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VOLUME y i WISDOM, MONTANA. THURSDAY. JANUARY 11, 1923. NUMBER 13 Fund for Galen Radio Mrs. Ted Woodward very kindly permits us to print the names o! the donors to the, Galen radio fund, most commendable object, which is the child of Postmaster Will Tovgy’g brain. Mrs. Woodward says: The Galen radio fund is increas­ ing slowly and we hope to soon in crease it still more. On account of the benefits to the ex-service men at Galen Ray L Hof- statter of Butte, agent for the Grebe radio, has offered a set at cost, viz.: $219, with a possible further reduc­ tion if Galen has a ^battery and charger which can be used. Dr. Vi dal, superintendent of Galen, says a yadio is the one thing needed now to round out the amusements at the sanitarium. The following is a list of the subscriptions so far: Proceeds of play given in Jackson Dec. 2 ..................$40 00 Senator T J Walsh .............. 5 00 Basin Mercantile Co . . . . 2 00 State Bank of Wisdom . . . . 2 00 J P Lossl ........................... 2 00 Charles Quist ..................... 2 00 Big Hole Basin News ........ 2 00 Carl Huntley ....................... 2 00 George Parsons ................... 2 00 Ted Woodward ................... 2 00 Dresden Shields ................. 2 0 0 Fred lltrschy ..................... 2 00 Ray S q u i r e ......................... 1 0 0 Marshall R a m s e y .............. 1 00 Wm. Vogelsang . 60 Will Tovey ......................... go Senator Walsh, who is always in terested in the welfare of the pa tien.n at Galen, a witness his Elinor Walsh cottage which he built then as a memorial to his wife, respond ed at once when asked to contribute to the fund. Special thanks are due the people of Jackson for their generous pat ronage of the play; to John Pender- gast, who contributed the hall, ltghu and fuel, and to the Jackson orches­ tra, who by their playing contribut­ ed to the success of the play. We thank, also, every contributor to the fund and hope there are others who will send in their contributions Make the checks payable to Galen Radio Fund and send to Mrs. Dave HIrschy or Bill Tovey. MRS TED WOODWARD. I,0t INK GIVOGRE IN THE LEAD Suiidfj's Standard in reporting a basket ball game between .the Tom­ boys and the Flappers of the Wo mans Basketball league of Butte at the ' M C A gym, Saturday night, has this to say of our pride Louise Givogre, who is attending the Butte Business college: “ Close guarding featured the game. All shots that were made \were from under cover. Givogre, foi ward for Hie Flappers, slipped away from her guard early in the first half of the game and tossed a field goal and from then on it was a battle for possession of the ball. The goal that was tossed in by Givogre was the only seore made by either team.” W'hen Louise went to Butte a few weeks age she was of course, being a stranger, and in faet an amateur, placed in the last team of the league but her ability has won her a plaee in the second team, which has a per­ centage now of .714 to .887 for the lead team, which her team plays Saturday night of tihs week. Here Is hoping the Wisdom girl pulls her team trough to first place! RESULT OF «BAL SALE We are very grateful te Mrs. TM Woodward for the following re­ port on the sale of Christmas seals, which was la her charge this year: Due largely to the splendid ©festa of the* teachers issi pupils ed the Big Hole schools the Red Cross seal saie was a great success. On accoust of a grout n o A a r of toa t e r s hetag| COMMISSIONERS COMEDY A nice little comedy for the bene­ fit the taxpayers of Beaverhead county has just been enacted where­ by said taxpiyeru will be compelled to pay 89 per cent more for a certain piece of work entailing the expendi­ ture of several thousand dollars than should be paid for the job In question. We refer to, the county printing. Since the letting of the contract to The Lima Ledger at “ 80 per cent of the statutory rate” ton all of the county printing, when The News bid was 80 per cent for book and job work and 50 per cent for newspaper publications, rumors have been rife to the effect that another call for bids would be made by the board. In fact at one time Chairman Shaw was asked over the phone to call a spe­ cial meeting for this purpose. He rightly refused, in the Interests of economy, for a special meeting to reconsider and call for bids would lecessarily entail another meeting to consider the bids. It was impos­ sible for Mr. Shaw to attend the January meeting and the bond of fhe Ledger was approved Nice little joke isn't it? The le~ ^al rate for publication notices— all newspaper publicity required by the county— which means, the publica- on ol the commissioners’ pro­ ceedings each month, calls for bids for contract work of any sort and he speciflactions therein— is $1 5.0 per folio (100 words) for the first insertion and 50 cents a folio for iuch subsequent insertion. The News offered to do this for 75 cents a folio or the first insertion, 40 cents a fo- o for each subsequent insertion. In he linotype mats used by The News nd Hie Dillon papers the law makes ne and four-tenths inches a folio, ’lie colmuns of Dillon papers are o inches. For ready reckoning let is call a folio one and one-half ineh- s which is one-tenth of an Inch out if the way. Now count the columns Vtsea in by the commissioners’ pro- -ecnings each month id the year (12 Mines) multipfy by two,for two years s the length of the contract, and re- ilize that The News wanted to print one and a half (or one and four- eutii inches) for 75 cents and the august body of county dads pays $1 20 tor it. “ The board read your bid as 75 PER CENT, Dick.” Bah! The hoard surely is not so simple as all ‘hat. 1 The board thought that Lima, ieing on the railroad, would be so nuch handier. You know the court lometimes runs out of blanks and has to have ’em right away.” Imagine a set o f ‘court officers en­ tering upon a session without the necessary blanks— there are no spe­ cial blanks; a form is prescribed by lav end all necessary blanks must conform to the guage set. Fact is, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, the eounty printing will be done in Diiloa still. Dillon, Dillon, O, great is our county seat and to ----- with the Big Hole exeept at tax-paying time. They don’t need roads over then. What if those fellows have dug deep into their pockets to build % highway through the Rocky moun­ tains connecting the two greatest na- ional playgrounds in the world! The travel will come through Dillon ityway, via Butte. Our representative, Joe Shaw, has had an uphill road from the begin- iin.» ©f his term as commissioner; he has had to use a world of diplo­ macy to get anything for the Basin and it will be harder now than ever. Hi* term of office as chairman of the hoard expired at the January raeet- ng and the other two members of '-he board one from Dillon end one from Lima, elected Al. Anderson chairman and also inade him fhe cerntj 'a purchasing agent. There is one way, and one way «fly . te a the Big Hole to* get Its jnst dues from the board of county R U D E R U R A L R H Y M E S (vVrttea fox T hb N ews by Bob Adams) OCR SUCCESSORS O, when In country ox fy, town 1 walk with Hannah up and down, 1 see some good kids and some cranky, some neat and some that need a hanky; but be they full of siu or gtacc some one of theta will take my platse. Although my hair is not yet gray I'm getting older every day; >ea, though my gait ro limp fs showing I’m getting nearer where I'm going. Dear sir, though not yet old as Priam, you're in the. self-same boat as 1 am. Dear madam, though your charms are phuty, P R | ’ never more will weigh one- tweuty. Full many a rural church has rusted, and many a fair and grange las busted, because in grown-up folks they trusted. Without a tor, without a sound, this dizzy earth goes ’round. O, nevef does a trip begin but some good worker cashes in, and never sinks a weary sun but sees some leader's labors done. Some kid already in the trace must step on up to take our places, and all our churchs, fairs and granges should have some young blood to meet these changes. Else, when we sleep benath the dalsis. th cuus w lov will go to blazes. Yea, when we rest beneath our hummocks, the good old town will go ker- ftummux So let us train the youngster dapper, and seek to civilize the flapper. O, let us teach the kids life's rules in clubs and camps and Sunday schools, and then sit hack upon our pants and give the younger folks a chance. — BOB ADAMS I ! ¡ ! Ì .1 SHORT STORIES OF HOME FOLK High winds have prevailed to con­ siderable extent the past few days, PAY BACK FEES FOR GRAZING Persons grazing stock on the Na­ tional l or eels will have their privil- causing road blockades and doing no eges cancelled until all back fees little damage to telephone lines, have been paid, according to a deck We were entirely cut off from Butte »ion of V Jliam B Greeley, chief for- Monday and the local line south was ester Because of the stringency In impaired as well, Still it is warm, almost uncomfortably so. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jorgenson fa­ vored The News with a call Thur#» day and left dn order for ranch sta­ tionery. Why don't you do that? financial conditions throughout the country grazing fees which are ordi­ narily payable in advance were in JP2l accepted in two payments, due en July 1 and December L The »am» arrangement was made for 19 2 2 and resulted in considerable We have a long list of names suit* ¿^¡mance to stockmen who had able for your ranch and can print hard pressed financially during your stationery at less than you can th(! two yem At the end of 1922 many stockmen still owed for stock grazed, and It now becomes a mat buy the same class of paper blank. Of course, when a fellow puts in ter of pajng up or taking $ heir a bid foi a county job and has a joker in it and the board, looking !l forest, through the county attorney’s glass,! W iSl, , UVK1{ UOMAXH (ljUU discovers it. it is ail right for a part __ , of ’ he board to meet and “approve| We are grateful to Mrs Sanford the bciici” after consulting with the Shepherd for the following report of 8uc<osoful bidder without notifying. Woman’s dub activities at in the the competitor. A P Buck of oLs Angeles Is in the Basin, buying beef stuff for the California packing house which he rci'i events. | From The Western News we learn that, our old friend Hank Simmons, formerly of the Speckled Trout ranch in the Pig Hole, has just re­ ceived a large consignment of Silver fox animals *or his breeding farm in the Bitter Root. The many friends of Mr. and Mr®. Dan Mooney will be glad to learn thaï. Utile Katherine, their two-year old daughter v ho was scalded two weeks ago v.htn she fell into a tub of hot water at her home, is rapidly recovering in a Butte hospital. The burns were not as Jeep as reported and there will be no permanent scars it is said. RADIONEWS [Kindness of C J Faulkner, resident agent Grebe detector and amplifier] Monday. New York; A blizzard raged here all day today such as has never been equalled before, result­ ing in many casualties and much property damage. » • » • » g « * * Washington. The admintotra- tkm sends protest to France against France oeeupytng Germany’s indus­ trial centers. * * * * * * * * * Washington. Stanley Baldwin, chanceilor of the exchequer of Eng­ land, assures the United States that away tor fhe hoüdxys only an * * « î h « « F i » . to complete report ean he d m at tods times: , tito « « * fO N ti . . . . . . . . . . $ 1 1 W H r . t t i h r l f M i t ............... « ft* Stato Ben* « t i * * » . . . . . f M . „ . . y . . . ft## * « * - #1 «É '■iWW .*;***»: ii'fffi» .. t M . * * * sqaare * » fhe centers o t Beer Lodge w t t i t e r 1to* t m o t s A that fat; into toe S t e n » t e e a t e r * a t « m a t s rw iH stim firt t i s i wfB t e e fetor«* 3a toe Basto. Wkjrr »Stofe t t t m a t t m m m a t j t t ç traie t e « toa B a te, R M trititi <*» to* ‘am eróse- m t *> torear Wise River district: The Wise River Woman’s club net ’\nursday at the home of Mrs George Hodgson. Four new mem­ bers were admitted. Each member lesponded to roll call by giving one of ex-F’resident Wilson's famous 14 points. Four very Interesting pa­ per« were given: The Versailles Treaty by Mrs. F P Morrill. Red Cross by Mrs Walter Jones, Christ­ mas Seals by rMs. Frank Husted.and an original New Years story by Mrs Margaret Patton. The next meeting of the club will be held January 18th at the home of Mrs. William Ferguson. OUR NEW FEATURES Beginning with this Issue we are furnishing our readers with at least a column of legislative news sent us regularly from Billings by the West­ ern Newspaper Union. The first in­ stallment of radio news also appears. The latter is quite abbreviated this time, Mr. Faulkner not being quite certain as to what we would consid­ er Bews. It will be mow extended in the future. The News can be depended wpon to install anything and everything within our means if it be of interest to fear readers. Without public pap of any sort the paper has reached its present stage of efficiency «¡nd ft is not our rate re to be satisfied as long as there Is anything we ean add DOESN’T WANT CASE The News Is advised that It \has NICE PRESENT FROM BANK she (England) will soon pay her , ^ wttfc refkrd to ^ war debt to America amounttng to prtetits and the law firm giving ns five billion dollars principal « nd in- A t è interinati©* wants the case on a pemnetage t e t o , no win, w o t e t Na, thanks’ The News has saved th« taxpayers of «9» Beaverhead a, noti tim e m m hy toredag theeewnty eommiaiOMrs icio. ' retretoehw V e t o » » boe art to œ x m a m to hsftp ye« «ave, a m t Ito» t e r » m a t t i toft; tort t i we w a r n m accept <he « f e r e i to # toppi »n a . a m t ft t t t m a a m wie,- W «iU H : i i Ba- \ t o . t e 4l9eeL th : * -¿mamm The News to at lorn for wee»s to express ovr fnrtftMe to fhe First TTrifinifTtml nf UTTliT ti» present Retire» toi the r. JB ïs m wp to iste l i t e tot SHERIFF CAPTURES SOME STILL The grsat-granddaddy of all the s’.tlis captured in Beaverhead county since the advent of prohibition was found shortly after 4:90 o'clock yes­ terday aliernoon by Deputy Sheriff W Kellum and Under Sheriff \V 1) R'jss at the head of Slx-Bi^ gulch on the upper Blacktail. Constructed in a manner which showed that the one man in charge kr.ew bis burnne«» thoroughly, the plant was capable ot holding at leant BOO gallons of mash and It to be­ lieved that this mtn:ature distillery sets a record tor size which has not beeu equalled in ’ the state. It was firmly imbedded in masonry and con Crete, with a 12-foot furnace beneath lu which huge logs were burned The top of the still was fully 12 feet high and 19 or 2D feet around the base Vats in the cabin wen large enough U hold about 7.990 gallons of mush. Water had been piped rbout 500 feet through regu­ lar sewer pip s and in order to dump the barrel,1 of mash into the still u rude elevator hud beeu constructed to lift them i p The sheriff states it will he m cessarj to use dynamite to break down the foundation and il is going to he a difficult task to tiring the plant Into the city AnoHiei small still of about 10 gallons ca­ pacity was aho lourd on the preiu Isos. Only one man was arrested at the Gme but seviial more may later he appn heuded The one arrested give- hi enai e as John Doe and stated he, had jest started in J,he business, in fact, he tad run off only a few gal Ions of the finished product when the officers raided his cabin lie was miuigned before Justice Stahl Thursday evening and pleaded guilty to I he charge, being released under bonds ot !: F 1 fur hts appear dime In the district court for sen tenre The sheriff Is making preparations for the removal of the huge plant into town ©arty next week. Doe states that be Is justly proud of Ms dtsti !erv When told of the big one captured a few days ago near Butte which was said to have been of ,‘B hi galltus capaicty, he merely shrug ged les shoulders with the remark that “tha* was simply a working mode! “ — Dillon Tribune FARM V' OMEN AND FIGS A -ecent bulletin from the United States agricultural department gives the following Interesting facts Over kü.bOO worth of fig pre­ serves were sold in Adams, Jefferson and Copiah counties, Mississippi, during the past Iseason after the state market specialist and the ex­ tension worker representing the United States Department of Agit culiure and the State Agricultural college had shown the woman of these counties how to preserve and market a high grade product. It was realized, from the great demand for fig preserves that came to the extension office, that the figs wasted each year In southwestern Mississippi could he turned into a good cash income for the farm wo­ men of the “date. Investigation showed that the shelves of the lead ing grocer* were stoeked with Cali­ fornia fig i reserves instead of those prepared Iocs'ly. A standard recipe was introduced by the home demonstration agent in each etranly and dab members who hid figs were instructed In the meth­ od of putting up a product that could compete with highly standard­ ized eonfftnereial products. Members who enrolled for this work oven took precast mb to buy sirup ther­ mometers in order to have a perfect pre.Mrvt for sale. A large part o f these preserves was sold within the state, but many orders were H it» outside. The fig preserves were arid to hotels and tee roost* *nd wml «s gifts to per­ son« f« New Orleans, Denver, Hot Springs, Detroit, New York, Nash­ ville, and sever«! eities « a t towns in irgiul* tud W e « tTretotou, 1« Ad- east county « t e e ftffto worth o i fig preserves w m sol» before the tot of .d a t e r . R to totoffeoatteto-eM B -j t i n tout s im f e s n t State Industrial Review Domestic crude oil production in th© week ending December 16 aver­ aged 1.682,690 barrels daily, and in­ crease of 24.S59 barrels daily over the previous week, according to the American Petroleum astltute. Oil ini)-oris decreased front*3(2,8¿1 bar- ids daily to 231,367 daily. ¡Shelby: Two carloads of pipe re­ ceived for building the gas line in Roundup: Deep test well is to be I riven tn Devil’s basin. Butte: Garibaldi mine is sinking i bg «isaft. ( añade county has property vulu- :»'on of $3:1,957,441. lie-dale's new $49.090 school U cum Hided. Noil hern Pacific may build a line hroi.!,h the Smith river valley into Great Falls. fat Greek shipped 904 carloads of crude oil during last eight months. Great Falls Bear Den well shows el a-t 5 CO feet Montana assets are $ 17,191,227. ( esh resources of the state are tn- ivased $.1224.264 during 19 inonlh P'-riod Sid'ix Amazon Dixie mine un- eoveis good ore Libby Strike of importance is nade oí I ukeiiH-Ilazel mine Btuail. ew No 2 well encoitn le's mi al 2800 feel Bulle Contracts amounting to íii/iMOo ru let for Die erection of lie new Fiiiien hotel Cu:,' Kails American refinery •uimr.- wiik, operating at a 400- i.ill'll rule Maului'd Judiih Busin county pinuuv Uiiociatnm holds a poultry lion wlflt exhibits from all parts of Monlana t.i1 well as from Oregon. ash ing ton, Idaho, Wyoming. North Dakota and New Jersey, a Groar Fulls Another well is brought in In the Sunburst field t ew is tow vc. I,© wist own On & Rs- iiidng nipi ny is to double the ca- l-i’iih ol it<’ i>tanf. Appropriation of 63.953 43 made lor Die to |i Riceville road, 8 T VI!, TAN REDUCTION Every Western state has a battle m for tax reduction. Governors are preparing their messages to make lis the foremost issue to be pre­ sented to the legislature». They are nuking their brains to see how they can keep their campaign promises lo trim the overhead in some way The old song about the three de­ partments ef government- . admtn- Mtn.tive, judiciary and legislative - lias done service in the past, but it* people who pay ihe taxes know that so far as they are concerned ilif'ie three departments do learn work when it tome? to getting th« mo. ey No case can be cited where one department has ever laid a draw in the way ot. another depart­ ment increasing taxes-—only by a governor's veto in most of the Western states Dure is strong talk of junking so- called useless or superfluous boards m i commissions if there are any such. It will be denied by ail of them that they are fifth wheels on ihe wagon; ail will contend the^tate •ouid not get along without them, fu ;t the same, Illinois, Idaho, Wash­ ington and other states have junked fheirf and reduced taxes, damped hundreds of useless officials and ex- st. Left to a legislator© the evils •»t these ulcers sapping the revenues and lifeblood of the commonwealth, will not b abolished. They role. Where the HittitBudineras exeres- tncts have been scraped off the body poliile it t as beer, done by heroic ac­ tion of some chief eseeutive. Gov­ ernor Caliera in Illinois and Gov­ ernor Hart la Washington, backed by strong bn sines* men. used the dan o s the legislature and got re- suits. There is bo exeose tea « state or a eovaity or « efty goversaert cot fc*T»g at m a t «« t e » t fstifito-iito- eaaflaetigg «fair» as a teak or eor- poratima.—The KxBufaeturer. Aa* m t e t o t o «erporstíes m a M »totoft!

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 11 Jan. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.