Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, November 01, 1923, Image 4

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£ Mrs. O B Canfield wax a cheering vlait&r Tuesday afternoon. Telephone Jahle Lonk (or fresh fruits and vegetables. adv-July 12 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davis were in Wisdom us bu&inesa Tuesday, from Jr.ckson. Complete line of Dr. Roberts* Vet­ erinary remedies at the Rexall. Adv Ed Galloway came up from Butte Saturday to look after his Wisdom cafe fixtures. $250.00 phonograph and 50 rec­ ords tor sale very reasonable. Write or phone O J Woodworth. adv-Oct25 Albert Smith took to the tail tim­ ber .Monday to lay la his wittier’s fuel supply. Leather vests made by the H L Block Glove Co.; none better. See them at Woodworth's Adv Oct 25 Howard Hollenbeck went out to the Iluby ranch Monday to put up seme chimneys. When in need of glasses don’t fall to see Drs. McKendry & Kannafia at the Bulte Optical Co.. Butte. 14 L( u Gross, »lief at the A B C, is in Butte for a week, taking the new treatment for diabetis. Mr. and Mrs E Ii Ilaserodt were Monday shoppers in Wisdom and made The News a pleasant call. Contractor Kntulsen installed the bin clock scales at (he Wisdom yards of the Big Hole Basin Stockmen's «.-social¡.<ii this week. I'cil SALE — Yictrola Cabinet I’Un no|. ruph and about 60 lee.ords. In ( of Mrs John Fcndergast, Wis­ dom, Mont. Adv Nov. 1 Tommy Borthwick came up Sun­ day ul'ler a three-ton loud of veal butchered ut (he U -U ranch for an Op den packing company, I have a full line of boys’ and turn's lined gloves and mittens. Call and look them over, 0 J Wood- worth. Adv Oct 26 Ralph Jorgenson,assisted by Blake Hammer and Charley Pomeroy, got ia Tuesday with a couple of hundred slievs for tilts Big Hole ranch. We ncgiccied to state last week, simply because we were not inform­ ed of the fact, that everyone appear­ ing at the door of ttie Community building Wednesday night for the Hallowe'en entertainment was sup­ posed to bring a pumpkin pie. ’ t s - t f - tr Winter Wants ss EUREKA I'm through bein’ a wage-slave— In fifty years I couldn't save Enough t’ bury jue au’ Maw! You bet I’m mighty glad I saw That' little hook, liaise C'Mck.e&s. W' Be Independent!'— I'm y'r mau! “¥' get a dozen hens. We’ll say That every one o’ them'll lay Two bunder eggs a year. Y' sell Half a hundred dozen. Well, There's (ifty dollar« clear through— Y' git top pi ices f'r good stuff. Of course y' git an incubator— Science always c'u beat Nutur— An' hatch th' other half y'r lay An’ git a tliousau' chicks, we'll say Th’ half o' them Is pullets- ami You have live hundred Hens on hand T' lay their two hundred a year— An’ likely more when eggs is dear' An’ y’ still sell Half, y' know, Au’ by th' next year y' c’u show Fifty thousun' hens 'll lay Ten millim eggs -Great Joshuway' T' think o' (hat1 Why, say hatch only a quarter o' that hatch, There's luore'n a i $ Hum bens Tl lav Some half a million eggs a day They'll bring al least 5 cents apiece, Jerusalem! Au'th' increase -- In ten years 'bout a billion! .Say, Don't tell me that bens d-m't pay' There ain't no i le wells pays liki that — Say ! What are y'lailiu at»’’ 11E Alexandei Wisdom Cafe Reopened We have purchased the ii.aure and lease of the Wisdom Cafe an. will serve jou a t’.euu.i.o good nv-vi FOR FIFTY i KWH We will sprue no paTi:. lo please yoi and will appreciate your Mr, and Mrs, ('tan-nee Combs Block Cuttle and Stool's for Sale Three Hundred Head of Stock Caille, including 2 your-old steeui. Cattle may be mem et ram li on Ratlesnake creek wist of Dillon. Adv.Nov 1 4t A. Jardine Rife \Made In Montana” is the slogan MEN'S WOOL GOODS f VEGETABLE TIME W ool Shirts ......... .. .............. ............ $2.50 to $7.50 In buying your winter vagetables, let us give W ool Union Suits . .. ........... ............ $3.50 to $6.50 you prices on W ool Socks, light weight, pair............................65 Potatoes W oo l ocks, heavy weight, p a i r .. .5 0 c to .75 Cabbage W o ol Sweaters ...................... Carrots W ool Pants, up from.... .......................... $5.90 Beets Leather Vests ....................... .............. $8 to $12.50 Onions Sheep Lined C o a ts............ . . .$12.50 to $35.00 Apples, Etc, Check up your supply of groceries. Let us supply your needs BEFO R E T H E RO A D S C L O S E 1 THE BASIN MERCANTILE COMPANY O Q ¿ 2 Q O l O $ 1 * 3 o n * 3 O O N ETTED GEM P O T A T O E S $1 C W T At Mickelson Ranch, one mile from Northfork store, Carmen I\ O, Ida. Annie Mickelson n r ; , i — Three Young Herd Bulls for Sale These are reul hullo, capable of heading good purebred herds. Ages 12 mouths, IS months and 26 months Brices from $260 60 to $560.00 Harry L Summers, Salmon, Idaho Milking Shorthorns for Sale 20 highgrade Milking Shorthorn cows, 7 yearlings, 6 heifers, 2 steers, 9 spring calves, 1 registered bull; herd recently T IS tested. Lamberg Bros., Elk Park, Mont LVTEYS Solicit your patronage, with a pledge of prompt, careful ser­ vice; reliable, and satisfactory goods. Lowest Saving Price Mail order headquarters Lu- teys Central Store, corner of Main and Galena Streets. (HEART OF BUTTE) Make it your meeting place LUTEYS G R O C E R S CO F F E E R O A S T E R S B U T T E , M O N T . j MEN’S SUITS TO ORDER I See Joe Woodworth before order­ ing your next suit, as he has some good bargains to offer. | They will save you money. Your patronage solicited and satisfaction ' guaranteed I Advertisement feb 16 tf I N S U R E With Hazelbaker for INSURANCE THAT INSURES BEATON t ASBURY DENTAR SURGEON JO Gnose Block Anaconda Mont. There is no excuse for lack of Insurance, and to be without It is dangerous. We write all kinds STATE n.ANK OP WISDOM ►*** »«* \ *%■%* ► o - - f - » A B C RESTAURANT SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE ( J A. B. Crane, Proprietor j r ! L Raybestos Auto Brake Linings ( Put on with special machinery— a perfect factory job. At the Patterson Machine Shop * i 220 E, Ddwy BROADWAY OARAGE »%%• ►«#- r l » * Butte I r »• * - About a Dozen Figs I have about a dozen nice young pigs which 1 will sell at a moderate price. Mrs. A B Crane. Ad Oct 26 Figs for Sale I have about 20 nice shoats and a few older hogs which I can spare. John Jackson, Jackson, Mont. Ad Idaho Honey for Sale 6J pound can. $8.00, 10 pound bucket, $1,75, Broken comb honey, 20e per poand Two cans, $15 5-pound bucket, $1.60 ALL DELYIYKRED FREE E B Randolph Salmon, Idaho JERSEY MILKERS Not registered»You’re saved the cost of a lot of red tape»but each has a test record of production, wlch Is of greater v a u t u o l t a a v a u a r t i r a a d u j b l . M - l l n e . ■ Freshening Weekly T h e s e c o w s a r e d u e t o f r e s h e n d a r i n g Wood for Bale We have about 100 cords iif 16- foot wood, cut green and now thor­ oughly seasoned, which we will de­ liver at $6 a cord. Butler Bros., Wis­ dom. Adv, Sept. 20-tf Stock Cattle for Sale 566 head of stock cattle 75 head of which are beef steers; 175 ealves thrown tn. Prices can be obtained by writing Box 862, Lima, Mont. Advertisement Sept. 26. Montana Rose I Love Yon This pretty song, written by Mrs. Clneas, nee Pearl Calvert, of Flsh- trap, can be had upon application to Mrs. Claeas or by calling ap The News. The price Is only 35 cents. Adv Sept II. Notice l o Subscribers It hag become neeesary to notify all subscribers that they are REGULAR COMMUNICATION No. 61 A. F. A A. M Meets first and third Tuesdays each month Visiting brothers are always welcome. D E ANSON ___ Worshipful Master RAY SHAW.........................Secretary JACKSON LODGE NO. 81 Every Tuesday Night at Jackson Noble Grand ........... Hubert D Bushy Secretary..................... Len Holloran Sawing and Fencing I have bought the Troupe wood saw and boring and rimming machine. I will rim poles, bore posts or saw your wood at reasonable prices. Grover Helming fbie for all longdistance calis orig­ inating from their telephones, er to notify the company that they will net be responsible for ANY calls er- fglnating therefrom, regardions M ehe-'the party s a y be, eaiitag said telephone. It is aa i s p n f t S t r for the Mers te reesognü» dB relees can» secertBagäy. Söb'THJEIiN HÖHT, HOL. CO.» adv May! B “ \ D i l l o n F o r n i t u r e G o . EVER YTHING IN FURNITURE I BEDDING A*! ¡OOR COVERINGS Ì Car facilities for handling and 9 shipping tre set excelled inf A Montana, and we aolkjt your( A patronage based apea 2 tien with say ether market tn] the eeaftry. i Wisdom Cash Market J. A. Louk, Proprietor | Special Rates on Meat in Quantities j « F i*h and V e g e tables in Season • I. V e g e table s P r o m p t A t t e n t io n t o T e lep h o n e H e a d q u a r t e r s For Good Fishing Tackle A Large and Well Selected Stock of F L I E S of Alll Kinds, Martin Reels, Leaders, Lines, Spinners, Hooks, Fishing Baskets, Fly Hooks, Leader Boxes, Fishing Rods of All Sizes and Weights, Priced at let ! ! £ 1 . 5 0 u p t o £ 2 0 Hunting and Fishing Licenses T h e * R e j c a l l S t o r e | Chas. Quist, Proprietor [ r When in Dillon Think of T r a i l i , Proprietorj T t u t e t t year « a i m wRh led Aegrensfa. the <agy remedir O R * be w e d et «I A C O M A H O T E L THE MEN’S STORE Fee your wearables, whether work o r dress. Come in. compare the quality and prices» TH E Y A R E RIG H T • ■ B U S I N E S S I S QOOD. WE MAKE IT S O * G A D O S W MeCTUCKEN

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 01 Nov. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.