Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, June 14, 1923, Image 4

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-pi s»“s> <j wgBÿgl NBiG ROLS i CX>» ' A S » Ï H » BW HEBT U B E * . THURSDAY* UKS 11» 1IU ... -J - Æ Siti I* M ' N •ri* ■* V ■ » * • * ' « J t . I y. u i t; i > indivi k ' V\ W.lh our targe motor equipment we aro prepared to answer calls any­ where In the Big Hole, day or night Sherman & Reed 1 moral Directors and Embalmer* 24 • • r ■' /o r î ■': v t? . a w B r t M J M i l l ftW WMw 1 » R omm . PwMSe, Fri*at»«i 4 Sitka R oom \itti or Sa Butta ] / KATlà OSTS DOUAR ASP Ul* With Batb, «AM u 4 Up» Cor.. B. Bdwy u . 1 Wyoming, Butt« Sawing and Fencing Motor Equipment Latest and Best i have bought the Troupe-wood saw lil’TTIS, MONTANA ¡and boring and rimming machlnq. I Hnudwuy Jt Phones 07 &O 9 ! will rim poles, bore posts or saw your wood at reasonable prices. I D il l a F u r n it u r e G o . { I EVERYTHING IN FURNITURE^ I BEDDING.FI (OOB COVERINGS Our iacUitles lor handling and( $ shipping are not excelled ini A Montana, and we solicit yourj A patronage based upon competi- X tion with any other market ini ^ the country. ' jG. T. Paul, Proprietor a m s «««« Auction Sale AT GUO. T. MUDI) RANCH Saturday, lune 23 Grover Helming REGULAR C OMMI MC ATION A No. 61 A. F. & A. M. Meets first and third Tuesdays each month y l Æ x Visiting brothers are / » always welcome. ;> h i\,T«)N. . . . Worshipful Master U A \ Ü 1 WVW ................. Secretary JACKSON’ LODGE NO. 81 : ö £ > 7 & < Tl roc Mowing Machines 'I \ < > (lay Kakes Two (.'rimlstoiies < \ ■ Small Gasoline Engine (no I i n c h Wagon rio .sied Wheel Wagon I >' 0 Spring Wagon I l< K--.ii h Tools ( V|irlllrv Tools I' alii Si is of ila iti ess with collars Olio Clow nee Harrow Every Tuesday Night at Jackson (me s ; I ( ' a i , i e Noble Qraud Joe Kramer T. O M a n i l l a Derrick Hopes ^Secretary ................. lam lloiloran I . 1 0 1 I i of of I,Il ber ' ( e r a I W o r k Teams, some horses tn I Mo ff a- .... ubile, ami a lot of coni­ li io il ics loo n u m e r o u s l o mention ■o ilo .-¡.m , p r o i n p I U a t 1 O l i p 111 E . . . . I n i n l i a l n o n i sandwiches and ri'ff e I Rslraj^h oc Stolen I Wim led to liny A young learn of horses.noi less than Ilian liiOO pounds each, tlninky build Henry P Miiclu ll, I () lìox i>46 Hülfe, Mont Adv i\iay 10 If Tors Casi! U I I/IT K I I, \IT One S y e a r o l d s a d d l e mare, color (ìiCO T MI'DI) l,ilv' \ 11,1 amali irregular white spot A uotumeor Owner w*erwrm r--»stva * * . c I N H l It 1 C W i t h llazelbaker for I N K ! ItA M 1 C THAT INSi’ltEH 1,1 .MON T ASH! ItV D E N T A L HI TIG ICON Kl G »ose Block Anaconda Mont. Advertisement feb 16 If :n ton To ad , in andeil I lia i on left shou I.loi w oig h I a I) -a I l.inoi | he Soule liani li, Haki i I 'a Adv m 10 MEN’S s m s TO OllDIClt See Joe WoodwinTli before order ing lour iievl suit, as lie lias some good bargains to offer They will save >ou money, Tour pal rentage solicited and satisfaction guaranteed Sei&tt jmr putnmt* * ptodc* oi prompt. careful a u ­ ric«; teüaMe, and Mtiatectory goods. Lowest Saving Price Mail order headquarter* Lu- t«y* Central Stara, coruw of Main and Galena Street*. (HEART OF BUTTS) Mal» It jour meeting place LUTEY8 ( GROCERS COFfEE ROASTERS BUTTE. MONT. \Buy Something Made of Copper” -T hink in intx . est — iavi ----- I t&lisdom Cafe l I First Door North of the He J j 5 . « I LW\ A g 0(11) M eal and A Syi/AUt: Dt. u. I Madam Housekeeper:- Are you going to sweat your­ self to death this summer, toiling ovej an old-fashioned coal or wood range, or are you going to take advantage of our mammoth Sale of Electric, Ranges, on the easy payment plan, and make cooking a clean, cool, safe and speedy pas­ time by putting in a Hotpoint Hughes or Westinghouse Electric Range? Four thousand women on our system are today “cooking by wire” at an average monthly cost of only $3.50. The Montana Power Company Wherever Represented Shde Stacker H S ARMITAGE Mostly Broke and Ready for Service We will offer to yoa at oar yards in Dittos Saturday, June 30, ’23 Our Prices For All Your Haying Supplies Aro Now Realdy Let Us Quote You On Groceries, Machinery and Hardware In Wholesale Lots Watch Our Saturday Specials “M O N E Y S A V E R S ” Dealers in Deering Mowers, Deering & Thomas Hay Rakes, Dempster Sweep Rakes and all repair parts for the same Basin Mercantile Company Wisdom and Divide KM i Headquarters For Good Fishing Tackle A Largb and Well Selected Stock of F L 1 E S of Alll Kinds, Martin Reels, Leadens, Lines, Spinners, Hooks, Fishing Baskets, Fly Hooks, Leader Boxes, Fishing Rods of All Sizes and Weights, Priced at I I $ 1 .5 0 up to $ 2 0 ! Hunting and Fishing Licenses I The 'Rejcalt Store KM w ! i MM K) CM I Chas. Quist, Proprietor j 1 M» ►**- ) -------- . * Wisdom Cash Market , j J, A. Louk, Proprietor r i Special Rates on Meat in Quantities l * Fish and Vegetables in Season * I Prompt Attention to Telephone | r ►«** i « B C RESTAURANT .. ( SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE( j A. B. Crane, Proprietor jj ( Our Stocks of I New Spring Merchandise \ J Are Complete I * Come in and get acquainted with our prices The excellent * ? quality, combined with right pjrlees, will eommend this store | to you when in need of anything in the way of men’s apparel I * THE MEN'S STORE s CEKKEN GAINES W MeCRACKEN f Phone ftS A«dra* Hotel Building , | Dillon Montana T LEE MeCI I E C O N O M Y j Mercantile Comp’yj 1 WHOLBUE TD COKUK» \ ' «

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 14 June 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.