Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, June 21, 1923, Image 2

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tn «4 Eroi f h u ijli «t îw o S e ltan «aft Zo*r BU» » le u r Watered as aeccad-clMa mattar Jam î î , 191S, a t th« poatettc« at Montana, nndw Act a t March 1. 1179 80c per inch por ¡une- Flat« matter £5c. Readers 10c per line first Insertion, Sc after ¡•'oidi n A i t v i'l IF. AMI- HI1. A* Ki.preien olive . PRESS ASSOCI AT ION IT .- a s i/ur Country! In her inter­ course with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; Out our country, right or wrong —Stephen Decatur and The Dig Hole Basin News Its HIE i THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1923 FROM ( litD M i TO («HAVE Tht' newNpa per starts in \\ lien j »u a re horn; KeluD's tilioui your excellence ,:,n^| lells iilmut y uir sweetness !t fnllows you to school, And prints the honor roll If your name is found there; li (i Us of your graduation And speaks of the excellence <'f your magnificent essay; U tells of your progress I uring your college career, And (hen dilates much about The choice of your location T ien II gives you a nice notice About your marriage, And praties up the blushing bride Till tier kinfolks don't know her; Then, in due course of events, II tells about the bouncing baby That happens in your family— Thereby beginning its life work All over again. The newspaper does all this, And it does also much more; li tells of (he progress 1\ ade by city and county And boosts all enterprises; (’. ves free advertising Worth thousands of dollars To its home town. There are scads of things That all good newspapers do Lor which (hey cannot be paid. That Is why every citizen Should do his darndest To support the newspaper in every possibly way, And all the time! Yassum, I (hank you.—Palatka, Fla., News Y\ IMMIGRATION HOLIDAY In sheer self-defense the United St; tes must protect itself against the terrific influx of aliens which would so t in the moment immigration bars are let down. We had our lesson during the war and neither the country nor congress is likely to for­ get in a hurry. Millions would be sett to this country ly Russia, Anstria, Hunga­ ry, Poland, and other nations, and i be tide of Immigration woald reach heights never before equaled. Be­ hind the urge would be the lure of gold—easy money, the eoaftdesee tht.t the alien could live much more cheaply than the native American and rapidly amass a fortune. Am­ erican labor is entitled to protection from this. The American Legion want* a three-year immigration holiday, at the end of wWieh period immigration to a inn Red extent could be reraised *. fcfut danger. Rigid immigration taws are enforced in AastraHa, Can­ ada and New Zealand, priulatien needs, re* tbs Xcreve needt its m*****-«* and the Unite« Srates- i m . ’ ' w m m M i k b- prohSWh ZTwrv are a ftw answer» to the question which interested housekeepers are I I asking during the progress of our mammoth Sale of Manges. CLEANLINESS. No coal, wood or kindling required. No aahea to be removed. No matches required. No soot. No fumes. No smoky walls. No grease. These factors of cleanliness Insure pure air and spotless cooking utensils In the modem kitchen. COOLNESS. The round surface burners, (shaped and sized for the vessels), concentrate the heat on the bottom of the utensils. The balance of the range surface remains cooL The oven Is so perfectly Insulated that even when the thermometer records 500 degrees F,, the palm of the hand may be placed on the side of the range, yet the heat le -scarcely perceptible. Heat is utilized for cooking alone, as much as required, just where wanted, and only when wanted. CONVENIENCE. The turu of a switch and heat, at any desired degree, is ready instantly and at all times, livery Inconvenience attending other methods of cooking Is eliminated. SAFETY. No danger of overheating. Strongly recommended and approved by the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Absolutely safe, mechanically and electrically. No open flame, a guarantee against burns to persons or clothing. CONSTRUCTION. Sturdy metal frame. The celebrated nlchrome resistance «wire Is used In every heating unit. Oven packed with very finest mineral or rock wool, noted for Its heat storing qualities. Heavy duty switches—rigidly built—-will stand years of hard service. Equipped with accurate and durable oven thermometers. GUARANTEE. Every range guaranteed against all electrical and mechanical defects for a period of one year, it Is Impossible for a range, defective In even the slightest respect, to stand up under a year s service. Thus the purchaser is fully protected. PERFORMANCE. Accuracy of thermometer abolishes guesswork in cooking and baking and mates best resells entirely certalu under all conditions. Electric cooking prevents from 10 to 20% of the methods. The searim: p* of the food. No cb-, i uniform baking ami i COST OF OPERAVI ' either. The avcrag 1 i per month. SPECIAL PRICKS. I n before. By simply m.. .; With ae interest at! led. * and $75, to the in I ¡. ;i wired In free, ready u n T h e Montai ' , u’.ngr that occurs in meats and other foods cooked by other Tiy of electric heat retains all the delictoue Juices aud flavors > from an electric oven. Even distribution of heat insures cheaper than eoal or manufactured gas—and better than for current used by the electric ranges on our system is £3.50 Pi* the present Sale you can secure s radge cheaper than ever a small cash puyment and taking a year to pay the balance, ,.i lone a wide choice., from the small, two burner range at $50 M.Die range at $180. During this Sale, ail ranges will be Power Company Wherever Represented , Beaverhead Abstract Co Oldest Set of Abstract Books in Beaverhead A | County. Land Office Proofs and Filings | 1 Pearl I. Smith f Title Building Dillon, M ontana | BEE US For Land Flings, Land Proofs, Water Rights and Information on Land Titles Frank Hazelbaker, Pres DILLON, MONTANA \ insane movement can In a sane American people If radical political Imu' 1 . can sin ceasfully pa-js legisla , which would curl) the power i m i - Huai courts to render decish > i isml on law and due delibera ; the first hide will be bored in 1 I atom ot out ship of stale In of a nmn try of law and ordci a., . secure li ties to real aud personal property, we would have a country of ohang ing political agitation where proper­ ty titles would be about us stable as the shift ing sands. Law is law, Taels are fads, and politics should not hamper ¡n the workings of our conns of justice Neither should our judges be Intim­ idated by the threats of political ag itators to take sway their power un less they do the bidding of dictators in public office. Mesdames Joe Shaw, Will Armi tage and George Cottrell left Tues­ day forenoon in the Shaw car for An­ aconda to attend the convention ot Woman's (dubs being held the;-. Warren Shaw was behind the wheel, as chauffeur we thought, but he per­ sisted in the assertion that he was a delegate. So mote it- be! Notice to Subscribers It has become necesary to* notify all subscribers that they are respons­ ibly for all long-distance calls orig­ inating from their telephones, or to notify the company that they will not be responsible for ANY calls or- jginating thgrefmm regardless ¡of Thn lilfli T'liiU mu i'*\bin «iRjiif’ from telephone. It is an impossibility for the atom to recognize ail voices Sad charge calls accordingly. SOUTHERN MONT, TEL. CO., adv MayS H L Capehart, Manager Butte-Wisdom Auto Stage Leaves (Irand Hotel Daily Ant ves Wisdom Daily . 7 :00 A M 11 30 A M Leaves Joe Woodworth’s Wisdom, Daily 9:00 A M Arrives Butte Daily...................................12:30 P M Large New Comfortable Cars Best of Service Assured Warren Flager: Cato Holmsen M A C Lineal Descendant of the W o rld-Fam o u s DAN P A T C H Making the season of ’23 at Walter Clapp’s ranch. Service, $10 r e s h from the factory Sawing and Fencing I have bought the Troupe wood saw sad boring and rimming machine. I will rim poles, bore posts or saw your wood at reasonable prices. Grover Helming ] Why Not Open an Account With Us? j i » ! ! i Time Certificates Checking Accounts Demand Certificates Four Pei Cent on Savings Country Accounts Handled With the Same Cart and Attention That Is Accorded City Customers. Daly Bank and Trust Company oi A N A C O N D A MILLER DEVELOPMENT CO BREEDERS OF Fine Shorthorn Cattle I C h a s . E. M il l e r , P r e s . Wi*dom M ontana ! r This Bank I S UNDER STATE SUPERVISION Capital $ 2 5 ,0 0 0 .0 0 Surplus $ 1 2 ,5 0 0 .0 0 , -« r I The Safety of Your Money Absolutely GUARANTEED A Courteous, Ffficient Banking Service Extended to All Four Per Cent Paid on Time Deposit« The State Dank of Wisdom

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 21 June 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.