Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.) 1907-19??, February 13, 1909, Image 1

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i ■ I ^ V / i . ». s <■> i / A . i* t\ -> i / llrcl Lodge-is-making a «laguer i<>- wanl a §50,000 »Vfn-rii liniHi-, most of lia: money Tu}- which has aliuady ueen *ubj5c; ili(‘jl._ __ _ _ - The citizens, of tlie 'western end of Flathead county are asking for the for* mat ion of a nsw cotiniy to be known its Cabinet county. WT'ÂT’Kolïïîïïl, a prominent uid'cli^ am of Lotran, and for tiyeniv years u re-ident of Gallatin county,-Olidl of Bright's disease on Friday. . ' i he P< < tn ily Slate Hank of Ilat re, •lias |>uri based the Fi'-.-t National with its luiiidiijir, ami -t.he two are merged • under the management o f C. F. Morris. It is. re|)orted from Nevada that. Jlc- - Donald, the side |iiiruicr o f Fraukhaus- er, iir lhe Rondo train robbery, lias .-’ been located in that slate. - The forei-Mi wool -market’ is vel-y etrong.and prices are feuding upward. - levs claimed there is a dig shortage in - the coining crop, -amounting to a par- . lial i.uniiic. which will make itself inanitcM in high prices later on. G. M. Johnson of Anaconda charged with stealing more than from the county while acting as deputy treas- * urer, hug this week convicted on one . chai.'.-t- oi grand larceny. Johnson faint- _ ed in lb£ com t room when tbe verdict of guilty w,is returned-__________________ A ic.ieod grami jury has returned indici in. ms against half a d*>z> n Okla- -bom.ois wlio are politically prominent for alb gi-d Iraiitl in connection witn the •“»•iu'doliiig and sale- of lots in the town of Muskogee. Gov. Haskell is • ' among those under lire. ■<.\ 'I he givai twenty-five mile indoor 'Maiaihoii mee, which created iulerna- — tuina! innnvsi j.aml was run Al Madison Square g..rden on Friday night, aud *\vus Won by Tom Longboat, lhe. C’aim- diati On..miaga_ Indian, nhlmugh Al­ fred Sutblis, an Eiiglishinan, -h-d up to the last mile »vh-u lie collapsed. *• Tin* IJig li (¿ft i canyon route will lie ——Uaed by i lit- inTriliiigiiiiíTáPñiaiT-liij: t ile propos.-d line conm-eling with tin* Col orado t»i hi hern at Grin Junction. ilmt couiac in mg ¡ by the of lami for a right of'wjiy across a ced­ ed portion of the Wind river reserva­ tion. 'Tin*, mine is shortest and will sifoni some picturesque scenery. —In-a-resunie-of-the—mining- -industry- .Eoftliecontry f ir year, the article for Montana seeuis to have beeu written by Charles Cbpenhaveu, aud the' - reference made -to tms c?mp is about Bix lines, -and these “Credit- the'whole • thing to* Fergus county. The writer should study up on his geography or : quit. it is difficult fof a,man not wise f t o business,'t*. see whete the graft conies -i In for -the burial -of-pauperS but down • at Grand junction, Cal, the-cotnpeuon *' was so keen that one enterprising uu- - dertaker offered to pay ten cents each for the privilege. 'T R ê cdntr’act was awarded to the man wiio offered to do it for cue-millionth of one ceut. The famous white charger, Vizicn V. htell Napoleon rode bo long, was at death mounted, hut followiiig ihe pt-r- i\d during and since tbu downfall of he second empire it wa» lost night of - ii'ul.loigottt-u. It was found in a fine -. state ot preservation ' rm.Vi.tly ill Jte -T Cellar o f the Louvre and has |je„u «lusl- bd up for exhibition. It Was mounted in l 82 li - ' o. ... r George Lawrence« owner1 o f a house In'the re»uicicd district- at For*yihj r. bas shot ami killed by officer Jam es bwij-her «in Wednesday night of last - Aeek. Lawrence was drunk and on a - rampage and when the officer came up be. drew a gou and said he would kill him. He iicyor .made a greater mis- Ijike iu jiis lile, although-, a very natur- ki mie for ti hntn’ iii Ills condition; and hue ihat.some six or eight -misguided .cü^UJueii^liavelLheretofore made ’ with ¿jm ’tiy imieh tlie same result. • Swisher ; was never known to go after his'gun ’'htuif-Urn oilier man ,h:td his in sight) -but he.nlways manages to lient them to ii sonn*, and do n wilh_a snide on his I'ai:«1 that would lead a hv-stand- t*r to think-lie regarned the job us far from unpleasant. According to the report of G* W. Preu ijt, secretary, of tlie state board of stqck commissioners, there were 241, 000 head of cattle shipped from Mont- -an a-last-y ear-.-G f-lh is-11 u m bor,-says-tha-|-; same authority, 219,899 liead'vvereship -ped-to-tltc—eafttern-m-a-pketsi—i-2r2yy-to- the coast markets, 10 152* to Canada, and it is estimated then-, were used by* iugal consumption 5,000 head. The tjyeilth animal session of the Montana Horticultural Society was held at Hamilton, in the famed Biller Root valley’, the home of lhe ‘ McIn­ tosh Red.* during the wi\ek. There -was a large attendance from all over ihc-slate-and the meeting w'as one. of great mtereat-to the fruit growers vylio are becoming quite numerous in the state. It is being discovered that all. kinds of fruit; flourish in every section Lack of support has caused the sus­ pension of the Baffin Progress and Min­ ing IleviSw. The income of the office- got. to where it would not pav the ex­ penses for blank paper let alone ibe primer’» wnges. A newspaper must have some support and in no way 1» civic pride better shown than in the support The community gives irs news- The act of order to a peopled kingdom They have a king and officers o f sorts.’ A severe attack on tl;«* forestry serv­ ice wjis mad** in_the Ji;;u<«* a l«*w days ago by Momlell «»t Wyominsr- who «le- tioiinced it as lhe. m-i-'t mmicnttie bu­ reau of government ouisi-lc ..f Russia. “ T notice ifiat. next y«nf,” be said,-the f«irestji.a«i-U!. he pr. >t.-i.n*d, water-fl.nv. regulated, and lesottrces conserved by -|1 H*~|HMi* 1;*-Se~of- 1 S.lf-.(>r)-l—Wortii nf ty|lft writers, §115 000 worth of paper. §22.- 000 worth of enve.I'ipes and §7,000 for earn indexes' He ri iieuled the appro- paper. Nothing ever happens in a town without a paper. It begins to look like, our S0I0113 are going to pass an anti-cigarelte bill, a» on«- is up for action, anti on motion to strike mil .the enacting clause, but five votes were recorded in favor, showing that lhe bill is strongly- favored. The bill under consideration provides that after ¡dept. 1st, «it Ibis y e a r; the manu­ facture, 8»th*, barter, giving away or keeping supplies from which tin* nails can b«« made, will subject lhe offender to a fine of §100 to §250 and several moiuhs imprisonment as well. Dr. Knowles, stale veterinarian, is hl-TlTty-ptT-mmrt-Tvith— l-l-m— i— « titi I- m —nt-. prialiou of §10,000 for the purchase of comp issos, saving it is a joke, in the west that the eastern- college-made for­ esters most have «nudes when ib«*y eii- i««r a fores«. Ilojte was expressed that tlm «*miilo\es wili use tbe §0,000 f«»r Held to see at bust, the home­ stead- r “ lit lierlo unnoticed.” • According to the itinerary arranged bv the navy dep irtineut the ships of ad- niral Sperry’s fleet are .now gathering in the vicinity of Gibraltar, the gateway to the Atlantic-'^'from the Mediterranean tlie length of winch‘has beeu traversed and all principal ports of which have peen visited bv the ships since they p.i*sed thou >it tin Suez canal. Gibral* tar is the last stopping place of the flept From that point the sixteen bat* tleships w.i; turn their prows definitely piiriioeiils made a couple of years ng «7 in the inoculation of siock-destroying. apimalft w ¡ij¿the mange. Sereral co­ yoti« pups.were inoeuiate.t and iurn«*d loose in Tcloo. Rosebud and Chouleau emtmic.s, ami- it is claimed thaï mor«; than (iUl) care.isses «f, 7 or animals in ill«* last st.iges of ijie disease, liave T1 eeire.tunu*«l in these cotiiuies imft iu- lected animals se.-u as fat* away as in Flaijiead connu. Tlié mao who, however cold and ehii1«;d liilb.-a*|i, Slops to- throw svgojil biaolCeL <.\er Ins hûeati'ig leant bel ore lie goes in to wit. ill up, hits a good; big heart in 1 t m simien lure To be sure, some, no tins largely for ‘ lie mimey liiciv is in it—ainl there u big money s.ipieiunes im not letting a li^rse cliiil and shiver in an unprotictud place a l­ ter dru tiig— hut as a rule, the mail wlio lues 10 make -it cbmforlable lor ins horse or other snick does it because ihere is a wide margin between his in­ ner self jinil a bare ti'nimal. Dont be afraid of the man yvho blankets his horse these cold days. Ills family will generally tell you so. 'In a woman’s club, over tea atid cigarettes, a group of ladies cited many manV ii stances of the foolish vanity of tnalës, ,.Take the case of oue said. ‘ ‘ Because the the queen bee rules the hive,because she is the absolute -ntistress o f millions of subjects, injin, u p l o a^fcw hundred years ago, denied her sex. He called,her the king bee. ’ ’ Pliny wrote somewhere, “ The kiug is the only male, all the rest being fem­ ales- .And Moses Rus4cn, bookeeper to Gharle° i i , stoutly denied, in order to please his royal master, that the large bee, the ruler qf the hives,-belonged to the gentler sex, “ Even Shakespeare couldu’.t beajr to th ink the bee of bees the largest and \wisest and fairest, the hives’ absolute lord, was a female. No, all the proofs notwithstanding. Shakes' peare \Called her a'male Don’t you re­ member the lines: • “ Creatures that by a rule in nature teach« - - - towards home within the next tew daysT beginning tit : last leg of the most re­ markable cruise ever recorded in naval annals More than a vear has elapsed sin'ce the* vessels steamed out of Hampton Roads. Despit«; the forebodings which filled' manv Americans and foreign news'pap ;rs at the. tiin; of the depar tu re of the fleet, its voyage has proved a success, mplmnaticallv as «villas nauticallv. If the record established yip to *the present is maintained, the Hee* will aryive home without serious accident or tnisjfap of any kind. Its progress from port to port \has- been watched bv foreign governments witt* rr1i.T-p-m«)>rt-qr—h-*.-'Mlie;f*-of-tll^—te.dmi.sal-y (N o. 01112.) A p p l i c a t i o n fo r P a t e n t . ‘ U. * Laud Office, Glasgow, .Montana, Novein •• r liotii is hereby given that, James A. Walsli, < C. JieWin.mamlThomas C. IVw- or; wli ... jidstotiice address is Helena, Mdiitin , au«l Louis V. Bogy an.l the ‘thom:!\ .’Hanlon Company, whose post- olhce Ires« i< Chiiiobk, Montana, the j»nnl-T*- -'*!• A’i**;1-^ Company liy James .*.. wa . ns aitornev in lac* vrho*'- post- ____ . . Jr tlus'd’* :iled f**r * *is«—: foi ijv —,-a.i .¿e I -I-.I 'AUh..l. L nc I , and 15\ i ;t of tbe “ Little Ben*' Lode, mine . or vein,' ..earing valuable mi*..-mis with | \Sm-fatT r-7.und 153CJH feet- in width. «11 the | A«ign « \ Lode, and U00 feet in width «m | t!ie.“ Lni .e Hen Lode situated in the Little' lhieki«-' unorganized miningilistnrl.coun­ ty of » li .teau, and state of Mont ita. an l design 1 *d by th« field notes and ohi.-iul pint on n <* in this uffio; as survey im:iil»*r 8S7», in Township 25 north, .*f Range 24 east; tiiiMirveyed, ol |.riii> i|>al Iiase lineaml ineridi .*i <if the state of Montana, said sur­ vey. No SSJS being as follows, to-wit: The said August Lode beginning at cor­ ner No one (1) from which United States i/himtin!] monument No. ^ t i , Wars south 11 degrees OH minutes east, feet; run­ ning lr***ii then.-c north IS-flcgrresSS im:i- lltiueM, t.VW feet to oirn.-r No. two 12), tlience north -hi «legree.s 5ti minutes tv.--t, 317. 5 feet to comer No. 'three (3); th.-nce sdttth 4) degrees 40 miinit.-s «, 1499 5 feet to vomer No. four (4) ; tliem-e south 41» degrees 51» uunutea east. SMJt l«*ct to c»»ruer No. pnetl), the plans of l«-ginniiig; mag­ netic variation 39 degrees 50 minutes «-. 1 st, eoutat 11 nig au ar«^t of 11.25u acres. And tin* said Little l»t-u Lotle »lescril>e»l > •from « oi.-li Unite.1 St,:tes I^»c.iti»u tnniiu- inent No. 3303, hears smith 1 «lcgn-e U7 min­ utes west, I7H5.7 f.-et; rimning from thence north 4.1 degrees 29 minutes cast, I'CD.K p fei't tn corner No. two; thence north 4-! de­ grees 1 • minutes we-t, 5K7 feel to «aimer No. three; t.i-ncesoutti 43degree.5S min­ utes \«e.t. 150a fe.-t to corner No. f«»nr; tlienia- -<nnh 4H ilegrees 19 minutes east, .iiOtl feet t » vomer N.». one. the :.ia«-i- of l»e- giimiii ;. M-ign.-tic variation 39 «b-gees 50 minut. . v ist. eoiiminiiig 1S.1MI ai-res. Ant: 1 icd.the location of tais mine i« re­ cord <*•! n the Recorder’.« «»iii<-e «.f« ooiife.'iu «•..»nut« >iit.iii:i. th-»“ August\ in lewifc 0 mi -pa.-. 4**, and the \Little Ben” 111 book 6, on,(» ig- *1. *»f !<»de location-*. Tlie * i •'ininga-lninis are t’le Surprise on tlio-ii\ .east of tiie August ami die Little Ben e lfins; tin* eoiilh.-tiug •-i:!iiu> are the llgu .1 < irvey No. 5111,-tiie-e :i;»;»li.5ints. claim i ’ t .»• Kuretta. survey No5j<«S.aml 20 Per Cent off knowledge to be obtained fropi the tug .maneuver, and because of the remark­ able ^kill of American naval olficers and the wo-ideTiul efficiency of the, At.Terioan warships. .A .**|iecial imisecutor na»- been ap­ pointai to appear in the case, ngain.t Arllnir Fr.iemliling, tv1»«» was at. «me time head hnnkk. eper for th« Enver Mercaiiftle «-onl|iatty at L«*wi»t«»wu. and tyho is «-hurg**d with the em'mzz!*— nient «»f nh«iut.*§ 7 . 0 *K), tlie. county :u- t.irncy l)ein<g'rU»qu flili.-d as the former counsel for Fi-nentbliiig. As a result of the trip to Denver made recently by Secretary Martin of the Montana State fair, the Deuv er cattle men with' tfieir prizewinneTs at the Den ver exhibition of the Livestock association will stop off fa Helena next year during the state fait on their way to the Yukon-Alaska fair at Seattle- 1 Jmv<\ -s««rv<-v -A -F^Mï <-t *i. claimants; the¿>rlo-, -iir- v«*y N V.S 77 . .f:uii-s A. ft’a.di ft al ciaitn- ant.s, Hi ; a -es n<*t claimed ; Ann b**b\ sur­ vey N* >» 52 , Azelic K. Hobart, claimant, )21:*9 a* .i » iiiitdai»>*¡!. . Attv iudail |ier.sniu claiming ndv<*r.-o-ly any |»..rt>»*ii of^-tid A'ugn-t or Litt.c. Ben Late mine or surf lev ground arc required to file t u-ir adverse claim« wit ■ the Regis- ter of the United Slatm fallid ilffiu; nt Hlasg ivi-. m fie sdite ■ •f~M<*nluiarsbirirrgr tlte sixty day«* of |>nbiicati<»u brre- oi.-or mey will ite *b irrisi by rirtuo of the prévisions «»r tlie T kuhax M. 1 ’ATT kv , Register. Birst pub I)ee !2,BO«. .. , ..... By attending the big February CLEARANCE SALE A T CLIN E S We must make'room tor our New Spring Goods, and will offer many Exceptional Bargains in MEN'S sHEEP=LINED ULSTERS, CORDUROY SHEEP- Llned COATS, FUR CAPS. LINEE GLOVES and MITTENS, YiEN!§,„HEAVY WORK SHIRTS, and UNDERWEAR, for SP T CASH, with a 20 per cent DISCOUNT FROM REGU* LAR PRICES. ------ DAVID CE fliB ------ General Merchandise » ZORTMAN, ‘ M O N T A N A . 20 Per cent Off '-He Founded Fort Benton The death of Matthew Carroll is rc- port(*d from Helena, lie was almost the pioneer of pi«im*«-rs of Montana and one or the interesting characters of its history,.^ Born in Ireland it? 1837 , he came to America at the age of s-veniecii, ami nqth his quick wit and slrnng cOus'iiu lion* he had (ii tl«; difficulty in making his\ way in N«*w Y o ik. -'i'he iollowitig j’l-ar he jnined an expedition which Came toTAirt Fieri;«-, D.- iko U i , where he enter«-«! th>-einpluy <;1 the sutn-r, ami remained uuid 185 ( 5 , and then went to F«irt Lookout-where he took cliaige of the store. A year later he went to Fort Randall and two tears l*der to Fort Stewart, and 1 hence ’oy k**iirai*r to Fort Benton, arriving Ju ly - 4 ,- 1859 } and taking dim go of a snick o f supplies for post trading* The trip to—Fort- Si ewart was made on a keel boat, hut finding it ¡mpn.-'Siblt; to proceed fa tiller' than Fort Brule Ly wal«*r, lhe party was obliged to make the balaiice of the •j*»u«ii«!y lo F»»rt Bunion hr land, arriv­ ing ill«; 3 rd »lay *»f S-¡*L 1859 . that I ic­ ing ihe first ft*-i--.»ii the Americans at- teiioned the liaVlgiltfii of ilia upprr Mi>s \tut r1 ver. At F o il Benton Oirroll entered tlie emidoy of 'lie n<»«t tsnler ami re.maili- «-d until Mav 18 G 4 , win n in coinpuiiv with Georg«; Steele, he receiveda<-arg«» oí merchandise from the siate.v aial.eii- gaged in huslnes-» tin ier the firtu'name an 1 style of Carrall & 3 >i-clc¡ While wailing for Irs goods to arrive Mr. Carroll laid out *lte toun.-itc o f Fort Benton. With Mr. Steele he con­ tinued in business until 1870 , when with E . G. Maclay. Geo. * Sh-ele, C, A . Broadwater anil others, in lit»; Diam­ ond R Freighting company, which wa« one of lhe first transportation c*»:n- p.iim*-* to he onfanizetl in Miuilaiia and. for a nunihei of years the outfit oi«l a tremtínd »us’ business. In 1878 Mr. Carroll withdrew from fn-ighii./g aa*l went to Oregon, where lie bought a of c tille which he brought hack to Motiiaua anil local«al along the T e ­ lón aud Marias rivers, and was then lato I as the catll«; king o f the ter.inny II-: made a fori tine of about §i0d.- 000 and then tlmpped the most of it in running a freight tine from Coniine, Utah. lie pai 1 :ri|Ktlcd in the Sioux -expedilTOTrT}f_ 187(i—atirf-ñn-Áhc-ráriy- dnis o f Montana endure«! many hard- tdi ;>s : n l privaliens. lie assisitil in lhe laying oul <»r Miles City, aud had a s-ore a t Fort Kcough. Dodson ancTEittie Rockies aiage (Jo, DAILY FROM. EACH END / x. ,r. > Firat-claks Concord Coat-he* ilrmvn hy-foitr good I imi * i * s nmko the trip dhiljf esiclt way. in two hours less time between L in mm ami 1) aNoii, than is i.ntdd I*jr-_aj*y_ulheti»ne.niiiuiiig.inLo_ihe JLitlle Jti'ekie». _ Fif.Lren milm tliu nhurtuut« l.i K. W.-iiTo.L Msiuigor.- ED; POWKivir / - ~ R e t « i l D e u lers— . Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Goods in Case Bf^Med Bw»»* Imported and Domestic Cigars Lower Maiu St. Zortmtm, MonUrni. ZORTMAN-WILDER STAGE LINE Carrying U..S* Mail, Passengers and Express. Leaves Zortman Sunday and Wednesday at 6 a m, atrivin| at Wilder and Misscuri Ri\;er points at 2 p m, rctuining thi following days. C. B. S turm an Prop. THE. EAGLE SALOON KI 5 LLERMAN & SHERLOCK, Prop Vs. Zortman, Montana/ — R etail D kaler in — Gibsoii, Hoosier Bard and other brands of, Imported and Domestic Cigars^ SOCIAL CLUB Whiskey. „ H A M M BREWING CO’S BEERfc In the history .of the Little Rockies has such a stock of ¿ENERA I> MERCH AN DlSE ever been shoivn as notv on tnp at SI They Were hoxtght in ear hits and at the Rates and Discounts usual jy ^iven ih deals o f such size. You get tlie benefit & a t * . - ■ P —

Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.), 13 Feb. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.