Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, August 16, 1923, Image 3

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W t t d w P . U Buge F i e l t * tX*|L ... - . P. % | NTGOMEKY — i m p » ■ b s L q Î h w ^ £ ■ Hors« brad 1 1 right shldr SPOKANE RANCH A- O. Gnserad, proprietor. •O. addreaa Wisdom, Montana. S o n * brand on left should«. Cattle brand K ball diamond on the left side. TOPE B& 0 THEK 8 Jesse and John. P. O. Wisdom. Ranch on Northfork. Cat tie brand same on right hip. C A PRUITT Twin Creeks ranch. Postoffice Wis­ dom. Cattle branded with a pitch- fork on the right ribs. Horses same on right shoulder. JORGEN JORGENSEN Wisdom. Cat­ tle range Steele ck to Squaw ck Horse br’d right thigh ___ Range, Stanley to Warm Spgs. WM. MONTGOMERY Postoffice, Wis dom, Montana. Horse b’nd LO left stifle HARRY 0. DAVIS Cattle brand same Harry G. Davis. Jackson, Mont, on right ribs. Range on Bloody Dick and Bi^ Hole river. CLARENCE MORRISON P. 0. Wisdom.' Cattle branded Horses same. Range Battle ground. HANS JORGENSEN Post,off ice, Wi i dom. Range- Steel creek t> Squaw creek llorse brnd th same as eattl- on thiph JAHNKE BROTHERS Horses same on - left shldr. P. 0. Wisdom. Range betw’n Squaw ek and Steel ck SILAS C. DISHNO. P.. U.. w tstlom.stlom. Knge\ E S Big Hole between Jack s o n - Wisdom C a t tie branded left ribs FARMS COMPANY I t o t e S « a t t r a i S t o t t ? G. C a r d ia« V e a « « B, i s i m M , h w t Crom bond of French gulch to Lo Mamá creek. P U W t 1 i s ANDERSON » ; ANDERSON & JOHNSON .Horses the same ff)n right Bhoul- der. Range Gra »eie park & Lit­ tle Lake c: eek P. 0. Jackson. 980 REWARD Rig Hole Basin Stockmen's asso­ ciation will pay the abort sum for the arrest and conviction of anyone who tampers with fence or gate of . tresspasses upon the feed lots at Wisdom. 21-tf 9100 REWARD The Southern Montana Telephone Company will pay (100 for the nr rest and eonrtetloa of party or par­ ties who shoot the toll line wire; or information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone motllating or destroying any pole, line or other property belonging to the said con- way. H. R. Capohart, Local Man­ ager. lM f Big Hole Basin News W O iSBKiiWB AJ9 D 9 0 CX ft, HATHAWAY. For Cattle [Leftside For H om s « f t shoulder N should« ■Left M e I Right aide Sr*' hip J. E. SH A W Postofice Wis­ dom. Range Lake creek to Moose creek.\ Horse br’d on Ift side. HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY Carl R. Huut- ley, mgr, Wis­ dom. Horses 1ft Spool brand also and on left shldr for horses. THOS. PENDERGAST P. 0. Wisdom. Range east side. Horses branded same on the left jshoulder. PETERSON OLSON P. 0. Wisdom. Mont. Range be tween Fox and Stanley gulch. Horse brnd the same, 1ft thigh. DAN PENDERGAST Postoffice Jack- son ; range from Swamp creek to L,;i U e. Hors»» Ut (high MAX U. LEWIS Fishtrap, Mont Dewlap with this brand; also 87 right rilis, upper hit and underblt right ear All ¡have buttons. F. d . PENDLETON P, 0. Wisdom Range Moosehorn to Lake creeks C a t tie branded on left hip J. C. WHARTON Postoffice, Wis iom, Mout. Horse brand— he same, right thoulder. B. B. LAWRENCE Bowen. »Square erp 1ft ear, hole in right, llorse brnd same left shldr. Range, West fork of Thompson creek to Mudd creek LEROYEROY ARNOTT Bovten P. 0. llorse brnd left thigh Range Fishtrap to Mussigbrod. L Al » IRA WALKER Horses the same Range f r o m Steele creek. P. 0. Anaconda. 0. B. CANFIELD Horses same- Range, Mussig­ brod creek to Tie ereek. P. 0. Gibbon«. GEORGE PARSONS p. Ov Wisdom.- Range Tie creek to Mussigbrod. Horses ssme oa toft thigh t o W . » . H - J 9 T : W. S. TABH O. Basnaek. Rango Elkhorn and Grasshopper Benna branded tamo k i t Aotik ier. TEW JONES Sofaes th« same fp- left shoulder. Fostaffieo addrw : Wisdom, M l : M a r a « Department ot the' t o t e d « v -H. S. U m d A l f » . JA atifflM» JftWktMMs . July i t , 112« .:-.i NO.'iCE to lately, ASM that George E. Patton, e$-?NNtoe Jttour, Montana, who ta August I, 1911, made Homestead Entry No. 91(M < for SEH N E K. W # NS%\. E NW&. Lots 1, 2, $, Sec. 80, Lot SEK SWVL Section 1», Township X North Range 11 West, Principal Me­ ridian, has bled notice of Intention to make three-year proof to estab­ lish claim to the land above de­ scribed before P. A. Hatelbaker, U. S. Commissioner, at Ditloti,Montana, on the 28th day of August, 1928, Claimant names as witnesses: Halve A. Stanchfield, Benjamin Mat- ton, Frank Hasted, John Geisser, all ut Wise River, Montana. F. A. MOTZ, Register 1st publication July 26. 19(28-6t NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION No. 022 Lepatiuie,'t of the interior, U. S. Land Office at Helena, Montana, July 19, 1923. NOTICE is hereby given '.hat Harve A. Slanchfiold of Wise River, Montana, who on September 14. 1920, made Homesteay Entry No, 022149 for SK>4, Ets SW l*, Lot 4. Sec. 30; Nl,j NEVi, SWH NKti, W Vs SE»4. NEV4 NWV*. U t 1 , Sec. 31, Township 1 North Range 11 West, Principal Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make three- year proof to establish claim to the land above described before F A Haaelbaker, C. s. Couuuisstoner, u.t Dillon, Momma, on the 28th day '! August, 1923 Claimant, names as witnesses Frank Hosted. John Geisser, George Patton. Benjamin Mallon, all of Wise River, Montana. F A MOTZ. Register 1st publication July 26, 19‘,23-6t NOTICE l-'OR P1TUJCAT10N No. 021211-021532 Department of (he Interior, U. S. Land Office at Helena, Montana, July 26. 1 9 23 NOTICE is hereby given that Percy Abel, of Jackson,Montana,who on November 4 1919, made Home­ stead Entry No 0 21211 for S Vs 8 W \ . Sec 21 S Vs SIC \ Sec. 20, and who on October 4, 1921, made Additional Homestead Entry No » 2 1 6 3 2 tor S E V ,4 S E b* Sec 19, and NW *4 SICV 4 . Stfe SW %. Section 2 » Township 7 Sou 111 Range 14 West Principal Meridian.has tiled notice of Intention to make three year proof to establish claim to the land above described before F A llazelhaker C S Commissioner at Dillon, on tana on Hie Mb day of September. 1 9 2 3 (Taimaul names as witnesses' Ely Sage, Janies Pinkerton, Elmer V liovell, George Bennett, all of Jack sun. Molilalia F A MOTZ, Register First publication Aug 2, 1923. O F F I C E C A T MICKIE SAYS- *tHlS MlCWÊ BdOAOCAÔTiUG \ AtU MEIABER* 09 OUR HAPPS FAMIIM WHOSE CUB* SCAAPTTOMS A ftt GOMMA RUUj PREYTN COOM OUT, MEAMIM'/ EXPIRE, W ill PLEASE COMI JW AM' CEDEVI'EM WITHOUT . WAVttkf EtR A VlRJjTTEM WVIYE*. *<HAHKSI n With pur large mtutot equipment an ate prepared to t m e r calls any­ where la the Big Hole, day or night Sherman & Reed Fasen! XMreeton a d Flash sfai m Motor EqvtpmeBt Latest a d Best BUTTE, MONTANA Brnat o s j * Arises*. f t o m 97*99 ^ M e t í» 9* . It hat leena* w t m m r f s» .neCK? MB Mtocrttor» m â t ~ Afltol Husband «toys Wifs aad Far*. ■ » » «ad Takes His Own Ufa Battle Creek, Mich.—The body of Mru R H. Stewart, 98, was found by a Poes« of searchers, 10 miles southeast of this city, bringing to three the num­ ber of the persons whose deaths ahre blamed on Jehu H. Wells, 70, retired merchant and reputed to be wealthy. Wells shot and killed his wife, Ella, 63, and himself. He left word with a nephew that he had killed Mrs. Stew­ art and placed her body in a clump of bushes some distance from this city. Jealousy is the theory advanced by police as the cause of the triple killing. The body of Wells and his wife were found in their apartments, when de­ tectives, called by neighbors, broke down the door. Both the man and the woman had been shot through the head and a revolver was gripped in Wells' lifeless h^nd. Mrs. Stewart was last seen when, according to those living near her home, she drove away in an automo­ bile with \uu elderly man.\ Police are working on the theory thut Wells drove the woman to the woods, shot and killed her and then returned, kill lng his wife and himself. BY JUNIUS Cosme** * y tocas « clan mos ». ~ 9 7 ~ j n r Indian L o d g e T a l e s •jr Ford C. Frick CERTIFICATE SHOW3 ACTUAL CAUSE PRESIDENT'S DEATH San Francisco, Gal.—-The death cer­ tificate of President Harding has been made public by the city board of health, and shows death to have been due to cerebral apoplexy as a compii cation of an \acute gastro intestinal Infection.\ The certificate was signed by Dr Ray Lyman Wilbur, president of Stanford university and one of the five physicians who was In attendance upon President Harding here The certificate guve the cause of death as follows : \Cerebral apoplexy, following an acute gastro-intestina! infection, In eluding cholecystitis, (Inflammation of of the gull bladder) and bronchial pneumonia, -Instantaneous contribut­ ing cause Arterial sclerosis (harden lug of the arteries) of several years' duration.” Dakota Governor Ware on Qae Pierre, S D < (hut-net erl/.ing the price of gasoline In South Dakota as \highway robbery,\ Governor Mr- Master has ordered Hie stnte ware house at Mitchell to sell gasoline to the public at Id cents a gallon He also calls on the people of (he state to form associations to purchase the product In rnrlond lots until such time as dealers \cease their policy of greed and avarice.\ To Photograph Sun Eclipaa Ensenada, Lower California.—As tronomers from the Fnlverslty of Cali­ fornia will make photographs and gather observation records of the total eclipse of the sun here September It), according to word received from uni­ versity officials at Berkeley, Cal l>r William F, Meyer will head the expe­ dition. Italian Senator Assassinated Gorlza, Italy - Senator Giorgio Bom bteh was killed by two revolver shots through the head fired hy Vittorio Colecchle, a native of Flume As soon as Colecehlc started firing, liombleh attempted to take cover behind a trol­ ley car standard, but slipped and fell Ten More OH Indictment* Los Angeles, Calif —Nine oil oper­ ators, six of Texas and fdur of Iais Angeles, and one Los Angeles corpora­ tion were indicted by the federal grand jury here on charges of using the malls to defraud. Bolt Kills Caddy; Stunt Golfer« Chicago, 111. — Nels Lindahl, 1f)- year-old caddy at the West Moreland Golf club, was struck and Instantly killed by iightnfng during a storm here. The bolt which killed the caddy stunned four golfers, near whom he was standing. Lightning Kill« Parents; Burnt Baby Dallas, Ga— Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sweat were instantly killed and their 10-mODth-old toy, which Mr. Sweat was carrying tn his arms, was badly burned, when the three were struck by lightning during a storm here. Twe Million Porker» At Sioux City Sioux City, Iowa.—Two re it ton Nog* have been received at the Sioux City market thi* year. The figure ■hew» a gala of 805,000 hogs over the ■mdber marketed at fibts time last year «a Increase of 67 per cent. «rain Experta Increate Washington.—Graia exports r from the United Slate« last week jaiAairted to 4307,000 bushel* against 2,755300 feggtols the week \before. Mere Fanatic Band Deaflfeyed W »«»«, P, 1.—Derail* o f a baffle to- a «owtomwa « f Oe PMappfe* f»® p»n y iiff wAffr rm nam m «vmmufodtery '««9. ÄM * rdfigie»* faa- What has become ot the contented housewife, asks Joe Hopkins. Cash down is the thing with which to feather your nest. Ben Stevenson says if you will keep a stiff upper lip you will not ruu any chauce ot showing your false teeth. The man who boasts that hard­ ships made him what In: is. is deter­ mined that his sun shall have a much easier time. The fellow who goes around look­ ing for trouble usually labors under the impression that he Is hi pursuit of happiness. A man who drinks liquor lu Tur­ key gets 3 strokes of a whip, over here he is liable to get just one stroke— of paralysis! When the family wash was hung on a Wisdom clothesline the other day Spud McKee says nearly a dozen Pullman towels buttered in the breeze. Who I* the meanest man in the world? The guy who proposes to an old maid over the phone and after she accepts him tells her he has the wrong nuin her T H I N K I N I N I km-'- t SAVI- ROLL YOUR OWN WITH BULA CHOU e m u Annota WHY YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE By EDNA PURDY WALSH WHAT MAKES AN UNTRIED BUSINESS MAN7 Located Just above tbe ear, and at the »Ides, are tbe business faculties: Acquisitiveness, secret!veness, destruc­ tiveness »nd combatlveness. They five a width te tbe head above the ear«. The shorter, rounder beaded business man has large acquisitiveness •nd ability to save, but cut enough courage and judgment and because bis forehead at reasoa is not high above the ears, nor Is his top bead at firmness; bs does not possess ths In­ sight to push into great things. Hi* square-headed brother with a longer nose, a larger eye, larger eye­ brow development, more muscular de­ velopment than fieah development will do the broader work. Acqulattiveneas gives the business man ability to save, secretiveness m m nuiiiiiiiiiuuiiituuuiiiiaiiiuiiiUiuTtiul THE DECISION OF DEATH VTOW, when the Manltou created the ™ Red Man to rule over the world ho created him in his own image and made him walk upright with his eyes to the sky~and he was not forced to watch his foot, as were the beasts. But when the Red Man was created and had lived for years in the peace­ ful valley the Manltou found that he was too Htroug and too brave and that he had been created too much in the image of the Maker of us all. So he decided that it would not do for the lted Man to live too long, else he would heroine ns wise and as great as Manltou himself. So one day the Manltou appeared to his daughter, the mother of the lted Muu, and to her he told his fears. And as a remedy he suggested that the Red Man he allowed to live only for an allotted span of years, and that then he be supplauted by his children and his children’s chitdreu until time ended. But first he thought he would give the Red Man a chance to determine how he was to live. And so, in cum. pany with his daughter he went to the valley, where lived the Chosen People, and he called forth the wisest and old­ est chief of them all to be the judge In his one hand he took a buffalo chip and In the other a stone and with the chief und Ids daughter he went to the hank of the stream to nuika the test. First he tossed the buffalo chip Into the stream and the* chip floated for awhile until It struck the rapids und then it submerged for a little wuy and again It floated and aguln it sub­ merged, until Anally it disappeared from sight around a bend In tha stream. And so the Manltou ruled that the Red Man should live for four years and then die und remain dead for f o u r years, following which he would a gam come to life for a similar period Ami Ihe old chief was pleased and accepted the ruling. Hut the daughter of Muhllou. the mother of all the Red Men, was not pleased and pleaded with her father that, some other arrangement might be made. And the Manltou, who hoed Ids daughter dearly, listened to lo-r pleading und agreed that there should be one more test made and that the result of that test should stand for­ ever, and the method of the test he h it to his daughter. fthe, seeing that the Minima hoi not yet thrown the stone, and (LtnUL * that perhaps the stone had some mayo; unknown except to the Maker of us all suggested that he throw the stone 1 ?) the w'ttter | The Manltou, taking her at lor word, tossed the stone far out into ilm stream, and It fell with a splash Inti) tlie water and sank out of sight And thus was the fute of the Red Men de­ ckled. 1 The Manltou ruled that each Red Man Should live In the valley an al­ lotted span of years, and that then he should die and his body should perUd from the earth and should never more come to life In the VHiley. i But In order that the Red Men should not be hopeless and forlorn he promised that those of them who kept the faith und praised the Manltou and his good work should live again in !hs happy hunting ground above the Peak, where there would be no death and where there would be no war and no trouble. And so the ruling stood, The Red Men were made mortal, to rile when their time came, but knowing of the promise of Manltou they felt rm fear of death. And so It Is today. V-e all must die, but living well, we live again in that great bunting ground, where all is happiness and peace, > Note.—This legend bears a marked similarity to a legend of Dea'h t « 1 -! by the JBiackfeet arid credited to Nabi, the seml-buman God of earth, wlm, ac­ cording to the Blackfeet, is a second­ ary god to Manitos himself. Grinnet] In bis \Blaekfoot Legends” has quoted this story, atthongh bo mention is matte of the after-life and th« test Is made to a distinctly different manner. Whalea Net Diesppsanrg. Cas tbe wbaies moltiply vrith «tria- efcsst rapldííy tu prevent tfeeir «ser- mínation hy man? Tfee w-fcalemea títemseives are cenvtoeed thar tbey can. They esrlakate tbai rbere are tes» ot tbottsaads ef «bales ia tbe « a —, and a; preseas! tbe varióos vrhab tog «atloES have toen able te eateh til tbe abale» tbey «eed wfebwst going a e r e íhaa rw» bsnireá adíes vp and 4ev* tbe eeast and eat te sea. Eacb ‘« t a t l » t o s nndoafetufiy tíready ttke* • t o a « ít o » v««ÉEi to « £ « a i e f tbe •s^«r» to vrbfeb fbey t o r n e e ! « 'toases t o « t o s «rea

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 16 Aug. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.