Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.) 1907-19??, May 07, 1908, Image 4

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!Mriír¿rii'cr^-mmiir n r ‘—! --- ««t First State Bank - - MALTA MONTANA------ c l*a\ .-» pet ‘'<»»1 interest on lime <1. posits- either (i or 12 months U eeiceks : H. G. Robinson, Rrcs. (’ F. Morris Vico-Pres - ~ I . \Y. llall, Cashier. D irectors : S. Mclvconan, F. W. Hall, Geo W Clay. C F. Morns, H G. Rohir.son, Jas l- i.eiNoii, W. A. Clark, of Va. C-ity- D. L. B a ird , SURVEYOR and CIVILENG 1 NEER I{ lsi rvoirs uni Irrigation work a spec­ ula Zort an^Montann. Justice of the Peace Zortman precinct M. W. Pettigrew ATTORNEY AT LAW Zortman, Montana Will practice in state and federal uni ts Special attention to Mining \ policatli > ns, Tn corporal > on - and -t-he- reparatum of other legal documents The Little Rockies *MTner ] 1*1 HUSHED EVERY n i l KSI*\t ZOm .M A N,. M O-M A X A, ) 1 y _ VI Subscription Bates, S2.00 ih t >< «r Entered as second-class m atter July 1th 1907, a t the postoffice a t Z ortman, Montana, under the A ctof Congress of March:», 1879. Local amí stale News. ■»parafi ALBEkT ANDERSON Blacksmith and Wagon Maker Dodson, Montana, A full “stock of Hardwood Vagoit Timbers on hand. DOORS and WINDOW'S, RUBBER and GRANITE ROOFING, BUILDING PAPER Dr.Cabbage Dentist, «ill remain at Zortman until May 10th. Judge Hush is just rtco\enng from a severe illness. Dave Oliue ami Dutch John are off to the Missouri after fish. Mon’s suits cleaned and pressed. M r s . P e t e r R ush . The postofllcc news stand has all standard newspapers and magazines. Garden Seeds for sale at the Dodson Cafe, Dodson, Mont. »Send us orders. Jim Murray is blowing himself for an addition to his residence, besides using up a lot of paint. The Waller Sturman residence has been painted and greatly improved m appearance during the past week. Yon cuiPt do any better titan to send > our watch for prompt and first-class repair to Stroiisc, Jeweler, Havre. The fiisi installment for the reoccu- patio’i of Fort Assiunihone arrived last wick--a car load of mules and ambu­ lances. The troops will soon follow The. T-T.nnsm* lake company, owners of -Bought, Sola or Exchanged at any time. L all on George Terry, Zortman, Montana. the dam that went out recently, arc making arrangements to settle all dam­ ages caused by the flood. A man known as “ Pigeon 'food” brown, a nototious hoist* thief, was shot and killed at a ranch home Gf> miles north of Glasgow, by a deputy 'heiiff. A strong socialist club is being or­ ganized here and starts out with a uicmbersmp of thirtv-two. J. F. Shoemaker is chairman and (’. K. French secretary. A tire destroyed the upper ore bin of the Ruby. on. Tuii-ilaj-nighG causing a loss of about $ 3 ,OOP as well as some delaj in the work of mining Pending ihe rebuilding of the bin, ore will he taken from the old Independence mine. The old Maginnis mine, at Maiden, has been leased In Oapt. Biari-riiaw, of fipokanc, an experienced operator, and he will commence work within a ver\ -»iioii time. This property is owned bv the Conrad-Stanfoni company, and i\ . G. Coi.rad has returned to Great Falls, frmn an extended eastern trip when: he projected himself into the po­ litical limelight as an aspirant for a place on the presidential ticket of his party. XV. G. is all right and the par­ ty could do a whole lot worse than to -honor- Mm. --------------------------- The Pondera Jas. R. Dewar. Propr. I me Wines and Liquors Imported and Domestic Cigars Zortman, Montana. dOHN VOLKENAND Upper Main S/> Zortman * —Retail Dealer in— Liquors and Cigars ’ i a t i r i t y and Monogram Whiskies Sole Agent Kessler Beer Imported and Domestic Cigars About the lirst week in June, Mrs Ilendricksen, of Chinook, will arrive it Zortman with a complete line of the Attest in milliner} , hats, suits, iloak; Me Her prices will he no higher her ,1iuvn at the railroad'. “\For perfect - fitting glasses -go to Stiymse, Registered Optunn trist. !Ia\n The Little Rockies Miner, with. ,dl mining news, $ 2.00 per year: : John A. Smith has located ltic Hard Luck quartz claim. - Mr. and Mrs, L. IS. Bern returned on Monday'from Alhambra. E. E. Berry filed for record a- loca­ tion of—the—Ethel—Fraction Notice of Application-for- Patent N otice fou 'P udlicatton . - M ining \pphcation No. 7. U. S. Land Office,. Glasgow, Monta- ; nn. Anni 18. 1008. - __________ claim. Dr Smoot is whipping the waters of ihe turbid Missouri m <|uc-t of ihe sportive ling and cat. W. »S. Widdows is driving the stage to Malta. Ilemy Moore now ha' charge of ihe barn here. After July 1st the Little Rockies forest, reserve will be handled from the Great Falls olfice and local supervisors will be dispensed with. The postofiicc news stand ris a new thing for Zortman, but all the latest magazines and periodicals will be kept jn stock. Ezra and Adolph Ereaux brought up oats from their Wagner ranches, on Saturday. They will farm extensively again this year. B. D. Phillips is utilizing the wire fences of his big ranch for telephone lines aiuh is—putting' tit tt complete system which will cover the entire ranch. Carl Ilaiisen was up from the ranch on Suuday, and and reports hi< spring round up of lambs as a yen favorable one, and range conditions ns fairly good:------------------------------- -- Bass l):»vis was iu town on Monday Laving just lamied-home-from—liuunm with a cargo of lumla r and supplies which he lloated down the river to hi' ranch. lie finds it a big saving in the way of freight. He will build a new house to replace the one burned a short lime ago. Delegates to Butte The Chouteau county republican central committee held a meet­ ing at-Havre- on SatuiTlar-and^electod the lollowing delegation to the state coim-nthm lo be held at Butte on tin* 14th: Delegates at large:—O. G. Sky 1- stead, of Havre; Thus. M. Everett, of Ilarlem; Jure Sullivan, of FortBeuton. The twenty delegates to which tin- count j’ was entitled were selected a- follows: R. X. Lewis. F. A. Carnal, O. S. Golf. A. J. Broderick, Tlios. M Kenzie, of Havre. * J. II. lliee, W. S, Towner, John C. .Sullivan and W. K. Harbor« of Fort JlenfoiT. L. V. Bogy. ami A. \\ Mernlield. Alex Ros- Harlem- A, I). Phillips, of Zortman. ford ; Multigli, of W. B Sand Chinook. , of Ada: 1». I Barrett: of Dodson: i of Phillips: Goo. Heath, B\rou Schwartz, of- Guil TTÖld HuttGT Notice is hereby given that, Thomas is. Carter, by his Attorney in Fact, Win. T. Wimberly, whose postoffice address is Zortman, Montana, has .this day filed application for patent under the mining-laws of~Cougress, \for—1164 linear feet along the lead, being 230 feet in a southerly- direction and 934 f.*et in a northerly direction from dis­ covery cut of the Shale Lead, designat­ ed as Survey No. 8389, situated in Lit­ tle Rockies, {unorganized) Mining Dis­ trict, Chouteau ®county, Montana, in Fractional Township 25 n, Ranges 24 and 25 e, which claim is recorded in tile office of the Recorder of Chouteau county, at Fort Benton, Montana, in Book 4 on page 571, and described as follows: Said survey No. 8389, Shale Lode, beginning at corner No. 1, from which the 1 4 Section corner on east boundary of Sec 12, T 25 11, R 24 e, bears south 42 deg 3 min \V* 231.6 ft and U. S. Loc Mon No. 5025 bears s 39 deg 6 min e, 2921.2 ft and running thence s S3 deg 25 min w 610.6 ft; thence n 4 deg 9 min e. 1164 ft; thence n 83 deg 25 in in_ e,_ 610.6 -f tj-thence-s^-deg-g-mirrw- 1164 ft to the place of beginning, con­ taining an area of 16.030 acres- Area in conflict with Sur No. 8286, not claimed, 0.584 acres. .Net area claimed, 15.446 acres, upon which a notice of said application was posted the 4th day of April 1908* 1T16 adjoining ciciims to ises are Frisco lode on the n; Evelyn lode-on-the—W4- Rosamond lode—on—the east, and survey No, 5032, Big Chief lode on the south. T ruman M, P a t t e n , Register Date of first pub Apt 30, 1908 . MlNIEiG APPLICATION NO, 8 U. S. Land Office, Glasgow, Monta­ na, April 18, 1908. Notice is hereby given that Thomas S. Carter and John T. Throop, by their Attorney in Fact, W, T, Wimberly, whose postoffice address is Zortman, MontanaFhave'this' day filed“ applica­ tion for patent, under the mining laws of Congress, for 1484 linear feet along the lead, being 150 feet in an-easterly- direction and 1334 feet in a westerly direction from discovery shaft of the Antonc lead, designated as survey No. 8812 , situated in Little Rockies (unor­ ganized) mining district. Chouteau coun ty, Montana, in Fractional Township 25 n, Range 24 e,, which claim is re­ corded in the office of the Recorder of Chouteau county, at Fort Benton, Mon The tram mule used at the Ruby was caught in a cave on Tuesday night and is now a prisoner 111 the mine. The men wen- brought up the chute, but the muF being unable to climb the rope must stay until lie can walk out. which will be in a day or two Feed aud water an* lowered to him regular­ ly. Mn-iiff McDonald came near losing a couple of prisoners on Friday while eu- loute to the ponit 1 nt 1 ary Just as the nun was unit ring a tunnel near \\ o]f ok, and while the officers were ai In re ir en I of th ear, the men made a break, and had it not been for the pi-c­ ure of under > hen tT Sale', of Gallatin eon l\, 1 he\ would hive goLten oil. Near C*-aig they nia <c another attempt an I gave the ullic rs a quarter of a nil«* run before thov were recaptured mil then hiiudeuftrd. Timm i<* F R\nn testified in a hear­ ing v l.mein the Mi tmpolitan street nihvai company was under investiga- 1011 in New York, that about 95 per •ent of ilie railway stocks of the coun- ry, an- made up of water and that the iciual cash invested has been very 'inall. He stated that riie «St. Paul, the Northwestern and the Oinalia roads were all built without money. They were organized and bonds wero issued and sold and roads built trom h\ sale of the bonds. The Union Pa- •ific was built with bonds and it got a land grant worth two hundred and fifty million dollars. Ryailgo'es LaFollettc one belter, as that gentleman never claimed that railway stocks were more than two thirds water. And Ryan is in a position to know. . - -.'L—.AY-ir- .Fox.-,a-.-.noted.--- London. Geologist and mining engineer, in association with A. W. Martin of New York, formerly of Helena, has secured a short lime casli option, the consider­ ation being not less than $1,500.000 on the famous Ruby mines belonging to Phillips and Whitcomb of Helena and situated in tlitt Little Rockies in Chou­ teau county, says the Record. Philips, and Whitcomb have been de- To«““Berthelolte. ol W. A, Ragan, Big Sandy. A delegate who may be unable lo at­ tend the state convention is authorized to select In- alternate and to furnish him with the necessary credentials. A resolution was passed instructing the delegate' to the national conven* lion to favor the nomination of Taft Resolutions were also adopted in which the Roosevelt administration is einlui-'C l. and the work of Senators Garter and Dixon an i Representative Pi ay on behalf of their coii'tiUu nt». is commended. A Big Forest Fire The woist forest lire since the settle merit of these hills, broke loose this morning and raged vith great tiirv all day, driven with great speed from hill to nill by a wind amounting to almost a gale. It started in Ruby gulch h 's than half a mile above town and was first seen b\ Mrs Blassinganu* and her daughter Mrs. Burrows quickly alter it started, which was not far from their residence Mrs. Blassingnmc at once hurried to town, but the men were slow to attach much importance to the danger and when a few did go out, the (Ire Was under great headway and bc- vcloping and working the mtues dur- the last five years, making them noted through the mining world as being great bullion producers from vast de­ posits of ore amenable to the simplest and least expensive cyanide process. This ore-producing zone is from 100 to 200 feet in width which can be work­ ed profitably as a mass. The mill on the property lias 200 tons daily capacly and machinery is on the* around for largely increasing it. Fox and Martin have also examined the mines of the Little Rockies Explor­ ation eompny,4ocated in the same dis­ trict, and have their purchase under consideration. Tills company is now 1 operating a 100 -lon cyanide mill ami is arranging for its enlargement. The district is attracting the attention of the entire mining industry and experts of experience are of the opinion it will soon become the greatest gold-produc­ ing district in America. tana, in~B00k.7, on page 30, anti des-~ cribcd as follows: Said survey No. SSilS, Antone Lode, beginning at corner No. 1 , from which the 14 section corner on east boundary- section 12, T 25 n, R 24 e, bears n 61 deg 31 min e, 350.8 ft and U, S. Loc Mon No. 5025 beats s 50 deg 6 min e, 3005. 6 ft and running thence n 52 deg 35 min w. S14 ft; thence s 83 deg 53 min w 14 S 4 ft: thence s 52 deg 35 min e, 814 ft; thence 11 83 deg 53 min e, 1484 ft to the place of beginning, containing an area of 19.102 acres, upon which a notice of said application was posted the 4 th dav of April 1908. The adjoining claims to these prem­ ises are Evelyn Lode (unsurveyed) and survey No. 5032, Big Chief Lode on the east, T rumvn M. P a t t e n . Register. First pub Apl 30, igoS, NOTICE TO CBE 01 TORS Estate ol James Kyle, ‘Deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersign­ ed, administrator of the estate of James Kyle, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against tliO- said deceased, to exhibit them witli tlio neces­ sary vouchers within four months after the first publication of tliis notice, to the said administrator a t tiie Mint Saloon, Win. ,T. Wullwond, proprietor, in the town of Zort­ man, in tiie county of Choteau, Montana. ItonKitT G. K ylk , adm inistrator of the estate of James Kyle, deceased. Dnted April 18tli, 1908. mg fanned by the increasing gab* It was then seen that all those living in the gulch, as well as those living at Whitcomb, were in great peril and a second call was made for help ami soon 150 or more were doing even thing in their power to check the llann s by back firing and other methods, nil of which proved-futile. --Xhe-fi rcAYiis.-oo. the-south c.- uf thcL crce,« and the men kept it there Tiie people living on the south side were accordingly scut to the north side ac­ cordingly sent to the uorth side together with their movables, but by heroic measures all the houses were sav ed. Tiie gulch was a howling furnace for hours aud the smoke so dense that it was appalling. It burned back to within a quarter of a mile of the town and ended at the doors of the Ruby mill, and extended to the-road on the hill leading to the Alabama. It was thought at one time that the Ruby mill was doomed, but the only loss was a small section of the train-' way leading to the Independence mine.. The great loss is to tiie young and growing pines and other trees ^ with which the mountaiu side was beautifully covered, making the canyon a scenic spot of great beauty. All this is gone aud it will take years to .replace them, and nothing remains but the charred and blackened stumps to maykthe scene of desolation and distruction caused bv somebody’^ wanton earelcsness, These timber fires and the burning of the Ruby ore bins on Tuesday n brill all within a week or two. lead' many lo think that some one i< guilty of worse than caielcsncss The lire of the ore bin is thought m lm\L* been of lnccndi’arV origin. The Bon Ton R E S T A U R A N T .SHERLOCK & JOHNSON, Propr’S. ~UppurMuin St. Zortman, Montana. OPEN DAY ANJ NIGHÎ Meals at all hours GEO. A. CLARK’S BARBER SHOP ...«JJjjper-Main-Sty-Zortmani. Is Hie place that does first-class work }n every branch of the business. J. D* Smoot, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Zortman, = Montana. Boots arid Shoes Repaired. Don’t throw your old Shoes away. Half soles SI; same as at the road. Best material used. Work guaranteed. J; F. S hoemaker , Zortman, Montana. Henry Grisbacli, county assessor; ac­ companied by Ike Neibcr, his deputy, of Dodson, come m on Thursday arid have been engaged in listing' the as­ sessable property of the district since. Dynamite was placed on the track near Butte on Saturday evening and exploded beneath the engine of the eastbound Burlington train, derailing the train, demolishing tiie locomotive, and causing • the death of Engineer Bussy, Fireman Elile and Carl Ming., There arc no clues to the perpetratorsi of the dastardly work, but stimulated! by a reward of 85,000, winch the com. pany,ip. offering: it is hopefi to appre­ hend’ the guilty parlies soon. \MA-BT-A-^Q-RTM-AN:STA;GE LIN E U. S Mail, Passenger a M Express Leaves' Malta via Phillips and ^rooksiaeT^ftieBdayT-Thiirsdtty” and Saturday of each week. Leave Zortman for Malta, viafsame,. Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. ____________________________ • _________ Zortman Livery and Feed Barn. L. S. GOSLIN, Proprietor, ZORTMAN, MONTANA, HEADLIGHT-SALOQEL Wm • Johnson, Prop » Fine Liquors and Cigars. Schlitz Beer* Zortman, Montana, j ames Graduate of Barnes’ School of Anatomy and Sanitary Sci= ence and Embalming, of New York^tnd Ghicago^------------------- ProfessionalFuneralDiTeotor-andLicensed Embalmer. HAVRE, - - - MONTANA. Outside calls promptly attended. An up-to-date stock of all kinds of Gas. kets aud Funeral Supplies Mining Commission Co, Mines bought, sold, examined and reported upon. Complete Assay Office Claims and Groups for sa.e. Original Locations made for parties. We have some ground-floor openings for parties wilh little canital. Correspondence se\ licitccL References. LITTLE ROCKIES MINING COMMISSION CO. ___________________________________________ Zortman, Montana. Stevens- & Turton General Merchandise Dodson Montana. MINING APPLICATION NO. 6. U. S. Laml Office, Glasgow, Montana, March 19tli, 1908. , Notice is hereby given that Charles Whitcomb, whoso postoffice address is Whitcomb, Montana, and Benjamin J). Phillips, whose postofflee address is Phil­ lips, Montana, have this day filed applica­ tion for p atent, under tlfe mining laws of OongrcoS, for fi(i9.3 linear feet along the lead, being 250 feet in a northerly direc­ tion and 319.8 feet in a southerly direction from discovery in tunnel of the T unnel Site Lead. , , Also 1,500 feet of the Raw Hido Lode be­ ing 800 feet north and 700 feet south from discovery shaft. ... , . , Also 1490 feet of the Night W atch Lqile^ being 540 feet north, ami 950 feet south from discovery shaft, designated as Survey No’s. 8717. 8718 and 8719, respectively, s itu­ ated in L\,ttle Rockies [unorganized] min­ ing-district, Chouteau county, Montana, in fractional Township 25 n, Range \25 c*., and which claims are recorded iu the office of the Recorder o( Chouteau county, at Fort Kenton, Montana, in book 3, on pages 447, 31)8 and 538, respectively, and described as follows: , _ , Said survey No. 8717, Tunnel Site Lode, beginning a t corner No. 1 from which the sw corner of Sec 10. T 25 n, R 25 e., bears s 85 degrees45 min e, 3484.1 ft and running thence n 8fi deg 35 min w, GOO ft; thence n 3 deg 40 min w, 14 ft; thence n « deg 8 min w, 555.3 f t ; tlience s 80 deg 35 min e. G00 f t ; thence s G deg 4 rain e 569.3 ft to. the place of beginning, containing an area of 7.73 acres * Beginning at corner no . 1, of stirvoy No. 8718, R aw Hide Lode, from which the sw - con hi , t * 95 ii. R 25 e. hears s 85 ffir n o r nf L»-.- . —» —r — — ______ deg 44 min e, 3484.1 ft, and running thence » 8G deg 35 min w COO f t; thence s 3 deg 40 min e, 1500 ft; thence s 86 deg 35 min o, C00 ft; thence n 3 deg 40 min w, 1500 ft to the place of beginning, containing an area of 20.60 ucres, . . , , \Begianlng-at-corDer-No. 1 of siti_J£LQU-p 1 N'igirt W atch Lode, from which tho sw cor of Sec 1G; T 25 n , R 25 e, bears n 69 deg 30 min e, 3546.4 ft and runping tlience s 14 deg 25 min w, 1490 ft: thence n 8(5 d e g 35 tain w, GOO f t; tlience n 14 deg 59 min ej 1492.8 f t; -tlienco3 8G, deg,35.-tnj p..-e,,-584.5Jt>: plncoof beginning, containing an area of 19.88 acres, embracing 48.11 acres upon w idth p notice of said application was posted the Gth day of March, 1908. The adjoining claims to these premises are survey No. 6441, Saddle; ,6142, Middle Sex, and (5443, P u tnam Lodes, on the west. T ruman M. P atten , Register. F irst pub. M ch,26,1908. Dodson Cafe M rs ., O. H. H urley ; Prop Dodson, Montana. Wo ami to set the very best table the market will afford; at all tinibs. Meals at all hours'.' . Transient trade Solicited THE ZORTMAN Bakery and Confectionery M p . s . W. M. G uinn , Prop’r. Zortman’s onIy|Soda Fountain Fresh Fruits Ice Cream R. Hi L A M B E R T General Blacksmith Zortman, Montana. Horse shoeing a specialty. Work done od phnH notice; City Barber Shop W, \L Guinn. Prop’r- Zortman. Mont. Hot and Cold Baths. ________ n THB Zi >R!'Vt AN M E A T M A R K E T D. S. NICEOL, Prourietor. Fresh Meats at all times. Vegetables and Ranch Producd when obtainable. Lower ‘Maid street, Zortmau. Lodge Pole Notes. t # t Horse theives are getting busy now days, the Indians aud some breeds los^ five head of horses near Bear Gulch last week. • ( ‘ Jim Pond reports that the govern\ ment has nearly completed its labors with the hqrse' rquudup on. the reserve! a position as sub Ag^ut at Bole. Spotted Snake and .the Assinaboimj kid fought ten fast :rounds, to-a draw. before .tho Lodge Dole spbrting club: Saturday nigfit.' ‘ Range horses, aré in po'or. shape this spring ori account óf the open winter Could riot get water. The Indians are bringing in coyote and wolf pups galore. The Post In­ dian pay $2.50 for each prip. , Dickie Snell mother arid sister of the Little Warm Sariitaririm went to Fort Belknap, ori \Wednesday lást to' visit friends. - ------------ 2 -------- - ------ _ The Rey. Mátt D. db. Marrias atY wife Were Háys' visitors .last week. , Frank Bear and Billie ^Eagle h.ivq accepted a' position at the Phillip 3 sheep ranch. , , , 1 Bob Lemons lias gone to Malta to[ sell his trained wolf pups, Bob is i{ trainer of the old school. 1 j . Si Goshn, W. A, Blackgnd others have recorded three claims iu thej Grouse creek country where they havri been prospecting for some time. j A large number of cases of small pox are reported at Havre and the city schools have been closed. Some of thft teachers had.the disease which was at fil’dt diagnosed us chickenpos 1 j

Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.), 07 May 1908, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.