Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, September 13, 1923, Image 2

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BIG BOLE BASIN NEWS (tens of local Interest BY &. HATHAWAY Eltaabeth B H a t b n j r , i i t o d t U 1 4 ssaed Every Thursday at WM»a Fwo Doüar» and Fo»r Bite a Year Entered a« seceftd-clasa mattar Jan. 2 8 ,1 8 1 8 , at the poatofflce at Wisdom, Montana, under Act of Match I« 1878 80c per inch per ¡sane. Plate matter 28c. Renderà 10c per line first insertion, 6c after. >- I \,lv ,'i t vt ii t ^ Rift tHoii aUve Tl II- AMF.mC AN PfU'.SS ASSOCIAI ION Gvr Country! In her inter­ course with foreign nations, a,ay she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong —Stephen Decatur and The Big Hole Basin News CUM'AV. Siii’TlCMlU'lK 18. 192:i HU,l MM M l, M MIUOH OXIfi Ci’ili ilos is ¡Mi I br iolr The i‘Vr i lu- News begins 11 years w, IHMple eacii oí o or i\ h i newspaper Although noi on lime, we Uavt; not been i I) many times, and abatini Hie paper la now, and has In i i. for s venil years, set on a lino i\,e iiiul printed on a power press «e startl'd with very poor equip no t ns would lie remarked hy on i r i lie (dd school priulet’s as \with n stint t;i ill'll I of shoe pegs und a bul­ let worker, t e , a small amount of type and an old Washington hand pn s Whatever errors we have made in llit e years have been of the head ami not of the heart We love the Hip Hole and honestly believe It to be ilie best part of the best county in i :ie best stale In the Ctilon. In the main our work has been 1 1 nsant although not remunerative 1,1! ■ all country papers, we have so n advertising and job work which li;11 I fully belongs at home go to the I. is o dallies, but that Is a part of the game The local newspaper is sill posed lo conduct a \patronitee I on e induslry\ cunipulgti in season ; lid out of season, (he while he sees Ids bread ami butter disappear into H e maw of the bigger fish It's all ri'-bt -just a part or the game \.’e enier upon the twelfth year wii i a stout heart notwithstanding un'biir t rent men t ¡n some quarters ; ud shall endeavor to make TheNews In 'er If you want ua to do that if you would be proud of a better puper in your community—give us He support we merit. Keep your s-d-scription up, send us ail the news yi u can and put away your hammer THM MIMICS XEW ERA H Ibli.v.ig ‘ that we are on the rge of a new era of national and '■manent prosperity,’' The Butte Hy Muter last Sunday morning is- eti ‘d 16!» pages as jrs New Era edi- tn o. To The Miner’s credit be it su'd this edition, unike the average ■i-ira” of newspapers, was entirely if, e ’from (he slush which creep« into s’r'h editions. New Era edition of The Miner is wohoot a doubt the best special edi tun, of more genuine worth to the • .or'- t.f .Vi-Btuiia, than any previous off irt. As a morcy-gertf r the edition is fe.iure. Financial gain— for the jr w t t , at least — was not thought rf: yet m-orry was not spared i t the ¡.c’OispLVhment of this Btopeodon effort. If there was any portion of t,JS- great Treasure cta.Se emitted we failed to note taefc tmtiakkm -saed we west throagh i t erWeaffiy. perse®*! spi» we *jie *« tos* i t * * U «aetoer »Ate* fs* eeate- mm «Becttog tota* w f t t w n 't a à $ ¿ f l a t i «eto W m p e r tons i f ito®* *W «e mm Charley Murray and Jtfisa Cooper of Hamilton n n early rviomtug via- tors to Wisdom, autoing to IWLk>tt. Their friends here expect us to an­ nounce the return of Mr. and Mrs. ray in dne season. Wisdom schools opened Monday of this week. Some new faces are ap­ parent and some oi the pupils of last year have gone away to high school, which makes the enrollment about on a par with last year. While cleaning up at the school house last week Chas. Feder, who is to act as janitor this term, suffered a scratch from a broken bucket bale which threatened blood poison and sent him on a high lope for Butte. Wisdom folk who were informed enjoyed looking through spioked glasses at the eclipse of the sun Mon day afternoon. Through the thought­ ful kindness of A1 Reed The News man was enabled to see the phenom­ enon, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Deal went to Butte week before lust expecting ti return for the Harvest day festivi ties but Mrs. Deal was taken sick and was compelled lo remain in tie city, Mr Deal returning Friday i ! last week. l)r. Bremer of Washington, u bo long friend-of Mr and Mrs. A i Otiserud. has been taking a real vt cation at the Spokane ranch, rid n horseback all over tile country ..i; whipping the streams for the sp e led beauties so much admired Little Miss Ruby Moss, dm ei oned hy little Miss Dorothy b in minis, and accompanied by her > . e and Miss Nellie Arbour, pm,I , News a call the other day ibi\ >, attired In what we presume to I, the very latest Parisian go« le Hartie Lawrence of lloweti I mi a trip through the grain held- o Canada and the Dakotas For years he has resided tit (he Ijinn and concluded he would like to w- I hjw they do things elsewhere II Irovt* Ins car lo llulie, entrain uo there M rs Crane a tt I It r son ,\l :. t> ' I timed Ft idti v fi o,u llu (it i. v In ' they vislled til lie lied oil - of Min Valela (Tune Although still vet weak, and with considerable li.ispi lal rale slill her portion, the youni. wife is cheerful and convalescing a rapidly as possible Mr and Mrs llans Jorgenson look their daughter Anna to Divide Iasi Thursday, the young lady taking the train there for Caldwell. Idaho, t resume her school wutk ¡She was accompanied on the trip tv a cousin who has been helping u :h ■ Jurgen son meadows during !.., It will he best fi r jou .o heed the statement made by Ira Walker in these columns He Is one of the best natured men in the world and will stand an awful lot, but he has had all the stock wounded that he pro poses to and when he says he will prosecute all trespassers he doesn't stutter. It's up to you. Dr Davis of the Slate Normal at Dillon, Mrs. Davis and little Ethel Jean were guests of Mr and Mrs Squire in Wisdom Friday night re­ turning through the famous Bitter Root valley and over the Western Scenic park-to park route from their vacation. The News acknowledges a pleasant call from them. J(>e Arnold drove in a sew ’24 Buick car last week, in which the editor had a lovely ride. Going at nearly 80 miles an hour Mr. Arnold brought the car to a dead stand in a very few feet, in fact so suddenly that the windshield a!i but connect ed with our proboscis. It is a splen did ear and no mistake. It is with great pleasure w-e g.v; the Jackson news this week and it is our sincere wish that we could do so each isue. We wih our Jackson friends could realize that The News is not the Wisdom News. It is the Big Hole Basn News, covering as well as possible this great valley, and we want new from every section of it. --- Wfeen fw » TOStt'fee» f t s le a r i « t ~ m gyASEfcy TmUtm A t t i r i SâKte *SÈKg l & a * 4 * » # ^ «Í IEF*®Bfie l » í h e n « f - i Mies Jewell Clapp of the Basra Mercantile and iss Hedstrom of the local hank hied -themselves to the Steel creek ranger station early Sun­ day morning a s i , moentlng horses there. ¿Bathed to the fire observatory e s B o o s t Odell u t o the esperi getéaaee-ef Ranger Vogi&wag. The yesur Saiiee deeiare the trip «se ®f -HIP ïS Â m Smear m *ipraap*r* * * * * * gfe* T t r n r n t ladies i m M Us w m m m , TltE F 1 RSTNA ” O l t t O N , CAPITAL AND SCHPUB. ASSETS OVER . . . Pcegteoatse bst coawkmattre BANK • i l » * k * * * * * * * * 1 .8 U M M . N Cp-ttMtoie metowl» Send C i tour Collection» i-î-essv By HERBERT QUICK Did you ever hear of a mouse that did any good? Neither have we; hut it ap­ pears that there is a brown one which has a great fac­ ulty for stirring up things in mouse society; and when a human is horn with some of the charac­ teristics of this little ani­ mal, he always manages to make a stir in his circles. If you are a fanner you are going to revel in this story, for, along with some very delightful romance, it carries a number of ideas that are sure to be valuable in your business. If you are a town person it carries some ideas that will greatly interest you. and you will be charmed by its love story. Read about Jim Irwin, the hu­ man brown mouse, who dared to aspire to the affections of the queen mouse of his district. e s s New Serial Story * Starting in • N e w s September 27 MICKIE SAYS— S Z GOOD RECIPE PER A *\ SUCCESS l < 8 1 0 TAKE A&ttMSW] opening , Pmt rr amwiFuu. op ewTcnpftise. au ’ OEwict, ADD A DASH OF MERVE AMO SEASOkJ \W\TW PRINTERS INK, MIXED VJITU BRAlUt. TO BETTERM rf BOUMD 3 \ J* IF YOU NEED Letterheads Cards Invitations Folders Statements Circulars Envelopes Billheads or anything else in the print­ ing line, come in and see us. “ Is it uulucky to postpone a wed­ ding day?” ‘‘Not if you keep on do­ ing it.” • e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e c e e e « ^ Beaverhead] Abstract Co f Oldest Set of Abstract Books in Beaverhead £ County. Land Office Proofs and Filings | Pearl I. Smith f Title Building Dillon, Montana | SEH US For Land Flings. Land Proofs, il Water Rights and ; Information on Land Titles Frank Hazelbaker,\ Pres I DILLON, {MONTANA nnwnnwmtoiwiiumiamwin» W H Y YO U ARE W H A T YO U ARE By EDNA PURDY WALSH SuniWMiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiii• • EX-SEHVK E MAN MISSING The United States Veterans' Bu- - w i s h e s to find Aarin P Craig, w-h-o disappeared suddenly from his home at 1207 Florida street, Key \\ est, Florida, a few weeks ago. i- He was t a k i n g vocational training under the Veterans’ Bureau, doing excellent work and held in high es­ teem by all who knew him. No reason is known for his sudden disappearance as his family life was very pleasant, bat it is believed he suddenly developed a case of Am­ nesia and is nowr travelling aimlessly among strangers. His wife and chil­ dren are greatly distressed and very anxious to learn of his whereabouts. Anyone wSo can furnish any imfofi- lation concerning him is requested to communicate with the ti. S. Vet­ erans’ Bureau, Minneapolis, Minn NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION j So. «70S» Department of the Interior, V. S.i Land Office at Missoula, Montana, August 31, 1823. NOTICE is hereby given that Mary E. Simmons, of Wisdom, Montana, wito on September H*. 1818, made Homestead Entry No. iltfiS . Jtor SW% Sec. 22, .VWt¿ Sec. t l , i . 8 8., » . I I r ME. T . M., bas -filet: notice of hrtewtlOB to make p r o o f, enter new law, to estobfisfi t ìx ìt k to toe fa s t above deserftet. beieve F. A. Has^baiier, U. ,8. Ctm - iM U mv Iff : Mavtosa, «» ato_>«to -tsvad October,, i f f i g , ..... . .............. . fifi» fito aM 'm m à S ië â ;- f t Wrlimti. Jtofcy wB v f to t o THE BUILDERS OF THE WORLD The forehead which hangs Over at the temples means building. Con­ structiveness, which Is lorn ted In the middle part of the side temples, about two Inches upward and two Inches backward from the outer angle of the eyes, ts its cause. It Is the In­ ventive faculty, qualifying ita posses­ sor for complex construction of ma­ chines, electrical plants, locomotives, typewriters, thrashing machines. They are always builders of some kind when constructiveness aud Intuition are strong, and unless other faculties are weak, they succeed. The squarely-built man with con­ structiveness large is an admirable employee and he will go to the top. He is usually direct and honest on | Why Not Open an Account With Us? | account of his osseous, calcium make­ up. He never talks very much, and his eyes when he is an active builder or mechanic, are not large, lie does not tell his plans but just goes ahead with them. He is often a somewhat silent hus­ band. Though the large boned man With constructive ability large Is slow, he Is the one who takes raw material, raw facts, etc., and shapes them Into an Invention, which his quicker, more muscular brother can sell hut not In­ vent. Muscles predominating In an (n- djvidoal mean motion, hut large, iiqnnre bones and square head mean Blower, tuore powerful contieuJtv of thought. * <* till, W m U tb Ntwapiper Union.) Time Certificates Checking Accounts Demand Certificates Four Pei Cent on Savings Country Accounts Handled With the Same Care and Attention That Is Accorded City Customers. Daly Bank and Trust Company ol A N A C O N D A ! ! i l : i ) MI i i I MILLER DEVELOPMENT CO BREEDERS OF Fine Shorthorn Cattle j C h a s . E. M il l e r , P r e s . Wisdom Montana Í r This Bank I S UNDER STATE SUPERVISION Capital $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 The Safety of Your Money Absolutely GUARANTEED A Courteous, Ffficieht Banking Service Extended to All Four Per Cent Paid on Time Deposits The State Bank of Wisdom WM. HUNTLEY, resident. GEO. D. 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Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 13 Sept. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.