Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, December 06, 1923, Image 4

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OUW j i b TUE BIG BEEF 8TËKÂ* THURSDAY, DECEMBER t, 1 Mí \B ut Somethin Mu«« et Copper\ It you can pet it la Montana. don’t tend out ot tho »tat« tor the artid«” Wisdom Cash Market wUl be cask tor fair after the first of January,Ad FOR SALE— Good registered Jersey lull. Hub Davis, Salmon, Ida. Adv. Sweet cider, the kind you like, at O J Woodworth’s. Sample it. adv Complete line of Dr. Roberts* Vet­ erinary remedies at the Rex&H. Adv Don't forget that pair of mittens or gloves you left at 0 J Wood- worlh’s Adv-Nov 15 Order that new suit of clothes for Thanksgiving und the holidays. Sat- Liitelion always. O J Woodworth. Ad $250.00 phonograph and 50 ree ords for sale very reasonable. Write or plume O J Woodworth. udv-Oct25 l.eother vests, made by the II & L liloik Glove Co., none better. See them at Woodworth’s. adv-11-8 FDR SALE—Victrola Cabinet Pho­ nograph and about 50 records. In quire of Mrs. John I-’endergust, WUr d i. Mont. Adv-Nov. 1 Extra fancy Salmon 'U ror apples the kind you like .. -Wealthy«, McIn­ tosh Rods, and Delicious, at O J Woodworth'«. Adv Nov 10 I have a full line of boys’ and men's lined gloves and mittens. Cal' and look them over. O J Wood worth Adv Oct 25 Turkeys for Thanksgiving Non birds, weighing from seven to 20 pounds— and they're not finished I y any means. Call Mrs Ralph Jor g eson, R:g Unit» ranch Adv 118 l’igs for Halo 1 have about 20 nice shoals aud u few ol.lcr tings which 1 can spare Jrlui Jackson, Jackson, Mont Ad 1(50 Acre Irrigated Ranch for Hale At Eislilrap Five-room house vt ih water, large cow and horse burn and other good buildings and Im­ provements; all go for $10 00 an aero Also, ,8 20 acres of state land lease, fenced, goes with tt. Address (i I) Drupe, 324A 8 Jackson Street, 11u I to. Adv Nov 29 2t Blackleg Aggressin Vaccinate your calves with Black leg Aggretmin, the only remedy that cun le used at the same time other operations, cmch as dehorning, cas­ trating, branding, etc., are being per­ formed; and the only one that gives life immunity-—-only one injection is ever necessary. Price Is only I Re a dose Write or phone Dr. J D Lee, Dil Ion. and give him one week’s notice Advertisement Get. 25 Accidents Accidents are costing the United Plate» more than $2,250,000,000 an nnrlly- according to figures just marie public by the National Safety Council. Pointing out tiiat ¡approximately 12 million are killed or injured ev cry year, the report shows that the average individual is twice as likely to die of accident as of old ftgfl. Dies pewwm out of every eight err* tains an accident during the year. Every five minutes some person is accidentally killed and 1,3 80 are in jured each hour. Five times as many persons art accidentally killed or injured as die from natural causes. More people are kept from work by accidental injuries than are Idle from lack of employment. During the year 1922 there w»ere 206 American citizens killed each day by accident. Of this daily num­ ber, 88 were automobile fatalities; 8 5 were caused by falls; 19 by drown ing; 16 by burns; 9 by machinery; 5 by street ears; and the remainder by miscellaneous causes. I ’lay safe by insuring with the best esstx iatii ii of (fa kind fa the world— I he Omaha Mutant Benefit Associa­ tion. Covers all accidents and every Disease, Business last year over 55 million. Over 6,000 peNey-hoMers in Montana. Represented by W D Tovey, Wls- dom, Montana. ___________ Adv 11-29 JACKSON LODGE NO. 61 Every Tnesday Night *t Noble Grand ___ _ .Hebert B Brtfky . ........... A Leal SeOenm _ ____ TtJsasw _____ now good 6 ern n ttt roatiy can bom ‘ ' y ^ n i U M i r y i L U C K Y S T R I N I ïtstoasted * LUTEYS Solicit your patronage, with a pledge of prompt, careful ser­ vice; reliable, aud satisfactory goods. Lowest Saving Price Mail order headquarters Lu- teys Central Store, cotucr cf Main and Galena Street«. (HEART OE B I T I E ) Make it your iucctiug p’cee LUTEYS GROCERS COFFEE ROASTERS BUTTE. MONT. tv wm P a . MdCw«rr t Hwn&r *t the Ban* Optic«,! Co.. Bette. le. Block Cotti« tad for i I h / i ' v * * V » ♦w '1 iS-Td y * * , « y \ * . * y \ * . * V ’ Three Hundred Head oj Stock Cattle, including 2-year-old steer». ; Cattle may be seen at ranch on Ratlesnake creek west of DiUoa. Adv,Nov l-4t A. Jardine Rife. EVERYTHING IN F I X X m K S f , BEBDANGJ-’iOQR COVERINGS t Tut key Shoot There will be target shooting at Fishttap, Montana, for turkey* and geese November 18, between 1 p, m. and 5 p. m. of that day. Everybody nvited.— W L Soper* Adv.ll-S Our faculties (or handling and « »hipping lare not excelled A Montaua, land we aoUcft I patronagcVbeced upon competi a tion with mny other market * »Ln Kn . . n ln \ ua tpetiX »t t e j JG. T. Pauh Proprietov| the country' Stock Cattle for Sale 500 head cf stock cattle 75 head of which are beef steers; 176 calves! thrown in. Prices can be obtained' by writing Box 3 0 2 , Lima, Mont, j Advertisement Sept. 20, ; Sawing and Fencing . POST BORING POLE RIMMING Grover Helming Wood fur Sale j r w~vrr , r , i We have about 100 cords of 1 6 - , H C j T E L 'not wood, cut green and r.ow thor­ oughly seasoned, w h i c h we will de-1 ': \, l- c.t $6 a cord. Butter Bros;, AVis- , Steam Heated, Hot and eoid Water Arthur Berry, Proprietor .'U.o. Adv, Sept. 20-tf MEN’S SUITS TO ORDER See Joe Woodworth before order­ ing your next suit, as he has some good bargain« to offer. They «111 save you money. Your patronage solicited and satisfaction guaranteed Advertisement feb 15-tf In Rooms-. Public, Private and Shower ljaths. Rooms Single or En Suite. RATES ONE DOLLAR AND UP With Bath, «2.00 and Up. lor. E. Bdwy ac.1 Wyoming, Butte “Made iu Montana\ Is the slogan, REGULAR COMMA VlG.ITiON No. 61 A F & A M Meets fire! and third Tuesdays each month Visiting brothers arr always welcome ...Worshipful Muster Secret,u y J W I 8 D O M ~ C A K E I a * ¡ (Reopened under new manuagement) Mr. and Mrs. Glarenee Tombs, Proprietors. A Good Meal for 50c » SHORT ORDERS— HOT OR ( OLD LUNCHES - j SECOND DOOR NORTH OF HOTEL, WISDOM jj Idaho Honey for Sale (U) pound run, $8 (It) 1 ii pound hucket, $ 1 75 Broken comb honey, 20c per pound Two cans, $15 5 pound bucket, f l 00 ■INSON. ÍIH AW - t h in k in inieu k m E B Randolph ALL DELYIVEREl) 1 REE Salmon, Idaho M Cut Glass—-Hard-Paintfd China Community Silverware in many differ­ ent patterns Pesrttmes, Toilet Waters, compact sets in dainty packages , \p. .. . . . yf Ostlery, Eastman Ko­ daks, Grafocoks Bex Stationary Is fasey gift bases Coleman’s Lam£>s and Lanterns Shawl straps, Ladies' and Gents’ Silk Hosiery in fancy gift boxes New Doll*, Men’s Neckwear, Thermos Bottles, Candy by box or pail Fotffita-m Pens, Ever^tarp Pencils, Christmas Cards and Novelties Frali G g m by thebe» TH IS WEEK New Assortment of Comforts and Blankets,Wool Bats and Crettones TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR 3 Big Grocery Specials 3 SATURDAY (ONLY) THIS WEEK OUR CHRISTMAS DISPLAY Will start this week-a large assortment of Tovs and Gifts at Moderate Prices j§Basin Mercantile Company® Wisdom and Divide A B C RESTAURANT j SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE[ jj A. B. Crane, Proprietor jj i v f r l » - 1 ►« » - f Raybestos Auto Brake Linings Put on with special machinery— a perfect factory Job. At the Patterson Machine Shop i ! « 220 E. Bdwy BROADWAY GARAGE ►e*\ Butte - « » - ►«»- ►«»- | Wisdom Cash Market I J. A. Louk, Proprietor f | Special Rates on Meat in Quantities i • Fi*h and Vegetables in Season V J Prompt Attention to Telephone ^ !»■* ■as m i H e a d q u a r te r s For Good Fishing Tackle A Large and Well Selected Stock of F L I E S of AIM Kinds, Martin Reels, Leaden, Lines, Spinners, Hooks, FishlBg Baskets, Fly Hooks, Leader Boxes, Fishing Rods of AH Sizes and Weights, Priced at I w ! Ì £ 1 . 5 0 up to $ 2 0 Hunting and Fishing Licenses T h e 'R ejcall S t o r e j Chas. Quist, Proprietoi j When m Dillon Think of THE MEN’S STORE For yoor wearables, whether work or dress. Come m. compare the qaaity and prices. THEY ARE RIGHT J _ - ’ ■»' ^ - o - * »HUSIHESS IS GOOD. WE MAKE IT SO”

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 06 Dec. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.