Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, February 07, 1924, Image 4

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ÉôW* - s w t a u « ^ ., o p tata y*» h »*, 0 J Woodworth's. Snap!# R. *Av M p . and Mr*. Hatty Batata* an borna trota aa etxendod rMt to th» county seat. W«»ä I a p tn s ê tÿiX ^jiaw year woo4 « »kort ftettcf «ad s^i appmiau Û If yo« will catl m« up at Jatksoa1 A t a Carter Adr Dec 27-tf Don't tercet or gloves you worth’s that latt pair of mittens at 0 J Wood' Adv-Nov IS Jack Anderson and \Holnile” Wll- laras returned Monday from a visit to the Golden Gate. Leather vests, made by the H A L Block Glor* Oo., none better. See hem at Woodworth’s. adv-11-8 Mrs. W D Tovey entertains the Ladles Aid next Thursday, February 1 4 , ¡u the Community building. $250.00 phonograph and 50 rec­ ords tor sale very reasonable. Write or phone 0 J Woodworth. adv-Oct2B Our friend “ Jaspar\ hands out a few wholesome suggestions upon our recent article entitled \Let’s Perk Up.” It is worth reading. I have a full line of boys’ and men's lined gloves and mittens. Cali and look them over. 0 J Wood worth. Adv Oct 25 Wellington D Rankin sent in his check fur a year’s subscription to The News one day last week. \A piophet Is without nonor,” etc. Lxtra fancy Salmon ‘Mur apples the kind you like— Wealthys, McIn­ tosh lteds, and Delicious, at O J Woodworth’s. Adv-Nov 15 Joe Ferguson dropped In Tuesday wiih a smile— and a five-spot— mak iug himself safe for the ensuing mouths on cun subscription books. An experienced coyote trapper de sires a good location, with cabin to live In. If Interested write Box 1, Gold Creek, Mont, Adv-1-1-24 There's a couple of days left la which you can take advantage of the Basin Merc, cut prices advertised in tie last Issue of The News. Best tune 'em while the takin's good. Basin Mercantile Co. opened up as n ce a line of shoes this week as has ever been seen in the Big Hole— and it \whole heap\ better line than we have seen for many, many moons. Soren Nelson, whose misfortune was reported last week, recovered sufficiently from his fall to go out for treatment. It was feared he had .sustained serious Injury to his »pine Little Miss Helen Kitschy gave a birthday party at her Point Lookout ranch home Saturday afternoon. Mr Hlrschy drove in and took a sleigh load of her little friends out. They \had the moses’ fun!” Little Miss Dorothy Simmons pre Bented The News with a bouquet oi pussywillows nicely budded las week, Master Chadwick has won Hits distinction for several seaaom but Dorothy “ beat him to ft” this time. Jack Mtller was compelled to abandon his trip to Los Angeles with a trainjoad of cattle last week. In­ stead he was confined to his room In the Andrus at Dilion fighting off an attack of pneumonia. Fortunataealy he won and continued his Journey \on the cushions.\ Messrs, and Mesdamee MeKeritt, Will Tovey, Roy Oliver, Mr. Ralph Huntley, Virginia Crane and Edith Leonard were dinner guests at the Gas Swanson ranch, “Swamp Creek No. 1 of the Huntley Cattle compa­ ny, Sunday evening and enjoyed to­ bogganing and skiing daring th* af­ ternoon. Lester Stack of the Spokane Dry Goods company eame up last week at the request of D E Anson of the Ba- eh Mercantile and sold that hemt a shipment of ary good* that wifi as­ tonish the native* when advert teed This was Mr. Stack's first trip to the Big Hole hat R will not he the last one hy any means. * Ted Woodward dropped in Satar- fiay with two dorters tad four bits burning his pahs. He says Mrs 'tali has fetrteds leasM n ie neem» 1 wan frlgk$e#ed at tho »p*ai Eta ita- ■ • r— mmrnrn^ » i * r Bargain la a Battdlag One-third Interest In the Bell build­ ing, just about the best business house in Wisdom, metal siding and celling, one-half of lower floor under lease to the government for poetofllce and a nice hall on second floor. Ad­ dress Odd Fellows Lodge, Jackson, Montana. Adv 1-17 Blackleg Aggregate Vaccinate your calves with Black­ leg Aggressln, the only -remedy that can be used at the same time other operations, euch as dehorning, cas­ trating, br$.n&ing, etc., are being per­ formed; and the only one that gives life-immunity— only one injection is ever necessary. 1'rfce is only 15c a dose Write or phone Dr. J D Lee, Dil­ lon, and give him one week’s notice. Advertisement Oct. 25 Notice to Subscribers It has become necesary to notify all subscribers that they are respons­ ible for all long-distance calls orig­ inating from their telephones, or to notify the company that they will not he responsible for ANY calls or­ iginating iherefrom, regardlelss of who the party may be, calling from said telephone. it is an impossibility for the oper­ ators to recognise all voices and charge calls accordingly. SOUTHERN MONT. TEL. CO , adv May3 11 L Oapohart, Manager. \Made in Moutanu” is tne slogan m m t m .m m m » : tata « ptedge of prompt, careful ser­ vice; rtateUw nod sattefnetory good«. Lowest Saving Price Mall order headquarter« Lu- teyt Central Store, osnuur of Main and Galena Strttt«. (HEART OF BUTTE) Make It yoqr meeting place LUTEY8 GROCERS COFFEE ROASTERS BUTTE. MONT. Stock Cattle for Sale 500 head of stock cattle 75 head of which are beef steers; 175 calveB thrown in. Prices can be obtained by writing Box 30 2, Lima, Mont, Advertisement Sept. 20. Legal Notice Notice is hereby given that, ef­ fective February 1, 1924, the Hunt- ley Cattle Company, of Wlsdom.Mon- tana, shall not be liable for any ex­ pense incurred by any of its em­ ployes unless covered by requisition blank issued from its office in Wis­ dom, Montana, and duly executed by one if its authorized agents. HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY By William Huntley, President. Advertisement Jau. 81-3t \Buy Something Made of Copper\ | When in Dillon Think of jj 1 THE MEN’S STORE I ! • For your wearables, whethei work or dress. Come in. compare the quality and prices. THEY ARE RIGHT • “ BUSINESS IS GOOD. WE MAKE IT SO” * j I I T LEE McCRACKEN GAINES W McCRACKEN I l Phone 88 Andrus Hotel Building ♦ | Dillon Montana j Sta **-W«e©dw»rth M u t a t a next »«K, «a he t e i targate» to ftSwr. They will u v* D » «ta g . T«8t patroaag* «ofiettod and uttetaettoa guarmateed..................... ¿dverttatBMftt fob 16-tf TELEPHONE OFFICE HOURS Wisdom exchange open from 8 a m. to I p. m. dally except Sunday, rhea the hour« aro tram I I to 12 a tn. aid 2 to $ p. m. H. R. Capehart. Local Manager Printer» Ink make« mHUou think Pay George Loss! Any of my friends who happen to owe me money and wish to settle during my absence in Florida will please remit to George Losel at Jack- son. I will most certainly appreci­ ate any little favors along this l i n e - large ones in proportion. Adv-l-l-?t J P LOSSL I N S U R E With Hazelbaker for INSURANCE THAT INSURES BEATON T ASBURY HEMAL SURGEON HI Gnose Fktk Anaconda Mont. INSUURUNCH INDISPENSABLE There is no excuse tor lack of insurance, and to he without It Is dangerous. We write sU kind» STATE BANK OP WISDOM THE ANACONDA STANDARD “Montana’» Best Newspaper’ ■bill A. P. Service. Carries Financial, All the News and Special National nd Mining Page Services. Subscribe for Anaconda Standard BUTTE, MONTANA ¡Dillon Furniture Go,! EVERYTHING IN FURNITURE BEDDING,FI OOH COVERINGS Our facilities for handling and ▲ shipping are not excelled in - Montana, and we solicit your patronage based upon competi­ tion with any other market in the country. For This Week Faced and Filled Wealthy Apples per b o s......................................... Wrapped Fancy Wealthy Apples per box ................ . .............. .. Three Packages of Quality Macaroni Three Packages of Quality Spaghetti......................... •Three Packages of Quality Egg Noodles .................... Three Packages of Quality Kre-M e-Nuts .................. 25-lb. Box 80-90 California Prunes $3.75 Basin Mercantile Company jg Wisdom and Divide j A B C RESTAURANT ( ( SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE [ I A. B. Crane, Proprietor j Idaho Honey for Sale 60 pound can, $8.00. 10 pound bucket, $1.75. Broken comb honey, 20c per pound Two cans, $15, 6 ponnd bucket, $1 Of) ALL DELYIVKRED FREE G. T. Paul, Propneto'.i E B Randolph Salmon, Idaho ii-tate»«* A Long Time Investment Every Dodge Brothers Sedan body is steel built throughout — sills, pillars, panels, frames, and all. This all-steel design— exclusively a Dodge Brothers feature—possesses certain prac­ tical advantages which recommend it most emphatically to the closed car buyer. It reduces cost, assures a structural preci­ sion which is particularly evident in the snug fit of doors and windows, and results in a staunchness of construction which guarantees to the owner a long time invest­ ment—and a long time satisfaction. SILVER BOW MOTOR CAR CO PaJk and Idaho Phone 880 Bntte,Mont. W I S D O M C A F E j f , (Reopened under new manuagement) i Mr. »nd Mrs. Clarence Combs, Proprietors. A Good Meal for 50c f SHORT ORDERS—HOT OR COLO LUNCHES * I SECOND DOOR NORTH OF HOTEL, WISDOM I H) Big Hole Drug Store I Fresh Stock of Drugs and Proprietary Medicines Guaranteed Under the Pure Food and Drug Law RELIABLE REMEDIES FOR STOCK jChas. Q uist — * *. - ^ I S S a B i W m Wisdom Cash Market J. A, Look, Proprietor j Special Rates sn Meat in Quantities j [ Fish u d Vegetables in Season § Prompt Attastion to Telephone i r m '¡E S T A -¡WijgNÈ# # * RAY f l U V ...................... * 1 ;w . * , ïâ^émÊm i i \ 1 1

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 07 Feb. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.