Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, December 20, 1923, Image 2

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BT s . H a t h a w a y ftisabett E H A t )*«», BIG HOLE BASIN NEWS, ItWSflf ÜÄllWlfest »uqd B w ; Thursday *t WH 4 /m Two Dollar* «ad ?o*r MU » Ynàr Entered as Mcoad-cteM natter Jan £3, 1913. at the poatoBc« at Wladom, Montana, under Act of March 3,1979 30c per inch per lune, fiate natter I Oc. Rendere 10c per line first insertion, Se after \ 7 5 fr~[fïï-Aavi rttsïn* -R«|)W »n o » v » - Tt IK AMERICAN I’RI'SS ASSOCIATION WUdom Cash Market wiil he cash for late attar the Arsi of JaasarrAd Mrs. ft ft Jones is hone trow, a riett in Spoka&e. FOB SALS— Good registered Jersey bull. Bob Davis, Salmon, Ida. Adv Frank Bitscbel brought over a bunch of dairy cows from the Bitter Root last week. Sweet cider, the kind you like, at 0 J Woodworth's. Sample it. adv A letter from. George Mudd order- lug the address of The Mews changed informs us that he has gone to Grass range for awhile. Complete line of Dr. Roberts’ Vet erluary remedies at the Retail. Adv Mrs. Cloyd Wampler, who ha: been the guest of Mrs. Fred Francis In Wisdom for enteral weeks» .has returned to Uutte. Don’t forget or gloves you worth's that left pair of mittens at ü J Wood Adv-Nov 15 Bur Country! In her Inter­ course with foreign nations, may she always be In the right; hut our country, right or wrong —Stephen Decatur and The Dig Hole Basin News THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1923 l‘R( >11.11)1.1 A-PLENTY We nole in the Dillon correspond- once published by one of the great (!ailies of the state that \there Is so little snow there is a probability of shortage of water for irrigation pur- 1 ores.\ One of the things not taught by Cir modern \school of Journalism,\ i ,i enforced by the ldg dallies, is a i re ingard for the consequences, or probable consequenceH,of thoughtless statements. \Of these three things beware. Of whom you speak, to whom you peak .and how and when and where” Correspondents of The Standard end The Miner are speaking to thou tunda of people and speaking of the i art stale In the Union. Were this ¡urPcular correspondent situated in the effet t East and conten plating re rioval to ihe boundless West, and if ho should happen to stumble onto ibis pn.i-Oculu. item, would he not look elsewhere for h.'s new home? We have, since coming to Wisdom, ! i- ‘ii automobiles driven front Dillon to \iisdom, and all over the Basin ¡■.Her tin y at rived in Wisdom, as late ns January 1; and yet there was no shortage of water for irrigation or <dher purposes. Only once In the history of the Ba­ sin has there been a shortage of water— and there would have been no shoring» that year if the waters (¡f the valley had been adjudicated— which The News has advised and still maintains should be done. I O W E ll O F T o r N T R Y ~ W E E K L Y The weekly newspaper—common­ ly termed the country weekly—oc­ cupies a place in the »octal, religious domestic and industrial life that is peculiarly its own. Nothing; can take this enviable position from it. The weekly newspaper supples a service that too is peculiarly its own This service is the dissemination of the community news. The big efty daily, no matter how hard it may try, wH! never be able to render suck a service and compete with the coun­ try weekly. Wk»i 1» m i to the borne paper ha the small community is not news to the big city daily. In this day of speed and sharp competi­ tion, the tig city d*My has neither the time nor the space for the ‘•triv­ ial’’ news.\ This “trivial news“ is an-impert«Bt news to the average reader of the eoastry weekly, ft means more to bio or her than a cod- erne discasatea of the Lefcgae of Na­ tion*. The bfg dtp AoHy the sews of the day, ' fereSga.v’kfclt« <5bBMry weeWy svplpttis M m . m m * eg : a* is «rat ta the Forest Ranger Vogelsang brough in a lot of nice evergreens for home decorations Monday— and The New- family shared ia the distribution Thanks, Bill; hope you're here next Christinas. Leather vests, made by the II & L Block Glove Co., none better See hem at Woodworth's. adv-11-8 Charley Bell came over on horse back from GibbousviUe 'Saturday. He Bays he experienced but little trouble although there are some very deep drifts in the low places off the main highwuy $260 00 phonograph and 50 rec ords for Bale very reasonable Write or phone O J Woodworth adv-Oc'25 J T Armitage was a Monday cal) er on The News \Sold Leu gallons of gasoline before breakfast this morning,” he said You’ll find his announcement elsewhere Like Ban quo’s ghost, he \will not down \ Order that new suit of clothes fo Thanksgiving and the hoi.days. Sal Intact Ion always. O J Woodworfli Ai George Clem.nv was <. nvn from Jackson Monday with a inn l< to say he was doing his ('liil.-dmas shop ping would he tn line w th the daily newspaper style, but we are out ot style anyhow, so what's the use? that It will 'atom that astorttea ***** by tb* Amercaa Leftoa that it repramau the veteran sentCtneRt «1 t t * «atwttr & demanding « bonus are abtolately false.” The opposition etenmt has laid oat a plan of action that wiU worry those members <of congress who tied up with the bonus id vacates bock home. Edward L ALlof. executive director of the league, ' \W e propose to cov»r tK entire country in our drive for members. We want to give every ablebodied veteran in the country a chance to stand up auo be counted with those who resent being placed before the country as mercenaries seeking money reward for rendering a serv ice that cannot be measured In U. 1 lars. We intend to have a function ing organization in every stale be­ fore congress is a month old.” The anti-bonus league has «dopt ed the fine slogan. \For the disa bled, everything; for the able-lvidled nothing,\ and declares that it eai conceive of no greater service the veterans ceuid render their country at this time \than to let ths world know that we who served our coun­ try as willing soldiers during the war are just as leady to serve Its best in­ terests now as loyal citizens, regard­ less from what quarter may come the (■¡ill or where it may lead.” H will m.Ke many minds that the purpoce and principles of the veter­ ans who are joining the new league have the true heiiUc ring, in contrast with i he mock heroics of the bonus politicians — Twice a-Week Spokes­ man-Review FOR SALII — nogruph and qulie of Mrs. dom, Mont. V.ctrola C:itr:r! Till about CO Iecor Is In John Peud-rgast, Win Adv Nov 1 ( 1IRINTMAN AT (¿1 IST’N There is not quite such an array ■of toys at Quist's drug store as we have seen on display there at Christ­ mas time in years dead and gone but the spirit of Christmas permeates the atmosphere nevertheless. Mr Quist is \long\ on Christmas trees and thi one he has erected this Yuletide is uperior symmetry— and the dec orations are superb. In show cases and on the diffsrent shelves Is a line of cut glass and silver capable of ‘ dressing” a much larger esiabiiehmeat. The assort, inent of useful and handy yet inex­ pensive articles suitable to the sea­ son is large and of unusual beauty His candies are fresh and bright and of the finest quality; besides, there are pails ard pails of good whole­ some sweets less expensive than the gift boxes. Of story books there is a splendid assortment, and they are standard works— Mr, Quist thinks too much of the youth of the land to put befoio them the lurid tales of dime-novel stature. AH in all, we can't for the life of ns see why anyone should deem ft necessary to go trapsing around over the country looking for Christmas presents when Wisdom is as well pre pared to meet the wants of the sea went as ft is. Estray Notice There is a fat cow (Hereford) at ¡he Spokane ranch. The brand as nearly as can be ascertained without shearing, seems to he a \D .\ Adv A O Onserud, Prep'r A POOL IN SILVER It is proposed that the producers it silver In our country form an ex; ut association to dispose of sil­ ver to the best advantage. If this docs not Interfere with the antiquat­ ed Bhtvman anti trust law that was ha led 20 years ago as a wonderful advance and which is now beng set us an economic interference. This matter was discussed at a (i nference called at Reno, Nevada, o be held under the auspices of a I'n ted States senate commission cre- Hed a ago to consider broadly he s.iver situation as it affects the pi otluce. In na respect, at any rate, silver s like wheat ... the nation which pro- luics Urn bulk of the grain and the bulk of the metal is not in position o dictate prices. This country, Mexico and Canada are the principal silver producers, ard while they use a large quantity of It in coinage, industry and the aids, the amount left over is what makes the market price; and that is fixed abroad. Those who should know something about the I usiress say that a London firm sets the price for all 111 ® world by reason of its command of the Oriental markets. SatteR yonr patronage, with « pledge of prompt, careful ser­ vie»; reliable, and satisfactory goods. Mail order headquarters La* teys Central Store, comer of Main and Galena Streets. (HEART OF BUTTE) Slake It your meeting place LUTEY8 GROCERS COFFEE ROASTERS BUTTE. MONT. Na, »»ox in tuti ivicJAUiLitöiiiP 4031 W H Y YO U ARE W H A T YO U ARE Bf EDNA BUKOV WALBII iUM<aimtimai'i i,it.U4i.iii,iw,iui iin i i i i m t m i a i m i t m o o m M ► '\• “ '•\'iiuuww* YOUR EYES HAVE TOLD ME SO The facilities that dose the eyes are destructiveness, alimentlveness, ama- tlveness, secretlvcness, acquisitiveness, mlrthfulness and npprobatlveness. Eyes do not dose in the above way of their own accord. They are closed by the operation of the selfish faculties most active In the Individual. Faculties that open the eyes giving the honest expression are cautious-, sublimity, Ideality, hope and spirit­ uality, Mlrthfulness gives small horizontal lines at the outer comers of the eyes. Secretlvenesa tends to pull down the eydids. The faculty of sublimity gives large bright, speaking eyes, with large pupfls. Combativeness gives wild, stem eyes. Cautiousness A land owner in a Southern state had a large property ot many acres, a beautiful house and a big peach orchard in bearing. Family circum­ stances made it necessary for him to sell his property, which was valued at about a hundred thousand dol- lais Butting It tn the hands of some able real estate men, the property owner received several calls from prospective purchasers. He met these purchasers at the railroad sta­ tion, motored them six miles over a good slate road and naif a mile over a very rough and bumpy dirt road to his house None of them purchased! Acting on the advice of one of the real estate men, the owner spent $5,000 and made that last half mile as good as the state road. The prop euly was sold at a price which In­ cluded the cost of the road plus profit on the road, within one month of its completion! What happens in one case will happen in another. A good road greatly increases the value of all ad­ jacent realty, especially' farms. Beaverhead ^Abstract Co Oldest Set of Abstract Books ia Beaverhead J County. Land Office Proofs and Filings j Pearl I. Smith ] Title Building Dillon, Montana j .... _ ................... .BEE U S ... For Land Flings, Land Proofs, Water Rights and Information on Land Titles Frank Hazelbaker, Pres DILLON, MONTANA j Why Not Open an Account With Us? j NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION No. 06314 Department of the Interior, U. S Land Office at Missoula, Montana November 19, 1923. NOTICE is hereby given that Peter R. Martin of Wisdom, Mon tana, who on June 10, 1918, made homestead entry No. 06314, addi tional to 00757, for 8% NE14 Sec­ tion 11,8% NW14 Section 12, Town­ ship 1 South, Range 16 West Mon tana Principal Meridian, has filed no 11' S. Coiraiibsionsr at Wish in Uce of intention to make five-year proof to establish claim to the land above described before R. Hathaway, U, S, Commissioner, at Wisdom Montgna, on the 31st day of Decem­ ber, 1923. Claimant names as witnesses; Paul Spannuth, B. B. Lawrence, of Bowen, Montana; John F. Housman, Hugh Shea, of Wisdom, Montana. FRED C. STODDARD, Register. Adv. 1st pub 11-29-23 REGULAR COMMUNICATION No. «1 A. F. A A. M Meets first and third Tuesdays each month Visiting brothers are always welcome.* D E a k s o h . . . .Worshipful Master RAY SHAW.........................Secretary Sawing and Fencing POST BORING POLE RIMMING Grover Helming I « « « « « « « # : Dillon Fornitore fio. j I EVERYTHING IN FURNITURE* i B E D D L Y G .F I0 O R C O V E R IN G S On foeftitJea for k u l k t f and I sfefpptBC ara net exeeHed i fttran g s M o « m p e t , t i n « I k tty ether market O * cem r t r f.. i i i Time Certificates Checking Accounts Demand Certificates Four Pei Cent on Savings Country Accounts Handled With the Same Care and Attention That Is Accorded City Customers. Daly Bank and Trust Company ot A N A C O N D A ! i ! MILLER DEVELOPMENT CO BREEDERS OF Fine Shorthorn Cattle C has . E. M iller , P res . Wisdom Montana a tawigttsiiiftf1 Kg' lit This Bank IS UNDER STATE SUPERVISION Capital $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 The Safety ot Your Money Absolutely GUARANTEED / A Courteous, Ffficient Banking Service Extended to A)1 Four Per Cent Paid on Time Deposits The State Bank of Wisdom WM. HUNTLEY, Pesident. GEO. D. MKEV1TT, Cashier W. A. C LARK $ BRO. G. T. Paul, Proprietor! 1 C .. \ / 7 3 ) /■> / 1 t ;; . A * i i j *. * / i %& * v / r 1 , > i i w 7 *

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 20 Dec. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.