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VOLUME XU WISDOM, MONTANA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER $, 1923 NUMBER 9 One Happy Hallowe'en GOOSE GIZZARD MINE The “Goose Gizzard\ mine prom lee* to be one ol the sensations ot 'Twaa a happy throng that filled ^ e Tbe G<)0ae Gizzard Mining tho Community building in Wiedom Milling company which ie being lest Wednesday night, when the hob-W h ized *nd promoted by Sheriff gobbUns, black cats an' ever'thin’ Dan Mooney and UndeiSheri« Frank were supposed to be on the broom' stick. Kellam and a few of their dost friends and associates, for t.ha pur A performance of more than usual P08® taking over the property, de merit awaited the expectant throng |Tel«Pln*- equipping and putting i siWe ehenee be considered medtoere, r®* * dividend-paying baati, is oae m and not a number could by any pos- p^e big new enterprises of the com To the writer’s mind, the “Yankee mun*ty' A new I*xtere»t in mining J>.A)die Kitchen,” by tbe Ladles Aid, ,has ziready manifested itself, carried off the palui for Hallowe'en- mining claims are .situated ness. Yet there was a world of mer- near ^ e Goose Neck gulch, rlmert besides this particular stunt, above the famous old gold camp notable among which were the fish- B*unftCk. °n the Grasshopper, mg skit by Don Anson and George wajr ^ is remarkably rici. Parsons and the \Sick Call\ perpe-jni^n® happened to be d.stovered trated by Mrs. Jesse Reed. reads like a romance. An old pros Amour: the classics the SpanishjPecU>r in that section a few years dance execiuted faultlessly and In a*’0, no* having been very success absolutely perfect costume by Mrs. Ralph Jorgenson, together with little Miss Dorothy Oliver’s \Cupid’s Bow cud Arrow\ dance, were leaders. No one unacquainted with the work of staging a performance of this sort can imagine the effort spent by (hose in charge and it is to their everlasting credit. Following is the program: illustrated Weekly—wherein the characteristics of prominent citizens were faultlessly burlesqued by the school children. Dialogue. Jingle Bells-—Lois Shaw, Hazel Ilolman, Miles Woodworth, Forreet l’endergast, Charles Quist Jr. Muffin Man—Joe Shaw, Peter Gi- vogie, Welter Simmons, William Rag mussen, Chadwick Simmons, Eugene ful in making the anticipated strike turned his attention to poultrying He had chickens, geeae, turkeys and ducks. Occasionally he would kill a goose for his own use. It was not un­ usual for him to find nuggets of gold in their gizzards. He naturally be­ gan to wonder where these nuggets came from. Being an experienced prospector, he watched the geega to learn where they ranged most of the time. When he got the proper loca­ tion he began panning the gravel and followed up the trail of the colors and nuggets in prospector fashion He panned the dirt as he went along until he reached a point up on the hillside where the colors ceased to show in big pan. He knew that he had gone far enough and began to dig for the main quartz lead, or Wampler, John Woodworth, Forrest mother lode, as It is usually called. Flager, Dorothy Simmons, Jessie finally was fortunate enough to Hopkins, Jessie Holman, Alitei Peip-Poca^e ^0<*e ^ram which it is dergast, Edith Rasmussen, (Eunice helmed all of these nuggetB and pla- Tovey, Dorothy Oliver, Nellie Ar- I I Ì Ì l R U D E R U R A L R H Y M E S (Wrtte.: iGf T he N ew s by Bob Adams) RUDE RURAL ARITHMETIC •Th s lUtle rhyme I learned from dad when I was but a little tad: \Multlpllcatl. n Is vexation, division is as bad; „Ate. I ttk b'f Unco p-rpli'-es me, and fractions M tt*. mM,” 1 loved the writer of that yen o and felt the same, or maybe wen:a. So now that 1 am old and bald, beat and haruess- Callcd, I : yn.palhl© with every fellow whose tedious tables make him below. 1 think that in rrithmeUc we need some thymes to make th’ugr stick. O gather ’round, you little kids and stow these facts beneath your lid«: Two times me are two, that seems vfty few. Two time two are four, Ju: ’ that and no more. Two t'mes three are six; I learned that counting sticks. Two times four are eight; r,L.w f have that stiuight. Two times five are ten; 1 won’t forget that again. Two times six, twelve’:) the answer; remember that, if you can, sir. Two times seven are fourteen; I must keep it in my bean. Two tunes eight are sixteen, Just the ego of pretty jeau. But now, with time« and times, I’m out ¡f breath, not cut of rhymes. Tho scheme of rhyming dearly shown, ’most every kid can make his own. Through all the table.i you may delve and wind them up with twelve tints twelve. —BOG au AM£ SURFACE rOISOMNG Brother Sutherlin of Th# Rocky 'Mountain Husbandman has made a 'gallant fight against the practice of piac ng poisoned bait above ground, 'claiming—and proving—that wild bird life is suffering equalty with the rodent population if not, in fact, to a greater extent—and surely to the detriment of agriculture and happy homes. The Butte Miner’s Anaconda .. bureau contahud a a d ry last ..¡aun-.. day which sustains Bno. Butheniin and should peuetiate even tUe obtuse “bureau\ which has spent thousands of dollars in a vain effort to sustain Its position—and hold ijie fat Jobs of the pel ticlang who compose the gov ernmeut bureau. The story: Mum Anderson, woodman raid tuipper, arrived in the city yes a terday from his summer headquar tors at the forestry station on the summit of Mount Haggin. He will :Su«LUroit did. spend several days in the city pur-| Shelby—Jones Mccccw—Strunk No. 1 will spud­ ded iu tight miles southeast of I'lm. Lewigluwn—Brush Cre. k tract drilling increases, with laid acrea leased. Montana 1 11 field:) produce one m l lion barrels in three-month period, Rigging up is iu progress on the YbrecH.K'uee ranch near Otic Edge, where Chicago interests v.-.ll put down a test well. Helena Montana ships out bea­ ver fur valued at $50,000 in 192:1. Di filing hi:,) been resumed at the Shields Yulley syndicate well in lh j Fi tter Basin southeast of It ngluig. Tbree-in-One- Company euiupletta deal with Canadian interests whereby the latter agree to drill a well on the company's land in Kevn- 01 company, capi- chastug his winter supply of provi-jtalized at $20,000, files articles of fu­ sions and his annual trapper's 11-'- eense. Despite the fuct that he will celebrate his 70 th birthday next JACKSON NEWS NOTES bour Patrick Went to the Fair—Thel- rma Gregg, Florence Blake, Eddie Van Ilouten. Flower Dance— (Japanese dress) Mae Keas, Louise and Ellen Rasmus­ sen, Audrey Gross, Bobby Arbour, Eunice Tovey. Jack O’Lantern Song—The Prima­ ry room. Sukl Sam—Dorothy Oliver, Ellen Rasmussen, Dorothy Simmons, Jes­ sie Hopkins, Audrey Gross. Owls—First grade pupils, led by Helen Hirschy, Dixie-—-Milas Woodworth, Eddie Van Ilouten, Warren Flager, George Montgomery, Raymond and Henry Johnson, William Rasmussen. Looby Loo—Forrest Flager, Nellie Arbour, Eugene Wampler, Ellen Ras mussen, Pete Givogre, Dorothy Sim­ mons, Walter Simmons, Jessie Hop­ kins, Joe Shaw. Maids of Holland—Lets Shaw, Ha­ iti Holman, Alice Pendergaat, Mae Keas, Edith Rasmussen, Leuise Ras­ mussen, Eunice Tovey, Jessie Hol­ man, Audry Gross, Bobby Arbour. Cupid’s Bow and Arrow dance— Dorothy Oliver. A-Hunting We Will Go—Joe Bhaw Forrest Flager, Billie Flager, Hans Rasmussen, Pete Givogre, Myla To­ vey, Marjorie Keas, Helen Anson, Midg. Arbour, Ellen Rasmussen. Oh where. Oh where, Has My Llt- file Dog Gone?—Alice Pendergast, Jessie Hopkins, Jessie Holman, Eu­ nice Tovey. * Hep Ling Wee—Charles Qaist Jr.. TTarnie F lag« attendant. Pain in My Sawdust—G S S Doll House—G S S with Dorothy Oliver and Edith Rasmussen as ani­ mated creations. Three Little Kittens. Tike eiders put on the Yankee Dow fie Kftehen, the fishing scene, Jump­ ing Jacks and Spanish Ranee, and Chas Qulst «I the Result Drug ptere brought l e v a the house with his 4$ alect parody an “Barbara Friteide.” rretrswutty durtug «ha pertem - amee a tem e t r i a d whe happened he faaveaMii M m Johnson, cur good old neigb- cer gold came. He came to Mooney bor, took Mr and Mrs Oneal down and Kellam for advice. They imme­ diately saw the opportunity and ad vised the organization of a company to handle tbe proposition, The stock was promptly over-subscribed and there lb none tor sale. They have interested some of the leading business and professional men of the city. These men say, however, that they do not wish to have their names published in con­ nection with the enterprise.—Dillon Tribune. CAMP FIRE GIRLS Application for guardian appoint­ ment has been made and tho Camp' Fire charter received George Lossl has gone to Califor­ nia for a short visit. Messrs Anderson and Johnson ate out after the r feeder cuttle Mr and Mrs. Joe Kramer have gone to Deer Lodge to visit Mr Kra iner's folk« for a few days. Miss Edith Iiusted Is reported as do ng nicely from the operation. Her Beaverhead county for more than 40 many trends are glad to hear the ¡years, coming to Bannark from her good news. 'birthplace in Idaho with her parents in the days when the early capitol was a flourishing mining camp According to the stories told by CALLED WHILE BLEEPING Mrs. George Gray, wife of George F Gray of Mlilpoint, passed away in her sleep last Wednesday night. Deceased retired in her usual good health but when Mr Gray awoke In the morning and called her she made no response and an investigation re suited that she was no more According to The IMIlon Tribune, Mrs. Gray had been a resident of March, the old-timer thought noth­ ing of his hike into the city, and was fresh and hearty upon hts ar­ rival However, he is carrying around a soul full of acid for the “ex corporation. Lowislown—-The Sherard & Rea well on the Maginis structure is to rwume dril'ing. Butte-—Puli fi.,ce of miners,about 1,600 men, aga n employed at Butte- Superior properties. Box Eider—Rosebud county farm­ ers find melon and cucumber seed a perts\ who started' the fool stunt \of paying crop, net $60 to $120 an acre placing poisoned meat and bait about the woods for ' predatory ant inals ' it is something that accom­ plishes nothing and causes damage to other animals and birds, accord Ing to Mr Anderson That stale meat, coming from a man who has spent an entire lifetime in the open, and who has followed a woodsman and trapper’s vocation iu western Column t—Work on cou.Uruetion of $60,1100 addition to the Glacier hotel on Lake McDonald starts Wolf Point -Plans outlined by Community club for Improvement of crops Havre Western Fruit company «u.ny r-eh-e* Havre site tor a huge ic.i plant. Livingston--Paving contract cail- to Wisdom to have Mr Qulst look after Mr Oneal's bruised leg old-timers of the section,she and Mr Gray were man led short ly after her Jorgen Jorgenson went through Arrival iu Bannack, Just oa the out- town the other day with a nice lot skirts of the town, a large fiat rock of feeder steers, which will be tat- said still to be a landmark being Montana since 1688, means ( insider ing tor the expenditure of $ 200,000 able. Last summer he made plans designed to create paving districts I to set hts trap lines between here on the north, east and west, will, if and Mount Ilaggtn, but a recent sur carried through, make Liv.ngstou vey of the district caused him to one of the most completely paved i n ­ form (he opinion that such a ven ine of its size ¡n the Putted States ture would be profitless, Forsyth—Test well to be drilled tened in the Henry Myers feedlot, Mrs. Kramer will entertain the Ladies Aid at the Community build ing Friday, November 16. Every­ body welcome, and a large attend- used as an altar After their mar­ riage the young couple took over the F L Gr.’.ves ranch at Mlilpoint and established a roadhouse which they have cnee operated and which was the principal stopping place for iruv- “Someone has been up there with poisoned meat. Presumably lie went after coyotes but If he failed to hour o: it,\ Mr Anderson said “The greater portion of fur iu the Yellowstone river north ot tho pumping station In an effort to pro- got any 1 duco purer water supply for the city Malta- Harvest of trial crop of sugar beets now in full swing in the anee is hoped for, as the matter ot * between the lleaverhead and holding a bazaar Js under discussion Blg 1Ulle valteyg ln the day8 betortt Mr and Mrs George Lo^sl gave a | l^e automobile shortened the d«- chicken supper last Thursday. Mr. lance from a two-day trip to one of being signed up by our teen age girls^ who wish to become Camp Fire Girls. The first preparatory meeting was held after school Tuesday and 10 girl«, with the permission of tkeir mothers, are learning the law of the Camp Fire and Beginnfng their work for honors. No more worthy cause has ever appealed to the people of Wisdom has these organizations of boys and girl« now being perfected. “To a man up a tree\ the wonder fs that some eueh effort had not been made and Mrs Inabntt and liltle Alice, Mr. ard Mrs. Joe Kramer and son Nets The latter l*.were the guests The evening was spent In playing Five Hundred. only a few hours “To everyone a friend,” says The Tribune, and the writer has personal ¡knowledge of her friendship, for It was at the Mlilpoint roadhouse he The death of Mrs. George Grey!received first aid after an auto acel was an awful shock to the communl-jaent on Taylor creek hill. Mrs. Gray ty. She will be sadly missed by a wag 0f that good old pioneer stock host, of friends in the Jackson neigh-¡which overcame all obstacles, going bortwKJd as well as in other parts of out 0r their way to help one in need old Beaverhead, where her friends are legion The evening spent in playing cards. was long, long ago, albeit Mr. Squire, principal of the Wisdom schools, h a s l \ d children Cor la, these many moons been on-' tertatning a girls' club at his home, where he and his gade wife have en­ deavored to piece the pl&stie minds upon a higher plane than that main­ tained by mere “society,” and di­ rected the little feet along paths not wholly bestrewn with Jazz and Jest. This without cost. We are responsibl Ur the welfare of our children. Be they good men and women or the re-¡have gone to Mr«. Inabntt instead. verse Bee, i s «he »»In, wholly w»ta d a n o b FCW BENEFIT ! w SCHOOL the parent«. Mr. and Mrs, John Inabnit gave a turkey dinner last Sunday, their guests being Mrs. George LosaJ Mr. Clarence Brown, Mr, and Mrs. Jar­ dine and little Bess, Mr and Mrs. eonDty to IIM,urn her !0S8’ Mr8' 0rac,> Deceased was 61 years of age ana had lived continuously at Mlilpoint, With the exception of a few winter months spent in Dillon, since her youth. Besides the bereaved hus­ band there are left In Beavenhead Joe Kramer and Neis, Mrs. JohnsoniSmith’ Mr8' Reed r “ th«r* *nd ^ Gray, a son. Other relatives reside n Idaho. Funeral services at the ranch last Mrs. Sorer Nelson entertained the Saturday were conducted by the Rev. Ladies Aid at her home last week 'Smith of Dillon and the body laid to and a most enjoyable time was had. rest In the cemetery at Bannaca, ...e The chief amusement was pinning »famous old gold camp where she en­ tail on a paper donkey fastened on ^ered upon the duties of wifehood the wall, all contestants being blind­ folded. Joe Kramer was awarded first prize, bat many claim it should EMIL MINDER GETS PATENT Entertainment a a s t be provided. It is better this have the sanctity et the heme than the breath of the brothel Wisdom is Indeed fortunate In knvfaf the Joeal ledge A- F. A A. M. befetnd tkR aeveaen t and everyone whe h as the v c H m ef e c r youth at fan what Intervene«, «here shoati he Emil M ind« of Jackson was noti­ fied last week that he had bees granted a patent on a hook which is so securely locked when desired that ft ts impossible tor ft to become loos- It is applicable alike to watch _____ sad tea chains and. like many P t 1* MeMaerlM, i , re * ln tu construction, being ta three p u ts . te c ! Wntrig and Otto G a ss« a oae-fewrth interest ta t t o bearing animals and the majority of lower Milk river valley, experiment birds eat meat, and the poisoned ¡being very eiucessful kind Is no exception Whoever placed that poison for coyotes killed off any number of pine martens, foxes and weasels, and all kinds of song birds The theory advanced by some bo called experts that the poison has no effect on birds, Is all wrong. While making a survey of the district I found many birds that had died from eating the poison. At one place there were several Jays, flickers, and even the little chickadees. At the same place 1 found the bodies of four foxes that had died from the poison anil whose pelts were worthless Per­ sonally, I think the birds are the greatest sufferers. A law should be passed making it illegal to place poi­ soned meat about the woods.” ('¡instruction work valued tu $44 - 300 started In Havre Butte—Two linns plan to merge interests, the Heunessy and the Con­ nell etoic's. Shelby—Two more completions, the W'ymont Kenosha-Stuntuird u.ul Hie Adams Rochester, mark progresi of the week's development in Kevin- Sunburet fields and bring total pro­ ducing wells to 130. Sweetgrass .. McDonald syndicate's No. 2 well in Kevin-Sunburst field is now flowing 600 pare:« of oil per day Simms—Work progressing rapid­ ly in drilling Montana iUant xveii No. 1. Missoula—U. S. District Forestry office reports total federal umber Mr. Anderson, who Is a native of ¡sales in its jurisdiction for nias Norway, has trapped in his native ¡months were $1,424,945. country, Canada and the United States. He is considered a thorough woodsman, and, like the average NO HALLOWEEN HORRORS We were never more proud of the dweller of the silent places, is not j Wisdom youth than now, the week given to talking much; but when h»'»fter Hallowe'en. Not a single arc does have something to say, it can be ¡of vandalism has been reported. A :^d upon us being the outcome of ¡few very small boys, and some pretty There wBl be a dance in Armitage ball Satsrday night, November 17, the proceeds el which are to be ap-| the Bowes school. Mrs. Dresden Shields and Mrs. Le Roy Araott are managing the affair, ft goes wftbont saying that they« practical observation ana experience. A resident of Montana since 1885, when he came from Canada, Mr. An­ derson has spent the last 22 years in the hills west of Anaconda. BEEF CATTLE FOR CALIFORNIA R Bet Huger, representing a Los Angeles packing company, has been in the Basin for a couple of days to see it reports were tree ef the class of beef staff here and was agreeably surprised. He bought 1(2 head from C E M ill« and 1»» from Carl R Hartley. There to Plenty ef fat staff tore to t t o t no many “heavies,* and the ippeaod i e eUMHttT market eaOUa for Jast a t O h good sized girl«, indulged in soaping windows, but there was an utter ab­ sence ot anything insulting or ob­ scene—and this is not always the ease, by any means. In a number of oar exchanges we read of destruction of property, pun­ ishment of dumb brutes and other atrocities (called “pranks” at Hal- jlowe’en) and the extra police force employed to protect property, ali of which brings the youth of Wisdom a bit closer to the old man'» heart. Jast why Hallowe'en shoald be considered a season of license ”ith one of thothe thingp no fellah ean find owt.” ns Lord Dandr&ry need Jto aay. it ton ao'«e*toetiam wte***^ church or civic history. True, in ScoTiand. wtore ft seems to have tod «to f a t e * swing, a lot M witchdom FOB m m OOWiiwas f s e s g t e t ; tod «to tíme was Y by aay foreign ocwwtry, nsads m- tot I f IHIIf*T’

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 08 Nov. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.