Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, May 29, 1924, Image 3

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WSÊm. SPOKANE RANCH B B I A. a O&serud, proprietor. P. m O. address Wisdom, Montana. Hone brand on left shoulder. Cattle brand K bait diamond oa the left aide. TOPS BK0THXK8 Jesse and John. P. 0 . Wisdom. Ranch on Norfchfork. Cat tie brand same on right hip. JOBGKU JORGENSEN Wisdom. Cab tie range Steele ck to Squaw ck Horse br’d right thigh I Range, Stanley too Warmarm LEROY ARNOTT Bowen P. 0. Horse brnd left thigh Range Fishtrap I to Mufesigbrod. HARRY 0. DAVIS Cattle brand same Harry G. Davis, Jackson, Mont, on right ribs. Range on Bloody Dick and Big Hole river. HANS JORGENSEN Postoffice A i' 'dom. i.,j o are- Steel creek t< Squaw erect Howe brnd n same as cattle . on thigh. JORGEJÜ JOB t W Sp LEROY Al A f . i s s i t t a n e JUtu X y 1 JEEfe : E NJONES Horses the same left shoulder. Postoffice sddres Wisdom, Mont. GEORGE PARSONS P. 0 . Wisdom.^ Range Tie creek So Mussifbrod. Hones same on left thigh WM. MONTGOMERY Postoffice, Wis dom, Montana. H o rn b'nd L O left stifle HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY Carl R. Hunt- ley, mgr, Wis­ dom. Horses 1ft Spool brand also end on left shldr for horses. JW*L«ft hip DUES DODGE TALLEY PARMA COMPANY Postoffice address Selva? G. Gardiner Drawer B, Anaconda, Mont. Range from head of French gulch to Le Marsh creek. For Cattle For Horses M u t t side Left bif Lett side ■tight side IRA WALKER Horses the same Range f r o m Steele creek. P. 0. Anaconda. * A shoulder V t shoulder NTGOMERY tTTLE COMPANY * 6 - ' 4|2C h A THOS. PENDERGAST 0 . Wisdom. Range east side. Hones branded same en the left ■shoulder. THUS. rJSfti. A Y - E h r a t 4 N m M K m H b PETER8ON-0L80N p. G Wisdom., M ont Ruige be tween Fox and Stanley gnlek. Hone brnd the asme, 1 f t thigh. iO N -uiiSun ] : J O . da a n ra n n s K u u r r Poctoffice Jack goni fange fina Swamp crest to Lake. v n jrmmm M i 1 ANDERSON A A A . t J E f : ANDERSON A JOHNSON Horses the same \in right shout* 1 der. Range Gru­ fale park ft Lit­ tle Lake creek. P. 0. Jackson. i n s e r ì With Haselbaker for INSURANCE THAT INSURES LENTON T A8BVRÏ DENTAL SURGEON Mi Gnose Pitch Anaconda Mont. REGULAR COMMUNICATION No. 61 A. F. ft A. M Meets first and third Tuesdays eacu month Visiting brothers sre always welcome. FRANK WILKE. ................. W. M. RAA CHAW ....................... Secretary JACKSON LODGE NO. 81 E vl . j Tuesday Night at Jaeason Noble Grand .......... Chan. Pinkerton Secretary ................... Len Holloran W A ARMITAGB H o r s es same on left shoul­ der or thigh. Post offie ad- d r e ss W. S. 1 J B É f Montana NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT DI8HNO WATER COMPANY Principal Plan* of Business at Wisdom, Montana Notice is hereby glveu that at a meeting of the directors held on the 2nd day of May, 1924, an asse^ment Wisdom, 10f one dollar per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corpor­ ation, payable May 20lh, 192 4, to W . 8. TABH the secretary of the corporation at P O Bannaek I Wisdom, Montana. Any stock upon r ’ which the assessment shall remain Range Elknorn unpatd on the 4th day of Jupne, and Grasshopper 1924, will be delinquent and adver- Horses branded tTseel for sale at public auction, and, unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 20th day of June, 1924, to pay the delinquent assess­ ment, together with the eiwte of ad­ vertising and expense of sale. li R STEVENSON, Secretary of the Dtshno Water Company, Wisdom, Montana. Adv. may 16-4t left ahouL B. B. LAWRENCE Bowen. Square crp 1ft ear, hole in right. Horse brnd same left shldr. Range, West fork of Thompson creek to Mudd creek JAHNKE BROTHERS Horses same on left shldr. P. 0. Wisdom. Rang« betw’n Squaw e f and Steel ck SILAS 0. DI8HN0. P.. U.. Wisdom.isdom. Knge E S Big Hole, between Jack- s o n - Wisdom. G a t tie branded left ribs BROTHERS W P U W K J a Big Hole Basin Stockmen's asso­ ciation will pay the a bore sum for the arrest and eoBrietien ef anyone who tampers with fence or gate or tresspasses upon the feed lots at Wisdom. IS-tf SATURDAY, MAY 31 At the Canfield Ranch Entire Ranch Layout AT 11 O'CLOCK A. M. Free Lunch at Noon. Terms, Cash NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION No. 021814-022014 Department of the Interior, SP 8. Land Office at Helena, Montana, April 24, 1924 NOTICE i« hereby given that' John Wenger, of Jackson, Montana, who on June 8th, 1929, made Homestead Entry No. 0 2IS44 for NElg, EM, NW V* , NW Vi NVV14 1 NEV* SWV«, NH SE >4, Section 28; 8Vfc HWVi, Section 21; and on October 4, 1921, made Additional H. E No, 022014 for SWV4 NW>4, NWV, SWVi, Sec, 28,Township 6 South, Range 14 West, Principal Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make three- year proof to establish claim to the land above described, before R, Hathaway, U. S Commissioner, at Wisdom, Montana, on the 3rd day of June, 1924. Claimant names as witnesses: Robert Woody, Emil Minder, Elmer Pickett, Martin Jackson, all of Jack- son, Montana. F. A. MOTZ, Register, Adv 1st pub May 1, 1924-lt De- PREST-Ü-LITE Batteries and Service A BATTERY FOR EVERY CAR Friendly Service on Any Battery \ CENTURY \ BATTERIES FOR FORDS, CHBVROLETS AND OVERLANDS $ 18.00 MAX C. LEWIS Ftefctmp, Matt. Dewing with tkfs SIX MONTHS GUARANTEE AND FREE SERVICE Goodyear Tires and Tubes—Preet-0 lite Gus Tanks and Appliances— Weed Tiro dadas and Crocs Chains Broadway and Ariaooa Batte “EverytMag for Year Car” THE WHITE GARAGE I ARIZONA, BUTTE NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Margaret M, Miller, eeased. Notice la hereby given by the un­ dersigned, administrator with the will annexed, of the estate of Marg­ aret M. Miller, Deceased, to the cred ltora ef and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, %o the said administrator at the iaw^of­ fice of T. E. Gilbert, Dillon, M ob tana, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of said estate, in the county of Beaver­ head, state of Montana. C. E. MILLER, Administrator with the Will annexed of the estate of Mar­ garet M. Miller, Deceased. Dated at DiDon, Montana, this 29th day «1 March, 1924. Adv Ftept pwfc April 24, 1924 “ Notice 9» M m f i t n It hat become oecesary te cotRy an mbeerfbers that they are respoa*- ibie 1er all loag-dlstasce eaJls ord­ inatine from their téléphonés, or notify H e compeay that they e not bp responsible far AMY calls ightatiag therefrom, regardloss o f erh» the party may be, e&lling from ltd teteptemo. It i » « a ijEpaeadbfltty for the nper- i I sm is ^ viiSees n i Bulgarian Pupils Must Do Work 3 3 Bulgnrlu Ims a new '‘compulsory labor service low” under which the pupils of the public schools do tlie \oik iibotii ilie buildings. Girls of n Sofia school tir< here seen wushing tlie windows, The iden is n combination of economy und manual training. Trim Line* Distinguish Lftteit in Tailored Suit* LEE BROTHERS BENEFIT Drs. Lee, Walter of Salmon and Jesse of Dillon, Bpayed 236 head of ows for Tom Penderga&t last week. It is claimed tor this operation that he animal fattens quicker and bet­ ter— it Is more round and plump. Will Pahnish, over la the GrasshoP“ per, had a cow that simply would not or could not fatten. He offended her as a eanner for |15 but the pos­ sible buyer feared he couldn’t get her off the ranch. After being op­ erated upon she Immediately began taking on flesh and when fat sold for 97*. Not ail cows can be expect­ ed to benefit to this extent of course, but ia the Salmon river country where Dr. Water Lee introduced the practice, ail inferior she stuff must undergo this operation because it is proved a good thing, ‘The bloodhounds used in the old 'Unde Tom’ shows sever w e r e real blood­ hounds — but they looked more like them than the genu- Wine, so whut was the diff'niocer 4 Fashion Decreet a Tailored Seaton Early In the season the return of the simple, correct and exquisitely tailored suit was heralded It has been thrice welcomed In three promi­ nent developments. Here is pictured a bo* coat model In burred ihuuieb Boren It Star Broad Jumper HAS THIS LOCAL APPLICATION? Photograph of Horen, the crack broad Jumper of the University of California, who won the event In the illlnols-Berkeley meet, clearing 24 feet 1% Inches. Of Taffeta and Voile With Silk Stitchery That Preach axiom which says j In some fsmflies, says a valued exchaage, it does not reqaire more th'a'Sooae 'guees U> piek ont who is boss. F o n a s t i n-ee, thè sehool teaeh- there is nothing so beautiful ss eartf* «* who reeefved thé gyltowiag com­ te eoefirmed by thè taflored suit. Re muBieattoa trota thè raotber of one it over se ffbiet ss te color and plein of ber pepite had no douht on thè a* to fiateh, ite trkn and fiattenint m*tter; llaes » d impeccable tatkirtng ave Ri « © e » , ____ Toa «re rito «boat aeaeoae artetocrats te ptetwed tetre, .. k ,,. M fcim M beige twtii, wffh double-bree»«d permtsahua to beat a» o» him aay old timo it te aecesacry to team him ite Reami. Ho te J«ot Bko youXo got ta leara kiai wftfc a :t^h- Pouud aolfege lato I t e ! I watt Mm a - > , ¡4« t hhw t i amft éoa t pur w» aite*^ » i O t t l t e i ^ whtt Ma fiteer saya—ITI- BatfiCatink White voile «ad Wart tafTe^a. brigbt- S wifh flow » motifs done is rot- «Ok f ie « wad very simple «Weh«, t fids BBOSBSi «ad pretty frock fee « «Effe girL Jt may be deveteped ta m « pCTBBB.:. «»«ertei w«h the t«l-

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 29 May 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.