The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.) 1895-1896, November 23, 1895, Image 5

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. .9. Specia -CASH- ONE DAY ONLY Tuesday, November 26. We have a large stock of the following goods .on band,and in order to make room for the Holiday goods, which are rapidly .;tiniing in, will make the following reductions for WU.: DAV oNLY. The arti- cles are marked down from 10 to 30. per oent., and will, be solil only for DAILEY & TERRY WICKES, MONT. 100 II, Rrgal vour 10 50 2.Salt, Coarse Graham 40 25 IbRye Flour 70 7. lb Rolled ()its 25 3 Packages Eli Pettjjohns ,50 lei It, Granulated Sugar 1 00 17 11, Brown Sugar 1 00 14 lb Loaf Sugar 00 4 Ili Arbuckles Coffee 1 00 4 lb MeGlatighlin's XXXX 1 00 3 It, Mocha anca,Java 1 00 I: Ili Red Seal Tea 40 1 It M and M,Tea 35 11, E B Tea 63 F. lb Gun Powder Tea 45 10,CaneCorn 1 00 a0.Caus Tomatoe • 1 00 10 Cans String Beans 1 00 8 Cans Early Jame Peas 1 00 7 Cans Pumpkin 1 00 6 Cans Peaches 1 00 6 Cans Apricots 1 I/0 6 Cans Plums 1 3 Cans Cherries 1 a Cans Grapes. 1 1. II, Citron 1- . 11, Orange Peel 1 Ili Lemon Peel la It. Raisins 1 1.5 II, Currants 1 10 IL Alden Apples 1 7. Cans St. Charles Cream 1 10 Cans Tip Top Milk. 1 aa Bars Dusky Diamond Soap, 1 14 Bars Whitecloud Soap 1 1.Galon Maple Syrup. 1 1,Galon Drip Syrup %Keg Holland Herring 1 1, Pail Family Mackerel 1 80 1 Pail Lake Trout 1 25 1 Pail Family Whitefish ... 1 25 3 Bricks Haueless Codfish 50 2,3 l Rex Graham LOCAL LAYOUT. 00 00 00 23 25 25 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 05 75 35 Gathered ty our Reporter Concerning Wickes and Vicinity. Earl Turner was up from Lump gulch Stuulay. Jas. Hildebrand tpok a flying trip to licit:nat. Monday. Miss Gertie Bowden paid a visit to firieuds in Helena on Monday. Arthur Davis wait a visitor in the Capital city Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. J. Sucetti, of the Alta, spent a few days in Helena during the week. Regi lor is conceded by 41 sa be i the best !viand on the market. Try it. For eala, ni Dailey Al Terry. W e haw. a complete liii. LO 14' blanks of 411 descriptions- under authority of the new codes- incjeffing quartz, placer and water ri Inca- ioim :tad deed to mining t'laiiti, Cal at this office. Did you notice the tipecial sale adv. of Wiley & Terry? 114A* is a rare opportunity- of laying in a stock of Crst-icke goods and saving enough on the deal to present your friends with a haedscnte Chriattuais present. Donit foaget the date s Next Tuesday, No- a,aaiher 26. J-imtiINIaqticn tact with s slight acci- dent at Jefferson Viredqesday..the re- sult of falling off his horse. He was , riding quietly along ayheu the horse shied at Some object in the road and threw Jim to the ground. He wae considerably bruised about the head and shoulders, but no bones were broken. Next Thurelay is, Thanksgiving - day.. Give thanks in the morning, but don't forget to attend the I. 0. 0. P. grand ball in the evening. It will be the event. n stating last week that a pianist would be furnished from Wickes, we were in error. The violin- ist and pianist are from Helena; th, other music comes from Alta. A pretty good story ii told of a farm- er who was the only one in his locality that kept thoroughbred poultry.. He asked his neighbors $2- a dozen for eggs and they would not buy, finally compelling hinuto sell the eggs at the store. Then the neiglabors bought tha eggs at store prices; but not one would hatch. He had dipped them in water hot enough to destroy the life germ. On Tuesday evening some miscreant untied - the team of Chas. Stnelser at Jefferson arid then started them on a dead run dawn the street. All went well until the depot was reached, when the wagon struck an obstruction and was totally wrecked. The frightened horses, disette - aging - themselves from the broken harness, continded on their wild flight until they reached Hall's ranch. In trying to cross:the railroad track at this, point they were thrown into a cow pit and severely bruised. Jack Jensen left for Butte Sunday to take charge of the engine at the Ground Squirrel mine, under lease to T. B. Graves and others. In this con- nection it will be of - interest to the many friends of Mr. Graves in Wickes to learn tat he has control of one of the richest properties in Butte, and is on the high road to fame and fortune. His etenpany—hlmself and two oth- ers—have a force of 40 men at work, and are making a net clean-up of about $4,000 per month. Claftlin, of Jefferson, was in our office Tuesday to get some location blanks for the Mastodon, a gold propo- sition near Jefferson in which he and Measre. Lehner and S'teves are inter- ested. The claim was located last spring, and has been developed by a 15 -foot shaft. The lead is over four feet in width, and showe a small streak of free milling ore that assays very high. Mr. ClaMin thinks they have struck a bonanza, and says the prop- erty will be extensively developed in the spring. One trial will convince you that Re- gal flour is the best. Dail,\ & Terry., Mr. and Mrs. Hinchy were visitors to Helena Sunday, returning home Monday evening. Last Friday and Saturday was pay day at the Alta. The pay roll amounts to about S2S,o00 per month. It is reported that a man by the name of Thompson killed a large black bear in Cataract on Monday last. • Mrs. Will Dailey returned on Wednes- day from gutty. where she has been for the past week on a visit to her sister-in-law, Mrs. T. 13. Graves. Frank Raymond came tiP from East Helena Thursday morning and spent the day with his cousin. Jake Terry. He left in the evening for Anaconda. W. P. Clinton, formerly night oper- ator at Portal, but later in charge of the day office at Mountain Junction, kas been promoted to the night agency IA 11'0111(1er. Mrs. Christina Fogie, at, old and respected itizen of Jefferson, died at her home Monday merniog at eleven o'clock, aged 72 years. The funeral took ylace from the residence Wednes- day.° Messrs. Scott, Dyke and Andrews left on Wednesday last for the Cataract country, where they tZill spend the wilder in developing the' Buckeye mine, on which they have a lease. chi' Hodson mill oa,14ote‘ondo gulch is now rrirmuirlg bnith y ant i m oo, crushing 2. tons every 24 houra. Five new stamp+ revive been ordered. They will arrive in 'about two weetta. and if is the iutention of the owners to put them to work crushing ore immedi- ately they ran he placed in' position. important coninatteea, includiug - that ni finance. It matters little which tarty the president pro tem, belongs aa 1„1! presiale a aver tlie. senate n the alIsence of the *ice president. tad anyway the presidia's; oUicer of the' mate is very different firom the peaker of the house. The latter can, f so disposed, and he generelly is, pnamically dictate the course of that body. But the rules of thr senate leave its presiding officer little control oycr legislation, that power being exercised by the commit- tees, which are not, as in the house, the are o made up by the preaiding tlala lii he senate the co tinu- ous, vacamieies being filled by caucus of the party entitled to them, and when reorganizations ccur by reason of a change in the political ccipplexion of I the ecaav n he chairman of the coin, inittees named in the same way. It will thus readily be seeu that if there is to be a contest it will be over the committees and not over the elec- tion of a president pro tem. The un- certain quantity in the senate is made up of the silversenators, including the populists. It has teen asserted bv silver senators that party lines were to be ignored and that the silver men would organize the senate on a silver basis, if they could muster the majority they have long claimed and have gen- erally been credited with haying, On the other hand, it has been said that the democrats and republicans have , made a deal to organize the senate aatainst silver. Still a new story made its appearance this week, to the effect that both democrats and republicans would decide in caucus upon a candi- date for president pro tem. and the chairmanships of all committees, and that each party would stand by its caucus report and lezfve it to the vote of the populist senators which should receive a majority vote. If that were really done the party which gave the populists the best committee places would probably be the winner. The politicians, without regard to party, regard Vice President Steven - son's, alleged statement, that President Cleveland will be renotninated by the democrats if he desires t6 be, as the most important utterance,yet made on the third term question. They know that in speaking thus,Mr. Stevenson did not voice his personal sentiment, which is known to be antagonistic to Mr. Cleveland, but his judgment as an experience practical politician. They regard it as if he had ;a:id that Mr. Cleveland had the democratic party where it could not do otherwise than aorninate him if he wishes to he nomi- nated. Recent talk and action of those near to Mr. Cleveland has caused many previous doubters to be- lieve that he is really out for the nomination of his party again, Unless Senator Cullum is mistaken there has been sonic very wild talking on the part of some of his colleagues concerning the existence of an agree- ment between democrats and republi- cans as to the organization of 'the senate. He stated very positively that no such agreement exists, and adds: \I don't think individual expressions just now amount to a great deal. We shall certainly hold a caucus, either just before or just after congress meets, in order to decide what is the hest thing to do. Until then will knoa.\ ! Harry Bartell, an employe at the Alta, met with a very painful, though, fortunately, not serious accident on Monday evening. He had , had quit work for the day and was on his way to Wickes, riding horseback. He dropped his scarf on a bush by the trail and in stooping from the saddle to pick it up the horse got scared,. reared u and threw Harry heavily to the ground. He came on to Wickes and had Dr. Halliard inake an exami- nation, who found that the collar bone had been cracked and'the left arm and leg sprained. The injuries were dressed and Harry made as consforta- as possible, though it will be many weeks before he is able to return to work. Our lovely fall weather was brought. ta an abrupt end early Thursday morning. A snow storm the likes of which has not been in this section for many years set in and the thermome- ter began to drop 'rapidly. It was a regular Dakota blizzard. A high win.> was blowing and the fall of snow so heavy that it was iiiitsssible to do.. tinguish objects 211 feet away. The storm raged all day. With the coming of darkness the air cleared and it be- gat' to tiir,m colder. Yesterday the thermometer registered 14 degrees ielow Selo. -.IP • Orr - WASHINGTON LETTER. Wasn at the Nation's Capital as Sees ty our ittfIllir COrreinedellt The nearer the time for emigre...el to meet gets( the greater the interest\ pressed in what the tamale will di,. 111e position of president pro teni. ut that body is vacant, owing to tbe last tferni ut tienator Harris, of Tennessee, having expired with the last congress. He has been elected to another tern,, hut that does nut affect the case.. There are also a number of va.cancies, on the -.O. • 414. - no nian In - Memoriam. At a regular meeting- of Wickes Miners Union, No. 32, held Saturday eveninc.yov. 16, the following reso- lutions were passed: is 1111 , M twit OF LIEF THEIF.11111TATII. He left us in the midst of toil. Without a moment'. warning: fle was about to charge a blast At foul o'clock in the morning. There as no one there to witness his fate Poor Malcolm Morrison: • And there his t rumbling spirit fled Into a world unknown. Whereas, It has pleased God in his inscrutable wisdom to take from OM life our worthy and esteemed fellow laborer, Malcolm Morrison; and Whereas, The long and intimate relations held with him in the faithful discharge of hia duties in the society makes it but fitting and proper that we give suitable expression of the high\ esteem in which we held him as an official and a brother: therefore, be it Resolved. That the smitten removal of such a life from our midst leaves a vacancy and a ehadaw that will tie deeply reatixed-by the members of our union, and will prove a serions loss to our organization and the communik Resolved. That with deep sy pa • to his aorrowing relatives, we expre the hope that ever so great a loss to ins all may be ovorrolerl for good liv Mtn who (loci h all things well. Resolved, That we extend a card (if thanks to the ladies of Wickes for their kindness in assisting us at the burial and for the beautiful wreath of flowers contributed; and 1.11.. to thoice who closed their places of Imainess on day of the funeral tint of respect for our deceased brother. And, be it fur- ther Reeolved. li rliat a copy of these resolutions. properly ell g r.stietl, ha- fr,rn'arrleut ttv family of th e de ,- eatt ed. a copy he spread on qtr. minutes of our organization and the 104.3.1 paper he requested to print them. Wit - alas / 1 4IRERN . UNION. Ni,. 12. Notice to Co -Owner. sparli... heir... arcut , ws, ad rators and assigns: You are hereby notified that CIVIITVI` II, MP r - HI I. if Wickes. Montana, your cin-owner in the Mar) E. mine, mituated in Colorado mining JrIteraliti county, SIntitsna. and re corded in Hook vol trxIrs, pato. the re- corder'' , office ,f said county, has done and per• forrard iiir as•essaten( work on Paid .lining clItim lot II,. u ears 11492, hatiou ex vended Ilion) mind nsidwHars 1.Q0u)nri.the 'ui On said surs 1,111W he tasIttirPtt amount of Li , and improiements . ... ary to hold (-lain*, under the tirovisions Section 2324, Re yis e d statutes of tile United States, for the ,t ear ending IN , rnihrt it, 1le)2. And wi.thin ninety AfIt•I I his rio,i ire tia• Isnot served to ptibli- cat) .... 1,w1 fad to ontriblo , t , Oft( prOrt.111611 tnt .0.111 - h I`V14 0 11111111,, art11111111t j/I,t t., fifty d e d lam lois( interest hi ( - taint kill he for- feited and become lb.- twotwfly of the under- signed. A% prri• )(lint in Section 2324, Revised filtattnes of Ihe limited States. GI, R. Mu - swot.. Wickes, Montana, September. . Dr. W. M. BULLARD 'thur in W,. lo I lie -Taal. VS ICKES. - Mt/NIT. Chemist • and *Toxicologist MONTANA SHOE CO • • • OP** PERHAPS Now that cold weather has come, you are preparing to lay in for the winter a stock of-- 61100ERIES, T1NIflliE, DISKS, CROCKERY, ETC. • 114▪ . - Orr \. 4 11. a,. -.OD Orr- Orr- -.OP Or- --roe -...1411 Orr Ow- ler- -.No Or-- .00 Orr- 41 , -- Ilar• --44/4 - c4 : 44 - 4 7 +44 7 + 7 4 7 . - + Lat: Or- -.OD Orr- -.OP ▪ -roe ,11114.- Orr-- -roe or-- -ore -.414 Orr -.410 p ▪ +O. -.m If so, you would do well to a call nd get OUR prices be- fore making a purchase. 41112s..— 11110\\\ = \ar Low Prices Quick Sales rompt Delivery A Flour which has no equal on the market, gives per- fect satisfaction and is han- dled exclusively by us is REGAL Give this Flour a trial and You will use none other. Dailey ER Terry The gentleman tar WICKES MONT. 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The Wickes Pioneer (Wickes, Mont.), 23 Nov. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.