The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, November 16, 1895, Image 1

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. e • WICKES PIONEER. \Free Coinage of Gold and Silver at the Ratio of 16 to I.\ VOL. L WICKES, MONTANA, SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 16,1895. - 14(1. 15 THE L Wickes 1' , \ft,i Hotel, Wickes, Montana. We have recently secured control of this house and have fitted it up with new fur- niture from top to bottom. Porigifte CLEAN ROOMS, NEW BEIM/NG, Table Sepassed At Molle. ' The Only place between nelena and Butte where a firikt., class * meal can be had for 50c. RATES: $1.50 . Per Day SILVER 1T HE THING autumn. alloXican (-spite! le leeeeinning • to enter new lines of investment. The banks are gorged with funds and thi government has large revenues.\ Travelers in all parts of the world are now daily sending home corres- pondence to mhow that the only prow perous nations In the world today are the silver basis countries. Every one of them Is expecting a degree of pros- perity heretofore unknown. This Is all doe to the unnatural premium of lee per cent they now poemese in the pres- ent price of silver when they sell at home or to gold -basis countyles, their home trade being solid and very large, because this cost of silver bullion Is a wall of 1 per cent protection to them, consequently they are developing farm- ing and nianufacturiug plants of all kinds at a treniendoue pace and all this at the expense of our producers, expo:ters end manufacturers, as we:1 as of that of the same businesses in other gold basis countries. In plain Englleh, this convention contained a lot of short-sig*ted fools, who don't know that they are euttine their, own business throats, as well at those of the entire country Phil:Wel. phia Item. WITHOUT IT AS MONEY WE ARE BEATEN. Free and Unlimited Coinage Weald Do ife.. America th• Reverse of Everything That Knellish 4/old Standard Ae•ocates May It Will Do--Piala Gold Standard fot 14ngistol. London Cablegram: Replying to an invitation extended to hint by Mr. George Peel, secretary of the Gold Stan- den( eesociation, and son of Viscount Peel, formerly speaker of the house of commons, to expro'ete his views on the queetion of bimetallism, Mr. G'adetone %Thee that he has not altered the opin- ions which he expressed in parliament two and one-half years ago. He adds that. he , regards the bimetallic sc . tieniee it peseta: runlet Lowed to nuilit/ S necessity to intensive farming nor exteneive population and production. I.rt no man ne ilis , •otiraged because of The problems anti conditions which not eeeing his way elear to irrigate a large tract confront the would-be irrigator in in the beginning, for lie will be the better eittipped to handle Katr,as are in several essentials so dif- the larger tract afte: his early expel - feremi fr.iiii those to be met by irri- irner and make his iliev it able tnistakes gators in other stittet wherr the chief on a so'ue-. lint more iniide , t, scale lie ts ill httoW infinitely more about attimir trout stream that re, seems t\ me \eV ere ' eareelY t\ e the imitsiness abeftt'Urre.healtilliaos learned n may , o,partoi or considered in the staitie than lie mliii never learn nearly Sri much as be eittegory, aid in smite respeets the men knew when lie legate. of however much experience and wide The people Who pitid their money observation exeltisively it h country into I lie pnolic coffers for these arid physieally like western Colorado, Utak or semi arid lands and gave them to or California, may nave but tile most ' eiviliiation are justly entitled to anch limited comprehension of the 'beetle u urveys and service on behalf of the government as will aid in demonetrat- log to what extent there h.. water for their irrigation. I heartily join in all thei: prayers alit petitions - for the old Meg an.. an tomropriution. - but the man who damn a, - veil as prays anti who works the undertow wittiont ceasing la tile 011e promise to pay will always he imiet esteemed. F. It Comirn at lianteas State Irriga- tion covention, Oct Aker's Itservolr rise. Senator the.•s of the Nebraska irri- gation board submits is plan to store the waste water, if tile Platte river in a series of reservoirs to be tused as needed. He eae s: •• Let the farmers all over eastern Nebrae its establieb • water fend eiptal to the price of otie day's work and pay it in cash to smile ventral head, and have the money expended in one place. and then ive tiii.y . Itotte for so:ue re- sults. For instanee. groep the farm- ers of I lay, Nuekolia. Web titer and Thayer in idle grotto and let every farmer :led every imsinees man give tile priee of oue day's work in cash anti have the money placed in the cus- tody of some bank to be chosen by the and dIsappaintin t ent. lie is et:1111111W\. Is-- lreqe 9 9 . • people uutil *Pettey to commence oper- TRRIGATION MATTER. Irrigation reeelbIlitlee • o a neple loeated tile vast stretches ef riverless platenus: steal as exist in Itantas. Disdaining to take advan- tage of the information our neighbors bate acquired would be a most short- sighted policy indeed. kit their situ- ation has not been ours and we must find ways and means to meet our own peetiliar difficult:ie.. It may as well be accepted in the beg'uning that out- side our valleys, which. with all their areas, constitute but a small percen- tage of Kansas as a witele, our irriga- tion must be done with storm waters we impound be dams. or from sup- plies pumped by niOre or lessespensive equipmentm from considerable depths in tile earth. Hence it hadn't to me that our primary problem, liulike that in other state.. where tunumeraide etreams heading in regions of perpet- nal sums attord abundant water. is. tirstly. to ascertain us near as may be the extent of Our attptidy beneath these high prairies: sec.indly, how near it is to the areas where we need to use it, and thirdly. how we can most readily and economittaily possess ourselves of it ane place it where nerving as relit - For the benefit of those alto do not Year a bc\ : ,, „ _ „. .. : _ epon our meal itiamy fertile prairies. of the Platte which go to waste every exbeessed by hint In February, 1893, In spring from early in the season until knoe that Mr. Gladstone's opinion, ae stored there in the. thousand r eser- t e , e e ie w di e of ,t h o e . hen tne trriga- vmrs that nature has proVideil or man tile house of corumons, was. we will „n provide • lion season begins. .:. at the times weee /nos y net -tied would etruct nitrites renning out onto the • ao , t Pr\PerlY di‘fribllted - From these great etorelioueee con- reproduee It here. It is As f011OWS: \England. - aays 11r 0!adatone, -le work miracles anti inahe the country table land suit again make use of all the great creditor of the countries Of... round -about a la n d of (v ti erse. We ap- ile lagoons a nti nett': al storage the World; of that there can be no Fear as yet to have nit feasible setteme basin s and save absolutely all the ! doubt whatever, and It is increasingly that, eontem Pt7 the gm -eat t•redItor of the countries of of stwii airrtillifs as ee have, agaGnst ate ., tit •e• the 'warding' Ni ater that irlititi to waste in tile spring, anti you will have a tamin larger body the sorlii. I suppose there is net 7 the rainless day: we lament the de- of water from wilieh to draw than you year which flaSSeR over our heads etritetive dryness while tee sources of could hope to gather in all the little whieh does not largely all to the mast( oreet wealth sweep past, our 11005 poed,reated liv a ilit's work from of Brit !eh Invest men br ts aoad I ant the meanwhile. contri lei t pee tint of our almost afraid to estimet0 the tista• poverty to Int! geueral fend from t'Then from these I eeerveirs Hood the country so far as . pote.ible. spread united kingdom head hetvend the limn fleets of vesseie, and armies of <like its of the uniteal tingilom hut of th. builders. etmting Mill lkoes anatialciwi, shale and tiles faelittate the eyapora- tile water over as great an area as pos- its he says, that if Lont . lon ;Candi firm t r ot of thIt'stY is '\' A 4u:1 tartv raltifait it wi!1 give reasonable certainty of five ;arefully mei led.icintisiy in ceneleeet- acitias. !.et * tile money be e t j . penttett jhe gold Vanden! no power that bi- list wit! be able te overieene it. Mr. jug a eana\ front file Naar rIvec . ftZli• metaillam cornetands or Is likely to en- c o r r o t tLi ee t l tire years. instead of hut two Gladstone adds that he regrets that age Por a distanee of nearly thirty utiles where near heareiety to the head of and its dietehilities prevent Mils eetive tile Little Hine river, and then begin within this one county alone (Finney) participation In the controveeey. the , coratruction of a regutar system there is conrsing during much of the iv of water whiell taken (tilt (a. large reservoirs to store tne waters sin wen con, , oti. that it ta . is not ,, to keep \thin housed% tue us :Id fin ft Ii What lies' Free silver would do the , be estimated bi rens alr hundreds n! .44114tet.iiiind:,7.4%tecroillt ‘ t* l( i liov Ilia tro forth t o o f rav- very reverse of all these things. be- mil'ions.. One thousand million- tee l filow eiti '4 . rtt. k a . tat k i ' ll71r ice‘l e ' d c\611 'MI' range free sliver Pitts more nioneY In ' probably voted hi tin en extremely low I 11;11 withal a ?escort ',eland it lois 'circulation rather than less. It would . and inadequate 'fettle:Otte. Two tholt 1 '..teen acce1it...4 •t lint the .eaeous of is restore the farmers' normal price of amyl militant 'a sdneething even mot. aster . isded impon tate leemile of the cotton, wheat and other allied Pr,)- than that as . yney'llkelv to be nearer III Plains of 4 ebi#31-4.0r, mold IX salsas v, ere duets, to itollitle present values, !ten- mark. )1 think 'Milder these (Preen. :l e n i a , :::::', , I L a t e a f„,1 6 , u i t ta ' i t .1 \\ v \ - \ Is I- a Irl Y der safe the manufactures of th'' etaneaft It ta'eateher a serious matter • within re '.. ei , ,,,, „,...:, td :, r . e .,, I , ‘ \ , t , 1 0 , ,e l ' a :',: - f e t : i t country, who, in eompetition wit -ti Nit - . ask this Country whether we are Kolb, agrielut bate and ave .tre rattiolv kitrI1- \ er basis ,•ountriee, are now threateued ro 'perform this supreme art of si• ing tale se aril ef usilig terse. ind id- . with nen; inereese the wages of th . . iii , 'e e r i e. .. :tat eutrinfortsc/t4 permutes se,.rce I v.'', , at , worker In the demand for his protiaete Th . - act or self oacrittete . to ‘ .t . i , le the ieeepereitverekon or iviee-et mewir through more money and better ill he :• , -tfere WAS whether Great Britt! age and ilistellution of the great snater -.wpnlv . from the Cornea 10 the farmers; make credit he, stimuli! es en diecuss the question t ' eme i,,,.....„, e „„ 0a , ee. it..\ . ...' ei, s K tad ass', ter for the businens man in stopping giving e larger use to sliver. but it on be .tecciettalisiteil by . iv - this eurrencY rollIraell\ ' I ' D ' 1° flu '' The above dispatch fnue• be le oileraft.esii IU the sioninsitinities inter - exclusive gold polley, and if heeneent T000s,tot reading far nimpiailisis o f I I, este.d. wider vioth legielati've l. or%ii.- carried out lp an Atinillii,11.111011 IL eitneMy Campbell stripe who think, ‘.. \ma atotal ,,,,, e , es i ve: . t , '_7 . 0 ::_ftetet „ e .‘___ elar o. e_e Vs'ashington. It veould at on, 0 , slap i hiss : i !should wait in this country the set* e - 1,.. ' - ‘16.t ' aii i , g . ... 11 \: . :\ t ;:: ,,:, / .1 : 1 , \ . .... fit ' l li : d • robbery of the 1 1 .atoll ) . - PI° in Ille stol l ' Sr l'of Great Britain. o mewl i t ete M. ;snow ar- ii the gron ad. more infamous liond homes, awl -wool,' in point or fact these men ,ire VIVI `1. Axed aiismeliettely to teviaiavel t ' I - 11 'e ite .- i ota - r, f - 7itt MAN t frkpl' t •rl' i r i 4i ' r• - \ l 7:: - - 7 . . ----- -- ---- .t.• - •olt I e e e i e . ot her Siena elie uneatstousit - • , igs withoutt n e courage of their mg li ars.t..t o o l -if is.airring inlieii iStill ts nth scare Induced among nsurers a r m mee Special terms made to those itesiring reg- ular bard. THE Wickes 11 7-7 1e.i . 7. - 49!a - e 746, \L. Hotel. Wickes, Montana. 1941111 The Nebraska . democrats, those of the goldite persuasion held a conven- tion at Lincoln. Neb., the 5th instant, with about six hundred delegates from all eounties, present. No allverltes were allowed, therefore, time convention declared itself the reg- ular state democratic convention. The resolutions, as a consequence, were infamous. They indorse the pres- ideut in emphatic language in his rob- bery of the people in the last iSslie Of *onds, anti in his •polley of misinter- preting the eurrency plank in the dem- 2ka s t4; platform upon which he was 'I r iee r P continue: \We Insist upoia 11,1 , 1 Policy\ (that of the presIden6 \al especially necessary for the protection of the farmera. laborers and property owning debtors. the most defenseless victims of an unsteble and fluctuating currency.\ ...Mal. clap -trap! Probably 'nearly elreiT one of thoee delegates were either usurers by profession, or bor- rowers of money in the clutches of usurers to an extent that they dare not say their souls are their own. With this clams, that is the epekes- men, It is always a case of professed Interest in the plain people. Iat(opera, etc., merely to deceive the prehate. They know very well that 111*a' are talking for their own short-sighted profit, anti rAla , mighty little for the people they rob iii their Method. The reaoliitiens go 'on: \Free silver means a poorer nioneY and less of it: it means teem wages'for . ihe laboring man anti lese tietual money for the farmer, and Veity thitch lees credit, as seethes money, 'for the'biedness man: it means bankroptea- . fer 'all save the mine own - let lone. wale Vtitiet •111.1 flat storm ev lenders through 114 MP upon teveconu- .1 cute in has t fi III01.1 the in try's gold, all this would be the t•ff# , Reedy for Rosiness. aliyal taiiiat , or. tioewelt. mule - of free silver. although. as The- Aeon de !vendetta! e or teerielateati at 11 ashilig- has recently - said, even free silver Is Chleago Press (free silver): Lareeters ..)614) ,r .1. ‘ i1ii '\' \ 1 \ i 4. \ SW siseeeed. , '\ lion. It Is in that direction. that le all. dont in eonsn'idating their force. mend not the eurc-all of our eurrence or the sliver movement exhibited Vile' t Jle AO 1 hat ...steno ',meter oei toe It Is in the direction of \more mainly , establishing their headquarters ia ttiui- ml leas misery.\ Hut title eonvent Ion does not stop wdth ehe-ked the lack of a common head cago The CaUSe of silver has keen the above declarations. it resolved that • and a united sysoim of education. Ilene the government's Initstanding paper tofore ,there have been three leagetee money \is it ntenaee against the na- working independent of each other awl •Lon, - therefore it most all be tieetroyed the shorteurnIngs of a methodic)! .as aecortis with the president's mess- campaignIng are Oh001114. These thee , . age In favor of another currency \de- Ileattiiiis hate deiertelned to consolidate wised by a competent non-partisan cur- mid plaite Vl'arner of Colors- rete•y commission \ (lo nu oltarge of the atirk. hich will be This part or the resieullon was ',teed on frisat.Citirago. Gen. Warner bre:eight fresh from London. where It IR an holiest, capable and conscientione was ortginallY conem•ted. the ehalrluan friend or stiver. mimI muller his eve -ti of the I'-um1s ention hasing only arrived tieeehia the wterk.of spreading the erte the RAM , 1135' Of Ole oPeolon oesllion pet or the what -metal wit! succeed, straight from London for the purpoile of presidittg As the reeoliolons were all made anti pawed en the day o r hie Aar•entaaf -. Reek' arrival. In ell ; probability they were all I The Slinia)• ;Hid itolit.itr% Res !ea_ Denver Witt ellifele there he an la_ prepared I.onion for ,AmerIcan in- dorsement Nate indoreement they nb- \Pi . `\•nostli about money. Wiled with no (kitty or opposition Whale\ er Th. haat, was uettiarkable- What a eonvention' Aa141 In a silver state, too! lioeeeet. It WAR packed to order. Hut It does tusks the epokesmen of delegates of this class how! when they yew' diapatches such as the following. *bowleg the present prosperity of sil- v er haat/ coAntries. This Is taken from the Rastas News Bureau of the Sth Ins! It being reproduced front the Ros- ton Herald: 't'lly of Vitale° spociaJ Says the roan try Is booming. Hotel- Brit full of pen - le and mills are ronnteg extra time. There will b. bonapsa cent crop this when there Is no eolith tiling :is Interna Donal money' OM fo ii u 11th lii Eng land sells Iry weight jost a, gold o, slis or bare or wheel pi 110111111 or pot k A dead hog. tit fry ni he' is just as mitith international alone , as gold ternallonal balances are fl'oayS settled by swapping The Lander. creditor or an nrierican firm asks foi eeeliange, m- atte. an American order fat that emit modity out of whleh lie can make the most profit. \Internationel teuelley\ I. the talk of it ??.00ndrei or iguoramits kman ( s en a tak e a amonn•s word fur anythinv be miler take a dozcti or more. t lie v.hune uuf IntinutgerslIon deism/1A mi vorptatrAt inns 11.m. stutter •.....011ure... lit umuv Is.turn,1111. after eirrieert ien i.eI bee*. , 1..vt•Ityperd, It it to toe iti 1•311ailu. 1.1.11, trots leis owe Maar. wile relies .m. :tie resistive,. el 'et toe Wit. tin 'bite Mao le- thirteefef liieetwn eateries-H*1 'or erOlirin tits own iliac. war I he She -am. 1110•11 441 1 1411#111 MUSE ape orety ()wenty onieetiv laying tate lit-i it dation+, far just. tulle mar u of eibseese trite sinee re: sews are tee ileoenil , ng en the I toiran reform. the ow, 011 vregamaa 's(ot,. in two - the Alar - o- priaticat .#1.106 to divert the V iseoe ri river 1111111111111/1d lodes iba and rottAye it el /-11 ti I we're b tnnvire.ri foe t ht the al, in realer Titat it %JAN , fri igaie their /*raw, am wratern Is aaaa... 'He will have Merced rob 11 ',etre fakir than is wee.- 1..14 1...001 the i a-ti.n.a. haring d.-.-isIv 10.1.0.elketi and . 'ear s teel wItit life tritely: it'.'- lire vi 1... 14) t be planting aod e , , a , one sPlis,5 e ed wise of hay is,' '• uuuufltthi , t . weiehinert at work poor ine ?le .111;04, nett,. •oirs aud o,er It.. *ore , . :herm it le e , winter and i ...Ireton* of 1.,a,eet swat.. hereivIt It to kerne the luit n no• /101,1 111 , 111\1-1 from I a scorching stun in time., trying oats i when it West A 1.1,1•aci of iiieseee In future 'he Marl 511,0 settles iti! oitsfern is:oisits 1,, farm to sets. to 11'11.01111ell. 75111 .'41‘11411 1 / 1 r rroo, the fleet the mot t jee t f mater atioph. (vete,- vather 1,N filer titorage awl it riga tem. this investment Ilia ,ocatinn, his life plans is iil all he made %Vial 'IC'. in Mind It is seperflon• to say that this does not onetv plimpine nor he .ing writer to mime over hia entire fe.tseasioite uor the iii Kelton of this eetlre region . 0 1.41111i111111111 HOC thOlight of by vreit , ie forint , ' p•etile 'or at all tion: kill twe \eras wit It one stone, irrigate tieveralthieutand acres of laud and send a et -eat ninount of water In the air evanoration, to itoni• bail i in due taste In the shape of rain. •Lie t anot user grout of .,:01111* les be formed ung t! Norte Seward, La neaster. tie ge. I on neon and Pawnee, -and have eltelit build a 4•Aual front -tome stint between hearney and tiratei Island along the Platte river and earrv rie ware.: over to the ftig Blue rivet -as - no tlo I ii;ew e , c in regard to the cotistoretion of reseryoirs ls !his .1,mo • year. and more water t•iecifti be stewed ven So.:tin-astern Nebrask• in my kgment. in five. sears titan could iw in thirty by a day s ark from eaer farmer, heeihfes the h oo d reds of theinsaniis of acres ehicli eotlit he easily CRIPPLE CREEK'S RECORD. The thirpet stale to Hare Deco I omits. factory. The smuttier now ending has thd bectk on the ss IlhlIu mm 1111silerotIS 011.• for the Cripple (*reek district, oWing chiefly to thiit protriteled rainy This hate Iiimit a decided ilrawliaek 1 ,, prospecting,' enterprise,: mid the operation /it .onalt ‘vio.r.• affair. :51'.• ...1111111411.11 \VhollY itt the open. The prodlIctioll of t la reel- mines k. lieektel. on the other hand lo inability to ship their tires. the roods being so deep with mini am to be imptocsaltle for heavy wapuis. Fireilly the Florence & Cripple Creek railway. which is the ellief ikiN•itaom, for was ooloptototy wa.tiod out tor twelve miles or sit tele day hi July, andl more Ilian a inteoli elap.eil befort• traine IV1 . 1'.• 1111111 . 111 to,al am'- I, lolly 111mile-t- ine the pisispects of the distriet. pre- dietihe a largely Mere:feed output its litit it Is Ili, tale. inivertlicless. that certain of the mills and sampling work* here been hard preseed .41,111.16 11.1.• sumo a Or*. 1114•0.......Ary to Lisp them immune: . at run yapayity. nit. Is not to by yotoot-th.d. ho‘Ny, ,'r, agt bping hollyattyo or all impoverishment of the metes, lout inerely as one of the , results itf the eentlitiene under vviiiith mining at Cripple i 'reek Is earried mit. Arany sir the mines, perhape the :treater part. 1111V1- 111'1'11 11111•111111 NMI 11111. 11i/W 111111111110ii 11.V 111SS11m1S, ho possees but little e (pied and are till v. IIIor till- able III 11111.41111..1y or 10 opell Mille in proper nu:Inner. As tolls.M111•111.... If 1111R. :11.11 likely to lie interrupted at ally time by inflows of eurface water. or reads 1441 haul that Or11 cannot Ibt shippett: the production of a mine is lilotly to he var- moreover. thrionzk neglect of ad- vance exploration svin•k or ;pitting :is Iii.' a a lease dritas Ileatr. So far as the poinianency of the Cripple Creek mines iS eimeerniel the sigue tire good. aud Engineering Journal. • • N. .w.tthis is n.i imaginary scheme, and .o nisow that it eau he elope: de - ( (flee t trattotom t a few figures Through the I. istairiess of 1Ir. %Seeks. engineer for the Buirlington A Mis iniet rai.road. I have A,. lire,' the eh-% at ions of eral point' la. 'I lie ',ert - Itory men , ntied nit give te.,11 to you that all eat see that this is siraetieal ainti let it be reurieleywiod that two feet titter m.I e us a great yeentv of fall for any do eh and mews. more than is. renerally Theatevatien ,Lt Kearney is 't IC feel **wise the see. at Ayre feet: a 1st. le , ever too feet iliference: tl-e iliatance is sottiO/Iiiiii: Gee forty miles,. leaving 40PI\ feet fait to snare. eieratione fr ot her ton ns are given loshow that from Kearney the IS it Pit , 11.11 be taken tit ans of them and have nteeitr of gram,. to waiter any of then% :Ina the emintry jaeent Iltere- tim mgt. it Edgar, 7 .7??: Strain. Iletie.n, i,cot• Nelson. leira. I airmont, I Mese *ignites show e , notlitsively that tiny of I het.I. point. ..#601 renclied from the start frig teertt. and 1 might say that it might is. meet...sari , ' to gown fe l - west sts Is i•aryier The ditch frion (lie 1)131 te to the I ttp W0111.1 not lue t wen ty now , Ping \ 111V fo r 11. # tut Im Wi l e ne elevation at KeurrieV is Ulm+ greitnir than of Oroe10,Arr The elev.. - ion 31 Grand Island is feet: at .• ti feet us .1Iffeeem, 1,1 111. mu iii- tanea of iteerlv forty niilea. which pro•e• that -r - he w1ite.r* ef the Platte EIGHT HUNDRED TONS. # , - es 111411% Itroduct of the Minos of *au 'Aligner Count y. 1 1.11t:gregale outwit or the males iii Sale Nliguel employ ist not far leen SOO tons of ore per day'. If all the uthete from 5511 0 111 . e this 411 Ore Ivere located in -immediate vicinity woubi hive one or no. iargo.t :t tot iivotto.t miiimhullg eAttlio , lit nis• .tato. not Aspi , o. Tito loin, -1 tho calmer are scattered fretii tine extremity to the other enti„ehere are several sitiall camps (tutelar. or Telluride within the borders. Five or six ears ta first or, allit Ire shipped * daily la remitt- ent pOilltS .111.1 11W:11114ot by alareliell and Savage mine., and this In addition to the %able- eatielit tot the plates at the Varii/US 111 . 111 , by amal- gamation As an example. the Tem Roy tiiili treat,: MI 1111 IltorlIZt• 1511 tolls Of (.1.0 iti dly, On' 11111S an (.1111 ,, II i 1011 (.11 OW ill 1 , 1cS al)u( i41 . ,0111ti011 yeilds !rout eeven to eight telt. if eelltr.11es per day lids front 14;ta 1 to 5 71 1 1 1 per 1-:11*. If the prollina a the NI:ir-41:11I :anti Savage basin Mille*. %VA.. ill its ereile stale it ss no quit', 1101151.1.n tilt;' and Isar, lag' 41.1y to transport it tit the smelt Thcro arc ”Illy A r...v it, lii Ate' .1111011.:. 11*.• RM.11 '111'. that R.1111. thrir \Mow , ill tbs• ermit• s111.. Among ile•iii ;ir.• the .faistir, Special and lc. 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The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 16 Nov. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.