Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.) 1907-19??, August 01, 1907, Image 1

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/ / ’ 4*f i . r\ l ' t ä i ( , / V t vL ■ ■ / D.Smoot,M._D._ PHYSICIANandSURGEON \ -A * Zortman, = Montana. JOHN A. TBESSLEB-. - ....... Attorney at Law - W illprantice-inall-State^andJFed^ eral courts. Office: Main street, south side, Malta, Montana. M. W. Pettigrew - ^7 ATTORNEY AT LAW Zortman, Montana W ill practice in state and federal courts. Special attention to Mining Applications, Incorporation and the -preparations f-=otheEJegaLdo6umeats- J. F. SHOEMAKER -Zortman, Montana, repairs Boots, Shoes and Harness in a first-class manner American Mining Congress The official call for the tenth annual meeting of the American Miuing Con­ gress which is to be held at Joplifi, Mo., has just been issued. The meet­ ing will occur^Nov. 11-16, and govern- •orsr counlies, boards of trade, mining bureaus, etc., are entitled to send del­ egates. At the ninth annual, session of the congress two laws were approved and recommended ionite various, state leg­ islature* for emfrtment. The first, for the protection of riiining investors, was enacted by a number of .states, and it is anticipated that legislation .pf similar character will be approved by all the states. The secoud, for the creation THE FIRST STATE BANK ____ MAL3A-MÖNTANA Does a General Banking Busi­ ness. Pays 5 per cent interest njrtfmedeposits^ O fficers : Geo. L. Ramsey* Pres C r F r Morris* Vice-Pros. - - F. W . Hall, Cashier. 'D irectors : Geo. L. Ramsey, Alex Elliott, Geo. W, Clay, C. F._ Mprris, -EErG-. Robinson, Jas. L. LeNoir, W. A. Clark, of Ya. City. The Corner Barker Shop TJjlper Maid St, Zortiüàri, J ohn B everly , P rop . IKE PEACOCK ; PracticalHorseshQer; General Blacksmith _____ -t Zortman, Montana ------- Workniorie-on-short notice City Barber Shop W. M>&uinn* Prop’r. I Zórtman, Moût: Hot and Cold Baths! The^BonToii Uriioii Restaurant -f - j -r-*/ • tit. G ttt . am - DKAREN, proprietors,. \ 1 Upper Main ST Zortman Meals a t THE ZORTMAN Bakery and _M rs ^ A^ l E llis , P ipprietor, Zortmari’sonly Soda Fountain , Fresh Fruits Ice Cream - • I ~ 'I'H E ZORTMAN' m e a t M a r k e t D'. SriilCHOL.-Proprietpr.-— - ■y . -r - Fresh Meats at all times. Vegetables and Ranch Produce when obtainable.- Lower Main street, Zortman. ■püsîtioîTôraîô^whômir was designed to force into bearing (in proportion to benefits received) their shares of the expense of drainage of districts wliere a drainage system w’ould benefit all property within their boundaries. At the coming session repcfrts of the following Committees will be received and considered. General revision of Mining Laws. Laws for the prevention of Mine Ac­ cidents. Sjde-Line location law, - abolishing -extralatcralTir-ape^rightsF ™ Law for the protection of mining In­ vestors. Members and delegates are request­ ed to formulate such changes in ekist ist who organized and took a leading part In the incprpo.nitidn/af the 1 attic Rockies Exploration company. J T Butte will build a u^v court house costing\'§750 The vote at the election was carried by several hundred majority. F. D. Cooper, of Cascade cOunly, found guilty in U. S. court, at Helena, of maintaining fences mihtwfullyjij)(>n the public domain, was sentenced by Judge Hunt, to pay a fine of §500 and serve fifip.en May-tota-the county jail.W The work of controlling Hie Colornda river where it broke into the Imperial Valley, was completed Tuesday. The Southern spent §1,500,000 in the. work It will require many months for the SaltOD sea to entirely evaporate. In a Collision between the passenger '—Tho Dupont Powder company_ lias filed articles fli Montana, entitling it to TlrrbrrSlircss here. It cost them §tT,0M to file, the statement, as the concern is capitalized at fifty-five milljpus. Butte plumbers are on a strike for an'increase of §1 per day, which worvl’d give them §8, They should make the price prohibitive-at once and l^o done withU. When you seen man getting rich rap­ idly you can bet he is mixing with, a lot of others who want. 1 » fin tho -anme SanTe(Tro7 otf flTe~Memlbcinor\CalT7 coast, Saturday night, over lOO^pas- sengers lost tlieir lives and the Colum­ bia was completely submerged and now lies in tho deep water of Shelter cove. Sheriff Guy of Forsyth has two men under arrest whom he thinks are the robbers who held up.the North Coast Limited on the Northern Pacific rail­ road near Welch’s Spur about flwo months ago, and killed Engineer Clow. A railroad'detective lias gone to For- -j-syCh tq i n vestiimle ■ Cary Cloyd, who lived al Locdy, was.fourni by the Long X boys, dead in Fourchette ereek, a feW days ago. Hc'had been slieariug at Milita and Ing laws as seem desirable arid to coiityf?^117* P1'0^ ^ ' j j 1 an intox- municate with the secretary at an ear- 'dfitcd^coudition, as twobotUe&xiIlKioza dav,ay, inin orderrder thathat suchi suggestions i wurc toun_lul Ho loavuB receive proper Iy d - o t s may be put iu form to consideration; An effort will be made to' present a program suggestive of such practical discussion aS will lead to. a fiettormont of conditions surrounding the _mining, industry,' an ircfp'rdvement iri tile ser­ vice, a decrease in. the cos't ofo'rc treat­ ment and an increase in mineral pro- de- ex- duction. \ ~ ~ Papers on practical subjects will be presented and discussed. The creation by congress' o’f a partment of mining as a s'eparato ecutive^brarich of our national govern­ ment witl receive special consideration and a campaign inaugurated which it is hoped will culminate in the' early ap­ pointment of a secretary of mining,' who with the confidence of the presi. (lent, with the ear of congreas aud.^itb Y h o f the”mtii- ing fraternity will improve the service, increase tlie prqductiori and add dignity i o tho most important'iiidustry of .the world. Copper Consumption The Boston News “Bureau there are less than 25 large buyers of copper in the United States, and tjiat five concerns are the principal buyers, and use 525 million pounds, as follows: American Brass Co. 250, Roebllng Sons Co., 100, General Electric Co., ?5 American Steel & Wire Co., 50 and National Conduit Co.j 50. The figures are the annual consumption. _ QtherJarge constiniers a reasJtollows^ ^ Standard Underground Cable com­ pany., Pittsbdrg Pa., Detroit Brass & Copper company, Detroit, MiCh.,Rome- Rrasij' and .CopperCo.. Rome,\ N. Y ., Seymour Manufacturing Co., Seymour, bonn., Bridgeport J3rass''Co., Bridge­ port,’ Conn,,' Scoville Manufacturing company, Waterbtiry, Conn., Plum & Atwddd'Co., TKomaston, Conn., Chase Rolling mills, Waterbury, Conn., Americrn Tube- Works,“G ot *- Boston, Mass., i Winchester-_• Repeating Arms Co,. nnu~Ansonia Electric Co., Ansonia Conn. The above. cuncerns consume the bulk of the American copper produc- tiqn, < The Western Electric company anp the-Wcstmghousg-Rnmpirni es-~l5fgfT copsjumers.of wire and casting copper, are .nof .included aa they seldom. bqy espçc- -he-] lially-thatrof the Western Electric com- a young wife and child. Tile county commissioners luno appointed II. \V. Stringfellow, James Holland and R. E. Hammond, of Hav­ re; Dr. C. F. Hopkins of Chinook; Dr. J. Y. Carroll of Fort Benton and Joseph T: Bertlicloto of Butte as the first board df Irustees fdr the new coiirity high school. thing. The iuclTil nfarket continues dull nnd prices are slowly moving üowmvard. The director of the mint last week pur­ chased 300,000 dunces of silver al 07.75 to G7.i>0. Copper is down to about 20 cents, with a tendency to slightly lower prices. ________ . _______________ ___ nitc dc- —Thquxisienee i)L’ cuul ¡mil li^ posits in Montana has been known for some time, but their development, and utility are of quite recent date. In 1-SH0 only 224 short tons of 'coal valued- at- §800 were reported to have* been dug, while in 1900 the quantity ^vvasl ,787, 934 tons, valued at. §3,185',G20. Enough votes have lieon received from locals of the Electrical Workers’ union to show that the agreement ac­ cepted by the telephone companies and submitted to a referendum by~~tho ollicqrs of the union have been over- whCIpnngty defeated. Tl% means a prolongation of the striko declared by the telephone linemen against the Rock\ Mountain Bell and independent companies iu ptah, Idaho and Mon­ tana\. — \ - - - . A-goneiuhstampede-has been started to a locality throe miles from >Sewnrd, Alaska, where several discoveries of high grade free milling gold quartz have been made. Promising copper ledges also have been discovered in tho sameJocality. So good, are the surface indications of (he gold tliqt Colorado experts on the scene declare them to leading liòrse markets in the United States'. Co‘l, Browning, auctioneer for j the Clarke Horse Sales company , says • more fringe' horSes were Sdld in Miles (JityJast year tliaii at any place iu the United States, evem exceeding St. j Louis. Tllere.were about 18,000 head sold iu Miles City, last year. Judge Hunt, df federal court, re­ cently rendered a decision holding that l^.pjirrfic company could u6L with­ hold the use of its lines front another, although a competing company, and that any eonipaiiy had the right to all long distance connections, based mi and lie will nanit* assays 22 per cent. It has not been, extensively prospected, but so far as [lie work- has- been prosecuted, this ledge has improved with depth. Seward is practically deserted for the gold\ camp. DAVID CLINE General Merchant. Ranch &-Mine Supplies. Zoriman, <7 Montana. CLOTHING An A No. I line of Men’s and Boys’ Ready-to-wear Clothing just arrived. HATS . John B. Stetson’s Finest Beaver'Hats from $5 to $7. SHOES F. Mayers’ Mining Shoes coil not be beaten. Wc Guarantee them GROCERIES ------ : --------- 5 ----- - ---------- — ■•v EVERYTHING GOOD in the Eating Linej and put up UnderTho Pure Food law TEAS and GOFFEES Ask for CHASE & SANBORN’S Celebrated Teas anti Coffees# and get the best that money will buy. Of the Early Days reasonable charges, a commission to fix rates. For the fiscal year ending June 30 the Receipts of gold at -tile Seattle, tells- us—’WnshT^aasay-olfiee-amounted— 977,004, showing an increas. .of §1, 270, 438 as compared with 1901, the year of previous hlgli reciord. Had not the labor troubles iu the Tanaua re­ gion of Alaska intervened, tile gold receipts would have been much larger. The great Mexican railroad merger- iiad been completed. The. Mexican government and the stockholders of .the Mcxicau Central and National rail­ roads ai’e the Incorporators of a new company to* be kudWn as the National Railways of Mexico, witli a capitaliza­ tion of S4G0,'00ti,d00 (Mex.). The gov­ ernment is to have a majority of this stock unless congress specially 'pro­ vides other tfisA John Tlirnop has shown us a copy of (lie Ml tier and Prospector, which was published at Landusky in 18(15-0. ] it Is believed to be a copy of the last ' one issued, and is No. 23 of vol. 1. It is a four column, four page paper and its advertising was mostly from Harlem Chinook, Havre and Benton. Mr. Throop was then dealing .in general merchandise at. Landusky. and L. Minugh carried a big adv., as a dealer in general merchandise at Harlem nnd St. Paulis mission. Lambkin & Powell advertised^wines, liquors and citrars, and IhereTvas also a livery stable at Landusky, and these Seem to have been the only lines represented at the' tim'e. The. paper speaks of work hav. iiig commenced on the Independent mine, at, the head of Ruby guleh^ and tells; of ita formation, as4av vrilues “and the liopes* of its owners, Messrs Throop Clark ancl Berry. The mine isjioav a part ofYlie great Ruby group arfd from which they have taken thousands of dollar#. “Two qf the richest gulches [ri Mon­ tana,13 said 'J.‘ M._ Lindley, of Bozc- mau, today, “ wm-e struck on the home­ ward march-by-men who had-been-dis- appointed in a quest for gold elsewhere The Last Chance digginga-were due~ftr that fact,1 and this was really their ‘last chance,’ as (ha-inCn _ wlio_mada the discoveries where Helena now stands believed. Those men had gone w P s I. - i ITS rn rc li lit struck this gulch on tlieir wav - home. Tho resu'lt was millions- added to ’ tlm their Cop'peT-difecti^They-buy-if^in- ^'eAprld. and„the_Tat(uding. tho-manufactur'ed—form and a jjood ** j . . . e . . . t . - . t . In thé County From thft.River Press: òf a city of wliich all Montanians can torn pany is represented, m the consuniptidn of the American Brass eonipaiiy, Our young people who idulge in the dizzy waltz, * will hear with interest that thè heads of New York^-sqciety i ha,ve declared -that-“sitting-‘but?’ a ’ S\’àltz will ,be more fashionable from lidw òu_tbau-.danciug... Thri. “ sitting me abiniU.tlie_di3cqyery M Alder;” con- tinued Mr. LiudleyV “Some linn; be- fore tlie discovery fciVhat is known A marriage license \Vas issued Jaraes-ffl.- lliues arid Jeannette Syvain, of Havre* , f, _ . The June crop of wolf and coyote scalps that were prgsqiitcd for bounty was checked up today by the county roasurer-rfho-oolleetion-rep111 resenting about 200 stock destroying auinials. George H. Stevens, a well known resident’of eastern Valley county,—iEr ambng th&-vi8itora-inAown._Mr. Stev. — M ALTA-ZORTMAN STAGE LINE -------- , ----- - --------- ^ ____________________________________ I ________ U. S Mail, Passenger and Express Leaves Malta via Rhillips and Brookside» Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of each week. * Leave Zortman for Malta, via same, Monday, Wednesday and Friday of eatfiTweek. Zortman Livery and Feed Bam L. S. GOSLIN, Proprietor, ZORTMAN,'MONTANA. Stevens & Turton Merchandise Dodson, Montana. jeris operates-a-stcnmboat-of-abqut—100 is known as the IlaiiSer party stiirtcd foy the Yel­ lowstone, Edgar arid his party deter- . - - mined to follow, , and they made the ) ^0l P 0 1 1 1 1 '* 0 1 1 start.j. , Aftei'-going-some-distance fouml th e , Cr(),ws were ugly. They.' butw(jcn-Miìk-River audJEtooky _Point, and 1ms also filled contracts for a con­ siderable quantity, of government the Yellowstone Il -J-nver. - ------- - --------= ----- - ^ 1 The name of Dr. J>IT-. Russell will Dodson and Little Rockies Stage Co. Lea/ejpodson Monday, Wednesday’ and Friday., Leave‘Zortman Tuesday Thursday and Saturday’.\-1 ~ The shortest and Quickest route to and from Zortman. -- --------------------------- : ----- - H. F. Warren, Manager, j’G vfc'ELL & COOK — Retail ¿eaiera— r- , „ L i 4 i t ö Ä a -Goods in Case Bottled Beer .f . * . 1 . f\ *** - I rtiported aiid BÒméstic Çigiirs .. •• j ’',‘V ' ipn ri. V o l i ? Lower Main St. Zortman# Monti ana. leiU'iied.of.Uie'fight .fhe Hauser party | arm-is ai’otinn me gurs waist, while hts left holdsjior right: \ H er left‘‘hand islpllicedr:ou~hi5 shoulder;--while- her head rests lovingly onriiis^osom, ririd: all they have to do is'to sit and ,' listen to tlie'mius'ic. Now, that is something like it. We have always . regarded it quiteJa.,nuisance to.gallopm-mile or. two A—room—full: be added to tlie membership roll of the lociil autoiriobile club. His. new ina- -lG.horsepower Yunabqut ar- fi'oin the east today. ; county jail-is without aii occilr to Bannock “tlie party stopped to -camp Pnnt> tfie .orily prisoncr lined there to-get ä-hugTor-two« JJifZZ jieople sitting around'ori 8ofasjhugging to riiusic is more to our • notion. This will give the old rheumaticky brethren a good chance to waitz. Most men waltz, not for .the dance but rior the position, a:»d while many a man may lose his appetitc for dancingyhe has to get powerful old before he loses liis ap- petitc, for hugging a pretty girl'.-r-Ex. Eddie Henry, an eight-year-old newsboy of Helena, fell from the brake of an ore wagoincnd was killed. He was the soiftof E. C. Henry, a capital- in glider guicli. :HSdgai-^remained' m eaiup preparing ri ni'eaf aridYwltii.. liirii was the cook. TJie others, went-to look after or picket the horses.} While they Yen; absent.Edgaiitookta gold pan and went, down to the creeli He panned colllnt prrtspects.~: sonic dirt and got- excol When-thcothcrsrTreltirueil—they^-tried the ground with equally good results. They all went,,back to Bannock, with tlie idea of’returning together and -lo eating claims. But they didr nottM ret together,, each raatf taking, an earlj^ Start, for. h inis elf. -Alder would prob­ ably have beeri~di8cbvefed later bUt the finding of gold by .Edgar,YFairweather and-others at the time they made the being released today upon the expira­ tion of lris;Heutenccr^-This;is-the -first tini^TTttriryerirrtharihcrjailhaslTebrr without one or more' boarders.- Tlie doimty commissioners have ap- poi n ted-A-.—D.-Sin illi—aa-^eighmastqg, at Havre, takc-fcIiarge ofr:the_pubiic scales to be,located in thaUgity J.ocation^notices^for— Tim-and- Wild Bill “quartz claims in the Bear Paw miniug district, were tiled in tho B u t f h ^ d i i o t u S m “ ^ cle,r^ - 0®ce toda^ by - 'Joh,‘ - -^Collier andjOtto Waxou. Articles of incorporation have .beeri filed in.the county clerk!s-office_by_the. Dodson-Townsitecoinjianyv witha cap­ ital stock'of §10,000. The incorpora- discovery was due to the fact that they tor8 are Charles Whit, happened to make camp at tho spot, coml:> nnd William It. Logan, and that Edgar had the leisure to try Some people demand more gratitude tho ground.”—Record. for a present than the present is worth ZORTMAN-WILDER STAGE LIN Carryi ng _U ._S. Mai ^ Passengers and Express. i . Leaves ZortmaiTSunjay and Wednesday at ^ a iri,’ > arriving at Wilder andjyiissoiiri River points at 2 p m,‘ f^ttiruing ' following days. C. B. S tukman Propj \ = the M. G. Cassidy, Prop. Zortman, Montana. —R etail D ealer in — Gibson,-Hoosier Bard and other brands^of lpported and Domestic Cigars^ SOCIAL CLUB Whiskey. HAMM BREWING CO’S BEER'

Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.), 01 Aug. 1907, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.