Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.) 1907-19??, July 04, 1907, Image 1

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' ‘«‘«Mw,. ■ t VOL. Í, NO. n . . 1 - 2 & 9 - 0 ZOÌRTM-A-N f ''&BÒ Q T Ë te^ C e t i^ & N Ï -àM .,, TH.nÉSD'ÀÏ.,—J-Dlï—A|._L907. ’ * r ’ - ~ X V ■• '• ■ J2.00 PER ANNUM. J. D. 5môôï7~M7Tïr M O N T A N A S ( ì R i i A Ï ^ S T G O L D C A M P PHYSICIAN and StîRGEON r — - — L , • Zortman, = Montana. 4 - « T H E LIT I L E RCÍQKIES [N^A t 'PRESS-E&R t ; 1 ^ t. **■ Attorney at Law ’ Will i)rai'ticp in all State, :,‘nri Fed ( « mi Courts. Oflloo: «Vlaiii stinta', s)>iitli side, Malta’. Montana. « . i i» \■■■ i * W. Pettigrew Tin- Little Bockics are a lattai rance of—mountains eastern Cln titean connu. ■íHni-ruv in extent,-(mie te.n ■ low. iso- J ore; but Whitcomb l'ethfhvoiigh a schist- in south- ’ vv.ali tuffe day gud crffne out 'ivilh hi; Montana, pockets full lift Utili Zot í m s : \ ‘ I I I W ill practice in state and fed eonrts .•speefiTlSi’t tentimi ~tö /M irr i fig A p p 1 i e a ri t Um fTücf mporatta/fr^mj'TftiU preparat’oii of'Other legal docü’ments\ miles. Du* greater length Innig Iront crisi to west They are. ás Geologist ¡-H-H-tlle 00111)7- li\ , au exact eoi.nicrpari »>1 tin* lam - oits Black- Hills of Dakota, u’iih the exception of area. The general eleva­ tion of the surrounding valleys is not- ^rtesoit¿ 'lTiT)lHfiT!rn^:ïïïïyn=îret-abtivaw while the highest of the mountain peak's scarcely ragilLt ,00ft Feet gregterr J . s-, S H O E M A K E R — — -¡.--.-T-he formation *oi the country is 1 peculiar ïïnd is con.«ulot’C*'|-nf thr est scient ¡.lie interest, since Zortman, Montana, repairs,•, Boots, Shoes and Harness' in a first-class manner THE FIRST STATE BANKL MALTATMONTANA-^T\ Does a Generai Banking Busi­ ness. Pays ó per cent interest on time deposits. O f f i c e r s : Geo. L. Ram sey, Pres.\ C F . Morris, V ice-P r e s . F . W . Hall, Cashier. • D irectors : G e o . L . R a m sey, Alex K lliott, G e o . W . Clay, C F . Morris. H. G . R o b inson, Jn s r -L , L e K o ir, W. A . Clark, of V a . City. The Corner barber Shop Upper Main St. Zortman, • ' - \ X . JonS* B ev e r l y , P rof . P r a c t ic a l H o r s e s h o e r , G e n e r a l B la c k s m it h Zortman, Montana Work do,ne on short notice high- they be­ long to th.e lugli alkali «cries, and the ore.bodies are ,of Uio ’type -now well known; in 'the fatuous\ Cripple Creek and Black Hills districts. This Sionl- ¡tritv wax, first brotight to notice in the report made Upon the country by Messrs Weed and Pierson, when ifwas first proposed to uxlingnislTThe Indian title; and is also noted in Prof. Kemp’s Ore deposits of the United Statesjuj (1 ever And the returns have, Tteen such as to place the Little Bockics tifatj-liy-.iL-luJig margin., of Aim gold producing district« ot the ..state, anti buirfor the face that much jpfdthis ore enlriesso greallt perciiTrtage-of—silyer that the mint, at Helena can n (A receive ;itT\the—tmntf returns—wonldUshon^rif They are minuig'^pm an open' cut imd Dm pay has’been from the^grass^roots. down- . In wet times oCeassiopally, the walUroek-slides in and is disposed , of. by feeing ruu Lh'rongtt IheanilJ/jUtd we. are lolcl even this mills §4 per, ton;' Tt was this property that attracted it !Ke.,v. York syndicate last winler'and to whom it was bonded at §7,500;000. Development work is daily ¡ieceutuat- tngliie fact tltat even, tills\ gresit price is no measure of the value of this great property,/as some tunnelling to. .r~cou- siderablo- depth shows the ore bodies to bc'permauenl and that-values also (JanadaX The ore deposits are found in the contact between the lime sold porphyry’ or within (lie lime and porphyry them- selves, and there, are but few localities in mineral districts of the west where, the formation is belter exposed and where the prospector's work i« made easier\ fbriiim. \ . It is being demonstrated., however, tbntlhe gold is not alone found in the lime and porphyry, but in many of .the other country* rocks and format ionsjtud that even these carry high values, and' jjtal a claini has not been prospected' until -every thing in sight-has been as­ sayed.\ ThiiyplanJjus not. heretofore’ .been geneumv.Tollowed, aiul, lor that matter the country has -not yut neon touched—merely '•scratched- \over hr places, and it is ■ beyitad doubt''today’ the most favorable'split oil carili- for the prospector and the- investor, atkl if Die district ivere in Nevada/ii Avduhl ajtrâcv a stamped,; \y iti imp parji.UûL. ol^'SSO. rock. Tilts and otites or.e has been going into thefitill 'increase Willi depflirr W/hen it is -con­ sidered that the general average of the ore milled,at this plant hub been above §10. aAt^ïiiat there are millions ul Urns literally in ^sigltl, a comparison with well and llomestake'‘mines and their nul returns for a given time, will’show what may be expected of the mines of the Little Rockies. The Treadwell mines of Alaska have beeu in active operation since August, 1885, and up to 1002 produced 4^4,811 ip gold. In order to secure T'his-amounl-of-goliWt-was-neeesstiry’ h) nnil15.245;2ö(i tons of 82.57 ore. The cost of production was §1.20 per ton: operating profits '80,742,140, which mprirthaii-repauhthe capital stock m .§5,000,000 nt par. This can Ite iloti tmores running 82.57 to the ton _ __ Lt-i reasonable to eXpeel'tlrm~fTrd colini),, \where the traiisportatió.n laciTUies ar, in every way superior to those in ’Alaska, ami the ores run 5 tun « as -LittleR u c k iè.s M iner Alter many unforeseen delays,- the Little Rockies Minor, on our grout natal day., makes its appearance ami ‘hid for;re.£ogniiion in the lieldjif loetil jinir/iidism^—M4t<4i^df^H-'mm-wi:rHi-* rx- atilUoji the yoadaml the iuitiakiutmher was >grt.ijetirOitt- under (rying-dilftcult ios Hii.weveriJhe paper is lierw to stay . am i’will be fouui-l devoting its best eft ethics toward tlie upbuilding of the’ greatest gold-producing district of the great’ state of Montana, as whll-as for jior^Ucrn_M.ontaiiq-.aud (.’houteau cotui« tv in-general. Tliore is no country on e’aTtiiin'eShntivig greater opportunities TpTlnrniinort- prospect or, business m an oy tlunmnchmnn, than is to he. found Avitf litirrlh e—Li It le—Kooky—mountains, and the country tributary, and its apr -pareut_lack_ of development. is in a large,measure due, no ’doubt, '1o--the- fact.-.thaUfluUfegiotr.aiit 1.its. riches were unknovytrlo the attt.side’worid.' Politically, its editor has til ways been a,republican, though it may lie confes­ sed,,somewhat of the Independent, or­ der, and may he expected to voice such sentiments during political cam­ paigns. ” ' • 1 Alder Mill to Start. \V. K. Kvans, - tlie. superinUvndeut for the Jnttlc Rpckies JixploratiOn th>. returned from Butte on the Ullli itisi., and asstlrgs us that the works will slur-pup in Ore very near future - prob­ ably in about thirty days. The com­ pany is now regarded as a pretty strong one, apd has on hand the ttec- essipy capital \yith which to reopen the mini’s and start operations in a pro)iff manner, and their mill is as peneri as ft is possible to build themr The new ¡trailed, tank-system will he. installed, wlyeli. we are‘assured, will Tri-pnHts-cnpnelt-vl iii-tliiil-ii--lank- -will­ in' i reale.«I in ime-llurd obtho timet' i’c- •1 ni red hy (lie old leaeliitig system. Jt U also proposed to t■ 11 1.11 1 an aerial nmvay from tlie Ajab;«nurtò 1 1 fé i nl IT mHjjyil.t-sarv’írívTigiíii. I ranspar.ation o i* iiinred to'llel •tin on Friday and . wit- spend a week at Bald Bulle where ilio ti uv proess is in nperaliitii, in òni­ ci’ to .nomuglily.-, f.imiliiii’ir.c himself •With its working. _ * ' - M il' lia “beéa’ù Itile IVVv vViflí fc'.f('AT 4 îr?’: ^ 7 -Aviilh ore bochas just m, large, that. M n t m iiLÍii l-eciigiik¿e*ÎHfB&tfrffitiCTi 'vè- T^.-vCttm«o from this-district -siumld,*; C i t y B a r k e r S h o p quietly “ sawed woodT' and acquired as much of it as they could cover. The country has hoen skimmed over for many’ years. First it was the placer miner and his tale of the mysterious laud, and it is certain that niany of the gulcjics yielded a Jnir lyjujjn— some of Diem high returns, hut the tirst atr Tempts at quart/ location and mining data,back but ti few years. Tlie Gold Bug group, on the w-cstem slop* . and the famous Alabama mini’, m, elu. as­ tern side, were among Die first, .y stamp mill was built for the Gold Bug, but as they did not have a- pound of frecjinlliiig ore, it. of course, could prove nothing Tntl yv•fniluri.;«• regardless of Die fact that assays constantly showed good values, Tlits\\vas lit:fore W. M. Guinn, PropT. Zortman, Mont, Hot and Cold Báths. T H E - Z 0 R T M - A - N - and Mu« A lirmts, I’rniirictnr, \ - - The day’s of the cyanide. 'pruCessy/to which the ores of the Little Rockies easily yield up their _ treas/il'eirXl'ho A la bah i a Avna sold by. tlie orlgipal^ lopat- owfqr_§40,„to.8paitlding«—wbo.laleuoit interested Fete Zortman atidy J'utitam', both, of Chinook. .. , 1 - ' a ! Those parries did: compderable.develop- .meiit- work aftd got sonte oi'e that yield:’ ed as high as §2,800 pei’_.(oi!_iit_tlie. G ratt Fulls smelter,* and n>!ie lo t oi 1000 pounds fetuvned §0.0(i0. . They in tm‘n Interested Iv \\, Kltig.,. ol Barnes—King fatfte, and a splejiiljd 100—toil- niiir ivas erected hi Abler Gulch abolit ftiúr years ago, for the're; duction of ore froin tlie' Alabama and ot her locations above tlie riili Ion yFole creek oil tlie eastern side, it made ,u -Conluui*ms_and successful run -each summer Until- last •fa]lT~when—it—was- closod-as-was the—custom^at _the_ap- pi’u.’ieh of wiiiler-iJii-eaiise the--mining j was frniii an ojien Cut near Die. ifiill and I the Al.ibama was t«>u far iiway fur it« , . .. . „ . , * The G reat T rial on the same volume of ore^ be o iimg»p( ----- — _ ilSjfl should be remembered t„o, ü  , ^ *± whj«»‘ dislriet is notot cm,line’,Imilineil murelv tomuvur ,i,ls ot tl,e U:(íf'l,i,\ n c mure _ two groups or minus,\I tu I that so fm as testud o.vurmilus ufiem iurv Die ¡m i'. pec.tor ohtunis unifurmly Diu same ,un. eourugcmeiili lie gels lliu sain, liigh assays from his prospects, bill lib« yei Jo develop his o n bodies, u.iu it is safe to say Dial -us Die di«(i’iui becomes known to mining men, within a very lew years there will In- dozens ol mines scattered from one end of Dje ujHiricl t'Mju-ollier. Operating expenses al’e -Vi MiiiTTsyi^re .cbnTgiiih>riMi being priueipals in the assassinaiimrof form­ er governor .Slmionhei’g« is passing well toward ¡Js close, The stille, has ‘re-lied manly upon the emifessiblis of Harry Orchard for a eimviciiiiu Ac. cording to his invìi story. lojd in open Court, he i- Die \ari’li eVunliial of Die agfj ami lilts t^Uis ru Ijt a long ||.>t of tnur.lers, as welnF\« tin-;; _primes of almost every eltaraol.or. 'Die defense is haying little trotti,le iiy showing Kygst ol siali• 11 u• ius to he tal-i*! and are emiiparatively ‘Iiiun here umv, but the electrical »omuil will soon .—7,—.-¡— . . . u>u minimum* — sairstactorily exjjlmniiig tito . |i b ^ wjdcb^nm ..ú¡/ any vvjir Lrule RinAti^, Jt occupies tt beautifu! e port Hin iri‘T~ Ifie4“ Idea liciti« at tlie.-.yiitln^uce of .-Videi’ and Rubÿ gulches, att^tj.iju pil)u clad bills ifth ^ e a s tern t slope.-vj!, js H typical im j i loäabiu iiTcmTÇiûTTTT tlm situ1’ will,ic-« (.liclian Cer.« of ilm luderaiioli, little danger T iCtioiVlH’lwnnr tin I jillil the olll- -7’heru appears iltaV the'/dèi’ehdiint1 now ive soi’l and amopg vlaH i! >1 _______ thè'.wai’inest' in;eirouVs.d í.intl iriiiefiint, isiii. • Tlji'.fc tire .op’ l;tejiuití such ‘as are to he found in siline w>’sfiii’ti toyviis/ biit,, the citizens are ¡i Ttiijl ron any v.’oritriiB’S only Soda Fountain Eresb. FrifiiS Icé CréaBì r~\ The Bon Ton U n i o n B e s t a i i m i i L GIM.AM &. D-E-utEX; Jiroprietors. : S'11: 7. r;- man; - ' Meals at all Homs THE ¿ORTMAN H, ogan & A utéíe V ek , Proprietors. lîortbSidaJVIair all ihç-ü ore lo riTicbTlnniTif1~vvirlr-aity—rerrsoirr able expense. During Die past winter the mines and mill of litis company/ jiassed into lire..builds of the Little Rockies JCsplornDoir .company . which i^Tuaiupassiiig-lhn.nTgh-i-he- iimil stage«, of hs org.miz.ition. iittd is arranging for opening Up' Usiness line« at an early diilc. • Tlireo-vc'iir.« ago diaries Wliilemnl eniered 'the district, seeuritig some locations :it the liiiul of Huby^GuIcly lie is a piis'ier ami would islaki U ioitsand-«-ni.~tii«’ -lngU-<-;uA. j \s • ij ui e k ly Hieili t ¡i;s’','i; r.«HÌlini ted :. lo i:av/l ri-yv.tíeklv-:;coniestainsyiiThis.uiuí.a immber inailïT * .* ' *| \ . - A ' . i * _ •'‘-2*5 - j ■* * » « 'j. j i s'l ....... . ............. . ....................................................... .. ..................... ...................... . . . us in i ollar:’\ 111 ’ gophered-around and flatisth’d liimseB’ Dial he. linda big biidy of.paÿ.orii,fróiil the graä«. rqöt« down, J Í e J j 1 5 tul e d: arlo ero fnúljtdn i ti g=iiltt iimw ¡¡rid laid tbc, ease, before’.Ry D-Phillijis who was’ tinnncially’ ahlc to iiistnlj ’the In’achfuery, axid, wliile')fot/a:Tninii)g inang-M-uJ. I’hillips/is ubt 'iuily /yvilliitg at times to take a.long-chance,';' but to Taksist :yft’iend as ’well; and- ah l(10,fon niildvRIrits tanks— It looked td\ iminy/-,like a ‘.‘shoe string;’’--bitt it wiis -faifly-auccessftil t'Tbm^-Uie. si ¡if t h mid e (l,Ti^iS'D lo/^Ca r Ier,” d i cr, Die'ka’iiiof auddm&djf\ the nten Jto whoftCthceamp owes it-sekisteijee, as -i‘Toinmyt* his w'Oi k.S;'an'd kept weakened liptUquiL. On,this, claim he hudTound large liodius of low grade Vlinèrf*' .jPnióù J>«y ; /. ~ ! * f L \ '*• Si ufe t lm.{ipeijii)g:of this camji inr< nlt-Yiisme atlccitiig tlic vvëllIVrU Uf'^tVé i jbc iigiTiii/iiittoii ol The\;’union \.IÌTTTÌ town;—The ground upon ' tvhich- it is/.|8lii has tiiways beeii;;about_ hir'big Tf built is yet fite property/of Die. goverij,/‘|ilay »eré as-,tlie..4l'lfójf JulyA ' njenl-amhthe-new-eomeHTtnds^liere; 011/^7 -Tbe-oelobrarioii^uaCjiaased vvas oiie ui equal , fbi>tilig vvi11\ 1 iheboid timer; pof tile best ihb;cninp hits ever, seen. A Fri vut(¿¿enterprise lias proyideU a spleni .did gravity/ wnteiUsysteiii and'the biisi- jiess houses intd private residences are\ geiierally|/patr<)hs;of the system,-vyliicli bn tlie.. clay,. peoifto^bcgàti-llockiïïgiriti carries iiiib^theTio]á«'e3 tfiei *A'àeàti.'i6ul froni evei^ direction apd.. long, before, purestw ider; ''Vlhgt'i'^òws ;'froin’-.'the ,noou the tpwhi ws¿.¿live' with; people, taken ú.keener ’iiitVrept iii//êdVçiitiôiial 'timt ters anil the citizens lundi.próvided ’ it.l.irge-2-siôiyfJfttildjiig.dpt;^^AilsLpìibiic sciròolsj X itaijtf i¡\iiü)t Yivàjlâble'i h - its*; t eáeÍíói%^-AlaÍÍ hue list of aUhetie-Sports had; üoeii-ar- raiigiid mid for.whíeii'very1 Hbtral pur ses wei e otferetl tlie^pflcsrantenKitrly were several score/of. the ;'jl¿tter;;rThc forenoon, giye;u Rovéti,fo’ihe ; parade « r ' 1 1 . k •«. ■ « ■ n « v . . . r ' ■■■tí i7 -il.ii - i i ___ _ V«. many DAVID CLINE . General Merchandise ' V '• Mine, Mill & Ranch Supplies. . - * .T \ Zortmarvf - - = «■ * Montana. Z Dry. Goods, Groceries, Clothing. Boots;/ Shoes^ Hats. Caps, Hardware Etc. Eter- — Full Line of Patent Medicines anti Notions \ We handle nothing but the! best class of ;Goods, and wilLcompetc with RailroUd .prices, Freight considjered. MOCCASINl^nd oTXluni^ 7 Gdods~the-highest_grade of Eastern, Solid packed, fuli vvveight Goods==»they give Satisfaction always. 'h^r- ; , CHASER SANBORN'S .Celebrated teas and Coffees=“ Absolutely without a rivair *''' • *-* '\S’;: ) ' . C. M x V L t A - Z O R f M A N S T A G E L I N E U. S Mail, Passenger and- Express Leaves Malta via Phillips and Brookside, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of each week. Leave 'Zortman for Malta, via same^Monday, Wednesday\ and FruUy«oLeacli week? / fJ* ; Zortman . • » i • L t S. (TÖSLIN, Proprietor, ZORTMAN, MONTANA, Stevens & Tiirtott m - DnfJsarifdVIoiitttna^ ^ É è d é o j l - g k t ì d Z L i i h l e - R o e k i e ^ S t a g tvêa/è DpfÎ8Ôn~\tRtalâyy Wedn6suitv.and.Friday. • • F. ita ve ZorMnHn;Tuesday. Tlnmsdayand «Saturday.’’ ~7’“ ’ E/The¿sh(n‘-fcesLU0d;^tiiékest routeje ändTroto:Zoxtniaii. / - J / c / . ' H . Managet? ■>./ ;h' 11' P O W Ë L L & C O O K ' ! I i r*uj >t. Si .* ;V'/'V. ■ ' Ï . V-.. :\ v . i ‘ -% A ■■ • :>:^RetailSDéalets~ • W iflè s ^ L iq u o r s ì a n d O ijg a fs« GoodsinXase X, H ^ *~?tx ■ Domestic Cîè;àrs p i ‘At 1 ;■ 'y; ^ , \-'**•'■7 ’• 4 ^ 1 '? +-át, ,t?, R •' '.'-L r*”k ■. , .« *• í . •, • ' <■''.T £L l ^ % æ 'Ï-ZÎ'* â^_ ~\r' __ iliw . Bottled Beei* rLpwetj^ih/S^r^^ZortínatírMontañáí **' ...... presa aeryiçêV'bat^eea _ ___ _ .. iwl r ___ - .. - ... ...... Do.lsnn, on; ilie,fìfe;i t Kôi'i ïrrif i i ; wji ich contest^,'double atul single, for purses teilùces Uie'.'disuííjcé to.flu’ty’miles;.;’-,;A- ôf.ÿlôÔ and,§75. rcspedively, followed ’i kiàri-\v ôl-lsiy^U^yltnuitiisib^êiÎT^ïfhfjnr^Uby.'t he-lrOrecrnncFfooki-nccs'r /iuueit >toi-thepiist| yon r ^ lo fIïïiTeihp-.;A i ristalieiT er£tnrUtô;tlha t~ Í o. -M’a I ta riTÎiére is:;m6 u senii^wéekly line’ to AVikler, on 11fc M ¡.«soutti'riwci’UO’iiil n Weekly thousands of a'cfes'of flue agricultural aii(l;grazingtiandj.iii proximity to. wood r.igiciiig iftntcriiiil iind vvator, iu the out­ lying Yftlk’.ys .Uiqttare awaiting the. ad- vent-of-tjve-aettier',' ready to protiuce all Among llie / .ctaims; kinds of ftUi(s',. gr:)ins and vegetables. Cart named aft- f(H; a'mlu‘ket.tlu)t *is ' Diirlv crying^ for tl)cVejiiip^1i(^7^^rk£y^ii will oul- grow theYupjdiMTOr^yftat« -to conie, h-xlmweK4 1 ia-fuitli^liy- ihusgoflliiiin^' t licrgnitiger. ;til oppo.t ttiu- when others i/y/to-jiailicipate in ihe goml. things' of nil. On this daim he life, SS welrSlsiniiL mjniilg miigi/atc and the business mauT'- -: * ^ Wb.were m‘0)iHsed4CiÌ3ir-of-tl>e_ winners of tJie keyeml.'evgnls, but tiicLsew:etmy- lnw fuiled^ua, lfeitcg, we are ttnuble'to give tlicti)..vln .the double ilrillifig, “ Jimmy k' McDoftahl and Jiis partiiur were\ the winners; In .thb, ladies’-niot race, Mrs. ÌÙKcklumeyer was winner and these) are. the only results we ittive been ,gble( to obtain.: In .the. uVening”\ there ,was_ a; grand;balUin tue. splendid \ h all,. attendò, a big erowd. fcThe (lay /was perfect, barring a. slight shower abiiui noon inni the crowd .tlu>vòughly enjoyed tli^ndyssioii. ' rhe-spe^i^l election which wiBb’e held in thisSounty on .1 ti1y 6th, is foi/the i/orpobê of dcteiÑñlmng the\ Ijl’QpOsiti.oij To build rand maintain a-' county high school at Havre, 9 S 9 a M H p C Z O R T M A I U ^ I L D E R S T A G E - L I N E V ’^Çarrÿingl^ S.*Mail, Passengers and Express. , . . iir-c:. ” Leaves Zortman Sunday and Wednesday at 8 a m, arriving at W ilder^and'A li^^tR^fTo^n^^^TP111* refcumingriüie follówi¿yjd¿V8.“.0.'.B.^S tumiai Í Prop^_ % L ' 't\ M.G.Xassidy,Prop. Zortman, Montana. — R etail D ealer in - Gibson,, Hoosier Bard and other brands of Imported and — Z —Domestie-Gigars,—SOC1 AKCLLB-Wlii iskey^— ^— * _ ' y - ‘ t \ , . , HAMM BREWING CO’S BEER fi

Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.), 04 July 1907, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.