The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, November 02, 1895, Image 4

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• 4 ir,he Itechlo Vionccr. WEEKLY AT WICKElt MONT.. BY ERT U. BAiLV. SUBSCRIPTION. Per Year. - - - fn (X) SiX( Months, - - - - - Three Months, - 75 INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE... Per Year. /3 00 Six Months. • 2 00 Three Months, I 50 WHEN NOT IN ADVANCE. is! rtstoffice at wit:1c,, siontati:1, .t. .second class matter. SATURDAY, NOV. 2. I. O. O. F. Eagle Lodge, No. 22. Meets every Saturday evening. Members of other Lodges aro cordially invited to meet with us. FRED. L. DAVIS, N. G. J. M. KELLOGG, Sec's'. - Tile social war in Wickes g - ties mer- rily on, one side using the columns of the PloNEEitt and the other the Basin Times. If newspapets exist for the purisme of publishing petty personal quarrels, they answer a poor purpose in the world. -oBoulder Critic. And again we aSlc which is it? For several weeks past the Boulder Critic has, been publishing articles which purport to have been written by the Wickes correspondent. The articles may have originated frbm the source alleged; but it is rather a strange thing that there 'shottlebe such a similarity between the correspondent's writing and that of his royal highness ---Mr. 'Cornish. But, however, that is not the point at issue, and if the corres- pondent wants to take responsibility • for the articles it makes no difference to The article found at the head of this column is an exact copy of an article which appeared in the Critic of last week. And yet the same paper comes out this week with a half column arti- cle in defence of what it condemned last week. Surely the Critic must \answer a poor purpose in the world.\ But, then, a man who start; a paper with the avowed intention of forcing all others. in the county to suspend should not becriticised for the manner in which he goes about it. In the last letter the correspondent makes the astounding - statement that \it seems from the remarks made by the MAJORITY of the business . men of Wickes, that the PIONEER utterly fails to be a benefit to our, town.\ A glance over these columns will give the lie to this correspondent. With 'very few exception.. every business house in the town is . represented. and surely no man would be foolish enough to support a home paper when he knew by so doing he was throwing money away. When trying to manufacture a lie, go f5n another tack;*the wind is too strong over the present course for such a leaky old soiw - as the: one launchetl. So far as the article bearing on the question of patronizing hotne industry is concerned, om- views on that subject have been expressed and need not here be repeated; unless it is to add that those who patronise the slippiness of this paper take rank as the most re- spected citisens of our burg. In conclusion we should like to ask this self-styled critic -judge correspon- dent what he or she has ever done that was in any way beneficial or a credit to Wickes? This correspondent is an adept in the art of lying, and 'were the letters to the Boulder Critic occasion- ally interspersed with truthsthe Pio- Nitas would have nothing inure to say in the subject. says the Deliver Mining Industry. Senator ,Chandler, of New Hampshire, when the Sherman bill was before congress, voted for its repeal, stating that he did so because his constituents desired hint to do so, and not because he thought it wise. Since then he has publicly, in print, declared himself in favor of free silver coinage. Senator Frye, of Maine, and Hoar and Lodge, of Massechusetts, declared that the repeal of the Sherman act Would not bring relief, and all are inclined to be favorable to silver. The truth is spreading, and the \movement for justice is growing. New England is the field. too, where efforts can bring theft:hest results. JVST at present. Wickes enjoys the most prosperous (season it , has seen for years. Business in every line is picking up, and as a result our mer- chants are happy. The railroads have a heavy freight send express traffic at this point, but our two popular agesits-Tom Peacock of the G. N. and Chas. Folsom of the N. P -are fully capable of handling it. Some people seem to think Wickes is dead, but to all suchswe extend a hearty invitation to visit the town andlotik the camp over. The inspection would demon- strate that Wickes is the most prosper- ous camp, for its size. in the state. Tiffs year seems to be an unlucky one for mayors. The mayor of Butte gets roasted for any number of faults, real and fancied; Missoula's mayor is controlled by a corporation and is ...- running the city into debt at the rate of $12,000 per annum, and Helena's mayor is au the Steele. Still there are many towns yet to be heard from. t. fisti,rst. the t. halitcr 1. •irtiele 1. section the •ir11 ages betvoetm p.tteitt. holdren, ancestors and descendents Ilf EVEI4V r1 .1 between brother,. and .1erit r half as well as the whole blood. and between uncles and nieces. or aunts and nepbews, are incestuous. and void from the beginning, whether the relation is legitimate or illegiti- mate.\ Now, what we want to kitow is. whether there can be such a thing as a lawftd marriage in Montana? T.t king the bible as an authoritg, all inhabitants of the globe are de- scended fr ono person. and yet the qu-iation above says that it is unlaw- hi) for ancestors and descendents of \every di -grit\ rIto intermarry. WI someone arise ansl explain the riddle? ocople who think that there is to , f(r-t - silver coinage sentiment in N , I •, :land are very mmmcii mistaken. AceottniNG to the Anaconda Re- corder. Jas. Brown will move his plant from Basin to .Whitehall. Brother Brown edits a pretty good paper, but should he remove to Whitehall will have to rustle to keep pace with the breezy little sheet already at that place. Tug. -anti-gambling law did at least one good turn for the tinhorns of Butte. It gave them a boost heaven- ward. Hereafter all games in that city will he run tip -stairs, and the ground floor system abolished. A PRINTER was held up by footpads in Helena last Saturhay night and robbed of --hut. then, why need repeat; all mAlionaires are supposed to carry a big \roll.\ ITHANKsravlst: is approaching, and the owner of those turkeys which are running at large had better he on the lookout. They present a tempting sight-- so large, fat and pi f. SNN ,FR.NNCiSco want, the republican national convention, and with that end in view is willing to , put up the handsome sum of $100,000. MINING NOTES FROM EXPIARIGES. Dividend. arc 't'ing declared with surprising regida, t) by the Montana Ore Purchasing company, promising to become monthly occurrences i im the future. A dividend of $1 per share was declared in September and now conies the fourth Unc . of the year for $1 per share payable Nov. 15. Divi- dends for the year amount to $160,00o. , A safety lamp for mines, operating upon a peculiar principle, is being Used in Germany. The laitip is not closed in a ny special way, like other lamps. It matters very little or not whether the Workman, disregarding the regulations of the mine, succeeds in opening the lamp, for there is a special arrangement by means of which the . flame is extinguished at the same instant. In the interior of the lamp glass is a spring, which is com- pressed when the upper piece is screwed down, and which enables a cap to operate upon the wick is such a manner as to shift it aside, facilitating the lighting of the lamp, and afterward the combustion. When the spring is - Worked in the contrary direction, the cap again (operates upon the wick, and the flame ceases the moment the cap comes in contact with the air. The 1;il iitt. p l cn a be lighted without being 0e Corbin Concentrates. eurn,posidencr PIONEER. • s Your correspondent spent Wednes- day in Corbin and found the town looking enteedingly The Peck - Montana Co. are experimenting very successfully on the tailings from the concentrator and are employ i ng a large number of men, under the supervision of . Mr. Rosburg and his able assistant. Dan Hickey, who also have charge of the concentrator. The company have built a barge. new assay office which is being painted. Hank Merrill, of Wjckes. having the contract. He also has the contract for painting the new K.5,000 gallon tank which will be completed in a few days. Miss Anna Moggy spent a few days in Helena this week on it sholYping tour. We had a chat with Bill Johnson. the hardest worked man in Corbin. Between the blacksmith shop, store, saloon and ranch it keeps Bill busy, bnt he always has it gool word for the boys. C. H. Weber went to Helena yester- day to spend a few days. - Mrs. Peterson. of the Corbin - hotel. has a rush of boarders; also the Bieber Bros., of the Bieber braise, have to house full. We met Bill Hedlund, out for a drive. with his wife, behind Bill Johnson's flyers. BIB 'keeps the best pair t of steppers in the county. The concentrator has been partly closed for a few this -s to enable the company to complete their water pipes. Wolford - & Co.. btateluirm, are doing a thriving hi:sinew( in their line. Prof. Morris. the a,' yet - . is kept busy sampling ores fr both mills. Perry Parks.has two moors hauling hay for the winter ftri Jessie Patter - son's ranch in ittoulder valkey. he hav- ing purchased the entire ha v crop of tterson'm Frank Finch still makes his rer nlar trips with his -milk CAM% to AH6 and Wick's,. Otc %site< kf,. Deafness Cannot be Cured by local appliances, as they cannot reaeh the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to (titre deafness and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed con- dition of the mucous lining- of the eustachian tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness is the result, and unless the inflaination can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be de- stroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is noth- ing but an inflamed condition Of the mucous surfaces. We will give one hundeed dollars for any case of deaf- ness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J.' CHENEN' & Co.. Toledo, 0. Sold . by druggists, 75c. The Mountaineer is not responsible for the rumor that Messrs. Haskell and Jones. of Georgetown, have a number of hogs in their placer claim rooting up the ground with chickens following in their wake picking up the nuggets. Still such is the report. - Marysville Mountaineer. Two Lives Saved Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City, Ill.. was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no hope for her, tint two bottles of Dr,. King's New Discovery completely cured her and she says it saved her life. Thos. Eggers, 130 Florida at.. San Francisco, suffered from a dread- ful cold, approaching consumptic, tried without result everything el then bought a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery and in two weeks was cured. He is naturally thankful. It is such results, of which these are sam- ples. that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in coughs and colds. Free trial bottle at Wickes Drug Store. Reg - tilar size 50c. 'and $1.00..; - - A fine specimen of tore was onexhi- bitiou at the Marysville bank last week which created a great deal -of ex- citement. The rock was from the Excelsior mine and goes severallhous. and dollars to the ton. - - Old People Old people Who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true renwly in Electric Bit- ters. This medicine does not stimulate and contains no whisky nor other in- toxicant, but acts as a totra.and alter- ative. It acts mildly ton the stomach and bowels, mudding strength and giving tone to the organs. thereby aiding nature in the performance sf the functions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. old people timid it just exactly what they need. Price sO cents'per _what at the Wickes Drug Store. 5 • . _ A \black jaspery-looking subatatire\ that had for a long time been thrown over the dump of -the Lamartine mine. near Idaho Springs; was recently as- sayed and fotind to contain .%2 ounces silver to the tote • Bucklea's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the o.yorld for cuts, bruises. sores. ulcers salt rheum, fever stores. biter. chapped hands, corns. (-bit blains ;old all skin eruptions. and positively cures piles, or no pay re- is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or info/lCV refunded. l'rice 2.5 rents per box. For sale by the Wickes Drui If you \‘ - aiit 1 :-SAVE MONEY-: \THE OlfINT OF TliE ROOKIES\ The Anaconda Standard Pt Ill gln111 - .11 \\ .1 \ d it for th, \v;iti:ou S. Finkelstein, Ivilli ii makes t I II rough the c,aint once r month with a full lin , -I 1)ry (ninth:, Shoes, Clothing. till ts, Ett-• which !,.• ilti at ih) lowest figui ()i? , 1 I I IV S. Maio SI.. Belga/. III NIN liii. f ITY (..tIVI US A (Alt Is tiny,- isstied in 12 Pelgv: 1E.c.r.rt Making - it the larg - e.t and best daily newspaper published be- tween Chicago and 'Frisco. DAILY-- 4LJNDAY-- 12 Pages 72 Columns 16 Pages 116 Columns. The \Greater Standard\ t..netains each day in addition 10 the general nes , of - the world, full Associated Press and sum at rel.orts a (.0111plete newspaper. New Feast/Are...! Specie:11 Writes -$.4! Moitalliati wlho aims to, keep abreast of the times takes ii,,' -standard. It always leads in MEWS, ENTERPRISE AND OIRCU,LATION. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. Daily and Sunday. per month, •• one year. in advance Sunday am lv, on year, ii. advance, S LOB 10.00 ZOO Re All posh., , 1- and fleWscleal,rs author- ized to receive iptions. SUBSCRIBE NOW. Thos. F. Oakes, lienrg C. Pape, Renrg C. Rouse, Receivers. NORTHERN PACIFIC RUNS- r riirOtigil Num Cars BETNA'EEN Ii11,117/1111111111111 il St. Paul Minneapolis TIttl! EDAM [Fargo Grand Forks rand Winnipeg Helena bite SPOkalle Tacoma Seattle Portland - - ANI) VVtf ..11 Elegant Sleeping t Att. Dining Cars ttig Cars AtiLUM11.111101.111%fAil TIME SCIfil - .:13U1.E. In Effect Sunday. June 2. 1895. ARRIVE AT WI( I . ...older accommodation. Ito,' es.. 1,1 Sunday S Loam,'5 ntinutes later. N,. Iii. Elkhorn accommodation, Tues- day'-, Thursdays and Saturdays R.5 a.11 , LeaAe 5 minutes later. ARRIVE HELENA No. 1. Pacific mail. west Ismail, daily.. s. No. 2, At mai Least hound.daily IL - 2o LEAVE HELENA No. 1. Pacific mail. west hound, daily. A.35 NO. 2, Athunic maiheast bound .daily 11.30 tit For further particulars. maps. folders, rates, rail 011 or write C. H. FOLSOM. ,aati.,n agent, Wickes, Mont. A. JD. lEOCIAR. GENERAL AGENT. IIELIF.NV, MoNTANA. Chtsm. f4. Fee, 0. P. IR T. A. St Paul, PATENTS Caveats, arvi Trade-Marl:a obtained and all Pat- rn u t ' \ I -r MODERATE Fees. o P t I n C;;;CCE IS OPPOSITE U 5. PATENT OFFICE nslci SC 0 0154 t I patent ia nn time Ulan thus,. remit ft , en Washinqton. bend ',odd, drauing or photo., with dractip- lion. We advise, it patentable or not, free of raar,:r. t SIr fee not due till patent is. , cured. \How to Obtain Patents,\ with ..t same in the U. S. and furetgu countries sent . C A SNOW&CO.s , • Ocr P•TI.NT 0,107r. W•5•111401TOPI D. C CHASE'S PURE Geo.Wolford Sc Co 1)1B AILERS IN -d m - BEEF, PORK, - • m MUTTON, VEAL, LARD, Etc., Etc. CORBIN, MONTANA. Fish and Garne in Season ilKOEGEL & JOHNOA1*+ Billiard Hall A Share of Your Trade . SolitIted. AND - Saloon SPECIALTIES Chase's Barley Malt Bottled Beer, $3.25 per Case One trial ‘vill oonvince you that we handle the finest brands of Wines Liquors and Cigars in the county, Low prices. WICKES • MONTANA BACH9 CORY & CO. WICKES, MONTANA. ()lir importations for Fall and Winter are !wilt] v vomplete in all departments. German Socks, Mackinaw Goods, lk Lined Gloves, Mitts, Overshoes, I \il tvtiil. „lt. sololic, try English Club 1-loume Tobacco. If vuhl Want. a pieaszint chew, be sure to call for Silk It is the best brand on the mar t tr\a% \s ars*ri o , le a\ tri\ I e irs - WP . 0 4 1., Na ir•% \e af\e 0 otA%\.eNvire\wor.emtetin ICKES BARBER SHOP BARLEY MALT WHISKY. Entillr,144 It,The MOO FM14141.111 11111l elle11110,1 11111 - able owl reliable Remedy for all TR111 filE 1)1NITI51 1. X Ill R11 and FFEIIIII:\ ESN. • l'erteri 'iii, 10 and an I fetoltifely 1 0 1 III- •.111111•1, Vo, !Onto. By lealIng Liquor Dealers. AnTrmilimmfilHmtrmrwrrnrrryrrnirtnwro J. H. HILDEBRAND\ WICKES, 'NON r W IIT R I P ME R I JEWELER HO Ell01111VElliab- [ Floe SfOcK of Waltheo IlIMS on Handl iiiiiwwwwwuumuwwwwwwwww\ --•Now Harry Hinchy, Propr. ,WICKES MOOT Shtive 2 ceretm. Hair Cut MO ct14. -We ate now prep.4red to ('Il) the best class (II torilsitti;i1 work. To(ds wit vg kept in first class -shape. CtVirei trope.* 0. 101. to O. p$. ors t . 1

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 02 Nov. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.