The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, November 02, 1895, Image 5

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U. f 1111 11 6 1111110 )=Wilwirra.. LOCAL LAYOUT. Catlet ea by Our Reporter Concerniur VVIckes and Vicinity. .\. L. Davis tettnened 'from Helena Tuesday. Mrs. Eridk.tithnsoh lelk for Helena 'uesday. Old papers fir sale at this office at 25 cents per hundred. Dr. and Mrs. Rudd. of :Jefferson, were visitors to Helena Tuesday. Harry Branch leasees today for St. Paul, where he will spend the winty. One trial will convince you that Re- gal is the best. Dailey & Terry. Mitrcus Dailey passed thrOnghWickes Wertnesday, in a special car, en route from \Belt to Anaconda. Mrs. K. Latsch, of Helena, arrived in Wickes Sunday, and is 'visiting her sister, Mrs. K. Schmidt. Dan Cronin was visiting friends hi East Helena Sunday. 'returning to Wickes Monday evening. Mrs. Fred Larson, of the Alta, went to Butte Tuesday. Her visit will ex- tend over a period of several weeks. From the Whitehall Zephyr we learn that trnest McIntyre has gone to Gaylord to accept a position witl? the, Jefferson Valley Trading Co. John Finnerty has moved his family Ito Wickes, and will take up his resi- dence in our burg. Mr. Finnerty has accepted a position at the Minah. Will Dailey is happy these days over the arrival of a Youngster trt call him uncle. It is a girl baby, born in Boul- 'der Tuesday night to Mrs. A. R. Robertson. Mr. Lawrence, one srf the incorpora- tors elf 'the hawrence Mining company, lessees of the Blue Bird, was out in- specting the property Sunday. He returned to Helena Srfnday evening. Should any of our citizens need any- thing in the way of shoes. don't fail to call on. or write to, Clarke & Frank. Helena. Low prices, first-class goods and courteous treatment are the rules , of the house. The Alta was closed down a few days this week while sonic repairs tc • the maehinety was being made. No., S tunnel is being straightened and a new and much larger electric hoist will be placed in position about tth first of the year. A large number of Wickesites arc hieing themselves to the hills to spend ' , • few days in hunting. Birds and • game of all kinds is said to be plen tiful, and we are promised an opportu- nity in the near future of judging thc . quality of venison steak. 'rhe time can be none too short, though. ' Frank Murray dnive up frinn gulch Tuesday. He says everything in that camp is quiet at present, with the exception of Clancy, where prepa- rations for building the Great North- ern shops are being rushed forward as rapidly as possible. Mr. Murray left for Basin Wednesday morning. ForZI comes front T..ttitap City to the ,effTzt that the 'stor:., of C. C. Stubbs was attached Monday by the Union Mercantile C ). et at.. the amount in- volved being about 15,000. A settle- ment was effected with the creditors. and the -.bin. was vetted for business at the ilso .1 hour Tuesday morning. ( )car Johnson and Jack Brisce left • Wednesday morning with a large stuck provisions for the Cataract. where they will spend a month doing repre- sentation work on the Snowbird claim. They also took along guns and ammu- nitinn with the expectation of doing a little hunting. several wagons will • .be sent up in ilisiunle of weeks to bring 'back the game that falls to their nnerrine.1110. All (if (air merchants are giving orders tar large quaotities cif holiday • and in a few weeks their stores will he stocked with everything that tends to gladden the hearts (if both alld old. Keep your eyes im these imlumns ;mil note the chang, advertisement , . , A ny t h ng found in eity stores will be carried by dealers iii wietces, and. von need not send out of town for a single article. !Wing the past week the ireat Nitrflrent Phis had a force of bridge rpenters at 3Vark putting in a per - 'out rent bridge at the Alta crossing. At this point is where. in July, an ore train ltitiike ihcong - li and W.7•114 wrecked, killing nine inati out wound- ing anather. Al that time a temporary bridge was put in, Which has been nsed tip to the present time. It is said that the rut will be idle I in durine the winter. WIII- MI'llit()I 01101. gulch. Catanu-t. III town the first of the week an I reports the mine 'to be lookihg well. Ile, in eouv panywith It s part her. Mr. McMahon. are runnin ;. a • tossedit tunnel to tap the vein at a arpt of at oht 300 feet. It will take all winter to fihish it. bin when omplete .-. ffIr ample drainage and give them a large amount 'of stoping ground. Billy and Me. are litayerw„ Regal flour is conceded by al! to 'be the best !Wand fin the inarket. Try it. It sale diy Dailey & Terry. Alice Wilcox returned hi ine Tuesitey. after spending several d ya in Helena visiting her sister. Messrs. Koegel and Jolitisnn have erected a large coal shed in the rear of their popular saloon. It is conven- iently located, being aboat ',lit feet friiin the entrance to our sanctum. Let the gaiod work continwe. If. Dorn, of Helena. State agent for the Et ii Life Insurance company, was in the camp 'ruestlay. Mr. Dorn has a large and increasing business in and around 'Wickes, which requires his presence about otice a mmit h. The water works can be put in run- ning order none top soon. On Weclnes- -day a small blaze started in the ceiling •of Jas. White's residence, but wars exlingttisherl before much daMage had been done. The ceiling is of canvas. and a spark falling on it from the stove pipe caused the fire. The following squib, culled from the columns of the Friendly, Visitor, applies to Wickes as well iia , Helena: \Every dollar sent away from Helena, or Montana, actually means he loss of. the use of the equivalent of two dol- lars. Can you afford longer to send away the money you need at home with which to keep business doing.\ We stepped into the Wickes phar- macy this morning and found Mr., Stuart busily engaged in unpacking a large line of holiday goods, consisting of bric-a-brac, albums, portfolios, toilet articles, etc., in nickel, ivory, pyrolin, silver, plush, etc., which he had just' received from the easit. 'As soon as it, is possible, a display 'will be made of the above, together with a large as- sortment of many of the latest novel- ties. Mr Stuart has shown rare judg- ment'atid good 't aste in his selection, :and we are sure that all will find just , ' what they want for the holidays. Last week there arri'ver. in Wickes a patent medicine faker who did quite an extensive business for a tithe. It was \Doc\ Bartell, of. Butte. fti conversa: tion with our druggist, he claimed tet:' be representing a Butte tea house, hut said he only did business directly with , the consumqrs. He went to the Alta and Minah, and after lifting out a few samples of tea displayed a large nom : bey of bottles' of patent ined i nee Thk miners were. induced to buy large piantities of the so-called medicinea and the faker deft camp many dollars' , the richer for his shary practice. This' is the second time within six months that this man has worked the same game, and he should he looked after by the county authorities. He has any number of schemes in his pos- session, but the proper one -a license is missing. The work of putting in the water ' works is being - rapidly pushed to coin- oletion. The ditch has been exca fed the entire lengah of Main street, mil the work of laying the pipe. which irrived •Mieulay, begun. Water will ..)e supplied from a reservoir just east af I. O. O. F. hall, though another res- ervoir will be erected in the neat\ futnre. The company announce:4 that it furnish water free for fire purposes,; and will put in three tire plugs -one. near ()ad Felhrws hail. another . in front ,f the postottice and the third near the h , spital. Several, public hydrants will hi. putt in for use of those pers,iis, a-li di not care to go to the expense i ' .f putting water into their honses. The wao r --vstem is what has long been 'ceded in Wickes, and will be a great bniefit and convenience. The rapidity with which the work has been con- -alumnae(' reflects credit on the men] who are bark ingfthe scheme. --as ...- Digest of Land and Mining Decisions. 1 - The following decision, WI`, I` fur- nished by W. D. Harlan. laud and mining attorney (if Washinetio. And will be found V.I liable n formation • Practice A coutestant required to make specific charge of defanit, and prove default as charged. In failure issue is between eon t . and governelent. Settlement Claim and Nato • No- tices defining the extent of a --opt-- ment elaini pasted in I:ore:ph:nous places treretuui, are sinflicient to looter( such i:larin as against snlisequent settlers: end it is inimaterial in such case WIWI licr the latter settler has aetnal o,tiu e or not, if the posted Indices Ai, of smell eharacter that thev , might have been seen to a reasonable exert ise (if diligence. Coal Prior possessiine without fil- ing. will not avail as ,igainst an ad- verse claimant whit has ciempried yvith the law. Mineral Ant ii ill ma V 1`111- hrace several locations. Conflicting . ril.rhtg set lip to defeat an apetheation can not be recognized ni the a tt-,enee of an alleged stirface In the absence of clear showing as to posses- sor \ right. patent ninst be denied. Hut ve \ must he made by actual iasas- urement the'kround. Relocation, * If work is renewed Mt a claim after Wham'. een,open to reloes- htit tim h ielbcation, the rights of the Origin ii owners stand as -though there had Wen uo default, WASHINGTON LETTER. Wags at tine NatiOrS Capital as Sera'Dy our FtegtdaF ton'espoodent. 'There i. little doubt . ti f Se'clet.0 I\ Olney could have his way the blufl which Great Irritant iris made against 'Venezuela wOuld be ii(rt by a fleet of U. S. war vessels, and that the British would be tik1c1 once for all that the :Violinte doctrine was the policy of this country and that it would be fought for., if neessary. But there is a great deal of doubt about Secretary °Ine . , . having his own way. There ate grounds for the belief that Presidetrt Clevelani :sopposel to going further than to use the good offices of this government ta bring about iii amica- ble settlement if the dispute between Great Britain as to file bounda'ry hi tie and to maintain a hands all attitude as far as the new dispute about the 'arrest of British by Venemelan offi- cials is concerned. There was an imeortant meeting of the cabinet held today, and this question was discussed. There is a rumnr, believed lry many, that Secretary Olney intiimited plainly that lie weitild re.ign if the administration (lid 'lint stand by the position he had already assumed, in official dispatches to the Britirh gov- ernment. in defense of the Mcntrae doctrine. Whether Mr. Olney really threatem•d to resign is a question, hut the proba- bilities are all against his doing so. He is an ambitious man, and all his friends say that he expected tit further his anibitinn by having - his mime con- nected with a foreign policy iif intense Americanism. Granting - all that to be true is no argument in favor of his resignatidn. Suppose that President Cleveland is over=cautions, or even timid, if .yon please, the most that he call do against Secretary Olney ,s , vvishes is to do nothing. for no man is, silly enough to think the president would openly acknowledge an aban- . donnient of the Minfroe doctrine by this country. If, then, Secretary Olney has the judgment his admirers credit. him with he will see that the best thing he can do is to remain in the cabinet until congress gets a chalice at this Venezuelan question: Those at all familiar with congressional senti- ment on the subject know that it is overwhelmingly in favor of the main- tenance of the Monroe doctrine, by farce if necessary. and congress will be in session in a little -river a'unitith. It would then seem to be wax' policy on the part of Secretary Olney to re- main it the head of the state depart- ment, for it is the general belief that if (;reat Britain attempts to ignore the Monroe doctrine eong - ress will compel the administration to prevent it. and Secretary Olney, if he 'retnains in office, will have the pleasure of putting his ideas into effect. BetWeell lloW :1•1 , 1 the assembling - of isingress he can by the exercise of a little diplomacy pre- vent the taking of any isisitive action. Those are smite of the reasons why well-informed people iii not think Mr. Olney will leave the cabinet. The question of whether the silver men have a majority in the senate will have to be decided almost as soon is congress meets. It has been asserted. by such prominent silver senators i . e.:. Teller, of Colorado, •and Dubois, of Idaho, that the silver men were in Vi , . majority and that they intended ti assert themselves by demanding and getting control of of the impir- tatrt committees. especially on finance, as soon 'as emigres', MeetS. Nii , W If SHOESIWW4 assertion, iere met by the posit, - statement that the senate is by an aernsonent between auti-silver 111e11,• 1.1r, and repirblicans, to be cot: - trolled and the committees `MI arranged that the -dyer 111011 Will shut out ,t all inthience in the shaping if legisdi tion. Either lb , .11ver men have a majoritm in till - .( . 11.1t G. or they havei not. If they have they are not likely. to alio, - themselves tim be shut out by. I heir appanciits: if they have not. they cannot help themselves. At aii :t r i «- it now looks as though a striving hands for and against silver would he .iisint time first thing done after the ( . ..rbsie dr- /late , t) titer, no in hi I, , rder stopping the tilt - then k:A• )1 silver, the -dyer men sat thi n. .4.4\dlaIla-o 'i ,•`\\4\\\imhllir'l\1/116dl\I1P\'\\11/' PERHAPS Nowthat cold ',scattier haS come, you are preparing to lay ;11 for the Is inter a stock of-- OfIDGERIES. TRIVVIMEIRES, CROCKERY Eit. If so, ) o:i won Id do well to call and get OUR prices he fore making a purchase, Abaft._ • LLow Prices 111 , - Ors- -..11 rs_ 7 +++++++4-444•0 1C K k a_.-....rm111111110 Q • 4b.11 • --•••• -.111 Sales 11....-__. ...___. ....... ...... ... _.1-im r-rompt Delivery ...___ . ..._.. O... -.II .... ..... 111.-. •••• Or-- re 0. - ---...0 41...- - ••••• 41. -.II A Floui- which has . no equal on the market, gives per- 'tect satisfaction and is Ittini- aled exclusively tty us kis Give this Flour a trial and You will use none other. Dailey & Terry WICKES MON Int ************ s xt s 9 ts. and that .1 lu. Imut another ,teii to, .irds the sint_;le 44 - old standard vli, Ii Hr retary Morton is all l'4 , 11slatill% openi) advocatitiLs. and deill Cleveland favors ANN. - The roast whitih the . .`.0• , :m•i• the Great Northern in reference to the bridge near Corbin if . ha V , had the cfrect if open, FILl ii lu - ,nttju,iil-. eves. The chief ellW;ITIVI . 1 of the yi - as out inspecting t im bridge a Omit t me shim' and on recommetiflat iiei it has been condemned. The cut , be tilled in froni both ' , MCA Mid a span ptit urn, WiiI to tleWIII If short time and will It illahl plena] hv spring. 1 . 4110:04e% ail 411(1 Sii).4 iaer frniii Basin Thursday lisikint: I. r A. Heists, hut their trip was devoid id' reault s as the man hall \firs- the D r .. M..-- ' 6 . , 4,p.\ •I seems th it Heists horrowen I • W BULLARD: 'I — in th .._ - e E I L, t _• a -•••• 6 • u I e e• \-vole LADIES' FINE Wc sell , thr • Iwst wearing - . the fitting, the most 11-11 SHOESof any firm ill '.‘ltrIlta- Priec. , thu ,mo•••' — '1=11 , \vtImmItImmmmliTttlItIlm ttItTIIIITTImmImmmttm, .._ Or- 111. - • of Full L • me :.: m 1 ET adilly011 S r Celebrated i - --7 Remedies E ._-- - - dr. a▪ - a- •••-• 1111.\ 10. Nlajl ) l's a • 1 it r PROMPT ATTENTION. O▪ P▪ - Ow - 0.\ 00- IP▪ \ ON - II '1 t'.\ S NAlf , N fI Notice to CO-Ov. ne r. qu i z, los i• ia. /1,.• Ali Ali II int A WI N..n ar.• ' ill. nt MiIt, I Atu .i. esig t rl ii , T, F. 'vi m , ./(11.,1,4 ;v1 ,!•• di , trict. I , ,,4 1 !,1111, .411.1 in II.. \ ••1 Ili/ i•- glo•r, flu, , “ • I All' , •11/1 . 1 Illet i!!•/1 .1 , 114'11 I he .1 • .11i III t.,im to, 11,.• • . Ift+In CLARKE & FRANK tot +In MONTANA SHOE CO. or- ex— wailed 1611. .1 P. '1,11,11 .11.,11,1 -1/. • .•••• I 11. I !IT,. ••••^ said •urn I , id urni 11,1 .11,1 11111,1, s ru. II I% 1)••••••,..E.if • • ilt!1! • •!!!1,• 61.- 4 1.11t11. 1111 • 111(111•1 114 •virlt, 1.41dIfiLi ..1 43 ! 4 i .s• iii. I for To , v• •••-• • tidint! Dert.”1 , •• , I , \ I. r1.1 ... !IA. Vet,f •• .41! 1. , 111 1,f4,f•egt.,In f -.1st to4i, 1.• Mr. ” • ,,n4r , - , ‘Aid .1.1;111 sill II.' f, , g • ./.1 and I.. • h pf.sto.fl, 1•••• •!..I • tioutl , ,./ ! / Itteftof III, I If., I Mnin.ina. Senti•rnber IV./ School THE Books Pencils Slates Pens WICKES Inks Stationery '0 DRUGS is an inittrument from 1111e ti the Baron hand fury, and failed to 'return it, so the authorities were *et on his trait Where he has gone to no one seems to know% 0 'office in We'ltes Hospital. IvIcitEtk. 1, moNt. Chemist + and • Tog The Finest Stock of CigarS TOWII 4Prescripa tins Cafefaily and - ACCurat* 3 STORE tont% Doe '

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 02 Nov. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.