Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, February 07, 1924, Image 3

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f u t i ^ S ü a f t ftlf ggGaCt t i t o . ¿«ht aria WX. KONTGOUXBY Poatoffi««, Wis dujto, Montana. Horse b’nd LO left stifle HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY Carl R. Hunt- ley, mgr, Wis­ dom- Homs lit Spool brand also and on left ahldr for boraes. THOS. PENDE$GAST 0. Wladom Rang« out side. Horses branded same on tbe left shoulder. PETERSON OLSON P. 0. Wisdom. Mont. Range be tween Fox and Stanley guleh. Horse brad the same, lit thigh. DAK PENDERGAST Postofflce Jack- son; range from Swamp creek to 'M ann j B l Lake. MAX 0. LEWIS Flshtrap, Mont. Dewlap with this brand; also. 17 right ribs, upper bit end underbid right ear. All hare buttons. OHAS. E. MILLES Wisdom P. Ü. Range F i s fa- trap. Horse brnd right shldr' G. M ILLER r * ! J C w iw fc J. 0. WHARTON Postoffice, Wis dom, Mont. Horse brand— (he same, right shoulder. UARTUA — M o r B. B. LAWRENCE Bowen. Square crp lftear, hole in right. Horse brnd same left shldr. Range, ________ West fork of Thompson creek to Mudd creek GEORGEÏ PARSONSARSONS p. O. Wisdom Range Tie creek to Musslgbrod. Horse* same on loft thick P i. E N JONES t £ Horses the same left shoulder. Postofflce addres Wladom, Moat. LEROY ARNOTT Bowen P. 0. Horn hra4 left thigl Range Fishtrap to ifaisifbr&d, OLA WALKER Bonw the same Range t r i m Steele erode. P. 0. Anaconda. % | l ANDKRfflB f A JOHNSON tie 'm , right fim , MS» A M F .Ma latto 3fc.'ÄT m L t È x t t M _ ü R a t i i * JÉL JÉD-iÉ I *>•» « » t » U M TOPE 9» V m n . or North!«*. Cat Jto brand same on -ight hip. JOBGEN JORGENSEN Wisdom. Cat* tie range Steelt ek to Squaw ek Horn far’d right thigh , __ ____ Range. Stanley to Warm Spgs. HARRY 0. DAVIE Cattle brand same Harry G. Da via Fackson, Mont. >n right riba Range on Bloody ___ Dick and Big Hole river. HANS JORGENSEN Post of fÜ : dom. i’ > ’ Steel Squaw ere- Horse brad same as eattle m on thigh. JAHNKE BROTHERS Horses same on left shldr. P. 0. Wisdom. Range betw’n Squaw ek and Steel ck SILAS 0. DISHNO. P. U. Wisdom. Knge E S Big Hole, i t between Jack- son - Wisdom C a t tie branded left ribs ISO REWARD Big Hole Basin Stockmen.’« asao elation will pay tbe above sum for tbe arrest and conviction of anyone who tampers with fence or gate or tresspasses upon the feed lots at Wisdom. il-tf 1100 REWARD The Southern Montana Telephone Company will pay $100 for the ar­ rest and conviction of party or par­ ties who shoot the toll line wire; c\ information leading to the arreet sad conviction of anyone mutilating or destroying any pole, fine or other property belonging to tbe said com •any. II. R. Capehart, Local Man­ ager. 16-tf PREST-O-LITE Batteries and Service A BATTERY FOR EVERY OAR Friendly Service on Any Battery \ CENTURY ” BATTERIES FOR FORDS, CHEVROLETS AND OVERLANDS $ 18.00 SIX MONTHS GUARANTEE AND FREE SERVICE Goodyear Tires and Tubes— Prect-O-' Lite Gas Tanks and Applianeos— Weed Tire Chains and Cross Chains Broadway and Arizona Batte \Everything for Year Car\ THE WHITE GARAGE BROADWAY A ARIZONA, BUTTE Big Hole Basin News TWO D fflfJM JXD FOUR B i n 8* BAtVpUwA*# . ■■. ■ ¡MMÉSS9 1 Least Tern arrime* tv M ml Just twe (Unge have made It possible tor (to to give yea this * 0 * reduction onTaiedei 1. A reduotton In the eeet el Kentucky ttirtoy tobases and In package ma­ terials, as well. h* The Sensei Idalien el three cl eur big Munta Into ena. (Mr. Perd may net be In the tobacee business but he to right aheui oenselldatien.) Tuxedo Is always P rcsh . Every package la- ASSESSORS MIST TO DISCUS! TAX MATTERS W ITH nearly every county la Mem tana represented, tbe assessor« sf the state held their annual meeting to Helena. Due to the senate's not having adjourned, the meeting was »eld In the governor's reception room st the state bouse. It had been in- The assessors convened In this meet­ ing under provisions of the session law of 19*3 which requires them to meet every year with the state board of equalisation. J. W. Walker, chair­ man of that board, presided. The meeting Is provided by law for the as­ sessors to confer with the state board and to receive Instructions on fixing the assessment of Inter-county prop­ erty. The meeting of the assessors j will continue Wednesday. g Governor Dixon In addressing the assessors expressed pleasure because of the complet representation of the state and pointed out the difficult tasks imposed upon the assessors, who are the officials that are required to provide for the slate's revenues. He nlso made a comparison between the jysteui provided for by the state tax eommlssion which he considered an Improvement over the old system when the hoard of equalisation was com­ posed of five officials who were chiefs of the state house departments. J FLYING CHAFF There are a good many noughts In tbe sum tola! of tlie worlds Inhabi­ tants. There Is nothing which cannot be accomplished by love. There is no grief which time does not lettsen aim soften Gostlp has a thousand tongues--and they at! Work oven non In ostler to score a lot an actor must strike the pnhiic's fancy One sore vay I ' change a woman’s view is t ' agree » fi Iter It tacet more t'lun nine men to make a fashiom >)c tail ■ If a mac rcN n 'tied there must he • screw loose sum where. Nothing dealm.\ the memory of a man like doing Idm a fimir. If there lie no good feeling, the very name of friendship vanishes. If a Haiti's own v ay isn't much of a way, be i n e.smdiy have it. If your face is red. people will tell you “you are buk'ng well.\ We all admire backbone, even when it Isn’t brilliantly exhibited. So much pursuit of happiness turns out to be Just killing time. Unless a man lias humility his olher virtues are without foundation. Those who are fond of harmony have little use for chin music. A man seldom walks erect when straitened by circumstances. Hall's Catarrh Medicine “ ' “ Treatment,both local and intemsl, snd has been success­ ful In the treatment of Catarrh for over forty years. Sold by all druggists. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio W H Y B A N K S ? LESSON III By J. H. PUELICHIR, Chslrmsn,' Commlttss on Publlo Eduoatlon, Amerloan Banksrs Asseslatlsn. Banks srs defined sg “Institutions chartered to receive deposits snd make loan. s.” What Is a bank deposit? What is • bank loanI HANK DEPOSIT *■ money or checke left with • bank to be kept safe from thieves, fire or other loss; to earn interest, If in » sav­ ings account; to bs conven­ ient for the future uss of ths depositor; to be loaned out to earn the expenses of ths bank’s services, and Intorsat fm me depositor wnsn m an Interest bearing account DANK LOAN ■■ advance of money to help business enterprise eo that business may again help tbs earner and saver by giving employment Goldsmith* kept their i. H. Puelicher In the Middle Ages safes were very f e w . ... ......... . _ __ jewelry in strong boxes, and also accepted for safekeeping, for a fee, money packed snd marked with the owner’s name. In those days money saved lay Idle; today It is put to work by banks for the benefit of the depositor and the community. N E W BIGÎACKAGE 2 4 > 1 5 i NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION No, eiC 7 se Department of tbe Interior, U. S. Land Offlce at Helena, Montana,, JW*«T t , 1914. •' NOTICE to hereby given. that Sensei' eg Wisdom. « * en Nsvettier Ì*rA I»*», made ¿Sfitto«« Btoek-mto-¡ « F M n i s t o t t e r n m t m tar m% *w%, f t | , See. i t ; * * * * * * See. fifi; HR* RW* AmMnn U NEWSPAPER MEMBERSHIP 4031 NINE AT TOP To the MeMbers; We are working for good roads ■everywhere. Our 7693 newspaper association members can do more to get them built th»u anyone else. We believe that these good roads can be attained only through a system of national highways built and main­ tained by the national government. We believe this is also best for the taxpayers snd users of our high- wways as well as for those who make money out of their building. We believe “A Paved United States in Our Day\ can be brought about in this way only. While we advocate this, we are for all efforts towards good roads for all methods help to­ wards the ultimate solution of the road problem. While for national highways, we are not against fed­ eral aid ewes though we are con­ vinced the latter will not solve tbe road problem. J National highways will he financed by general national taxation, thus equitably dtetrfbntlng their cost. There#®», the TkSt Msriheaitofcn states will pay about half the cost of both bwfldiag and m a itsw s t They wfB «reft the meat and cam tbenttra a t a r i «ach w e t Nearly af! the « t e r will be berie by the gi«M mad wealtty ritiea, as to the can* *«k ntato Idffkwm M R at atasa « brom . TWa la frit. There are nine pupils of Wisdom school who have a record to be proud of. Those neither tardy nor absent during the past five months are: Primary grade—John Woodworth and Gene Wampler, Intermediate grade —Jessie Hop­ kins and Jessie Holman, Joe Shaw, Bobbie Arbor, Dorothy Oliver. Upper grade— Audrey Tovey and Lois Shaw. \How come” only the smaller boys “get there?’’ Surely the larger ones can reach the school ground on time if they want to. The greatest men in history have been punctual men. CAMP FIRE GIRLS Last Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Squire took a livery team and sleigh and gathered up the Camp Fire Girls for a trip to the Onserud ranch. The young ladies put on their hiking togs and “hookey-bob’d” behind the sleigh, making tbe welkin ring with merry peals of laeghter as they rode. Miss Gladys Onserud bad prepared a delicious cake and there were \gal­ lon*'’ of eider. This meeting of tbe ©rganixatkm wDl long be remea bered for tbe jolly evening enjoyed. f i f i * « * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * to * # Mostrato Were a Mena« fi fi fi ni» h i bad trapped la risasi fi w m a w m m « ito * O.fwri et fi tg J t t - fi fi rice ef Ae Peace C. A. WB mb * * after W b * l guatato» b it Se- fi fi fsaae tot » e a selssatt> « M * ROLL CALL ON STATE FAIR VOTE T HE FOI,LOWING roll mil shows how the members of Hie house voted at to whether the state fuir should continue as Montana’s greatest agricultural advertising medium, or whether it should close shop and pro­ claim to the world that Montana Is bankrupt: Ayes—Andrus, Arnold, Rnrntrd. Ber­ ryman, Bohllng, Bray, Buell. Darlson of Gallatin, Cavanaugh. Clarke, Cronk, Davla of Fergus, Puvis of Wibaux, Dean, Denny, English, Flynn, Ftilsher. Onllldge, Hamilton, Harris, Hawley, Holton, Joffray, Johnson, Kelly of Sil­ ver Bow, Kennedy, Kenyon. Klnvllle, Larson of Richland, Lease, Leavens, Lemmon, l.oble, McCormick, McLeod, Maury, Murphy, Muahbnch, Myrlrk, Nelson, Oker, Pope, Rodgers, Srhurnl- kow, Keldenstlrker, Smith, Spencer, Rladdard. Strange, Swift, Taylor, Troy, Wold, White. Thick, Mr. Speaker-A7. Noes--Armstrong, Benedict, Bosley, Rrandjord. Burke, Ruttelnmn, Cndy, Carlson of McCone, Dell, Duffy, Elli­ ott, Facey, Goodman, Hanson, Hoff­ man, Kelly of Pondera, Larsen of Sher­ idan, McCarty, l’errlne, IMIgpram, Rasmussen, llidle, Itoscow, ltuffrorn, Huiethurst, Stoner. Terrett t i »»««-. L’S. Absent and Not Voting—Andrew, Baker, Bergstrom, Boorman, Brlcfeer, Buchanan, Caplls, Cowley, (iililn, McAfee, O’Connell, Ostby, l’eden, Sandy.— 14. •; Ts DIXON PUT8 OK ON SIXTEEN SESSION BILLS G OVERNOR Joseph M IMxon has signed the remaining 14 bills passed by the recent legislative assem­ bly. He had previously signed two bills, The total appropriated in Hie 16 bills is given ns $ft,4r>tl,or>5.67. ’Hie hills, as Introduced in Hie amounts as left by Governor Dixon after h!a veto, carried $0,464,167.37. There was a net reduction of $7,511.70 by the special assembly, aside from amounts substi­ tuted therefor by the assembly general appropriation* to lie used for the com­ pletion of a building at the Insane asy­ lum, $40,000, and of a building at the state tuberculosis hospital $10,000 at Galen. From the original total, too, the legislature paid several deficiency claims incurred by the regular session. MEMORIAL ASKS AID FOR CROW CHILDREN A MEMORIAL asking congress ts require the Indian bureau to pay for the schooling of Crow Indian chil­ dren In Crow reservation school dis­ trict«, was forwarded to Washington by tbe state legislature. In 1020 the federal congress gave the state of Mon­ tana some school lands In the Crow reservation, conditional upon Crow Indian children being schooled with white children. This threw the ex­ pense of 131 Indian children upon the white echool districts, st a cost of from $200 to $300 per ehlld, and the districts bave, because of adverse financial conditions, been without money to meet this charge. MONTANA SECOND IN SILVER OUTPUT C OLD and silver production of re­ fineries of the United States last year showed substantial increases over tbe preceding 12 months. Figures on product ion of silver by states and territories .are given: . A rk. Jt s s x / m Mont, n . m j m o a s t t m & * No*. - «,MS,7« Colo. - 1897322 U tah . MUS»37d Idaho 6,4223« ^ NEW FEDERAL JUDGE VISITS CAPITAL f t BASLES 8. FRAY of Great Fan» 1

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 07 Feb. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.