Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, May 08, 1924, Image 3

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J . , , SPOKANE RANCH ■an A. 0. Qaswad, proprietor. P. ■Ml Q address Wisdom, Montana. Hone brood on left «boulder. Cottle bread K boll diamond on tbe left tide. TOPE BROTHERS Jesae and John. P. O. Wisdom. Ranch on Northfork. Cat tie brand same on right hip. JOROEN JORGENSEN Wisdom. Cot­ tle range Steele ek to Squawefc Horse br’d l f jl right thighBM _ | Range, Stanley to Warm Spgs. LEROY ARNOTT Bowen P. 0. RB| Horse brnd ■ S i left thigh Range Fishtrap I to Mussigbrod. HARRY Q. DAVI3 Cattle brand same Harry G. Da via Jackson, Mont, on right ribs. Range on Bloody ___ Dick and Big Hole river HANS JORGENSEN Postoffic? t dom. !?e- Steel r..-u Squaw ere Horse brnd same as cattle on thigh, E N JONES Hornes the same left shoulder Post office addres Wisdom, Mont. GEORGE PARSONS P. O. Wisdom. Range Tie creek to Mussigbrod. Hones same on left thigh WM. MONTGOMERY Postoffice, Wis dom, Montana. Horse b ’nd L O left stifle HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY Carl R. Hunt- ley, mgr, Wis­ dom. Horses 1ft Spool brand alee and on left shldf tor horses. THOS. PENDEROAST p. 0. Wlsdem. Range east sida. Horses branded same on the left |shoilder. PET E R 8 0 N -01X 0 N p. o. Wisdom. Mont. Range be tween F e i end Stanley fttkfc. Herne brod the same, lft thigh. ■AH p e n d e r X ant a / Postoflea JaCk- son? range frem Swnmp eraet te j Q T m a x cl u m n k t r t p , Dewfe» with tMs bramdjalte, f t rtght rtta. bdl ted e v . AX W* Q . S t e g s F lsh - DEER LODGE VALLEY FARMS COMPANY Postoffice address Selway Q. Gardiner Drawer B, Anaconda, Moat. Range from head of French gulch to Le Marsh creek. For Cattle ( Lett aida Left hip ateft aide aida For Horses ■un hip -t shoulder lLa't shoulder IRA W A LKER Horses the same Range f r o m Steele creek. P. 0. Anaconda. m i s s With Haielbaker for INSURANCE THAT INSURE* Aunt May and Family Arriv Fashion Approve* C h o c k * a n d P l a i d é LENTON T ASBURY - WEN TAli SURGEON io Gnose Plcck Anaconda Mont. REGULAR COMMUNICATION No. SI A. F. A A. M Meets first and third Tuesdays cacti men Mi Visiting brothers arc always welcome. W1I.KE ........................ W. M. ’1 AW .......................... Secretary JACKSON LODGE NO. 81 ANDERSON & JOHNSON Horses the same \m right shbul- der. Range Gra- Evt‘- Tuesday Ni* ht at Jacka°“ vele park & Lit-j Noble Grand ............ Chas. Pinkerton ^ Lake creek Secretary . . . . . . . . . . Leu Hollorau P. O. Jackson. I ARMITAGH H o r s es same on left shoul­ der or thigh. P o s t offle ad- d r e ss Wisdom, Montana W. 8. TASH F. 0. Bannack Range Elkhorn and Grasshopper Horses branded same left shoul­ der. B. LAWRENCE Bowen. Square On board a train an Irishman had or some time been watching a wom­ an who was trying to get her baby to sleep but to no avail. Finally the liiyhman went over to the lady and remarked •Madam, you will please pardon me; but 1 believe it is board the baby wants, and not lodging.\ You can tell an arrogant man as far os you can see him, out you can t tell him much , NEWSPAPER MEMBERSHIP 4 0 3 1 speedy should the NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION No. 021844-022» 14 | ___________ _ _______ ___ ____ Department of the Interior, U. 8 . That the nftlion needs Land Office at Helena, Montana, . . . April 24 1924 completion of mapping, and NOTICE is hereby given that John ^av® *h® funds available, 1» ern 1ft ear hole iWengc-i. of Jackson, Montana, who statement made by the American En- iinrm i'on J ml° SHi, 1920, made Homestead gtneering council James Darkness, U right. Horse Entry N(1 0 2 J S M tor NE 14 , E t i {ormer K0venl0r of Vermont brnd same left | nw ‘i M V ; NWI 4 , NE >4 SWt4 r goveinor rn nt shldr. Range, West fork of WHY YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE By EDNA PURDY WALSH Checked, bnrred and plaid woolens strode Into the limelight when new suits for spring mu do their ent ry on fashion's stage. There are muny flan­ nels among them in which combina­ tions of tan und brown or beige and brown are foremost. Buch fabrics need no decoration and are made up In true boyish styles like that pictured. Noteworthy Style in Coats h r Spring Thompson creek to Mudd creek JAHNKE BROTHERS Horses slm« on left shldr. P. 0. Wisdom. Rang« betw'n Squaw ck and Steel ck SILAS C. DISHNO. P. U. wisdom. Knge E S Big Hole, between Jaek- gon - Wisdom C a t tie branded left ribs Big Hole Basis Stockmen's asso­ ciation will pay tho abors sum tor tbo arrest and conviction of anyone who tampers with fence or gate or tresspasses upon the feed lots at Wladpm. 29-tf PREST-O -UTE Batteries and Service A BATTERY FOR EVERY CAR Friendly Servlee on Any Battery CENTURY \ BATTERIES FOR FORDS, CHEVROLETS AND OVERLANDS $ 18.00 SIX MONTHS GUARANTEE AND FREE SERVICE Goodyear Tires and Tubes—Praet-O- Ltte Gas Tasks and Appliance«— Weed Tire Chaîna and Crocs Chains Broadway sad Art»««» Batte “Bverythtag tor Yew Car” THE WHITE GARAGE HBOABWAY X AKH50NA, BUTTE « It e REWABB YOUR EYES HAVE TOLD ME SO The eye takes more pictures in a day than all the cameras In the world. Its versatility Is so great, and It* muscles so sensitive that It reveals the thoughts themselves in Its expres- slons, contractions, und In the position of the lid over the eyeball. The sensual, amative thoughts con­ tract the lower lid of the eye. The true eye of affection and conjugality Is open, the lid Is round above the eyeball, Instead of straight, as It Is son, the eyes denotes an excellent faculty of form needed hy the artist In composition, A fine, deep seated, alert eye Indi­ cates a keen, rapidly operating brain, governor or Vermont presi NVi SE» 4 , Section 28; SV4 S w £ ) dent ot the at>unci1’ 18 quoted as Bay Section 21; and on October 4, 1921, ing: made Additional H. E No. 022014 \in the industrial development o f 1 «Y»r8W \ i NW r ^ ’ ®®c a country the preparation of ade- i West, I’rimdpal Meridian, hag filed “ttate mftP 8 19 logically the first step > riotire of intention to make three- To aid in the inletlgent building up ln ; n # e year proof to establish claim to the of our transportation system, in the’ reft 8 ance e w en land above described, before it« development of superpower plants, Wisdom, Montana, on the 3rd day of ®*lensk>n ®f irrigation and June, 1 9 2 4 drainage projects, an accurate know! Claimant names as witnesses edge of the configuration ot the Robert Woody, Emil Minder, Elmer eftrth „ flBWiBttllli Pickett, Martin Jackson, all of Jack-i w , Montana This is a question of national lm- F. A. MOTZ, Register portanee, It must be carried out by Adv 1st pub May 1, 1924-5t .national agencies. Two bureaus of NOTRE FOIt PUBLICATION t^ e f®deral government are now ac No 00050 'tlvely engaged In the work. The Department of the Interior, U. 8. Coast and Geodetic survey is furn- Land Office at Missoula, Montana, jgjjlng tjj 6 preCjga horizontal and March 31, 1924. 1 . .. . . . , . . vertical control for these maps.wh le NOTICE is hereby given that Ar .. „ . . , , . , thur M. Keas of Wisdom, Montana, ‘^ e survey Is doing the whd on August 24, 1920, made detailed topographic work, hey are Homestead Entry No. 06989 for working ln the closest co-operation, SW ^4 &E 14 > S E 14 SW 14 Sec. 13, m there Is no overlapping -or duoll- SEy* NE14, EH BEK Sec. 23, WH ,, . no overlapping or dupil NE%, E»A N W K , S W K NW K , ®&tlon of WDrk- S W K . W K SEK Sec. 24, T. 2 8 ., R.| The National Hlglhways assoda- 16 W. M. J‘. AL rndc-r P4 0 acre Act, tlpn has done Its patriotic bit toward has filed notice of intention to make ^ jp ^ g ^ e engtaeers of the nation three-year proof to establish claim . , , . . . to the land above described, before ^b^Fl®!® Ik® maps so badly needed. R. Hathaway, U. S. Commissioner, at It has published, aBd Is now publish- Wlsdom, Montana, on the 12th day lftg, many road maps of the several of ’ 19x2<- states and certain principal roads Claimant names as witnesses; . . . „ . „ Dresden Shields, Morton J. Robin- * * * * * cr083 raany 9tatei! These son, George Parsons, James Scofield, ®*P*. which have attracted wide at- all of Wisdom, Montana. tent ion, are beautiful examples of FRED C,. STODDARD, R e g i s t e r ^ map-maker’s art, accurately ----------------- drawn, with as complete information MINING APPLICATION as Is obtainable through the large or- No- 098818 ganisalon which sponsors them. UL S' Lf.nd P ? 66-«*«. Helenl> Mon - 1 a road map Is not usually a topo- ana’ KTt ’ grapble map. and topographic maps, Nbtle. 1* hereby ^ they show roads, do not uusal- IYI Charles Jacobson and John McNair. whose postoffie# addreas Is Butte, 1» teHntete them in such a way as Montana, and Evan Williams, whose to make them easy to nse by the postoffiee address is Coolidge, Mon- traveler. Each variety of may Is a tana, have made application for a patent for the O. C. J. Lode Mining tf®pieBaeEt to tb® &tkw> *®4 both Claim*, upon wfcieh the notice of ta- »««wary, not only the eco- tentloii to apÿly for a patent was nemle development of the nation.bat »«**<*** » « T February tte Bser oi the newest transporta let, 1924, «fttated tn Elkhom ( ub _v..w ,« v«,, „„ . organized) Mining District, Beaver Jc* ’ U onA’ ^ IB&tor head eonnty, Montana, and desig­ nated fa tbe held net«* and pia* of, ....... the official »wrrey en CJe In thie j GO'F HAS TRIPLETS office as Sur, No. 1941k, In nns.l .. * T. Y S 1, R. 12 W., ted deertfbed m I Mrs. W B Opener of Metadone, follows ; Mun9sfeeB ignty Is dhn owner 'Ot Begtraing at Corner He. 1, from . tUtkSk 8. M inenl He. . w \ evwensn «■» lastm m i r « , l » l 4 fMsM nsnsteg theoce enteA Lately « t a oow gal# Mrth PP - i « i r t v k m irtttTiMHi* SflltWH When the brow overshadows the eye, keen perceptiveness as to color, form, number, weight and size are present. The more prominent eye is more emotional than the deep-seated, small eye. The eye of the successful public speaker Is full underneath the eyes, and the eye protrudes at the Inner corners. The faculty of language, which Is strong In him presses tbe eye downwardly and outwardly. The small eye sees more detail than the large one, but the larger eye has a greater sweep of vision. (g), l * t l , Wwters Wtwapaser U b I o ».) Pretty Negligee* and Boadoir Cap* With the revival of trim and spin- Iteri tailored styles for spring, plain coats of covert cloth, or twill, are cer­ tain of a warm welcome. Toe hand­ some example pictured is made of twill and Its noieworthy style tViihin-s are a convertible collar, an overlap­ ping front and pln-tucUng for decora­ tion. Simple but Charming Frock of Crepe-Satin taw s A itate 4pte warn tete te * These darlings of the mode, crepe astia sad georgette, are used te make «AurnWj slaqtae sad kwetyfreek - ftet taffi smew« tor dtoaer, dance or afteraeem wear. The georgette. In very fine plaiting, hi used for bands set teetat the skirt tad round aeek. ( r n « » « . K. mb-tagte fggfereBc* i * P « t . » 4 t e t e s t e r t e r n «81 was inÉMtaC .WBm: SmféPÊKPSm:. «tentar s i t e i f fteta«*«, t e a * ■ v B rente» the report wteld rtnrr ite «asr ter m jam* ef the asusw te fhteM tei CoiiHrr - - — Su . t o — — »-

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 08 May 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.