The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, November 23, 1895, Image 4

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„ Or. \1/BLISH1.1) WEEKLY AT IL'K, MOAKF.. BY Alp04011AARTG. AU SUBSCRIPTION; - • / 'VA R I A BLY IN ADVANCE. Par YeaL, Six ?shafts: - - •Phree Months. - _ - - W1 -47.N I2L i ADVA:5CE, aas 1 $200 1,25 75 53,00 2'00 1 50 at the isistottice at Wickes,Mutitana as fieetilitt Ong, matter. SATUROAY, NOV. 23. ,..1. , ......• • ••••Ir.••••••• • =••••••• •• • •••lo.o r I. 0. 0, F. Eagle faatge. N .S . ;2. Meets every Saturday evening. Members of other Ispdges.artacerdiaTls a inyited to meet with us. Fiettn.I... Davis, N. G. 3. M. KRI.LOOG, Seely. l)N last Monday night, when we Isaac- ve:appedir.the arms of Morpheus, dreainiag that delinquent subscribers 1 were papaing their shekels into our . coffers in a contiaamns stream, we were, rudely brought to ,a,,realizatiori of the cares of an -editor's. ,eaistence by a. yieilent, shaking of the, door to our sanctum., On arising and peering out, we noticed ,thrta2 men, ist„front of the door who, . in the subdued light re - fleeted b,y an'aubunahaired individtad ott the opposite side of tlse street, ap- peared,tp be veritable giants. When they : , saw us. immediate a.dinittance Was demanded. Thinking the world was comiTig to an end and the angels (there are.,al a kinds) had been sent, to fetch us lience,„or at the least, that the vigilante were. upon us. we tried to argue the matter,.and asked them to call again, in sla k alight. They Would have none of it, and so, after training our g'attIing guns on ,the . anen, loosen- ing the war dogs and, , prqviclitig out' - selves with a son-of-iagun for t hoth . hands, we threw back the massive. bolts and opeited the door.. _In walked . the men with—an order from the Min - era Union for some printing. Thanks, gentlemen for the work; buenext time, please call earlier in the day. . We `taven't been able to smooth our hain 'own since the occurrence. It stands . 41 ends like quil}s on a porcupine's Jack. GM*. RICKARDS, in the•course of an interview in Butte, had the .. following . to say concerning the much talited of. extra session: \There is absolutely no truth An the, report that I said I was going ter con- vene . the legislature in extra session. No _emergency has arisen up to the present time that would justify such a step. Emergencies may . arise that _may make such action necessary, but they do not exist nosy, _and nothing is further front my mind -at thist time than the eal . t . ing of an extra session.” Saacitnav, Nov. 16. was pay day on the Tireat Northern, and if Jim Hill could have seen the result of his munificence as portrayed in the cheer- ful (?), countenances of his section men as they drew their little $1.35 per day it would certainly have made his heart beat With gladneas and have been a powerful incentive to the fouloading . !if another $500.011Y academy. $1.35 per day and 70 . cents per day for . board! Is that living wages? We think not, and , shame a on those who wkll ask a man to labor for it. A sum elose to $225,000 was paid out by the Anaconda mining company and other company concerns this month, but merchants say business is much lighter than expected.. This is ac- counted for by the fact that this Is taxpaying time . and it will require pretty close to$90,000 to settle with the treasurer before (. 1 p. in. Deceinher Recorder. Toiastrike of the employes of the Montana Coal and Coke company at Horr has been called off, and workwas, resumed in pie mines Thursday morn- ing. It is reported that , the men went to work. under the old schedule and that ny .. concesftions were graatad them. *a. A SPECIAL front Washington says that President Cleveland, in his auttuity message to congress. will reconngend the retirement of greenbacks. This recommendation will bathe chief fea- ture of the message, ao, far as . , domes ! tic ilfrins are cottc,erpetl. • Old papers for sale at this (Ace t at 7.5.cents per hundred. a Ilia I t promenading down Main street with a, liple boy at his side,. when tha dittje,.fellow cried out: \Oh pa, there goes an editor!\ \Hush!\ said the father,'\disa; make sport of t'he poor wan Gad. Mily knows: what you may come to yet.\ . CORBIN CONCEMATES. ---- • The Pal t aftlontaas, Tailings MIll an Assured success Newsy notes. The thriving little burg of • Cotbin he, oil . , tkç eye of a,, great boom. On Monday last a representa- tive of the Pitesaftas.'visited the town niul noted Da every hand the merry ring of the saw and hammer. Houses. ire. springing up as if by magic and the„isitp,ovements being made to the . two mills are worth going many miles to see, is': these days when almost every kind of factory and mill are closed down,. The coacentratar, or No. 1 mill, is being worked to its full capac- ity 350, tons per day., a new assay abffice has been erected, 'a large 85,000 'galou beiug built on the pal just above the mill, and a large force of men are enraged in laying water PiPecti. through and ,around thescoucen- trator.. What most attracted' our attention tibn was the new, or No. .2 . mill, used for working tailing front the conceit-. trator. Here: could 'be,. seen small army of men hurrying to and fro, all, giving evidence that something out of the ordinary run of things was in the wind. On enquiry from outsiders(for admission can be had to the mill attar no pretext) we learned that new machinery was being added and that the work of doubling the capacity of . the mill was in progress.. Front the same source we learned that Mr. Peek v j had soresse4.1thuself as being fully satisfied that the mill had passed the experimental stage, and that it was now an assured success. The work of,,exoerimenting on the tailings dump dates, hack, to 1890, when a crude mill was erected and exhaus- tive tests made. Sean . afterthia a com- pany was organized known, am the Peck-Montana conapany, i large aTO-ton mill erected. What had pt oven a success as an experiment, was found 'it) be a flat failure when an attempt . was made to branch out on a large scale. The mill, with its machinery and,equipments intact, was . allaweal to remain idle until about three months ago. At this time the company, noth- ing daunted by previous failures, de- termined to try a new process, which had been used in different portions of the country with good results, and the success met with was far .better than they had anticipated. The old machin- ery was talten out and replacedaby new and improved; and 200 tons of tailings are now run through the mill every day. . ., A -large force of men : are employed in a building a atairoisagattge railroad from thadams . which hold the tailings to the,ink11, and gnaw -ill be in . running order about the time the work of doubling the capacity ,of the mill has beep completed, . It, is estimated that there are over 1,009,000Aons of tailings on the dump and held in the three dams, and this is being added to, at the rate of 200 tons per day front the old mill. The tailings will 'run about $10 to the ton. The Corbin hotel, formerly tinder the management of Mrs. peteraon, has been leased by Mr. Donald, who is prepared to accomytodate all comers ina,first-clans manner. Mr. McDonald., together with Johnson & Talbot, of Jefferson, has also opened a grocery Store adjoining the hotel office. T. A. Wickes, of Boulder, is laying. in a large stock of dry goods and mil- linery in the store building formerly occupied by Wolford & Co. as a butch- er shop. lie will open .. the store for business the firsapart,of next week, It is rumored that another saloon building vrillsbe erected on . a lot ad- julning the hotel, and that it • will . be ready for business byJan..1 7 . 4 P ho the promoteraare, or whether the sclvane will go through, we are unable to say. •-• The officers of the twa ,niAls, when the hotel changed. hands, employed a cook and are now \batchieg.\ Hank Merrill, of Wickes, is engaged lit doing some painting for the com- pany, and under hipaartiatic touch the guilding-ft present a beautiful ap- pearastC1.. Prize fighting has been pro- hibited in Texas and Arkansas, but it still thrives in Montana, as could be seen by a visitor to our burg on Mon- day evening last. Jean ,Madden and Frank, Lindsay got into an altercation in' the store of Dailey and Terry and finally came to, They fQttbast TURN all over the store and ; heu adjoinned to 'the street, where . the contest W:1, continued. The battle consisted If 1 oneaniquet rounds, and was thett dm - dared hy the bystanders to be a draw. Neitber man was A i n jure(' to any great extent, though a small quantity of blood was spilled. The Collier Saloon,.fortnei ly owned by Madden Ilros., is now under the inanagement of John R Jones. Noth- ing but first-class wet goods will h t kept in stock. See adv. MINI • NOTES FRO* EXCHAWS, Posters are out annisiacing a yibze masquerade for Christmas eve. A costumer, .wilj be out frotq Helena on day of ball.' Good music-aaat an ele- gant time is asaured. There is more catarrh itL thissection of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few year.. was supposed to he incurable. For a great many year* doctors pro- nounced it a local disease, and pre- scribed local remedies, and by con- stantly failing to cure by local treat- ment, pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitti- ticanal disease, and therefore requires 'constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca- tarrh Cure. manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, • Ohio, is the only constitutional remedy on the market. It is taken intentally in doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous sur- faces of the. system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send for sirculars ;did testimonials. Address. F. J. CHEN itV & Co., Toledo, Sold by druggists. The Attacondu. • smelters are now Consuming about 160 cars of ore per day.' ThL5 means about 6,400 tons per day and is the greatest output in the history of the company. The ore is taken to the smelters in trains of 22 cars each, two engines doing the work. _ (Are for yleadache. As a remedy for all forms ,of head- ache Electric -Bitters has proved to be the very best. It effects a permanent cure and the most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge all who 'are afflicted to pro - Cure a bottle, and give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual con- rtipation Electric Bitters cures by the needed tone to the bowels, and few cases long resist the use of this medicine. Try it once. Only 50 cents a bottle at the WickesDrug Co. 2 Louis DeRiveres and Joseph Her - 'man have struck a good thing in their Bonaza or Old Glvay anine, lour miles east of Melrose. It is said, to be de- veloping into one of the richest silver. mines in the state. The property located only last July. The lead, - which is only four feet wide, was found on the surface and paid from the grass roots. At present the own- ers are working nine men and shipping V car of ore each week to the suielter ,at Omaha. The first shipment of four and three-quarters tons was made to butte in August and netted the owners $71.15. The next shipment was a car to Denver and brought them $2.500. The shipments to Omaha have been from $850 in second-class ore to $2,600 on the beat.. There is a six-inch streak in the . . Vein that runs 1,000 ounces in silvei .••••••1111POSWOW. dotible-headed bull raised ow the Crttae raugh waudered into taw :4,4ib weentfr the range, says town. Democrat. This animal , is a curiositx to those who have never seen a freak of this kind. The second head is fastened under the jaws, aod when the all I mai was horn he had' eyes, nose, ;old teeth, and would eat and drink with Loth mouths. In fighting .the tw , heads gave him an advantage over his athreesaries and made him master of the range. When the ani- anal feeds tba, lower head is crowned 'on the ground until it has beccme calloused and does not now much re- semble a,. head.. If the animal had been taken at.birth and properly.cared for a fortune :amid have heun made - 'the Discovery Saved His Life. Mr. G. Cailleuette, druggist, Bea- Versville, Ill., says: \To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe my life. Was taken nrith la grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, but of no avail and was given up and told I could nyt a live. Haying Dr. King's New Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began In get better, and after using three bottles was up and about again. It is worth its weight in gold. We won:t keep store or house withoyt it.\ Get a trial bottle free from the Wickes Drug - Co. a Since W. A. Clark put men at work on the Silver Rule group of mines, in Argenta,distriet, work has been started in a quiet way . on several otheeelaims in that district and Argenta beginteto assume a something of its old time„aqa tivity. With the coming - of spring if' is confidently expected there will be a good many more sneisput at work and the old silver. camp will have !some- thing like a boom. Those that know the possibilities of the mines in the vicinity of Argenta beet, have the most confidsnce in the future . of the camp. • Buchten's Arnica Salve. ' The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises,. sores, ulcers salt rheum, fever sores, tetter. chapped hands, corns, chilblainsattal all akin entptions, and positively cures piles. or .no pay re- is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For ?sale by the Wickes Drug Co. ..••=ime EAGLE LODGE :NO. O12..: 1., 0. 0. F. Will Gi‘e GRAND:-: BALL In their 11811 on KEYING BOY, NOV 28 \S I. TIII.HS A Y Best of Music in Attendance. Doors open al 8 o'clock Ball begins one hour later. All Cordially Invited. !FS - 3011E11- SHOP Propr. t crit es L'i.-st S() c - te,s. We are now prepared to do the best class of tonsorial work. Tools always kept in first class shape. Open C rovest3 a. nes. to 9. p.m. WiC.V.1`.5, MONT. Thos. F. Oakes, ffenru C. Nine, Henrg C. house, Receivers. NORTHERN PAWFIG Through Cars Helena Doe Spokane Tacoma Seattle Portianl BETWEEN IATTTMVPHYPIPITTIVIT FSt. Paul Elthoneapolls Oen !Fargo Grape Forks Eanri Winnipeg a 'Pullman V eg .- int 1 Tourist tinliti11/1111.11114% steesine cars , Dining Cars Sleeping Cars gALA TIMI SCIF-11-:1)11.1Fl. In Effect Surglay, June 2, 1895. ARRIVE Al' tVIt RES. Ii). Boulder accommodation. Daily Lea ‘i• 8.55 a ni 5 minutes later. • i•scept Sunday N.,. Ill, Elkhorn accommodation, Tues- days, Thursdays and Saturdays 8.55 a m Leave 5 minutes later. • ARRIVE HELENA . No. 1, Pacjfic mail y ,west bound, daily. 14.25 a m NO. 2, Atlariti,c mail.east 11.20 p m LEAVE HELENA . NO. 1, Pacific mail. west bound, daily. 8.35 a m N... 2, Atlanta mail,east bound.claily 11.30 p m Far further particulars. maps. folders, ratan, etc.. Call 1)rt Or write C. H. FOLSOM, saattoa agent, Wickes. Mont. A. CO. EDGAR, GFNERAL AGENT, HF.LEN A, MONTANA. Chaos. S. Fee, O. P. •Sk T. A. St. Paul, Minn. ' Caveats, and T rade-Ma ll rks obtained and a Pat- ent inmnr, , , .!•1. t...I I , 1610, lllll F ees , Oust Orric r . 5 OPPOSITE U, S. PATENT OFYICE and Wel - an , ' r patent 111 MS LiIIIC 111411 /11../SC remote from \ , ..c.hington. Send model, drawing or photo., nith deserip- ti.m. We advise, if patentable or ms.', Ire of charge. (lite fee not due till patent ISO. tired. A PAM PH LAT. \How to Obtain Patents,\ with cost ot same in the U. S. and foreign compile i sent free. .A.:.!•eSA, C.A.SNOW&CO4 OPP PATI\NT OTFICE W•1114INGTON. D. C 4 ...... CHASE'S PURE BARLEY MALT WHISKY. Endnrveil It% The loinetil Plrygielate , and chein141, 115 ii 1 l an- ai* and Itelinhle Remedy for all LI% l'It01 DLL 111SPEI 4 s1t, 1ti,.tItl t and A Terfeet Tonle mod an 1'1 IR: S'117111 . 1,1,71T. l'or .ale 11) Ill Ltaging liquor Dealers. ' JOHN It:AQNIES, Proprietpr,,,_ --0-- Wt!NLE AND LIQUOR- DEALER Fine. Wines, Pure Liquors,. choice Cigar WET GOODS FIST -CLASS IN EVERY RESICT. BACH, CORY CQ. WICIKES,,MOINTANA. -_-_-_-_ Ouir importations for Fall and Winter art . : nearly cumplete in all dcpartinents. * German Socks,. * Mackinaw Goods, Lined Gloves, Mitts, Overshoes, If you. want . 4,1 cool - , delicious smoke, try English Club House Tobacco. If you want a pleasantshew, be sure to call for Silk 1Firtisli. It is the best brand on the market.. ilgOEGE1 & JORISOfil*- Billiard Halt ----AND - —Saloon SPECIALTIES I A sihm . , , of v our Chase's Barley Malt --.-saw••••111. Trade Solicited. Bottled Beer, $3.25 per Case One trial vill convince you that we handle tlic bitlyst brands of Wines Liquors and Cigars io the c(intit v. I,(iw prices. WICKEM • MONTANA. J. H. HILDEBRAND. 1A/[101,11111111KER JEWELER no ENGINVER Fine Stock of Walches Dlwags so PK AAALLUAAWAWAO.44MIAliWWWWWWAW 1 11 1 % • rata

The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 23 Nov. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.