Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.) 1907-19??, June 11, 1908, Image 4

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First S tate Bank M A L T A M ÖNTATTÄ We pa\ 5 pu c flit kpo-it« —i r.h' ! <> <>r interest on }_* month-«. tun« Fres. O fficer s . B . G. Itubinson, O F. M o rris, V i c e - P r e s F . W . H a ll, C a s h ier. D ikectous : S. McKennan, F. W . Hall, Creo W Clay C F. Morris, H G. Robinson, Jas L. LeNoir, W. A . Clark, of Ya. City. D. L. Baird, - U R V E Y , R a n d C I V I L E N G I N E E R ik-sen oirs and Irrigation work n ‘•pec- i:ty. Zort an, Montana, justice of tin Peace Znrlinan pn < m< t. M. W . P e t t i g r e w A T T O R N E Y A T L A W Zortman, Montana W ill practice in state anJ federal .uurts Special attention to Mining \[¡plications, Incorporation and the t ri parat'on of other legal documents- A L B E R T A N D E R S O N Blacksmith and Wagon Maker D o d s o n , M o n tan a , A fu l l s t o c k o f H a r d w o o d W a g o n T i m b e r s o n h a n d . The Little KocRi^Aiincr i.T£Jiï li l i tasi ? - /Mil 1 MAN, MO%ÍÍ^ S * 1 “M. ASTTErff^Ksrn ---------- üCjitd-rerfl a» * $ « 1107 * , al th*- mtZ/t r5tfJ.u. ' j ''3 ¡ under the A<‘t oi i'Wìzr* « -3 *3 ar- 3 Locai and State Xew? Monda} and Tu- -dai a< r. und wilhoui min Mi-s -b Li-alj .md Hi-letu t of Malta, arc u-iìini: in i-o/rn The Little Kvi. Lies M jrer. niiuin“ ne« b, ? pei u - à j . The poMolliei ne«* -land standard n< w-papi-i ^ and îjjta.r.tzàsa'—-. Y o u Can I do :mi beläenliaiia U » —era*! \our vain b for* prompt and fiir-i-rii..*-— -a- f-s. hoi *,66 tke Widow tiu n iii\ farm Wale , i v f {ifesfeei fitting go (<• '•ilfvil'r**'. fiegp-ten-d Optum t i'1-it. Ilavi'i _ SEr atifl'Mr- Psiitef'.i.n, - H i iirronlc ij ¡¡¿¡seats- ni Mr», liny Land» ft. came in nigfit and will visit hii’f- a few day* * I Mr-. Kd. ptrtvell cotu iinli-d -he warn | e*l a « E*iEF of mountain air again, ho •die *iatnf.- ftp >,tt Tuesday, and will re- rasaira till after the fug celebration. Mr\ W !f M irtin, with her son 4_ ..t'-jiet. and d.ti,^ht, r M du i are up on ° |a vc-tt t feiertd». Thi v will stay un- jtii after the fe-Civiti« «n \atunlay. A r-rm/lr, »wept a cl« an path aero*\ a g««imon of Jewell c-*nut\, Kansas, a tf.»w *i»y- airo. killing -i\iral peoph 8>cr*Iri Eftjriring other-* m l destroying noKe ri g>r„perty __ Me— Afktn-on alipftnntpml- --raf. in»-» tendercfl hi r r« signation to eafce- efF*-\t .\*-pr. I-t. at which time slu wbs S Biefr*,rttf principal «if the Harlem Notice of Application for Patent \ ' 111 ' I. I UK PLTtT.TC,VTTO>*.— M in + xo — \oplication No. 7. Y s. Land Office, Glasgow, Manta- -t?„ - April -i^r-lQoH. ------------------------- N .ticc is hercbv given that, Thomas -> Carter, by Ins Attorney in Fact, V I-. T Wimberlv, whose postoffice ,i<'(ke.-,s is Zortman, Montana, has this \ tiled application for patent under tl «• mining laws of Congress, for 1164 !i’u nr feet along the lead,, being 230 ■ •.‘ iiia southerly direction and 934 ' . * in a northerly direction from dis- , iverv cut of the Shale Lead, designat- . ■ ! as Survey No, 8389, situated in Lit- Rockies, (unorganized) Mining Dis- , ¡wt. Chouteau county, Montana, in I 1 ,i< tional Township 25 u, Ranges 24 .,'id 25 e, which claim is recorded\ in tin office of the Recorder of Chouteau (.unity, at Fort Benton, Montana, in Slid described'as- MÀLTA-ZORTMAJN statte l i k e U . S M a il, P a s s e n g e r a n d E x p r e s s T 7 L repair 1 > M rou-c Jew eler. iîaiu-. For \.ile--A < ok-izc-d *-ii<-ç 2 s if rnutdce -chook. perfect condition. 1 ui-i Eîocenduj, iï«»tb*«-r of the Atjcncy lia- Frite .\10 Imjuir. .11 *díjc.<-. í^at-oíí t f i f í re-» .£ imi to cultivate in Tin* w.ois of Jude*; Udirvi - -i«)»«- 1 ¿agdir m 2t } ar, ai.d lien Steven- hou-«' w« n < o!upii.l<-d ‘¿li lu t-al-«* le i-ed one thou--' tin- building i- now ut-jni.2 <>o33:p3cn;.'*M laiituS .-w'ri-» for -u_ «r oeet-, »avs the ILir- II i- n]«oilcd limi iv**lyo- ajc lijouuss^ j Eeiit New-, J in mv \ ou»\ coJl* from iLv hoa-«- i»vir«i-J Ice--add that President Itooseveli 111 l hi- virriiiy. Its it^rtring on Lacing the Lnitcd Stati - ' ,] M'iore r-i orm-l ! noie AgeiríE for a iiriat in the wikis « . lo ll lieoion <,jj Moiniav. Airic.t in «post of big gam«^ amili i .g tornio j] tbi- ba-;jk-. 'J lie ici ent rari- líate » snt*-- «3 - • li iie_'. - in the roadbed up i.^iî*'. ai:*«e ,t « ni l: la-». a lo put ■ condiM-m, aiuill ...... jjj fiali \ F,rJ 7 I-ñ~- T1.1- bTj.òTa-' ‘ i h - 1er. ol -..,m jjj 1Ì11 si and, a ij -1 ibi tj-m J- no-s- Hiris-i Bridgi—. M s. il< i 'n. I — u sdiu-i *» ì i -Ä- i)() 0 R S a n d W I N D O W S , R U B B E R a n d G R A N I T E R O O F I N G , B U I L D I N G P A P E R md li 1- op. * 1 • M i- 1 . 1 - « 1 e Main -ir* i 'ih ba-. ■ -trenuoii- ;• e 11 llllcoljjl. )o and « « 1,1.i' i A i \] ib UH 1 I !' t li r Uj! IV-M . m-w b jj 1 :*_• I ¡i- *“l*'*''t*i üÜl •^ 3 .«fSi* « ,j/jr _ n» ij*' .*:• «S^^ eiììt a . ,g o .li« h- ~i- i ilo gali *- **'ll 3 j*-- *-ÌCt- !.. i I ,,J < Ì.CJ-, ,J.g gJUJ.-. ■ • < ..i-, a, -*~1 ¡;¡ j S: • 1 I- v. r 4 . Il .1^ f< n ferii a i mieli of 1 yoi-y kim fen-vwrt t'. ffu* loimtrv. tr-.oge Mo-ier wa- in re (>n Monda QfVtc ini u-fu tii \i -it'ig HTs TiiTrScTi ritrfev* Wf-ok- ago and tilt .uni was hr ■ ..f-til. --- TP.«. t>sj.p/.r>, .1 negl' f 1' «»ir»'.he.tL\- rancii arai ih- r wa-> no .li Kty beh ,<r.i»-ttfp.'ig to n. _ ____ ____ ».ha.-, \eh . ?mdt wa- .u front tli iSi-n-cn -ht-rp nricii un \tturday m *. tlie young Inali- aa standi’ :Eeo Wf-s v-rv wt 11 . thè wua ! riit no rimi- h.iwng iiecii cobi enoug t*v , «su. th m Mr. F.- in . I: ..f tu- bl.u.k p n ing-g 1 « E. f-y t-> .J -nddk [ oriv -tr.n frotti le L e a v e s M a lt a v i a P M llip s and B rooLskle^^Taesday, TiraTBdaj and S a tu r d a y o f each w e e k . L e a v e Zortm a n for M a lt a , via/sam e , M o n d a y , W e d n e s d a y an F r id a y o f each w e e k . Zortman Livery and Feed Bari L. S. GOSLIN, Proprietor, ZORTMAN, MONTANA. HEADLIGHT SALOOFf I 111 \ll t'l1 * ' j • -^,-D » •, j 1 j 3 .. C «••ill In 1 1 11.1114 ■■ au I ri.* ÎOaîiiJ«, * i W.,r<] i ■ .in - 11 ■ iijj 11 4b-ija 6 3 * ill l.. ( 1 i-lllj h;1- 1 « 11:].b-1 1 1 i- -]--a 4 3 *- 3 i ih‘ A turn-! j > 3 JJ . .. 0 we h»>is. wt tnn^ j»’alt ilj.iiji'iij 1- .1- j 8»0 î ii \ * m u . li4 jiai u i-ji.j •1 \ a 1 Mi-‘.ourj today li' Bought, Sold or Exchanged at any time. C a l l o n G e o r g e T e r r y , Z o r t m a n , M o n t a n a . The Pondera Jas. R. Dewar, Propr. E r n e W i n e s a n d L i q u o r s h ip o r t e d a n d D o m e s t i c C i g a r s Z o r tm a n , M o n tan a . j- 66« B\ all tin time at kv i. a- j.iiisg sob :* b«i«a— boat, winch wa- tiding z .1 a5«t 5 «..r. j »6«J b securely cabled to a big Ire*-. The IVilder mail sras J-vlavieritsii !»« boat yesterday. In ihe jua-j iweiwa?- four hours Ibe -lriam lta> {alien five feel, but is btill more limn a mile «»\!* and almost as deep IVillitim Dempsey irian was -iflioj m the leg by the boy train nM iers al abc time the Shelby train wa» held up. ha* since died of his wound, and the gay bandits must now stand f»ial ¿u a jnur- dcr charge. A change m manageiaj* na ««-t-ur» at till Ruby today. Mr. 3 Jc*.L j» »u|»er- ceded as general tnanager by tliaile» tVbitcomb. It has been icasinr.-ijl rwnm for some time that Mr. Ib - .i was w/l ohtaimng results that ih<- BJaby ¡^-«njiilie had riasni to cijnn-i Tin- wall- of Dj ISusi^ 11 - j«vw Arts* tore begin to loom np !i i- *»f -at/1- stone and ilOx-Ht Uet hi ~i2s-. zttA c- undi-r contract for c^mpk.-inini <sj J a :s 1st. bul Ike wi-i wcat1n-t La- fie -«-s- = -- il\ delay ed opi-j ations son.v wliiii 51 a- Irug sin, k j- nmv ai thi- j^eAujsh. Da'ldy\ Mitjughiijnstmasl*-? as Uai- lcnt. dejiuty sherd! and general iari®- ti-nt of the Mi 3 k valley, wa» 5 :t (««■ »« lbi> yvetk It is ».aid h* lias bi- eax 6*» Tk\grin]nil Tb (!• I* nuina -.hVTsirajj lefel- mg to im sh' rill's offii-.-. -Dadil'y* t- 10 tin- i.iu-ij’d h—11-. »11 • 1 i *t~ 3-sjsaan-- i ly Tin stork 1 an,, .in thi- « Jin, hold on Monday morning bm-utltui lillle danghU'-s a-n.E. mi the i-an. !a-ky ro d . three »• rtr w»sfe. ago and a- In in cds In *.iri y . -.otdd b rh.iu-fi f.n- inform now * t { h:rn ft ■ b ' in kd (* riot 1> : •.re«! i rtgftt -hicilrb r i'ijBik tV.trr, o'--i.ige i..»m hecji'n 'figlitcrir- f ,r Vv In.1 ■ :i.b on Frio - ueitrag. and c to fro 11 tin -tore to . -iurg»—. a dt-r iuci of} .. huinli' arrl-. vih*-ii Ir'ith icaik r- to gn ... rwnn.rtg ttrtr* a big wagon and fa .vln-s-l- r-;iic£tg Ek-ir teg- fñ CÍñ en?-i.r hi -r *srril*I wiggl». wa.- y*-rv -light. j; ink 4 on page iolloWS- said survey No. 8389, Shale Lode, 'minin'at corner No. i, front yvhich ; he k Section corner on east boundary • ■ sec 12, T 25 n, R 24 e, bears south j. dei« 3 min W 231.6 ft and U. S. I.oc Mon No. 5025 bears s 39 deg 6 cl e, 2921.2 ft and running thence s - ' deg 25 min yv 610.6 ft; thence n 4 ■ 1 •(} min e. 1164 ft; thence 11 83 deg 25 ami e, 6to.6 ft; thence s 4 deg 9 min is 11O4 ft to the place of beginning, con- • 1 mm;; an area of 16.030 acres. \tea m conflict yvitli sm No. 82S6, • .t claimed, 0.584 acres Net aiea 'inned, 15446 acres, upon v.hicli a ,tice of said application was posted 1 \ ttti day of April iqu S- \ Tile adjoining claims to these prejn* s an; hrisen lode on the n, Evcl\n lc on the yv; Rosamond lode uit the -t, and survey No, 5032, Big Chief i , 1 • 011 the south. f T ruman M, F. vtiln , Register ■ Byte of first pub Apl 30, Hffi8. j m lN lTyC T A P P L IC A T IO N NO, 8 ! 1 - Land Odiee, Glasgow, Monta [ i •. Apt d i.S. 1908. | Noti e is hereby gn'en that Thomas i • Carter anJ John T. Tlirooi), b\ their I \11 irn-v in Fact, W , T, Wiinberlv, . , .—i* jiosti/hce address is Zortman, I I uit.m 1. have this day hied applica­ nt toi patent, undet the mining laws 1 Con, 1 ess, for 1484 linear feet along , k ad, \being 150 feet in an easterly r gtion and 1534 feet in a westerly !,i ,-i tion iron) discover} shaft of the Viton • lead, designated as survey No. \i 2 , Mtuated m Little Rockies (unor- .a ized) mining d.strict, Chouteau comr Wm- Johnson, Prop-. F in e L iq u o r s a n d Ciga* 8 S c h l i t z Bee?- Zortman, Mof»tana, James Holland G r a d u a t e o f B a r n e s ’ S c h o o l o f A n a t o m y a n d S a n i t a r y Sc e n e e a n d E m b a lm i n g , o f N e w Y o r k a n d C h i c a g o . Embiilmer. HAVRE, - calls promptly attended. Outside kets and Funeral Supplies - - MONTANA. An up-to-date stock of all kinds of A' Tin- un damag. PROGRAM FOR THE 13 WV ar*-a.»k»*rt t« at-atn give the li-i <ri -pnrtv for S-.itarday. tt is a gomi («*6»it »udì the purse-* libi ral enough to iwrtrag goiyf flebls of ri>nt>— in .ill eve; tilts-. Doabb- hantl dnlltug, I-t, ^d niiirn v ¿ring Et itali Game H o n e lifter £-4 emit Foot llxce. Men, -. .. igldten Boys midi r J J .. »«iri.- Tug of War IVllr- VatiUmo High Jnrr.p linrsol Jump. Running E'uEtcrtg \hot it »ri'Etinp Font I£.u • l‘i;-e E Tr ir* \Eumt. g.'. liint-. \12ö 75.00 50.00 75.00 50.00 10.00 10.00 5.00 5.00 25.00 ln.00 in,00 10.00 10,0b in.oo I'Mlb i icon i h e M i s s o u r i i s H i g h :v\ Montana, m Fractional Township _4 n, Range 24 e,, which claim is re­ corded in the office of the Recorder of Chouteau county, at Fort Benton, Mon­ tana, in Book 7, an page 30, and des­ cribed as follows- Said survey No. 8812. Antone Lode, beginning at corner Nu. 1, from which the h section corner on east boundary section 12, T 25 n, R 24 e, bears n 61 deg 31 min c, 350.8 ft and U, S. Loc Mon No. 5025 bears s 50 deg 6 min e, 3005.6 ft and running thence n 52 deg 35 min w, 814 ft; thence s 83 deg 53 min w 1484 ft; thence s 52 deg 35 min e, 814 ft; thence n S3 deg 53 min e, 1484 ft to the place of beginning, containing an area of 19.102 acres, upon which a notice of said application was- posted the 4th clay of April 1908. The adjoining claims to these prem­ ises are Evelyn Lode (unsurvey05}). and survey No. 5032, Big Chief Lode on the cast, TKU.vt.vN M. P atten . Register. First pub Apl 30, 1908, 21L'3 J.vis -- 8 y-fo ti-.e mud fat her pm u dh' ik-ehir-f - j j hke him. ll 1- -md that h>- U h *<■ „ j - - • t That he rpTur^l nle- pi.«e «*; 1«,.-- a a ei-nt «n ihe pound all tlcai 4 ^ . 21 ts-l siended cre<ht k*\al! i-.runtr-. II-- t* givuluall} getthtg !*aclr ti\ ».-arih agaam f mil his retoyi-jy 1“ prae ic-aJsy an-narii-iil. Tuesday 'wa- the uiutl* eijlfo 3*j6t5a-la*- inuiversnrv of M i— E d n a \\i< > y . t h e nipularand aueom jdished daugNCi-rg o i '‘lr and M rs. A . >. H a ley, m!Jy a r e low located at ib e A lder and 53 honor nf the eveut a large p a r » o t a&s- ouug fmciely p eople -j* she easnap a — «•lubTeiJ a t h e r hom e . T h e r e wa- ic, card-an)) dancing f o r ibi î£i.—n u n ii ou the impage. TTgt-ïëfs âî ä higiiv r litige I b E j -. cs E m - known for thirty y.'.irs. *f vge from here on \un lav did wkEitn a mile of U i'd 1 jn.-tof- 'ke r Vi-r ha- keen n n-t.illtl} i n o Al' house- 111 Luther im- VeTrirl.t- vr tl : - r. l b .-k y a -1 r «-an » -1 » . r ’ .}S A l t ' \ -rii t- ■ «•K t u T I. i . l \ - o i l ■ •{ i* rii.v. it w a r i f f i r . i m o r - F n o t fm-i n o llitlC » ! .1 i.’ a c e ajji-j-t M-1 3 a.|f md a splendi Ì bateyu-el. Ma— ÎI- b L t r- . g B Er- 1 * ~ I ts 31 S r, i*1- scor. w * .* * -..ft.r 11 * . al pig-K. Big c** tW ht* head, ar Ruckv f’oini At»I -m ft f* .uf along. R im hmen wh-ii-fepc in fancied security m the E«e[lte£ that they were above water atari*, ro !l:.d thim » Ivi- ifloat aicel the »pvnrnnia'fon- <>F >• ar- r ij>i 11 } i.-airiig -roakotc-if rtp in the iiurh'v -iish •4 the t h u n i Dave Vichol w i- • own So he- rrtneh on Jfotvl.iy nnd - ,und it a -r^i. am; all im provements gun. except slue Etoci-e. arid m erely the ro.-t of that wae- -Sfefetftg ertft. ,V* tfre -r-TrPT htts- eni man-fr. hi ditiL-»men. 1I1, ■ . . link- w as tlu- recipient ol many ai-e.iuj ¿cs-'ll | ..niamental present- When you're sitm ig 21 \* a . t tattle I trying hard to w rite a -pom--/ a£;- biniu is working poorly hi it- okl fie-Liy dome, then some oore wall eom e in* -ee you with his countenance ayss. nad !.e | will tell you cioulny -t-arie» thai ts-re I old before the w a r, and alihe/ugh) »**□ pr^«i,£*flity rh.Tt the house i- r. now Bits-- I f a r t * litre ,>n '1 n. -day, having I»-ft Piorne ort \ttud.iv ■ v ruing ! a f ter scaefeirrg a tot of -tuff on the table f&t the herf.e that the water v. • ■ ukl g et trt> h igher. It was then tlm 1 ft e t in «■ ferrth ait airjuad the !.nu-p. Reports y . r A i t - a i e th a ï it rnl-ed m a r l y -en feet t h e f'iilffwitï\ fLiv. which w.eiid -, t the \ieeri~e »IrifL It was a ro v. frani, and J O H N V O L K E N A N D U p p e r Main SA Zorim a th — R e la’l Dealer in— Liquors and Cigars I are mild and peaceful, fojrAi&z | tcelit huhe. 1 a t a r i t y a n d M o n o g r a m I '^ou-Ft-s of harm, you call almost wi-h l Xcck IktutiZr tkt rircat Fails liquor J b | he’d journeyed lo llie Widow Goamfe*» nsfencEianit. arrived it» town, and report- W h * Ir’ I farm. IVhen tlte sreatliej''» Im 2»\ ’ ' ' ' ' VV n iSK ieS l blazes and the sun Iras ran aroasek. assd I you long for lemon ¿.eltzer» and a ^poiwer homse.. This informaii.m came S o l e A g e n t K e s s l e r B e e r j j Of arctic truck, then *eme Aelez&le. will t«fl* hem a* 2 rumor since leaving iiomej in o r f e d a n d D o m e s t i c Cifrar« I m eel 5 ’ou ^ a h r p i d from reports a* given in \the last iporiL U a n u L»OlllCbUC A/Igdr». inquMng as Uj irheiher here ¡papers ntetived from there, the report I weather's hot enough?\ i j ihis wnry !! tx- z&veo credence. __ j old conundrum fills <me* I*msea xrsih 8 •Izystzeb* an d debris of vanous sorts alarm, and you »rieh that SEajjS»ad 4 say-|aire eoartantEy trt sight as. they whirl I elled to the Widow Grmnes*- famaa. ji hy -'.rs ^ e fr way t«> the Mississippi. When the man who rams for ©Skse get* g ?ro far MEfc river b not unusually — j you where you ean'i escape, and ¡¿re- B B;:gh- unle*» it he at Havre, where the ] forty ihousand reasons why^ hertrawebr fr {aaoKss-iksSr Hook- rHschaxges, andwe- Tlic two main lines of ruilwav of j on his shape: when he ricra wisfii ^ {»ort hatf ill thaE the railroad bridge is Mexico have been merged and are now]his record which you, do col wish t&hts daisgcr, known as the National railways of j hear, when a bushel o f slalisfivc» Fie saen- ;■ There Etave hf^n no train- nttintn\ Mexico, with a capitalization of .? 280 ,-J load-into your ear— O *tay you coc. oi Helena‘all wet-k ami u wiU ? 00,000, gold, and the controlling in-j pardlvze him willi your good aShkeace -fkety be many dav- v« t they ercst held by the governnu nt Jaiui hut ynu'U wa^j lie had l/eess har- ^aa P** *ent through and tr ,th re»unted T h e Bon Ton RESTAURANT MIKULOCK & JOHNSON, Propr’s. Upper Main Si. Zortman, Montana. O F L i T Ï Ï H Y ^ W T n G H T Meals al all hours G E O . A . C L A R K ’ S . BA R B E R c-K0P U p p e r M tiin S t , Zortm a n , I- the place that docs lir.-t-class wo.k in every branch nf the business. J . D . S m o o t, M . D. P H Y S I C I A N a n d S U R G E O N Z o r t m a n , = M o n t a n a . The Little Rockies Mining Commission Co Mines bought, sold, examined and reported upou. complete Absay OR. Claims and Groups for sa.e. ' Original Locations made fot parties. W e b . some .'round-floor oiienings for parties with little caudal. ( orri'gpoudenct' heiteik References. LITTLE ROCKIES MINING COMMISSION GO _____ ________ Zortman, Montan 'Stevens k Tnrton General Merchandise Dodson Montana. First Mails in Montana Recent inquiries at the department in Washington, disclose the fact that the first contract ever let for carrying mails into the region which now con­ stitutes Montana, was that under the advertisement issfied August 1 , 1863 , for proposals for carrying the mails from January 1 , to June 30 , 1864 , the bid ot Leonard J. Smith, of Salt Lake City, was accepted for carrying mails front that city via Ogden, Brigham, Cache valley, Snake River Forty, Lo­ gan and Soda City, to Bannock City, once a week, with pav at the rate of S 7,426 for the period named. A con­ tract scent to have been matte with Mr. Smith under winch -lve—began—seryiee Feb. 8 , 1864 . ’ Under the advertisement of Oct. 15 , 1863 -, and Jan.- 2 d, 1864 ,nnmrtracHvas authorized with Ben Holliday of New York, at the rate of 813,271 a year, for service from Fort Wall, Idaho, via Snake lliver ferry and Bannock City, to Virginia City, Montana, from July 1 , 1 S 64 , to June 30 , 1808 . The service was to be three times a week for eight months of the year and ouce a week for the remainder. Boots and ¡Shoes Repaired Don’t throw your old Shoes away. Half soles § 1 ; same as al the Best material used. Work -guarantpefTT J/TVStlo km a k kk , ------- Zortman, Montana. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that the co-jiart- nership heretofore existing anil doing 1ms- iness at Whitcomb, Mont., under the flrin name and style of Whitcomb & Wood, has been dissolved l.y mutual consent Win. U. Wood will rontinnetlie business pay all indebtedness and collect all bills due the said firm. T. S, W hitcomd . W m . it. W ood . Whitcomb. Mont. May 12th, 11)08. To'wliom it may concern: Notice is hereby-given that my wife, An­ nie Lnsk, having left tne without justcause or provocation, I will not pay any debts of h er contracting. w . B. Lusk. _ Whitcomb, Montana, May 27th 1008/- - T H E ZORTMAN and L o d g e P o le N o tes The grand ball given by the Lodge Foie sporting club at the Midway sta­ tion, was the cvonl of the season. Miss Lizzie Owl was the belle ot the ball. Site wore an elegant silk burlap gown, en train, which was much admired. The music for the occasion was fur­ nished by local talent. -Dannie lCuhnheun- was-a guest at ■ rimAiidwaydast-weekT The festive tramp has been much in evidence the past week. Rain! rain! the dry weather prognos­ ticators arc not in it. Range condi­ tions never bettor. Sub-agent Geo. B. Townsend’s wards Lame Chicken, Eish Guts ana Has-tlie- Fipc, have gone to the Picgan reserve to root for Bryan. The dipping vat at the Lodge Pole corrals is completed and all bovines on the reservation are ready for their iiual plunge. - The horse market is looking up, the Assinnaboiue breed of cayuse being worth $50 per head at the Lodge Pole stock exchange. 'Major'Logan and Inspector Allen were mountain visitors last week. M rs . VV M. G' u ix . v , Frop’r. Zoftman’s|onlygSoda Fountain Fresh Fruits Ice Cream R. H. LAMBERT General Blacksmith Zortman, Montana H o rse sh o e in g a s p e c i a l t y . W o rk done on s h o r t n o tice- City Barber Shop W . M . G u in n , P r o p ’ r . Zortman, Mont. H otandCoM “Baths; ----- - THEZ0RTJY1AN _____ MEAT MARKET D . S. N IC H O L , Proprietor. F r e s h M e a ts a t a l l tim e s- V e g e t a b les an d R a n c h ‘P r o d u c e when ob tain a b le. L o w e r M a i l stre e t , Z o r tm a n . M ED A M . M O R AN Fruits Confections Main Street, ZortmanAiontana. The poor of this, country invested the small sum of 8105 , 000,000 in auto­ mobiles last year. That was going some and some of them are going yet. Felix Grundy Stidgcr, who gained fame during the war as exposer of tlio Golden Circle, the order which was aimed to aid the rebellion, died sud­ denly at Chicago recently. lie worked up to where he became one the chiefs of the order. Kansas is making a cru»ade‘ this a=- 3 C 3 smeiirgf:a 5 on thatrix ~welL wortliv-<rf- •emniatioxnn—nttair-sui.ttiS;--TTitt -iur-t- full listing and assessment of a ll prop­ erly, real and personal, of the state And there is no good reason for an» other syslem, unless a man wants t r make a false return, perjure Rimseli and evade his ju -l proportion of thr burden of taxation. There is a giver amount to raise each year for all pu: poses and il the returns show a-nct IF\ - of a million dollars, it is obvious ±bn’ the tax levy must he twice as h igh ir percentage as if the returns showei* two millions. The big assessment calls for the lower levy, raises the tame sutr identically, but has the advantage ir being honest and showing the true and actual value and wealth of the country The railroad valuation of Kansas w only seventy millions last year. This year the road b voluntarily return it st' two hundred millions, and to show their appreciation of the efforts of the companies to be fair and honest, the state tax commissioners raised this tc only 8350 , 000 , 000 . Kansas will show its true wealth this year and it will no', cost any more than under the old sys­ tem of dishonesty and evasion. The great transatlantic steainshij- liucs now carry trained nurses ac nsA of the medical personnel

Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.), 11 June 1908, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.