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VOLUME X I WISDOM, MONTANA. THURSDAY, MARCH 15. 1923. NUMSER 22 Wisdom-Salmon Route County Commissioner J E Shaw returning Inst Friday from a meeting of the board of county commission ers, dropped into The News office with the sweetest morsel of news it has been our good fortune to hear since the nnangements were com­ pleted for the building of the Hamil ton-Wisdcra section of the Weetern Scenic Fat k-to-Park highway. ‘‘The Wisdom-Salmon road will be completed this season, nothing now seen to be in the way,” said Mr. Shew. ‘‘The state highway commis­ sion wired, so interested was that holy, but I took no chances on being misunderstood and phoned. I told the commission the factB as we all know them to be, and he asked: ‘Do you, then, state it to be a public necessity?' I replied: ‘Most assured­ ly it is a public necessity.’ He ans­ wered. All right. It is a go.’ ” There seems to be a working agreement between the Montana Sta e Highway commission and the U. 8 forest service. These agencies, with the assistance of Beaverhead county, will construct a road be­ tween Wisdom and Salmon, and they will do this during the coining sum­ mer unless some unforseen difficulty arises Individuals will be asked to do­ nate loams and work, probably, and “ there a oodles of ’em\ itching to do this All the way up Swamp creek then are men and horsee at com maun, and over in the Northfork of the Basin are others On tne Idaho side there are an abund anre of men with teams ready to put in time on the project and there fi no doubt of the construction It will be remembered that two years ago The News quoted a per friend who has risen to a high l i i In the road work of the tini’ ed States as saying ‘‘Colonel, if you can get just a lit­ tle of the old time pep into youi fellows we will not only build the road through the forest reserve, but we will give you a lift on this side.” This unguarded lemark made pub; lie created a furor A special offi­ cer of the governnu-nt was sent to Wisdom and The News was taken to task, importuned to give the name of the party This we did not do, of course, but we had a little smile up our sleeve all the while Some time after this visit Forest Ranger Ram­ sey went over the trail by courtesy called a road with an official. They not on iy went over the road as it is, but looked for and found a better route. This ‘‘find” mines the slide rock at the old Ryan diggings and it misses (he steep “ pitches” at Lit­ tle iVioosehorn and Ruby creeks. Since the first mention of this much needed road work, Mr. Shaw has leen \on the job\ in season and out of seuson. The Wisdom-Salmon road has been in his mipd continu­ ously and in his conversation when­ ever there was a possible ehanee of sowing seed .that would take root. Last summer Beaverhead county constructed a veritable boulevard for several miles, touching the forest re­ serve when finished. Thus was« “ a little of the old-time pep” shown to our Uncle Samuel, and now the work is to be done, and done right. Even Butte is favorably affected by lb s move on the part of the for­ est service and the highway commis­ sion, together with Beaverhead coun­ ty. It means a short-cut for. the Butte traveling salesmen who how, with the exception of a very few in­ trepid souls, go '‘dean araound Robin Hood’s bant ter git aerost.” HEREFORD« SELL 1 1 1 1 CABARET WAS CATCHY Not in many, many moons has the populace been as completely satis fled with an entertainment as it was with-the cabaret under the auspices of the Library association at the Community building last Saturday night. The house was filled to ca­ pacity and one of the most enjoyable evenings imaginable was spent. The interior of the building was tastefully decorated with crepe paper and the stage was a perfect bower in its leaiuitully blended streamers. It is the general expression of those in the habit of attending all social af­ fairs (hat there “ wasn’t a hitch” in the entire arrangement. Tables a la cabaret were placed along the north and nnith walls of the auditorium, where the guests were waited upon by three swfbtly gowned little girls Lorn Shaw, Hazel Holman, Audrey Tovey and Glad's Onserud Car! Huntley proved a valued aide to the lUtle Lisneb in caring for the crowd of young men and boys in the rear of th> ha l! where it would have been difficult for the children to serve and collect lee cream, in cones and in dishes, was served, together w.tli pop of every popular description, an or chestra coni posed of John Pender­ gast, viol n, Mrs Alice Arbour,piano and Clair Quint, saxaphone, render ng delightful music throughout the oven ng ^ Never to our knowledge have ania- o'H performers in Wisdom attained o netily perfection as those engaged n this entertainment. One cannot ay too much for them They showed tlout and proved by their successful nterp: elution of the parts assigned ■ at they had worked hard To meui ion each act or each indi- / dual separately would tax the Inge- uity ol an expert art critic, “oi vhich we are not whom.\ It must ■r said however, that the solo dance d tittle Miss Dorothy Oliver fully ustuined her reputation. That of Midgie” Arbour was “slthply kill ng,\ especially her bow, which she vas called upon to make until the mdiehce was so convulsed with, - aughter that it could no longer ra ¡ore the dainty little maid. A burieque skit entitled “ Mr Gal agher and Mr Shean\ was executed iwe use the term advisedly) by Don Anson, Dewey McKevitt and Harold Capehart, bringing down the house,, and George Parsons, posted on the vaudeville stage as the Jungle Queen jut introduced orally as Old King Put Himself, was a scream Mr Parsons’ over 200 pounds of avoir poise was adorned a la ballet dancer, t picture hat and white stockings completing the make-up, was simply a scream. The solos were augmented by a feminine chorus consisting of Mes- iai'ies Carl Huntley, G D McKevitt, Jack Troupe, Wallace Francis, Will Vovey and Roy Oliver; Misses Vir­ ginia Crane and Julia Kramer. They were most tastefully gowned and per­ fect in their movements and song Daring Mrs. Arbour’s solo Miss ■Reila Nelson of Jackson presided at the piano. Following is the program in full: Pickaninnies ......... Alice Pendergast, Eunice Tovey Solo Alice Blue Gown Mrs. Joe Arbour and Chorus S o l o ............................. Midgie Arbour 3dlo ........... A h Old-Fashioned Girl G D McKevitt and Chorus Sol > D a n c e ................Dorothy Oliver “ Tfce Sneak” . . . . . . . Ladfes’ Chorus Sola D a n c e ............. La Rena Tovey ‘Mellow Ittoon” . . . . Lillian Francis and Chorus Skft “ Mr Gallagher and Mr. Shean” Don Anson, Dewey McKevitt and Harold Capehart “Three ( ’Clock fn the Morning“ Receipts of the evening amounted to about $168. A full report of the finsneia! status of the association Is te be given the public at as early date and The News is requested tc I i 1 l R U D E R U R A L R H Y M E S (Write: for T he , J' news by Bob Adams) HOPE Since I was born, from day to day I’ve looked ahead along the way, and all the things to come, by gad, looked better than the things I had. At fust I hoped they’d wean me soon and fead me victuals fjoiu a spoon. When I was one year old come Friday, already wear of my didy, instead of baby clothes that hamper I longed for pants in which to scamper. At three these things had long been mine, but, though 1 liked my britches tine, the happy fntur beckoned still; the boon I craved my eup to fill was public school with in other Bill. So, in the trail of every prie, some new want rose before my eyes— to hav a girl, to learn to smoke, to learn to dance. The only blessing of my life that 8atisflj|s me is my wife. I’m happy oince she came to queen me— if 1 dnid it she would bean mu In evrything xcept her kiss­ ing there seems as yet somu flavor missing; but w can bear each galling fetter becaue We hope for something better How should we kep our pep and and zest if we already had (he best? Though every Jo* that we may wiu should leave some hungry spot within; though every field, far off and fair, is rough and rutty whqu we re there, still do the dis­ tant ceenee leek sweet, and toward them we throw our feel. 1 Ì l i ! i 1 wm T h è et the WS* «n e h pedd «he est jrfe e M lh * n i f e . m * . f a r a r a c - i MB. According to the Dilkra mows in the Butte end Anaconda dallies the Hereford sale at the county seat last week, eeedueted by the Mearte*» Hereford Breeder* esaeeiatfa*. wsa a thank the e e m r t r Ito Its good e * e , *5 cctatais being f t q jnonf. patronage, it Is of at from $I»6 So $ $ «» each. Wffl ^ 4^-. - chefir apdcudlfir a r t to w n yose «ÉfiiHaÉBt i » «he « r a t o f f k ü ttkei W M - ' S s '9 9 t t J M r ™ f j 'iJihaiy MAY HE MURDER Sheriff C 0 Mongold antA County Attorney E P Reid stopped ii\ Sheri- lan for a few minutes Thursday af- ernoon en route to the county seat rom a trip to Pony, Harrison and Hher north end of the county points. They arrested Mr and Mrs Ralph Rose for alleged violation of the stat­ utes relating to prohibition Judge Smith fixed their ball at $1,000 eaph. A charge of manslaughter has alsil ieeu preferred against this couple. It s alleged that the liquor they are leid for selling caused the death of me William Almendinger during th« nonth of February — The Forum. it may seem queer that The News diould copy an item of thli sort when none of the parties are known o us True enough, friends; but we DEPITY G W ACTIVE Deputy Game Warden Edmunds of Dillon made las presence felt in this neck o' th’ woods last week. His l i>* arrest was of a man giving his pame as Pam Loftus, who has been making his home with Joe Hopkins while trapping tilts winter Mr Lof­ tus was in possession of six beautiful marten --kin“ and enteied a plea oi guilty when arraigned and was fined $2t’, the minimum, by Justice !■: venson Saturday night (lie deputy lirou ,i ’ in Joe Hopkins, charged with havlm in his possession an elk hide, sum1 elk meat anil a heaver skin. Mr Hopkins entered r plea of not guilty and was held 'o the April term of district court in the sum of $500 Bonds were furnished, we under- are by this act simply clinch*»* *jt fctaBd, by Harry Hopkins and Joe irgument we have from time to time promulgated, i e the danger of sell ng or drinking the concoctions now on the market as \hootch ” It is not at all unlikely that the defendants herein are nice folks in the regular order of things at their home, and the corpse may be that of a man as ikeable as our own boys here in the Big Hole Nevertheless— but what's the use? If one's conscience is so seared that he can sell the stuff, and the other's will power is so depre­ ciated that he will take a chance, it s a foregone conclusion that whatev­ er The News or any other paper may say will he sneered at, But, listen, fellers, ’sposin’ ’twas your funeral' JACKSON NEWS NOTES Mrs. Dan Pendergast entertains the Ladies Aid March 30 A large crowd came in for a swdm at the Jardine pool last Sunday. Clarence Hekning is in town, re­ pairing the Deleo plant at M D Jar- dine’s. A new baby hoy has arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eli Sage. The youngster tipped the beam at 12 pounds and he and his proud mother are in the pink of condition. Mr. Sage is expected to recover. The entertainment given by ^ the Ladies Aid for the Children’s Home at Helena was a big success. A large crowd attended and gave liberally to the financial success of the occa­ sion. The auction sale conducted by “Mlrandy an’ her Hasband” netted 128.00. Pies donated by aD the la­ dies, |1>. 06; each man paid for his pie by giving one-third of a cent a pound of the weight of his partner. After mpper part of the crowd play­ ed Five Hundred upstairs while the rest of the crowd remained down­ stairs and danced th ’»ante famished by Charley Pinkerton. The prizes were we* by Mrs Roy Ford and C L Harrington, while Mrs. Sore* Nelson and Fete Inabnit carried of the hoohi contrapeios* W ood worth In the first Instance defendant dis­ claimed knowledge of the law requir­ ing a license to trap marten and he further stated that when he bought his hunting and fishing license at Missoula lie was informed that this point was «ti he needed Mr Hop kins disclaims any knowledge what soever of the presence of the elk and beaver skins, says they are not anJ never were Ms end he knows ab­ solutely nothing clout them save the •act that (hey vert found by the dep­ uty game warden HORN AT JACKNON [Contributed “ by request of the mother\ our correspondent writes ] No preventing providence one can­ dle will be lighted and brightly burn­ ing upon the Jackson Sunday School birthday cake next Sunday to com memórate the arrival of a dimpled baby boy wbo came to make his home with Mr. and Mrs. Ell Sage early Monday morning, March 12. His application card for member­ ship in , the Cradle Roll department of the Sunday School is already in tie hands of the committee and as soon as the fond parents decide upon a name his certificate of member­ ship will be issued. * LIBRARY LADIES TO SERVE Ladies of the Library association, determined to wipe off their indebt­ edness as quickly as possible, will serve a five o’clock dinner at the Community building Saturday. Fol­ lowing is tbe %£mmm n C n Roast Beet Roast Pork Mashed Potatoes Cold Slaw Pickles Creamed Peas and Carrots Hot Java Bread and Batter Apple Pie and Cheese To sit at this feast will cost a four l i t piece and at midnight the ladies serve t a e t e e s i f f the SL Pat- ffck’S day t a m at H cents a COMMISSIONERS MEET County Clerk Johnny Baker very kindly remembered The News with a copy of the preceding» of the board of county commissioners-but we had not figured on it and besides it was delayed in the mail; hence even a comprehensive resume is impossible. We thank the genial Johuny, howev­ er, and although we were not per­ mitted to print thee proceedings f >r 75c per folio, while the contract was awarded at $1.20 per folio, we would not be barred by the august and eeo nomlc&l board from printing them for nothing (perhaps!) An important matter was a peti tion asking that the Bannack-Argen (a road near the east and south end of the Graeter ranch be closed ami u new road constructed down Bra> gulch and connecting with the Dillon Argenta road In Argenta. Fommis slouer Anderson was made chairman of a board of viewers On motion of J E Shaw Dr Poiu dexter vas reappointed county health health office, no change in his salary Indemnity bonds which cover de posits of coutity funds were upproved Charles Richter appearing before the board regarding trees around llu court house grounds, Chuirmun An derson was authorized to purchase the number required and arrange tm planting them A committee representing Hie East Bench ranchers appeared regarding the grasshopper extermination cam palgn and the hoard authorized Mi Anderson to make all necessary ai rangemenls to carry on the work ol extermination Amount of claims allowed. 15, D21 77, total warrants Issued, ltd, 7 80 08 The Lima Ledger, county paper for ’ Printing Etc (we don't get the Etc ) drew down $«0 nil and Tin Examiner Printing Co , \Supplies Etc \ (there's another o ’ them diirn ed e t es) was awarded $500 1)0 It seems to a man up a tree that it |s n l i t profitable to be The Uxamlnei than the county organ Oh, very well Thereis no harm In getting ail you can out of the deer peepul as long to an economical hoard holds your bean Stati Industriai Review MORAL DECADENCE ALARMS A praiseworthy appeal is made by the Washington Educational assorts lion to its members and all mini teachers to co-operate with every i a inunity agency for \moral better i ent \ The resolutions declare that the lamentable decadence and dis ntegration of the modern home.with the resultant increase in juvenile de llnquency, impose on the schools the duty of teaching morals, both direct ly and indirectly, by practice as well as by precept.\ - The evils pointed out in this warn ¡ng are not imaginary One ha« only to consider the ever-increasing di voree record and the recorded and appalling growth of juvenile delta quency to be brought to a sharp real i/.ation that there is moral disinte gration in an ever-increasing number of homes. The burden of caring fo the juvenile derelicts from broken and deserted homes is falling always more heavily upon responsible soei ety. States, eounties and cities fee! tliis increasing burden, and private benevolent and philanthropic organ! zations ate constantly hard pressed for means to carry on their worthy undertakings. But governmental aid and private philanthropy, however generous and however earnest and intelligent, are at best poor substitute for sound parental guidance and the love and shelter of a good American «home The state finds itself nonplussed with the problem of holding to re sponsible performance of duty that ever-increasing number of frrespon sible men and women who rush into matrimony <m!y to become slackers and shirks when they are confronted with the responsibilities o f ay. The m i as the Washington Bd- neattoaal association wisely west b e sttaefced with vigor and pur at fit aocree. The need is xar t f l B M I t * f « f t , in order to give ft, pern at - tae prascaa memaemx - «wr­ ite Well, e lost another subscriber last week, the third one in nearly 11 years through the \discontinue'' loutetoute, aiul now we have only 487 satisfied subscribers. Some folks thing when they stop their home pa­ per it isn't going to he printed any more for anyone ami smile as the» near the i oor house doors squeak on 's h nges. Oh. very well Mining lumbering, utilities and i iiroadiug will be pucited forward a ire. rapidly than for many years. Building trades are picking up all ■vet the slate. Baker: Florence Oil & Gas Co. ,e:.- gas and a showing of oil. bheiby b to see great activity this uiomer due to oil drilling in adja- \iii territory Jardim Arsenic plant may be erected in connection with mill for ;old ims Libby Orders for lumber swamp­ ing mills, now employing; 15.nut) ,utni and will add more Valley comity to raise iilMIOlt acres if com . starting a two-year cam­ paign to pm this region in corn belt. Missoula Is to vote on a $60 0,uni) ¡mud Issue lor ‘ enuring water supply and wall i sHiem Legislature a i proved $12.000 moil nin* tit in iVcntanu soldier dead bii'it'iiisl Oil Ji Gas t o starts the oust i iiction of tow new water reser mu . In Ki vin Sunburst field lidion ¡Now process extracts ml irom -tuitk- successfully Smalthum ,)il Shale Ret ‘ mug Co to add equip­ ment to ixtruc* too barrels a day t-helli) gets a refinery Sheridan New telephone line is to >e In.ill to V iginia City, M ¡Sim u la Nirlhern Pacific Is to on 1 1 (I a $ ,’I (>1 1 ecu roundhouse. vStielliji J'l,ice In One Is to resume drdliug Three great niilwuya start nnllton- ,Pillar edvei Using campaign for the Fur the Northwest New railroad trom NSWU CveeVt n Wyoming to Miles City is being mapped nut Plate, hi tunnel, $lun lino improve­ ment project hi the Rocky Mountain division of the Northern Pacific. Is completed One Hi 1 r 1 i f Lowell section of Lo- fi) pats coaneci ¡ng Western Moinana wiili Uie (c luinlila highway Is com p !‘led and i\ ilracts let for other sect ions, Great. Falls [»rilling resumed at tlonou well of the Northfieid Oil Co. 38 miles fron here B Acs No, (invest Development Co to spud in a new well four miles otith Nhiilj j Ohio Oil Co, introducing tlm use of gas tc replace steam l/raiiii1” priduction of Western Vi tPuna sin'ini'Is for 1SI22. 27 5 mil­ lion feel. Choteau urea is probably (lie only wildcat ana of the present where ■onsiderahle dnUing or drilling prep nations are under way without any di having been discovered Although the Sunburst-Kevin field if NoriI ern Montana lias not as yet irfului-ol any largo quantities of oil, leo lopment is being carried on at a rapid tate by a large number of com­ panies. CURSE OF WASTE it is stated as a fact that rust causes an annual loss of Kuo.nnu in our country. The aetitm of mois­ ture on exposed surfaces of iron and steel antt iron piping aed re&fing is destretfive. That could be avoided ia part by protecting iron against tha action of moisture; still more by suiisTitcting brass or copper for iron wherever possible, Ho‘v rapidly will national wealth grow when people learn ti s” -p w a re! Everybody knows of the aw­ ful annual Hiss dee to fires that eonld he prevented; also of the loss thr?Bgh foieet pests destroying the crons. IFves needlessly tost through disease or ignorance, especially the nftaB fe lives ~6T children. * ' To* can see oa Vtotte Dame cathe­ dral in P i ris, ns g o o d as the day ft » a » j * : th e r e , 4 * t » » e r r o o f th a t e a r - r e f -Hie tfcercfc when H enry t i n d q e a i e s e i to

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 15 March 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.