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VOLUME XII WISDOM, MONTANA, THURSDAY, MAY 8 1924 NUMBER 34 * » I NAIlilCifM PRESIDENT COOL.tOOK INDICATE» CHOICE OF MANAGER TO RUN C/tMFAIQN MAY GIVE BP SENAIOBSHIP Retirement From Mawachueatt* $en*> torial Race Expected te be An- ncunced in Near Future Washington.— William M. Butler, of Massachusetts, will menage the 1934 nutionul Republican campaign and succeed John T. Adam*, of Iowa, a* chuirman of the national committee, If President Doolldge Is nominated at the Cleveland convention as the Republi­ can standard bearer. President Coolldge decided that If he Is nominated at the Cleveland con­ vention he will recommend «election o f Mr. Butler, his preconvention cat»- palgn manager, to the new Republican national committee for the chairman­ ship and, in accordance with custom, Ids recommendation undoubtedly will be adopted. The president’s decision was an­ nounced in the following statement by him, made public at the White House at night: “After conference with Chalrmman Adams, who has indicated to me that after the organization of the Incoming Republican national committee he does not wish te continue us chairman, I have decided to present to th# new committee for their consideration for the chairmanship, the name of William M. Butler, who has managed the pri­ mary campaign,\ The assumption by Butler of the duties of national chairman is expect­ ed to preclude his participation In the contest for the Republican nomination for United States senator In Massa­ chusetts, and his retirement from tlfe race Is expected to be announced with­ in the near future. IRON W O RKER» »TR IK E FOR »12 FOR EIGHT-HOUR DAY New York.—More than 8,000 Iron workers went on strike May 1, de­ manding a closed shop and a wage o f $12 for an eight-hour day Instead of $10.50. Charles Murphy, business agent of the Manhattan local of the Internation­ al Association of Bridge and »true- tural Iron Workers, said all union con­ struction In Manhattan, Brooklyn and northern New Jersey was at a stand­ still. The strike marred what was eipect- ed to be a May Pay of complete Indus­ trial peace. Regardless of the com­ parative quiet, the police took the usual precautions. Extra guards were detailed to public buildings an d ♦ hurebes. Oil Production Shews Increase New York — The daily average crude rill production of the United States In­ creased 8,700 barrels for the week ended April 28, totaling 1,941,050 bar­ rels, according to the weekly summary of the American Petroleum Institute. The dally average production east of the Rocky mountains was 1,294.450 barrels, an increase of 7,400. Califor­ nia production was »48,000 barrels, an increase of 1,306. Wyoming and Montana show a dally average jîfcduetion of 130,500 barrels, .an Increase o f 4,850. Financial Condition Improves Says Clews OUttlCB CURE FO B DREAD ILLS J Mrs. Georg* Pattars has oar sta- — ------- --------- — cere thanks for her thoughtfulness Henry Clews & Co.. New York, ing companies, A revival in this dl-|la MlppiRg the following from a Cal- lhl, reotion ts, of course, very beneficial Morula paper and hahsUng it to us: to the producing corn parte* and is a| The foot and m o u t h p la g u c a p - hopefttl Stpi Tor the future. Traffic P*ared la Australia 40 years ago and SHORT STORIES OF HOME FO L K —T Mrs. Jorgenson k r t Thursday tor Wallace, Idaho, to be. present at the graduating exercises when Miss Anna receive« her diploma. Mr. Jorgen­ son accompanied her to Butte but * ive out tbe £olic>wlu* m l w w£ spring work on the ranch forbids financial situatior. April 2$i him Mating. W h ile there has boon a good deal|over the railroads is excellent, a l l ! * « completely extirpated without Mr. Anderson of Butte was a vis- of hesitation in congress during the things considered. Mercantile bus!- m “ * • ®* * « » * ' • « was itor last week In the Interests of the past week or ten days, the program ut!ftS In most parts of the country has ®c ar® Y 0 eit on 8011' a Ford tractor. The machine is now has now been quite effectually remained fairly satisfactory. W hile,f™ r cattleman of the Antipodes, used iu some localities for drawing!straightened out. W ord has been thus the business outlook Is l o n » - , » ^ by the Fa* a mowing machine and it may be unofficially made known l y the lead-,what \spotty it is sufficiently good,|C c as ec * c com'>ai>y moy* that a demonstration can be arirang-1 era there will be action on the lax taken in the aggregate, to afford le- _ an years. e cure was w e ed in the Big Hole. ¡reduction question before the close gitimate grounds ter encouragement. of the present session, both prrties ¡evidently regarding such action as ^a necessity from the political stand - Foreign Affairs Although the market La not yet in a condition to respond directly to point, it is still uncertain what ¡the progress that has been made tu W alter W h ite Interfered with our mailing operations last week, forcing ye scribe to cease work while he dropper two dollars and four bits In ^ w \ b*; g|’ ” n to T h e final dmft arranging To ¿ i t T h e \ DawTs 7ommU-,br0k® ? *h# raaCh where 1 was by a simple applic&t4m»> of carbolic acid and Stockholm tar, said Mor­ rison. \It was in the tall of 1S89 that the foot and mouth disease first the till. W e don't care! If anyone missed his paper because of this we apologize, however. 'of the bill, but authorities on both sion plan Into operation, the better sides feel assurance that whatever is prices for exchange reflect an attl- ,Wallace’* Daughter Wttl Wed Washington.—The engagement was wnnouneed May 1, of Miss W*litre, daughter of Secretary Waïlaee and Mr*. Wallace, to Dr, Ohartoe Brugg- ■BKftji, ftrat.secretary of the Swiss le­ gation to Paria. T $ . Brwggma** waa first secretary of the «wies togati«« ta Washington for three years, havteg Been transferred to Parto a yew ego. The marriage wffl take place Hay 14. Tarit to Sant to Maapttaf Los Angeles. — ÏM t ff 8 n Tarkteh heavyweight « * * * It ta A tawpftel mawartaf from * fr*rt«r*d rib and ether tatertos mfffered «M a Hi .mat tkreapi m O n Ê jr ta * * M i fto o r ta t m a toh w i t h “ ‘ .¿sa» BWpfKKe employed, 100 miles south of Syd­ ney.” said orrison. \As soon a* we clono w 11 afford a very material light tude of optimism In foreign m a r k e t s t r a c e of foci M m John Inabnlt sailed Saturday cii'ng of existing tax conditions, which Is largely reflected In o u r o w n ltlOU e with lhe animals we segre- from California shores to her child- i3 the principal object sought ¡market In connection w„.o the possl- hood home across the seas on a vis I f financial community. On the btllty o f an Improving export trade to her aged mother. Through thei '16r baud, the general tread of should the Dawes plan become fully thoughtful kindness of her slstei opinion Is against any other legtsla- effective French operations to turn except the appropriation nieak check the rise of the Trane are mere- ures ard one or two matters1 that| y Intended to produce a more mod-1 have succeeded in gaining a start, erate movement of values. Brest Mrs. W alter White of Wisdom, News will follow her. The Blackwell Lawrence, pioneer post­ master at Boyven, was a tnursday caller on The News and wore a smile that caused the corners of Ut; mouth to hold a sociable at the back of hi* neck— the Bowen office was discontinued Wednesday Charley Ralston and W ill Fergu son were In Wisdom laet week and Imparted the welcome Information that they had driven horses through such as the bonus As to the latter, the form which it is now assuming through senate action seems to indi­ cate that it will be somewhat lea« hazardous than had been expected, a fact which has reassured some mem­ bers of the financial community, at least to a certain extent The (’ resident's Conservatism President CooUdgie in his address in New York City adopted an ex- the drifts on Anaconda hill and ex-Jtremely strong and c.,;.iageoua point pected to have the road open by the t>f view with respect to conservative time The News was Issued again. ¡government, pledging himself to the 1 observance of strict economies In Mhn Gray of the East Fox school matterB of administration The fact was a caller on The News and ®atd^baj b0 dl0 vigorously adheres to con the school was giving a box social gervative ideras on toe whole subject and dance on Saturday night, M a y L undoubU(dly been a very reas- 17. The good people of that d i s t r i c t i n g pha88 of ree,nt developmeilt In addition to th s ts the fact that there is an evident dying dowh of the investigating mania, resulting in a good deal more stable and normal point of view in political circles. This finds Us refection in a more confident outlook on financial affairs and not a few now predict decisive revival of business immediately after the national conventions are over This, of course, is stimjdy conjecture but it represents a widespread belief. Business and the Outlook know how to have a good time and »spare no pains to make It pleasant tor tjteir guests. W e acknowledge with thanks the receipt o f a complimentary season ticket to the lwterechotasUc track meet to be held at at Missoula May $-9. This Is one of the finest gath erlngs of high school students In the United States and we regret our inability to attend. Homing Bros, delivered a hand­ some pew Oldsmoblle to Don Anson a bran new Ford to Fred Nelson up Jackson way, and a used Buick tour­ ing car to Al. Reed last week. \It pays to advertise,” these wide-awake brothers maintain— and their sales prove the assertion. Weldon Else came into the office the other day and insisted on writing a cheek for ten dollars. W e tried the best we knew hew to keep him from doing this, but when “ he’s sot he’s sot!” and we accepted the inev­ itable with a* good graee as we hap­ pened to hare on hand. Chester H Strleklen and Miss Beu­ lah Brown, both of Tendey, were married in Salmon last week, Rev. George It Areher performing -the sa­ cred ceremony. Mr. Strleklen has leased tho.W m . Carpenter ranch on Agency ereek, where they w ill get their start— Salmon Herald Mesdames Roy Murray and Leon­ ard Haggerty (nee Thelma and Alice Stewart) drove up from Butte last Wednesday and spent the remainder o f the week with their parents and 'dent Coolldge'g recent remarks seem to contemplate a thought on his part that the Dawes plan would re­ sult in an export of gold from the United States. As to this, about all that needs to be said Is that the country Is in an eminently strong po­ sition to supply any country with all gold that may be needed for export, and that while such action would fail to furnish the demand for Amer­ ican goods for export that has been hoped for, it would tend to create a liquid financial and banking situa­ tion In Germany which might consti­ tute the best basis of all for antici­ pating decisive recovery In our for­ eign business. Meantime the secur­ ity markets are getting ready to ab­ sorb not only a good many govern­ ment or official Issues troiu foreign borrowers but also a cons'derable amount of paper of private concerns abroad which need new financing. Market Review and Outlook Although some symptoms of reces­ sion or weakness have of late occa­ sionally made themselves apparent, the market ha» shown a decided abll lty to recuperate after sinking spells W h ile it remains true that the public at large has not been disposed to come into the market actively, the The relation of the general out- sound and well seasoned shares have look to business conditions) Is one shown entirely satisfactory ability which calls for considerable discrim­ ination. Conditions are undoubted­ ly unsatisfactory or depressed in the textile trades, while in some others, such as the pleasure car Industry, there are unwholesome finanaial con­ ditions that call for rectification In the farming regions prices are cer­ tainly not high enough to yield an adequate return to the cultivator, who suffers correspondingly. All this makes a situation in which it to highly desirable that there should be an improvement of the situation. On the other hand, employment is still very broad and satisfactory, Activ­ ity in the steel and metal industry and In building continues high. It to said that a large amount of struc­ tural steel orders has been recently placed with the leading manufactur- ing quite satisfactorily. for self-defenBe, due largely to the circumstance that their holders are not easily discouraged, feeling satis­ fied that future developments will show that they are Justified in hold­ ing on. Anything like concentrated buying would easily lift prices high­ er, particularly as the situation abroad seems to have brightened very considerably since the Dawes re port made Its appearance. It la hardly to be expected that the up­ ward movement will continue with­ out Interruptions, for the reason that there to still much uncertainty as to the legislation that 1s to be enact­ ed, especially with regard to remov­ ing the income tax burdens of the country which to so badly needed. Nevertheless, the skies are elear- F O L I T K A L NEWS DODGE BROTHERS SALES For the third successive week gated them. Disease lik e Bolls \The disease was first apparent on the hoofa of the cows In the form of sores like blind boll Then the bolls broke, the animals licked the sores and the Infection spread to their mouths \When we noticed the sores on the feet we put them In a separate pasture and brought the sore to the breaking point with a mild solution of warm water and carbolic acid. When the boll broke we cleaned It out carefully with a few strands of clean hemp rope. Hoofs Painted \A fter cleaning out the sores we painted the hoofs with Stockholm tar This prevented the cow« from licking the sores on account o f the unpleasant taste of the tar, which to, however, quite harmless. \In all, we treated more than lol) head of cattle suffering from this plague during the winter of 1889-87 and we cured each cow entirely go that we never lost a head. During the time we had the cows In quaran­ tine we milked them very carefully and took the begt of care of them, giving them a physic if we deemed it necessary.” BOY HCOl'TH Wisdom troop lloy Scouts of Am­ erica met last Friday night at the Community building and in addition to the regular business were tested by Mrs. Hathaway as to the lessons he gave them In first aid work two weeks ago. Of the number examined (time was too short to review the entire troop) Henry Johnson far out- classed his comrades, Ed Van Houten, one of the squad captains competing for a cash prize offered by Ranger Ramsey for fire prevention work, was not present nd the money was given Miles Woodworth, the opposing captain. Mesdames Leverieh and Dinnen served cake and lemonade, a pro­ cedure which filled Scout Warren Flagjer, Just returned from Califor­ nia, with amazement. \ I ’d laugh to ee refreshments at a Scout meeting It California,\ he said. \W e gotta dig m for all we’re worth every min­ ute down there.\ Mrs. J T Armltage, whose son is a member of Butte troop, will enter­ tain the boys next Friday night and at that time a new scoutmaster may be appointed. Mr Shaw, although his heart to in the movement, finds it impossible to act as scoutmaster EXPLOSION OCCURRED FEW MIN­ UTES AFTER DAY SHIFT RE­ PORTED FOR DUTY J Z t T Z T 7 and Assistant Scoutmaster Squire Is editor has had a politteal grou c h - I ^ g e B m h m deatersjtave b « * « , * * * , ^ t06 ba#y ^ ecbooI w w k ta give the boys what they are en 80 many good men have been made all previous retail records, their »ister, Mr». Harold Capehart, ib*d by polities there are no many un-i During the week, ending April &thi titled to Ihe last mentioned accompanying J ‘ \ * * - * ................. 1 them v p t m their return home. Mr. tad Mrs. AM. Hendrickson, who have bee* In the employ o f the M iller Development company a i the •tfwwhridfe raneh daring the fall md wilder, have le f t the Basi» tor a She. “W e s t y he ta e l , don’t knew I e r «w e , ” S tem s te U the re­ porter; « e r t e tato» te take g look ^ d p t o d M w s eagaged ta the po- S « M « « were deltrered to ¿ t r e k * » . A t a m* e tiac h t ì i * tbe , m6 * \ * ^ ™ “ ,OTe ‘ “ “ J L “ - Masonic hall « m e weeks since the for mere party principles. enea of the greatest previous w e e k ’s o . , . D .m t m j ( M M k l b . 0 » . I . I » é „ B rM W , B‘ 7 S“ * ‘ ’ r’>b1' \ ° * ” “ Ik\ peiga the brainiest men of the two This record, however, was of brief1 toadtog politesi parttos ere employed dtratkm, as the very next week saw M enmpeign managen to set forth j he deRtery o fd t fft can «t retail, the principle of their respective par-] ¿ng R to itocmeed by oficial ttoa and r«B r in g that we have oajtgcren « m the factory that the o « r «ab«criptica ffiooks names of men ye q^dfsg April 19 tr i e m tt- «nd women of both poSi^eal faiths, « a * * and mach grower record, with we have ordered from tho Western « Y « deliveriM to W p w -ttatfam Idnte madter destj im a g a * . with both - • -■ Charles Qstot, \put up” to the La- aentad thè tabjeet to thè wrgasix*. tion ta t i a* a mattar of eourse thè good woaea are bOhind thè more- mect and wfll assist in orery poeri- bto mnaaer; ta f thè leadership and he tretetof et th è » bey* te beeeme wefa!! eittoeos He» wh»i% wttà thè -4% i h o » É g iito i*»; fathen. WbeCker thwe are « ' « É k d e a d m e a b e r « t f t e » t a W fa d e m te ■ beid th* w w o a w i i e » loto; ' «M I « Che movemaat * ‘ « M «o «boi 114 M I N E » ENTOMBED Little Hope to Entertained That Any of tho Victim« Will ba Takan Out Alive Wheeling, W. Vu.—More titan 100 utluerH were entombed by mi I'Xpli'sion In the coat mine of the Wheeling ^teel corporation at Benwood, near li^fe, a few minutes after they went to/work Monday morning, April 28. All entries to the mine were Mocked by fulls of rocks and dirt. Four hours nfter the blest came volunteer rescuers, hur­ riedly assembled, had been tumble to gain entrance to the underground pas­ sageway. Little hope was entertained for the trapped miners, for the mine was on fire and choked with deadly fum *. The combined mine rescue poweq of the Uulted Stales government mid fjie State of West Virginia was rushed to the a Id of the stricken community, In the hope that some of the miner» would be brought out alive. 1 By Monday evening twenty-two bod­ ies had been recovered from the mine. Nineteen of the bodies were found by rescue workers In the Brown s Hun ttlr shaft, while the Other three were lo­ cated In the main passageway. One of the dead miners was Identi­ fied as George Holliday, ,Jr , sun of the superintendent of the mine Su­ perintendent Holliday declared that n check disclosed 114 miners were In the mine when the explosion occurred. There remain 5)2 unaccounted for, nml hope that any may be found alive vir­ tually has been given up. The first victim whose body was identified wus J. T. l’oyle, the fire boss. The bulletin hoard at the mouth of the mine indicated he had Inspected the mine and pronounced It safe before the daylight shift went to work. The explosion occurred a short time after the day shift entered the mine. Mine officials were unable to assign any cause for the explosion. INDIANA GOVERNOR tN JAIL ON CHARGE OF FORGERIES Indianapolis, Ind.—Governor Warren T. McCray, found guilty, April 2S, of using the mulls Iri furtherance of a scheme to defraud, by a jury In fedend court after less I him M0 minutes delib­ eration, was ordered taken to Jail to await sentence at t) a. m., April 3o, by United States District Judge A. B. Anderson. Unless McCray tenders his resigna­ tion us governor of Indlmm, he will continue In office until Impeachment proceedings are brought against him In the general assembly of Indiana. Early In the governor’s financial diffi­ culties, when efforts were being made by party leaders to have him resign, be stated he would resign if flic charges made agaln<r him were proved. In denying bond to the governor and ordering him taken to Jail, Judge An- deson declared he \had never seen so many felonies committed by one 'indi­ vidual.'* The penalty provided by statute may be a fine of not to exceed |l,(K)it or Im­ prisonment for not more than ’ ive years, or both, within the discretion of the court. OB Dtaler* to Cut Price Sioux Falls, S. D.—Independent oil dealer* of South Dakota will make •‘adjustments\ in the price of gasoline which will bring St to a lower level unless the ‘Targe competitors\ reduce prices \within the next few days,\ !r was announced by the Independent Oil Dealers' association of South Dakota, through J. H.,X'umbow of Sioux Falls, pm ideat,' Wyoming's First Whit# Child Dies Laramie, Wyo,—Lewis J. porter, bora at Fort BaReck. B y «., July 2, US* and believed. front records so far studied, to have been the K m white ekUd bora te what is now Wyoming, «to « at a hospital here. April 27. Be leave* a wife, two daughters and

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