Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, June 05, 1924, Image 1

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VOLUME XII WISDOM, MONTANA, THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1924 NUMBER 3s SEN. LA FOLLETTE MAY BE CANDIDATE INTIMATES INDEPENDENT TICK. ET IF MAJOR PARTIES DO N0T CONFORM TO HIS IDEAL« DENOUNCES ST. PAUL MEETING Say* Communists Stoking Control of Fsrmor-Lsbor-Progrssslvo Conventions Washington.— Robert M. La FoUetto virtually gave notice, May 28, that ho would be a candidate for president on an Independent ticket unless the Re­ publican and Democratic parties at their approaching conventions \purge’* themselves of the “evil influences which long have dominated them.” At the same time, tye Wis const* senator denounced the communists, charged that they were “seeking con­ trol of the Farmer-Labor-Progresslv# convention” called for June IT at 8L Paul, and culled upon the progressives o f the country to “ refuse to partici­ pate In any movement which makes common cause with any communist •organization.” Declaring it would not be sufficient Tor either of the old parties merely to improving nominate “some alleged progressive’’ 1 and fill “the platform with misleading promises,\ Senator La Follette said JACKSON NEWS NOTES Harvey Johann Is ill with mumps Miss Nora Olsen returned home Saturday. Mrs. Fred Nelson and son are vis­ iting relative at Hamilton. Mr*. Fred L Hirsohy entertained Butte friends the past week. Miss Josephine Quigley is spend­ ing her vacation at Jrg-e Finstey's. Charley Pinkerton left Tuesday for a visit with friends in Spokane. Mrs- John Pendergast and daugh­ ter Alice visited friends at Jackson the past week. Alfred Peterson was operated on tor appendicitis at Murray’s Hospi­ tal In Butte. W e hope for a speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs Len Holloran and children visited friends in Dillon las: week. Junior and Bob now enjoy a new roadster. A dance will be given at Jackson Saturday night, June ” Mr Pen­ dergast assures everyone \the time of their lives ” Our P et Peeve Mrs. Inger Evans has Butte to visit her sister, gone to Mrs. ,)oe Some Local News Items of General Interest -♦— Jackson lodge of Odd Fellows placed a special flag upon the grave that unless they “purged” themselves, L f tfceir brother, Lorin Drake, dur a long-suffering arid righteously indlg- ' lllg Memorial day exercises mint people will find in the coming campaign effective means, independent of both these old parties, te take back control of their government and make it truly progressive. Senator La Follette closed with his declaration respecting the Republican and Democratic conventions which was acknowledged by his close friends es an announcement of his candidacy should the action and platforms of the two major parties fail to accomplish these changes he regards as necessary. Geo. P Murp.hy drove from Butte Friday, Mrs. Murphy returning home with him after an extended visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Sorm Nelson. HOUSE FAMES BILL RAISING NAVAL RATIO Washington.—The house has passed a bill designed to bring the ^mriricaa navy up to the 5-5-8 rstlo fixed by the Washington arms conference. The wss 166 to 188. As sent to the senate, the measure -would authorize construction of eight scout cruisers, s ii river gunboats and •extensive Improvements to six battle- whips, at a total estimated coat of «111,000,000, Approval was given a provision for the expenditure of $18,860,000 for con­ verting to oil-burners sii coal burning battleships and affording them addi­ tional protection against submarines and aircraft. An amendment by Representative McCiintic, Democrat, Oklahoma, to eliminate the section providing for the construction of eight scout cruisers end tix river gunboats was rejected, 112 to 84. Mesdames Pendergast, Olsen, Mur phy, Hlrachy and \Mias Jill,\attend ed the Federation meeting as dele­ gates from Jackson and apeak very highly of the treatment accorded them while at the eounty saat. Memorial Day Bxereises begin at 2:80 p. m., the children and others gathering un­ der t^e Community flag that floated at half mast. A ll Joined In singing \Am erica,\ the children leading the march to the fcemetery, everyone carrying flags and flowers! Stop­ ping at the lake formed by irriga­ tion water flowers were cast thereon in honor of sailora and marines, all joining In the sweet song: \Nearer My God to Thee.\ Proceeding to the cemetery flowers and flags were rev STATE IND U S T R IAL R ilY IL W Butte A Superior Mining company in the week ended May 17 shipped 6500 tons of tine ore and 2250 tons of copper ore to the Washoe plant of the Anaconda Copper Mining Co. 1 Shelby— Mutual Oil company now has 14 producing wells and plans are under way to drill two more. Poison is improving its tourist camp. The experiment of a model diver­ sified farm colony is to be tried at Finch, in Rosebud county, the name of which will be changed to Santa Roaa. Hobson— The Aleexander-Gilchrist ranch southwest ol .^ce is to plsnt 2700 acres to sugar beets. Chinook — California tost south ot here has struck a flow of wet gas estimated ui a ¿a tour and five thousand feet dutiy. Columbia Falls— Drilling work to be resumed in the upper North Fork country. Harlem— New Zurich high ,,ne canal has been completed and water turned in. Business men of Winifred, Zort- Lewistown and Malta to take steps for the opening of a road south from Roosevelt highway at Malta thro' Livingston to Yellowstone National Park highway Ivalispell is enjoying a building m CHANCELLOR MARX A8KED -TO REMAIN UNTILL NEW ONE IS FORMED REACTIONARIES SEEK CONTROL Magni Green dropped In on The ommiseioner is an important animal News Monday with two doilers and and the voter must, uness he enjoys four bit to make sure the paper will additional taxat'on, watch his step Kramer, wwho is in a hospital there continue to his address He had just when he goes to the bolls. Be it re-, finished putting up three-quarters of membered: No business on earth boora not e1UAll*d In the last ten a mile of fence and »hared the profit can stand an Increase 6f 8» per cent! JWrl. with the iil’ o r home paper. I , , . Bllllngs-M urray Bros No 4 well I It 1» proposed to put down a force on Broadview dome enoounters 20- Master Dan Pendergast is eijoy- pump between The New» building million-foot gas flo wat a depth of ing (? ) an attack of measles.*1. He and the A B C restaurant for the ac- 1412 feet. rays this makes the entire category commodatlon of the traveling public | Nearly 160,000 barrels of crude of boyhood ills handed him save‘and A cozy nook could he arranged at oil were received by pipe lines from excet diphthelira How he happened this spot with very little expense Montana wells during March. Demand Trial for Treason of All Participants In Revolution of 1818 .Jt» to miss that, he says he doesn't that would be a benefit to the town know, for \1 sure had all the rest In more ways than one. of ’em \ , ,, , .. I Ladies of the Library association Jim racldock dropped In* last staged a most enjoyable affair at Thursday to ay 1T b respect»'— and the Community building Saturday likewise his subo; rtption— to The night of last week, showing Hoot News. Although milking a string Gibson in his famous \Hook and of cows. Jim 1« the came old-timer Ladder” picture and serving ice w# knew in the p.lmy range days, cream and cake afterwards. The re­ even tp 111 » practice Of keeping up maSnder of the night, moat o f It at with hi» subscr’pt'on—.«pine of the legst, was »peat in dancing, od-timers have cut that admirable trait, we are sojry to 3ay Careless auto drivers should bear in mind that the United States mall The Canfield sale Saturday was!tru,fk d 06®11'1 have l <> tak® any un­ well attended and like all affairs of due chances on the road, i. e., is not this kind many got rare bargains reQuired by any law on earth to Jeop and a few allowed their enuiu-iiusm a,,d i*0 its contents' while en tour, to run away with their judgment ^ ene 1°888 control of hi» car and and paid as much or more iur used 0118 those Mg mall trucks articles than they coaid have bought be bas n'° rec°ur®e whatever at law them for at the local store Take it all in all, Mr Canfield says he is There is an auto-stage ine card erenty laid upon the graves o f the with the ‘out('ome and ,h“ « ie t t e l n '\ 1 ) ^ ° “ n d ^ M l n ^ The scenic beauties of the route are fea- heroes of three war» who rest there. Selection» relative to the day and its origin were read. The exercises closed with \The Battle Hymn of the Republic” after which relatives and friend« of those in the silent city decorated their grave«, M irx t* Form New Cabinet - Berlin.—Chancellor Marx ha» ac­ cepted President Ebert’» commission to form a new government. The German socialist relehstag dele­ gation has broken the alienee thus far observed, by a declaration eolldly sup­ porting ex rent Ion of the Pawea re­ port provisions and demanding a more equitable distribution of bnrdena grin- in « therefrom. Romanian Amenai Blewa t ip i Bueharest.—The amena! and am­ munition damps on the oat»kirt* of the city were destroyed, May 28, by a terrific aeries of explosiona and fire». : U s a r s e » , damage ws* done gad great loss of life is reported. The xeytl palace at Cetrocead was imper­ iled. Havre— Hill county prepares for a grasshopper war. Troy— Work en the road arounw Bull lake, from this place to Noxon, is progressing very nicely. Anaconda is to have a war memo­ rial biillding coating between 15 and 25 thQuagnd dollars. Butte— A shipment of 766,000 na­ tive trout eggs arrive» from state hatchery at Georgetown lake, to be taken to the hatchery at Coumbia Gardens. Great Fals— Nearly & half-million pounds of wool contracted for at 4U to 41 cents. Great Falls start» paving of Cen­ tral avenue. Harlem— Contractors begin road construction between thi» city and Dodson. Sunburst— Ocials of the Sylvester Oil company report that Sylvester- Anderson No 2 has now eetted to a 100 -barrel well. Lewlstown — Portland - Montana Berlin.—The German government has resigned. President Ebert bus ac­ cepted the resignation of the ministry and requested Chancellor Marx to car­ ry on current affairs. President Ebert will confer with the parliamentary leaders regarding the selection of a chancellor and the for­ mation of a new government. The extreme nationalist members of the relehstag huve formulated a re­ markable program, including the fol­ lowing demands: First—Immediate election of a new president. Second—Repeal of the law for the protection of the republic. Third— Amnesty for all participants to the Munich and Kuestrln revolts. Fourth—Trial on the charge of trea­ son of all who participated in the rev­ olution of November, 1018, and collab­ orated with the soviet government. Fifth—Exclusion of all Jews who have entered Germany since 1014, pur- tlal confiscation of their property and abolition of their right to change Jew­ ish names. Slith—All Jews to be placed under special legislation. The reactionaries again sent Admiral von Tlrpit» to the fore as their candi­ date for chancellor, designating him a» a man who* by virtue of hi» anteced­ ents and past record, was eminently qualified for leadership. COOLtDOE »IO N » BILL OE8FITE JAP EXCLUSION who attended the sale are loud praise of the htspitality show» jtured but the time o f leaving each Oil company resumes drilling on A1 Jack Maybee made a trip to Sal- en<* lbe ^ne ** stated to be at 8 aska bench GIBBON SV IL L E ROAD TO BE A t last we are to have a road to Gtbbonsville! Forest Ranger Ramsey has been notified that $2,000 of government [ter, returned with Mrs. Maybee and money w ill be »pent— this season— the children, oa the road through the forest re- mo n, Idaho, to bring home hits moth- ° ’cb>ok and 7 o’clock p. m. respect­ er and“ the children, who have been ,relJ- How com8? One cannot -e- attending school over there. Eric a**ze the beauties o f the route in tue Maybee advances to his second year n*«ht time, in high and Beulah was the only pu­ pil of her grade— the Seventh— to get a \Certificate of Honor\ lndieot- ¡T \ ' ' \ Z ' i ~~ **«* . , LL , Sunny Slope ranch home Saturday rO J ) V 4 (v n i n n r V A n » A n n m .1 J « 1 * night. An elaborate feast was en­ joyed before playing began, hence Mrg. A p e s A n n ita«« entertained the F iv» Hundred club at her pretty ng perfection in attendance and de­ portment. Mrs. Burdette, a daugh- serve between the point where Bea- the contestants wtre in unusually good humor and a pleasant evening Adjutant Barry and his corps © f :was the result. Miss Dorothy Ste- verhead county left off at its western Salvation A m y musicians and work-!hhena ttnd Ray Leverieh won the boundary and the summit o f the 81-1 had an ngly raw afternoon for maJn prizes, while Dade Stephens their street service last week but earri8fl away the boob prize, at that it proved profitable. The night meeting in the church was well attended and very enjoyable. The visitors wish The News to thank range. This is the best news Wisdom has fieeeived in yearn. Two thousand dollars doesn't amount to anything in the hands o f man who to hoop ®P i Owhs Tslcst Throe Lhree 1 Part A * Prim *. H * W .-T b # earth- W j w * bridge. f r i . * « * M .V 27, wracked » b u d - (they * « bn w p iaeat by new eue*. Ing Fnrt de P i i * . Mfflng âmes pur- J • — J L W B jm WBtm 1 Ä * pet w ill pay $0 per cent more for!*® the good epopl# of Wisdom for a Job than It can bn « o s o for but in tb8 eourtosiee shown,special mention the hands o f Marshall Ramsey, who being mad« of Mrs. Dinen, who fnr- wttl hare «ta r g e o f this road w o rt. El*hed rooms gratis,and the Wisdom it wiJI werk wonder». .¡<*fe, which dined the party without No attempt w ill ho made to repair eo8t- the route— A FACTOR W e are dee-ee-Jjghted to be able to give onr readers some Jackson news again. It seems hard to hare it understood up Jackson way that The News 1« a Big Hole Basin paper, not simply a Wisdom affair. We want 4n & e valley. I f we were financially * ¿ ^ 7 « * * * Miles City— The number o f acres planted to alfaifa in this vicinity has ncreased 18,.0 per cent over last year, Biliihgk— The Stillwater Wool- Growers association sells Its 400,000 ' o at 43 cents a pound to Silverman & Sons, Chicago. Great Falls— Commercial club is to issue 20,000 pamphets advertís ng the Y — G Bee line, the Montana link of the National Park-to-Park highway. White Suphur Springs— Plans are being drawn for a new $126,060 hotel. Yeung ladies o f the J C C Your local merchants employ many people who are an1”important factor in building good community life. Yonr merchants pay taxes and nt new« from every school district tBd eratribate and tfce valley. I f we were f i n a n c i a l l y ^ m m v t0 the ehuwfces, schools, ‘fixed\ we would hire a correepond- letarlubl# CMW8 tfld eirte improve, «n t ia each one. but we are not aadittW tg „ tbelr „ * > * * „ . The ¿¿e must continue to appeal to the to y - j ^ f ] * , outsld« for merchandise the timber them Ban at- dinner at tht Wiedom eafe Memorial » * F «* tk« residents thereof. ^ ^ ¿ _ _____ ^ ¡Jkfcnaa. Mrs. Prieuzîy was a ment * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * The Btöe « rm rone w *n «w r e e ie « , ^ g ^ , tbettam * They 'departed aflmr feaet 4 u tbn asme mauser. ^ 2 t day, chaperoned by tbelr patronesses pay» for no labor, reut, improve r r m r . M O t m m u , r t u > « k w r p o \ **.* * » F ? i . ^ ___ . - __ _ ft fncrenw our bom* bulMHsg, bn [been vary serums. A Maty Tori t f v f commnnity should purchase fbe he needs rttht tá ld» town, »o far as they e n get driver réu n itng a turn where fbe e f Txtn, popped into H e * suddenly aend Mr. BUta, who 4 Ê dk^ - w M i : IWWWMEw « W r : w w u r c w p w - * * * ■ * « wem ■ w » v - . m m b b MRMiHcnxsg * ' n > • • w - - - iu mn im i r t o f mgkt, W O * *** ^ ^a*ed out to o m 't Ê t m W ñ * w ü » a » ntt m \ ~ wbat tbey «a r t *t füfrprteea. Washington—The Immigration bill was signed May 26 by President Cool- ldge. Deaplte the provision making Japanese exclusion effective next July 1, put Into the measure over his vig­ orous opposition .the president decid­ ed, because of other considerations, to give the executive approval necessary to spread the legislation on the statute books. It was pointed out that, inasmuch as the present immigration ktw expires on June 30, a veto might have made it necessary to m-di through an emergency measure In ttie Closing hours of the session. Such a step, the president felt, would not be practicable in view of the tangled legislative situation, and the certainty that any emergency pro­ vision would be beset by many at­ tempts at amendment and possibly blocked altogether. As soon as he had fixed his signa­ ture to the bill, however, the president began preparation of a statement ex­ pressing his disapproval of the failure of congress to provide for a longer delay In the effective date of Japanese exclusion. Discover New Anaesthetic New Orleans, La.—Discovery of ■ new anaesthetic has been announced by John T. Halsey, professor of phar­ macology and therapeutics at Tulane university in a paper read before the New Orleans Medical society. The anaesthetic is propylene gas, contained in some natural gas, and »W e b Dr. Halsey and his laboratory assistants. Chapman Reynolds and Harold B. Cook, discoverers of Its properties, believe can be manufac­ tured from mineral oils. Propylene Is similar to ethylene, the dlacovery of whose anaestheric prop­ erties. announced last year in Chi.-ago, was balled with enthusiasm by the medical profession and res a.'red iH :•* extensive use in surgical cases, said Dr. Halsey. “Propylene. It is believed. r ____ disrla« and striking advan- ttffet ever if» sister gaa, ethylene. which has Its««! h e «» found te be f o r superior t » k b j «eher b » Woods Praised By Jap Fspww »tía.—The «sfgn*äe» «€ # » __ C f t t * m In Éb i « f 4riMNM» l i

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 05 June 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.