Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.) 1907-19??, February 13, 1909, Image 3

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^ y r u p f l T g s < C E U m r ? í ( 3 e n n ( L a c t s g e n t ì y ^ y é t p r o m p t - e n t i l e b o w e l s , c l e a n s e s t e s y s t e m e j | e c t u a l \ y , G s s i s f e o n e - i n o v e r c o m i n g K a f e l t u a l ^ o n s t i p a t i o n t l i e g e n u i n e . ’ farai|actuce¿ botile T h e G r a n a C a n y o n 7\ o f th e C o l o r a d o R i v e r P O & K U P CO. SOLO STESSO! NO DRUCGlSrS-HK fw-BOTTlE Gur Greaa Front Door. with engraved, l e x * / rtxrgfc rolled plate glass, size 2 '8 \ x only !J3U?0. The greatest value in fem t door» ever offered- The door is rww*Tm ftonr the choicest -of fir lumber, thoroughly steamed and kiln-dried- Your dealer’ will ask $5.00 for a door no bette r , OtiFtaeC fir door» for painting, $1.10 per door- Four sizes carried in stock, 2 ft. x tt f t , 2 ft- s ff ft- 0 in , 2 ft. 6 in. x ( f t <P h n, 2 ft- 3 in. x 6 ft. 8 in. W e have our own. factory, have but one priest soil to anyone, and are the largest B c jsrr and distributors o f sash and doors hr the Northwest- That is the reason our geCsem are tux low, iJ'nErt Buy anywhere until you get our price lis t s , which are mailed free, on ap- pGertmm. W « guarantee safe delivery to your railway station- ___________________ O. B. W ILLIAM S GO., 1010* Western Are., Seattle, Wash. Congress, at Its last' sesslonr was asked to appropriate money for a monu­ ment to John Wesley Powell, to be erected somewhere on the rim of the Grand Canyon of tiro Colorado,'which he was the\ first wlTIfe 'maïi to' explore. His achievement differed from those of other explorers in that they followed routes or trails more or less- known to the aborigines, while his way was through a chasm so tremendous, so ap­ palling In Its vastness, so filled with hidden-perils that even, the natives feared and .shunned It. Until after Powell and his companions passed through the terrific depths of the Grand Canyon what the world had known of it 'was \mostly based‘upon mythical tales told by the Indians, or some hunter or prospector. - Stories were related ofs parties entering the gorge In boats, and being carried down with fearful ve­ locity into whirlpools, where nil were overwhelmed. Others told of under­ ground passages of the madly rushing for one man to express his emotions to another. It is a singular fact that three- fourths of the people who come to the canyon are women. A large number of them are well along In years, and the endurance and the nerve they show Is extraordinary. Nearly every woman who comes Insists upon going down to the bottom of the canyon, while only half of the men show that amount ol energy. Were a canal of the size of the pro­ jected cut at Panama to be dug in the Grand Canyon It would appear hardly larger than a baby ribbon to a spec­ tator on the rim. It Is estimated that to obtain enough earth to fill the Grand Canyon It would be-necessary to exca­ vate 20.000 Panama canals. Tbe Grand Canyon Is like nn Inverted mountain range, 217 miles long, reach­ ing a depth of 7,530 feet, with a series of depressions averaging 6,000 feet chis­ eled out of the earth by the erosion of GRAND CANYON FROA1 SCENIC D iyiD E r itr n fa tx ¡n il sells vsob T* WSMmwaA V3JjO shoes than any B o s fiictiicer f a the world, b e- tb s y k s U their shape, fife better, T wil .1 i CTi in any other make. ■WT.Wme^nefttfssi^tOBUZdgmnoanmiot Bmgafeasyyxfca. mad |T Sf mdmm m n»Tn if tuthcirsiK t f » f i r Xwetetm C M Mmeetmutreltt. h k e 3Cm R a M U o t e . W. L. Dougin* ujiue s a t pctee Is m n p ed os bottom, Solti a e n S o s . Stoss nailed. from factory to say aKCsCflkewocttfe. Catalogs* free. V A m UCJLS. 1 » S*scfc SC, Brack!*«, Re**- 3 = h o r s e p o w e r G a s o l i n e E n g i n e F o r s a l e r $ 1 2 5 . A itig li g rade, first-class e n g ine w i t h P o m p Jack fitted, also pdBejr f o r pow e r . E n g in e com ­ p iete w ith gasolin e and coolin g w a t e r tan k s an d a ll -fix tu r e s . W d l send an y w h e r e o n trial P e n n e M a c h in e r y C o ., S e a ttle, W a s h in g to n W ATERPROOF y m m c l o t h i n g ; fcefi* bel 1er-wears longer card cives more large pcrfferns.yet ; costs no more then ibe just as good'Fund: æ ^ s t œ s ^ seta everywhere \ 6«oy garment SeoriTO ihe . * . ■ sign otthe fis» ; cï ; ScBsj-proct M s vcwco- c o sosto -, u s m __ • ÇgwtBÿwi* CO tffhft&TQOO^TQ 'L a d y o r G e n t lem a n W a n t e d CrsprrsesCusfrtyotirdfstrfrt. 15 .CO to $10.00 «Sadly. ISr. experience necessary-, kut push and Tseytinie- money.. Write to Pacific Pboto Krcfarreiag Co, ’117— 3d A v e . , Seattle SpXtr No-feT 8 TKxar iRfUkirtosAverthMifpiMM river, Info which boats had'been car­ ried, never to reappear. It was cur­ rently believed that the river was lost under the rocks for several hundred miles,- and thatrany attempt to-rlde-its surface—meant- certain death. __ There were stories of great catracts, from which the roaring music of the waters could be heard on the summits of dis­ tant mountains, -and there-were ac­ counts of parties wandering on the brink of the canyon, vainly endeavoring to reach the waters below, and, finally dying from thirst within sight and hear­ ing of the river, which seemed to mock their distress. The mysteries of the canyon were woven Into the mouths of the religion of the Indians. The Grand Canyon of Arizona Is within a government forest reservation sixty by eighty miles In size. About two-thirds of it Is on the eastern and the other third on the western side. The timber Is In fairly good condition. There was a bad fire two years ago which ruined several hundred acres of fine forest, but there Is little danger of Its recurrence because of the vigilance of the superintendent and his corps of foresters. It Is thirteen miles from one rim of the canyon to that on the opposite side, and there are two trails by which the western side -may be reached.!\ One oL them, the Bright Angel Trail, 'is op­ posite the new hotel, and although It Is eighteen or twenty miles ato the top the ages. It Is the generally accepted the­ ory that this great chasm Is solely tho work of water—of the floods that eom,e down from the mountains every spring and- summer—but-Mr.-Ordonez, a dis­ tinguished __ Mexican geologist who came here not long ago, made a sugges­ tion which may not be entirely new but Is worth, mentioning. It is his Idea that, while the earth was cooling, the soil and the rocks contracted and split a deep and wide fissure In the Burface of the plateau, and that Its sides have since been worn down and polished by the action of the water. That seems reasonable. F R E M K N e w A choice collection Of 80 recipes,' with the latest baking helps and a fund o f valuable information, edited by M r s . J a n e t M c K e n z i e H i l l , o f The Boston Cooking School, the noted authority on Domestic Science. Elegantly illustrated and printed on finest plate paper. This artistic book absolutely free to every user o f K C B A K I N G P O W D E R .To.get t h e “ Cook’ s Book** Secure the coupon from a 25-cent can of K C Baking Powder. Cut this out, write name and address and mail with coupon to Jaques Manufacturing Co., Chicago. Dept. 4 6 If you have never tried K C Baking Powder, this is the time to buy your first can, and get the beautiful “ Cook’s Book” for the asking. 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It follows a stream of clear, pure cold water whlch-comes.tumhllng down a narrow canyon on the western side, and Major Powell during his flrs| memorable ex­ ploration of the canyoS* called It the Bright Angel River bccuuse it was such a grateful discovery. People are beginning to find their way-to the Grand Canyon. Last year, which was the first since the railroad waif opened, about 1Í2,000 people came. This year, If the present average-keeps up, there will be from 20,000 to 25,000 visitors, and every one who comes goes ’mine a walking advertisement for the dace.-' There Is nothing . to compare vlth it anywhere In the world. It Is • p ssi: It to exaggerate tlio grandeur. - sn'.il;m':ty. the luiprj-sslvcness of the • •¡■cry: and its faseii-atfon canuot ho v;.rately described.. It Is Ir'obssiMe as -big as my right leg right down through the bottom of the vessel.’ — —And she-foundered.-of-course?1- \ *No, sir. The water began rusliln In, and she would have foundered, but there came a second flash, and a-bolt struck my foreto’ gallant - mast It was cut off near the top, turned bot­ tom end up, and'as it came down It entered the hole and- plugged It up as tight as a drum. When we got down to-drydock we simply sawed off either end and left the plug In the flanks.’ Washington Herald. ' Genteel H e s t r a lut. Judge—You’d better, be careful or I shall commit you for contempt of court. ! The Lady—Don’t .be 'nrd on me, yer worship. I’m a-doln’ me best ter con ceni lire feellu’s.—Thè ' Sketch Catarrh One of \the most\ common of blood-die* eases, is much-aggravated-bv the sudden, changes of weather at this time of year. Begin treatment at once with Hood’s Sarsaparilla, which effects rad­ ical and permanent cures. This great medicine nas received • 4 0 .3 6 6 Testim onials •* * \ in two years, which prove its wonderful efficacy in purifying and enriching tho blood. * Best for all blood diseases. 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Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.), 13 Feb. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.