Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, February 28, 1924, Image 4

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S wm * cider, ih* k M y»u like, at O J Woodworth's. it. adv S a lt Swwts has left far Idaho. Bob William« left for Butte last Friday. Ed Oates returned Tuesday from California. Harold Capehart te home from a trip to California. Ray Willey was in town Monday i n a business mission.. Mrs. Givogre went to Butte last week for medical advice. Miss Hedstrom is at her post in the local bank after a sick »pall, Albert Smith is home from Butte, where he went for medical advice. Another horse sale is on tap, at Dillon March 20. Watch for the ad. Mrs. Hathaway entertain» the La dies Aid this (Thursday) afternoon Blackbirds and meadow larks are iu evidence— spring must be on the way. Mrs. Harry Hopkins Is home from Butte, where she had some dental w ork done. Chas. Quist put his Dodge touring car to work last week bteween Wis­ dom and the ranch. J R Dee was in Wisdom last week looking after business for the freight department of the N P. E N Jones sent down 160 A1 beef steers Friday and followed later to see them weighed and loaded Charles Quist reported on the sick list Monday and put in a hard night but bobbed up serenely Tuesday. Manager D E Anson of the Basin Merc Co returned Monday, bringing Mrs anson with him from Hamilton Mr and Mrs. Will Tovey drove up in their Overland-4 Friday to Mead- A Small Deposit Delivery of a ow Brook ranch Tovey's parents. on a visit to Louis Givogre has removed the partitions from his confectionery store and put in a nice new stock of family groceries. EBRandolph of the Salmon apiary has our thanks for another consign­ ment of honey which has become fa­ mous iu the Big Hole. Notice the Basin Merc prices on Dei Monte canned fruits and veget­ ables. This is a high class product offered at ridiculously low prices, Ed Wen»er of Anaconda was an Incoming passenger on Tuesday’s stage to look after the beef stuff he has on feed at Meadow Lawn ranch. Mr. and Mrs. George Parsons are home and George Is disappointed be­ cause he wasn't committed to an hos p'tal— wants to break Into saasity, ye knaw. I have a full line of boys’ and men’s lined gloves and mittens. Call and look them over. 0 J Wood worth. Adv Oct 25 Ira Walker was in town Monday— drove his jitney up from the ranch and it snowed ‘ like ever’thln’.” He promises to let the car stay under cover until grass starts. Extra fancy Salmon '.Ilror apples, he kind you like— Wealthys, McIn­ tosh Reds, and Delicious, at 0 J Woodworth’s. Adv-Nov 16 A numbi-“ of Wisdomites hu toed d wn to the Tod Woodward ranch Funday to ¿t Mrs. Ted’s neigh tors fn celebrating her birthday. It proved a joyous occasion! Mr. and Mrs. Claude Anderson ar­ rived home Saturday evening and were given a rousing ehiravarl by their friends. They are located fat the Fred Nelson cottage on the Earn side. ——T»I*S » WTIMH-IWS— Ask us about the G. M. A . C. selling plan HELMING BROS. LIITEYS Solicit your patronage, with a pledge of prompt, careful ser­ vice; reliable, and satisfactory goods. Lowest Saving Price Mall order headquarters Lu- teys Central Store, corner of Main and Galena Streets. (HEART OF BUTTE) Make it your meeting place LUTEYS GROCERS COFFEE ROASTERS BUTTE. MONT. 500 Block Cattle tor Saie head of stock cattle 75 head of Strayed One 2-year-oJd steer branded badger skin on left hip. Last seen f* the fall of ’22 between Mudd creek and Pistter creek. Ceitoss Brothers Adv fob 28- Wise River •é-.-v. 4.:. .. ' __ : . : * «L l ,- Card o f Thanks ^ We wish te thank the many kind der their «Aee* d e l s « the. said danti tad tenerti èf Blackleg Aggress!» Vaccinate your calves with Black eg Aggressln, the only remedy that :an be used at the same time other operations, each as dehorning, eas- .rating, branding, etc., are being per onaed; and the only one that gives Ife-lmm unity—only one injection is •ver necessary. Prkt Is only 18c a dose Write or phone Dr. J D Lee, DR- on, and give him one week's notice: Advertisement Drty 25 i which are beef steers; 175 calves thrown in. Prices can be obtained by writing Box 302, Lima, Mont. Advertisement Sept. 20. Bargain in n Building One third interest in the Bell build­ ing, just about the best business house in Wisdom, metal siding and ceiling, one-half of lower floor under lease to the government for postofflee and a nice hall on second floor. Ad­ dress Odd Fellows Lodge, Jackson, Montana. >■ Adv 1-17 ?{5 Per Pent Discount On men’s suiits If ordered from cur Fall and WJnter samples, Now is your opportunity to nave from |6.00 to $15.00 on next suit. Don’t writ * Come in and look the samples over, Make ymr selection. Get your order in and have the cloths come wht-n you want them. Satisfaction guaranteed >r money refunded. O J Woodworth, ad-fetlf TELEPHONE OFFICE HOURS Wisdom exchange open from 8 i m. to 9 p. m. dally except Sunday /hen the hours aro trom 10 to 12 a m. and 8 to 6 p. m. H. R. Capehart, Local Manager Notice to Subscribers It has become necesary to notify all subscribers that they are respons­ ible for all long-distance calls orig­ inating from their telephones, or 1» notify the company that tbey will not be responsible for ANT calls or­ iginating therefrom, regardless o f who the party may be, calling from said telephone. It is an impossibility for the oper­ ators to recognize all voices and charge calls accordingly. SOUTHERN MONT. TEL. CO., adv MtyS H L Capehart, Manager. I N S U R E With Hazelbaker for INSURANCE THAT INSURES BEATON T ASBUItY DENTAL SURGEON JO Gnose Pitch Anaconda Moat. INSUURUNCE INDISPENSABLE There la no excuse r©r lack of Insurance, and to be without ft Is dangerous. We write an kinds STATE BANK OF WISDOM m m m s m s m m AND FAMILY Salmon Valley ranch, Salmon, Ida­ ho, is adverttetegcfcft aaetfo» saie ét : purebred Shorthorn cattle which af­ fords an opportunity for the discern­ ing stockmaa to get htid of weitest temi M ila There are tina i aml heSars brod to baSs Ì» «Ms aale Beo tto adm tüse- THE ANACONDA STANDARD “Montana’s Beet Newspaper* A. P. Service. Carriee Raeseial, AH the News and Special National sd Mining Page Serrieea. Soheeribe for Anawmda Standard BUTTE, MONTANA ACOMA HOTEL M G i f t C K À f i E CANNED FRUITS J VEGETABLES jjg I V t a r e f e a t u r i n g t h i s u > e l l k n o w n f a n c y b r a n d a s a d u p l e on o a r s h e l v e s 2l4\b. Can Del Monte Peaches ...................... 45c 2yi\b. Cen Del Monte Pears . ......................... 50c 2}ilb, Can Del Monte AprioOts ....... .. ............ 45c 2J^lb. C^n Del Monte Plums, . ...................... .4oc 2Ulb. Can Del Monte Pineapple ___________ 50c 21b, Can Del Monte Pineopple . . . . . . . . ___ 40c 21b. Can Del Monte Blackberries. . .............. 40c lib. Can Del Monte Fruit Salad.: . . .............. 40c (j lib. Can Del Monte Asparagus . . ..............55 c 21b. Cau Del Monte Beets ......... - ........... 25 c 2jH?lb. Can Del Monte Hominy . ................. 25 c 2>41b. Qan Del Monte Pumpkin .................. 21}ic 2}i\b. Can Del Monte Spinach ......... . . . . .30 c 2Klk; Can Del Monte Sweet S p u d s . . . . . . . . . 3 5 c Del Monte Catsup (Pints) 35c, 3 for $1.00 Basin Mercantile Company Wisdom and Divide * B C RESTAURANT ~ j SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE ( i A. B. Crane, Proprietor | Idaho Honey for Sale 60-pound can, $8.00. 10 pound bucket, $1.75. Broken comb honey, 20c per pound Two cans, $15. 6-pound bucket, $1 00 ALL DKI YIVEKED FREE E B Randolph Salmon, Idaho W I S D O M C A F E | Mgs for Sale I have about 20 nice shoats and a few older hogs which I can spare John Jackaon, Jackson, Mont Ad ! (Reopened under new manuagement) Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Combs, l'roprietore A Good Meal for 50c SHORT ORDERS—HOT OR COLD LUNCHES WISDOM HOTEL DINING ROOM ¡ Suits for Men and Iloys See those new and snappy spring and summer samples at O J Woodworth's Adv-feb 14 ¡Big Hole Drug Store! i Fresh Stock of Drugs and Proprietary Medicines Guaranteed Under the Pure Food and Drug Law RELIABLE REMEDIES FOR STOCK I j Chas. Quist Proprietor j | Wisdom Cash Market j I J. A. Louk, Proprietor j Special Rates on Meal in Quantities 1 Fl*h and Vegetables la Seaton e Prompt Attention to Telephone

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 28 Feb. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.