Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, December 06, 1923, Image 2

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»s o d Every Thtrsday at WIedwn Two Dollars &Bd F ' » r Bit* » Year Entered as second-claw matter Jan 23. 1913, at the postoffice at Wisdom, Montana, under Act oi March 3, 1879 30c par inch par issue, fiate matter 2Gc, Reader* 19c per line first Insertion, 6c after. ' Ml .K ! s.S. iC ■itixr \l I- ’M i Our CVuntry! In her Inter­ course with foreign nations, u.ay she always be In the right; but our country, right or wrong —-Sit plim Decatur and The Rig iloio Basin News IN Li *» a V u JUAh For Interntional Scenic (Continued from Page One) us can whistle. \I tua for bonding this county for good roads, and 1 certainly expect to CONTRAST THESE TWO HEADS Fundamental character reading 1* founded on body construction, and the lending chemicals lu that body. The square-headed man has luge bones. Bones are the strongest ele­ ment of the body. They are made of calcium, and the square-headed man pay my share; the best is not any will be very fond of foods such as tollk, too good. I have been cussed, dls-! cottage cheese, figs, etc., in whic cussed, and cussed some more, be- «>ere is much calcium C«ldum glves j strength of wind and continuity of thought, and as a result the square­ headed man Invents, is able In science cause I couldn't make tires that were stone-proof ter these very same or­ ange-spender#. They think a tire should la:;t just a; long on these rocky, muddy, broken culverts, butlg and heavy work. Engineering, phys­ ical science and mechanics interest him. lie is never In a rush, and he Sen. E Roberts T e h H w C«- epératlve Character el Cer- poratkma Is Obscured. RADICAL AGITATION RESULTS Maintenance of Présent Industrial Sys­ tem Neeessary io Malntain présent Standard* of Comfort fer AM the Peopie, He Says. e:«Baie, slump.-, and all-in-all rotten ' does everything with mathematical ac- T l l l 'l t s i 'Ai . I nor li ¡Viti Bit 6, 1923 1111111 I.OLH (?) b'iii in, i -t i'l Hie country un' gel 1 1 nr. loo hill*- tor I bo r w boat Then i a |o oi i-i 1 1 vc la r , li on w Ueu I w bid iMiilu i- II ucccsaiu v for Hit* would In iippois ol ihc himdiod.s of II, us , i Is ol M.iplus wlioal pr.xiucod ii i inoil.i In pay a lay on the ivliom i ini.- ll.i ,v o,i n fond il into I lie I ’ui, i I .'-U.i’i s Tlic r u n e tuiiff p i n I : ': *■■ Mon ¿fa 1is-; i w 1 1 -at com ¡up I ro< Horn a in oi hoc phi, ¡> a broad Bui w In ai s dill s-dling al tm 1 w a pi p c to make il profitable ti l lo* growi ih in Ibo i'ltliod .Slates 'l hcnd'ore. ray (hose who would capiinh'/.e (ti,' diai iiilnnl, let s taki Ibo (m iff iiff wlicai Tl/icio who regale (be funner? w lb inn kind of logic argue ti i bom I bat ibo proteenvf' tariff doci m l pi i loii Bui in the very sano I rcffib lb, y loll (he farmers they an i y no i, i i-ici h for what they buy la 1 iiiis , , of ibe protective tariff Al any rale, these logicians pay a h'gb tribute to Hie intelligence ol Me funnel\- when they expect llieic In \wallow tillh of (bos,' pills of dis * M i i f vvii i ti (bey are roiling fur ¡Ip h i , al (be same lime An:!. I'mllur, (boy are trying to ; I iliem io forget (hat (hey are get fo g big prices for Iheir bumpei c m trop ■ -Cl ntim (Ind I Clinton ian NORTON OE'TN OOOH ONTO« ('has A Mori on and wife arrived Monday after a two weeks trip ti, i.e.foHs Ciiv, where (hey attended tli-- annual livestock show,the second Imp'net : bow of its kind in America, whon- thon.-and.-i of 1 lie best domees lie an-.nials are shown every year O ra! sales are held (here after each show and great prices are paid for the choice breeding stock. A ( (his stow, and on (he trip to ’■¡a: y.-wlle, Mis--oari. Mr. Nor tot bough l Hi flooded red Short horn cows and seven calves, reds and roan,'--, that are said to he tbs high est class animals that ever were bro ‘1 irto this valley. They were procured from the famous herd of Burroughs Bros . er.d Mr. Morton says that they are ¡.u<h anir als as he was aevei able io own before, as these have ir. past rules gone at pricas from $259f to iNSeT | h r head. The presem slump'ir. cattle has reacted upon tir great breed mg herds aad eaahlet cm a!) breeders to procure the bette: Wood at moderate prices. The base e-f tew eafrie will arrive by Friday'; train and be taken to the Salmon Va ley reach of Mr. Xenon tsortk of tfet city, where they will he gNmn extra -good care. - of the ameeatry *€ « # ! > * m m earn, Wt. Karim 4Srm. amemsmm Ml « /gnaBd rtkwtajiBii m Holin' I i 'e few w inN in I\ L,i t crini i intuì i I'»'I M r I'olk :nl c I be luma ('Im min mud moot inpt Ii I he purpose ,,f route W h noi roadu. us they do <n the paved roads of ('.¡il foruia. \(»Ii ini, my friend ••! Every dog ban lii;i day. The cew tra'l was good enough l.'cium;' that v;cs all tiu-re was; the i irecl cars were puliod by hoises, «ml that was all right be cause tbc'.i. was ail lliere was. Now ct'ir.eH Hi\ autO’.iH'lulc, a demand to? belter'.'.. and Boavoohra i comfy is going to liave them \ ou can and kick and ride your cow (rails if you want, but we arc* going ku have smiiR OahioruUi roads rigid bole at borne. 1 bare been in liib, county forty yearn and I behove I liave a light in tall it home, and 1 have u right lo ask tor good roads and 1 believe Unit every honest cli Kelt who intends Io nutk, Him i mnlv (not California I his borne w ill In* glad io have g *od roads, and th- liesl Is none loo peed 1 waul (o say very plainly and frankly, dial limes liave mange,1 ami the people of lieu n rlieuil county bare got to gel lbe ap rd Dial other (nindies have del alive ami pill IIIIM 1 1 pep In t Ill'll Ini,, i less, and a ll Iheir doings The idle dreamer gels now lime. I be gniml'ei is po.son , the kicker H hopeless The man w ho gels alnml is l b- on u w ho se *.•', the bright Side of I I’e I good foil, w ship I . Ihal is w lull gel., m eveiy i him; all the 1 1 ni\ and auyv. here e 1 vanl Io i, i v n rd Io 1 1;.. Me nle I n in I’a a!, highway 1 oi h w ere i ml In r cf ('o'-., nieree to a id a! I'li s-uiia for e, t * l;!i-h in A lira only repre.s: u(e l Bimu, but the whole ol Bill Verb end county II was through us (but H I Ion was put on the map I wish in say for the benefit of Home wso r on posed (hi* i riumifn*e Him h i led on (he board of countv com ml-- inner.; in regard lo (be nineluuil road While you avoid the appreciation, and would like to lake the unite away from this pari of the county, 1 urn afraid you aie up against it, as there has already been sped - not Ihou,-'iinils of (lollies, hut. hundreds of thousands making maps mark ng and blazing Hit* Kail We are not afraid of its being l iiurigad Bill if your ran arrange with (die i it Tons of Hilton thal you do not want (he tour'st we probably ran get I he loui.e .shortened; but we rneerely hope the good people of Dillon will not join hands with you. '• I am for good fellowship and gcod roads is my motto.” -RIGHT AS TO RATS 1 desire to correct an erroneous ar­ ticle which appeared in the columns of various newspapers during the past, week or two, i'n which it was made to seem that the open season jn iiinckrats commenced December 25. The law provides a closed sea­ son tm muskrats until November X, 1925, ¡,rm they can be taken only >a permit from the state game war­ den when it is shown that th* y are actually doing damage to ditch?*, dams, reservoirs, or other property. Skies <! such animals, if taken, should be sent m io the state game warden as said permits are merely to afford relief to the permittee from such damage, a: d doe* pot an- ifcorite dealing in sweh hides. Thanking you, I am very truly fours, T H EDMUNDS, Depsty State Game Warden curacy. Contrast htm with the round-headed man, large from ear to ear. He ha* h low top head where the reasoning faculties ure located. He belong* to A 0 Onsernd dropped In Friday ?» nay that i » wa* worry i » %* to draw the line Ms Spelane Wiaêmm. »w a tet* and m m m «* • tu r d w i k mmm I»-; 8ttuac«s, * » d -ai» m a m * lami im «€ fheau , tMiiwdr «a » the vital teniperanient, where flesh pro (limihiutes over hones aiid muscles, and (,e will be found eating foods which coutuin ciirbim, hydrojen, nitrogen and oxygen. The vital niun Is tlie consum er— not the producer. Flesh making foods he eats do not produce long con tinned thought, lie makes u good ho­ tel keeper, butcher and dealer In foods and drinks because his Interest lies along those lines Vital temperament people are good natured, mirthful, lov­ ers of pleasure and entertainment. They are often good salesmen tie- m u s e of Heir wanii hands and cheer fl,} i!,' b.tlS ($, rw-J '*\ <- hi »in Newspaper Uitlua.) Montana Hose 1 Hove You T his pretly s <ng, written by Mrs Iucas, me Pearl Calvert., of Fish i u p, run be had upon application ti Tr. Clucas or by calling up Th< V-ws The price is only 35 cents. ■V(Iv Bept 13 English While Beghorns Whitney Barron cocks mated will) fain red hens— bred to lay. Young nirds of this strain, hatched in May ind a dozen old hens, White Beg ¡•ni, just cut of moult. Call Mrs Hal haw .ly Ad* Sept 1-3 Hr'sseil Tur keys for Christmas 1 will send yuu a turkey all ready for the oven and guarantee its ar­ rival for your Christmas dinner. I! ids weighing from 8 to 12 pounds FORTY t'E.VTW RICH ROB YD F, il Randolph Salmon, Idaho No Trespassing on Spokane Ranch Trespassing of whatsoever nature will he prosecuted to the fullest extent, of the law if committed upon Hie Spokane ranch, Beaverhead County, Montana. A O Onserud Proprietor NOTICE FOR RI BUCATIOV No. 06*14 Department of the Interior, U. S. Band Office at Missoula, Montana, November 19, 1923. ‘ NOTICE ts hereby given that Peter R. Mfcrtin of WBsdom, Mon­ tana, who on June 10, 1918, made homestead entry No. 66314, addi­ tional to 0575?, for NE% Bee- Ton 11, SA4 NW)6 Section 12, Town­ ship 1 South, Range 16 West Mon­ tana Principal Meridian, has tibid no- V S. Cor miteuener at Wish m tice of intention to make five-year proof to establish claim to the land above described before R. Hathaway, U. S. Commissioner, at Wisdom, Montana, on the 31st day of Decem­ ber, 1923. Claimant name* as witnesses: Paal Spasnath, B. B. Lawrence, of Bowe* Montana; John F, Hotisman, Hagh Shea, of Wisdom, Montana FRED C. STODDARD, Register. Adv. 1st pab 11-29-23 Natiecnal F o r e « Timber for gale . Sealed bids will be received by the District Forester, Missoula, Montana np to and ine lading December 64, 1923, for aB merchant*hie dead tim­ ber, standing and down, and all Ihre äw b e t martfei m designated -far a rt- « - , * , m iej P(eTW®> » » e s *Kki»: s'Kpre^mate ansnrvcyed seesaw n , r. s su x. i f 9r.;«tn m t Swamp «rwfc, « m M L The moderu Industrial system is at bottom a co-operative organization, but this fact Is obscured by the complex­ ity of huge enterprises, George E, Rob­ erts, noted authority on business and finance, declared in a recent speech before the American Bankers Associa­ tion Convention at Atlantic City. N. J. “The primitive man knew that the harder he worked the more he would have,” Mr. Roberts said. \When a man exchanged work v.-;th a neighbor he had the whole transaction under hie eyes. But when a man works with thousands of others for a groat corporation he doesn’t see any definite relationship between what ha does and what he gets. He doesn't know whether he Is getting a fair share of the industiial results or not, and he suspects not. \The modern Industrial system Is essentially cu-operatlve, but ye« eaa- not have effective co-operation with­ out understanding. Because people do not see the Industrial organization as s whole we have the tendency for so­ ciety to break up into groups and blocs and unions and organizations of one kind and another, many of whom are trying to advance their own inter­ ests at the expense of society as a whole. The population of this country today could not be supported in the state of comfort to which it is accus­ tomed without the modern, specialized organization. Bolshevism In Russia \The extremity of social disorgan­ ization has been seen In Russia, where has been enacted the greatest tragedy In the history of the world W'hat hap­ pened there will happen everywhere unless there Is a development of the capacity of people to work together and understand each other \In Us final form the revolution In Russia was against what is called the capitalistic system, or the private own­ ership of property and direction of In­ dustry The results of the revolution are so calamitous In Russia as to give a check to revolutionary tendencies In other countries. Yet the economic principles of Bolshevism are influenc­ ing public opinion more or less every­ where. The motive behind all this agita­ tion is the desire to establish equality. The social struggles of the past have been for political equality, Now th* demand is for equality In possessions, equality In incomes, equality in the management o f industrial affair*. There Is no argument against the as­ pirations of men for better social con­ ditions, but radical Ideas result from certain economic fallacies. One re­ lates to the employment and service of private capital. Men read about aat sums of wealth belonging to indi­ viduals, and thlDk of these sums ae devoted exclusively to the owners. In fact wealth employed in production for the public market Is rendering service to the entire community, no mattes- who own« it. \The whole radical argument is like claiming that nobody ever got any benefit from the development of the steam engine but the owners of steam engines. Of course, the theory only needs to be stated for the fallacy to be apparent. The man who works for wage* is benefited by every investment of capital which Increases and cheap­ en* the supply of the things for which hi* wages are spent. The Service of Capital ‘Tt is a fundamental truth that an productive property although privately owned, is part of the equipment of so­ ciety, by which its wants are supplied. \The progress of the past hat been aceompliihed under the individualistic system. Th* theory of this system 1* that every one shall have for his own, as nearly a* may be, that which re­ mit* from his own effort*. It is a sys­ tem eaieulsted to stimulate the Initia­ tive, calf out the energies and develop the ability of each fndivideaL He is free as to his undertakings; there are he restrtrtiens except that he must seek his own gain« by aetfvttie« that sire serviceable to She community as a whole, and he Is Inspired to labor, set j simp!? by the desire for personal ad­ vantage, bet by the desire to provide for loved ones, by the Impulse to self- expression, to realise end develop his maters! abSRIea, and by the jushRtem le vin «s t b e i i s * m i ‘ ' ....... sat' *ft dees not praaHa e«ta»ty. On- lew there Is egvxRty fle pee«sedom, fft Beaverhead Abstract Co Oldest Set of Abstract Bcfcks ia Beaverhead County. Laud Office Proofs and FiUngs Pearl I. Smith Title Building Dillon, Montana BEE US For Land Flings, Land Proofs, Water Rights and Information on Load Title# Frank Hazelbaker, Pres DILLON, MONTANA mm. r Why Not Open an Account With Us? Tim e Certificates Checking Accounts Demand Certificates Four Pei Cent on Savings Country Accounts Handled With the Same Care and Attention That Is Accorded City Customers. Daiy Bank and Trust Company of A N A C O N D A i i i HILLER j DEVELOPMENT CO BREEDERS OF Fine Shorthorn Cattle | C has . E. M iller , P res . Wisdom Montana r This Bank I S UNDER STATE SUPERVISION Capital $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 The Safety of Your Money Absolutely GUARANTEED A Courteous, Ffficient Banking Service Extended to A ll Four Per Cent Paid on Time Deposits The State Bank of Wisdom WM. HUNTLEY, Pesideat. 6 E 0 . D. M K E V T lt, CwM er W. A. CLARK S. ROSS CLARE W. A. CLARK & BRO. È k k m m M È i à s t & .

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 06 Dec. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.