The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, November 09, 1895, Image 4

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• •••' , . lie Vioncer. -Ara{ a ai r h:EK 1.1 AT WICKES, MONT., 111 is•ssiursiur et. IBAILL. SUBSCRIPTION. Par Year. i•Cat Months, Taree Months. INVARIABLY 1.N A r '4AX-its Pet Year. Six Month!, monite., . VIII‘. P 'entered at t hr pontottice at Wicks- '.1 , o ityrtilIDAY, NOV. 9. I. 0. 0. F. • Eagle Lodgc, N. 2.2. Meets every Saturday evening. ',I..,obers of other Lodges are cordial l , . s ted to meet • with us. Pimp.. I _ ‘vis. G. J. M. Ks-A.1.06n, secs Tits; British lion has been pre- sented with a few moss .uillion dollars Of American money.. No, not by another issue if bonds.. It was -simply paid by a New York millionairess--Miss Vanderbilt - in exchange for a coronet.. . Tii PossEss has been re- moved front over the postoffice into naffs- commodious quarters. It is now located in what is known as the , old. Schrieves building, where we can be found any time ready and willing to add new names to our subscription list, tio open your heart and let the shek- eLs flow. would he, trfe basis. Certainly, then, 3'V js not towlsigh an esti- mate for Montojeu . , Why, I know two -families AO, here who have 14 membets. esseh,.\ and the gov- ernor laughed as he closed the irterviews. _ Tits water works have been completed. fife plugs put in and eyesv thing is in readines, with one excebtion, to light a lire should one occur jfl Wickcs.. The one isxception is a serious draw- dack lack of hose. The town is under no 'expense for putting in the fire phoss and water for this purpose ill be furnished free of charge. , The hose an be procured at a very small cost, but surely 4fur. citizens do not expect the company to furnish this also? A petition could be circulated and enough money secured to purchase the hose at a very small sum per capita... Let IN, hear from some one on the subject. - Advertised Letters. • , List of letters remaining dead and 'uncalled for in the Wickes postoffice for the month ending Oct. 1, 1895. When calling for same say advertised: Carrier. .1a1-.., (;al - dner, Mr. thiskee, Thos. Mecarson, Thos. B. Palmer, I). S. - Pipets*. Minnie C. , W. E. 1,i'1'roic, P. M. Tos San Francisco papers have been successful in their efforts to convict Theodore Durrant„ for the murder of Blanche Lamont, and he now stands -in the shadow of a gallows. ,Durrtnt wilhalso be tried for the murder of Minnie Williams. After that comes an appeal to the Supreme .-ourt, and it will be a year before the sen- tence of Caw, courl, e5.executed-- if at all., ACCORDING to labor leaders in Chicago, it all deponds on Debs whether there will be a strike on the ilreat, Northern. \We will wait till Dells is out of jail,\ said one of the leaders to a Chicago reporter.\ and see what he has to say about, it atter his reception. It will be a big one, and will pot be confined to Chicago.. A.. R. U. men from all parts of the country will take part in it. At present everytizing - is quiet along the main liqe of the G. N. received the first number of - the Montana Tran- script. owned and edited by A.H. The Transcript is pub- lishesi s ns Helena, and is ..a typo- grapbtl gem. The general rnake s up of the paper is excellent, and it is. a -credit to the state as well -as -the. Capital city. The advertising patronage gives evi- dence that there is a rustler behind the enterprise, and we predict for the Transcript a long lease of life_ Diffes.skeeisis may be slow in some things. but when it cornes to speedily convicting a murder- er the Quaker . city is far in the lead. It yiok but a .few- days to try Holmes, the multi -murderer. and within five minutes . after- wards the., jury had arrived at verdict of murder io the first de- gree, though Pr - hunger's salte\ they first ate ..supper and then for \decency's sake\ waited an hour before announcing' the result of their deliberations. GM'. RICKARDS was asked the other day to estimate the popu- lation of the state aml he placed it at 180,000. Speaking further upon the subject he said \I based my calculations on the elek - tion returns ot 1.1st seer. There were 52.442 ssstes in the, capital election serest, and. estimating that each vote. represented 3!.\ , persists, I arrival sit figure that is about as near correct as an es- timate can wall be, I believe The, product is 182.497. but I made the 12.4t 1111,1 t It at 180.000. In eastern .t.o s a calculator would n o r iikin,k of making an estimate • isoi sir pergons for essh s u sI ,' sod is sosiir states l' • w A SAD DEATH. Malcolm Morrison Bli„wn Ci RS Chant Powder and instantly killed. , Malcolm Mot nut am. an employe at the Alta mine, was blown up by giant powder -at the, Alta Mine Saturday 'morning and instantly killed. Morri- son was a machine man, and together with a helper was worlfing in an inter- mediate level between the eleven and tweltris•near a wirrtz. They had drilled ten holes and, as was the custom, were preparing to set offa blast be;f0re.going off shift. Morrison left the machine in charge of his helper and i startod through the level to get soine powder and cepa. About five minutes passed and then a terrific explosion rent the air. Several millers hurrying to the scene as soon as the smoke cleared away found Morrison stretched out on the ground lifeless. The left anna.and leg were blown completely off and there were several deep wounds in the head that exposed the brain, either one of which would have proved fatal. The explosion took place about 4:30 a. in., and there are many opinions as to how it occurred. The general idea seems to be .that Morrison got his can- dle too close to the caps, or was trying to place a cap on the fuse, as the man- ner in which the body was mangled points conclusively to the fact that he was in a stooping position,and received the fill/ 'force of the explosion on his - left side. The remains were gathered up and placed in a wagon and brought to Wickes, where they were laid out in a back room t the hospital. The coroner was notified. and Depbty Coroner Sweet, of Boulder, came over on the Butte local at 10 o'clock. After view- ing the body he ordered it conveyed to the old company office, just across the street front the hospitahand summoned a jury. The coronor and jury then repaired to the scene of the explosion, where a verdict was 'rendered that the deceased came to his death by an acci- dental explosion of powder. and exhon- orated the company from all blame. The remains were placed in a casket and left until Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, at which time the funeral took place .The funeral was held in Miners' Union hall, .a , 14,1 the services were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Blythe, if Bouliler. After the,funisralthe miners formed in line, four abreast, and took up the march to the cemetary at Jef- ferson. vhere the remains were iu- terremt with a very impressive cere- mony. A. heavy snow storm was rag- ing at the time, but such was the miners' regard for their stricken brother that they ft‘ed the storm without a murmur. and walked the entire distance to Jeffers. a. Out of respect to Morrison, the Alta was closed down immediately after the accident and work was not re- sumed until the day force went on ditty Monday morning. lvio . rrison was a Scotehman by birth, and rame to 1 •Vickes; from Catl.da, a number of years ago. De wi ciii- ployed .tni his arrival here in the old smelter,,- stail. -a ftcr that closer, down went to work at comet. 1,ea ving there he secured a position tit the Alta, and has worke.0 here ever since - abont three years. %for -visor+ Was a member in good standing of the Wickes Miners' Union, and IT4A well known and respected by the entire commu- nity. Ile was of a (Filet, peaceable disposition, and made friends • with eery one with whom he came in contact. He was unmarried, and the whereatnlits of hi, telatives. if he has any ' , Are Rh lothwitl. MINING NOTES FROM EXCHANGES. • - Th, Tremswen mine at Douglas b- land. Juneau. crushe. and treats ore for il.37 .,.exits per ton, pays It;.3.•SO a day to 170 whitq ywarkinen, .4,41 . 7•1 a day to 31 Indiaus. Last year nearly 250,i tons were milled or treated at a profit of per ton,. o r -over $300,(0() for the year. amounting ti 6 per cent. on tbe ineestjneat ,a - , stock. The mill has 240 stamps, and ia the largest in rapa.ity of any in this country'. To erusli ,this large amount id ore, Hires- ' Or four tons a day for each stamp, tin - re must be soft and the gold free,with plenty of water, and power. TheNe conditions exist at the Tread well Itl which is on tide water, fleas - the city yf Juneau, and in every way exceat freezing, a most comfortable place for working. Deafness Cannot be Cured by local appliances, as .they cannot reach the diseased portion of the car. There is only one way to -cure deafness and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is cauSed by an inflamed con- dition of the mucous lining *of the eustachian tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearibg, and when it is entirely closed deafness is the result, and unless the inflamation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal - condition, hearing will be de- stn,yed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by- catarrh, which is noth- ing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give one hundred &Marti for any case of deaf- ness (caused by catarrh) ,that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. - Send for circulars, free. • F. J. CHENEY & Co.. Toledo, 0. .1..v.Sold by druggists, 75c. _. A report comes from Logg . ing creek, near .Neihart, of a -fine body of copper ore having been struck there. It was on the claims of a man named Tyler that the ore was found, and it is said to be in , a very promising- and well- defined vein. • The Ideal Panacea. James L. Francis, alderman, Chica- go, says: \I regard Dr. King's New Discovery as an ideal . panacea for Coughs, colds and lung complaints, having used it in my family for the last five Years, to the exclusion of physician's prescriptions or • other preparations.\ Rev. Joho Burgui4, Keokuk, Iowa, writes: \I have been a minister of the methodist episcopal church for 50 years or more,, and have never found anything so beneficial, or that gave Inc such . speedy relief, as Dr. King's New Discovery'' Try this -ideal cough remedy now. Trial bottles free at the Wicker drug store. Messrs. Hazeltine. Bonner & Gann continue pushing work on the ..Poor - man goldelaini at Johannesburg. They have now 'got their crosscut in to the vein, which gives. them a dooth of 18 feet. The ore is said to be as good ;is it was on top, and the vein . seems equally as large. Johannesburg is the scene of the recent gold excitement near Neihart. It May Do As Much For You Fred Miller. of Irving, Ill., write, that he had a severe kidney trouble for many years. with severe pains in his back and also that • his,pladder was affected. He tried many so-called kidney cures but without any good result. About .a year ago he began Oir Electric Bitters -and found relief at once. Electric Bitters is especially adapted to cure of all kidney and liver troubles and often givea almost instant relief. One trial will prove our state- ment. Price SO cents per bottle at the Wickes drug store. Under the new state constitution -. % f Utah, all patented mining claims v, LI be as&sssed at the rate of t; per acre. .0- • Bucklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the yvorld for cuts, bruises, mires, ulcers salt rheuni, fever sores, tetter. chapped hands, chilblains and all skin eruptions. and positively cuff.), piles, or no pay le is guaranteed to give per i t satisfaction or money refunded. 1' , e 25 cents per box. For sale by in Wicks . . I 0 lig - (.• • ICES - BARBER - SHOP Harry I iftir t. all ; 7 4) We are now prvioarcd to dim the best class, of ti work. Tools always kept in first class shape. ro. to U. es. ••• . If you wart let :-SAVE MONEY-: \THE OMNI OF TOE ROCKIES\ The Anaconda Stattclitrf is now issued Making it the, lavgi and best daily noeespapei poi -di -shed be- tween Cllicagii aiml 'Prisch. 12 Pages 72 Columns - 16 Pages 116 Columns. is r st.u.1.11,1 .11idill ,, 11 ;to I:11• I) -.rat moss se' the 1,111. iiili Asnos•••••••1 tel NI,t tat i•mpl• ti- • Slit4:4-1rd EVir-itvio,!. 1.•ci • 111.1.••• o aim, to 1, eel Likt's itt, •La11114111. in lloy111;.!, \ .11‘A .1 \ ' .1 it for III, kv.15..5511 S. FinkeMein • I rip: , the c(unt's' ins r it It a full line of 1)r) (100(15, Shoes, clothinv. Hats. Etc. W 11 i• II v, 5 155 1455.%5 tiyilr. addr,- 107 S. Plain St.. Helena Will N NI iTY (AV{ 1-` , A ( ALL stilt I •, I I lit \_ ,It always leads in MEWS, ENTERPRISE CIRCULATION. SUlISCRIPT ION PRICE. Dail, and. Sunda). per • lllll itit. •nti• sear. ill advance Solid iiol • iio s•ar.I,, allyance, $ 1.0 0 10,00 2J0 po --lilt:Vile, sod nowsdealers author - ii• ,••• subs, I Flit ions, SUBSCRIBE NOW. Thos. F. Oakes, limy C. Pape, lienrg G. Rouse. Receivers. NORTHERN PACIFIC Through-Ck*VM BETWF.1, ss. MIMITY1TITTIVITTIT CSI. -Paul ErilinneapollS DuluIti ENV ,s6rand Forks [and Winnipeg - II Helena, try 'Pohlman - 611118 S00101 - 18 - Tacoma Seattle Portland A Steeping Cars iaad &4CHE1)11...E. tit; 5'dr Ihning Cars In Effect Sunday, AM 2. 1895. \ Al Wit El No. •otilder accommodation, Daily ,--u Sundao 5,5e, •,, Lease 5 Minute.. later. Ni,, 1 0 .Ellchorn accommodation, Tues- day,, Tharsdavs and Saturdays 8.55 a a • l Least. 5 minutes later. ARRIVE HELENA ' sio. I. Pacific mail, west bound, daily. 8.2.; a nt 'No. 2. Atlantic mait.east hound.daily 11.20 p m LEAVE HELENA., No. I. Pacific mail, west bound, daily.sJS a ro. 2, Atlantic ntail,eaet hound,daily 11.31 p ui For further particulars. wale, folder., rates, WIC.. Call gm or write C. H. FOLSOM. station r nt. Wickvs, Mont. A. n. ED•CiAR, i iFNER A HELENA, MONTANA, S. Fee, G. P. 64 T, &. St. Paul, Minim., • PATENTS Caveats, and Trade -Marks obtained sad an Pat- era rytronritictiii for moottutot FAL.. OUP 0 rrtc is opisaserc s. l OrrICS and we e an ,re at , ' iii IC%,51 1.1111C that. Lb.c remote from WEishiritzt0f1.. Send rv drat. ses, Or with dleserip- tion, '11 r 11,1.0,11.11.r of' n.t, tr,e of ch.u..ze, doe till ptivetis se , nod. A pamp.,(T. t.i atentl, With efi,t 01 (al, 01 l':e U. b, a..) foreign soul:Masa; sent Lter. Add,. C.A.SNOW&CO. OPWICE, WAIII4iNGTON, D. C. CHASE'S PURE BARLEY MALT WHISKY Endot.edi 1171 The Most Eminent Phisiellins mind Chemists as a 1:lin- able snil Reliable Rimed\ Pit till 11 ‘44: Tuoi . B1,1: 4 111NPF.1 4 •11, 4111,11t1 t swil F11111,1 A Perris t 1 imle and au 14%44,111.1y HI' SIMI I 01. or 'Milt' II) fill Leading liquor Healers. Geo.Wolford & Co BEEF, PORK,, MUTTON, VEAL,. LARD, Etc., Etc:, CORE31N, MONTANA.. Fish and Game in Season iolKOEGEL & JOIRIS0111*+ Billiard Hall AND -- Saloon SPECIALTIES FA Share of Your 'Chase's Barley Malt Trade Solicited. Bottled Beer, $3.25 per Case , One trial vill convince von that we handle. the finest brands of; Wines Liquors- and Cigars,' in tlie county., Low pric,s. WICK IES MONTANA BACH, CORY & CO. Our WICKES, MONTANA. importations for Fall and Wintcr are nearly complete in altdepartments. : German Socks, Mackinaw Goods,, : Lined Gloves, * Mitts, Overshoes, If von want it cool, delicious smoke, try English. Club House Tobacco. If you want a pleasant chew, be sure to call for Silk Finish. It is the best brand1on the market.. J. H. HILDEBRAND.1 Mt)NT. FrojillIE R JEWELER spd ENORIVER - - -= nr a \ Fine Stock of Witches Mugs oq owl ouAukuokuumatumummAiwaiumAme.whimili NI

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 09 Nov. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.