Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, July 21, 1924, Image 1

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Beaverhead Wool Clip RED CLOVER DAIRY W* stole an hour Saturday after to look ot « t the improvements Shearing hat just about bow com- baa recently made at hit Dieted in Beaverhead county and the C t o w **i*y ranch adjoining big bag« of wool have , hew pouring Wisdom. into the large warehouse o f the First' ®*4 *>artt ba* been remodeled National Wool Warehouse company accommodate 22 head of Al dairy for more than a month. It it sxpect-,®®** a®4 * ^ta modet milking ma- ed that the few remaining dipt to be ^ in* Installed. The motive power weighed will be brought in within ,^6r® * ela-horsepower gasoline en- the neat day or to. (tfne. “ Yet,\ said Mr. Tovey, I know While no weights have been a n - m o r e power than 1» necessary nounced, it is estimated that the to-,*“ * bttt 1 ^ lnteud to stop tal clip will be Just about the same what few cows I have. Adjoining the barn Is a house with cement floor. new milk Here we as last year, between two and two and a half million pounds. While the market here has been,®»4 tte ute8t model separator and very Inactive the past season, itpick’d ,a*rator> scalding vat and sink. A up the first of the week, with the re-1^ori® pump Is a valuable adjunct to suit that practically every clip has either been sold or consigned. J 1 , this model milk house. Electric lights are strung conveniently over Morse consigned his Immense clip to i*be ®rem^aee 80 tbat *n tbe ear''y the Halowell, Jones ft Donald com-|mornln* bour8 or tbe darken!\« efOr pany, while a few other large clips may be consign td. Buyers are paying 38 to 40 cents a pound, athough two clips were sold early in the season one at 41 cents and one at 43 cents. All of the Bea­ verhead county wool is going to Bos­ ton and is being loaded at the local warehouse as fast as the deals are closed. The total clip will bring the growers in the neighborhood of a mil­ lion dollars. While there have been buyers ga- ore in Dillon for the past week, bid­ ding on the local wool clip has been pretty well divided. Ataiong the buyers who have been in the city or who are still here In an noons all work can be handled with­ out discomfort. Red Clover dairy ranch in Its en­ tirety is a lovely spot. A two-story ¿wetting stands within a grassy en- doiffife, through which an irrigating ditch offers the life-giving waters to keep the tree-lined lawn an emerald green throughout the season. The interior of the dwelling is a model of convenience and electric-lighted. An engine in an adjoining building fnr- nlsehs the power for turning the ice cream freezer, for be it known Red Clover tee cream Is in demand. Standing on the east porch of this model home one looks upon a broad ‘ ezpibsq of meadow land with lta em- Lieut. Gov. Lunn Calls It Economic Illiteracy In an address to the annual con*; has greatly decreased, spindles to the EDITOR VISITS GIBBOXSVLLLE Accepting the Invitation of Rev. Wm. Q Johnson, former pastor at Wisdom, who was here last week on Hay Crop Is Prank»* vention of the Retail Credit Men’s ¡number of five million have been b*g vacation from the Jordan pastor- ' n . . . , ln .,. association held tn New York City ¡idle. Workmen by the thousand have ate> the editor enjoyed a ride over , . . heV’n- reccntly, Lieut. Gov. Lunn declared been condemned to idleness or to|tbe uew road through the forest re- . _ ’ . . . ‘ that 70 per cent o f the business men! part time employment. Thia is all! Etrve and down the wonde:Cul Gib- . , . . . . h„ ¡1 TV1I * of the country are Illiterate in that; the result of \ecoL.muc llUteiacy,\ aa bon8ViUe hill Into the once famous „ . . ? | they give exclusive attention to their! Lieut. Gov. Lunn calls it. fin i n g camp. th! S t I n i T \ Of course there Is another name! Arrived «“ Oibbonsville we called J ® \ 1iBf* * * * for It. It is sometimes called greed at th® home of Mr. and Mrs. Charts ■b*w **wl'f* thr01lgb The Miaer an overmastering desrre to “ get rich Bel1 and w«r® warmly received. Mrs £erelhat*heTaToff hVnauuy:^ ^ quick,” no matter who may be iu- Eell insisted on preparing a feast the while we cast a fly, our first in Idaho own line of business without consid­ ering it* problems of other lines. This ignorance he calls “economic il­ literacy.” We are incl'ned to think he is al­ most if not quiae right, \Dayi after day” we observe that dealer» in im­ ported merchaudisa feature the bar- gaii o in foreign goods to be found in the'r stores. They display their “ Il­ literacy” by overlooking the fact that the extensive sale of foreign goods at extremely low prices works injury to the domestic producers of the binds f jured thereby. Perhaps the so-called “ business water*. We were unsuccessful, bu! men” will not learn, but the consum-!at dinner table we were “aw ers themselves should learn, especial- high\ with the new potatoes, green ly those consumers who toil for a liv- Pea®> beets and ripe red raspberries lug. Every laboring man should re-! and cldsP lettuce, all from Mrs. Bell's alize that every time he buys any- magnificent garden, and friod chicken thing which was produced abroad, !°* ber owu raising. | when he might have bought a similar | This Is kolng to be one of the pret- article produced in the United States,; tiewt homes lu Idaho one of these tieipatlon of seeuring local wool« are era*d f nea dotted with the wild red Howard Canland of the Dewey com* ®tever *rom which the ranch takes its pany of Boston; Mrs. Harriet Tooley Bam®’ flanked by the undulating foot and R Cordlngly of Cordingly ft Co.,,b,1,B or b«“ chland, and beyond the Boston; Frank Mason, C Pruitt, J W |,,1,lis> rock-ribbed and ancient as the Kearns and D Jones of Hallowell, 0Ter wh,ch rl8e8 th® 8un ,n aI1 Jones, ft Donald company, who have been working with R W Boone, local agent J E Hample; Leo Daly of Dra­ per ft Co., Boston; Harry A Mayer of Silberman Bros., Chicago, and Chas. Burden, representing Kosland ft Co. — Dillon Tribune. JACKSON NEWS NOTES Miss Smith of Dillon is visiting Helen Jandlne. Mr. and Mrs. Daw and family visit­ ed in Dillon last week. Mr. S&ssman of Dillon is spending bis “ vacation” in Jackson. Miss Ethel Anderson has as her guest Miss Foresgren of Dillon. Mr. and Mrs. Lee and girls are vis­ iting relatives from Nebraska. Fielding Rhino returned last week from Missoula, where he has been vis­ iting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Clemow of Billings, who have been visiting relative* here, returned to their home last week, George Lossl, George Clemow and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jaekson attend­ ed to business matters in Dillon this week. Fresh snow on the mountain* this morning. The weather man muet be peeved, as he has been giving us the cold shoulder the past few days. Emil Kramer has returned from a visit with relatives in the Deer Lodge Lodge valley and says “My new nephew looks just like m e.\ Poor baby! Charley Burdiek is having a few days vacation. Ho said he was going te trip the light fantastic at the Gar- its glory of molten colors. Mr. and Mrs. Tovey have every rea­ son to be proud of their pretty home, and they are. They work together with but a single purpose— to beauti­ fy and increase the productiveness of their lands and educate their three ebarmhw Uttla Aauguxass. Red Clover dairy ranch is a spot of whleh Wisdom and all Big Hole is Injures the workmen employed in such manufacturing establishments, in that it lessens their employment. In the end, if pursued persistently to the end, such featuring and sales re­ act unfavorably upon the very ones who practice them. Such eitensive sales lead inevitably to hard times In this country, for men are thrown out of employment and the sales of the dealers in imported goods, along with those of domestic production, fall off. of gcoda eo sold. More than that, It ] he is doing something which Injures ¡days. The location 1» superb and himself ln some degree. When the tbe dwelling le built in a most at same thing is done by millions of '»'active style with a large roomy others, the result! is disastrous. I tPorch extending along the front re- That result is to deprive American ¡minding one of the old Southern plan workmen, to a greater or less extent, |tation homes. A wealth of handsome of the chance to work, for every bowers are being propagated and old- iime a foreign article is purchased | »»hioned postes are much lu evl- here it deprives some American work dence. Mrs. Bell has a potato p-tch man of the chance to work in inanu- 'hat looks half as big as Wisdom's facturing a similar article business district and the blooming If the so-called business .ieu are P1““ '» with their rich foliage show ‘economically illiterate,” let ,he so- (the richness of the soil In which they called worktngman become literate Krow—likewise they ehow the pains- A case in point is that of Chiton to the extent of patronizing homel'aktng cultivation which Mrs Hell doth, “ English broadcloth,” for one industry wherever pjssibe The pro- bas Kiven them, thing, has been featured by larfs ad-j tective tariff alms to foster homel Glbhonsville folks are Just as cer- industry, to provide employment for la'n a revival of the mining in- Anierlcan workmen, to maintain the dustry there as they are certain the American standard of living and to cortlnue the United States as the wonder, the admiration and the envy vertisers. English broadcloth Is a fine mercerized co,Cton poplin. In consequence of such featuring ita sale in this country has been greatly enhanced. Other foreign cotton goods have also been featured, and the result has been that manufac­ turers of cotton goods in New En,g>- sun rises and sets there. “ It's glut to come,\ said Charley Llndley to the re porter. “Right there 1 b a bunch of of all other nations. Every workman nln®!een patented claims and the should cast his ballot ln national elec | 'blossom' Is better than any encoun- tlone for none but those who are tered wben lbe ®aD1P was at its beat. land and Southern states have been pedged to support and maintain the c ora® back! greatly impaired. Their production pnicy of an adequate protective tariff STATE INDUSTRIAL REVIEW Western wool cilD Droved HehtSW than for many years. OREGON RANGE BURNED \With California, our regular mar­ ket, tied up by the foot and mouth Of course the camp will come back—and it will be better than the most sanguine among us can imagine.\ At the summit of the range, on this uie, we tvueti Hanger numsey g road cretOynamlting stumps and a little further down we encountered Airplane landing fields are being disease outbreak the only outlet for . . . . . . . , . . , „ . ibuilt and a general program of public ua is jn the East this year,\ Bald Sam . 6 ,f * 1 ?! WX)F proud and lu the years to come, when i , . . .... . . . , _ „ haven t spent qu te half of my allot- -------- ...... K ... f » * » \“ \ “ \ ‘ S “ tel\« » * ' - * \ '■ •< O r w » . » h , h.d .1«; ., MPr J , „ d „ t&tned. loads of cows and heifers here Mon- its productiveness shall have reached the peak and Old Father Time lays his whitening hand upon the heads of Mr. and Mrs. Tovey, Its fame will be better known than at present. Helena— Work of resurfacing Main day and is on today's market with street begins. another shipment. \Prospects are ewistown— Drilling again in prog- that we will arrange to ship our cat ress at Brsh creek well. ¡tie down into Wyoming or Nebraska Ohio oil company takes oil leases somewhere and hold them there on near Betts well in Tiger Btte district pasture until the market is ready for Friends of the newlyweds. Mr. and| Sugar beet acreage is increased a range cattle this fall. Mrs. James Scofield, gave them an third over last year, 33,000 acres be-1 “ Our story can be told ln very few IT MAY BE HERE idea of a Western charivari Wednes­ day night of last week. Jack Miller, driving the advance car, met Mr. and ing cultivated. words. Southwestern Oregon is sim- Deer Lodge— Banks had a total de-'ply burned up. Our cattle now are posit of $2,373,653.36 on December Ml». Scofield as they were enterlng|30. 1920; on Jne 30, L924, they were Wisdom and as a matter of course $2,553,844.69, a gain of approximate any longer, turned and followed them In. $220,000. ¡this spring, n pretty good condition, but there is ittle feed and we cannot keep them We got a little alfalfa but otherwise the hay aroused Jim’s suspicions and he de-| California company completes No. crop is termined to dodge his tormentors. ^ McKee well, Kevln-Sunburst field. He succeeded, but several auto loads ¡Estimated as a 200-barrel well, ln proceeded to the Ruby ranch, where Ellis sand 1530 feet, the Scofields are domiciled, and die-j Winnett— Geologists mapping the mantled the bed, carrying the metal McDonald creek structure, parts to different locations on the Montana Drilling Equipment corn- ranch hnd placing the matress upon P»ny starting second test well on the the roof the house. The .depreda-.Bauley dome south of Arrow creek a failure. hard to believe when one who has traveled the old trail by courtesy called a road through the national oreat. With a donation of six work horses to pull the grader eleven miles of ugly mountald road have ¡been gone over, grades reduced in some places, \spring holes” obliter­ ated, a few hundred yards of slide ock negotiated, trees felled and the tumps blown out of the ground and the holes filled. The work is not com­ pleted, by any means, and now that hayihg Is on and the horses will have to be retired from the road for a few weeks, the road work cannot be fin- ! Mr. aad Mrs. Jake Neidt motored to the county seat last Friday where they attended to matters of business. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. J E Shaw and they all state “ we will have an average hay crop.\ Mr. and Mrs. George Clemow were in thé city last Friday morning from their ranch‘ home at Jackson, ln the Big Hole Basin, and Mr. Clemow took out a load of haying supplies He stated that he anticipated cutting an average crop of hay and that other ranchers in his section would do like­ wise. Dan l’endergast was here Friday making preparations to start the hay ing season at his ranch near Wisdom, lie stated that he was making prep­ arations to harvest as much hay as usual and that while most of the ranchers would put up the average rrop there were some who would have short crops on account of failing to Irrigate sufficiently NEARS-ROEBUCK GETS TOWN The above Is the heading used by many papers of the elate recently in commenting on the discontinuance of the publication of a paper at Norris City, mentioned In last month's Pub­ lisher. The Item was quoted from the Ridgeway news and ended thus: “ The merchants at Noris City have been sleeptn« for some time, paying no attention to advertising and seem­ ingly content to let Nears ft Roebuck have the business This quite natur­ ally cut Into the revenue of the pub- Mw%iws « « t a tm iru u iV U I .6 Q l& F g V i y 1 0 (D O deadness of the town, consequently Mr. Clipplnger readily accepted the Eldorado offer, where he Is assured of “ greener pasture.” ^ newspaper ¡n a town Is just as Important to that community as the schools and churches, and to let it die or move away from lack of sup­ port Is the worst advertising a town can receive.” CAN’T BUY PAINT In a summary of the proceedings f the board of county commissioner,* »t its July meeting a Dillon paper tales that the board decided against he matter of providing paint for the buildings on the county farm.” Ayes! Can't afford to provide the paint to touch up the home of those whom the world has turned down. But the august dads can let a con­ tract at 30 per cent more than right district. Sheby- tions ceaeed only when the suitcase, which they were preparing to hide, flew open, disclosing candy and ci­ gars. Mr. and Mrs. Scofield drove into the eorral quietly, but when the car started, in low, after opening the eorral gate, house lights were imme- season by one of these fire« and feed was Completely destroyed over an area 30 -Crumley-McKnight No. 2 miles wide by 60 miles long. There well comes into production with one are lots of cattle to come out of that thousand barrels a day, ¡country this fall, and most of them Carter Oil company will launch its will be In feeder flesh.”— Journal- first field development work of the Stockman, Omaha, at Kevln-Sunburst within “ Just to show how bad conditions, shed thJ> wtt, but lt hag been eally are sheepmen refused to turnlffiide ^ pajs#ble 0ne>g cgr ibelr flocks onto the forest reserve remaJn rlgM B,de up W|th0ttt the aid^nd they Can blow $700 on a law li- or ear t ey wou ose em n 0r\ o f , passengers walking alongssde tojbrary which is of no earthly benefit / e8. One big valley in Harvey | ,t from u lng ever, there are t0 the conntjr county, where there are big lakes and 'Bo ^ |n wWeh t# n|re down and ots of cattle are wintered, was swept there ftre B0 treeg to ioi ln thf roadway. ¿lately extinguished and they real­ ized they were “ in for i t ” Mr. Sco­ field attempted to back out of the few days. Movement of 9,600 range,cattle, purchased by E L Dana, Parkman, com í but lack Andersen was on the,\Wyoming under way. «orne without Zeek. Services held at the school bouse last Sunday by Rev. O’Neil were w«(H attended and everyone thoroughly ap the kindness: at Rev. O'Neil sorry he will not be with m . GEORGE TASK COMMISSIONER . George Tash announce« through the columns of The News his candida­ cy for nomination at the coming pri­ mary election for the ©fliee of county commissioner on the republican ticket „ , , , , , , „ , , and promises faithful performance if During the last ten-day «re »rlod w ted of tbe duties of that office, the Bitter Root forest had 24 fires| were fo,]y M n t News t0 at. And there will be some who will vote to continue the present incum­ brances where they can wreak still further revenge and pet their pets some more. “ Taxes is mighty high.” BITTER ROOT FIRES dens. Wonder of he won’t be lone- ¡lookout and elosed the gate. Then Ebreka— Work starts on fou n d a -3®°rted °® ce' OÎ,tempt to extol the virtues of George a race between the party and U«n for new building of Larch Prod-1thl8 “ nmbOT eil^ht ?xeeeded otte' ,n * r’ ,Tash. He has b e » a resident of the the ear around the Httle if any less net. company, ¡tew o* mm acre in sine, the remaining' 9 H *ay ! . . - . _ . . . . . . . cvantj BO ivi Finally Jim | Snntmret-O’Neil interests erect - ***** under that « « a . Lightning kfan_ 4ad ^ : \Do your ,ing refinery with capacity of 2568 lw m Û * prlBcl,ial caH8e 01 tbes® ®re8, est, fair-minded __ , man-caused «res comprising only » V i .« .. aad efcfl-P® *£-Jota mm, a I t c U a g A* eomdder&ble ! of here. • f o é i tiare— and the remainder Hay by Mr. Sçoftdd sad Mr.j tog «P the scattered por-!^lP Resa «C Ìhe bed «mi penosa! eteets!* _ 1 county so long that everyone knows toow him tot an hon- mind and These qualities are sary tn the office of eossty commis­ sioner at this tiare wbe* atad square dealing mean so much to than aere-area corral car and said staff. feBers!” He was naked out .barrels. __ of the ear and earned to the horse[ P * * City— Abeoroka OB Develop-j“ “ 11 ^ *?“ * * * the toUL T* l i *.* trough h it Ua smiling gameness and[»e»t company’ and California com- J™7 gratifying a^ « ag ^ **t <m|y high «fending with the bunch atved W y «tote* acreage four miles easti^0® *** standpoint of the forest s e r -_____ _____________ _______ _______ here. fMtin » Ht0 the taxpayers of Beaverhead eownty Öatpuref Cat Creek <& field fee!*** ****** oi BttterJ j 00't n a e f trai 1 2 7 ,0 4 .7 1 barrels. t> keep the 1 « « » * » * * o « « w » * n d .nunfr-n v m z ,*res as low an posMMe. It cannot be MM- ammkera .Iahe-.the \\ to fimeiut eve* the (Paid PoSitteal Ad?erth¡ea e|t) can wnr if caff wait CALLED FOR JURY DUTY Following are the names of resi­ dents of the Big Hole who have been summoned as Jurors in the special session of the district court to be held by Judge Smith at Dillon, com­ mencing August 4« D E Anson, Wm. Christiansen. Jas. R Dempsey, C Francis, E H Has- erodt, Cart Holman, Joe Hopkins, H T Heodriegs, John Jiekson. John G Milter, H S Maasigbrod, C F Reed, Ed Ripley, Jim Robinson, Joe Samal, Claude Smith, Dade Stephens. Geo. Wilke, Percy Willey, Joe Woodworth aad W R Wright It takes a lot of nerve for a candi­ date for office to ca l Big Holers out t-Wets ted haying Job to sit tm the JwY—er mayhap It was a s , I Ü S S S H

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 21 July 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.