caldwell, Annie Kuhlcke, Bessie Harnes,Blanche O'Hare, Cisco Smith, Flora Williams, Attie Reilly, Johnnie O'Hare, Willie Freyler, Ray Scott, Willie 4acklin and *alter Gordon. Enoch Hodson was in the city the first of the week. All the excavating is done for the mill at his mine; the mill is at Helena and will be shipped and set up in a few days. Mr. laodson o expects to be crushing orein about two ,.weeks.—Bozeman Avant Courier. This prospect is owned jointly by Enoch Hodson and Col. Ferris. It is located at the head of Golconda gulch, near Jefferson. The mill—a five -stamp one—arrived at the mine last week,and will be in operation within a few days. Sam Merrill is assisting in its erection. On Monday morning sparks from a Northern Pacific engine set fire to the grass in front of the old Davis house. now unoccupied—and but for heroic work on the part of the Wickes \fire brigade\ the building would have been burned. The grass is about a foot high, dry as tinder, and the flames had gained great headway before any one noticed it. When the \tire bri- gade's\ attentioa was -called to the scene, the way they turned on the hose and extinguished the flames would bring a blush of shame to the faces of many of their city brethren. We have a complete line of legal -blanks of all descriptions -under authority of the new codes—including quartz, placer and water right loca- tions and deed to mining claims. Call at this office. Ed. Lynn, who is working for the Clancy Mining company on Quartz gulch; was in town Thursday: A terri- \ble stream was raging when Ed. crossed -the range, and he says the snow was piled up afoot deep. Allan, the little, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hill, met with a very painful ac- cident on Thursday carting last. lie fell on a stove, cutting a de r+ gash in the right side of his head. Dr. Bullard was called to treat the wound and the little fellow is rapidly recovering. Quite a number of young folk met at the resideuce of Jas. Kellogg on \reeaday evening and repaired to the lidine of Vra. Terry to giv'e that lady a Karp - rise. Mrs. Terry had been in- vited toanin the party, and was under the impression that a was to be a sin airise on one of her neighbors. The visitors received a hearty reception. . and the evening was a constani . antinil of pleasure. Games and dancinv formed the principal amusement, ane some exceptionally Knott mimic wa, rendered. It was about two o'clock when the party finally broke tip. P. A. Cnry, sf Iielens,viee-president and c•eneral .naget of the tattensive • r • i• Co.. paid a vieit Toes - day. , day. 11.1tree years nave elaPs ' IUCC — An Enjoyable Enteitalainent. _ The social event of the week was the party given by Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Dailey at the firers residence on Saturday eventig last. Quite a num- ber of invitations were issuedaand the gathering was one of the largest seen in Wickes during the aeason. The rooms were 'beautifully draped with smilax,entwined with mistletoe and au- tumn leaves, while choice flowers made effective decorations for the windows and organ. The refreahments served were in keeping with e rest of the i;t ., display and one of t greatest attrac- tions. Dancing was indulged in by sonic, though games and music were received with equal favor. Beautiful solos were rendered by Mrs. Snarling and Miss Bullaril, and some excellent music furnished by Messrs. McIntyre, Terry and Dailey. A recitation by Miss Mollie Kellogg, entitled \ Here,\ received a well deserved encore. A contest as to who could pin the tail on a donkey was won by Mr. Dean, and he received a beautiful heart basket as a reward. Miss Bullard secured a bunch of car- rots for pinning the tail on the don- key's ear. Mrs. Terry wawdressed in rose la,ns- down, :With lace and ribbons; her assistant, Mrs. Dailey, wore light blue. brocade and 'cream velvet. Those present and the costumes worn by each was as follows: „Mrs. Jensen, pink crepe, lace. and - ribbon; Mrs. Bowden, black faille silk, lace and jet ornaments; Mrs. Campbell, 'black grosgrain silk, lace; Mrs. McIntyre, black satin duchesse; Mrs. Bullard, ruse cashmere, cream brocade and velvet trimmings; Mrs. Snarling - , black henrietta.; Mrs. Kuhlcke, blaalt jac- quard; Mrs. Bartell, gray novelty, light brocade trimming: Mrs. Dean, blue skirt, light fancy silk waist; Mrs. Starrett, black gloria, cream silk trimming; Miss Bullard, red china silk; Miss Kellogg, cream honeytomb, buff silk, stripe lace and ribbon; Miss Mollie Kellogg, cream china silk, lace and ribbon; Miss Bartell, wine cash- mere and velvet; MissMoggy, lavender henrietta and velvet; Miss Bowcjen, lavender crepe, silk and ribbon; Miss Kuhlcke, black skirt, fancy waist. Messrs. Terry, Dailey, A. Dailey, 'Jensen, McIntyre, E. McIntyre, Dean, Bailey, Bowden, Ainsworth, Campbell, Millar and Wiley. , Rev. J. F. Lynn, of Boulder, will preach in the Wickes Presbyterian church next Sunday, services to begin at ti p. ne Subject: \Bearing false witness against one' S neighbor.\ There will be no personal allusions or prejudice exhibited in this lecture, but simply a presenting of facts taken both from the bible and human life which confirm the terrible evils that result in society when the above divine law is cliregarded. All the citizens of Wickes, irrespective of creed or class, are cordially invited to attend this lecture. Backward, turn backward, oh time in thy -flight, feed me On gruel again just for tonight; I am so weary of sole leather steak, petrilied dough- nuts, vulcanized cake; oysters that sleep in the watery bath, butter as strong - as Goliath of Gath; weary of paying for what I can't eat, chewing up rubber and calling it meat. Back- ward, turn backward, for weary I am! Give me a whack at my grandmother's jam; -let me drink milk that has never been skinnned: let we eat butter whose hairs have been trimmed; let inc once more have an old fashioned pie and then I'll be willing to curl up and die. Ex. A SERIOUS ACCIDENT. ,1' Martin Cummings, An Employe at the Alta Mine. Creahed By Falling Rock. King Faro rules the day. Since gat/tiding has been pronounced un- constitutional by the lower courts some of our more'adventurous spirits have delved into storerooms and dark cor- ners, restarecting therefrom the faro tables and other paraphernalia that was thought to have been laid to rest for good when the so-called anti - gambling law went into effect. There has been no regular dealer, but every sport who could raise $ID or_tla hat_ started a snap game and as a conse- quence several hundred dollars have changed hands daring the week. The guinea are .running in full blast, and will an catiiinue entil the supreme conft decides upon the constitutionality of the anti -gambling layv. A company coMprising Dr. Bullard, Geo. Scharf, Dan Cronin, E. R. Dean. Jas. Hildebrand. liarra Taylor and Jerry KiihIcke have secured a lease on the water ditch formerly used to con- vey water to the old smelter and are preparing to- supply Wicken with a iamiplete syatem of water works. It e as thought that the old pipe could be but after an exhatietive trial the idea wan abandoned. Surveys have been made to find out the amount of pipeateceasary to conductwaterthrmigh the town, and if the present plans mature our eitieeits ran expect to see as fine a system' of water works in our burg as can be fntoul in the state, and -this before snow flies. it is eat iniated that the whole weaka, irate the reser- volt to town, will dot exceed in cost -the MUM of ,f1.000. Martin . Cummings, an employe at the Alta mine, was seriously injured by falling rock Saturday morning front the effects of which he will prob.' ably die. He and a helper were working in a raise midway between the eleven and twelve levels. The night shift had blasted out the raise up to the level, leaving a quantity of loose hanginu rock and dirt. Cummings noticed that this rock, which was im- mediately overhead, was unsafe. and called to his helper for timbers to brace it up. He - was leaning over a girt, in the act of reaching for the lagging, when a huge slab of stone felleand struck hint a glancing blow on the • 1•••1111•1•••••111. We Lead, Others Follow Albs, —.sal.. 111Por\ - We have recently ad- ded to our store a full line of excellent ••• 0•• 411•-•.•11. •••• ••••• a :•• • 11 • ••••• •••• , •.4111 su•-• -••• , ,ote Dishes Tinware Crockery And we are still leaders in every- thing that pertains to the Grocery Business. Dailey & Terry WICKES MONT. ***************** back, breaking four ribs and fractur- ing the fifth. He also received a con, LADIES9 plication of internal injuries and the lower limbs were completely paralyzed. ' It was a most miraculous escape froie 'FINE instant death, for had the stone struck him squarely on the back he would have been crushed beyond recognition. SHOES111\ Dr. Bollard was called and did every thing in his power- to alleviate the wounded man's suffering, and at the present writing (Friday) fie is resting' easy; but there is hardly a chance that he will recover. No blame attaches to anyone for the accident.* It was sim- ply one of those unfortunate pccur- rences for which no •renson can be assigned. • School Report. Our public school ham 'nail a very good attendance during the month of September. Some, fearing whooping cough, stayed away, hut on the whole the school makes a i bvery satisfactory showing for the first month. Following is the report of the -.primary depart- ment: Whole number enrolled 42 Average daily attendance . asS Number of daya attendance 6a0 Number of days absence Number of time tard. Those that have not been absent are Minnie Kuhleke, Blanche O'Hare, May Bierman, Betta rune Mabel Sperling, Hazel O'Hare, May 'Norton, Tommy Reilly, Harry Smith, Atthnr Madson, Alfred Akerman. Dan Reilly; Jacob Mattaon, Harry Nash, Leigh Stafford. Miss Kaea Ketauxa:. 'reacher. .....-_ Electric Bitters. Electric Bitters is a medicine suited for ratty season, but perhaps more gen- erally needed in the spring, when the languid exhatikted feeling prevails, when the liver ma torpid and sluggish and the need of a tonic a 71 , 1 .0terative la felt. A prompt late of thi% ha% often averted long and perhap fatal billion: fevers. No inedicint. will act more gurely in counteracting arid freeing the %viten, from the mala- rial pt , ison iteada, he, intligesition, conatipationalizziness vield to Electric Hitt ers , Only .S0 cents a bottle at the Wiefroi Prog co s We sell the ',est wearing, the eaAit-1 fitting, the most stylish SHOES of any firm in Monta- na. Prices are the lowest, too. Mail liavc our PROMPT ATTENTION. vet • vat CLARKE & FRANK MONTANA SHOE CO. 1 \ ' NotiLe to Co ov,ner. , T0 Goods , • ' executors, ail ast•httrat.i, Yaw wry hect•In H. tykr, rift, of Wicket , . !trouts na, vont ....Viler in the Mary r.. mine. •nto.n...I' k aniline district. Jeffer.on county, Montana, and re- corded in nrsik v.i•f pau.• Ig2. In the ce. corder'.. of .T14 county, has amid per formed th• asap -.'.menu norh mining' claim for the year% Vein lir% 15.12, p...ided one nundred iloilar. ofi the •ame. -ant sum 1 , inif a he re•intrert itntnn ..! 114 , 1' and irtmiiivetni.its nrceasnre hold .-aid D claint,_under the pro, on, ion 2324,, r. ,ised Mtatate+ of the rnited States, for the 'ear endlep December 31. 15.2, and within ninet‘ days slier Iht. notice ha. ',leen wrsed I,,linh1;3 canoe ywa fan le con, rihtitate \Ur itritimortitio much amoconiiii/ to flits dollar. tAk, roar infernal in .40.1 lamm silt - ,,' fo, t`elted ' aed become tbr property of the unae, AN_ provided It! Section =4, Statlititaa °Mite i7nite4 H . `• , • env., Wiriest, Montana. `September 1, Dr. W. M. BULLARD Wie e lcrs WIC: Chemist • and • Toxicologist I P COmp1010 SINK Of iS0001. 0000 . \ • A`%\!M\WAV!.\.A. Slates, Tablets, Pens, Pencils, 4 - 1••• Inks, etc,., etc, ( be found kilt the Ickes Drug Stoll

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 05 Oct. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.